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Alphabetic Links:
Aegean Legends Trix
Adventure, the Nlabricole
Aiding the Crystalrunner Dwarves Colin Benson
Aftermath 1 + 2 Sheevah
Aftermath 3 Sheevah
Alaskan Incident, the - ORC2018 Topixtor
Alcazar Raider 1 Smallmoon
Alcazar Raider 2 Smallmoon

Aldwych II


Alexanderís Tomb Miss Kroft
Ancient Shores BigFoot

Almourol Place

Amazing Tower Sheevah
Amazonian Scroll, the Gabriel Croft
Amber Life Inchdix/Gmac
Ancient Artefact II Max
Ancient Hourglass, The - ORC2018 LoreRaider
Ancient Knowledge  Danilo Rocha
Angel Within, the Skyler Ortega
Another Business Day Vincent
Another Christmas Spell Jesus C Croft, LoreRaider, Sponge, Talos
Another Catacomb (BtB 2005) Staticon
Another Winter Forest Team XMas
An Oriental Adventure (BtB 2006) Staticon
Antarctica Base B9 Emoo

Anywhere - Nowhere


Aqua Sanctuary MrXY
Archaeological Site Wrebbit
Arctic Hole 1 Agnes
Arctic Hole 2 Agnes
Arctic Hole 3 Agnes
Armageddonís Temple eTux
Armour of Hideyoshi NagaeTakanori

Assyrian Secrets

Art History Leroy Perkins
Assuan Miss Kroft
Babylon is Fallen eRIC
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Bartoli's Last Stand Marksdad
Base, the, V2 Tomo

Base near the Ruins

Bedazzled Aza
Beneath the Ancient Temple Debbie Overstreet
The Beginning - Demo GeckoKid
Beyond the Scion - Normal version EssGee
Beyond the Scion - Hard version   EssGee
Beyond the Shades Demo Rowadie
Big Fortress Bibi Phogue
Big Trouble in Siberia - part 1,scene 2&3  Walrus
Biohazard Tombraider95
1943 Black Diamond, The sonnyd83 (Davep83)
1943 Black Diamond part I, The sonnyd83
Bloody Sun, The Bigfoot
Blue Spirit 1 Ernie
Blue Spirit 2 Ernie
Blue Spirit 3 Ernie
Blue Sun, the (BtB 2006) Christoph
Bodhissattvaís Cimelia Moon_cn
Bones Palace Mugs
Brain Teaser Nlacabriole
Bunny Town Greywolf
The Buried Temple Ampersand
By Compassion Marcos
Caitlinís Castle Larry Bracing
Calm Before the Storm OverRaider
Canyon and First Cataract

Jean Baptiste Cariou

Canterville Codo
Castle (Le Chateau) Claude Gross
Castle of Anxiety QRS
Castle of Dark Illusions 1&2 Seifer Zero
Castle Riverrun Mascha
Castle Rotenherringstein DJFull
Catacombs at the Coast Nils Benqfort
Catacombs of the Guardian NG version! George Maciver
Catacombs of Tisaria (BtB 2005) StormChaser
Catacombs Reloaded


Cave of Pandora Hokolo
Caverns of the Dead, the Tony Tomb
Celtic Artefactor
Celtic Christmas Memory, A tombraiderxii
Celtic Folly V2 Inchdix
Chamber, the Michum
Chambers of Second Chances


Chalice II, the - Mysterium Revelatum. Marcos
Charades in Venice- AET18 Greywolf
Chosen, The Part I Mytly
Christmas Treasure Hunt DavideBre
Chupacabraís Lair (BtB 2008) Pouco 2
City at Crocodile Lake 6of9 (Kartsen Cleo)
City de Dahaffy, La Daffy
City of Dwarfs Agnes
City of Gods/The Cave Claude Gross
City of Memory BigFoot
Cliff of the Mine, the NepT1
City of Parabailarlabamba (BtB 2008) Thierry Stoorne
Clockwork Orange (BtB 2010)


Cloud of Sparrows (BtB 2006) Diamond
Coast of France, The Rudolf
Cold Wet Day in Paris, a davep83
Complicated Case, the LaraHCroft91
Continuous Level Hans Willi BrŁggen
Copacahuana Idol Raymond
Costa Rica - Episode 3 DNF
Costa Rica - Bonus Level DNF
Cottage, The MpGrill-trle
Courelís Sands 2 Full Edition AngelR
Crash in the Highlands

