Author: Debbie Overstreet



The large home belongs to a successful wine maker. The wine is stored below the home. The cellars below were under construction to enlarge the storage area when the workers uncovered some graves. There was a cave-in and the men had to run for their lives as the area above the graves flooded with water. Strange things began to happen in and around the home. Electric appliances turned on by themselves and strange sounds could be heard. Everyone dropped what they were doing and left. The wealthy owner was a collector of antiques. The pride of his collection was 5 pieces of ancient armor. They were scattered about as the people fled the home and none of the pieces were retrieved. The home has not been inhabited for several months. Lara must find the armor and return it to the winemaker. There are 5 secrets to this level.

Walkthrough Goosebumps:

The level opens with Lara standing in a small room. Walk forward and kick open the door. Notice your surroundings and run forward to the next kick door. Go through and turn to the right. Kick open the bathroom door and retrieve items there (crowbar and flares). Find the door inside the bathroom that connects to the bedroom. A wraith is awakened. Grab the items in the bedroom, don't forget to look in the closet. Leave the area and go back into the large room with the fountain and jump in the water to kill the wraith. Now continue down the hallway and kick open the door across from the bathroom. Notice there is a puzzle box on the wall.

Grab the large medipak in the closet and then go back out and continue down the hallway. Go into the room to your right. A fire is burning and there is a red sofa. Grab the small medipak next to it and go down the hallway on the right of the white fireplace. You will end up in the concert room. Grab the flares next to the fireplace. Turn and notice the ladder on the wall. Climb up and into the balcony area. Grab the ammo in one alcove and the star puzzle piece in the other. One of the fountains has a tunnel. Jump in and swim. Climb out pull the switch (lowers block in first large room with fountains) and jump back into the water. You must go back into the bedroom with the star puzzle box and place the star.

Go through the large blue doors. Notice the fountain and the tiles. Two tiles are plain. Push the lamps onto the plain tiles to extinguish the flame and turn off the spikes. Climb up onto the block. Go left and climb the dark box. Watch out for wolves in the small forest.
Find the first secret on a ledge (large medipak) and crawl through and drop to the other side. Climb the dark box and leap over the edge to avoid the teeth spikes below. Find a star at the end of the path and to your right. Go back the way you came and back into the house. Now you can go to the first large room with the fountains. Save game here and then kick open the door and run and leap onto the rope. Leap up high to avoid being squashed by the rollerball. While on the rope look to your left. Swing slightly towards the opening and leap off the rope. You should land on the ledge. There is a Stargate ahead and a lava pit below. The area all around is deadly. Have Lara stand on the forward edge. Do a standing jump or hop and then dive through the blade opening. Then run and leap to the edge. Pull up and slide and leap into the opening. It will take a few tries but if you time it right Lara can get through without a scratch. :o))

Go get the star off the wall and then turn and push the lamp onto the plain reddish square. This will turn off the flames so Lara can climb back out. Turn and climb the ladder out and then pull up and onto the ledge. Now you can jump to the rope. Save game here and leap to the rope. Center Lara and then leap to the second rope and to the ledge. Step back away from the ledge and then jump to the last rope. Turn and swing towards the end of the hallway where the door is open and you can see a candle on a box. Go into the room and look around at the cellar walls. They are filled with wine bottles. On either side of the kick door there is a pushable block. Pull the blocks to find secret 2 (shotgun) and another star piece. Grab those and continue through the door. Turn to your right at the end of the room and pull another block.

There are four rooms here and blocks that must be lowered to access the other switches one after the other. (timed)
Lara must pull the switch on the left in the first room then run fast into the next room jump up to the right and pull the switch flip and run forward fast jump up onto the ledge pull the switch and flip turn right and run and leap onto the next ledge pull the switch flip and jump up and onto the box and climb up into a room with a lever switch. Pull that and watch the camera shot. Before you leave this area search for an armor piece and look for the sixshooter
(secret 3).

When you have those items leave the area and go back into the cellar. Light a flare and run into the tunnel. Bats will attack. Run through the tunnel keeping your eyes open for a jump switch. At the end of the tunnel is a pool. Jump into it and grab the laser site. Then climb out and if you haven't found the jump switch it is on a wall to your left a short way after you leave the pool area. Jump and pull the switch watch the camera scene and go back out into the cellar area and into the room with the timed switch. Have Lara stand on the edge next to the water and save the game here. The next timed run is a series of underwater switches. Jump into the water and pull the first switch. Turn as soon as you can to your left and swim through the opening. Once through turn fast to your left and pull the next switch. Flip and swim through the opening.

