Levels by BigFoot.


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


We’re using the compass for directions, the red needle. Could be we made some errors here and there, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out. If it’s not W, look E etc.


You need to find at least 10 of the 15 Secrets to enter a Bonus level…





1 - Historic District of Safi.


3 Secrets.


Right at the start you’ll get NATLA’S HOUSE KEY and a Page for the Notepad.

Facing the tracks, take a right (S) and enter the tunnel, shoot a fence in an opening up left, grab some Flares and make your way down the passage and shoot two rats, open a blue door. On the grated floor, shoot one of the barriers and drop into the water below. Swim up W and climb out. On the crate are Flares, then enter the passage SW, shoot a rat and climb over the crates. Pull the wooden one at the E side once E and look behind it for a passage leading to a Medipack and Secret 1/3, an Ornate Plate. Get out, into the passage SE and follow up to a room with a floor lever opening a door way back at the tracks (start level). Through the fence you can see the Rusty Key, can’t reach that.


So, make your way back over the crates to the pool area, from the crate where the Flares were a jump and grab to the crack E and shimmy right, ledge jump up to the next crack, right again and back jump up to the grated floor. Out W to the tracks and into the tunnel N, take a right to where that door opened. First go straight, up the stairs, through a curtain to a corridor and take a right.

At the end of the corridor, look up and spot a hatch, open that and climb up. Throw the floor lever in the windowsill and see a door opening up. Get down, follow the corridor back to the staircase and keep going left to end up at a workbench with a small medipack and that open door ahead of you (S).


Back Streets, Rusty Key.


You are now behind that big fence at the tracks. Open the small door S and follow the corridor up to the far end where you can open a blue door left, follow the passage down to that workbench with the RUSTY KEY. Make your way back out to the street, head NE through to a small square and then right to the gate you saw when you grabbed the Key. Use the Rusty Key to open the gates.


The Way into Natla’s House.


To the NE is Natla’s House, but the gates are closed as the Notepad says. Take a right (S) and go through a small arch into an alley, open the door E and step into a room with 3 floor levels. In front and left is a box you can shoot and inside is a Timed switch opening a door two floors up. Let’s prepare the route, as this is a Timed run


Timed Run.


Open the blue door SE and go out into the yard. On the terrace E is a crate, pull that 4 times so it’s under and opening in the fence of the balcony above. Grab the top of the crate (face E) and ledge jump up to the balcony. Turn right and run jump onto the right sloped side of the roof S, so you can jump off and land on the balcony going W. Go to the small door NW and kick it open. Straight to the W is the Timed door. Take the passage N to get one floor down and jump over the fence to the lower floor where the switch is. Save at the switch, run out and do running jumps over the fences aiming straight for the crate. Get up to the balcony, jump onto that roof S and get inside fast and through the door.


The Sewers.


Jump/grab the roof W and shimmy all the way left, then one grab back and drop/grab the jump lever. You’ll end up in the sewers. Climb out at the stairs E, go right around and pick up Flares, go through the opening S and shoot a rat. There are some burners in this room, in the W wall is a block. Pull it out, place it on the nearby burner and that will shut off the burner upstairs too. From the crate NE you can grab up to the floor above and go to the W, pick up the small medipack and use the floor lever, that will lower one of two blocks in a passage E downstairs. Well, you’ll know what to do now, move the block over to that other burner and use the second floor lever upstairs. Both blocks E are now down. Push the block into that passage, all the way to the end.


Leave the burner room NW, hop into the water and swim through E, right and into a pool with a floating crate, climb up on the crate. Jump/grab the block (you pushed) in the W wall and ledge jump up to the niche above. Shoot the cover and use the switch to open a door in the entrance to the Sewer. Drop back into the pool.


Swim out N and left back to the entrance pool, climb out at the stairs and find the open door E, follow (watch out for the incoming oil barrel, to a floor lever opening the hatch up W. Climb out there and you are inside the courtyard of Natla’s House.


Natla’s House, the 5 Switches for the Main Gate and a Torch.


Shoot a guard dog and use that House Key on the door N, step inside and a flyby gives you the tour. Open the doors W, in the kitchen go right into the laundry room and flip the switch (1/5) in the window. Go back out to the entrance and straight over into the lounge E, take a right and open the doors into the Dining room. Behind the curtains of the second window left is switch 2/5.


In the fireplace (save before going in if you want to view the flyby again) are Torches. Grab one, go onto the higher floor W and leave the Torch near the door there (you can open the door with the button left of it).


