The Croft Woman (1-2-3)

Level by Linden.

Attention, you need Revised Wads for these levels, so first copy these files into the graphics->wads library. And you also need the original script.dat and english.dat files for these, copy them to the main library. Unpack the, then copy the karnak-, settomb- and tut1.TOM to the graphics->wads library. Run the tom2pc.exe, call in the karnak.TOM, settomb.TOM and tut1.TOM files with the Add button, then Build All. If you're ready, start the game with choosing the first, Tutorial level.


It was very distracting playing these levels. You get countless weapons, ammo, medipacks but you hardly have to use them as there are only ninjas, scorpions, crocodiles, dogs and jackals attacking Lara in the game. There are vast number of secrets involved. It's true I have found only 12 for the first time but I will be more careful while I play it second time and writing the walkthrough. Although you are able to complete the level using only the pistols. I especially like the third level. But I don't understand why is there the rope on the floor? 'Cause you can swing over to the other side and from there I didn't see anything where Lara could jump to. Unfortunately the texture is a bit incomplete there. But from the second level you need the Rewised Wads as without these files the textures are incomplete - eg. one of the blocks in the beginning and neither the pole can be seen. And you need the official Script.dat and English.dat files as they aren't in the Zip. There are no too difficult jumps and worked-out timed runs so this level is really good for some relax, I can recommend it anybody. There are no added sounds and the textures are great instead of its shortcomings, mainly in the third level. I am curiously waiting for the next part. :-)


Part 1:

Pick up all the items in the room then turn round in relation to the starting and go to the big gate which will open as you approach. Below pick up everything and quickly kill the ninja or he'll steal away the small medipack :-) Go up the stairs and pull the lever in the centre so the grid will open downstairs. You can go down the stairs there that jump back then jump forward with ctrl, so the big medipack will be yours. Go back and jump to the star from the column, but quickly jump back or you'll be flattened out. If the stones have rolled down, pick up the Hand of Orion and go up the slope. Kill the ninja the go down to the left and push the lever. Lower of a floor you'll find a big medipack, if you'll climb down skilfully and jump back and wonít burn; you need to be clever backwards. Go fully back to the top and use the star. Before you would go out to the platform, climb up the ladder on the right because the crossbow ammo is the 1. Secret. Hang over the ceiling and pick up the Eye Piece then jump into the water. Pick up all the items and swim into the duct. Swim up in a passage so the second Eye Piece is yours and the just seen grid had opened. Swim to there and pick up the items during the journey, because you'll find so many items in these levels that it would be enough for 10 levels :-) Climb out and jump to the platform, but before you'd go out climb up to the upstairs, the grid opened in the right corner; get down the pole and the shotgun in the 2. Secret will be yours at the crawlspace's end. Go back to the level's beginning and go in the opened grid. Shoot the vase and the ninja and scorpion, too. First of all face left and find the pole where climb down and the 3. Secret is yours with some crossbow ammo, then go to the right. Before the grill to the left in the dark place you'll have to push a lever, this opens the grid. Slide down, kill the scorpions and pick up some crossbow ammo to the left, as this is the 4. Secret. Climb up the ladder the down to the right and at the end of the crawlspace where the ninja will attack you, look up and you'll see a crawlspace; you have to go there that way when you reach the spiky pit jump up and grab the ceiling and swing back to the duct, because that is the 5. Secret with some shotgun and revolver ammo. Then, when youíve jumped over the spikes, climb up the brown wall because the 6. Secret with revolver ammo is in the crawlspace. Go on, get to another room and the Hand of Sirius is yours. You can use the combined Eye of Horus at the same place, but first jump to the left because the 7. Secret is there. Go on with crawling inside, pick up a half of the Cartouche then use the star on the other side. During the sliding jump to the right at the turning point then another big medipack is yours. As you reach down you'll arrive into a dark place. Jump to the opposite, to the pole then to the column from there. Jump to the left for the crossbow ammo then you'll be able to get a big medipack lower a floor, and then climb down the ladder to the deep for the second half of the Cartouche Piece. Climb back the pole and jump to the right now then to the rope so draw back two steps from the column's edge and make a standing jump+ctrl. Jump to the Laser Sight then continue from there, use the combined Ba Cartouche and go in the opened grid. You'll get to in front of the pyramid. Kill the ninjas, to the left on the grid are the binoculars, up the pole on the pyramid is a big medipack and over the way, a bit to the right is a pit then at the end of the crawlspace you'll find the level's end.

Part 2:

Slide down and jump to the left column then to the other side of the slope because the big medipack is the 8. Secret. Of course pick up the shotgun and the other items. On downstairs kill the two dogs then go towards the wall where the opening is. An earthquake will lift out a block. Go in the side-room, but before picking up the big medipack, jump back. Climb up the pole and you'll get in the crawlspace from the raised block. Go down the stairs while you shooting the bats. At a turning point you'll see a crawlspace to the right, but you'll go there later. Below, in the hall pick up all the items, and as you reach down, there is a pit to the right, then a crawlspace which is the 9. Secret with revolver ammo. Return to the hall and pull the chain. Do the same behind the opened grid and protrude into the hole twice in the new duct, only then will open the third grid where you can pick up the Guardian Key. Kill the jackal there and pick up some ammo to the left. Now go back to the second chain and hang up to the left. Then get higher, because the 10. Secret is there and a big medipack. Go down, use the key and go in to the right, pick up some ammo. Leave the ones on the column temporarily. Go back where you've used the key and slide down. During the sliding jump over the pit or you'll be smashed. Climb up the ladder then go on and turn round, jump over and youíll find the 11. Secret. Go on and you'll arrive to the previous hall on the other side. Now jump to the right then to the centre column for some ammo; hang round and jump back. Now jump right, and a new jump during the sliding and you'll arrive to a room with two statues. You can climb up into the opening in the right corner of the room then jump to between the statues from above, grab the rope and you can jump up to the opening. In the next hall jump to the right onto the column, and to the big medipack from there, then descend onto the ground floor. In the corner now you can go back for some ammo, then you'll get out where you've seen the crawlspace as you have been going down the stairs; go to the left into the room with chains, the other grid is opened now, and you'll get back to the room with the statues, then back again from there to the starting. In the middle crawl in for the big medipack, and kill the scorpions. Pull the lever in the side-room, and go into the dark duct. A new Laser Sight will be yours with jumping to the right at the end and climbing up in the corner; you can get some ammo in the left-side duct. Go into the middle duct, jump over the rope and go round. A column will rise in your presence, but one also behind you; jump to this and to the opposite column from there. Going to the left will give you some supply behind a grid, then continue your way, but keep right at the ramification, and in a darker place the Timeless Sand will be yours. If you've picked up, crawl behind it, and though it doesn't seen, but the 12. Secret is there, the big medipack. Some bats guard it. Go on, be careful for the turning blades, and you'll arrive to a pit. Fall down, pick up the big medipack and push the lever. Climb up onto the raised blocks and go to the blue light where you can use your godsend. You can pick up some ammo in the middle duct, but beware the rolling stone. Now jump to the duct from the columns, then to the white platform, and this is the end of the level. But before this look down, thereís a small platform behind you, and the wall is also climbable, so climb down, because that is the 13. Secret with a big medipack.

Part 3:

Swim to the right over the column in the water, force open the underwater door below and pick up the Guardian Key. Now swim up at the same place and climb up the ladder. Face to the ladder and jump over, because below there is the 14. Secret with some revolver ammo. Climb up back, and use the key by the door and youíll be able to pick up a new one inside. Outwards be careful for the blades and poisonous shots. Up there, go backwards, kill the scorpion, pick up the big medipack and jump onto the small hill. Climb up from there, then grab the edge of the opening on the right and hang round, because the 15. Secret is on the other side with a shotgun and some revolver ammo, which is guarded by a ninja. There is also a rope, but I donít know what it uses for. Jump into the water and now swim in the other side because there are lots of items underwater. Where you'll swim out, you can see a duct opposite to you. Swim in. A big medipack is your reward, but quickly get out from the water somewhere, because two crocodiles will chase you. On the shore, to the right as compared to the level's beginning, you'll see a ladder. Climb up and into the crawlspace, on the other side, after a little wall-climbing, in the right corner will be the 16. Secret in a duct with some revolver ammo. In the water you can also meet three crocodiles. Go back outside, and go on to the stairs. On the right force open the door in the water, and swim in. There you'll find the Canopic Jar 1. Now you can swim out by the stairs. Kill the ninja, and then you'll find the 17. Secret with climbing up to the blue column, with shotgun ammo and a medipack. If you picked up everything outside, crawl into the crawlspace in the wall, and fall into the water after a little crawling. After you swam in, it's important whether you open the doors, because they may lock themselves and the way. So first open the first one on the right, then the opposite, there you can breathe, then swim back and open the left one, there is the Golden Vraeus, then the one next to the previous. With climbing out the water youíll arrive to a room. Get up to the duct, and press the middle button, this opens a door downstairs. You can press the others, you have got ammo plentifully, but each ninja will be your reward. Use the Vraeus downstairs, and climb up the opened door above you. There go round, and jump to the big medipack and to the duct. Youíll arrive to a flashing hall. Jump onto the column and further from there, to the lifted grid. Jump into the duct from there using the ctrl, press the button, then get to the duct on the other side in the same way. There the Canopic Jar 2 will be yours. Backwards climb up, grab the clambering on the ceiling, and you'll find the 18. Secret on the right with a medipack and some revolver ammo. Slide down backwards on the slope, grab the edge, then sidle to the left and press the button in the small cabin. Now continue your way outside, to the right onto the next lifted grid and hang on the ceiling from there, then go into the duct. Slide down, and press the button. You can pick up the medipack, but two ninjas will be your reward. Grab the clamber on the ceiling with bouncing on the slopes, and go back there. As you approach the door will open. Get onto the newer lifted grid, then to the crawlspace from there, and press the button. Go in the opened grid, and climb down a half of the ladder in the next room, then do a turning-round jump (+end+ctrl), and you'll grab the ladder on the other side, and you can climb up to the duct. Grab the rope on the other side, and descend on it, use the Canopic Jars, and go in the opened doors. In the first one reach in with your hand and you'll open a door, and the Hypostyle Key is yours in the second one which won't be needed in this level, maybe in the following. But I don't regard this as a good thing, because someone doesn't put away the level saves as I do, the one won't be able to continue with a new level, only just when he/she also walk through the previous. You can shoot the vases, too, the right one hides a medipack, the left hides a ninja. Continue your way behind the statues, and you'll arrive to the last location, the pyramid. Kill the two ninjas, then use the Guardian Key on the right side, and the Amulet of Horus will be yours inside, which also doesn't need in this level. To the left on the wall you'll see a crawlspace, get to there with bouncing on the flatter pieces of the pyramid, because there will be the last, 19. Secret, the revolver. Get to the top of it starting on the other side of the pyramid, jump into the hole and this is the end of the level.

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Translated by Clau from