Antarctica  Base B-9.

By Emoo

Walkthrough: PDLambeth.


Base Camp One

Lara slides down an icy slope where an SAS waits below with his weapon at the ready. Quickly climb onto the block ahead, pick up the DESERT EAGLE and dispatch the SAS. Look around to get your bearings. Straight ahead to the south is a Jeep parked in front of a closed door with a switch beside it. To your left is an icy underground passageway you'll be using shortly. High up over your right shoulder is a working radar dish framed by a gorgeous full moon. Hop down off the block and run to your right into the dark area beyond the green building. Pick up the FLARES from a short block behind the tall steel structure.

Now go over and pull the switch, and the door to your right opens. Go inside and draw weapons. As you turn to the right at the top of the ramp, you'll be attacked by a DOG, so put it to sleep with a short burst of lead. Climb up onto the box in the next room for some UZI AMMO, then hop down and start opening doors. There's one in this room, leading down to another room where you'll find a closed door barring access to the Research Laboratory. You'll be coming back to this area much later when you have the necessary fuses to place in the receptacles on either side of the door. For now, pull the green block out of the way and pick up the DESERT EAGLE AMMO.

Go back to the previous room and continue up the ramp. At the end are closed doors on either side. Open the one on the left and enter a small kitchen where someone has neglected to clean up. Climb up onto the left side of the stove and jump up to grab the handle of the ceiling trap door. Climb up into the dark passageway (light a flare if necessary) and make a horseshoe turn to the right. Pick up the SHOTGUN at the end and return to the kitchen. Another SAS has been alerted in the hallway to your right, so eliminate him before opening the door across the hallway.

Run up the ramp to the right in the next room and throw the switch. A cut scene shows the formerly inert radar dish outside being activated. Reverse roll and open the door in the west wall. Enter the bathroom and pick up the UZI AMMO off the floor to your right. Exit the bathroom and go up the ramp to your left. Open the door and enter what seems to be an office area. Another SAS is coming from below to investigate, so you may as well turn around and deal with him now. After doing so, return to the office and note the lock in the north wall (for which you don't yet have the necessary key). Go to the east side of the room and around to the other side of the desk you'll find there, and pick up the JEEP KEYS.

Go back down and exit this building. Use the keys to start the Jeep, and swing around to your right into the icy tunnel. (You can drive up the nearby snow-covered hill if you wish and explore the newly activated radar dish, but there are no pickups in the area.) Turn left in the tunnel and then right, passing on your left a walled opening where you can see a UZI you can't get to from this side. Stop the Jeep here and get out. In the passage to the east is a pool of water. Swim into the hole in the NE corner of the pool and through a short tunnel. Pull up on the other side and turn left to face a series of break-away tiles. Save your game here to be on the safe side, then run across the first two tiles, jumping off the near side of the second one to the third one as stalactites come crashing down from above. Take a standing jump to the fourth tile and then another standing jump and grab to the ledge. Pull up and turn left into SECRET #1. Claim the UZI you saw earlier, together with some ammo in each of the facing alcoves. Then jump down and use the overhead bars to monkey swing back across the gap. Jump into the water and swim through the tunnel to the other side, and return to the Jeep.

It soon becomes obvious that these underground tunnels are a poorly disguised maze, but they're not too hard to navigate once you've triggered all the falling stalactites. (Since you'll be driving back and forth at frequent intervals to three separate base camps in this area, it may be helpful to draw a rough sketch of the tunnels.) Drive south past the secret area, then turn left and gun your engine to clear a ramp with a small pool of deadly water below. Turn left at the first intersection and then right at the next intersection. Drive east a short distance and get out of the Jeep. Draw weapons as you enter a new developed area, and shoot the DOG that comes out to greet you.

