Level by Hokolo

Walkthrough written by Scottchu and revised by Phil Lambeth

PART ONE: Get the first piece: The Breast Plate

Lara slides down a short slope. The first order of business upon coming to rest is to pull your pistols quickly and kill the dog that bursts out from the right side. Then vault up onto the wooden platform ahead and turn right toward the high wooden pillar. Take an angled standing jump and grab to the near edge of the wooden pillar. Pull up, draw your pistols and kill the bat fluttering up from the left side. Climb up the pole until Lara reaches the level of the alcove to the west, then rotate Lara until her back faces the alcove and back flip to land safely inside the alcove. Turn around and shoot the door, then step forward to pick up the flares. Continue around to the right and pull the wall switch to open the door in the SE corner of the area below. Jump back to the high wooden pillar, hop to the ground and run into the newly opened door.

Ignore the stairs leading upward (there's a closed door at the end). Instead, go down the stairs (noting in passing the gem receptacle in the wall), and jump into the water. Turn left at the juncture and note the yellow fuse beyond the closed grate that you'll come back for later (from the other side). Swim around the corner and pick up the large medi-pack, then turn around and swim back in the other direction the way you came, past the juncture, and make a couple of left turns. Keep your finger on the up arrow so you'll more easily locate the vertical channel when you get to it. Swim up through the channel until you reach the air hole with the ladder in some waist-deep water. Climb the ladder and pull up at the top. Activate the jump switch to open the closed door at the end of the stairway you ignored earlier. Align Lara toward the open platform beside the mesh, then take a standing jump upward. Go and stand near the entrance of the dark path along the south wall, but on the other side of the shallow depression. (There's nothing but a closed door down the stairs behind you.) Pull your pistols and shoot the door ahead to release the boulder that rolls harmlessly into the depression.

Jump over or around the boulder and run up the ramp from whence it came to pick up the Horseman's Gem at the end. Then go back down and jump into the water. (There's a push block at the top of the landing near the spot where you released the boulder, but you can neither pull it nor push it from this side.) Swim until you reach the juncture, then turn up toward the first opening you jumped into earlier. Surface, pull up and use the Horseman's Gem in its nearby receptacle to open the door to your right. Go on through the dark opening and light a flare. Turn left at the juncture and walk up to the pedestal, then jump back immediately before the delayed-reaction blade trap is triggered. After the threat has passed, walk back up to the pedestal and pick up the Breast Plate for Secret #1 (although I didn't hear the tell-tale chime and the secret didn't register in my statistics). This is the first of five pieces of armor that must be collected in order to access the final stages of this level.

PART TWO: Get the second piece: The Left Gauntlet

Return to the outside area and run up the stairs. Go through the open doorway and make your way around the obstruction to your right. Jump over the tubing ahead that spans the room and turn right to face the south wall. Angle Lara slightly to the left and take a running jump to the ledge beside the pushable block. Pull the block once, then jump back, grab the edge of the ledge and shimmy to the left past the block. (You can go the long way around if you want to use the monkey bars in the ceiling, but it just takes longer.) Pull up and run forward down the stairs and into the area you visited recently. Continue down the stairs to the left of the boulder and you'll find that the door at the bottom is now open. Just ahead is a divided ramp that's too steep to climb on foot. Instead, turn right and enter the next room. Note the boxes to your left, and go right, jump over the tubing and keep running in a counterclockwise direction, passing all sorts of interesting things, until you reach the alcove at the end, to the left of the closed door in the west wall. Pick up the crowbar and retrace your steps back to the boxes near the entrance. Use the crowbar on the "box" against the west wall, which opens to reveal a wall switch. Pick up the shotgun ammo and pull the switch. A cut scene shows the door opening next to where you picked up the crowbar. Unfortunately, it's on a timer, so reverse roll and make your way quickly back around the perimeter and run through the opening before the door closes again.

Turn left, draw your pistols and enter the next room. Take care of the assassin, turning your back on him as necessary to make him stop those sword-twirling shenanigans, but don't go charging all the way up the ramp where he was perched when you entered. Otherwise, you'll be flattened by a boulder. Throw the wall switch on the left side of the ramp (you can safely cross the lower part of it), and you'll hear the sound of a door opening. There are no goodies on the tables, so go to the bottom of the ramp and open the blue doors. Pick up the yellow Gate Key inside, but resist the temptation to throw the wall switch. All this does is turn on the burner that Lara is standing on, which immediately sets her aflame. If you want to trigger the boulder before leaving, by all means do so, but remember that if it touches Lara before it comes to a complete stop, Lara will die. Go back outside and run along the perimeter, and you'll find an open door next to the tubing you've jumped over several times.

