Game by Justin.


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


Many new features in this Saga, more info on that whenever you find F7 discs and look under the F7 key. Maps are under the F2 Key and the Notebook under F4.



Level 1, Derelict.



Ship Level 1-Rear Cargo Bay (part 1), Gathering Supplies.  


Lara wakes up on the Lift in the spaceship “Horizon”, turn right (S) and go into the Rear Cargo Bay, right again (W) and against the far wall youll find a crate you can open (blue light), inside youll find Salvage. A bit back to the entrance are shelves and on them are Coins. Along the S wall, near the shelves with a small medipack, is another crate (blue) you can open. Inside is F2, a Map of Horizons Level 1 where we are right now. Turn left and hop up into the open container for another blue crate with Salvage. Get on top of this container from a crate behind it and get Coins. Salvage


On a lower container near the E wall is another blue crate with Salvage. Inside the container below are Coins.

On the high container NE are Coins, a bit to the W inside a low container are Coins and Salvage and more Coins on the two high containers in the SW corner of the Cargo Bay. 

Along the N wall, left and right of the entrance are two cabinets you can open for a small medipack and Coins. Before you go back to the Lift, there are buttons on each side of the Lift, those are for later use. Not much more we can do here for now, so lets head up to Level 2.


Ship Level 2.


Hit Ctrl at the Lift control, type 2 on your keyboard and go up. To the S seems to be a control room (Engine Hub), there are Coins on the floor, 2x Coins on the shelves. W of the Terminal is a voice recorder mounted on the wall where you can get a message. Head NE into the corridor and left into a small storage, on the shelves are Salvage and on the other one are Bullets (Notice the duct in the ceiling there, for later). Go back out to the corridor and right to the Engine Hub, through the Lift to the N corridor and about straight into a small storage, on the shelves are 2x Coins. Now take a right (W) and left through a large opening and left on the shelves are Coins. In the opposite corner (SW) is a blue crate (last one) you can open and inside is Salvage. The shelves are empty.

Back to the Lift and up to level 3.


Ship Level 3, Armoury Keycard.


To the S is a Lounge, check out the room for 2x Coins (on tables), a cabinet (SE) with the Armory Keycard an F7 disc and Bullets. There’s 3x Salvage on shelves. Have another look around if you like and get back to the Lift. First go into the corridor NE and collect 2x Coins from behind those boxes in the back. Return and go back to Level 1 using the Lift.


Ship Level 1, the Armory.


Turn around and head NE into the corridor and open the Armory with the card (N wall). Open the cabinet N and grab the Pistols, Lara can now shoot those boxes with red lights too. On the shelves left is Pulse Rifle ammo. The cabinet SW has Mauler ammo.

Stand at the shooting range stalls and draw Pistols, Lara will aim at the (red) crates, shoot the lights, gather Bullets and Plasma from those crates.


Mess Hall.


Get out of the Armory, shoot a wooden box there to pick up Bullets. Then head into the corridor S and left is a door, shoot the red light and enter the Mess Hall. There are Coins on a table left, 2x Coins on the shelves W and Salvage in the cabinet. Against the kitchen wall is another cabinet with Coins. In the Kitchen are Coins on the counter right and then go all the way around behind the counters to find shelves and a cabinet (last one), gather 2x Salvage. Get out to the corridor, left to the Lift. Head straight into the Rear Cargo Bay. 


Rear Cargo Bay part 2, Holodeck Code.


Go straight into that large container standing diagonally, shoot the “red” box and get Salvage. A wooden crate SE has Bullets, another one along the S wall also Bullets. The large container SW a red crate with Salvage. Now to the container along the W wall and shoot the red crate for Coins.

The doors of the high container SW opened up, go in and shoot the last wooden box,

Depending on what order you did the shooting and collecting items, you get a Holodeck Code once you collected everything (904/XXX/XXX, it is in “Items”). Check out that specimen, lol….


Ship Level 2, the Holodeck.


Head back to the Lift and go up to level 2, head E and then left into the corridor and left before the “blue” door is the big door with the Code pad, type in the code you found.


Holodeck Training Level 2 - The Wardrobe.


The Holodeck will create a new world, Lara will change her outfit (you can also change into another available outfit anytime you like). Head NW and open a chest to get the Gate Key and a Map. Go back and when you reach that lamppost, Lara has a comment. Follow the direction the lamppost is pointing and find a “ladder” in a niche, left are some Coins under a vase. Do ledge jumps up the ladder, back jump and go up to the top, shimmy left and pull up.


The House.


