The Lost Realm of the Pharaohs

and The Hidden Tomb

Author: Debbie Overstreet

Story: Lara is exploring in Egypt. The Lost Realm of the Pharaohs is where she begins her journey. The goal here is to find an ancient artifact (amulet), ornate beetle and a sacred portal that leads to a 'Hidden Tomb' (the second level). Once Lara has found the portal, she will begin a new journey for 5 pieces of sacred armour and another ornate beetle and then return to the portal to finish her adventure in the Lost Realm.

Note: To extinguish any power wraiths that 'may' follow Lara out of the water, Lara must jump into another pool of water (not the same one) to kill the wraith. This happens rarely.

It may be important not to use exploding ammo on some shatter objects that are required to open a door. If you can do it, and the door opens, that's great; but sometimes the door will not open if you use explosives rather than pistols or revolver ammo.

The Lost Realm of the Pharaohs

After the slide into the realm, go forward to the outer ledge. Watch the camera shot. The last scene shows a ladder. That's where you need to go. Jump to the small square ledge to your right. Then jump again to the next opening. Go down to the end and climb down the ladder. Lara will end up in a room with some dog spirits. There is a shootable vase close by; shoot that and get a small medipak. Now shoot the dogs or jump over to that ledge and then shoot them. Look for secret #1. Get that and jump down to the floor below.

Lara must find and shoot 5 orange vases. Shoot other vases that may be close by to get items. Two rooms with vases are at the end of two of the short hallways. The other 3 vases are in the water which is at the end of the other two hallways. Jump in and swim to find the vases. (Note that one of the rooms is well hidden. Hint: look above while in the water rooms to find another room with switch and lasersight.)

After you have found and shot all five vases return to the room where the dogs were. Climb the ladder and leave the way you came. Climb back up the larger ladder and back into the hallway. Run out to the ledge and jump to the small square ledges and into the next opening. Go down the hallway. If you shot all 5 orange vases, then the ceiling trapdoor will be open as well as a side door to your left. Go into the opening on the left and pull the switch at the end. Then jump down and go left to find a shootable box and get some six-shooter ammo.

Now return out to the trapdoor and climb the now raised block. Jump in and notice all the golden vases. I bet you can figure out that three vases are shootable. Shoot them; but before you go into the open hallway, look around for a shootable and a path that leads to the revolver. When you get that, then go into the open hallway. You have to find the other two golden vases. Save the game here.

Notice the swinging orange switch. You need to shoot that, of course. Load the revolver and lasersight, take aim and shoot the switch. A rope will appear. Save game. Slide down and jump to grab the rope. It's dark here but just swing to the ladder and grab. Climb up and search for the two other golden vases. When you have shot them, jump over to the metal pathway and run along that to return to the golden vases room. Jump down and go out the way you came in.

Go out to the ledge. Jump over onto the small ledges and then into the next hallway. You can see a switch on the ledge, but ignore that for now. At the end of the hallway an enemy will attack. Get rid of him then climb the block that will be raised if you got all of the golden vases.
Climb up and get any goodies from ledges around you. There are swinging blades over the block. From the block you can jump to the small ladder and climb up to get some more ammo. Then you will need to get back on the block, pull up and stand on the edge facing the swinging blades. It may take 2 or even 3 or more tries, but Lara will jump and grab the switch. Watch the camera shot.

Leave here and go back out to the main ledge. Now position Lara over the edge with the brown switch below. Make sure Lara has full life. Hang onto the ledge and release and quickly grab again to get the switch. Lara will fall, watch the camera shot of a trapdoor opening. Jump into the water and find the opening and swim up the path. Turn to your right and climb out and pull the switch. Watch the camera shot of the next door opening. Just swim back out the way you came in. The other direction just takes you back to the beginning of the level.