When you enter this new room, two things happen: a boulder starts rolling back and forth down the ramp to your left, and when you venture further inside the door closes behind you, preventing your escape. You see to your left a jump switch on the wall, but it's amazing how many times you'll try unsuccessfully to activate it and get away before the boulder makes its return trip. Luckily, there's another jump switch nearby that does the same thing. Turn around and time a run up the north ramp. (If Lara presses her nose against the wall, the boulder won't be able to reach her.) When the boulder rolls back down again, turn around and take a standing jump and grab to the ladder ahead. Climb the ladder and pull up into an alcove. Turn around, jump straight up and grab the jump switch. As you hear the rewarding sound of a door opening, take one step back and pick up the shotgun ammo. Then climb back down the ladder and, when the boulder rolls away, drop down to the ramp and run off the right side to safety.

Hey, that exit door is still closed. Not to worry, however. Run up the south ramp, pull up into the open air and use the climbable surface at the end to reach the roof that overlooks the courtyard where you began this level. Jump down to the ledge just below and walk to the north end. [Bug alert: Save here, just in case. When I picked up the ornate Gate Key, the yellow Gate Key picked up earlier, and which hasn't been used yet, disappeared from my inventory. This may have been an isolated glitch, together with the no-chime for the first secret (and later I noticed the Breast Plate was no longer in my inventory!), so if the yellow Gate Key vanishes the first time, it may not do so upon reload.] Safety drop to the next ledge and pick up another Gate Key that's a lot more ornate than the one you picked up earlier. Perform one more safety drop to get back to ground level, then enter the SE doorway ahead. Run up the stairway ahead, make your way around the obstruction and hop over the tubing and into the open east passageway. Run down the stairs, continuing to the left of the boulder, and return to the perimeter surrounding the room where you found the yellow Gate Key.

Locate the receptacle beside the door in the north wall and use the ornate Gate Key to open it. Enter the new courtyard to the sound of spooky music and make a hairpin turn to the left. Climb up onto the lower roof and turn left. Pull up onto the next higher section of roof (you'll see a crawl space in the corner, but it's blocked), then turn so that Lara is facing south. Hop back, and Lara will start sliding down the sloped roof face. Grab the edge and shimmy all the way to the left until you can pull up into an alcove. Pick up the second Horseman's Gem, then safety drop to the ground.

Climb back onto the lower section of roof as before, but this time head to your right. From the flat portion of the roof, facing west, take a running jump without grab to land on the roof across the way. Turn to your left and you'll find that the south wall has a climbable surface over the sloped reddish portion of the facing roof. Use it, going around the corner to your left, and continue until you reach a crawl space. Release, grab the edge of the crawl space and pull your way inside. Turn around at the end and drop down into a tunnel.

Turn left (facing north) and run down the tunnel. (If you turn right instead, all you'll find is a spike trap beyond another crawl space.) You'll soon hear the sound of a door opening, but continue into the small room containing two wall switches. The door closes behind you as you enter, so throw both switches. The one on your left turns off the flame blower that guards the laser sight perched below. When you throw the one on your right, you get a cut scene showing a door opening outside. Turn to your left and hop back to grab the edge of the opening above the burner, then shimmy left around the corner and pull up into the crawl space. Crawl forward until you can stand, then run forward until you reach the crawl space that brought you here. Enter and turn around at the other end. Lower Lara down the side until she gets a grip on the wall, then climb down and wait for the blower directly beneath you to stop emitting flames. Then drop down and quickly back flip to safety. Turn to your left and take an angled standing jump to the south wall and pick up the Laser Sight.

Run north down the alley and make a hairpin turn to the right. Climb back onto the lower roof and jump over to the west section as you did earlier. This time, run diagonally forward to the right and enter the opening on the other side of the railing. Run down the ramp to a landing. Continuing down to the north brings you to a closed gate. In the other direction is a stairway. When you reach the top, you'll see an opening to the right that's sloped too steeply for you to access. If you turn left and run down the hallway, you'll find yourself at the top of the divided ramp you encountered earlier. In between is another ramp leading upward.

