By Tomo

Walkthrough was written by eTux aka Elvis T. with additional help from the author.

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Designations: Level’s Name, Cut scene explanation, Enemy (that can be killed), Pickup, Secret , Cardinal Point, Reference point/ Guide-mark.

Note: regarding the cut scene explanation – it only goes to the point, explains what the cut scene is all about – it doesn’t explain every word the characters get over their lips, as my translation could contradict with the English version of the dialogues that are yet to be released.

Cut scene: Lara arrives at the Sub base with a helicopter and after a short battle with a couple of the guards, manages to get inside the base.


There already is an excellent walkthrough for this level, as it was pre-released. Go here if you need it. The only difference of which I am aware is that the level ends a bit further in this version – when you drop in the hole to the right, when entering the final room.

The Security Compound.

Cut scene: Lara wakes up and stands up after the fall and is already awaited by the boss of the base and a few guards. The boss orders to take her weapons away and bring her to the storeroom. In the storeroom she meets another prisoner – Pierre and explains him her reasons for being here. Pierre warns Lara about the scientists, which control everything here and about the SUB robots, Lara gets a crowbar and they both escape from the storeroom.

After the cut scene Lara starts the game unarmed, but the prisoner Pierre has joined her in the adventure. Pick up the crowbar (1), which is just below you. As you have no guns, don’t bother pressing the button that equipped Lara with them before, as this will make a minor glitch when using the crowbar – nothing serious that could affect the game play anyhow, just a bit annoying. Anyway – don’t bother searching the cupboards and closets in this room, as they are empty – go to the submarine door and use the crowbar to open it. Go this way and find yourself in a room with a pool below. Don’t jump in there yet, because the current will pull Lara into the lasers that obviously will kill her. Grab the gratings above you and monkey-swing on the other side; Pierre will follow you. On the other side is a switch that only Pierre will be able to activate thorough the game. So let him do so, and he’ll deactivate the props in the water that made the current (a camera shows this if you don’t break through it). Dive into the water and look for a switch in the north. Activate it and climb out of the water on the ledge nearby. Climb up on the main level and enter the door you just opened – Pierre will be here soon too. The next door is closed too, so Lara has to open it. A bit back before the door is a crawlspace – get in there and crawl till you can get on the other side of the gate.

Some warning audio is played as you drop in here and a few seconds later a camera shows a guard patrolling somewhere around this area. You should be pretty safe at this moment though, so go to the room with the cupboard and search it for the bottle of chloroform (2). Also pick up the small medipack (3) near the window with a view to the ocean. Exit to the main hall and go further – you see a sign and a door, where you need an ID card – ignore it for now – you’ll get to this point much, much later. Go to the left, because the guard you saw before usually patrols on the right hallway and you don’t want him to see you right now. You will see another guard inside the room, but he won’t notice you even if you sing, dance or run around naked behind him – but if you try get past him unnoticed from the other side, he’ll surely notice you and will activate a sentry gun and fire away himself too, and basically by this point your game will be screwed (he also can disappear into thin air and screw up the game this way too) and you’ll have to restart from an earlier savegame or even the whole thing again if you saved here and don’t have any other savegames. So just don’t do that, you’ll get rid of him another way. There is a small room behind him, where you can spy on the other guard and enter the room you saw before, while he is gone. It actually doesn’t matter much if he notices you, because he can’t alert the other guard and make a big mess, so even if he notices you, don’t panic. In the bluish room search the cupboard straight ahead of you, to get a piece of cloth (4). The other cupboards don’t have anything, but in the SE corner is a hole that leads you to Secret #1 a Golden Rose (5). Now combine the chloroform and cloth to get a chloroform soaked cloth. Return to the other guard and stand behind him – select the soaked cloth from the inventory and get a short cut scene how Lara takes out the guard (1) with it. The other guard should lose interest in you by now, so don’t worry. Take the SUB workers ID card (6) this guard left and return back to where you entered this area. Use the ID card and the door that held Pierre back from following you will be open and he will run off to the next room – follow him. If the guard should follow you around – he won’t do that anymore after both – Lara and Pierre have jumped over the small gap in the room, where you can see the ocean above yourself through the gratings. Now you are in the Laboratory alike room, here comes an interesting new feature in the Last Saga 4. Go and face Pierre and press the action button and Lara will politely ask Pierre to smash the glass box so she can get the key inside it. Now that it is destroyed you can get the elevator key (7), but you also have some beetles on your trail. They stop chasing you in the room with the gap, though. Now return to the previous room and use the elevator key on one side of the elevator door and press the button on the other one. Don’t rush into the elevator too fast inside though as you can screw up the game again if Pierre gets squished between the elevator doors, so wait for him to enter and only then do it yourself (you have to take a step or 2 into the elevator for him to enter, though). In here he will activate his switch, and you have to push your own. A short cut scene will show the elevator going upwards.