Go W along the ledge and to the fence around the house to unlock the door with the Key, then open it, Go up the ladder and get into the crawlspace, jump out into the room and shoot two vases for Coins and Salvage. Go upstairs and push open the doors W. Go outside and right to the small pond N, get into the water and up the ladder, just keep following that (Lara does all the moves for you) and drop at the end where Lara wont go further, walk down a bit towards the house.

(You can make a detour here for some extra Coins, hop onto the roof, get to the SW corner and hang down, drop to a spot without snow. Then jump onto the W side balcony of the house to get Coins there. Open the doors and go out W’ use that ladder over the pool again to get to the point where you left off).


Walk then left to a scaffold, safety drop down and turn around to walk across the beam to the other side.

Open the doors to the house and find Batteries in a chest.


Go back out the front door (E) and just left can see a Bell in an arch, shoot it to loosen the icicles. Walk to the wall where the icicles fell and grab up to the wooden beam, shimmy left a bit and climb up over the gate. Walk up to the ridge at a swing pole. Use that to get to a ledge, go up a pole and down a Zip-line. Open a chest to get a PLS (personal light source, needs batteries to operate).

Go through the door in the rock wall W and the lampposts in that cave points you in the right direction, go about straight to a chest with Batteries. Across the bridge you can try out a new feature, place a Battery in the receptacle there. Then go back over the bridge, loop right around and follow the lamppost into another opening.


The Tower, Basement Key, Lever 1.  


After checking out what happens at the campfire; you can swap items to create others… (press duck while near the fire, more info under the F7 Key).

Then go straight down to the Tower W and open the doors.

Use a Timed lever SW to raise a trapdoor up behind you, get to the opposite wall, ledge jump up twice and back jump to the trapdoor, you may have to wait a bit for the moving pole and jump grab that, turn around and swing while it moves up, then jump off onto the dark ledge, hop and grab a wooden beam and run jump to grab the beams on the S wall, go jump up and shimmy right to the window, then back jump/grab to the ledge, Walk up to where the Basement Key is swinging on a chain. Hit Ctrl, so Lara is ready and wait till it is close before you try grab it. Hop down NW to the nearest dark ledge, run off NE to the lower one and safety drop down. Go down the stairs to the Basement and open the door.

To the right, shoot a vase for Coins and open a chest for some more Coins. The other side a vase with Salvage and on a pedestal is a Page for the Demonology Booklet (about the Imp). A door opens NE, go up to lever #1 for a Door. Leave the Basement, get out of the Tower E and head up to the campsite. 


Lever 2.   


Head into the cave E, use a Battery on the lamp NE and head W into the tunnel, follow through to lever #2 for a Door. Head back to the campsite.


Lever 3.


When you come out of the cave, loop around left and ledge jump up the beams, shimmy left and drop on the ledge, follow the ladder/monkey bars (at some point you have to climb with the down arrow) to a wooden ledge and drop, drop down at the red fences and find lever #3 for a Door. Grab back up to the wooden ledge and safety drop down to where the campsite is, go through the door N to the Holodeck exit….


Holodeck Training Level 3 - Tankini Bottom.


After the holodeck changed you’ll get some clues about the upcoming tasks. The camera can be used to take pictures of clues you will encounter. Use F3 to take a picture of the painting and on one of them you can spot a code for the airlock N (on the gun).


Inside the airlock is a button left that will flood the lock, no Panic… Swim out straight and get the Map (F2) from the chest. Straight in front of you is the Pyramid (for later), NW is a cave with Plasma inside a Clam but be careful with those Clams. They slam shut and hurt Lara, so already be swimming while Lara picks up the items, there are also some Coins on a pedestal in the back. Swim out straight.


The Neighborhood, Squid’s Clarinet and a Soggy Patty.


A bit in front of the dwellings is a trench in the seabed, go down and search around for Bullets and 2x Salvage swim up at the S end, turn right (W). Just left of the Head dwelling is a little mound, swim underneath, pick up Salvage, and Bullets from the chest. Swim out and follow the path left around into the Head. Pick up some Coins and swim up to the first floor at the N side. Get the Bullets and swim up to the next floor, in the windowsills E are Salvage and a Squid’s Clarinet.

Swim down and outside, left around into the pineapple head, up in the back and find Soggy Patty.


The Pyramid, Underworld Symbol Puzzle.


