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(If you have tips or tricks, please contact me so I can add them to this page)

My Personal Keyboard Tips:

I personally like to have all keys in reach of my fingers (playing with 2 hands) so I don't have to move my hands along the keyboard. I never have to reach out for the end key to "roll", twisting my hands. Just hit the back key while the forward key is still pressed and Lara rolls, try it out it is sooo easy.

Allocate the Sprint key over the left side Ctrl and Alt keys, so maybe the 'Z' or even the 'A' and you can sprint with your left middle finger while still close to the important keys. See this keyboard example.

The Moves:

New Moves in some Custom Tomb Raider Levels:

Ladder to monkeyswing – While on a ladder directly under a monkeyswing just hit the up arrow.

Jump up while hanging on a ledge – Hit the alt button while hanging on a ledge

Jump back from ledge or ladder – While on a ledge or a ladder just hit the down arrow and Lara will spring off her foot and jump backwards.

Quicker Shimmy – Hold the dash key to make Lara shimmy faster (I think this one was abandoned).

Jump up and twist while on a monkey swing – While on a monkey swing, go to the center of the edge and hold alt + up. Lara must be at the edge for the move to work and only available in some levels.

Crawlspace Roll In some levels you can use this move to pass under low objects. Duck and hit the sprint key, this move animation has to be in this level for it to work

Crawlspaces In some of the new levels Lara will climb into the crawlspace automatically, most of the times you can jump out forwards when you hit Alt at the end of the crawlspace.

Swingpole moves

Swinging forward – While hanging on the pole hit the up arrow and Lara will begin to swing, let go of the up arrow to make her stop.

Turn around on swingpole – While hanging on the swingpole hit the tumble button (“End” on the keyboard)

Taking off on the swingpole – While Lara is swinging around the pole tap action then release it and tap it again.

Standard Moves in Custom Tomb Raider Levels:


Push the forward key and then the "Alt", Lara will take 3 running steps and then jump.

Short jump:

Jump and hold "Ctrl", so Lara will grab in the air and make a shorter jump.

Long jump/grab:

Jump, hold down the forward key and push "Ctrl" at the very last moment.

Hop back:

Just push the "down" arrow once and Lara will hop back just enough to make a runjump.

Running jump:

When Lara lands on a ledge after a jump there, hold the forward key and push "Alt". This way she only needs 2 steps to jump again, normally used for timed runs over ledges in an unsafe environment or over pillars.

Jump into an opening:

When Lara has to jump into a door or an alcove, in a flat wall, use "Ctrl" to grab so she will get in, otherwise she will bounce off the wall above the opening.

Roll while sprinting: Hit the ALT key while sprinting and lara will roll forward (to maybe just get into a timed door that is closing)


When hanging on a ladder, just hit "Alt" to backflip off.


-When hanging on a climbable surface, hit "Alt" and "up" key and Lara will turn in midair.

-When jumping off a sloped surface after pulling up, hit "Alt" and "up" key and Lara will turn in midair.


When Lara has to climb into a crawlspace from a climbable wall, you will have to go up as far as possible and release "Ctrl" briefly so Lara will hang only by her hands, then push "up" and "duck" keys together.

Back out of the crawlspace, hold "Ctrl" and down arrow to climb out, in some games you can go to the end of the crawlspace and hit ALT to jump out forwards, but only when the ceiling in the room you jump into is high enough.

Roll through Crawlspaces:

In the newer games Lara can roll inside a crawlspace, when on her knees, hit the sprint key and roll. This move can also be used for other reasons, outside crawlspaces.


Throwing the Torch:

Hit the Spacebar and Lara will throw the torch, also in Crawlspaces, while Lara is on her knees.


You can shoot some weapons while in a crouching position (crawlspace), hit the "spacebar" shortly so Lara will kneel and you can arm with various weapons (Always nice to shoot enemies when they cannot get to you yet)

Saving "in Game":

Use the F5 key to save while hanging or even during a jump etc. to save, just release the "Ctrl" for a millisecond and you saved.

Loading a Save game:

Hit the F6 key to bring up the load game screen.

Health Packs:

You can take med packs while moving around by hitting the "numeric 9" key for a large and the "0 key" for a small one, but be careful, when you only have one left, the med pack can disappear without healing you.

Waterskin Puzzle:

1 L Fill the small skin. Combine it with the empty large, fill the small skin again and combine again with the large, you’ll now have 1 litre in the small skin.

2 L Large full, small empty, combine= 2 litres in the large skin.

4 L (empty the small waterskin and fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large skin)


Tips and Trick Moves:

Far Jumps: (Horus)

Stand at the edge of a gap and hop back once. Jump up straight once (this will move Lara a tiny bit forward, sometimes too far). If you now do a running jump Lara will jump after she already ran beyond the edge - thus jumping from thin air and getting further than a normal running jump would get her. The downside however is that sometimes Lara moves forward too much while jumping up once. Ergo, it works better in rooms with low ceilings.

One Step Run Jump (Tip from Geckokid):

This one is quite useful when the area you have to jump from is too small to do a straight running jump (4 steps)

Line up for the jump, stand back a bit and start walking (Shift+forward key), then immediately release SHIFT and press ALT instead, Lara will do a running jump with only 1/3 of a block's run up, very useful when on triangular platforms, or blocked by fence, or objects.

Swandive: (Tip from Geckokid): 

(ALT+SHIFT)  is very useful for jumping on slopes, and passing high object as well. Sometimes you can even pass a gap too wide for a normal run jump using this method.

Timed Run Sprint tips:

1  If you want to save while you are doing a timed run, do it on moments where you have no control over Lara, for example when she pulls up on a ledge or when she is in the air doing a jump.

