Level by Isabelle and Christine (Chrisa)

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth

NOTE: Many thanks to Val and Monika for playing this level with me and guiding me through the latter stages of this level, and a special thanks to Val for locating four of the five secrets.

Lara begins her adventure in a dark entrance with corridors off to her left and right. At the end of the left corridor is a closed door. Run forward between the two columns flanked by torches into the next room. Throw the floor lever right behind the right column to open a door at the end of a passageway along the north wall of this room. Before going there, however, look around and note the closed door in the west wall with a portal device to its left. High in the north wall is an alcove you can't reach.

Go through the passageway to the north and turn left. Go past the moveable piece stowed away in a corner (it's important, but we can save it for later) until you reach the door you opened with the floor lever. But first, turn left and go under the crawlspace. When you can stand up in the next room, turn left and then use the block on your right to climb up. You now have a choice to go either right or left. Turn right, vault up onto the next block and go through the long crawl space. Turn around at the end and drop down into Secret #1, an immense underground area with a pool at the bottom.

Turn right and go down the ledge along the east wall for some shotgun ammo, then jump down into the water. (Don't try to continue along the ledge, because you'll get stuck in a crawlspace in the south wall, forcing you to reload.) Pick up the flares, revolver ammo and large medi-pack scattered about on the bottom, then swim toward the open door near the SW corner. Go up for some air, then enter the passageway and follow to an anteroom where you'll find the revolver and a bird statue.

Swim back out and pull up at the west ledge, to the left of the cascading water. Pick up the ammo, then jump back into the water and pull up on the right side of the cascading water. Turn to your right and climb up onto the ledge. Follow along the north end and pull up onto the final block. Take a running jump with a curve to the left to reach the entrance to this area. Pull up into the crawlspace and return to the other side. Step forward at the end and pull up onto a ledge. Step forward once more and pull up to an higher area, then drop down to your right into the high alcove you couldn't reach earlier. Pick up the large medi-pack, then slide down into the room where you began the level.

Go around to the passageway leading to the door you opened with the floor lever. Follow the tunnel until a brief flyby introduces you to the next area. Drop down into a mist-covered room laced with canals. Jump into the water and locate the flares near the SE corner. This creates a small opening near the north end; so go there and swim inside, then veer downward to find the horseman's gem to your right on the cobblestone floor. A cut scene shows a door opening in the darkness elsewhere.

Pull out of the water and run over to the south side of the room, where you entered. You'll see passages going off to the east and the west. The one to the west presently ends at a closed door, so vault up into the east passage and run to the end. Turn left and climb up two blocks, then run forward, dogleg to the left and jump up the slope to find more blocks to climb. At the very top you'll see a greenish opening off to your right, so drop to the ledge below and go on in. Pick up the flares near the entrance and prepare to dodge the skeleton that'll come out to harass you.

Go through the open east doorway into a dark underground area. Light one of those precious flares so you can see, and run straight forward into a small alcove as a spiked boulder comes tumbling down. When the boulder rolls into a shallow depression, reverse roll and make a hairpin turn to the left into an another alcove for some crossbow arrows (and where the skeleton will be slow to follow). The boulder never seems to come to a complete rest, so be careful not to touch it accidentally or allow the skeleton to push Lara against it. Otherwise, Lara will die instantly upon contact.

Locate the north passage and enter. You'll alert a mummy, so run around it into the east tunnel. Slide down the slope a short distance and jump off, swerving to the left in mid-air to avoid another spiked boulder careening down from behind you. You'll come to rest in front of a blue vase on a pedestal. Shoot the vase and pick up the grenade gun, then turn to your right and use the horseman's gem to open the door. Go inside, take heed of the message written on the wall to your left, and use the crawlspace on the west wall. Continue to crawl under the darts until you've passed them all, then stand up and continue along the corridor and up the slope to the next area. A flyby gives you a brief overview of the situation.

Turn to your right, climb up onto the slab where the water is pouring out, and jump past the torch to the next block. Hop down into the SW corner and pick up the crossbow. Dive into the water and pick up the grenade gun ammo and the crossbow arrows at the bottom, then pull up onto the ledge near the SE corner. Climb up to the taller pillar against the east wall, then take a running jump over the torch and grab the higher pillar. Pull up and turn left, then jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey swing across the room to the west side and dogleg to the left near the end to drop down into the chute through which the water is flowing. Run around to the corridor to the right and push the face tile at the end. A cut scene shows a door opening elsewhere.