Turn around so you're facing away from the middle ramp, then hop backward to trigger the boulder trap. Run down the ramp to either side to avoid the boulder, and wait until it stops completely before hopping past it and running up the ramp. When you reach the top of the ramp you'll hear a door opening. Pull up into the corridor and run forward until you hear the disconcerting sound of a door slamming shut. To your right is another corridor with a closed door at the end, and directly in front of you is a pushblock.

Push the block three times, into a small courtyard, then push it once to either side to reveal a wall switch. However, before you pull that switch, open the blue doors near the NE corner of this room and throw the wall switch inside. Reverse roll as you hear a door opening, draw your pistols and shoot the two dogs that charge out toward you. After you've done that, go ahead and throw the first switch on the west wall to re-open the exit gate. Reverse roll and exit this room. Turn left into the corridor and go through the now-open doorway. Drop down into the room below and pick up the shotgun, then pull back up into the corridor. Run forward, hooking slightly to the left, and
return to the opening overlooking the boulder ramp. Hop down and around the boulder on either side (being careful not to slide down one of the side ramps) and run forward to the end of the pillared hallway. Turn right and run down the stairs, then run up the ramp to return to the roof area.

Turn left and run along the wall, turning right to approach the newly-opened door to the east. Go inside and take the Hand of Sirius from the pedestal. Then find the nearest convenient point to safety drop down to ground level. Locate the opening in the west wall, behind a pillar, that you may have explored earlier even though you weren't invited to. Just inside, turn around and find the receptacles on either side of the doorway. Insert the Horseman's Gem to open the south gate and the Hand of Sirius to open the north gate.

If you go through the south gate you'll quickly find yourself in territory you've already explored thoroughly. Therefore, you should go through the north gate and circle around up the ramp until you reach an opening overlooking a dangling rope and a street scene below. If you look to your right you can see a jump switch over on the far wall. Just for fun, safety drop to the street and deal with three attacking assassins as you lose camera control in this area. After killing the trio, run outside the camera range to restore control, then go back and pick up the shotgun ammo and the small medi-pack dropped by two of the villains.

To get back to where you were just before this murderous diversion, run along the cobble-stoned street and turn left to head upward. About halfway up, you'll see an opening high up on the wall to your left. Jump up to grab the right side of the opening, and pull yourself up. Run up the stairs, vault up onto the block and you'll find a sloped opening to your left that leads you to an opening facing the rope that's opposite the one you dropped down from. Continue forward past this opening and take a left, then a right, then another left. Locate the opening to your left and climb down the ladder for some shotgun ammo. Then climb back up, turn left and continue along the corridor until you reach a sloped opening leading back down to the pillared hallway. Turn left and return to the roofed area. Safety drop to the ground and re-enter the north gate to return to the opening that faces the rope.

Take a running jump and grab the rope. Since you already know there's nothing to do in the opposite opening, turn Lara toward the jump switch you noted earlier and swing her toward the nearest ledge. Jump off at the apex of your swing to land on the ledge, then turn all the way to the north and take a standing jump to the step just beneath the jump switch. Activate the jump switch to open the gate to your right. Before going inside, however, go up one more step and turn to face the blocks across the street. Take a running jump and grab the edge of the sloped brown box, then shimmy to the right around the darker box and drop down into the alcove. Use the crowbar to open the door just ahead. Climb down the ladder to the bottom of the shaft and locate the wall switch. When you throw it, a cut scene shows a gate opening outside.

Climb back up the ladder and return to the outside ledge. Climb up onto the boxes to your left and turn around to take a long running jump across the street to the ledge to which you swung earlier. Then make your way north and through the open gate. Meander along the enclosed tunnel until you reach a winding open stairwell. Go down the stairs, and when you can go no further climb down the ladder into some greenish knee-high water.