 Swim down the path towards the next lever and pull it and flip and swim through the opening and pull the last switch flip and swim through the opening. There is a pocket of air. Get some and then swim down the path. You are above the area where the graves were discovered. Swim through the opening in the ceiling. Notice the grating above. This will be opened shortly. For now pull the switch which opens a door back in the cellar area. Go down the dugout pathway and grab the large medipak on the ledge. Drop into the hole and step back from the edge and then leap. Jump onto the dirt and then run forward. Jump up and to the left onto another ledge. Step back and then jump and grab the edge ahead of you. Position Lara about midway of the ledge before pulling up. Pull up slide and jump to the left to get to the edge. Grab the arrows and then use the shotgun to knock the skeleton into the lava below. Jump over the ledge on the left and claim secret 4 (crossbow) in the small tunnel. Leave the tunnel and turn to the right. You can monkey swing over to the next ledge or you can leap.

Once there climb up onto the box, shoot the swinging switch. This opens the grating to the small upper room you noticed as you left the water. Also it lowers a block so you can leave this area. Leave the way you came use the monkey swing to get back onto the ledge near the tunnel where you found the crossbow. Now you can leap over onto the ledge below and climb out. Go back to the small room and jump up into the room above. Grab the arrows and go down the pathway. Jump into the opening and Lara will fall into a water area. Swim right and turn left and swim down and then back up until you see the switch at the top. Pull it and climb out. Get the skeleton. Run along the path to the right until you come to a piece of armor and a jump switch. Pull that which lowers a block underwater so you can get out. Jump back into the water and swim back the way you came.

Climb out and pull the switch on the ledge. This opens a trapdoor for you to climb out and back into the small room. Once there just jump back into the water and swim back the way you came. Near the end of the room there is a tunnel to your left. Swim through that and out into the room with the timed switches. Go back into the first cellar area and through the open door. Watch out for critters. Go pull the lever at the end and then go into the tunnel and grab the piece of armor and ammo. After you pull the lever notice an opening on the right side of the room. Jump through the opening and grab the medipak. Walk forward and the flames ignite. The first flame on the right stops as you walk near. Step onto the square where the fire is out. Jump from this square to the next square where the fire is out and so forth. At the end pull the switch (raises block in lava) and grab the mechanical beetle key. Leave the way you came. Once through return to the hallway with the lava, spikes, and rope. Jump onto the block in the lava and jump up onto the rope. Swing out avoiding the spikes on the sides and onto the ledge above.

Go back out into the room with the fountains. Go through the door where Lara began this journey. The second door is now open. There is a piece of armor on a square. Go get that. There is a small medipak nearby. Grab that then go through the opening into the cemetery. Watch for critters. Search for a star puzzle piece and for a puzzle box. Place the puzzle piece to open the trapdoor. Jump into the opening and swim up and climb out. Load the laser site onto the six-shooter or crossbow and shoot the blue switch. This lowers a block. Climb the ladder just to your right. Pull up. You should be standing over a small lava pit. There is an opening in the wall. Position Lara at an angle and dive into the opening. You can also run in but it's more fun to dive. :o?

Go in and claim the second half of the mechanical beetle. Jump out of this area and turn and climb the ladder on the left. There is a star piece on the ledge. The other longer ladder goes back up to the top and into the cemetery, so you can go back through the level if need be. Climb back down and turn around. On the left is a room with three switches. Run and jump up onto the boxes and shoot them all at once with the crossbow or one at a time with the six-shooter. The boxes will lower.  

Go into the small room and get the star. Don't forget to pull the switch which will lower a block so you can get the last secret. Run over the falling bridges and jump back the way you came. Now run along to the left and find the pushable block. Go in and retrieve the last secret...the ornate beetle. Run around the back of the spike area and climb the raised block. Climb up onto the spike area and combine the beetle pieces to turn off the spikes. Run to the switch pull it. A block lowers so you can place the star piece. Try to avoid the joby spikes and place the star piece. Drop down and run to the door behind the spikes. Load the crossbow and go into the tunnel. A few skeletons will greet you just blast them and place the star piece at the top of the stairs. Turn and blast the last two skeletons. Go into the white room climb the stairs pull up and out and place the final star piece. Congratulations you have completed the level!

Thanks for playing.