Aldwych II.

By hteS

Walkthrough by ScottChu.

First, the Hidden Path

When the scene comes back to Lara, check the 4 ticket checker, the leftmost one seems the only passable way, however, no hurry to rush there, instead, running jump over the rightmost one and up to hill behind (you must make sure Lara doesn't touch the ticket chopper a bit so as to make it, also, try hard not to use flare in this part, if you must, at least reserve 1 for finding secret #2 later), go to back of sign and right to find an opening above, put Lara's back against wall and jump up into it, follow the tunnel to end to pick plenty of flash ammo and med pack (we'll get to the room outside the bar later in this level), then trace back to the sign. Crawl toward another sign and turn right, then left to find another opening leads to another long tunnel, follow it until you see a small mesh blocks a path (I think we shall come back for it after we make it open later), crawl left and meet joint of 2 paths, the path ahead leads you to another room (don't drop down now, or Lara will stuck there forever, we'll get here later), instead, turn right and reach <Secret #1>.

-Water Area Outside.

Some Meeting Room, draw weapon to patiently kill 3 sharks in the water (though Lara is in tunnel, the sharks still can magically hurt you, so try not to get hurt), after done, jump in water and press look key (pad-0) to get back the view, swim left and pick the Uzi ammo on the centre ground of 4 pillars, swim right to back of the structure, pick ammo and then swim to top of it to get med pack, then swim back tunnel, backtrack to the sign, and slide back to the station.

Get the Terrorists' Keys 1

Since you've got many med packs and ammos, we can meet with terrorists now. Jump over leftmost ticket chopper, follow stairway, when you see the train, run to nearest red framed window of the train, pull up quickly and crawl forward fast to avoid gunshot from the terrorist (use med pack if badly hurt), always keep crawling gesture here and go get the [Uzi] (ah-ha! now we can fight), then pick med pack on the other side, slide down from other side of the train, and run left, ready the Uzi and kill 2 terrorists coming for you. Go to left end of railway, light flare and pick up <Secret #2>- the [Grenade Gun] (if you'd like, you can also pick the grenade gun, then use it to kill terrorists). Go back platform and kill the terrorist inside the train near the centre door of the train, then pick up the [Terrorists' Keys 1] (if you killed him near other doors, the key might be dropped very near the pole in the train, and you can't pick it up in any way).

Get the Terrorists' Keys 2

Jump over left rail and go to left end of railway, use the key to open the staff-only door and enter (this is the room that will be lead to if you take the path ahead from the mesh in the hidden path you got earlier), take ladder down, drop at last, turn and draw weapon quickly to kill another terrorist, pick ammo, use pistol to crash wooden crates you can see and pick the rewards if any, the one behind the blocks will reveal [Crowbar]. Climb ladder and back to platform, go the other end, use pistol to crash the wooden obstacle with danger sign, use crowbar to pull switch and trigger some electric explosion. Go back the staff-only room, the door blow the pentagon mark is now blasted away and reveal an opening, enter the 3rd-floor balcony area and draw weapon to kill the terrorist and get the [Terrorists' Keys 2].

The Silver Key

Go back station, use key on keyhole on right wall to open door on left, reverse and draw weapon to kill a dog, blast the wooden obstacle, another dog burst out, run away from opening and choose a good spot to kill dog (this avoids blasting the oil can in the opening which may ignite fire blocks the opening), enter opening, walk and keep Lara close to left wall to avoid the machine gun in the alcove above. After passing the wall, turn slightly right and running jump to grab the red pole, slide down to ground, pull the dead body away, go the other side to open the door where the body

just covered, jump down, draw pistol to blast small crate to get the [Laser Sight] (the large crate will reveal soldier). Ready powerful weapon and enter area with blocks, kill 2 soldiers and run forward and kill 3rd soldier, pick ammo they left, shoot 2 crates on ground, pick the reward, climb up highest block nearby to pick up a small med pack, crouch and shoot the crate on top of a block diagonally to reveal the [Silver Key], go to a block near that block, jump and grab diagonally, pull up and get the key, jump ground, go pressing the button on wall to open the hidden door just beside you and find you back where you found the crowbar.

Get the Terrorists' Keys 3

Climb the ladder and go back the room with machine gun in alcove, this time go left and meet with 2 now-still-friendly soldiers (you can still attack them to get ammos actively if you need), use the key to open door, draw weapon to kill those 2 now- unfriendly soldiers, pick ammo and med pack, follow stairway down, if you want Uzi ammo, you can enter right door to eventually kill a soldier to get it, or enter left door and draw weapon to kill a solider on left side, enter another door to find 3 more door ahead, the nearest one leads to another soldier who carries small med pack, the

far door has a soldier with nothing, open 2nd door, then draw weapon to kill a soldier from the way you came, enter 2nd door, kill another soldier, enter door to find 2 new doors, right first also has a soldier with nothing, another door leads to upstairs, so enter it and follow the stairway up, jump grab pole, slide down, go stairway down to enter 2nd-floor balcony area, kill the soldier and get the reward to the left, the [Terrorists' Keys 3].

Get the Bronze Key

Go back to where you found secret #2, jump down the no-entry sign opening, use key to open door, enter a bit and leap back to draw the soldier's attention and decoy him to the path, draw weapon and kill him, get the [Bronze Key].