Wade along the tunnel, keeping your eyes peeled for a crocodile that quietly sneaks up on you from behind. Continue on, and you'll reach a deeper section with an opening that Lara can swim into. Do so briefly and pull back out to await another crocodile alerted by your activity. Then swim back down through the hole and along a long circular tunnel until you locate a large medi-pack. Pick it up, then continue swimming in the same direction until you return to your starting point. Now wade a short distance south to the end of the tunnel, and locate another hole leading downward. Swim down a very long winding tunnel, passing an oceanic scene to your right, until you finally reach the yellow Fuse you saw much earlier. Pick it up and return quickly before you run out of air. Unfortunately, you meet another crocodile on the way back, but since you're in a hurry just swim past it and get your much-needed air. If you then want to go back and entice it so you can bag the maximum number of kills, that's your business.

Head back in a northerly direction (picking up the large medi-pack at a bend in the watery tunnel in case you missed it earlier) until you reach the other end. Use the ladder to climb back up to the stairs, then wind your way back up the stairs and along the enclosed tunnel until you reach the street area with the rope dangling down ahead. Safety drop back down to street level and locate the higher wall opening to the left that you used earlier. Pull up, run up the stairs, climb up onto the block and turn left to slide down the slope where you now face the rope from the west side. Take a running jump and grab the rope, then turn Lara to the right and swing over to the long ledge on the SE side. Then run along this ledge to the darker ledge over the south gate. Angle Lara to the right and take a running jump with grab to land inside the tight opening in the pillar against the east wall. Pick up the small medi-pack and safety drop back down to the street.

Run along the street (there's no traffic at this hour) until you reach the opening in the other end with the big truck just outside. Turn left and pull the first block you come to along the sidewalk to reveal a wall ladder. Climb up to a higher level. Go forward through the alley, past a closed gate on your right, turn left at the railing and cross the roof bridge. Take an angled standing jump to the right, and grab the edge of the roof when Lara slides down. Shimmy to the right and around the corner above the flaming barrel, and pull up. Run along the corridor between the sloped roofs and around to the right. When you reach the end you'll see a closed door requiring a key you apparently don't have. (Whatever happened to that yellow Gate Key we picked up earlier?)

If you look down and to the right, you'll see the wall opening that you've used on two prior occasions. That's of no help to us now, so turn around in the other direction and face the sloped red roof. Take a standing jump to it and grab the edge when Lara slides down. Shimmy to the left until you reach a place where you can pull up, then do so and step forward to pick up another ornate Gate Key. Hop back twice, grab the edge and pull up again. When you turn around, you'll see another assassin patrolling the ledge that you just vacated, so dispose of him from the safety of this spot.

Return to the ledge by repeating the shimmy maneuver just described, and use the Gate Key to open the door in the south wall. Go inside the small office and pick up the shotgun ammo in the alcove, then take one step back and jump straight up (facing west) to open the trap door above. Turn to your left and pull up into the alcove. Throw the wall switch, and a cut scene shows a gate opening near the truck below. Return to the ledge and safety drop back down to the street, at the cost of a little health, and run back up the street to the truck.

Enter the opening beyond the truck and turn left to go down the wooden stairs. Jump into the water and swim under the huge metal structure. Turn left and locate the hole at the far end. (Be sure you don't swim too far on the other side of the metal structure, or you'll either (1) alert a crocodile or (2) worse yet, you'll get caught in a wicked current and won't be able to escape a skeleton's company next to a closed gate.) Swim up and pull up out of the hole on the far right or left side to avoid the lethal chain that's swinging down the middle. Run up the ramp until you hear the chimes of Secret #2 and pick up the Left Gauntlet. (Wonder why we weren't similarly rewarded when we picked up the Breast Plate? Since the remaining pieces all register as secrets when accessed, I've elected to treat the Breast Plate as the first secret for logical consistency.)

PART THREE: Get the third piece: The Left Greave

Jump back into the water hole, avoiding the chain, and swim to the E side (don't forget that current) and pull up on the bottom step. If you wish, you can go back and tease out the crocodile to ensure that no enemy escapes alive. Then head N up the stairs and take a standing jump ahead to the sloped wooden pillar. Jump off the other side into the water and turn around to locate the well-camouflaged lever on the N side of the wooden pillar. Save your game here, then pull the lever and quickly (because it's timed) turn right and swim under the vessel W toward the wicked current that earlier would have led to your death by drowning. Now, however, the gate by the skeleton is open, so swim through it before it shuts in your face.