2  If you have to jump and grab the edge of a paper thin floor or a trapdoor Lara will start swinging back and forth a bit before you can move her again. However, you can release CTRL as soon as she got the edge and then quickly press it again so Lara will skip the swinging animation and you can climb up/shimmy much earlier, thus saving precious time.

3  This one is useful at timed runs (cred. goes to TombRunner): If Lara falls too high, she will have to recover for 1-2 seconds. To avoid this, light a flare and throw away just before you land (with the flare key), so Lara will be in the throw away motion when she lands.

4  During a long sprint,  the sprint energy bar will have to replenish. Rather than running while it is replenishing, take a running jump this way you will move quicker during the replenishing of the sprint energy bar. Some use the Alt while sprinting so Lara will do a dive/roll while the bar replenishes.

Sprinting around corners:

When sprinting in timed runs, try to release the sprint key shortly just before the corner so Lara will turn (in narrow passages) or go around the corner like a Formula 1 driver, wide/in/wide (wider passages)

Sprint into timed doors 1:

While sprinting, hit "Alt" key just before you reach the door and Lara will launch herself rolling through the door

Sprint into timed doors 2:

When dealing with a vertical timed door raised by a cog wheel switch, run against the door and hit "roll"' Lara will end up inside, even with the door almost closed.

Burners and stuff.

If you save in front of a burner with an interval and then reload that save, the burner will be off most of the times, so you can quickly make your move.

Sideways on a Monkeyswing.

On a Monkeyswing (MS) it's possible to move sideways. Hold "Ctrl" (of course) then Shift and L or R arrow.

Hop back/down:  Some builders even use this move in their levels.

Lara can sometimes reach a lower ledge from one directly above by doing a hop backwards and hitting Ctrl AFTER passing the edge.
That should put her on the lower ledge. You have to put Lara about a step away from the edge and obviously looking away from the edge.
It may take a few tries to get her in the right position from which to jump back but it works and it is sometimes incorporated into gameplay as the ONLY way.


Saving your Save games:

After finishing a level, cut the save games from the TRLE directory and put them in a new folder in the folder where you keep the level, so you can always help fellow Raiders when they are really stuck in a level (only when you have enough disk space of course)

Is it a door/pushblock or not?

Just run up to it and when Lara keeps running against it, it is a real door, to be opened at some time, same with pushblocks, if she doesn’t keep running, it’s not a pushblock.

Push block puzzles:

Sometimes when you are really stuck in a puzzle, you can simply jump through the corner of 2 pushblocks to get behind them, stand in the corner, run and jump a few times, turning Left and Right. Side jumping over a corner, when the ceiling is high enough, will also do the trick sometimes.

High drops:

Holding Ctrl or Roll when landing, will save some health.

High Rope swings:

Sometimes you have to go higher than normal to grab a ledge, swing a few times, release the swing Key and at the moment Lara gets her feet back on the rope, hit swing and jump when the legs ate at the highest point, she should go further this way.

More Rope swings:

1-  Sometimes the rope is too close for a runjump, then try a standjump and also when the second rope in a double swing is quite close... don't go all the way down on the first rope so Lara won't swing past the second rope...

2- There's been some discussion about how to get from one rope to another.
This goes against what some have experienced but, for me (bene), it helps to use the 'look' button.
Once the 2nd rope 'disappears', Lara should be able to make it to the next rope.
If not, a minor adjustment from there usually does it.

Walking the Tightrope:

Standing at the tightrope, hold Ctrl and the forward key and Lara will step onto the rope, when she stops walking it means she's out of balance and will lean over, you have to correct this by using the R or L keys. As soon as Lara stands straight again, you can go forward one more. 

I noticed that most of the times when she stops she will lean over R first, so as soon as I notice she's about to stop I already hit the L key only shortly and immediately go forward again... Most of the times this works very well for me                                 

Pushing Objects:

Sometimes, when there's little room to move, try to get Lara between the object and a wall by sidestepping her as far as possible and then hit "Crtl" and she will squeeze in.


Some Enemies:

Harpy birds: (and Crows) can't get too close in a corner, so when you stand in a corner you can shoot them without them harming you, see how desperate they get. (see screenshot)

Horsemen: Try to get the Horseman coming towards you then move slightly to the side on which he is holding the sword / axe (normally in the Horsemans' right hand). By jumping back in a circular pattern, you can continue to hit the diamond in his chest (as he often follows you) whilst avoiding being hit. If you shoot at the side with the shield, it normally protects him.

Demigods: Run up to him and duck, shoot with pistols to save precious Ammo and he will fire over Lara's head (see screenshot)

Skeletons: can be shot off ledges and into pits with the Shotgun, shoot them in the head with the Revolver or Crossbow (equipped with the Lasersight), Explosive Ammo deletes them all together.

Mummies: are easily avoided, because they are slow, you can shoot them with explosives.

Blue and Red Wraiths: are disposed of in the water, sometimes when you shoot them with pistols, they will leave you alone.

Spirits: (the white, transparent ones) are killed by leading them to small bird statues, where they will circle around till they explode, can also be scared away sometimes by shooting at them with pistols and then run away (they are still there, but are harmless).

T-Rex *same works for Sheevas (the ones with the 6 swords): Run under the soft belly and shoot with Shotgun or Revolver and they should normally drop after one round...

Locust: As soon as those nasty critters come out, save and then reload and then critters will be gone...

Funny moves:


Try to hit Shift when Lara climbs onto a ledge and see the nice handstand she makes.

Cute dive:

Jump while holding Shift  and Lara will make a nice dive into the water.

Cute Dive 2: Same move as above, but when you come from high above, you might want to hit "roll" a couple of times to make some nice summersaults