Now Pierre will go on to the next elevator door and you have to cross the bridge on the other side. The elevator will be opened by the button in the room, in which you can take a peek into with the help of the window. Ignore the ladder, as the contact with the floor below means instant death for Lara now – go to where you can see the grating in the wall. Press the action button and Lara will kick it in. Crawl into the airshafts now as far as you can and turn around. There is a laser patrolling into the next airshaft, so you have to time your escape from this one. Presuming that you face the opening with your back, act like this – wait for the laser to go on the right side and then, when going back it has passed you climb out and duck immediately as it will be coming back already. There is also a bug with these types of lasers as they change the direction they go in after saving and reloading. It actually doesn’t affect the game-play much, cause you have to use the same method to get into the airshaft, only the direction will be the opposite the normal. Now crawl towards the blue fog (presuming that you have enabled the fog effect, in other words – don’t climb into the crawlspace you saw opposite the one you exited yet). Stand up and run to safety when the lasers pass you. Here go left (west) first. Climb out into the room with the machines. Go to the other side of this room and find a valve in the darkness. Activate it – this will open a door in the crawlspace I mentioned not to go yet. Return to the airshafts and go into the east direction first for some things you need. Search the cupboard in the west for a small medipack (8) and search it once more for a golden rose (9) – secret #2. Now search the one next to it, below the airshaft for the CD piece 1 (10) and search it once more for a small medipack (11). Return the same way you got here to where you dropped in here, and go to the other crawlspace. Time your actions because of the laser again. Crawl through the airshaft into the next area.

To your right is another guard, which you have to take out with a stealth attack. Approach him from behind as close as possible without disturbing him and select the crowbar from your inventory. Lara will use it to smash the guard (2) in his head and so killing it (keep in mind what I said about the crowbar glitch, if she does strange things, like pulls out the crowbar only after the guard is dead). If she refuses to do this, take a step backwards and then it should work. Now go to the slope ahead, face it, and take a few steps back jump towards it, change direction (roll button) in the air and grab the ledge above. Climb up here and go to the end of it – so you could face the white, horizontal pole ahead. With a running jump and grab get hold of the pole and keep pressing the action button and the “up” arrow so Lara would keep swinging. Once you let one of them or both go Lara will jump to the slope ahead. Keep the jump button pressed so Lara would bounce between the 2 slopes, but eventually make her face the highest slope and grab its edge and hang along there. Climb up on the slope and let Lara slide down for a split second (just so much, so she wouldn’t fall down) and then hit the jump button – Lara should land on the flat part on top of the metal airshaft. Go and turn the valve to flood the pool below. Dive in it and swim to the south, where there will be a switch. When activated it opens a door in the pool, so you can swim into the ocean. Swim in, but beware of the shark. Pick up the CD piece 2 (12) near the water plants. Return to the pool and climb out of it. Use the slope to get back on top of the airshaft. Now use the CD you get from combining the 2 pieces to open the door opposite of you. Enter it to the room you saw previously. Press the button and the elevator door for Pierre will open. Now use the air ducts to return to Pierre.