Rene Winkler

Coyote Creek The Team
Coyote Creek II The Team
Croft Curse, the God Horus
Croftmas Manor, LBAC 2018 tombraiderxii
Croft Woman 123, the Linden
Croft Woman 4, the Linden
Croft Woman Returns 5, the Linden
Cross for Santa Claus, the Eelkemama
Crystal Palace -The Amulet of Life abbath81
Crystals of Amun, the Dennis 16
Crystal Temple 2 Emoo
Curse of Empty Wad (BtB 2009)


Curse of Gold Chapter I- Reaching the City TC14
Curse of Xian, the


Cursed Temple, the (BtB 2006) Sweet
Dawn, the Taishan Period GeckoKid
Dead Revelations Mark Lunney
Dead Sea Scrolls, the


Deadly Sands of Bastet, the (BtB 2009)


Deathmask of Kween Quizi-Kal, the (BtB 2008) KitKat
Decision Jungle Wizkiddo
Demon Saga, Horizons Demo ankhofmishra
Desert Dam Michal Mulartz
Desert Inn Jeffrey
Desert Ruins & Serpent Tower (BtB 2005)


Dhama's Rest Dhama/GMac
Dino Jungle Erin Windross
Diocletian Thermae Francesco Zecchinelli
Don't Kill the Monkeys Dino14
Down to Hell Nlacabriole
Dreaming into the Past-AET18 LoreRaider
Dracula's Return CMonkey swing-(Clara, Masha & Spongebob)
Dragon of Alexandria (Skribblerz Stones IV) Leonvdn
Dragon Island, the (BtB 2006) Horus
Dwellers of the Abyss (BtB 2005)

Debbie Overstreet

Enchanted & the Quest Debbie Overstreet
Egypt Artefact


Egypt and Beyond - Original 2006 QRS
Egyptian Mythology 1 - Road to King Echnatons Tomb Jedi Master
Egyptian Mythology 2 - King Echnatons Tomb Jedi Master
Egyptian Mythology 3 - Nofreteteís Secret Garden Jedi Master
Egyptian Mythology 4 - Nofreteteís Lost Palace Jedi Master
Egyptian Mythology 5 - Nofreteteís Dark Temple Jedi Master
Egyptian Ruins Raildex
Egyptian Valley Osvaldo
Emerald Dreams  GMac
Emporia Demo MrXY
ER Tech 6/7 Ė North pole/Ice ER Cowboy
Escape from Zerlock


Escape in the Pacific Daffy
Etalocohcilihc (BtB 2008)


Excavation & The Temple of Icheb Rene Winkler

George Maciver

Experiment 2- The Forgotten Caves


Experiment 3-Under the Moonlight (Village of Dwarfs)


Experiment 3 part 2 - Budapest Museum Bojrkraider
Evening in Quebec Gabriel Oliveira
Evil Sonnyd83 (former davep83)
Evil Stone Bibi Phogue
Fading Light II Cowboy
Fantome CAC '21 Delca
Feather of Ma'at, the Ader
Finding Zorba (BtB 2009) Thierry Stoorne
Flashback George MacIver
For a Handfull of Thistles


Forbidden Houses of Ni Leng Hua (BtB 2006) Hochgiftig
Forest Kingdom, the Agent XP
Forest Palaces (BtB2006) Chronicle5
Forgotten City, the Nlabricole
Forgotten Grave Slobodan Markovic
Forgotten Island Samu
Forgotten Realm

Amber light

Forgotten Realm 2, the Wanderers Amber light
Forgotten Remnants Ceasum
Forgotten Scribe, the Leonvdn
Fort of Gigant 1&2 Monga
Fragments of the Core Horus
Four (4) Secrets, the abbath81
Frozen Mask, the LoreRaider
Frozen Throne, the teme9
Further over the Rainbow


