Caverns of the Dead.

by Tony Tomb

Authorized Walkthrough by Gerty.


Lara falls into the water, there is nothing to do in here so climb out off the water and run to the door that will open when Lara approaches it. Follow through and by the spike pit, take a standing jump with grab and pull up, slide and grab again. Climb up and go west to jump into an opening on the south. A running jump will do the trick. Follow through and by the next spike pit, take two steps backward and a standing jump to get the flares. Take a side jump over the next pit and jump up to get to the ledge at the end. Jump to the next ledge (W) and get to the monkey climb a bit further to get to an opening north.

I would save here, as there is some jumping to do and at the same time avoiding deadly darts. So this is the drill, slide and jump, do this four times in all and at the end use grab and you can get some rest on that block. Next is a long slide, around a corner and almost at the end jump to grab the ledge there.

There is a closed door and a ladder. Climb the ladder and at the end use the monkey climb till you are around the corner. In the room on the right, shoot the vase and get the arrows and small medipack. Get back and enter the next room. On the right you see the lake Lara fell into at the start. Now go to the opening in the east, and better watch out, as a skeleton will bother Lara if you wait too long. Standing jump to the rope and swing to the next and to an opening east. Go down the stairs and pick up some shotgun ammo. Jump into the opening in the floor and watch out as around the corner some spikes come out of the ceiling. More spikes come out of the wall and on the left is a ladder and on the right another room.

First climb that ladder and pick up the SHOTGUN and shotgun ammo and two wraiths will appear. Go down the ladder and enter the room and at the end to the right. Jump in the water. Swim down and take the left opening, swim up, around the corner and at the end climb out. There is a cross and some arrows and shotgun ammo. You can go back to the room under the ropes as under the vase is a small medipack but there is also a skeleton on the loose.

Get in the water again and now take the right opening, stay on the right and pass a skeleton lying there, take a right. Around the corner and at the end get out. Get the shotgun ammo and small medipack. Use the lever and behind the door, that also wakes up a skeleton.

You have been here before, so climb the ladder again and use the monkey climb and when you are on the other side the door on the left is open. There is a skeleton there so run to the NW corner and up the ramp and climb up to the first floor (for us Europeans the first floor). In the west you need the Pillar, in the south a closed door and SE are some steps and the vase there has some flares. At the end is a lever.

This triggers also a mummy, now go downstairs, right and left and in the NE of this new room is a ladder (there is also one in the SE corner). You are above the main room and south is a small room with a push pillar. Push/pull the pillar away from the ladder and all the way to the other wall north (under that ledge there). Now go back to the ladder south and climb it. Running jumps to the ledges west and get to the rope. Swing to the block on top of the pillar and jump down on the other end and use the lever there.

You can do a safety drop and climb down the ladder to get the Lethy Pillar as the flames are out. More skeletons are awake so now hurry to the other room in the NW corner and up the ramp and place the Pillar in the west.

Enter, and staying in the middle do a running jump to the other side. More skeletons and mummies are there so be aware. The minute you set foot on the other side you see the pictures on the wall changing. That should tell you something, so try to climb in and find

goodies like a medipack, arrows and the CROSSBOW and another Lethe Pillar.

On the right in this room, and around the corner is a lever. The camera shows a door.

Now go back over that gap and through the door to the south wall. There is the door you just opened. Climb the ladder and almost at the top, do a backflip.

Go forward and see a skeleton waking up on the ledge, there is a lever on the left ledge (W) and a running jump will get you there. Watch the fly by.

Return to the ladder, down the hole in the floor, down the ramp and to the left (N) there is an opening there. First you have to walk to the tile you saw in the flyby as that opens a door way up and then run back as left and right you can run upstairs. Take a running jump to the rope, swing twice and get on that pillar in the middle, step back and do a running jump to the next rope, you should be able to make it then. Use the Pillar and if you do a safety drop with roll you hardly loose any health. If not jump to the ropes and go out of this room and on the left (E) is a block. Climb up and pick up shotgun ammo and the SIGHT and flip that lever. Leave this place and go south and on the right is another door that opened and slide into the next level.


Pick up some arrows, and slide into a small lake. You can climb out at the east and pick up some shotgun ammo north. Follow through till you are near the waterfall and find some flares on the right. Go into this cave and keep going till you see an opening with a face on it. Looking down you see some water down there but you have to go to the other side (W). Get next to the opening with the face, stand facing the wall (E) and as right as possible and jump back with grab and let go, now you can do a running jump to the other side. Turn around and look east and see that ledge sticking out, jump to that and jump back, with a grab, let go and grab again. Pull up and use the lever (camera of the door with a face on it). Now dive in the water you can swim through the hole west and at the end up and you are back at the waterfall. Climb back out at the waterfall and proceed to the door.