When you approach him the elevator doors might close. Don’t fear – press the button on the left of the doors and they will open again. Enter the elevator, allow Pierre to activate his switch, then activate yours. A short cut scene shows the elevator going down. Now approach the elevator door to open it (the door’s on the same side you entered the elevator). Be wary again, because the door might smash Pierre or leave him in the elevator in the best case (if so, just press the button do open the door and allow Pierre to escape). Pierre will wait before another door now. Go to the stairs, which are opposite Pierre and the door and get into the next room. In here you don’t have much to do right now, even if it looks like you have. Avoid the guard who shoots at you or even launches grenades as much as you can and press the 2 buttons on the sides of the fuse machines. Then escape from this area the same way you got here, back to Pierre. The door is open and both of you can move on. Pierre will stop before some lasers, which are not very easy to spot, so don’t rush ahead as Lara might “meet her creator” this way. In the same tunnel, where Pierre stopped there are 2 doors – approach the left one first and enter the room. Search the cupboard for a golden rose (13) – secret #3. Now go to the door on your right it will open and you can go into a room. There will be another guard here, but also a button nearby him, so press it and get out before he shoots Lara dead. Now the lasers are gone and you can continue your way. There’s another switch for Pierre to activate so let him do his thing. As the door opens go to the right till the end of the hallway. Approach the Pierre-switch and get another short cut scene:

Pierre informs you that you can’t open the next door this way and he’ll return for a switch he forgot to activate previously. When he gets there, he is already awaited by a few guards that take him away.

He was captured, but he could still help you as the door is open now. Enter it and at the end will be a room where a guard will pop out. If you have enough health to take some damage go to the cupboard and search it for a small medipack (14). But otherwise ignore him and pick up the Pistols (15).


The Security Compound-Part 2.

Now that you have your guns back, use them to take out the guard (3) that popped out. Search the cupboard once more for yet another small medipack (16). Return till the first opening Sub door (besides the one for the weapon room, you just left), but ignore it for now and continue going north. Turn right into the room and search the cupboard for the CD piece 2 (17). You can shoot the barrels if you wish (no effect though), and if you wish shoot the Scientist (4) and get the golden rose (18) he leaves – secret #4. Return to the first grey door that opened and enter it. Go to the room where you deactivated the lasers before and kill the guard (5) to get his CD piece 1 (19). Combine the pieces and return to the computer you have to use it (opposite the scientist room) and do so to open the door. Jump over the ledge here and push the button to open the door and deactivate the lasers. Go there and be prepared for a masochistic task. Enter the next room and when you approach the cupboard a machine gun will fire away at Lara. Search it for a fuse (20) as Lara’s life slowly goes away and then hide behind a box. Replenish your health if needed and run towards the button. Press it and escape through the hallway. You might need to replenish your health now if you didn’t do so before. Go down the stairs and enter the last room on your left. There are timed lasers here and a desert eagle on the other side. For the timed moving lasers – approach them as close as possible without getting hurt and when they pause or are high enough press the roll button to get on the other side. Pick up the Desert Eagle (21) and return to the main hall – the door is open now so go out.

Go up the stairs at the other end of this room and return to the fuse machine room. Take your revenge on the guard (6) here. Crawl beneath the structure now in the hidden room. The lasers that were here previously are gone now so you can climb up here. At the top backflip and press the button here – go into the other hallway to get on top of the room and pick up another fuse (22). Drop down and place the 2 fuses – a cut scene will show the quad bike and the electricity being turned off the floor. Return to the main area and press the button to enter the elevator. Press the button in the elevator and get a short cut scene showing the elevator going upwards, and use the other one to go downwards again. Return to a very familiar place – take your revenge on the guard (7) and pick up his SUB workers ID card (23). Use it in the place I mentioned back then and press the button inside to open a door just a bit further. Go into the short hallway in the north now and shoot the fire extinguisher to open the door next to it. Press the button near the triangular opening to open the door to this room. Don’t shoot at the scientists as a machine gun will appear and you’ll be in a death trap. Just press the button to deactivate the lasers here. Exit this room and pass the place where the lasers were and enter the small room. Search the cupboard for the quad bike keys (24). Return to the elevator now – you might have to press the button inside twice to get it working. Now cross the bridge and use the ladder to get down to the quad bike.