Reverse roll and run back to the water's edge. Jump out into the water, being careful not to hit the solid, deadly surfaces just below, and pull up onto the west ledge. Run back through the tunnel, remembering to crawl under the darts, and lower Lara down the other side of the crawl space. Reverse roll and run to the opposite wall. Use the climbable surface to reach a blue-tinted room above. A horde of beetles will cascade about your head and shoulders when you pull up, but you can get rid of them temporarily by hopping back and grabbing the climbing surface. The beetles will pour over the side in their vain efforts to get at you.

When the coast is clear, turn left and go through the crawl space into a grated room laced with steam blowers. Run quickly to the other side and pull up through the ceiling hole into the next room. Turn left and note the sketches of the Loch Ness monster and the cryptic writing on the blackboard. Step around the dormant (for now) skeleton and enter the next room through the door you opened by pushing the face tile. Push the floor lever to open a door elsewhere, and continue forward into the moss-covered west end of the room. As soon as you do so the skeleton awakens, so turn around with crossbow or grenade gun drawn and dispatch it.

Use the climbable portion of the west wall at the NW corner and start making your way up the steep shaft. When you've gone a little more than halfway you'll see an opening to your right. Shift that way and drop down into the corridor. Turn right and step down into a green/lilac pathway. Turn left at the end and vault up onto a ledge. Hang from the other side and drop down to a slope. You'll slide down to the base of another slope. Turn right and take a standing jump up the slope to the ledge. Turn to the right and face a long slope leading down to a new area. Turn around and slide down the slope backwards, grabbing the edge at the end. You should be glad you did, for directly below is a spike trap. Shimmy to the right and drop down safely into a trench.

There are deadly spikes all around you (although you can't see them all from here), so turn around and look down to see an alcove just beyond the spikes you just now avoided. Take a running jump to the SE, veering to the left in mid-air to land safely within the alcove. Turn left and climb up into a spike-free area. Run forward and drop down into the hole ahead, and watch the wall torches magically ignite. Go into the small library and pick up the laser sight from the short wooden crate to your left, stop long enough to eliminate the mummy you awakened, then vault into the alcove and pick up the Pharos Knot.

Drop down to the library floor and push the column once to the west, triggering an explosion. Run past the torches and you'll find that a path has been cleared to the alcove you jumped to earlier. What's more, the explosion has ripped a hole in the doorway and turned on the lights in the room with the floor lever you visited earlier.

NOTE: Some of the reviews claim there's a bug at this point, and that if you reload from a savegame in this area you'll find that the explosion has not occurred. That happened to me, but when I pulled the column back and pushed it forward once more, the explosion was repeated and I could then continue.

Climb back up the west wall at the NW corner, only this time keep going all the way up the steep shaft until you reach the top. Place the Pharos Knot in its receptacle to open the door to your left. Step forward and look down another long slope. Don't slide down this one backwards, or the following boulder will kill you. Just slide down face forward and enjoy the ride. You don't even have to make a tricky jump at the end.

When you come to rest at the bottom of the second slope, step forward into an enclosed canal. Jump into the water, and you'll see an opening to your right. However, the present water level is such that you can do nothing there, so swim toward the other end of the canal and pull out to your left just before the water's edge into a well-hidden corridor. Locate and push the face tile in the wall down to your left. A flyby shows a door opening to a secret area you'll be visiting shortly. Now run back to the safety of the water to shuck the beetles that are probably nibbling at your toes by now.

Pull up at the canal's end and turn left. Oh no, you say to yourself, not another slope. However, there's no danger here, so slide down face forward and jump off at the end to grab the climbable surface of the wall ahead. Drop down to the floor and pull back up into the alcove for some flares. There's a small medi-pack in the opposite corner to the east, but it's guarded by a pair of campfires and probably isn't worth the trouble it would take to pick it up safely (assuming that's even possible).

