Beneath the Ancient Temple.

Author: Debbie Overstreet



Lara begins the level overlooking the ancient temple ruins. Look about and notice the openings in the wall behind you. One of them holds secret#1 (shotgun). You will need to climb the ledge on the left to find a way to jump into the opening. (You can also stand on the highest part of the grass below and just push action and forward and Lara will climb in herself, don’t push jmp or she will not get in – Dutchy) Once there grab the gun and push the block until you see a lever. Push the lever, which raises a block just outside. Go back and climb or jump over onto the raised block. Center Lara at the back of the block and run, leap and grab the switch, which opens a door. Then run down the stairs and turn left at the bottom. Kill any mad wolves that may attack. Climb over the ledges on the left and climb the stairs. Notice the two doors. One should be open since you pulled the switch. Go inside and when you get near the open path to your right stop. There are two Spike balls you will have to dodge. Here is how I did it.

Face the opening to your right and align Lara close to the right edge of the opening. Save game here. Jump forward (big jump) flip back and then jump to your left quickly and stay there. To dislodge the second Spike ball turn and face the way you came. Jump back once and run and jump quickly into the opening where the first Spike ball came from. You'll see what I mean. :) After that Spike ball is gone go back into the pathway where the first Spike ball fell. Turn left once inside and notice the pushable puzzle item. Look at the ceiling for the answer. The puzzle item is directly under a painting of fire. This means the puzzle item is in the 'on' position. This is what it keeping the fire going and keeping Lara from getting the puzzle piece. Notice the other painting on the ceiling of the dark circle. This is the 'off' button for the fire.

Push the puzzle piece until it is directly under the black circle to turn off the fire. Watch the camera shot showing the extinguished fire. Now go back out into the path. Continue UP the hill and climb the ladder at the end. Push the lever, which will open the door nearby outside and save the game. Turn and leave. Be prepared to run and jump once more into the path to your left to avoid the last of the Spike balls. Go back outside and into the now open doorway. Push the lever at the end and watch the camera shot of the block raising. Now you can go out and get the puzzle piece from the block where the fire was burning. Once you have that return to the block you just raised and climb into the opening on the right (where the Spike balls were) and jump across to the block. Place the puzzle piece and watch the camera shot of a trapdoor open.


Jump off the block and go down the stairs and turn right at the bottom. Climb up onto the ledges and look to your left. There is another area here so climb over and look around for any pickup items. There should be a couple one is arrows and the other is a medpack. The trapdoor opening is closeby. Once you find the opening climb down the ladder. At the bottom take care not to get close to the flames they are lethal. Notice the room. Remember what you learned about the pushable puzzle piece and the paintings on the ceiling. If you shoot any vases watch out for the wraith. Look for the passage to the left and run along that until you can jump into water. Search the bottom of the pool for the next puzzle piece. Get that and wait until the wraith dies and leave this area. Back out into the room go over to the pushable puzzle piece. Look at the ceiling for where it needs to go. There is a new painting on the ceiling showing 'spikes' in a circle.

If you push the puzzle piece under that image then Lara will get spiked! Push the puzzle piece under the black circle to turn off the flames in front of the next pushable block. Push the block into the pathway and keep pushing until it goes into the wall at the end. Turn to your right and notice another block push it to retrieve a puzzle piece (Pharaohs knot). Place the puzzle piece(ph.Knot) into the puzzle slot nearby which opens a door in the main room. On the other side of this small room is a shatter vase and arrows. Get them and go back out into the main room and go into the open door and place the puzzle piece. (Pharaohs knot). Listen as a trapdoor opens. Go back out and turn to your right and drop into the opening. Shoot the white vase to get the sm.medipak and then go into the darker room. Load the shotgun and blast the skeletons into the water. Jump in the water to retrieve another puzzle item and also to pull an underwater switch that opens the next door in the main room. You do not need to blast the skeletons into the water in order to get the puzzle piece but it's so much fun. :)

Return to the main room and go to the next open doorway and place the puzzle piece and listen for the next trapdoor to open. Go back out and drop into the opening on your left. You are about to enter the game room. Remember that the dark circle turns items off and the ring of spikes is deadly. Lara needs to push the puzzle pieces directly under the dark circle symbol without stopping in between. Begin with the puzzle piece on the right and push the piece until it is directly under the dark circle symbol. You need to do this by not releasing the control key until each puzzle piece is correctly placed. Lara must push each piece without pausing in between or the spikes will trigger. As you move each piece flames will begin to go out and the spikes will lower eventually. Then Lara must move the puzzle pieces on the ledges. Eventually you should be able to get to the portal guardian puzzle item and the lever switch. Get the puzzle piece and then pull the lever. Also pull the lever inside the small room as the door raises. Watch any camera shots that play. Before you leave this area look at the walls to spy secret#2,the Revolver.