Jump on your quad bike and drive over the ramp ahead of you on the track. Don’t drive near the windows, though, as you could fall through them and be trapped forever. Once over the first ramp, drive on the blinking lights of the next one to land safely on a track above water. Don’t stop driving – manoeuvre carefully over the track and turn a bit to the right once atop to jump over the small gap. Get off the bike once on the other side. Jump into the water and explore the NW near the start for a golden rose (25) – secret #5. Climb out on the track – go up here and jump on the ledge. In the small room press a button to open a door on the other side so you can continue your quest with the bike. Get on the bike and drive into the now open doorway – drive as fast as you can as 3 rolling balls will roll down the ramp and the faster you get through them, the less damage you get. In the next room just drive over the rock mound and get off your bike. Get onto the higher ledge and press the button left to the door to open it. Time your runs to get past the 3 crushers here – nothing difficult. Get down through the hole with the help of the ladder and go to the next room. 2 guards (8, 9) drop down with ropes here and start firing at Lara. When they are down pick up a small medipack (26) below one of the black ropes. Use the same rope to get on top of the boxes where the door it. It will open as you approach it and you can climb up to get the Grappling Gun (27). Get down and move on to the room with the lasers turn right and enter the next room. Go up the stairs and shoot the barrels to get a way open to a hidden room. Kick in the grating in the wall to your right. Crawl and climb through the ducts a bit till you get to another opening. Time to save and keep the savegame in a safe place as it’s possible to cause a crash bug here – if you won’t finish the next sequence in one go (not so hard actually) then the level will crash at some point. Drop in this area and either combine the grappling gun with the laser sight (you should have it but if you don’t you can pick the laser sight (28) on the other box) or do it with the desert eagle then shoot the red valve nearby to poor some water in here. Now you need at least 2 desert eagle bullets to get the cyborg (10) down. If you’re lacking ammo you can pick some desert eagle ammo (29) up in the corner. Once you’ve shot the borg enough times you get a cut scene of him falling down – electrifying the water and leaving a CD. Don’t drop into the water as it is sure death – climb back into the duct and get to the only exit you can. In this room pick up the grappling gun ammo (30) and press the button. After a few seconds the water will lower – and in the bug this is the point where the level crashes. Return to this room (if you have problems with the crawlspace – climb atop, let go and press the action button then quickly press the crawl button and up arrow) and pick up the Computer CD (31) and also the ammo if you didn’t before. Now from the pink box get on top of the air duct. In the place with the open door press the button to change the position of the door in the crawlspace again. Use the grappling gun + laser sight to shoot the metal ring in the middle of the ceiling to create a rope. With a running jump and grab get hold of the rope and swing into the opposite opening – it might be hard to see, but you can pick up the golden rose (32) – secret #6 below the orange light. Return through the ducts to where you entered this room. Place the CD in the hidden room and now go to the lower level. If you remember well, there were some boxes there. Get past them into a hidden part of the room. Press a button one of the darker pillars. Now return up, where you placed the CD. The door here will open – enter it, shoot the glass box and pick up the golden rose (33) – secret #7. Now return to the laser room. One of the lasers will be gone and as you approach that part you’ll get a cut scene:

Lara enters a lab and has a conversation with a scientist that apparently has gone mad. He reveals Lara where the Spear of destiny is (in the west district) and allows her to go down to the steelworks.

Completed level’s summary

Possible Kills: 10
Possible pickups: 33
Secrets 7 of 7

The Steelworks.