Go out of the Dining room (N), straight and left up the stairs. Left (S) and at the window open the blue doors right. In this bathroom is switch 3/5 in the window next to the toilet. Back out to the corridor and keep right (E), to the right is an empty bedroom. Climb over the pile of linen E and open the doors to the right. The Notepad reveals a new Page, this is Jaqueline’s Office, we need two Keys. Open the doors W and step out onto the balcony.


Open the Gates.


Go to the terrace SW and hop onto the courtyard wall below. Follow to the end (NW) and grab up to a crack in the N wall, shimmy left around and pull up at Secret #2/3, an Ornate Plate and a Medipack. Shimmy back around and drop onto the wall, just over the high point (above the gate), hang down into the courtyard and spot the jump lever just left of the big gates. The Gates open up.


Now we can take the Torch out to the street. Go inside the house, right to the Dining room and open the door W, take the Torch out through the open door and hop over the fence.

Go into the workshop SE, down the hatch taking the Torch with you. Follow the passage down the barrel slope to the Sewer entrance and ignite the Torch at the wall torch, make your way back up to the courtyard and go through the gates W, follow the street left around the compound and in the end of the N alley is a wall torch in a niche to the right, ignite that. Go down into the tunnel, shoot some rats and get some Flares right. Then hop onto a crate N to open the hatch above. You are now at another side of Natla’s House.


The Blue Key.


Head W and left of the pool is the backdoor, open it and go in, left around in the window is switch 4/5. Open the doors W and that is the connection to the front part of the house. Go back outside (N) and right at the pool and at the next corner of the walls is a ladder up (S), climb it. Run S and grab a small medipack, return to the ladder and head W, you can already see our next switch. Open the doors and in that bedroom, on the nightstand next to the bed is the BLUE KEY. Go E into the bathroom, in the window is switch 5/5, the gates to the back courtyard open up. Go back into the bedroom, the doors S open the way to the corridor (front part of the House) in case you missed a switch there.


The Yellow Key.


Go out N, right and down that ladder. Through the gates N, shoot the guard dogs. In the NE corner is the entrance to a small maze, just keep going right till you come to a little yard with chairs. Go in S and left to use a jump lever there, go back to the little yard and behind a low wooden a hatch opened up. Drop down and follow to a wooden crate, move the crate through the NW passage till you come to another grated ceiling above. Jump on the crate and up to the ceiling to monkey swing along the outer walls (in that dark corner is an opening leading to Secret #3/3, an Ornate Plate and a Medipack. Get it now and make your way back to the crate. All the way at the end of the monkey climb (over a spike pit) is a crawlspace, drop/grab and get in. Go right into a machine room, use the floor lever to start the pumps flooding the swimming pool. Open the door E with the switch and go SE through the big gates and right to the pool, dive in and in a gap near the diving board is the YELLOW KEY (SE).


The Code.


Go up that ladder (SE), head W and go left into the house through the bedroom, open the door S if you didn’t yet, go left over the linen pile and follow right into the Office, use the Keys S. Go into the file room and shoot the cover NE to use the switch, a fan will blow some paper away. Go back into the office and grab the SCRAP OF PAPER, examine it. So, we’ll have to find us a code. Go N into the corridor, left over the linen and left into the bedroom, on the wall is a painting with Two Pyramids. Go out, left (W) to the intersection and left into the bathroom, on the wall is a painting with Three Cats. Go out and N, right down the stairs and right, straight into the Dining room. Above the fireplace is an image of Venus and to the left is a diagram of the solar system, left (not shown is the Sun). Venus is in position number Two from the Sun. Out of the room N, left into the corridor and straight through the hallway into the kitchen, there are two paintings with in total Nine Cakes (2329).

Make your way back upstairs to the Office and into the File room, use the code on the pad to open the door. A new Page for the Notepad as you enter.

Go to the Map on the wall, with the red dot and you will be taken to the next level.


2 - Cap Beddouzza.


3 Secrets




Climb up NE, follow through to a deep gorge. Jump right onto the slope and grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy left as far as you can and pull up. Back flip with roll and grab the edge of the opposite slope, shimmy right to a spot where you can stand (a bit before the corner). Turn around and hop into the tunnel. Go all the way up to the back wall and face N to grab up to a slope above, shimmy left to where you can’t go any further, back jump (not pull up and back flip) and grab the crack in the opposite wall.