Base Camp Two

There's a nervous SAS pacing about in the building to your left, but since he can't get outside to where you are, use the opportunity to explore this area. Go into the little enclosure across from the building, but watch out for falling ice. Jump into the shallow pool and pick up some SHOTGUN AMMO, then kill the second DOG before climbing back out. Look for the crawl space in the east ice wall; go inside for SECRET #2 and pick up the DESERT EAGLE AMMO, the SMALL MEDI-PACK and the SHOTGUN AMMO. Go back out and help yourself to another SHOTGUN in a crawl space on an ice block to the left of the building. Now it's time to deal with that SAS, so open the door and do your thing. After you've killed him, open the bathroom door to your left and kill another one. (You hear the sound of rushing water, but there's no evidence of a busted pipe anywhere.) Pick up the SMALL MEDI-PACK and run across the room outside and open the other door that leads to an outdoor alley.

Make a hairpin turn to the left over some boxes and enter a tunnel that leads to an outside courtyard. To your immediate right is a door you can't open, another closed door to your right under a bridge, and a door at the far end that you CAN open. Do so and go inside. Run up the ramp and shoot the SAS in the room at the top. Grab the LASER SIGHT from the desk near the SE corner, and the SILVER KEY from the desk next to it, then go to the small caged enclosure and open the door leading to the bridge. Doggone, the door on the other side seems to be stuck, so safety drop from here back to the courtyard.

Return to the first office where you shot the SAS upon entry, and pull up into another small office area where you'll find a receptacle in the NE corner. Use the Silver Key there and you'll hear the sound of a door opening. Go back through the tunnel to the outside courtyard, and look up at the bridge. You'll see that the door to your right is now open, so return to the upper room of the building to your left and go across the bridge into the newly-accessible area.

Pick up the DESERT EAGLE AMMO from the floor and go to the desk near the south wall, where you acquire the YELLOW FUSE. Open the door in the NE corner and run down the ramp. At the end the door you couldn't open from the other side now opens upon your approach. Make a mental note that there's still a closed door underneath the bridge, then go back to the Jeep and drive in the opposite direction, to the west. Take the first left and drive past the passageway to your right, then make two right turns, a left turn, and another left turn that takes you past a dead end to your left. Take two more left turns and a right turn that has you headed east toward yet another base camp. Get out of the Jeep when you reach the end of the tunnel, and pull up into the new base camp.

Base Camp Three

You emerge in a small enclosed area where it appears there's nothing productive you can do in order to progress. However, when you turn around to face north, your attention is drawn to something high up on the tall steel column. Combine the Desert Eagle and the Laser Sight. Shoot the device, which abruptly bursts into flames as the door behind you opens. Go through and enter the alley. Open the door to your left and draw weapons as the SAS inside starts firing at you. After you've disposed of him, go up the long ramp to your left and take care of another SAS and a DOG in the room at the top. Take the KEY from the second desk to your left, then open the door to the bathroom and pick up the UZI AMMO. Before leaving this area, throw the hard-to-see wall switch between the bathroom door and the ramp. (Now what did that do?)

Go back down the ramp and open the door across the room past the flaming stove. (As you do so, note the crawl space in the wall above the stove, which you can't presently access because of the flames.) Go out into the alley and note the Uzi ammo on the other side of the fence to your left, and a closed door across the alley that you can't open. Nothing more to do here right now, so get back to the Jeep and drive back to the first base camp.

Base Camp One

Get out of the Jeep and go into the building. Run up to the uppermost room, into what appeared earlier to be an office area, and use your Key in the lock located diagonally across the room. A cut scene shows the door opening in the alley of the third base camp, so return to the Jeep and drive back there.

Base Camp Three

Get out of the Jeep, pull up into the base camp area and run through the tunnel into the alley. Draw weapons and shoot the DOG that charges out of the open door toward you. Then go inside and deal similarly with the SAS. Pick up the UZI that he drops. Go through the door to the right of the flaming stove into the next alley. Enter the newly-opened doorway to the sound of ominous music. Inside is a large room separated by some open fencing. Take the UZI AMMO from the two desks on the right side, and use the Key you're still holding in the lock on the east wall between the filing cabinets on the left side. The door opens in the south wall, so go out into the hallway and shoot the DOG that's charging down from your right. Then reverse roll, run forward and turn left into the alley for the UZI AMMO you saw earlier.