The level starts in some laser rooms again. You have no choice but to go right here, though. There are 2 elevators here, it doesn’t matter whom of the 2 you choose – both are out of order and will fall down. Luckily the fall isn’t lethal for Lara and you can move on in your quest. There are 2 ways leading down to the same place, but there’s no need to go there now. So go to the middle, between the 2 ways now. There’s a laser patrolling here, but it isn’t hard to bypass it. A camera also makes your life easier here. When the laser, when coming in your direction bypasses Lara sprint in the direction of the camera to the end of this hallway and take some bullets the Sentry Gun will fire at you. When you are off the red track, you can see on the ground, you’re safe from the laser. Wait for the laser to go away and enter the hallway here – the sentry gun might shoot a few bullets your way though. You should be safe when another camera pops in and warns you of the molten steel pit ahead of you. The pit isn’t instant death, but you can’t get out of it anyway, so don’t try this out! Walk to the edge here, and prepare for a running jump and grab to get on the other side. Turn a valve here to open the door to the Steelworks themselves. Return back to the laser room and the safe spot. Time your run back with the laser, not very hard to do. Now use either of the ramps to get down where the door opened. Now approach the other door and enter the Steelworks.

Here below you, you see the molten steel and very poisonous gases are in the air because of that, so Lara has to hold her breath so she would stay alive here. At first go left ignoring all the fire steaming out of the pipes (it can’t do you any harm here anyway) and enter the door at the end here. Lara can breathe the air in this room well, because it is sealed from the rest. Turn the valve here and then shoot the lamp near the crawlspace. The lights will go out, but you will be able to access the crawlspace. Get in, crawl a bit and then climb up. In this room search the cupboard for the blue liquidity (1) and return to the valve room the same way you got here. Return to the hard to breathe air area. Return to where you started this section; be careful on the spots where the grating has broken in, because Lara can catch fire there. Anyway go into the other door you haven’t been yet before. Go higher here and enter the Lab in the east (there’s a sign above the entrance, which indicates LAB). Go straight in here and ignore the first room on your right. In this room a camera view makes you notice the red liquidity held by the metal hands. You will somehow have to get it from them. Go to your right and open the submarine alike door now. Enter this room – a camera shows you an undead nurse sitting in the wheelchair. She will get up and chase Lara – she can also harm her, but she’s very, very slow, so you shouldn’t worry. Anyway, when you are near her wheelchair another camera will point at her – ignore it and turn north, here’s a tank you can shoot to get some fire in this room. Return to the previous room and head straight for the NE. In the corner you can pick up the torch – return to the nurse’s room and light it there, where you shot the tank. Now return back to the previous room and throw the torch towards the hands with the red liquidity. If everything works the way it should you will see some flames for a while and then there should be an explosion and the flames should be gone after that. Now go where you threw the torch and pick up the Red liquidity (2). Combine the red and blue liquidity in your inventory to get the battery liquidity. You might have noticed the battery in the east of this room, sitting on the table. Go there and place the liquidity in it. When you do so an explosion will take place, and after that you will be able to pick up the battery (3). Now that you have the battery, return to the hard to breathe air area.

Go north now – in the next room go east, and in that room south to get into another safe area. Place the battery here, in the obvious place and you will get a short cut scene where the wooden wall in the previous room will collapse on Lara as she runs through it – then she’ll stand up and be in a new area with an elevator door ahead of you. Turn left and find a ladder. Go towards it. This is not a usual ladder Lara climbs every day, but in any way – you have to hurry. Get grab of the ladder – I usually had to shimmy a bit to the side (doesn’t matter left or right) and only then Lara would climb up. Once up you don’t have much time too – bypass the 2 or 3 chains and go towards the sub door. It will open and now you can drop down – run to your left to be in another safe area again.