For a Secret: shimmy right past a horizontal part and on the part sloping down again, back jump into a niche with Secret #1/3, a Starfish. Jump out right to grab the slope there, shimmy right, back jump and shimmy left to a sandy part where you can pull up. Go up into the tunnel, follow through to where you’ll slide onto a beach and get a Page for the Notepad.


Beach, lowering Cages.


Remember you got an OXYGEN CAPSULE in the inventory, this helps you breath under water. Whenever the camera angle changes to wide view, you are in an area that’s none of your business.


Go about straight to the edge of the water and looking at the sunset, you can see a rock a bit right of the sun. Underneath that rock is a tunnel, swim in there and in the last chamber is an underwater ceiling lever under a block. A cage will lower at a chain (1). To the S you can see another cage if you look up through the fence. Swim back through the tunnel and up to the sea, a bit left and climb out onto the beach near that little fortress. Go N over the beach from there and up left into the NW corner (there’s a trapdoor near that green plant on the higher ledge, we’ll get into that later). Once on the higher ledge, go S and passing the palm trees and fort, go right around the corner, then left around the next and a father passing a palmtree you can’t go further. Hang from the edge and shimmy left, around a corner till you see an opening below, drop/grab and get in. Grab Flares and follow the tunnel into the water, keep left, sharp around a corner into a triangle opening and find Secret #2/3, a Starfish. Swim straight out and keep left again, in the end you’ll come to another underwater ceiling lever under a block. A cage will lower at a chain (2).


The Sidi Chachkal Key.


Swim back out SE, right around and up a sloped part.

Swim into the opening SW and follow through to the beach and you’ll end up in the water. Swim to the E.

For a Secret: In the first deep part of the bottom is a plant (S) and hidden in the plant is Secret #3/3, a Starfish.


Get onto the beach near the fortress, and up in the NW corner to that nice green banana plant. Go down into the tunnel there (N), grab Flares and get to the room with the chains. Pull both of them and go through the opened barrier N to get the SIDI CHACHKAL KEY.


Go back up the tunnel SW to the beach, go use the Key at the little fortress and the barrier opens up. Go in and use the wheel pulley to open that trapdoor in the far N. Run over the beach to the N, then go up a dune NW and get onto the higher grassy ledge. Between those stone blocks is the open trapdoor, get down and in the next chamber you’ll get a Page for the Notepad. Pick up a small medipack SE.


Collapsed Mine.


Go into the tunnel W, straight and over the rubble and keep going left to come to an ancient room with a corroded floor lever. Using it will open a barrier near the start of the level. So, make your way back to the hatch (keep going right) and climb up to the surface, get down to the beach.


The Huge Cave.


Run S to that rock plateau with the slanted pillar and get into the tunnel W, carefully follow down till you are at that really deep cave. Jump across and grab the slope, shimmy right around to the end where you can pull up. Jump over to where the barrier opened and enter, do safety drops down till you are overlooking that huge cave below. Across to the right you can see a Medipack, Jump to the slope right, grab the edge and shimmy to the Medipack. Head into the passage and a danger sound will alert you to the arrival of some scorpions. Just keep following the tunnels from plateau to plateau and you’ll come to a wide, sloped tunnel. Take some fun slides down and end up in a tunnel with a grey sandy floor and two scorpions. Go out to where you are finally at the bottom of the cave. To the N, left of a waterfall is a tunnel we need to get to, but that requires some creative thinking.


Go into the far S end of the cave, stand on the yellow fallen pillar, face N and stand on the right hand side, see screenshot .

Run jump and grab the pillar N. Run jump SW to the block in the waterfall (be careful, the water will push you down). Do a running jump SW again onto a ledge near the wall. Stand jump N to the ledge next to the waterfall and aim for the block in the upper end of the waterfall. Jump up, and a running jump as far as you can to the N sandy slope, you’ll have to slide facing down, then jump hard left to end up on the ledge along the N wall.


Jump up 2x NW and get a Page for the Notepad. Slide down and end up at another waterfall, hop N and run jump/grab the pillar E, then just follow the path to that tunnel N…..


3 - Tighaline’s Sunken Realm.


3 Secrets


Lower a Block.