You've been here before (it's the mist-covered room), so run across to the south end. Turn right at the end and vault up into the passage in the SW corner. Turn right and climb up the large block stairs. At the top, turn left and go through the door you opened earlier with the floor lever. Pull up into the threshold overlooking what appears to be a huge library. There's a phantom walkway extending all the way across in a zig-zag fashion, and when you step onto it a rope magically appears ahead and to your right. Hold the shift key down to make sure you don't plummet off the edge to your doom, and walk along the phantom walkway a short distance toward the west until you reach an intersection near the rope.

Stand at the NW corner and face the rope. Take a standing jump toward it and grab it. Slide down as far as you can, and release to drop safely to the floor. Run around aimlessly a bit to spook at least five (maybe more) wraiths, stopping for a second to pick up some shotgun ammo near the SW corner next to the funny face, then make your way to the north and climb up the wooden structure against the wall. Locate the central hole, then drop down and go through the opening below. Hang around near the bird statue until the wraiths all self-immolate, then go by the passage into the secret doorway you opened earlier by pushing the face tile. Head up the stairs for Secret #2, and pick up the small medi-pack, shotgun ammo and grenade gun ammo along the way. Climb up the pole at the end and back flip onto the ledge. Turn around and jump off the other side into the water below. Swim down and then up the shaft, and you'll find yourself back in the canal you crossed earlier.

Swim to the west end and pull out, then retrace your steps back to the dark library with the overhead translucent walkway. This time, follow the walkway with its twists and turns all the way to the other side of this large room. When you're sure you've reached the very end, facing west, hop back once and then take one step backward. Jump up to grab a hole in the ceiling, and pull up into a very large upper crawl space for Secret #3. Locate the flares, the large medi-pack and the crossbow arrows, then return to the hole and lower Lara back down to the walkway.

Now run forward and drop down into the finished upper section of the library and shoot the vase for a small medi-pack. Then locate the Hathor Effigy tucked away in a corner on a pedestal. A small earthquake signifies some shifting topography below, so return to the edge of the phantom walkway and see that a second rope has magically appeared. Take a standing jump to it (from the lower ledge of the library floor, and not from the phantom walkway), and slide down to the bottom. Release and drop to the darkened floor below. You'll probably encounter the flare bug here, so be prepared to toss a number of your valuable flares to make your way around down here.

What you want to do is find the opening in the north wall (the surrounding wooden structure having disappeared as a result of the earthquake) as quickly as possible, before your flares run out. Go past the bird statue, then turn right into the corridor and go up the ramp. Pull up onto the block to your right, and use the rope to access the higher ledge you otherwise would be unable to reach. When you reach the top ledge and run forward, the door ahead of you opens upon your approach. Go inside, and to your right is the ledge overlooking the huge darkened library. Just ahead to your left is the opening leading down to the entrance to this area.

Go through the opening to your left and back down the stairs. Turn left at the bottom and hop down into the mist-covered room, then turn right and vault up into the mossy tunnel. Follow the tunnel until you reach the passage leading to the room where you began this level. Locate the moveable piece that you bypassed much earlier, and pull it back twice along the wall. Then go to its right side and pull it once. You'll note that it takes on a reddish aura, so run around it to the left into the main room, and find the rope that now appears near the corresponding reddish corner near the closed door guarded by the portal device. You can't climb the rope like you can a pole, so use the nearby hump in the floor and take a standing jump and grab to the rope. Turn Lara to the left and jump to the crawl space in the bookshelves.

Crawl forward to the far opening and allow Lara to stand to look out over an immense underground area. Ahead are two tall pillars with a rope dangling between them in the distance. Turn around and safety drop to the slope below. Once you're safely on the floor, note a block to be lowered in the NW corner, the spikes behind the NE pillar, and the face tile on one side of the west pillar. Go over to claim the flares near the SE corner, then push the face tile. A flyby shows a door opening above, with scads of beetles pouring down to the floor to plague you, so quickly go over to the spikes and walk through them (sustaining some unavoidable health loss) until you reach a safe area adjacent to the NE pillar. The wall here is climbable, so jump up to avoid the beetles and start climbing up the wall. When Lara's hands reach the top of the false window to her right, back flip to the top of the NE pillar.