In here there’s a tightrope. Pass it and go to the left room. When you walk in this room, Lara will look at a specific cupboard – that’s where the key, you need for the lock ahead, is. Basically to get there you have to swing on the ceiling – face a slope with Lara’s back take a few steps forward, jump backwards and bounce from it and grab the ceiling. Swing to the NE corner and drop down to pick up the large medipack (4) – the only secret. After you get it grab the ceiling again and swing to the place Lara looked at and drop down. Duck and press the action button to pick up the Main hall key (5). Use the slope and bounce over the door. Go to the lock and use the key. It will open the elevator door you saw previously. Return back to the previous room and find that the door is open now. Enter it and find yourself back in a very familiar place. Exit to the hard to breathe air area again and go till you’re at the start of this area again. Now go straight all the time, till your back at the place where the wooden wall broke in. That’s where the door opened too so go there.

When you step further a cut scene shows the 2 workers (1, 2) working here – kill them before they kill Lara. The elevator door with the signs “West District” is where the Spear is kept if you remember well from the cut scene with the mad scientist. But go straight ahead right now. Once up in the room shoot the sleeping guard (3) with the Laser sight equipped weapon. Once he’s dead search the drawer for a Diskette (6) and use it on the computer right next to it. A cut scene shows Lara working with the computer and thus deactivating the crane. Once the cut scene is over 2 more guards (4, 5) appear. When they are dead return to the previous area and go up the stairs. Now some warning music plays and you hear a door opening – Sophia Leigh comes out of it with some very powerful Uzi’s. You can actually kill her, without affecting the game play anyhow, but your main goal is to trigger a cut scene, what you will do if you run around with your guns drawn in the area you came up. Once the cut scene is over go to the door Sophia left and pick up the MP5 k’s (7).Unfortunately all that you have with it now, is all that you’ll have in the game, so use them up fast and spare the ammo of the Desert Eagle as it is more powerful and more useful, especially in the last level. Now get down on the first level and approach the “West District” door and it’ll open. Draw the newly gotten guns and use them in the probably only opportunity where you can and take out the guard (6) in here. Pick up his SUB workers ID card (8) and use it nearby. A door will open and you can pick up the HK - MP5 PT (9) and get a cut scene showing the end of the level. Another cut scene follows:

Lara has finally arrived at the place where the Spear is actually kept, takes out a sentry gun in battle and rolls into the room. She meets Sophia there again – they chat about old times, about the powers of the Spear, and Sophia finally orders Lara to go to the computer and deactivate the electricity that guards the Spear. Lara does so, but warns Sophia that she’ll regret it. Sophia of course doesn’t listen and gets killed once more (after the original “City” and “Reunion”).

Completed level’s summary:

Possible kills: 6
Possible pickups: 9
Secrets: 1 of 1

Note: the author informed that there is a mistake in the readme – instead of the 4 secrets listed there, there’s only 1.


The Deep.

Cut scene: the guard, which previously disarmed Lara enters the Boss’ office and lets him know that Lara has got the Spear – that a part of the base is destroyed and that it will blow up. The boss seems to be a bit slow, but then curses the workers and orders to release the SUB robots – which are unstable yet and kill everything in their way, as mentioned by the guard. The boss orders to prepare the diving teams and you get a short glimpse of the SUB robots being activated.

After the cut scene Lara is standing in front of the Spear of Destiny (1) again – pick it up of course. Go north into the hallway. Another tightrope awaits Lara. Pass it and activate the switch there to flood the tightrope room. Jump into the water and swim into the opening in the west. Swim below the glass ceiling and pick up the emergency generator fuse (2). Return to the starting room of the level now. The door here will be open so go there. The elevator door here is closed, but that’s for the end of the level, so ignore it now. Climb into the opening and drop into the water. Dive in and swim into the underwater passage.

You’ll come into a room where you have 2 ways to go – go left (north) first. Activate the underwater switch at the end of this passage and swim back to the main room and into the other direction – you’ll see an open trapdoor there – swim up to the surface to grab for air. There’s an opening in the west you’ll be using rather often in this level – so swim in and climb out. Activate the switch around the corner to drain the area. Return to the room you came from and open the submarine alike door into the east. Now return to the switch and flood the room. Return to where you opened the door and activate the switch there. Return to the switch to drain the area once more and return to this room. Jump on the pink box and get onto the blue wooden one, where the open door is above it. Climb in up and Lara will slide into the next room.