Follow the winding tunnel to the Main area of the Sunken Realm. Turn a bit right (NE) and swim to the ruins, the first broken wall has a sloped block against the E wall. Pull up on that and back jump to the wall behind you, you’ll get a Page for the Notepad. Jump NW, go N a bit and turn right to get to a triangle opening in the E wall, get through to a small space with big doors (we’ll be back) and a jump lever (#1) in the NE corner, that’s for a raising block in the Main area.


Get back through the triangle opening, swim W and then right (NW) into the grey corner and just when you see a small arch and a gap in the N rock face, look in the E sandstone wall for a triangle opening, inside is Secret #1/3, Orichalcum. Now swim through that low gap in the N wall, up to the surface and climb onto a ledge S, jump to the SE corner and from there N to the floor. Use the jump lever (#2) right of the Crowbar door (we’ll be back) and you’ll get s screen of the block/door in the Main area lowering. Swim back through the gap S, and to the SW corner of the Main area. Into the now open structure.


The Ocean and Shipwreck, Crowbar.


Follow the winding tunnel to the ocean with a wreck halfway buried in the bottom. Secret; Swim SW over the wreck and in the bottom, near those ruins in the SW corner is an opening, get down and find Secret #2/3, Orichalcum. Back out, aim NE to the wreck and follow the deck to the left and just before the bridge you can go down; to the S a bit and up left through a tiny crack and go N, then NE where you see the railings and all the way down. Through a tiny opening N, surface there and get out on a life boat, grab a small medipack and get a Page for the Notepad. Jump into the SE corner, turn around and grab up, follow through to drop into water and get to the W side, dive down there and find the UW lever SW. A hatch opens in the wreck. Turn around, surface and climb out S, hop over the slope and swim down SE through the opening, make your way back SW to the tiny hole and swim up to the hull. Head N and just behind the midships bridge is that hatch you’ve seen.


Follow through going down and then S, through a tiny gap and surface in the wheelhouse, up to the N is the CROWBAR, get a Page for the Notepad. Make your way out of the ship and for a last Secret, swim straight N to the stern, there’s a dent in the bottom, next to the deck, go in and right around the corner are a small medipack and Secret #3/3, Orichalcum. Swim out, to the E side and follow to the S, you’ll come to that tunnel we came from before (not the upper tunnel). You’ll come to the Main area with the sandstone ledges.


Turn left and swim NW underneath the grey wall (N) and surface, turn around and climb out on the ledge as before, go left to jump over to the N floor. Up the steps and use the Crowbar on the door. In the back pull up E, S and follow through S and slide down to where you see a sandstone wall. Walk out onto the ledge N, run jump and grab the high slope left, shimmy right and safety drop down. Make your way over those pillar tops to the S and on the last one you can jump/grab up N, follow through and come to yet another area of the Realm. Get over to an opening in the E (NE) wall. Take a right inside, crawl through and follow to a boulder, push it down. Follow the boulder out, walk out onto the grey ledge, safety drop down. Turn around and swim down into the first hole in the floor, a small tunnel opened there (to the S). Follow through and surface in the end. In the NE corner (E wall) you can just stand and be able to grab up to a corner ledge. Hop over and use the pulley to open those big doors at the first jump lever we used.

Swim back to the Main area, to the E wall and pull up to that sloped block (SE) again, back flip to get onto the ledges. Jump around that grey rock again to get to the ledge N of it and hop into the triangle opening E. Go straight through those big doors and find the TEMPLE CRYSTAL KEY I (we need one more as the Page for the Notepad indicates). Hop into the water, swim through the structure SW to the Wreck and as soon as you exit the tunnel, go up and left to find another tunnel. Follow through and surface.


Up the stairs W and fight off a poisonous Crab. Not much else to do than continue, as the Temple Key on the upper floor cannot be reached from here. Stand in the hole in the E wall, run jump onto the low block in the water  (there’s a strong current), continue to the ledge SE and then S to the bank. Climb up twice, grab the Flares and climb up straight again, then up to the right to slide into a tunnel with big doors and a puzzle hole (Behind those doors is that Key we saw where we shot the Crab, for later).


Just follow the tunnel to the S and left into a smaller one, turn right and the level changes….


4 - Dolphins and Palace Ruins, First visit.