Once out in the center area, look for a couple of openings on the walls to find secret #2 and also a path to the shotgun. Go into the open pathway and get ready to fight again. After that, go to the center blue statue and push it as far as it will go. Jump down into the opening and shoot any vases, pull the switch, watch the camera shot and push a statue to find secret #3. Climb the ladder and go back out to the main area.

Go into the next open pathway. A note of caution for this level: If you see a green vase, it may have an enemy within it. It's up to you if you want to fight the enemy or not. Once in a while he may have a pickup item, but not always. Run into the opening on the left and climb the ladder. Shoot the orange vases with the revolver and laser sight which will open the trapdoor. Shoot the blue vase behind the orange vases to raise the block. Climb the block and jump onto the monkey swing and go across. Drop and pull the switch at the end.

Go into the hallway after you pull the switch. You are looking for 5 shatterbones which will open a door. Now you can climb the ladder or choose to go back over to the raised block and out that way. If you go up the ladder, you will find some pickup items and also some beetles will chase you. If they do they will eventually quit. If you go into the hallway with the beetles, jump off the ledge into the water and then go into the same pathway and then into the opening--on the right this time. If you go back out via the raised block, just go out and into the second tall metal door.

Run forward and you will enter a small room with a decorative ceiling. Turn and go into the doorway to your right. You can hear the sphinx/bull trying to bust its way in. Run to your right, and when the pathway widens the bull will bust through. You will need to go over to the bull for a closer look in order for him to get mad enough to chase you. In each corner of this large area is an 'eye' to shatter. Stand before each eye, and just before the bull crashes, leap over him. Two of the eyes will have pickup items. You will notice doors opening. The eyes in the corners of the room must be shattered first. Then go into the doorway far left of the one where you first encountered the bull. There is an eye here to shatter as well. Do as before and leap over the bull as he crashes. Run out and to your left and then turn right into the opening 'across' from where you first ran into the bull. Find the eye and repeat as above. Now for the last eye. Run out of this room and across and into the area where the bull first emerged. Find the eye and once that is shattered, run out to the now raised block.

Climb that and run and grab bridge above. Then leap to the next ledge and then to the one. Turn around and jump and grab the small ledge above. Jump to the middle and then jump up to swing across to the next ledge. Pull the switch to your left and look for secret #4 close by. When you find that, climb back onto the ledge and jump and grab the jump switch ahead. Drop and run forward as the door closes. The bull will be close by, so hurry. Turn to your right or left and pull up.

Follow the path around until you come to a room with burial paintings on the walls. Turn around and look for a swinging switch to shoot. Shoot that and continue down the path. Drop into the water and swim through into a large opening. Go ahead and open the water door. There is a switch here that is concealed by a raised block. Swim back out into the large room and pull up onto a ledge. Shoot the vases in the corner where flames are shooting out; and when you can, get the ammo.

Look up onto the ledges and spot some small vases. Shoot them to raise the block. Once they are all shot, jump into the water and swim into the room with the block and you should now be able to push the switch. Watch the camera shot. Jump in and swim out the way you came in. Run back through the bull area and run straight to the other side where you first entered the bull area. Go back into the small room with the decorative ceiling. Go into the opening you saw in the last camera shot. Climb down the ladder. Run into the pathway on the right and pull a switch at the end.

Above the burning liquid there is an opening where you can get a large medipak. Run down the other way and again turn and climb down to a ledge. This time the water isn't deadly. Swim into the center opening on the left to find a switch. Then swim into the other opening across and pull up and follow the path until you can pull up at the end. Flames will be shooting. Time your jump and leap and grab the rope. Be careful not to swing too far back into the shooting flames. Jump to the next rope and then onto the small ladder. Climb around and do a back flip into the opening.

There is a drop here. Turn and climb down. Pull a switch nearby and then follow the path around to get the amulet. Then go back out into the water and climb up where you left the mummies. Run past the mummy and then turn right and jump into a hole. Watch out for more mummies. Run past them until you see a ladder going down into a hole. Climb down that to get the grenade gun. Then get rid of the mummies. Go back to where the water is burning and climb up the ladder.