A skeleton will attack and on the south wall is a ladder and once up, get the flares that are there. You can see a ladder on the other side, so a running jump will get you there. There is some shotgun ammo behind the pillars and climb the ladder. Then jump to the SW corner and shoot the bones (in my game the normal arrows didnít do the trick, I was  not close enough) this opens the door and a skeleton comes out and after killing it, go to the ledge with the door and find shotgun ammo in the NW corner, then go through the door. Follow through and at the end turn right and shoot the bones in the NE corner. Then jump on the rock east and a running jump to the next. Line up with a ledge on the east and jump and grab and do a safety jump to the ledge below (with a roll).  Get the shotgun ammo there. (that Shotgun Ammo is all the way down at the bottom of the cave?? Then get back along the E wall to the SE corner and up the ladder SW, swing the 1st rope to a NE ledge and then on to the 2nd rope to get to the light on N wall)

Two ropes dropped down, take the right one (N) and swing over to the light on the wall there. Jump into the water and swim west and at the end, climb out (N). Go into the room and donít step on the tiles. On a pedestal is another Lethe Pillar, the tiles there are save, and face north. Get the crossbow and an explosive arrow and shoot in that opening above the skull, there are some bones lying there. Climb on the block as the entrance is blocked now, into the crawlspace and at the end into the water. Swim all the way to the end and get out. Walk to the south but watch out as some spikes might pop up. Once there, there is a ladder on the right, climb it. Now jump to the rope and then to the rock on the right and from theyíre to the second rope and back to the light.

Use the Pillar and follow through and a skeleton is lying there. Climb the stairs and flip that lever (camera). Go outside again and follow the water west and on the right is the face you saw. Hop on that small bridge and enter.

In the NW corner are some bones, shoot them and get the arrows, also the shotgun ammo above them. Now jump into the water and swim to the end and climb out. When you jump down the door opens and you are back with the lever you pushed before. Push it again and go back where you just came from and swim back to the room. The wall on the north has opened and you get to the third level


Run outside and you are in a cave with a huge building in it. There is a rope hanging. Go to the ledge as near as possible and run/jump to the rope and get on top of the building. In the SE corner are some bones you need to shoot and when you are almost in the corner you see a camera shot with fire, this fire is on the west side of the roof. Climb up there and with a running jump; get on the utmost top of the roof. In the hole there pick up the Lethe Pillar. Get down and walk to the other side of the roof, you see a light coloured tile there, Hang from it, let go and grab again and pull up. Crawl through.

There are mummies in here and also some skeletons. Some goodies to be found as well and to get your bearings, going south is a lever, you canít push at the moment, passing that lever there is a door, still closed and two marked tiles in front of it. Climb up (W) and find some arrows and shotgun ammo. Looking north is a door also closed and halfway to the door on the right a ramp. That door opens when you approach it, just leave it for now.

Getting at the closed door (N) looking east now, more tiles on the floor and another closed door. There is also an opening on the left (N) with a push pillar and a ladder. The ladder leads you to the roof.

For now push/pull the pillar on the tile in front of the wall torch. The door east opens.

Get in there, pick up some flares and use the lever behind the door (camera shot).

Now go to the ramp, through the door, down a ladder, keep going right, near a wall torch are some flares, and shooting a vase in an alcove a bit further, a small medipack.

In the south is the ground floor so get outside and enter the building south (the door of that camera shot).

There is a pool in this room and above the skull an opening. Under a vase is also a small medipack. Jump into the opening and see a cross (remember that) and pick up the shotgun ammo. Now jump into the water and stay well above the spikes and climb out. Get the arrows and use the lever, and see a camera shot of a door in the main building. Of course a wraith appears, so in the water and into the opening where you saw the cross. And then back to the main building, up the ladder and ramp and to the south. Behind that door is another push pillar. Push it on the tile on the left and a block appears in front of that lever in the SE corner.

Run around the pillar to the north and behind the door is the Soul Stone and some arrows.

Go down the ramp and ladder again, go right and right and in the middle is an opening to the left, Place your Lethe Pillar there.

There is a ramp going up with popping up spikes and on the left a place you can put the Souls Stone. So place the Stone and shoot the bones you see lying there. This triggers a spiked ball, jump out of the way and the ball will disable the spikes.

Getting into the room there is some water on the left, also a door and in the SE corner a receptacle for a gem.

For now dive in the water, follow through and when you see some greenery (E) on the left wall is an opening, swim up and at the end get out of the water. Three skeletons are lying here. Jumping on the rocks you see a face, spouting water through its mouth and beneath there is a tile with as skull. Shoot the skeleton that is lying on the west (on the bones you have to shoot) and another Souls Stone appears on the skull tile. Pick it up and swim all the way back.

Place the Stone in its receptacle and climb the ladder around the corner.

Once up get the Lethe Scroll, then down the ladder and the door on the north at the pool is open, Run over the bridge and Lara is leaving with the Scroll tucked away in her backpack.

 Gerty 05-10-2004