Levels by BigFoot.


Walkthrough by Dutchy.


1 - City at Twilight.


5 Secrets, 3 now, two later.


Shooting Targets, Closing Trapdoors.


Lara sliding down a long slope and a flyby will show you a wooden barrier where we’ll probably have to get to. You’ll end up in a small courtyard with all connecting gates closed. From the slide, go into the SE corner of the yard, into the passage and up the stairs. You’ll come to a passage/crawlspace with trapdoors in the floor, they are down, so no progress possible. Drop into the lower passage and find some Flares. Grab up into a crawlspace (N) under the stone floor and shoot the Target (1) there, the first trapdoor raises. Drop out, go down onto a cartouche tile W near the gate and the gate left open up, that’s the exit, go out and right to the yard. Go through the now open gates under the archway S and right, pick up more Flares and go left (S) and right to another square, here some “Undead” will wake up.


Timed Run for Target 2.


Go N a bit and left to find that wooden barrier we saw in the opening flyby. Left of it is a passage and at the bottom of the passage is another cartouche tile. Save facing it, standing close. Roll onto the tile, run out and right around corners to little house SW, grab up to the roof about one square away from the wall. Pull up and back flip roll onto the awning. Run jump N and grab the roof near the left corner, shimmy around left and when you are about one square away from the left wall, pull up and back jump to get into an opening in a fence N, run through and run jump/grab the blue awning, run jump to the next and then a run jump to grab the trapdoor ahead (SW). Grab up to the roof, shimmy left around the corner and drop/grab to get into the passage below. Shoot the Target (2) to raise another trapdoor and look around the corner for Secret #1/5, a Medipack.


Rooftops for Target 3.


Drop out of the passage and go left/right, back to that little house SW, grab up to the roof as in the Timed run and back flip onto the awning. Run jump NW to land on a ledge just behind the top of the roof near the corner of the house to pick up Secret #2/5, a Medipack. Look SW and spot the crawlspace, that’s where the next  Target (3) is. Jump onto the roof below and keep jumping till you are in front of the crawlspace, jumping from the higher part of the roof and keep jumping and shooting till you see the trapdoors go up, just let Lara slide and go to the E end for a small medipack. Go in W and shoot the Undead. Pick up Flares right and hop into the water. Swim straight W, follow through and wade out N onto a courtyard.


The Ornate Key for a Trapdoor.


Through the arches NE you’ll get to that wooden barrier, shoot it if you didn’t already. We might need that shortcut. Go back down to the courtyard and from the terrace in front of the SE house, you can grab up to the roof, shimmy left around corners and get onto the walkway. Go to the NW corner and jump S over the 3 blue striped awnings. On the last you can go through the broken window. Run N through the bedrooms and right around the corner, at the wall torch left and follow the stairs to the kitchen. Pick up the ORNATE KEY from the countertop. Head back up the stairs, take a left into the corridor and follow right around into a bedroom. Look up left of the window (SW) and get through that crawlspace to another bedroom. Into the crawlspace SW to get to a cartouche trigger opening a gate. Back through both the crawlspaces, out E to the corridor and right through the gate you opened. Follow through, take a left at the windows and use the Ornate Key there, a trapdoor goes up in the courtyard left of you.


Target 4.


Run all the way back through the long corridor and step out onto the blue striped awning, hop into the water below, swim E and right and climb out onto the trapdoor. Hop NW onto the roof, back flip/roll and grab the higher roof. Go left around the corner and drop for a small medipack. Back to the roof, shimmy right around and pull up, back flip onto the roof W. Look E and shoot the Target (4), you’ll see the last trapdoor go up when you hit it. Drop into the water below, swim N and left, up to the courtyard again. Through the arches NE and up the stairs. Shoot the barrier in case you haven’t yet and go onto the square.


Over the Trapdoors, a Token.


Go SE and E into the passage  we came from before, left/right and left where you see the black gate. On the small square with the steep slope we came from, take a right (SE) into the passage and up the stairs to come to that crawlspace with the trapdoors. Crawl to the stone floor part, stand up and grab up right to a crawlspace, get through to find Secret #3/5, Flares and a small medipack. Get back out, crawl further W and end up above a square. Jump/grab to the blue awning and jump/grab to the ledge W, follow through left around, up and down some stairs and come to a room with a basket. Behind it is a cartouche tile, step on it and a TOKEN will drop in the basket. Grab that and leave, back to the courtyard, jump/grab the blue awning and safety drop down. Go S and straight through to the room with the flute player, use the Token in the slot and a rope goes up.