3 Secrets (2 this visit)


Follow through and get a flyby, seems we have to set that captured Dolphin free to access the other side of the area. Just hop down into the water below, climb out onto the basin wall E. Well, the Page for the Notepad you’ll get there confirms my thoughts. The mentioned rock is located SE in the corner of the E basin. Hop into the water there and find a small tunnel E. Take a left and surface, pull up on a sloped rock and back flip roll to face E and grab the ridge behind you, shimmy left a bit and back jump, grab the ledge W. Turn around and run jump up NE into a tunnel, follow to a wider tunnel with a cascade.Mind you, the water will try to take you down, so don’t dilly dally, go up E and hop up left into an opening, follow through and hop onto the central blocks in the next part, follow up E and shoot another Crab.


The Nasty Cascade.


Here comes a nice ordeal, look up SE from the last part of safe ground and you can already make out the path you have to take up that cascade, see screenshot


Be sure to save whenever you are on a firm rock. (the first safe spot will release a boulder though…, so quickly jump to the one at the wall. Or just jump out of the way and try again.  Once in the opening W, you could turn around, run jump out straight, along the left side of the opening and side flip right as soon as you land. That upper ledge doesn’t have much current, run through the waterfall and grab Secret #1/3, Orichalcum. Run jump out curving left to get into that opening again. Push the rock in the NW corner, it will hit the rock plugging the basin, the Dolphins will rejoice and as a thank you, a door will be opened for you.


Just follow the boulder passage down and slide down into the basin,  down through the hole in the bottom where that boulder was stuck and find the open door S, nearby. Inside swim W and up into the upper part, continue and surface, pull up on the left side of the slope NE, back flip and slide, then jump hard left to end up on a ledge. Climb up E, jump S, climb up and jump N, back over to the S end again and take a left at the river. You are now on the other side of that big canyon where the Dolphins were.


The Palace Puzzle, Scarab Talisman I.


Go SW through the opening to the Palace, an artifact is shown. Run to the far E end and find a glass floor, up E you’ll see some symbols, make a note of those. Turn around and go back a bit, right through the opening at the obelisks and step on a blue tile inside. This will reveal the path over the glass floor, first row left (hand), first row right) (feathers and 3rd row center (dotted line, and in that order). Don’t touch other squares and if all went well, the 3 fires under the symbols are lit and a door opens left under the falcon face.

Go in there and use the big button, double doors are shown. Get back out, over the glass floor (doesn’t matter how). Go left (S) into the first opening and throw the floor lever in that room to switch over to the “cleopatra” part of the puzzle. Get out, look E over the glass floor to see which symbols you need this time (Snake/Eye/Falcon and in that order) and turn around to go into the clues room N and look where they are located. Go into the “cleopatra” door right and use the big button, double doors are shown, opening up this time.


Head back W and at the fountain left/left through those big doors, upstairs you’ll find the SCARAB TALISMAN I. A door opens up in the passage SE of where you are, behind that obelisk.


Hall with the Lever/Symbol/Fire Puzzle, Scarab Talisman II.


SE in the next Hall are 5 clue symbols on the floor and a big pit to the S. In the SW corner are 4 floor levers and a 5th is inside the area with the fires. NW is a door and near the levers is second door.

Let’s start with the Levers as we have to reach that lever you can just see left of the fires inside that passage. Use (from left to right) 1.3.4 (other combinations might be possible?) and go around to the SE where the deep pit is, you can bring up blocks in that pit by stepping on some symbols. I did the Falcon, Snake, skip the next by hopping over to Feathers and then step left onto that “Sail”, the Eye E is “reset”. You’ll now should have 4 sets of blocks to cross the pit. go right and find a big button on the W wall. The door at the levers opens up. Make your way back over the pit, loop around left and follow the passage behind the open door to to to that floor lever in the Fire passage, the door in the NW corner of the Hall opens when you use the lever.


So, back through the door and straight N, left through the door near the back wall. Follow the winding stairs and corridors to a corridor with big doors on either side. Through an opening N you can reach the SECOND SCARAB TALISMAN. Take it and the big doors E in the corridor open up. Follow through and come to a puzzle floor.


“Cleopatra” Puzzle.


Step on the elevated tile right and the doors across the floor open up. Step on the tile left and you’ll see a transparent tile along the left wall. But if you look closely, you’ll also notice some symbols with black spots on them. That’s the safe path to the door. For a Secret, first go to that transparent tile, follow through and get Secret #2/3, Orichalcum from the room above the puzzle floor. Safety drop down, or take the long way back, the doors will be closed anyway. Re-open the doors with the right hand tile and follow the safe path without touching other tiles.


Water Puzzle, Open doors.