Now go over to the west end of the tunnel and emerge in a new area. There's a SHOTGUN lying out in the open in front of a doorway ahead that looks too good to be true. Sure enough, the instant you pick it up the doorway opens and out pop four (count 'em, four) SAS, so get ready to use up a good bit of your accumulated ammo. As if a quartet of SAS isn't enough, you'll find two DOGS to kill when you enter the room ahead. Go around the desk to pick up the BLUE FUSE on the floor in front of the file cabinets. There's a pole in the center of the room that appears to serve no worthwhile function; in fact, you don't even need it in order to reach the upper area above the false ceiling, but there's nothing to do or get up there other than some UZI AMMO in the SE corner.

Leave this room and make a hairpin turn to the right to enter an area filled with stacked boxes. Climb into the slight depression in the middle row for SECRET #3 and a LARGE MEDI-PACK. Go back out, turn to the right and run through the connecting tunnel to the next building. (Before leaving this area, note the helicopter pad to the west beyond the tall fence.) Exit through the door in the east wall and cross the alley to enter the next building. Exit this building through the doorway in the north wall and return to the Jeep. Drive back to the second base camp.

Base Camp Two

Get out of the Jeep, enter the building and exit through the doorway to the right. Run through the tunnel back to the outer courtyard, and note that the door underneath the bridge is now open. (So that's what happened when you threw the wall switch!) Go inside and check out the wild contraption in the hallway. There's another hard-to-see wall switch in the SE corner, so throw it. Alas, you find that this switch, too, triggers no cut scene or gives you any other clue as to what you've just done. But let not your heart be troubled. Return to the Jeep and drive back to the third base camp. (On the way out, note that the red gizmo on the contraption in the hallway is no longer turning. Maybe that's a clue. You be the judge.)

Base Camp Three

Pull up into the camp area, run forward and enter the building, and note that the flames on the stove ahead have gone out. Vault up among the greasy pots and pans and enter the crawl space ahead. Near the end of the fairly short tunnel you'll hear the chimes that signal SECRET #4. Pick up the DESERT EAGLE AMMO and the SMALL MEDI-PACK, then go back the way you came. Return to the Jeep and use it one more time to bring you back to the first base camp.

Base Camp One

Bid the Jeep a fond farewell and enter the building. Run up the ramp, turn right into the small room with the large wooden box, and make an immediate left to run down into the room leading to the Research Laboratory. Place the Blue Fuse and the Yellow Fuse into their respective receptacles. The door between them opens, and you're now ready to embark upon the second segment of Lara's Antarctic Adventure.


Run down the ramp and into a room where you'll hear an annoying beep while you look around. There's a closed door and an open tunnel down below, both of which are presently guarded by a laser field, and another closed door to your right that opens upon your approach. Go inside, quickly pick up the LARGE MEDI-PACK and run forward to push the button as hot jets of steam spew out from either side. Reverse roll and exit this room, where you'll find that the laser field has been deactivated. The door to the south won't cooperate by opening when you stand up next to it, so take the tunnel to the east instead. In the next room you can look through the glass ahead and see an object on the floor in the computer room that looks important. There are two other closed doors in this room, but only the one in the east wall will open. Use it, but first note the receptacle beside the door in the north wall.

Go up the ramp and turn left past another closed door. The door ahead opens, so go on in and run past the green-tinted computer area up the ramp into a corridor that leads to a room with deadly sliding pillars and a floor that's decorated with laser beams. You sense, without having to be told, that it would be a good idea to save your game at this point.

Turn to your left at the entrance and jump over the lasers into the handy alcove. Turn around to face north and walk up to the edge of the alcove. Use the look key to time the movement of the pillar ahead, then take two consecutive standing jumps and Lara will land on a safe tile. Then angle Lara slightly to the left and time a running jump over to the safe tile against the north wall. Better save again here, to be on the safe side. The next move is a little tricky, but not too difficult. Turn Lara so she's facing due west, then angle her to the right ever so slightly so that she can take a side flip and land on the tile to her left. Time it, of course, so that you land when the pillar is not there, then immediately take a forward standing jump to the safe tile in the middle of the laser field. Turn to the left, facing south, and save again. Sidestep to the left side of the safe tile, then time a running jump forward, followed immediately by a standing jump and grab to the wall ladder. Climb up into the next area.