Timed Trapdoor, Ornate Key.


Climb the rope and back flip off, go N and right/right into a storage, drop through the hole in the floor. E, behind the high stack of crates is a Medipack. In the passage S is a burning basket (to ignite a Torch maybe?).

Leave N and go right around and come to a courtyard where two Undead wake up. In the SW corner is a trapdoor and the ceiling is partially grated. Head into the alley W and left/left to find a cartouche tile to the right. Save and roll onto the tile, quickly make your way back to the trapdoor. Get on it, turn NW and hop to grab that grated ceiling. Go into the alley you just came from and all the way to the end, drop onto a safe floor, go inside and up the crate. Grab up to the floor above and run over the grate back to the courtyard. Pull up onto the roof in the SE corner and back flip onto the red awning. Jump W to get into the open bedroom window there. On the bookcase SW is a small medipack, follow the corridor E and come to a kitchen, proceed N and left to the poolroom, an undead surprise attack! Proceed W, come to a broken window, jump out right to the blue awning. Into the next window (red bedroom), next red awning and broken window, a storage with a sarcophagus. On a crate is another ORNATE KEY. Behind the other crates you’ll find a small medipack and Flares. Get out of the room, drop down on the grate and go S into the storage, down the hole and down from the crate, follow the alley and go right into that passage where the cartouche tile is, this time to the end and right to use the Ornate Key.


Get out of the passage, right to the courtyard and into the now open passage SE. right and climb over a crate, the gate closes behind you… Slide down a dark slope.


2 - Lost Tombs.


3 Secrets, one on each visit.


Timed Trapdoors.


On the crate to the right are Flares, obviously only one way we can go and that’s N, to the right we have a cartouche tile and a ladder with a trapdoor above, but that tile triggers a couple of trapdoors in the high room N, try to land on each next trapdoor in a way so you can do a running jump to the next without lining up. Grab the opening W. Follow through and a couple of Undead come for you, in the S side is a small medipack. Then you can hop down into the water in the central part of the structure, climb out E and you’ll get to the area with the trapdoors above, run around left and into the opening W, left again to a storage, climb up S, get through the flame traps in that passage and in the next room jump out to grab the stack of crates NE, jump up S and S again to get Flares there. Jump/grab the crawlspace SE and get in while minding the steam vent, follow through and grab a small medipack.


Turn right and grab up to the floor above, run over what looks like a roof structure and get into the SW corner passage. Another Undead is no match for our Lara. You’ll come to a pit with a burner, left. I took a hop back from the edge, put my health up and ran down with Ctrl when the burner turned off. You’ll land on a crate, follow through around the fenced off center and go into the passage W, around the corner look up right and climb up into the ‘window’ for a Medipack. When in the large storage, shoot the Undead and go to the other end onto a single crate, jump the stacks of crates to get to the NW corner, jump up onto the grated floor. Up once more and come to the upper level of the City, two Undead are on their way over…


A Crowbar, the Golden Star.


Head SE and right into the alley, climb the crate and grab up W to the roof, shimmy just left around the corner and pull up, back flip/roll to the next roof and immediately jump grab the edge of the pillar with the burner. Pull up in the left corner, turn right (S) and run jump with a right curve into the opening S (no grab needed).  Drop down onto the stairs and follow down, you are now above the passage with the trapdoor and cartouche tile, where we started. Left around the corner is another cartouche tile opening said trapdoor (for later). Go E, down the steps and left into the passage, slide down into a room with water below (notice the trapdoor on the opposite wall). Swim N and the current will take you along. Get out at the stairs and a Star receptacle. Follow through S, come to a dead end (small closed door), grab up there and end up in a storage, from the steel crate W you can grab up to the storage above. From the single crate E jump NW over the stacks to get to the opening in the grated floor above. Up the crate W and up into the window to get the CROWBAR there. A flyby shows you where to use that. Go down W, up W and to that room with the trapdoor, use the cartouche tile NW (in case you didn’t yet) to open the trapdoor and get down the ladder to the first room.

To the S is that Crowbar door, open it and shoot some Undead, go pry the GOLDEN STAR from the S wall.


Use the Star, Timed run for the Trapdoor, Ornate Key.


Back N to the first room and N to the ladder, go up and down the steps E, left and slide down. Swim N through to the next section, climb up at the stairs and use the Golden Star. Through the gates you’ll find a cartouche tile raising the TIMED trapdoor opposite the slide for a while.