Gardens of Japan (BtB2006) dantheraider
Gateway to Atlantis ORC2018 Agent XP
Genesis Project, the Storm Chaser
Ghosts of Croft Manor, the Cowboy
Gingerbread man mugs
Goiní Skyhi Wizkiddo
Golden Mask, the Seemeister
Gold of the Aztecs Samu
Goliath's Tomb Marcos
Goosebumps Debbie Overstreet
Great Pyramid, the abbath81
Greatest Riddle, the Mazun
Great Temple, the NepT1
Green Secret Tanne
Guardia del Monstruo, la (BtB 2008) Von Cory
Halls of Records, The Baddy82
Hall of Time (Skribblerz Stones IV) Rufierto
Hallows Guarded Hideout, the Studbuddha
Harmony around a Red Star I BigFoot
Haunted, the Debbie Overstreet
Haunted Castle Debbie Overstreet
Haunted Mansion, the thewolf
Haunted, the - Sequel Debbie Overstreet
Heavenís Gate (BtB 2007) BaGi
Heirs of the Medjai (BtB 2009) Horus
Heir of Sharabhang, The - ORC2018 BigFoot
Hellís Kitchen Agnes
Hellís Nightmare LaraCroftBaby
Hidden Artefact, the Osvaldo
Hidden Gardens NG


Highland Adventure Stormchaser
Himalayan Mysteries Titak
High and Low (BtB 2005) MPrgr
The Hike Mordyga
Holy Grail Daoine Sidhe
Horizons Demo: the Darkhouse justin
Horizons Demon Saga Demo ankhofmishra (justin)
(Create a Classic) Hostile Waters Sr.Daniel Poncess
Hotel Bagi
House of Kuan-Yin Lo, the (BtB 2006) Isis
Hunt for the Blue Hope 1 Seemeister
Hunt for the Blue Hope 2 Seemeister
Ice Age II  
Ice Age III - '24' CMonkey swing Team (Clara Masha Sponge)
Imprisoned Spirits - Original Level no longer available George Maciver
Imprisoned Spirits - Complete Game George Maciver
Imprisoned Spirits 3 - Original George Maciver
Imprisoned Spirits Forever George Maciver
Incan Ruined City Mohrruebe
Incatacombs (BtB 2008)


In Cuzco (BtB 2008) Jonson
Inside the Temple


In Search Of Relics Raspicroft
Into the Center of the World Tombraiderluka
In Xanadu (BtB 2006) Tony Tomb
Inti is Watching You (BtB 2008)


Iron Cross, 1943 The davep83
Island of Kirobore Sakkemix
Island of the Silver Moon, the Emoo
Island of the Sun part 2 Tony Tomb
Italian Exploration tweetygwee
Jackson Pollockís Puzzle Semitonic
Jerusalem Project, the CMonkey swing-(Clara, Masha & Spongebob)
Jin Ra Long (BtB 2006)


Journey in Togarma eRIC
Journey through the Andes (BtB 2008) Mikki
Journey to the East VoodooChild97
Journey to Sumeria Remake Dustie
Jungle Ruins 1 Original George Maciver/Todd Schultz
Jungle Ruins 2 George Maciver/Todd Schultz
Jungle Ruins 3 George Maciver/Todd Schultz /EssGee
Jungle Ruins 4 George Maciver/Todd Schultz
Jungle Ruins 5 - Revelation George Maciver/Todd Schultz
Jungle Ruins NG- The Return George Maciver
Jurassic Park (Lara at the movies)

George Maciver

Jurassic Park - NGRevised George Maciver
Jurassic Stone

George Maciver

Just Another Raid (BtB 2009) Gerty
Just a Bowl of Cherries (BtB 2009)


Jutmundus - The gatehouse Aza
Kartvelishvili Perceiver
Killing Fields, the (BtB 2006) Loch
Killing Zone, the (BtB 2009) Marksdad
King Arthur Project Kap team
Knights of Terafosia Pascal Ducey
Kronicles of Kage 2 Aza
Laguna (BtB 2005) Cuahiano Small
Lair of Hydras, the Drakan
Lake of Fire NG George Maciver
Lake of Stars George Maciver
Lance of Oberon TombMaker
Land of the Snowmans (Snowmen) SnakeEater
Lara in a Dream ORC2018 Baslakor
Lara in the Mountains Steve
Lara of Persia (BtB 2005) Bojrkraider
Laraís Ballad Nlacabriole
Lara's Busy Christmas, A Scarf Story Jesus C Croft
Lara's Computer Colin Benson
Lara's Diary 2 Zycwty
Laraís Raiding Again, Secret of Eternal Youth Vok
Lara's Stroll Daffy
Last Saga 4, the Tomo
Late for Christmas-LBAC-2018 Dreamfall
Laura Cruz HaniHeger
Lazarus Curse, the Peacefrog
Legacy of Domino Dan the Jazzman
Legacy of the Gods - LOTG Jedi Master
Legacy of the Gods - Bonus Levels 1 Jedi Master
Legacy of the Gods - Bonus Levels 2 Jedi Master
Legacy of the Marteacians Dan Nuttall
Letter from Santa mugs
(Create a Classic) Legacy of the Scion Baslakor
Level # Uno