Flip back to get onto the ledge and go back to the room with the decorative ceiling. Go into the smaller opening and push the puzzle piece to turn off the flame so you can pull a switch. Now go into the path that leads to the bull, only turn left instead of right. Go into the pathway and up some stairs. You are in the treasure room. There is a pushable to your right and secret #5.

There are enemies here guarding the treasure. Turn and climb the area next to the pushable statur. Leap and grab the area with the ladder and climb up. Follow the path around and when you come to a small room look for a ladder. Climb up and shoot the swinging switch. Return to the area overlooking the treasure room. Jump to the rope and turn Lara so that she is parallel to one of the enemies. Swing as far as possible and release. Lara should land on the ledge. Turn and kill the enemies and then jump down into the next area. Turn and go through the doorway to your left. Jump to the wooden dock. Notice the vases in the water. Lara will have to launch grenades (or crossbow ammo look for the crossbow here) into the water taking care not to hit any edges or the grenades will explode without shattering the vases. The grenades will explode the vases and eventually open two doors: one in the water and one in the next room.

Go into the underwater room and push the switch. Watch out for enemies. Leave here and crawl through a small opening leading to the next room. Fire will ignite, keeping Lara from getting the puzzle piece in the center. Notice an upper opening near the ceiling. Carefully go to the block across from that opening. Shoot the vase at the end. The door to your right will open. Go into it. Take care here. When you can, pull the switch and dispose of any enemies. The green vase nearby in the wall should be avoided. Turn and run into the opening on the left.

Oh no! It's that darn bull again! Run past him and into the next room with some puzzle pieces and turn to the left and left again. Go to the eye on the wall and wait for the bull. When he crashes the eye, a door to your left will open. Go into that room and quickly push the puzzle piece. Pull the switch, which will lower a block outside this room and expose another switch you can use to trap the bull. This may take a couple or so tries. Once the bull is trapped, you are free to push all the puzzle pieces onto the round circles. Make sure you complete each one.

Shoot the vase in the corner to find a torch. Pick it up and walk over to the fire. Lara will light the torch. Have a look at the map nearby. It shows the bull where he is now. Then it shows a beetle, skull and three blue vases with some water near them. Jump into the opening; and if you want, shoot any vases or boxes and get rid of any enemies.

The maze: Run straight ahead and climb up at the end. Turn right and go forward. On your right is a hallway but only enemies are there, so just continue past that hallway (unless you want to fight a mummy and dog). Continue to the end and drop down. A vase is right below you and holds an ancient mummy; kind of cool to see the mummy turn and face you, so go ahead and blast the vase. Go down this hallway and look up at the ceiling for an opening. Pull up there and walk forward, dropping down at the end.

At the end of the hallway is a shatter box and there is smoke rising from a stand at the other end. Go to the smoke stand. Turn right and continue forward down this hallway. There is another smoke stand ahead. Go towards it. Near the end, look up and see an opening pull up there. There are two openings. To find the ornate beetle, jump over the first opening and continue to the end and drop down there. You should be able to hear the bull pretty well from here. Go left to the ladder and climb up to claim the beetle.

Climb back down and walk forward and climb; pull up into the hall you left a moment ago. Now turn and walk down the hall and drop into the middle opening. Walk towards the smokestand and turn left into another hall. Continue down this hall and notice a reddish lighted area and a smokestand. That is the way to the three blue vases and the end of the level. First, we need to find the hidden tomb level. Turn left at the smokestand with the reddish light, then right, then left and go forward turn right at the end and climb the ladder. Go to the beetle graphic which is the portal that will take Lara to part two of the adventure.

The Hidden Tomb

Once through the portal, Lara will fall onto a shaky floor. Jump to the right to get the medipak and then to the left to grab the arrows. Jump into the opening to get a small medipak and climb up, and Lara will slide. Watch for the ladder and jump as soon as Lara's feet hit the dirt. Grab and climb around to get the ammo. Then continue down the slide. Look for a lever to push on a far ledge to the left. Also look for pickup items on ledges. Go over there and pull it.