Turn around and take a running jump to the top of the lower west pillar and pick up the crossbow arrows. Then turn to your left and note the shorter pillar near the SE corner. Take a long standing jump down to the top of that pillar, losing a small amount of health, then stoop down to pick up the shotgun and the small medi-pack. Hop down to the floor and race the beetles to the opening you've just created in the NW corner. Drop down into the opening and run forward into Secret #4. The beetles will pour down after you and attempt to follow, but once they cross the threshold into the secret room they're somehow mysteriously swallowed up. Pick up the shotgun ammo and flares that are tucked away in alcoves in the secret room, then take the large medi-pack from the pedestal.

Now go back to the room with the many pillars, walk through the spike field and climb back up the wall. Return to the lower west pillar, in the same manner as before, then turn to the left and take a running jump to the truncated pillar against the south wall. Grab the crack and shimmy around the corner to the left. Once Lara gets her feet "set," take a rolling back flip and grab the rope. Rotate slightly to the left, slide down, and swing forward, releasing so that Lara lands inside the open doorway. Walk to the threshold of the next room and enjoy the brief flyby, then step inside.

At the far end of what looks like a sanctuary is a receptacle for a scroll. To the right of that is a closed door, to the left an arched doorway leading to a bare room. Behind and to the right is another doorway that takes you down some stairs to a subterranean area. Go there, and just past the torch in the stairwell you'll find a crawl space to your right. Crawl inside for Secret #5, then stand up and run all the way down the stairs until you reach a misty cell where you can find some revolver ammo and grenade gun ammo.

Go back through the crawl space, turn right and continue down the previous stairway until you reach an opening at the bottom. After the flyby, step inside and Lara's attention will be immediately drawn to something over to her right. There's a headless bird statue in the near corner, which probably means that it's not in working order. Next to that is a window through which you can see a crowbar that's tantalizingly beyond your reach. Vault over the ledge and drop down into the north end of this partly submerged room, and you'll see a closed door requiring a star to open it. Your curiosity has awakened a skeleton in the larger area behind you, so turn around and dispose of it with explosive ammo.

Shoot the vase on the ledge for some flares, then step back down into the larger portion of this room and stand next to the north side of the sloped pillar near the ledge. Jump up to grab the sharp edge, pull up, then immediately jump off and grab the upper platform. Pull up and claim the shotgun ammo, then turn right and enter the cave to find a dormant skeleton and the star that you need in order to open the door below. Now how can we get to that crowbar (which is needed to pry off the star)?

Go back to the platform outside and walk to the NE corner. Face the left portion of the opening to the left of the waterfall, then take a running jump with a slight bend to the left in mid-air (without using grab) to land just inside the opening. Pick up the crossbow arrows and draw weapons immediately to eliminate the guardian skeleton, then step around to the right and allow Lara to slide down the long slope, hugging the wall to her left. Immediately upon reaching the bottom, take a side flip to the ledge to your right and thereby avoid being crushed by the boulder trailing along behind you.

There are three mummies strolling about retching in the dark chamber below, so take them out with explosive ammo from your safe perch. Then safety drop to the floor below and locate the smallest column near the south wall, the one that's strangely reminiscent of that mound in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." Go behind it and pull up to the top. As soon as you do so, a skeleton is awakened below, so eliminate it before proceeding. Now turn to face the south wall, and take a standing jump from the south edge of the pillar to grab a concealed crack in the wall.

Shimmy to the right as far as you can go, and Lara will "freeze." Hit the up arrow once, and Lara will get her feet set. You now have two reliable ways of reaching your next objective, which is the upper ledge on which the crowbar rests. The easier way, and the one the authors probably intended, is to climb up five rungs, shift to the left two times, take a back flip to the sloped surface of the pillar behind you, then immediately (without allowing Lara to slide) jump off the sloped surface to grab the ceiling. It's then a simple matter to monkeyswing over to the ledge and drop down to claim the crowbar. Or, if you're feeling more adventurous (since this may take more than one try), climb up five rungs, back flip from here to the sloped pillar and immediately (again, without sliding) jump off, swerving to the right in midair so that Lara grabs the left side of the crowbar ledge.