It is a route we took before: Run out and left/left (S), come to a dead end (small closed door), grab up W there to the storage, from the steel crate W you can grab up to the storage above. From the single crate E jump NW over the stacks to get to the opening in the grated floor above. Up the crate W and up into the window where the Crowbar was. Go down W, first right to the slide and slide down, jump at the last moment and grab the trapdoor, jump to the ladder and get a hold. Go up and in the back of the next room is a cartouche tile opening the trapdoor to the roof area. Get on the block, grab up to the grated floor and hop onto the corner of the burner block, When the burner is down, hop up into the opening. In the basket in the next room is an ORNATE KEY and you’ll get a screen of where to use that (off the first room).


Use the Ornate Key an Ornate Knot.


Hop out when the burner is down and drop through the trapdoor, then down into the room with the Golden Star receptacle (below). Go S and into that passage S once more, up at the end, through the storages and through the window where the Crowbar was, down W and straight W up the steps, down the trapdoor/ladder. To the S and left to open the gate there with the Key.

Get onto the N side sarcophagus and climb up through a hole in the ceiling for Secret #1/3, a Medipack.


Get down and leave W, right to the first room and up the ladder through the trapdoor. S and through the window and straight through the gate that opened there, follow through and shoot an Undead bloke. Up a wooden crate E and grab up E, slide down…


1 - City at Twilight, part 2.


2 Remaining Secrets


A Torch (or two).


Shoot the Undead, go into the house S through the window and in the fireplace SW are TORCHES. Pick one up, get outside and go through a passage NW, step on the cartouche tile to open the gate and drop the Torch through, go get another one if you wish and go into the corridor N from the yard with the palm tree, left around the corner, left again to a storage we visited before and S into the passage to a burning basket, ignite the Torch. Go back through the storage, left a bit when you get to the corridor and to the right is a basket you can ignite carefully. The big gate opens and is a shortcut to the first area of this level (where the flute player is). Go through, straight W and left into the passage in the hall with the arches, follow through the big square and go N, the left opening and burn the rope in the NW corner. The gate opens, go in and over the crate, coming out into the street you’ll have to fight a bunch of Undead. Go to the street N and in one of the alleys is a small medipack.


Timed Trapdoors, Ornate Key.


Go to the barrier W, near a Pop Corn machine (Token), shoot the barrier and get in, right around the corner is a cartouche tile triggering 3 trapdoors Up/Down. Jump on the crate, then over the trapdoors to the solid floor SE, there are 3 crates, climb on the one in the middle with the tarp and climb up through the hole in the ceiling, get Secret #4/5, a small medipack and Flares. Get down, run through a hole in the wall E and jump to the red awning of the Hotel. Hop inside the window, follow the corridor down to the ground floor and find the ORNATE KEY behind the counter. Shoot the Undead and go back up to where you came through the window, you can use the key in the keyhole there. The door left of you opens up, go in and jump from awning to awning to get to the SW corner. On the bed is a TOKEN. Go out, safety drop down and go N and left to the Popcorn machine. Use the Token and a pile of popcorn will be produced. From that pile you can get on top of the machine, jump E to the awnings and follow all the way to the end of the street. Jump into the opening in the E wall.

For a tough Secret, take out the binoculars and look NW with light, just right of the wooden window you can spot and opening in the wall, run jump in there, turn around and hop up NE to get Secret #5/5, a Medipack. Jump back to get into the opening in the E wall (hard jump) or go down, to the popcorn machine and use the same route to get to the opening in the E wall.

Drop down and the trapdoors close, go right into the passage and….


2 - Lost Tombs, part 2.


1 of 3 Secrets.


Crossbow, Ornate Key and Pistols.


A long flyby shows you all kinds of pickups like a Sight, a Key and a Crossbow. But it seems you are captured while watching. Climb the steel crate, turn around and grab up to the grated floor, get past the steam vent and drop down. Now be quick and run E  into the Hall with the green shade, hop on the crate. On the crates SE is a small medipack.

Get up onto  the crates along the S wall, jump and grab the platform on the suspended workshop and climb up onto the roof.


The Sight - SW cable: Climb up the cable SW, back flip off and go into the SW corner, down and climb down from the crate into the area we saw in the flyby. You’ll find the SIGHT NE. Climb back up and slide down the cable to the roof.