TRLE Community

Lion Sleeps Tonight, the Trix
Loch, the  (NG version) George McIver
Locked in the Underworld CAC21 BigFoot
Locked in the City BigFoot
Long River of China, the Smallmoon
Looking Forward Sheevah
Lost Acropolis 1-3

Harly Wuson

Lost Armour of Horus I - The Wreck Binibe
Lost Artefact of Heroic Manliness Mulf
Lost City of Gold 1 - Memory Lane Bruce Zaremba
Lost City of Gold 2-4 - Museum gate Bruce Zaremba
Lost City of Gold 5-7 - Just canít stop shooting Bruce Zaremba
Lost City of Gold 8-9 - Andes Mountains Bruce Zaremba
Lost City of Gold 10-11 - Lost Entrance Bruce Zaremba
Lost City of Luma Isis
Lost City of Pompeii Cowboy
Lost City of Tinnos 2/1 - Hand of Rathmore 1-3 Chris Radford
Lost City of Tinnos 2/2 - Hand of Rathmore 4-8 Chris Radford
Lost City of Ubar Samu
Lost in the Canyons 2 Demo tombraiderxii
Lost in London


Lost Inca Outpost (BtB 2008) Mugs
Lost Kingdom of Shangri La, The Josť
Lost Lunar Complex Eye of Isis
Lost Mine 1+2, the Pouco 2
Lost Oasis, the Bec
Lost Pyramid, the  ORC21 BlackwolfTR
Lost Realm of the Pharaos/Hidden Tomb Debbie Overstreet
Lost Seraph, the Ram16
Lost Temple ORC2018 PedroTheGamer
Lost Tomb of Secrets, the (BtB 2008) Userpaul
Lost Treasure of Primal Breathe, the (BtB 2008)


Lost Mountains of Heroic Madness


Lost World, the Lakota
Madhouse Ansi
Magic Artefact Stasand
Malloryís Trail (BtB 2006) Marksdad
Manuscript of the Andes TR2 Nicolas Lepy
Maria Doria's Lost Treasure ORC2018 SrDanielPonces
Mars Orbiter rufierto
Mask of Ettal Otaiccam, the (BtB 2006) Die Basis
MasuraoÖ Uncaged  Aza
Mayan Legends (Skribblerz Stones IV) Aza
Midas Tribute Aza
Mists of Avalon - First Clues Titak
Monastery of Talion CaC Phyne Croft
Mongolian Adventures Rudolf
More Ruins of the Ancients Otto Winkler
Mourning palace (BtB 2005) Horus
Museum II, the (Skribblerz Stones IV) George Maciver
Mystery of Eden -1 Sweet
Mystery, the Ė Crash Site teme9
Mystery of the Lost Pyramid Sabatu
Mystery of Marsa Matruh, the (BtB 2009)

Die Basis

Mystery of Oiccaprac, the illyaine
Mystic Temple, the LionGirl_90
New Mission for Lara, A  (BtB 2006) Mikki
Neptune's Lost Palace rufierto
Nightmare Castle Storm Chaser
Nightmare Curse, the Colin Benson
Nintai (BtB 2006)


No Christmas without Lara Schwartzmama
Oak Island Aza
Oasis of the Primeordials Adriel
Old Spire, The raidertom
Old Spire, Return to the raidertom
Omegapolis eRIC
On Paths Of Forest Greywolf
One World George McIver
Once in a Blue Moon Oxy & Kookie 1223
Opal Rose, the Amber Lion
Operation Golden Star (BtB 2005) Tinka
Ordeal in the Shadow of Death, the Raymond
Origins, the (BtB 2005)

Miss Kroft

Out of Curiosity


Outside the Crypts Tabsdad
Out of the Tombs Tabsdad
Over the Rainbow


Pacaritambo Baslakor
Pachacutec Incaís Valley (BtB 2008)