After adding the crowbar to your inventory, turn to face north. Jump up to grab the ceiling, then monkeyswing over to the tall pillar and turn to your right to face its leading edge. Drop down, grab the edge, shimmy to the right and pull up onto the top of the pillar. Use the climbable surface in the east wall to climb up, then back flip onto the waterfall slope in the room you visited previously. Hop back and allow Lara to slide down the slope. Grab the edge, pull up and back flip to the sloped surface below. Lara will slide down to the floor and suffer no loss of health.

Run around to the other side of the platform, jump up to grab the sharp upper edge, and leap to the upper platform as you did earlier. Go inside the cave and use your crowbar to pry the Golden Star off the wall. There may or may not be a bug that's encountered at this point, where Lara assumes a most unladylike position sprawled out on all fours atop the platform in front of the Golden Star, but as soon as control is restored reverse roll and use explosive ammo to deal with the skeleton that's been awakened behind you.

Drop down to the sloped surface and slide down to the floor. Vault over the barrier ledge to the north and use the Golden Star in its receptacle. The door behind you opens as Lara endures another beetle shower, so quickly duck into the opening, avoid the spikes, and jump to the pole. Climb up the pole and turn Lara so she can back flip onto the ledge above. Turn around and walk out onto another ledge overlooking an immense greenish area. Looking across this room you can see several ledges along with alcoves housing floor levers. Down below is a deep pit, and you can sense that a single misstep will bring an early and violent death.

There's another ledge beneath the one you're now standing on, but it leads nowhere at this point. (However, one of the reviews suggests that it's an essential trigger, so drop down and stand on it anyway just to be on the safe side.) From the entrance ledge, face north and take a running jump and grab to the next ledge. Pull up and take another running jump and grab to the ledge in the NW corner. Pull up, turn right, and take a running jump down to the ledge in front of a floor lever. But don't rush in and throw it, because it will set Lara on fire. Instead, drop down off the other side to a lower ledge and throw THAT floor lever.

Pull back up to the ledge with the fire trap lever, then turn to face south. Take a running jump and grab to the floating platform, pull up, then take another running jump ahead and grab a ledge in front of another alcove with a floor lever. Pull up, go inside and throw the lever, then reverse roll and come out to the ledge, turn right and pull up onto a higher ledge. Turn to face north and take a running jump to another and higher floating platform. Turn to the NE and take a standing jump to a ledge in front of another floor lever. Step forward and throw it to flood the pit below.

Turn around and you'll find that all of the floating platforms have disappeared, which means that the ones you never used are now academic. Take a swan dive into the water below and swim all the way to the bottom of the formerly deadly pit. Turn south and locate the deep shaft in the SW corner and swim up until you reach an air hole. Pull up and follow the steps upward until you can vault up into an underground room. Pick up the large medi-pack next to the sleeping skeleton and step over the grate into the next room. Of course, the skeleton behind you then awakens, so deal with it before taking the Music Scroll from the pedestal. Then go behind the pedestal and pick up the grenade gun ammo, which awakens another skeleton that was sleeping nearby.

The grate you stepped over is now gone, so safety drop to the room below. Place the Music Scroll on the pedestal and the door to your right will open. Go inside and take the Ornate Handle from the pedestal. Be careful upon exiting, as flames have erupted around the entrance to this room. A simple running jump around the corner will keep Lara from being set aflame.

Now it's time to take our leave of this wonderful level. Run across the room into what appeared earlier to be a bare cell. The floor now rises to give Lara a short cut back to her starting point. Run through the tunnel and drop down through the opening that was closed when you first arrived. Run forward and turn left to pass between the two columns. Approach the closed door on the other side of the room, combine the Hathor Effigy and the Ornate Handle to form the Portal Guardian. Use it on the pole device to open the door, and go on inside.

You're not quite through here. Take a running jump and grab over the flaming grill. Pull up and turn left. Hop down into the alcove, then hop back and grab the edge. Shimmy to the left as far as you can go, then pull up and back flip to a safe ledge across the gap. Turn to the left and hop down to the floor beside the grill. Step forward and jump up to grab the ledge in the SW corner. Then pull up and run forward to slide down a slope into the exit trigger, bringing this most enjoyable and challenging level to an end.