Next room has a water room under a floor that’s only partially solid. Step on the clue tile to get the path (if you happen to make a mistake, you can get back up through the NW corner). In the next room is a big button up on the steps, those other big doors, in the corridor where the Talisman was, open up. So, back through the water room (hop in, swim through NW and up), through the Cleo room and make your way W through the winding corridors. Through the now open big doors and up the ladder wall.


Using the Scarab Talisman, the Hand of Orion.


Back flip/roll off and jump onto the nearby great block to shoot a Crab. Follow through to a dark portal and in the room with the transparent floor are two receptacles for the two Scarab Talisman. A Demigod arises from the floor, run up close, duck and fire away, or do it the old fashioned way by jumping around. He will leave behind the HAND OF ORION. The Dolphins are happy once again.


Back to Tighaline’s Sunken Realm.


Leave N, a rope is shown over the Dolphin Pit. Follow the corridor to the ladder wall and get down, go E and first left (this is a fast way down, if you want to trace back your steps, take the second left). Walk up to the balustrade under the left side of the arches in the room entrance and look down, there’s that fountain. Just hop over the balustrade landing in the water down there. Leave NW and go N to the Dolphin pit. Jump to the rope, swing across and follow up, in the end up left into the dark corner and walk left up to the wall…


3 - Tighaline’s Sunken Realm, just passing through.


The Temple Crystal Key.


To the right of where you enter the tunnel is that door where you can use the Hand, inside is where you can finally grab that TEMPLE CRYSTAL KEY we saw a while back.


Opening the Temple.


Hop N over the balustrade, into the water and into the tunnel in the bottom (N), follow through and come to the Ocean with the Shipwreck.

Swim to the Temple N, find the 2 openings left and right of the Main entrance and place the two Crystal Keys. Swim into the Main entrance and up in the end, run forward…


4 - Dolphins and Palace Ruins, Second visit.


1 Secret.


Temple Crystal Keys.


Run N, the Dolphins are here… Dive in with them, go down into the opening NE, follow around left and find Secret #3/3, Orichalcum. Back to where the Dolphins are and into the NW corner, follow the tunnel to the end and surface, use the two levers on the wall to open doors. Swim back and get out of the water. E and W of the high stepped structure are these doors, enter both sides, shoot the Demigods and take the TEMPLE CRYSTAL KEY. Place them in the back of the rooms. A CRYSTAL ENERGY CELL will appear on the pedestal, a Red one W and a Blue one E. They can be used in the previous rooms, on the blocks. Once completed, a Teleport will activate on that stepped structure, let’s hop in….


5 - Hearts in Atlantis.


3 Secrets.


A Yellow Crystal Energy Cell.


Walk out of the teleport chamber and after the second set of grey pillars, look right to spot a transparent triangle part of wall, get through and take Secret #1/3, Orichalcum. Back out and N to get to a receptacle for an Energy Cell, go left (W, can be done in random order) and keep along the left wall, get through the Lava wall and push an energy node onto the tile W, a door opens. Back through the Lava wall and loop around left into that opened door, take the YELLOW CRYSTAL PART I. Head out E back to the main corridor and enter E side this time, keep left, walk to the edge and take a step back, then hop back. Run jump onto the platform and a running jump across to the opposite side, push the node onto the tile. Back the way you came and loop left around through the door, pry the YELLOW CRYSTAL PART II from the wall, combine both parts to get a YELLOW CRYSTAL ENERGY.

Back to the Main corridor and use the Crystal on the block. Watch the cut scene.


Go over that magic bridge (just run), down a slope and after the obelisks another bridge to cross to that head. At the end of the bridge, grab up to the climb wall on the nose and go up over the head, through the opening and find a floor lever you can’t use. Two receptacles and two ways to go. Up to you…


W Side: Pyramid of Fire.


The Lava/Water Cave.


Left (W), follow through some lava flows, grab Flares and step on the lower grey tile, the wall in front opens up to a Lava Cave.

When you slide down, you’ll get a warning NOT to go (swim) directly over Lava spots, they’re deadly. So, best slide straight down and swim over that broken bridge to the W side.


The Pyramid Key.


Turn left (S) and through an opening. Up a cooled down Lava flow and keep right going up and follow the path of the same textures to the N, then the floor changes, after the high grey part you’ll find blackish lava tiles, run jump from the first to the next, a bit to the left and a hop up right to the light grey floor at the right hand wall. In the next room notice a block (x) in the left wall.