Back outside and swim NE to that Pyramid, use the Squid’s Clarinet at the pink squid. Swim straight in for the chest with Coins, but don’t make contact with that giant jellyfish, it will hurt. Go down to the tunnel below and follow to the end where you can go up and climb out. There’s a campfire where you can get items if you need (maybe some small medipacks?) and on the W wall is a clue you might want to take a picture of (F3, but no real need to, because we can access the hint from the puzzle room later). That push block puzzle looks harder than it is, just move the block to the tile in the end and the doors to the Maze open up.


Following the arrows on the floor (there’s a Map, if you open F2 and using right arrow will bring up the Pyramid Maze) will get you to the Puzzle (you can push open doors and grab Torches from the racks on the wall),  sometimes deviating from the known path will provide Goodies in vases and chests. Igniting wall torches might help you indicating where you’ve already been. A Torch is sometimes needed to burn cob webs blocking your way. At a certain point you’ll come across a lever hidden behind cobweb, you need to burn that to get to the lever and open a door with it. When you reached the Puzzle room, you can kick down a wall W and that is to the room with the clue and campfire.


Solution to the puzzle:

R 2x to put the 8 on the far right side

L 1x to move the = to the center

R 3x to get the ‘8-symbol’ in the center

L 2x to get that ‘8-symbol’ to the far left

R 1x to get the = back onto the center.



After completing the puzzle, the wall N lowers, go in and get a Strange Jelly (1 of 2), Coins and Salvage.

To get out, go back to the puzzle room; through that kicked in wall W to the campfire (did you really get all the goodies from the Maze?) and into the water, swim back avoiding the giant Jelly fish.


The Castle, Boulder Puzzle.


Coming out of the Pyramid go about straight S to the “Castle”. There’s a path at the foot of the wall, go left to the door and use that Soggy Patty. Inside are Coins in a chest left, then open the doors S with Ctrl. A chest SW has Bullets, then wade up the stairs NW. Upstairs is the Boulder Puzzle room, a chest between the ramps SE has Coins.

Push that big vase (next to the “Boulder Release” lever) to the W and over to a little slope SW, just right of a lever. Pull that lever to bring down a piston. Hop up the ledge W and get a small medipack NW. Throw the S lever on the ledge, to bring ip a platform. Then go to the lever NE (Boulder Release), next to the torch. A boulder will crush the vase and a Gate Key becomes available. Throw the lever left of the little slope back up to raise the piston.


Use that Key to open the fenced off Cog wheel switch. Release another boulder with the Boulder Release lever N, quickly get to the Cog wheel and start turning to raise the piston behind it. The boulder will follow the slope and raise a platform above the pool NE. Get to that platform and get up to the second floor. First visit the W side merchant to buy a Strange Key Part 1 (hit Ctrl and then number 1).

Then you can buy goodies at the E side Merchant with the Coins you have left (hit Ctrl and then a number (3) for a small medipack for instance).


Climb a ladder just left of the opening to the pool (N wall) and follow climbing left a bit to the other side of the room where you can land on a balcony. Jump over to the floor NW and take a Page for the Book of Demonology (about Lost Souls). Jump back, go through W and just left is Salvage. The chest SW can be opened and inside is a Strange Key Part 2. Hop into the water, grab more Salvage down there and open the doors N, swim out of the Castle, go down and sharp right, back in where you entered before. Through the door S and right, up the stairs NW to where the boulder puzzle is. Go open a chest (combine the Key parts) next to the SE pillar, this will give you a Second Strange Jelly.


Hop into the water and left, out of the Castle. Swim in a NE direction, down into a hole in the bottom for some Coins. Up again and swim NE. To the right (E) of the Glass sphere is a cave, grab Coins and use the 2 Strange Jellies on the back wall. Follow through and come up to a cave with a campfire.


Crate Puzzle.


In random order:

Use the lever to lower the water level and get down to pull/push the crate S. Raise the water level again and from the crate jump into the blue opening SE, boulders will start to roll through the passage, run left/right into niche with a chest with Coins. Now run out right around (E) into passage with a lever (1), a door is shown (and one of the bars retracts).

Back to the pool (through the passage N) with the crate and lower the water, get down and into the opening SW, just around the corner in a shaft, turn around and grab up to a beam, back jump and grab an opening to reach the pit where the boulders fall in. Jump across to get to the lever (2), that door is shown (and the second bar retracts).


Get back to the pool, push the crate against the N wall, under the blue opening near the flood lever (one square from the NW corner). Flood the pool, from the crate grab up to the high opening N. You’ll come to a Bell, jump and grab the wooden beam (straight ahead or with a sharp right curve) and shimmy right into the opening, follow the passage and come to a chest with Coins. Behind you is a Timed lowering wall, lowers when you shoot the Bell. So go back to the pit, shoot the Bell and run back through the open wall right of the chest. Use lever (3) SE, that door is shown (and the last bar retracts). Slide down SW, drain the pool to move the crate against the E wall under the high opening in the E wall, flood again and get in the high opening. Push the doors open and go through the Holodeck portal to the final training level.