Take a couple of left turns as you swim down the tunnel ahead, until you emerge in an open area occupied by another large metal structure. You can see a closed gate beyond, but don't stop to investigate. Instead, locate the funnel-shaped appendage that reaches almost to the sandy floor, and swim under and up the central shaft. The top of the shaft is guarded by two deadly rotating blades, so hug one of the corners as you swim upward (facing either E or W). Pull quickly up into the next room and crawl into a semi-enclosed space near the N wall for a large medi-pack. Then locate the ladder in the SW corner and note the sound of a swinging chain before you start climbing up. Use the far left side of the ladder to avoid the chain, and when you reach the fourth rung from the top you can back flip safely into an upper level.

Turn around and walk past the tubing to your left. Turn left and climb up onto the left side of the metal pillar. Step forward and face the ledge to the N that's guarded by a flame blower. When the flames subside, take a running jump and grab the edge of the ledge. Shimmy right, around the corner all the way to the N wall. Pull up here, and you can safely duck down into the crawl space without having to worry about the flames. You emerge in a tall area to the sound of eerie music and you note three more flame blowers high overhead, a steam blower, and a couple of flaming tiles located in strategic spots.

Take the first right you come to and note the water ahead. However, it's electrified, so don't let your feet get wet. With your toes just outside the water's edge, take a standing jump and grab the ceiling of the water channel. Monkey swing to the N past a pillar to your left; and even though you can see that the rungs dogleg to the right at the juncture and allow you to keep going, turn left instead at that point and continue to monkey swing until you drop down into the dark alcove. Step forward and throw the wall switch, and you'll hear the sound of a door opening. Turn around and take a standing jump forward to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing to your right, hugging the pillar with your right arm as you pass it; and as soon as you get past it, release without turning to your right. (If you release from any other position, you'll crash and burn every time.) Then take a side flip to the right, away from danger.

Locate the rope dangling near the W wall, directly opposite the first opening to the electrified water channel. Position Lara directly underneath it and jump up to grab it. Turn so that Lara is facing S, then swing and jump off to grab the edge of the pillar in the SW corner. Pull up and face toward the NE and that gauntlet of flame blowers. The hard way to get across to the other side is to use the monkey bars overhead to swing past the blowers, trying not to let Lara catch fire as she passes each one, and drop down into the opening high up in the N wall. The much easier way is to monkey swing E all the way to the wall, release and grab the climbable surface, and shift to the left until you reach the pillar next to the first flaming blower. Release and you'll find to your relief that you neither slide down to the floor nor become immersed in flames. Carefully turn to your left and take a running jump along the E wall to the next pillar, and do the same thing to the third pillar. Side step to the left, and when the flames subside, take a running jump and grab the climbable surface just below (or even below and to the right of) the opening. Shift left if necessary, climb up and pull into the opening.

The door closes behind you as you enter the small room. Use the crowbar to open the panel in the NE corner, then pick up the small medi-pack and throw the wall switch inside. A cut scene shows an underwater gate opening. Quickly turn around and draw weapons to take out the assassin who has followed you inside. When you come back out into the small room, you find that the exit door is once again open, so either climb down the wall as far as you can go and then back flip over the burner to the floor, or safety drop to the slope and do the same thing.

Turn around and run S down the hallway. Crawl under the opening on the left side, turn in place to your right, then hop back and safety drop to the metal flooring. Jump into the water hole, avoiding the blades, and swim to the E side of the structure and through the gate that was closed upon your arrival. Take a left, and swim up at the next juncture to locate and pull an underwater lever to raise a block in a room ahead. Then continue along the tunnel a short distance until you reach an open channel where you can surface for air. Then swim to the S end of the channel and open the underwater door. Go inside and pull the underwater lever on the S side of the central pillar to cause it to rise still higher. Then surface, climb up onto the raised block against the S wall, and turn to face the central pillar. Take a standing jump to the top of the pillar, then turn to face W and pull up into the next higher level. Climb up into the corridor and follow until you reach a room with a flaming pedestal in the middle.