Go to the far N end into a tunnel, follow the sand floor and get into the water, to the right, near the end, is an alcove with an UW lever. That block (x) goes down, so return to that block and enter the passage. Over the lava pit is a TIMED lever bringing out a platform in the tunnel where the UW lever is. The Run-Swim isn’t that hard, but careful once around the corner after passing over the platform…. Swim left around along the wall and turn right to get over that high sandstone block, swim straight up and climb out on the block at the surface. Grab the wall with the Crystals and climb left around to the other side. Back flip/roll to grab the next rock and go left around one corner. Back flip/roll and grab the ledge. Jump SE, E and follow to the N end. Jump to the slope and make your way to the S over the lava flow, then up in a zig zag pattern, not too hard to figure out.


At the top travel right (S) and end up on that sandy ledge. Hop up left (E) into the opening. Follow through to a Small Pyramid, climb to the top from the N side and grab PYRAMID KEY. A screen will show you where to use that, top of the first slope. Slide down W, down to the sandy ledge and left, hop down a bit to the right and use the Key. Doors open at the bottom of the slope, slide down straight and swim down a bit to find those doors under the small roof.

Detour for a Secret (this time I recognized those black tiles in the Lava): Swim W over the bridge again, right around that obelisk and swim to the broken part of the balustrade, look over the edge and spot blackish lava tiles, this are cooled off, so, safe but they will still take some health. Swim down hugging the W wall, go up above the sloped side and left (N) into a tunnel in the corner. Pick up a Medipack there and swim over to the gap E, while monitoring your health. Grab Secret #2/3, Orichalcum and quickly make your way back to those black lava tiles, go up and up over the floor. Swim back over the bridge and straight down through the doors.


Into the Pyramid, the Cube Artifact.


Be sure to swim over solid floors or sandy ledges and in a back room you can surface, swim over to the N side and climb up to a raising block. Jump over to the S, and pick up the CUBE ARTIFACT (to the S, behind the glass is one of those rooms where you pushed an Energy Node before. The block N is now down, so jump back there and go through, left into a teleport, then you can pick up a SCARAB TALISMAN I. Use the lever on the wall to lower the block and once through you will find yourself back at the Floor lever… Place the First Talisman and head into the other passage.


E Side: Pyramid of Water.


Slide down, a moving platform and a crack in the left wall. As long as the platform moves, it isn’t solid, so only jump to it when it is fully extended and jump/grab up to the crack (I did a side flip to the platform and a jump forward to grab the crack). Shimmy right and back jump to grab the crack behind, shimmy left and back jump again to the next crack, ledge jump up and shimmy right to the passage. Jump over the lava in the next chamber and in the second chamber after that are some Flares. Walk up to another one of those pyramid slopes.


Killing the Flames.


Go down the right hand side and go next to the second obelisk. Turn facing W and hop backwards to grab the ledge of the obelisk, shimmy to the jump lever (1) and use it to kill a flame in a crawlspace,. Turn around and swim straight E to an UW lever (2) for a second flame in that crawlspace. Turn around, swim a bit left (S) and find a dark pillar nearby, under the SE corner of it is an UW ceiling lever (3) for the flames in the crawlspace.


Swim to the far SW corner of the cave and alongside the pyramid to a ledge W. Get out, jump to the flatter spot in the pyramid slope and make your way up to a lever (4) for the flames in the crawlspace. Swim back where you came into this area (NW), climb out on a ledge and hop to the stairs S. Jump over the broken bridge parts to an entrance E, go straight and left around the corner is the now safe crawlspace. Get through and follow through to a balcony with a floor lever which will raise a block near where we came down the pyramid slope before.


For a Secret, walk up to the broken balustrade next to the lever, stand jump and grab the grey rock pillar with the green crystals and shimmy right around. Pull up and go get (the last) Secret #3/3, Orichalcum.


Into the Pyramid, Pyramid Key.


Swim W, climb out at the sloped ledge and go up the steps a bit to that block, jump N to the flat spot and make your way up the ledges, enter the Pyramid. Go up that Pyramid inside and take the PYRAMID KEY. Back the way you came, go down one or two steps along the slope and jump to the keyhole S.


Cube Artifact II.