Go west now. At the end there’s a climbable wall – climb up to the upper level. At the other end of this passage there are 2 sprinklers and a door. On the way there another way branches out in the middle go there to a room with a red blinking light. Turn the valve and some fire will appear. Pick up the torch from the middle thing at the wall (north). Light it from the fire you just made and go to the sprinklers. Stand below them and press the action button so Lara would activate it so to say. Return to light the torch and use it for the other sprinkler too. The fire on the first floor will be turned off, so go there. Get back on the first floor and pass the floor that was burning before. A cut scene shows some wires touching the water and electrifying it. That means you’ll have to turn the electricity off – but that’s a bit later. Jump into the opening ahead of you. Turn a bit to the right and jump up – there will be a switch. Activate it and a door will open. Return to the other side, where the door opened and enter it.

In this room search the cupboard for a key (3) and enter the next room – sprint past it, so the debris would fall down without hurting Lara. Roll and face the wall from where you entered to see the switch. It will open the trapdoor in the same room. Drop into the trapdoor and swim to the bottom – activate the switch here, and climb out. Push the cupboard before the spot where you have to use the key card to reveal a crawlspace. Crawl into the next room and activate the jump-switch to turn the electricity off. So return to the room with the wires. Pass the water, climb up and use the key to open the door. Behind the place, which it covers now is a switch, activate it and return to the main room.

Another door opened already before you got here – go there and drop into the ocean. Swim around the corner to the door, you saw opening, when activating the later switch. Swim in and pick up the 2nd emergency generator fuse (4). Return back to where you dove in. On the way a camera will show a beast roaming around the base – you won’t meet him, though. Return back into the main room and go to the right. Drop down into the shallow water and sprint past the room, so the falling debris doesn’t hurt Lara. Place the 2 emergency generator fuses here and a short cut scene will show the elevator door you saw before opening. Return to the main hall and as you move along 2 worker zombies will awaken. The author states that at the same point the 2 zombies awaken the door on the 2nd floor with the sprinklers opens and you can get the only secret there. No matter how many times I tried I couldn’t succeed, but you can try, as the author says it is there. Anyway - below the zombie, which is closer to Lara is a key card (5); pick it up if you wish. You can use it if you want to, back in the room with the movable cupboard, but I don’t know any effect that it causes. Anyway – go up, where the other zombie came from, jump on the box and drop through the open trapdoor in a very familiar area.

Flood this area again and swim towards the tunnel, where you entered this place in the first place. If you can’t swim through the passage save and reload and the problem will be solved. Swim back all the way to where you got here, climb out and there will be the open elevator. Climb through the opening in the next room. Here comes another new feature. With one tile distance from the edge perform a standing jump on the railing of the broken staircase and Lara will slide down on it. About in the middle jump from it to grab the horizontal pole and keep pressing the action button and “up” arrow key to keep swinging. Let one of those or both go, when you wish to finally jump on the other side. Enter the next room and pick up the desert eagle ammo (6) and desert eagle (7). Now take a deep breath and dive into the water.

Swim up where the trapdoor is. This is quite familiar to one of the shipwreck levels in TR2. Swim one room higher and activate the switch on the south wall. Break through the camera and swim to the previous room – the door will be open. At the bottom will be another switch – activate it, break through the camera and swim up all the chambers to the top. Climb out go ahead and slide down the slope. End of this level.

Completed level’s summary:

Possible kills: none
Possible pickups: 7
Secrets: 0 of 1

Note: the author informed that there is a mistake in the readme – and there is a secret in this level, unlike said in the readme..

Red Alert.