As you explore this room, you find that the three facing walls contain a total of eight alcoves, each with a wall switch, together with a closed gate in the middle of the far (south) wall. The skeleton next to the pedestal bears mute testimony to the fact that some intrepid soldier of fortune was here earlier and made a bad decision. Starting with the alcove to Lara's immediate left, in the NE corner, number the alcoves 1 through 8 in a clockwise direction. Then pull the wall switches in alcoves 1, 3, 5 and 8 to open the gate in the S wall. (Pulling the switches in the other alcoves will cause the burners underneath Lara to ignite and fry her.) Reverse roll and draw weapons to eliminate the assassin who magically appears outside near the flaming pedestal. Then
go next door into alcove 7, turn around and climb up the ladder. Back flip two rungs from the top into a corridor for Secret #3, then turn around and step forward to pick up the Left Greave.

PART FOUR: Get the fourth piece: The Right Gauntlet

Climb back down and go through the open gate to the south. Follow the corridor until you reach a four-way intersection, then run over the rocks directly ahead and continue forward to enter the crawl space. You find yourself in an area directly above the channel where you opened the underwater door earlier. Turn to your right and pull up into an underground street area as spooky music plays. Turn to your left and go around the crates to your left and skirt the flaming barrel. Vault up onto the short crate just beyond the barrel and step forward to drop down into a small clearing in front of the fence. Stoop down and pick up a small medi-pack, then turn around and vault over the two short crates. Make a hairpin turn to the left on the other side and climb up onto the tallest crate in the middle. Turn around inside the opening and jump up to grab the ledge above you. Pull up into the corridor but be careful to stop when you reach the top, as a burner trap lies down below. Take an angled running jump around the corner to the right to the ledge against the west wall. Turn right, run to the end of the ledge and throw the wall switch to open a gate somewhere outside. Reverse roll, and from the other end of the ledge take an angled standing jump back to the opening of the facing corridor. Go back down to the crate-filled area.

At this point, you're supposed to be able to use the yellow Gate Key in the other corner, opposite the spot where you picked up the small medi-pack, to open a gate allowing you quick access back to the street where the truck and the flaming barrel are located. However, as alluded to earlier in this walkthrough, the yellow Gate Key disappeared from my inventory when I picked up the first ornate Gate Key, so the only way I could get back to the truck was by retracing my steps back to the beginning of this Part Three, and using the DOZY cheat to get past the paralyzing underwater current.

By whatever manner you use to get back to the truck, go to the ladder revealed in the east wall when you moved the block earlier, climb up and go forward to your right a short distance through the alley, and turn right into the new opening. Run down the street, passing on your right a closed door needing still another key, and at the end of the street turn left into a narrow corridor. At the end of the corridor, turn around and climb down the ladder to another watery area where you see a central structure mounted on metal pillars. Jump into the water and swim around a bit to tease the crocodile, then climb out, turn around and dispose of it. Then jump back into the water and swim around the central structure to its south side. (Be careful, for if you swim too far under the central structure toward the middle of it, you'll be sucked in and trapped by another vicious current.) Locate the ornate Gate Key lying on a slab jutting out from the southernmost pillar, and pick it up.

Swim back to where you jumped into the water, pull up onto the metal ledge and climb back up the ladder. Run back through the corridor and up the street until you reach the closed door you passed earlier. Use the Gate Key to open the door in the alcove, and go inside. Turn left and pick up the large medi-pack next to the window, then continue north into the generator room. Go to the far side of the generator and insert the yellow Fuse in its middle slot in the left panel. You hear a sound of rushing water, which indicates you've flooded an area nearby. You've also alerted another assassin, so quickly draw weapons and dispatch him.

Leave the generator room, turn right when you reach the street and go back through the corridor. You don't need to climb down the ladder this time, because the area is now completely flooded. Jump in, swim again to the south side of the central structure, and locate the small opening higher up near the ceiling. Swim inside, dogleg to the right and locate the central hole, right above the wicked current that's swirling around beneath the structure. Go down and claim the revolver, then swim back outside. Go back to the hole in the NW corner and pull up into the corridor. Return to the street, turn right and run all the way to the end and through the open gate, and climb back down to the short street where the truck is parked.

Run to the south end, near the gate that was supposed to open by using the yellow Gate Key. Stand on the sidewalk in the corner next to the street lamp, and turn to face the alcove in the east wall above the sloped wooden block. Combine your laser sight with your revolver, and use the zoom key (same as the crouch key) to magnify the area just beyond the alcove. You can just barely see the top portion of a brass ball hanging from the ceiling. Shoot it to open a gate at the north end of this short street, while also releasing a fire wraith. Run down the street, turn left into the opening across from the truck, wait to make sure the wraith is right on your tail, and run down the stairs and jump into the water. After the wraith has doused itself, climb back out and return to the street. Turn left and go through the gate you've just opened. Shoot the barrier blocking your way and go inside.

