Crash in the Highlands.

Level by Rene Winkler

Unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty

NOTE: Use revised wads and choose Tomb of Seth from the menu.

Lara slides down and you hear a big bang. There is a cave up ahead and when you enter some wolves will try to get you. Follow through and there are two openings there. If you want all the secrets take the cave in the North. Two bats attack and near the wooden door is a crawlspace (E). When you get out you are behind the wooden door.

Slide down, and jump and grab, shimmy left and around the corner, then climb up for SECRET #1, some Grenade ammo. You'd better save here, as the next jump is rather tricky. So slide and jump with a curve to the right, and slide/jump again and end up near a bridge over some water.
ORÖ climb up in the East and meet a pesky bat. Turn around the corner and pick up that medipack.

Donít linger, as a boulder will come crashing down. Crawl under the poisonous arrows and end up near a bridge over some water. In the water in the SE corner is a small medipack and some revolver ammo. Enter the opening, and when you approach the wall with some skulls on them, you better watch out as it is rather dark here and the corridor is littered with knifes. By entering and jumping right back you can trigger them.

Room with frozen river

There are two dogs waiting and across the frozen river in the North is an opening. Bat alert. Climb the ladder at the other side and in the other room climb the stairs. The right sand pit has a hole and some goodies, Uzi ammo and shotgun ammo.
The right chain opens up a door downstairs and the left sounds like a door is being closed (still not sure what it did). Run downstairs and one of the doors downstairs is open now. Get upstairs and slide down and run to the NE corner, as spikes are hanging down from the ceiling. Climb up and on the right is a hole in the wall, reach in and a gate opens.

On the left is a room with some dogs guarding a Guardian Key. The door closes behind you. The minute you pick the Guardian Key from the pedestal the dogs wake up. A rope is hanging in the middle of the room, so swing to both the openings to reach in that hole in the walls. The right one has some revolver ammo and a small medipack; the left one opens the door again. Follow the stairs and a bit further on the right another small corridor. At the end is another reach-in hole. The second opening on the right has a rope hanging from the ceiling; but the gate is still closed, so leave it for now. On the left is also an opening with a ladder, that is your way out. For now, go straight and around a corner for another reach-in hole. You hear a door opening, so now go back to the room with the rope and take a running jump and swing through the gate. Around the corner of that balcony you place your Guardian Key.

Watch the flyby of some blocks being lowered. Jump down, climb the ladders and go left and climb down the other ladder and you are back at the frozen river. Go right to the ladder around the corner and on the North wall is now an opening.

Room with ropes and waterfalls

Watch out (bat alert) and before you start swinging to the other side you better climb down a ladder to the water downstairs. Next to the ladder in the water is some revolver ammo, flares and arrows. In the NW corner is SECRET #2, the Uzi and some ammo. Climb up and stand in front of the first rope, hop back once and do a standing jump to the rope. Line up for the second rope and swing away and land on the other side.

In the next room are some dogs. Climb up onto the ledge near the ceiling, pick up some flares and some revolver and uzi ammo. Jump down and climb some stairs.

Lava room

Go to the left and find a ladder. On the top there is another ladder, so climb a bit and backflip onto a ledge and pull that chain. A flyby shows you that you have unleashed that lava flow and now the frozen river is thawed. Climb down the ladder and back up another one or try a backflip and see what damage you have caused. Swing the ropes back over the pit and go to the river. Jump in and a strong current drags you to the end trigger.