Palace of Nlacabriole Nlacabriole
Palaces of Pharaoh Hepatitis (BtB 2005)


Palace of the Rainbow AET21 Greywolf
Parisian Catacombs davep83
Passage to Mu Tony Tomb
Passage to Mu 4 Ė the City Tony Tomb
Passage of the Amulet (BtB 2009) Tweetygwee
Path to Damnation, The matthew9r
Pearl of Kojada, The Maax 87
Peruvian Adventure Daffy
Planet of the Ancients 3 Uvavoo
Playtime George Maciver
Port Wladorsk Agnes
Pierre's Christmas Adventure MBog
Primeval Catacombs Colin Benson
Primordial Catacombs Colin Benson
Princess Lara of Persia- Demo Drakan
Princess Lara of Persia- Guardians of the Tower Drakan
Prise au Piege (Trapped) Maximo
Prison of Lost Souls/On Forbidden Path Hendrik
Prometheus Legacy Francesco Venco
Pseudo Tomb (BtB 2005) eTux
Quest of Gold Series - (Original version) TC 14
Quest of Gold Series - (Gold Edition 2008) TC 14
Quest for the Golden Beetle (BtB 2005)


Quest of the Lost Diamond Bibi Phogue
Quest for the Golden Armour Opaque97
Quest, the davep83
Quest, the (BtB 2006) Anya Marie McDonald
Quest for Immortality (Demo) Sabatu
Quest For Immortality Full game Sabatu
Quest for Infinata's Eye Colin Benson
Questionmarks ???? (BtB2008)


Quick and the Dead, the


Quinhai Artefact (BtB 2006) Tinka
Q-Tech Base Pregusia
Quirks of Time 1 TrentKurtis
Ramla Mugs
Rapid Fall (BtB2005) Marksdad
Rat City, the


Real Life of Tuth Ankh Amun JJS
Realm of the Damned Titak
Recon Labs 1+2 Emoo
Recon Labs 3 Emoo
Recovering the Starship Josť
Red and the Blue, the (BtB 2005) eRIC
Reign Of Chaos Horus/Agnes/illyaine/Karlo 002
Relics of Power 5 Seth94
Reliquary Bigfoot
Remnants of Darkness Perciever
Replicants Spaceship, the Franky
Research Center 1 Tijay
Research Center 2 Tijay
Research Center 3 Tijay
Rest in the Hotel Pedros
Return for the Amulet 1-Temple of Seth Bruce Zaremba
Return for the Amulet 2 -Throne Room Bruce Zaremba
Return for the Amulet 3 -The Chase Bruce Zaremba
Return for the Amulet 4 - The Docks Bruce Zaremba
Return for the Amulet 5 - Zazarís Library Bruce Zaremba
Return for the Amulet 6 - Zazarís Hideout Bruce Zaremba
Return to the Blue Planet UFO
Return to the Catacombs Bedazzled
Return to 40 Fathoms  TRII thewolf
Return to Egypt Titak
Return to the Imprisoned Spirits George Maciver
Return to the Loch George Maciver
Return to Ludsgate Sonny83
Return to Nevada 20.20.20 AgentXP
Return to the Pacific- Rescue Dutchy Rufierto
Resurrection - 4 Absorbed City BuBu
Revenge of Osiris

TRO Online Project

Riddle of Master Lu, the (BtB 2006) Mascha Frenkel
Riddle of Pacha Camac, the (BtB 2008)


River Raider part 1 Rufierto
CaC-Rome Streets Mystery 911
CAC21-Rome Wasn't built in a day AgentXP
Rommelís Treasure I-The intrusion Pouco 2
Rommelís Treasure II- The U Boat Pouco 2
Rommelís Treasure III- Recycling Area Pouco 2
Rommelís Treasure IV- X-Zone Pouco 2
Rommelís Treasure V- Necropolis of Seth Pouco 2
Roofs of London Bibi Phogue
Ruins, The Mikel
Ruins of the Ancients Otto Winkler
Russia 2 Series DNF
CaC- Russian Base (revised walk 03-07-'21) dinne
Russian Mountains Eden95
Rustay Agnes
Sapphire Rose, the Amber Lion