Crawl into the east duct and follow, turning right and continuing until you reach an area with dead (or sleeping) caged aliens guarded by an SAS. Dispose of him, then go through the door that opens ahead of you in the SW corner. Run down the corridor and through two more self-opening doors, and draw weapons when you emerge onto a walkway overlooking the central laboratory area below. Shoot two SAS to your left, then run in that direction and go through the door that opens in the south wall. (There's another door in the NW corner, but it won't open.) Enter another room with caged aliens and shoot the lone SAS who's guarding the place. Go through the two doors in the west wall and enter another room that's empty with the exception of a green box. Push the box away to reveal a LARGE MEDI-PACK, then return to the room with the caged aliens and push the button in the alcove in the east wall to open the door outside in the NW corner. Another SAS has now been summoned to duty, so eliminate him before going through the newly-opened door.

At the other end of the tunnel, step forward into the hole and Lara will slide backward down a slope. Use the action key to make Lara grab the edge of a hole in the middle of the ramp. Drop down, take one step backward and pick up the LARGE MEDI-PACK. Then take one step forward and back flip onto the slope. When Lara slides down into the water, swim forward and pull the lever. Then flip turn and swim forward through the grate you just opened (it closes behind you), turn left and swim down (noting the next closed grate just ahead) to a lower area. Swim forward to the west and go down to a still lower area. Flip turn and swim down to locate another lever. Pull it and quickly make your way back up and through the grate to the west that you've just opened. (It too closes as you swim past it.)

Pull up into a small area and cross over to the east side. The door ahead won't open for you, but there's a ceiling trap door to your left, just in front of the "fire" sign in the north wall. Jump up and grab it, then pull up into the upper area. Locate the button in the west wall and push it to open the door below that leads to a restricted area. Go back down and head east up the ramp.

The area ahead is protected by a laser field, so use the sticky ceiling to monkey swing over to the other side. Be sure to take the first right, and swing to the end where you'll drop down onto a safe area and find a button to push. Lara's theme music signals the fact that you've made a wise move. Money swing back to the intersection, turn right and drop down at the end. Turn left and go through the door that opens ahead of you. In the crowded computer room, pick up the MUTANT DNA SAMPLE from the floor, then vault up onto the tile and go through the passageway to the north.

Take the first left and run down the ramp to an area you've already visited. Go to the receptacle in the north wall and place the Mutant DNA Sample to open the door to your left. Go inside, turn around and use the ladder to climb down to a lower passageway. Turn around and walk forward to an area with tiles and ladders adorning a laser field. Your task is to make your way to the other side. Take a running jump to the tile in the middle, then angle Lara slightly to the right and take another running jump to a tile in front of the first ladder.

Climb up about halfway, then shimmy around the corner to the left. Take a rolling back flip over the laser field and grab the ladder in the opposite wall. Shimmy all the way over to the right and make sure Lara's hands are on the same level with the horizontal strip in the west wall. Then back flip onto the safe tile and turn around to face south. Take an angled standing jump to the right to get to the tile facing the next ladder, then turn and take a standing jump and grab to that ladder. Shimmy to the left around the corner, and take a rolling back flip and grab to the wall ladder behind you. Shimmy to the right around three corners and back flip to safety onto the lower step in the north end of this area.

Go through the door to the east that opens ahead of you, run down the ramp to the end of the tunnel and push the button at the end. A cut scene shows a door opening elsewhere while heroic theme music plays. Unfortunately, to get to it you have to make your way back across the laser field via the ladders and pillars, so hop to it. Go back up the ladder on the other side, and you'll find that the infernal beeping starts back up again. Pull up, run forward and take the door to the right. Run down the ramp and turn left into the newly-opened passageway. Climb up the ladder and run forward down the tunnel.

The door ahead opens into the heart of the research laboratory. Go inside, where the aliens are dangling in mid-air while the electric current hums and sputters all around them, and take the lizard-like blue artifact to end the level.