Back to the main room. Now go up the steps to push the next lever. Another trapdoor opens. Run out and turn right and drop into the opening. Jump into the shallow pool and push the puzzle piece under the dark circle on the ceiling. Jump back to avoid a sly crocodile. Kill that then jump back into the water and push the lever. You need to look into the water to get a puzzle piece. It is under the water and to your left as you push the lever. You can see it. Grab that and return to the main room. Go through the next open doorway at the top of the stairs left. Push the lever to open the next trapdoor. Go back out and turn left and drop into the opening. Pull the switch on the wall, which is timed but easy. Pull the switch and run ahead and turn left and run into the open doorway as the door closes behind you. Turn right and crawl into a short hallway to get secret#3 arrows. A skeleton awaits you when you leave. Pull the lever switch before running into the hallway. A wraith attacks as well. Run forward, turn right and go toward the bluish-lighted area passed a locked door. Turn left, right, right, left, run forward until Lara drops onto a slope. Jump into the water at the end to kill the wraith.

Save the game and swim through the opening. Eventually you will come to a switch that opens a door. Pull that and beware the hungry croc behind you. Watch for falling rocks. If you angle Lara up and swim forward carefully you can trigger the falling rocks so that they miss Lara. Once through swim up and out of there. Go through the opening to your left. Run along the hallway. Another skeleton awakes. Run past him and into the room at the end of the path. Pull up onto the ledge. Notice a block in the wall. Then notice the colored square nearby. This is a timed run. Lara must lower the block by hopping back onto the magic square and then jumping into the wall once the block lowers to get the puzzle piece. Position Lara so that when she hops back she just touches the square. Then run and jump into the opening. Release the keys briefly so that Lara doesn't take an extra step. If you time it right Lara will land exactly right to pick up the piece and jump backwards out of the opening. It may take a bit of practice.

Once you get the puzzle piece (ph.knot) it needs to be placed in the slot on the wall. This will raise another block on the ledge. Climb back onto it and onto the block. Now you can get the crossbow off the pedestal. Before you jump back down make sure you jump across to pull the switch on the wall. Then go and get the skeleton. He also has a puzzle piece (portal guardian). Get that and go back out the way you came in. Go left at the opening at the end, then turn right, turn left, right, left, left again, then right. Stop and turn left into the pathway and just follow along until you run up a short ramp into a room with a flame on a block. In the center of the block is the laser site. Run forward to the opening in the wall in front of you. You should be standing in a room full of vases. Go ahead and blast them but you need to climb up through the opening in the ceiling to shatter the last vase that will turn off the flame. After that go and get the laser site. Back in the laser site area there is an opening in the wall that leads to the 'amulet'. Find that and then go through the last opening and climb up at the end of the hallway. You should be in a room with with vases high up on ledges. Use the laser site and blast them.

This will raise the block so you can climb out. Climb out and lower down into a hallway. Follow along until you can pull a lever at the end. Now you can return to the main room. Once there notice there is a raised block. Climb that and jump up onto the monkey swing and follow it until it ends. Lara will drop on the ledge. Place a portal guardian (you should have 3) into the slot. This raises a block above. Go along the footbridge and turn right at the end and face a ladder. Jump and grab the ladder and pull up. Jump over onto the bricks and then onto the raised block. Position Lara at the back of the block and simply run jump and grab the edge. Pull up and get the crowbar and push the lever which opens the door just below as well as the center trapdoor in the main room. Stand next to the lever and run and Lara will drop onto the ledge below. Then go through the doorway and do a safety drop to the floor below. Once down just drop into the room below and if you miss just pull up into it. Grab the flares and then drop down to the bottom room. Grab the large medpack. Get the portal guardian puzzle pieces from the four pedestals and then place them into the slots. Kill the skeletons and grab the blue gem and the pharaoh’s knot they drop. Place the knot and then the gem into the slots, which opens the center trapdoor in this room.