Debbie Overstreet

Saudi Arabia Series - Original version DNF
Saudi Arabia Series - Deluxe version 2008 DNF
Sapphire Hunt, The jawi
Scion, the Raider99
Scottish Courtyside, The Bigfoot
Scroll of Destiny Bedazzled
Scroll of Seti (revised version) D. Ray
Search, the


Search for the Amulet (Expert level) Blacksheep
Search for the Hidden Stone Lady_Wise
Search for the Mystic Stones Titak
Searching for the Amber Room Commari
Search for Imhotep 3, the - The Awakening Palopique
Search for the Golden Mask Seth94
Seaching For The Holy Grail Josť
Secret Temples 1, The Lumi
Secret of One Kidaguchi
Secret of the Skull Temple abbath81
Secret of Orion, the XianDani
Secret Pyramid, the David Ruano
Secrets of Nepal, the Wayne Scales
Secret Valley Commari (Marion Hundertmark)
Setback 1 - Another castle Thierry Stoorne
Setback 2 - Dead City Avenue Thierry Stoorne
Setback 3 - By Following Birds Thierry Stoorne
Setback 4 - Dynamite Fortress Thierry Stoorne
Setback 5 - Building Site Thierry Stoorne
Setback 6 - Search for the Amulet Thierry Stoorne
Shakespeare Cliff Revised Die Basis
Shalebridge Murder Mystery, the Richard Lawther
Shattered Ties. Dreamfall
Shrine of Water, the


Shipwreck Ithica, the Colin Benson
Silent Hill MpGrill
Silent Temple Kosmo Hankson
Skeletons Palace Blacksheep
Skelliecombs  (BtB 2005) George Maciver
Skull Island Aza
Snowy Trail Sheevah
Souls of the Fire


Somewhere in the Ice Piper
South America Series 1-2-3- Empire-Valley - Cistern Jedi Master
South America Series 4- Forgotten World Jedi Master
South America Series 5- Water Kingdom Jedi Master
South America Series 6- Secret Gold Mine Jedi Master
South America Series 7- Wiraqocha Myth Jedi Master
Snowy Trail Sheevah
Spectrum, the stranger1992
Spell of the Twelve Caves-Cavern II Mr Seancroft
Spooky Places Debbie Overstreet
Stargate, The Tombi (Koen)
Star of David, 1943. Davep83
Star Raider TimJ
Stolen Artifacts Debbie Overstreet
Stone of Immortality, the Picasso
Stone of Perseus, the Snap125
Stonehengeís Heirs Isabelle & Christine
Strange World 1 - Lost by the Warp Gate Ufo/Palopique
Strange World 2 - Reactor Critical Ufo/Palopique
Sudeki Agnes
Summer Adventure Mugs
Sunken (BtB 2009)


Sun Temple Dhama
Sweet Memories (BtB 2008)  Dutchy

Debbie Overstreet

Tarragona - World Heritage    1-2-Tower and Caves Joseph Borrut
Tarragona - World  Heritage   3-Devilís Bridge Joseph Borrut
Tarragona - World  Heritage   4-Devilís Lair Joseph Borrut
Tarragona - World  Heritage   5- Underground Empire Joseph Borrut
Tarragona - World  Heritage   6-Algernonís Lab Joseph Borrut
Tarragona - World  Heritage   7-Civilizations Crossroad Joseph Borrut
Tarragona - World Heritage  8-9-Caves of Steel Joseph Borrut
Teahouse (BtB 2006)


Tears of a Lost Dynasty (BtB 2006) TC 14
Tears of a Ptolemaic Dynasty BigFoot
Tempest Keep Part 1 Wasp
Templar's Secret TR III Feder
Temple of Bastet Part 1&2 Colin Benson
Temple La Rochelle GMac
Temple of the Dragon Storm Chaser
Temple of Creatures Lukasz Croft
Temple of the 5 Elements (BtB 2006) Userpaul
Temple of Prithvi (Demo 2) TheEyeOfIsis
Temple of the Stone Bedazzled
Temple of Thor