The Crossbow - SE cable: Climb up the cable SE, back flip off and go into the NE corner, down and climb down from the crate into another area we saw in the flyby. NW are Arrows, more of those to the S and right and in the SW corner is the CROSSBOW. Go back down to the workshop, S onto the platform and use the crates S to get to the ground floor.


Run to the passage SW and follow in to a storage, run over a grated floor, grab more Arrows and prepare the Crossbow with Sight. Shoot the lock on the trapdoor above the ladder. Go up, hop onto a crate and turn around, jump/grab up to the thin ledge into a steel grated space. In a crawlspace up N is Secret #2/3, a small medipack. Drop out and head into the opening NE drop down into the central part of that fenced area above the workshop. Follow through, down and find the ORNATE KEY. Slide down through either one of the holes and get up to the workshop platform (use crates S), use the Key. Back to ground floor up the crates under the workshop and up through the opened trapdoor to retrieve your PISTOLS. Leave E and left and slide down at the end….


1 - City at Twilight, part 3.

no more Secrets.


Go S and left at the palm tree, through the arch and left/right to the place with the flute player, go left to a small yard and into the NW corner, right through the gate that opened and pick up Arrows. Stand on the closed trapdoor (water below) and shoot the lock on top of the ladder. Climb the ladder to a cartouche tile opening the trapdoor at the bottom of the ladder (over the water), so back down and take a deep breath. Follow the tunnel whole the trapdoor closes behind you….


2 - Lost Tombs, part 3.


1 of 3 Secrets.


The Ornate Pillar.


Surface in a room we crossed before (above), we shot the first lock there. Swim through to the next room, take a right and get out on the low crate, jump the crates to the floor SW, follow through, wade through waist deep water and go up the stairs N. Jump on a crate to take out the Undead in the next hall and get on the high crate N, jump and grab the windowsill W. Shimmy left and pull up to back flip onto the crate hanging from a rope. Run jump into the opening with the burner (SE), hopefully landing on a corner. Go through and hop on a crate to take care of some Undead. Follow through, jump over hanging crates to a broken window NE, go down into an alley.


Ornate Key.


Follow through to a square E, go left, N (trapdoor) and right around the corner is a windowsill with a steam vent, hop in when safe and quickly grab the ORNATE KEY. Back to the square and left into the building, use the Key on the gate E. Behind the sarcophagus inside is the ORNATE PILLAR. That trapdoor opens next to the square, so go back outside and right, drop down through the open trapdoor into a storage and go over the crates to the end, don’t step on those trapdoors yet. Look up from the last crate and climb up into the room above to get Secret #3/3, a Medipack and Flares.


Get back down and now step onto the trapdoors which will open up….


1 - City at Twilight, part 4.


Stand jump/grab the ceiling grate above the hot oil, monkey climb to the far left corner and drop onto a safe ledge, hop over the ledges to an opening in the fence, follow through and up a crate in the back to get into a corridor above. Step out onto a square, find the passage W and step on the cartouche tile to open the gate.

You are back in the corridor where you used the Torch, you might need a new Torch. Go left as soon as you are through the gate and to that courtyard with the palm tree, straight into the green lit passage to the next yard and hop through the window SE to get a new TORCH from the fireplace. Back out and S, again S into the corridor. Loop left around into the storage and go N through to where you can ignite the Torch. Back to the corridor, and right (E) through the gate you came from. Go straight E to a big gate and ignite both baskets next to it. Inside climb over a crate S and in the room S is where you can use the Knot and the Pillar left and right of the gate, go through….


3 - The Stone of Tears.


1 Secret.


Shoot the Undead and pick up the STONE OF TEARS.

Get up on the sarcophagus SW, jump/grab to the gap in the S wall and go through and get the Secret #1 sound. Nothing in this tomb, so drop down a hole in the floor SE and follow through to a large hall, left and right are 2 BLACK BEETLES, pry them from the sarcophagus. Two more BLACK BEETLES in the other end of the hall, a trapdoor opens up in the middle of the hall and reveals a picture of the builder, BigFoot. You can drop down and pick up BIGFOOT’S BROKEN GLASSES. Back up and run back W, climb up SW and get back through that crawlspace to the big hall, leave N….


1 - City at Twilight, Grand Finale.


You are back where you used the Knot and the Pillar, a big gate opens up… Go straight and over the crate, right (E) and through the water. Climb up SE, right and then S, -SW and through that iron gate….


End of the Level


Dutchy 12-06-2023