Holodeck Training Level 5 - Doom.




You’re back on the ship looks like it, but something dramatic happened. Right around the corner is a cabinet with  Coins and Bullets, more Coins on the floor NE and some Batteries too, behind the crates. There’s a “Healing station” W, where you can load health whenever you need (fills your health bar up to half when you press the Health button). Go back to the other side, stand E under the hatch in the duct, face N and jump up to grab and open it. Climb up E, crawl and be sure to keep ‘duck’ pressed to stay low under that Laser, go up the other side when possible and drop into a storage.




Check the cabinets N and S for 2x Salvage, 2x Bullets and there’s an F2 Map in the one SE.

Behind the boxes S are Pulse Rifle clips, the cabinet NE has a Security Keycard and Salvage.




Grab back up into the duct and go back to that Entrance room, open the door W with the Keycard. Inside, right around the corner is another Page for the Demonology Booklet (about a Prowler), the door N opened. In the cabinet S is Salvage, Salvage and Batteries on the shelves W and in the cabinet next to it more Salvage.




Time to get through the door N, up the steps and right is a switch, pull it and a door opens somewhere… That’s back in the Entrance room, opposite the Holodeck Exit. So retrace your steps, go through that door left in the Entrance room and shoot that Lost Soul appearing from the sand outside. You’ll get info about the Soul Fragments. A door opened in the building up E, get in there, a cabinet with Batteries and a small medipack on the shelves. Pull the switch left to open the next section. So, get down and through the door N. Don’t shoot that barrel yet. Shoot it after the enemy appeared. Head into the passage E, through a faulty door and come to a small control room with a campfire. In the cabinet is an F2 Map with an extended layout of this holodeck projection, also some Salvage. There’s also a “Healing station”, you can also buy supplies at the campfire. Then push the button on the S wall and the passage is shown.


Head back and keep left through a newly opened door, run into the room and enemies appear. Hop back into the entrance so Lara will aim at the barrel and shoot (or run around the room to get all enemies close to the barrel). Back into that room and get the Blue Access Card from the elevated floor (the Crawler dropped it). You can now also change the game mode from “shooter” to “adventure” if you like (in Resources/Personal assistant), the number of enemies showing up depends on the mode you selected. Back into the passage keep left (W) to the previous large room  and now the blue door W will open because you have Blue Access now.


Lizard King Puzzle.


Shoot a couple of hotheads and go up a ladder S (hatch opens after all Lost Souls are dead). There’s a “Healing Post” up there and some shelves with Plasma. Now our task is to put that Lizard King statue on the central pillar back together and we can do that by using the elevator cages mounted on the corners of the pillar: SW corner use 3, SE corner right use 2, NE corner use 8 (you can jump there by jumping to the W walkway and then using the top of the cage to get to the N walkway), NW corner use 5. You are lining the body parts up to the Head.


After putting the statue back together, the entrance opens back up, but also the doors N. Go in there and left through some faulty doors to reach a control room. Pick up a Page for the Demonology Booklet (about the Demon Eye) and a door opens up. You may be able to see that thing when you look out the windows W. In the cabinet are Coins, get back to the passage and follow straight E, left through a door where we have access and shoot two Imps to get to Salvage and a small medipack on the shelves. Back out and left (E), right again and where the door at the end opened up. Here a bunch of Prowlers will attack, there’s a fuel barrel in the lower part of the room. After the battle the doors E open up.


Passing through these doors you’ll reach a Healing post. S is a campfire in case you want to buy stuff. On the shelves is Mauler ammo, in the cabinet are an F2 Map and Batteries. You can now also check out a new feature, in Resources you now have an “Elevator Third Floor Card” (where you are) and a “Medical Room Card”, if you select that you’ll be teleported there. Then get back to Elevator Third Floor.


Go down to the Lift N, push the button right to summon the Lift and get in.


Down to Level 1:


Press 1 and go down, out of the Lift go left and those big doors open for you, take aim at the barrels, but only shoot when you see the enemies. Nothing to be gained except for an Achievement (Soul Fragment). The rest of the level is inaccessible, so back to the Lift and up to level 2.