Temple Ruins bnelara
Test Of Time, a mac and Bedazzled
That One Door (BtB2009) Dutchy
Theatre of Venice Nick
Temple, the - Towards the Doors of the Temple NepT1
Temple, the - Cliff of the Mine NepT1
Temple, the - The Great Temple NepT1
There and Back Again Von Cory
Through the Shadows of Death (BtB2005) Idealist
Tibet 1 - Hunt for the Death Mask Sheevah
Tibet 2 - The Way Home Sheevah
Tibetan Monastery, the - ORC2018 Tombraider95
Tibetan Winter Remake Part 1-2-3 MrXY
Time of the Castles Nlabricole
Tinnos Revisited


Tomb of Nelomgals Maniac 44
TR Ancient Legends 3 Lost Chambers Driber
TR II Revised Part I Tombraider95
TR II- Untold Adventure thewolf
Tomb Raider- Aqua Sahrym Level NextGen+Kosmos+Thierry Stoorne
Tomb Raider- Expedition 2009 Org version LaraCablara
Tomb Raider- Expedition 2016 Revised version LaraCablara
Tomb Raider- Genesis George Maciver
Tomb Raider- League Of The Dragon Raidermatty
Tomb Raider- The Little Things Prologue uzimaster
Tomb Raider - Path of Fire Ram16
Tomb Raider Redemption Magplus
Tomb Raider- Reflection of Eternity Teme9
Tomb Raider - Resurrection LaraHCroft91
Tomb Raider - Requiem vinraider
Tomb Raider- Sanctum Gabriel Croft
Tomb Raider- Secret Agent Terra Forever
Tomb Raider- True Story Maciej Malec & Michal Mularz
Tomb Raider- The Wolf 3 Jesse
Tomb of the Gods Kaslerka
Tombs Tabsdad
(Create a Classic) Tomb of Toth Dreamfall
Tomb Survivor Monika Pawlus
Tower Bridge 2 Dhama
Tower of Faith and the Ritual Sheevah
Town of the Black Cat Bar Mugs
Town of the Doomned, the


Trails of Amojan Leonvdn
Training,The - Episode Zero. Original version DNF Productions
Training, The - Episode Zero. Revised version DNF Productions
TRA - Techno Egyptians- 1 The Mother


TRA - Techno Egyptians- 2 The Father


TRA - Techno Egyptians- 3 The Missing Son


TRA2 - DEMO Bojrkraider and SrDanielPonces
Trapped (Prise au Piege) Maximo
Trapped in Venice ORC2018 Feder
Traps II Renato Wanser
TR Excavation Site Centaur
Treasure Debbie Overstreet
Treasure and Grave Hendrik
Tree of Souls GMac
TR 4 Gold - Fading Light Cowboy
TR Gold Series- Lara at the Movies

TRLE Community

Trouble Before Easter-AET 21 BlackwolfTR
TR Search HQ Emergency TR Search Team
TrTokyo-9 - Grand Lodge & The Dark Lair


Tutís Golden Armour (BtB 2009) Mugs
Twilight City


Twin Crystals 1 - Sapphire Island Seifer Zero
Twin Crystals 2 - Diamond Island Seifer Zero
Twin Crystals Ultimate Edition - Demo Seifer Zero
Underground City (BtB 2005) Harley Wuson
Underground Kingdom, the


Underworld - UB3- Plain of Jars Titia Drenth & Richard Lawther
Underworld - UB3- Plain of Jars Version by Jenni, Moonpooka and Sutekh  
CaC-Vacation of the Tomb Raider Agent XP
Valley of Gizhou (BtB 2006) Dennis 16
Valley of the Hell 2 Harley Wuson
Valley of Kings & Tomb of Achnaton Gerbil
Valley of Time Ricardo Oliviera
Vendetta (Demo) Symo96
Venice at Night TR III Stormchaser
Verschollen Rene Winkler
Very Bad Grund, A Clara&Sponge
Very End of Seth Gerbil
Villa Rose Red SeiferZero
Vision of Future (TR3) LaraHCroft91
Wacky Daffy
Walhalla Miss Kroft
War of the Worlds MD
Water of Life (BtB2008)


Wheels of Kathar, the Philip Reinking
Winston's Lost Watch Lady_Wise
Witch's Blow, the - ORC2018 Dreamfall
Witch Shall Be Born, A Joseph Borrut
Wrath of Thor, the Isis
Wreck of the Blue Storm, the Quasar
Wolf Pack Part II, the


Xumongkh (Sinkhole) ORC2018 Titak
Zipangu Alphonse
Zoprium Project 1 - Strange Lab of Nevada TRBC


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