A passage opens up under water and it is located in the S slope of the Pyramid. Use the UW lever inside and swim back out, straight and up to go through the big doors. Straight ahead is CUBE ARTIFACT II. The door behind it opens up, once through you’ll find a teleport to the left, go through and get the SCARAB TALISMAN. Use the lever S and go through the opening, right and you are back at that floor lever. Place the Talisman and now you can use the lever, the throat of the “head” opens up. Go down S, climb down the nose and safety drop onto the transparent bridge, go through the mouth, pick up a Medipack and step into the next Hall. Watch the cut scene and hit esc a few times to scroll through the story.


Fight the Robot by jumping around to avoid his bolts and watch the health. Pick up BACILLUS'S HEAD and doors open in the back, you’ll get a Page for the Notepad. We’ll probably have to open that black pedestal in the back, two passages, take your pick and place the two Cube Artifacts, the pedestal opens up and reveals an ANCIENT SCROLL, the entrance door opens, so leave S, the Teleport is shown. A bit further along you’ll see the glass cracking, then you’re almost out of time, quickly run to that Teleport straight ahead and hop in.


4 - Dolphins and Palace Ruins, Third Visit.


When you arrive back in the Dolphins level, a door is shown and that door is where the two levers are for the doors E and W of the Teleport. Hop SE into the water below, follow the tunnel NW, surface in the end and climb out. Go through the new door N, to the right of the trapdoor is a floor lever for the BONUS LEVEL (Only accessible if you found at least 10 Secrets)


The left side lever opens the trapdoor in case that’s how you have

to leave, for the Bonus level, look below.


Follow the tunnel E, left through a small opening and up E again to where the Dolphins are waiting for you, swim up to the surface there….


Bonus Level, Sink or Swim.


No Secrets.


When you use the lever, a big door opens up and that’s in the Hall where the Teleport is, so head back through the water, get out and go S and right near the end, go up the blocks and just run forward to slide down a slope, quickly get out of the way with a jump left as a boulder comes down behind you. Watch out, there are boulders everywhere in this part. You’ll come to a deep pit just around the next corner, jump over, jump to a pillar and jump to grab the next. Pull up over, slide and jump grab the ledge, Lara will drop her Oxygen capsule. Up the blocks in the far back and up through the floor (who’s taking pictures…?). Down a hole and a cut scene will show the route we have to take…without Oxygen….So, swim in, straight across and out to the Shipwreck, to the SE where those Dolphins are waiting (the left tunnel). Just inside is an air pocket, then continue left (E) dodging boulders, up in a shaft and climb out N.


Excavation Site, .


Over the ridge and in the sandy cave where the shaking finally ends, swim to the far NE sloped rock and get out. Jump into the tunnel and shoot some critters. Take a right and in the lower chamber another critter awaits. Use the lever in the E tunnel and see a gate open up (1). Get back outside and swim SW, pull up on a sloped rock and back flip to a pillar. Jump to the block N and left into the tunnel, more critters, loop around right and go up a slope, grab up left to find Flares and another critter. Hop onto a nearby block and enter the tunnel to find the opened gate (1). Follow through to where you can jump over to the suspended ‘workshop’, on the lower walkway of it is a small medipack. All 4 ropes are climbable.


The Gate Puzzle.


First - NW or SW: both go up to the same tunnel, back flip off and find a closed steel gate N with a lever to the right of it. Use the lever to open the gate, but blocking the passage in the wall left (and that’s where we want to go). Go N and right up the slope, down the other side and use the lever in the left opening N. This will open another gate to the S of where you are. Go through and find a small shack there. Go down one of the ropes W to the workshop, up one of the ropes W to the W tunnels and go right to that first gate. Use the lever again to close the gate, but opening that passage left. Now we have to go around again, down to the workshop, up E, left and left over the sandy slope and left to the opening that’s now available (NE). Some critters to deal with and then up onto the shack, get through the narrow gap in the back and up on a block is a lever opening a wooden gate to the row of pillars.


Get back over the sandy slope, right to the shack and down to the workshop. Once again go to the low block NE, into the tunnel and to the N, right and through the open gate. Jump to the pillar, jump/grab to the next and climb up. Face S and jump up to grab the hatch, get up into the workshop. Pick up BigFoot’s BROKEN GLASSES from his poster SW, step through the broken fence NE and pick up the RUSTY KEY. Get down through the floor, into the water and up in the SW corner, into the tunnel there, right around up the block and follow through right. Jump onto the workshop, drop down on a walkway S and use the Rusty Key, back up to the roof down onto a now raised platform N. Jump over the pillars to the opening N and make your way up the steep tunnel into the bright sunlight….


G&D 07/06/23