Site Info

This Site started out as a hobby and is just that, no relations with Eidos or Core whatsoever.

The Beginning:

I started playing Tomb raider after I saw the TR 3 game at my friends house and they asked me if I would like to have a go at it. The rest of the evening I was trying to get Lara swim through an underwater maze in a cave or something and I was hooked for life as they say. The next week I got my own copy of TR 3 and after that I went out to get the TR 1  TR 2 and TR 4 games.

Then came TR 5 with the level-editor extension and new levels came out of the blue, every time new/exiting  levels and I took up writing walkthroughs for those levels as I found the first walkthroughs on and I thought I could do that too.

After visiting several TR related Sites I liked the looks of those sites and my fingers started itching to make a Site of my own to put the walks on.

As you may have noticed through the years I never stopped changing the outlook of the Site, I'm a real rookie in that department, but I like fooling around with all the possibilities.

Just changed it again I hope you like it...

Lately I started to do walkthroughs in a joined venture with Gerty as G&D (D&G) Productions, because many multi-level custom Games are released by many Level Builders and those big levels are hard to do alone (and we can check each others work like this so the walks are even better as a result)

If you want to use my walks on a Site, please ask me first.

And here's a Banner with a link to my Site if you'd like to use it