In the threshold of the new room you'll hear some foreboding music as you inspect a rope dangling over a seemingly solid floor. However, you should know better by now. If you blithely step forward, you'll splash down into an area where you not only lose camera control, but there's nowhere you can pull back out. Instead, turn to your right and discover to your surprise that the gray wall that looks like moon rock is a climbable surface. Climb up to the very top, pull up into Secret #4, and run up to the end of the ramp and pick up the Right Gauntlet.

PART FIVE: Get the fifth piece: The Right Greave

Climb back down to the threshold. Now it's time to deal with that rope. Draw your revolver, combined with the laser sight, and locate with the aid of the zoom key another brass ball suspended near the top of the third pillar to your right across the treacherous pool. Shoot it to raise a block near the other side of the pool. Now save here, jump to the rope and swing across to land on the top of the helpful block. Oops, jumped over it, didn't you? Try again, and this time jump off while Lara's legs are still extended. She should land right on top of this block this time. Take a standing jump forward to the steps to restore camera control.

Another fire wraith may or may not pop out at this point to plague you. If it does, run forward up the steps and past the burners into the opening. Turn left and climb up into the corridor. Run down the corridor, dodging as necessary to avoid being set aflame by the wraith, and hop down at the corridor's end into the street. Turn left and return to the water sanctuary where the second wraith will also obligingly commit suicide. Then return to the area with the rope and swing across as you did before. This time, when you run past the two burners, draw weapons and shoot the flimsy wooden door at the end of the opening. Go inside and up the stairs, and make a horseshoe turn to the left. Locate the water hole; but instead of jumping in, light a flare and locate a ladder in the west wall. Jump to it and climb up. Pull up into Secret #5 and step forward to claim the fifth and final armor piece, the Right Greave.

Climb back down the ladder to find that the large doors to the east are now open. Go inside, up the steps and down the tunnel until you reach a seemingly impassable gap. But walk out as far as you can go on the left side and take a running jump across to the triangular surface ahead. (If you happen to miss and slide down to the bottom of the pit, there's an opening to your right that takes you right back to your starting point.) Walk forward to the apex of the triangle, turn Lara to the left, and take a standing jump up to safety. Run forward, turn to the left and run down the ramp into a new area.

Use the stairs to your left to get as low as possible, then safety drop down to floor level. Walk out to the central pedestal shared by a skeleton and the Amulet of Horus, and pick up the latter. Hear that soft padding of tiny feet? No, not tiny at all, but rather a large angry bull that has been awakened from its lair near the NE corner and is determined to grind poor Lara to a bloody pulp under its hooves. Since you don't have a red blanket to wave at it, use Lara's delectable body to lure the bull to the eye panels located on the pillars at the east and west ends of this room. If you judge the bull's charges accurately, you can jump out of the way at the last instant and allow the bull's momentum to crash through the eye panels.

When the second panel has been smashed, run over to the bull's lair, go inside and locate the opening in the far wall. Take time, if you dare, to pick up the large medi-pack to your left, then enter the corridor (the bull won't follow), run as far as you can go and squeeze under the crawl space at the end. In the new area, turn left and run toward the shotgun ammo off in the distance. You may or may not get to it before having to deal with a crocodile that appears from your right. After accomplishing your twin goals, enter the crawl space in the west end. As soon as Lara can stand, turn to the right and vault up onto the block. Climb up to the top and shoot your way through the barrier.

Keep your weapon poised, for as you step forward you hear that snap-to-attention theme. Sure enough, as you reach the plaza area you lose camera control and three assassins come out from all sides in an effort to gang-tackle you. Do a 360 with your guns blazing steadily, as you have no need at this point to conserve ammo. After they've all bit the dust, run diagonally across the plaza to the right and locate a closed door in the NE corner which needs a key. This is presumably the yellow Gate Key which disappeared earlier from my inventory. Since there's no way to cheat past this point, I could progress no further. However, I understand that the passage beyond this door leads to an area of scenic beauty where the exit trigger is encountered, so I was able to enjoy more than 99 per cent of this epic adventure.