Do a safety drop down to the floor below. Climb the brick and continue to the ladder at the end. Climb up and into the room. Push the lever, which opens the door at the opposite end. Place a puzzle piece into the slot to retrieve the extremely priceless ornate ladybug covered in fine gems. :)

Then go back out onto the stairs and into the room at the other end. Once here pull the lever, which opens a door near the center of the stairway. Go back out and climb the bricks again and turn and face the two openings in the wall. Position Lara to the left and jump into the opening on the right. Go into this room and shoot the vase to get lg. medpack. Then pull the switch, which opens the door in the opposite hallway. Return the way you came and jump across and grab the ledge to the opening across the hall. Pull up and into the hallway and go into the room at the end. The opening in the ceiling is a pathway to return to previous parts of the level just in case something was overlooked. in the room at the end of the hall turn to your right and notice the incline. Jump onto the floor and turn to your right climb the ledge and go into the crawlspace to get a secret#4(medpack). Now jump across to the incline just at the edge. There are two Spike balls ready to drop. To beat them I turn Lara around and jump backwards up the hill and when the Spike balls are triggered I run and jump to the edge where the secret was.

You may find another way to beat them. :) Once you are past this point climb the hill and wait at the top. Flames and spikes are below. Within the flames are 2 puzzle items. You can also see a ladder and an opening in the wall, which holds secret#5, Revolver ammo. Run fast down the hill and jump into the opening on the right or you can run and grab the wall and get the secret first whichever you prefer. Once in the room find and blast all the golden vases. This will open a trapdoor. Drop into the opening and push the puzzle pieces as before directly underneath the dark circles on the ceiling. This turns off the spikes and most of the flames. Now return and get the puzzle pieces from the grates. Jump into the opening next to the ladder and shoot the vase there to retrieve a medpack. The puzzle slot is on fire on the other side. Jump up onto the ledge above, push the puzzle piece as before and place the puzzle item into the slot. This opens the trapdoor back in the stair area. Leave here by jumping across and grabbing the edge of the incline.

Return to the stair area. Jump into the water. Take a few minutes just to explore. Return to the trapdoor area. From just below the trapdoor turn until you are looking at the gray brick wall. You should see an opening. Swim forward and into the opening in the gray brick. Turn left once inside and pull the switch. A shark is released. Return to the trapdoor opening and pull up and onto the stairs. Wait for the shark and blast him when you can. You need to go into the opening where the shark came from. Jump back into the water and again face the gray brick. Turn 180 about and swim forward. You should see some doors along a wall area. The opening you want is straight ahead. Swim into this opening and discover the ancient armor. Get all of that and then leave. Look far left and you should see shafts of light. Swim to that and get some air. Just below and in front of you there is a rocky ledge with a brown muddy wall. Swim into that and turn right.

Just keep swimming along this path until you come to a switch. Pull that and watch as another shark is released. Return to the trapdoor area again to kill the shark. Once that is done jump back into the water and as before swim to where the shark came from. This time swim into the opening second from the right. Pull up and pull the lever, which opens the door to your left as you leave here. Swim out and into this opening and place the 'golden star' puzzle piece. This lowers a block you may have noticed in one of the walls. Leave here and swim straight ahead. Once past the first rock ledge look left. Notice two square opening in the rocky wall. Go to the one furthest from you and pull the switch. Another shark is released and you can either fight him as before or simply swim into the opening he just came from. It is the second from the left. Get the puzzle piece, kill the shark and pull the lever. This opens some large doors.

Jump back into the water and swim straight ahead and up the submerged stairway. Go through the opening and swim to your left through another opening. Then swim to your right into the tunnel. Watch for sharks. Swim down the tunnel and turn left at the first large opening. Turn right near the end of the tunnel. Swim forward toward the shafts of light but watch for falling rocks. Get air if need be or swim on and turn left at the light. Turn right. You should see an opening. Climb up and place the puzzle piece (golden star) and watch as a trapdoor opens. You are near the end of the level. Kill sharks as necessary. Swim back down the tunnel to the shafts of light. Turn right and then left just past the light and you should see the opening at the end of the tunnel. Climb out and go to the ancient painting. Congratulations you finished the level!