Nearby there is a drop and a pushable block. Push that and find a lever that will open a door to some ammo. There is now a raised block where you entered this area. Find a way onto the block and then jump across and grab the switch which opens some doors. Turn around and climb into the area with the pillars to your right. Go in there and pull the switch (opens next set of doors) on the ledge and look for any pickups. Go into the next opening and climb the ladder and get secret #1.

Now go into the next open area and push that switch. Look for another secret #2 on a ledge outside. Go to the area across where there is water nearby. Climb onto the raised block and grab the bridge above. Run across and jump and grab the switch at the end. This will open trapdoors down in the water and leads to the hidden tomb.

Okay, swim into the water and find the opening and climb up. Run forward and turn to your left. Get the laser sight if needed from the pedestal. Jump into the water and find a switch. Pull that to open the doors to the next room. Go into that room and then into the open room to the right. Look for a switch on one of the pillars. This will raise a block. Return to the room across from the room with the lasersight.

Continue through, and when you get into the next room turn to the left. There is a hallway with a closed door on the left and drops down into a mirror room at the end. You will have to figure this one out. Once you get the puzzle piece, do three back flips and then turn and get back onto the stairs. Leave here and the door in the hallway is open now. Push the puzzle piece onto the round circle and then grab the ammo. Go back out the way you came in and now go across into the room with the raised block.

Place the puzzle piece and climb up into the room above. Go into the next area and climb up onto the larger block jump and grab the ladder and pull up into the next room. There is quite a drop at the end. Turn, grab the edge, have full life and then drop. Push the switch and follow around and push the switch at the end to open the door. Go back out the way you came in where you placed the puzzle piece. Turn to your right and go up the large pathway.

There is a green area about halfway up. Green means death so don't fall into the hole. Jump over it and in the room on the left is a secret #3. Get that and then continue up the path. Watch out for rollerballs here. Once you make it to the top you need to get rid of a couple of enemies. Do that and shoot any vases for a pickup item. Jump over to the opening with the black brick. Go up that path. There is a stronger enemy at the top. Save the game.

Lara will need to jump far and grab the edge across where the enemy is. Run around him and then turn and jump to the tan bricks toward a ladder. Pull up and grab the ladder. Climb and pull up into a small blue room. Get any pickups. Pull the switch. Quickly climb down the ladder dropping at the end. Lara will land on the ground below. Run left and around towards the pillars. Shoot the vases and boxes. There is a block that needs to be raised here and the only way to raise it is to use explosive ammo.

Once the block raises, climb it and then turn and jump to the opening in the wall. Get the puzzle piece (knot) and jump back down. Run to the opposite end of the cavern. Look for a ladder. Climb the ladder, and below the top do a back flip with a jump to grab a ladder behind. Climb up and run to the end of the path. Climb up again and find the ornate beetle at the end of the path. Get that and a medipak and go back out the way you came in. Hold the ladder and drop to the bottom.

Run into the open cave. Watch out for a large enemy or several here. Look for a hole to drop into near a large medipak. Place the puzzle piece, watch the blocks raise and grab some ammo and go back into the cavern. Find a way onto the blocks. Kill one enemy from here. Turn and climb onto the ledge above and as before run and jump as far as possible to reach the ledge. Pull up and run fast down the hill. Jump into the pool at the end. Open the underwater door and swim until you can pull up.

In the next room kill any enemies. Look for a vase above to shoot in order to raise a block. Climb and pull the switch to open the door. In the next room kill the enemy and pull the switch. Go into the opening and into the next room. Kill the enemies and don't forget to grab pickup items. Turn and run into a dark path with torches burning on the walls. Run around and climb up at the end. Kill the enemies there. There is a pool of water nearby. In the water are vases to shoot. This will open a trapdoor nearby. Shoot the vases with the revolver or you could try explosive ammo but 'sometimes' explosive ammo doesn't work and the trapdoor won't open.