As you slide down from “the Deep” level a legend and a timer indicate that the base is going to blow and you don’t have much time to escape alive. As Lara drops down on the ground a cut scene shows the infamous SUB robots being released and hot on Lara’s trail. They are indestructible and can kill Lara instantly so you better hurry. It’s best to use your most powerful and comfortable to use weapon (preferably with lots of ammunition) in this level to get the few annoying guards out of the way fast, so you can concentrate on your escape. In my case that was the Desert Eagle, which was also very handy for the few crawlspaces. After the first steps you take a sentry gun behind you starts firing at poor Lara. Jump over the gap and run around the pillar so the guard wouldn’t notice you – also don’t draw your guns nearby the guards as you will automatically be sealed in here by lasers and also sentry guns will appear. Anyway on the other side of the pillar is a button which will close some doors, so you are safe from the SUB robots for now. Still be wary and don’t let the guard notice you and run around the burning plant carefully too. Once you are near the box draw your gun, because a guard (1) will climb up onto it. Sometime around 50 seconds a cut scene shows how the Sub Robots jump over the pit – if you closed the door you shouldn’t worry, though. If you wish you can go to left after secret #1 - a golden rose (1). It takes some time to get there take it and get where you have to go, but you can manage. If you don’t want to go there or already have been there go to your right and drop down here. Search the cupboard you just dropped in front of for the chloroform (2). On the other side you might see a lighter tile in the middle – that’s a trapdoor – open it and drop in to pick up the cloth (3). Combine both and use the airshaft to escape to the main hall. Now return behind the sleeping guard, without him noticing and kill the guard (2) with the chloroform soaked cloth. As far as I’ve experienced you can’t kill the scientist without trapping Lara here though, so don’t bother. Anyway - pick up the[SUB worker ID card (4) the guard left and rush before the lasers to use it. As you go further a jammed machine gun will explode and you’ll have a few of those “timed” lasers to avoid. Stand as close as possible without getting burnt by them and when they rise high enough or disappear use the roll button to get past them. Repeat this 2 more times and you’re home free (almost). When you move on Lara will look on her left where she’ll see even more SUB robots coming her way. If you’re lucky and they are far enough you can run towards the elevator door and it will close, that way trapping them there. If you’re less fortunate just ignore him the best you can and use your Desert Eagle + Lasersight to shoot the grating of the airshaft above you and get in there, before the Robot gets you. If you’re lacking ammo you can pick up some desert eagle ammo (5) nearby on the floor. But if you think you have sufficient for 2 more baddies and 2 gratings better leave it alone. Crawl through the duct ignoring the air steams as you don’t have much time. Shoot the grating at the end and drop out. A scientist (3) is working here – if you wish you can kill him; that’s optional and doesn’t have lethal consequences for Lara this time. Approach the computer and 2 more guards (4, 5) will appear.

Run into the room they came from before the door closes to get secret #2 a golden rose (6). After that kill the guards and one will leave a Computer CD (7). Use it to open the grating on your right, above. Use this opportunity and climb into the air shaft there. Climb out at the other end, slide down the slope. By the time the timer shows 6:50 minutes the whole place will start shaking and burning and sure death awaits Lara as the "bad ending" cut scene shows. But if you manage any time before that to slide down you get a "good ending" cut scene.

The SUB robots are still on Lara's trail but she has found her old companion Pierre all in blood and beaten up. Pierre hands Lara a golden rose (which is mentioned as the secret of this level in the read-me). Then Lara asks about the emergency exits and ways to escape. After a few more words thrown out by both of them Pierre says that the only way to escape is the diving suit, and Lara should use it if she can hold her breath long enough. There's no more time for him, so he tries to hold up the robots - Lara tells him that she'll never forget this and escapes. The next thing you see is that the base is on fire and later explodes, after that you see Lara's diving suit on the shore, Lara warming herself by the fireplace and adoring the just acquired Spear of Destiny, which emits blue light. Then she stands up and lifts it up towards the full moon.

Completed levels summary:
Possible Kills: 5
Possible pickups: 7
Secrets: 2 of 2

Whole series summary:
Possible Kills: 21
Possible Pickups: 56
Secrets: 10 of 11

Note: This summary doesn't include any information from SUB base, as I didn't write a walkthrough for that level (because one existed)

Congratulations, you did it! Hope you had fun!