Destroy the Annoying Machine Gun

Go right and see an impossible-to-get flown [Revolver] (ya! ya! I know, it looks exactly same as Laraís hot pants, believe me, it's the revolver, I can only use cheat code to get the revolver), align Lara with the flown revolver, use the key on the you-can't-see keyhole on the centre panel wall top raise the whole panel wall. You need to make the back of machine gun face with the opening you'll enter later, so this is how you do it:

step1> go to right-rear corner.

step2> turn toward opening direction; run straight to let machine gun lose some of your health until it stops shooting.

step3> stay close to the wall on machine gun side, and run back to the keyhole (or inner) position, turn you back to machine gun.

step4> forward and leap back wall to let the gun lose some of your health again.

step5> crawl back to the opening

Now stay Laraís back close with the wall and enter opening, combine laser sigh with revolver, aim and shoot the red-triangular mark on the machine gun to destroy it.

Get the Terrorists' Keys 4

Follow the path and crawl thru the broken tube passage (don't worry, the smoke won't hurt you), climb the pole up, jump to path at end, climb up ladder, enter a big room and kill 2 soldiers. Go to the barred cage, that's where you get plenty ammos and med pack via the very beginning hidden path, enter the opening on the corner beyond the cage and follow the path to the end, grab pole and slide to bottom, continue and finally reach the ground-floor balcony area, draw weapon and kill the soldier to get the [Terrorists' Keys 4].

Get the Car Keys

Trace back and go to the room where you find crowbar (the fast way is once Lara gets back to the room with cage, jump down to lower floor, jump grab red pole, slide down to bottom, jump down opening and follow path to the room. BTW, if you are curious, the restroom before the alcove machine gun has only 1 soldier inside with nothing), draw weapon to blast the wooden obstacle, shoot crate and kill the burst dog, use key on the keyhole to open right door, jump and grab the ladder, climb down to bottom, enter the red ground base area, go left to end, use crowbar to trigger another explosion to open a big hole in the centre of this area, once scene get back to Lara, turn and draw weapon to kill the soldier, get the [Car Keys] and drive jeep down to hole, enter opening to a giant cave area, park just below, go to hills on 2 short sides of this area to get flares (you going to need a lot of flare after a while), then drive jeep to jump though the dark gap to the area across. You can see there are blue and red area far ahead, actually they are both U-shaped path.

The Blue Dark Cave

Drive in blue path first, park jeep, climb ladder up and into a very dark cave with only blue lights guiding you vague direction, jump down to 3rd pillar, turn left, jump back down and grab edge, pull up again, then reverse to make Lara face the far wall at sharp 90 degree angle (this is very important to make Lara do next action successfully), running jump and grab the crevice, shimmy all the long way left to the end, drop and reverse, walk to edge, holding jump for 4 sloped pillar and land at a flat pillar at last, keep jumping and holding pillar all the way up until you reach a pillar with obvious blue light, jump and grab ceiling, monkey swing toward another blue light pillar, drop there, go down slope into another purple room, pull the switch to open a door in the red U-shaped path, and money swing back, this time swing all the way back to the entrance.

The Red Dark Cave

Back to jeep and drive to red path, drive jeep into the opening slowly, park jeep, light flare to find there's a L-turn road and the sloped up, go back jeep, drive along the road and keep holding drive key to pass thru 3 gaps and 2 sloped road, once reach the 3rd sloped road, slow down quickly and use drive-check-brake strategy to see if jeep get to the flat area, once on flat road, turn right and keep driving ahead until you reach another red path. Drive along the path and at the end slowly drive up the slope and park just right on the very small flat area, park jeep, jump up and grab ceiling, monkey swing all the way ahead, drop at end and we are in the entrance to a big green garden maze.

The Green Garden Maze

Though it's big, but no stuff here to get (as far as I traversed), let me give you the specific way (note: Lara turns only at junction point, and Lara could turn left, turn right, or go ahead when at the junction, I'll just use 'left>', 'right>', or 'ahead|' for short):

Step1 (Open closed door somewhere in maze):

Right>, left<, left<, left< (at this point you can look right and up to find an opening above, that's where we are to enter), right>, enter opening, enter another purple room, pull the lever to open a some door somewhere in the maze, go back maze, left<, right>, right>, right>, look left and you can see an opening where you enter maze at first.

Step2 (Get to top area of the green garden):

Starting from where you are, ahead|, ahead|, left<, ahead|, left<, left<, ahead|

, on the left midway, you can find an now-opened door, enter the opening, here you can always use right>, if there's an dead end, just go back junction and take right again (actually this area is quite easy to traverse), eventually you'll get to a ladder, climb up and find Lara on the top area.

Step3 (Enter Last opening)

Turn and see across to find the opening I mentioned earlier, jump over the maze path below and jump again to reach the final opening. (Canít remember if the top area has any stuff to get)

Finale. (But Save Game Carefully!!)

I suggest to save game before entering the opening, once done save, enter opening to the end, pick up the last treasure and reveal some sloped path behind (if you save game here then load game again, you'll find the slope path will never appear again, weird???), jump to slope path and finish this level (the story is not ended yet, however)