Once the door opens, drop into it and shoot any vases in the next room and get any enemies. Get the piece of armour in the next room and pull the switch. Go back to the room where you shot the underwater vases. Go into the open doorway on the left, watch for dogs. Find the fountain at the end. Jump into the water and find the switch at the end. Save the game here. This is a timed switch but not too tight.

Pull the switch jump into the water and hug the corners. Pull up close to the edge. Run and turn right into the opening. Once through, go to the flares on the ledge. Walk forward until a rope falls. Jump to the rope and swing across to the ledge to get the ammo. Then jump and grab the ledge to the right. Pull up and then turn around facing the rope. Do a side jump to the right and grab the edge. Drop to the ledge below. Find your way down. You can jump to the openings in the cave to get goodies here and there or you can jump from metal ledge to metal ledge until you get down. Once down one of the openings will lead to a room with poisonous green water. Look for a vase to shoot here to raise a block. Climb the block and jump to the monkeyswing.

Swing across until you get to the jump switch. Release and grab the switch. This will raise another block. Repeat as before and swing to the larger block. Release and grab the edge of the block and pull up. Pull up again into a small room. Pull a lever and shoot a vase to open a trapdoor below. Leave here and find the trapdoor. Swim along the path. Pull up at the end and continue down the path to a lever switch. Push that and then run out and into the open door to your right. Turn right again. Run through this room and enjoy the lightshow!

Get any enemies with explosives here. Go into the room at the end and look for secret #4 and another piece of armour. Shoot the vases, watch out for the green one. A door will open out where the skeletons were. Go into that door and pull an underwater switch. Blocks will raise in the room where you shot the vases. Look for any armour pieces in the water. Return to the room with the vases, climb the blocks, jump to the ledge, pull the switch and go through the next open door. Find the switch and any pickup items that 'may' be around. Run back through the lightshow room and follow along to your right. You should end up in a dark pathway. Follow that until you come to the hidden tomb. It is a blue tomb. There is a block in the path. Lara needs to lower the block to be able to pull the switch which will also lower another block so that she can get the last piece of armour.

The switch is timed. Pull the switch, 'step' back once, flip back push the switch and flip sideways before the flames shoot out. It may take a couple of times but you can do it. Make sure you do all of the steps without hesitating. The gods are angry. Quickly grab the last armour piece and make your way out down the hall. Watch out for falling ceiling blocks. Get out into the now wrecked fountain area. The only way out is towards the double doors to the right. Jump into the water and swim out and up the way you entered here. Climb out onto the ledge. Go straight ahead and jump onto the bricks in front of you. Find your way to the left to return back to the place where you began this level.

There is an open doorway now. Get onto the bricks across from the doorway and jump, leap and grab the edge. Pull up and into the pathway. Many enemies here. Blast them with grenade ammo or whatever you have left. Pull up at the end of the path and continue on. Watch out for falling blocks. Jump into the water and swim along the path. When you reach the top go through the portal where the blue lightning is shooting from.

Congratulations, you found the hidden tomb!
Back to The Lost Realm of the Pharaohs. It is time to finish our adventure. Go back down the ladder and at the end of the path where the stand and smoke are rising turn left. Climb up into a rocky area. You need to find the three blue vases. Shoot them and then jump into the water. Swim and pull out at the end. Walk back to the opening where you came in and to the puzzle piece. The fires should be out so pick up the piece. If you haven't done so climb the ladder into the opening to the left of the golden statue and get the triangle puzzle piece. Place the piece and a door next to you will open. Climb the ladder into the short hallway and place the puzzle piece. The door opens and the blue lightning signals the end of the level. Kill that mummy first and then go to the lightning.

Congratulations and thanks for playing!