Level 2:


Coming out of the Lift go straight up to the wall and grab up into a duct, jump over the Laser and drop into a storage. Get Salvage from a cabinet and use a Battery in the receptacle, which should ease any spawn of enemies in a certain room (where you’ll get the Security Card). Grab back up into the duct, over the Laser and down into the corridor, take a right (E) and go right into the next storage. Defeat the enemy (enemies, depending on the mode you’re playing) and get the Security Keycard.


The Platform.


Out to the corridor and left to the W end, visit the storage right for 2x Salvage and Batteries, and the opposite storage for a small medipack and Bullets and a Healing station. Go out, left and open the big door (Security Card) at the W end of the corridor, according to the Map this is the Platform. Jump onto that moving Platform, jump into an alcove N and flip a switch, back to the Platform and into an alcove S for a second switch, doors open below the entrance, E wall. So, jump back onto the platform and into the new opening (this is a part of Level 1 we cannot access from the other side). Take the S branch of the corridor and walk left into the corner to jump over to a cave  with a campfire (one more you can teleport to) and find a Page for the Diary (Liz’s Entry) there.


Red Access Card, Control Room.


Jump back to the corridor and head N to the newly opened doors, the Reactor Room. Try to lure those enemies to one of the barrels and after the battle climb up a ladder E, shoot a Lost Soul and grab his Red Access Card. Jump W onto that first Reactor in the middle of the room and pick up the small medipack, on the second is Mauler ammo, get back down to the floor. Out of the room go right and use that Platform to get up to level 2 again. To the far end of the corridor and left through the ‘Red Access’ door. Some cutters are rotating in the entrance and something is pounding on the doors as you cross that corridor to the Control Room (right hand lower corner of the Map). There’s Salvage on the shelves and on the N wall is a switch, a door will open to another outer area.


Back to the Lift (right around corners) and up to level 3, right following the corridor (W) to the room with the double ramp, take a right through those opened doors to the outer area where some Prowlers attack (climb on the crates to shoot them). The exit is N, go through the Holodeck lock and you’re back on the ship, on level 2.


Level 6 - Stowaway.


5 Secrets


For the Green Access Card.


(The F2 Map isn’t updated yet, we’ll get it later) Left in the corridor is a Blue Access door, go through and left into Holodeck B, a campfire and Merchants (I bought myself a “Secret Locator”). Back to the corridor and right through the blue door, to the S end and right to the Engine Hub (see old Map/F2,we’ve been here). on the W wall is a voice recorder with a message. There are 3 green doors, all exits as will become clear later on. Go N through the Lift and left (W), where you’ll come across a Red Access door right which will open. In this area are some cell doors that will open and in the first open cell left are some Notes on the floor, F7 reveals them (last page) and theres a hidden code on it (eight,nine,one).

In the corridor theres also a recorded message along the E wall.


Flight Deck, Green Access Card.


Leave through the doors N, take a right into the long corridor, then a left and find another voice recorder. Go N towards the Flight Deck, but be careful.

Go sharp right and behind that container, shoot a barrel N to destroy a turret next to it, you’ll be awarded with some Salvage. Stay behind that container and hop N over the low one, keep to the wall heading N and come across a “Healing Station”. To the N is the Bridge and standing against it is that crate with the code pad. Use the code from the pages you found (891) and you’ll get the Green Access Card. On the other side of the stairs is a crate you can open, there are Bullets in it. Turn S, shoot the barrel next to that other turret (Salvage). Now get on top of both high containers to pick up 2x Coins.


On Top of the Ship.


Go out S and in the main corridor, right and right again through the Green doors. In the cabinet is a Map (F2) and in the back is a floor lever, use it and get a view of the top of the hull, a set of clamps release. Go out of the room to the corridor and left, almost at the end left through another a big Green door, search the Shelves for Coins and Salvage. Throw the big floor lever N and see the Flaps activate.

This time climb the ladder, run up against the jet stream, right up the slanted walkway and take shelter behind those raised flaps. Turn S and spot more of those, but these go up and down, you’ll have to time them to get to the far end of the ship.


Hop back a few times to stay close to the stationary Flap and choose which side you want to take, I went along the left side and when the smaller Flap along the side goes up (may take a while), run there and get behind it. Wait there looking for the next large central Flap goes up get behind it, cross over to the other side if you wish or keep going along this side, follow like this and in the end you’ll get to a deeper part in the hull. Throw the floor lever to permanently raise all Flaps.


Let’s get ourselves a Secret:


Get back on the hull and run along the left side of the central Flaps and at the third left Flap is a duct in the hull (the little Dolphin indicates where it is if you have the “Indicator”), get down and follow through. Drop backwards doing safety drops and follow through, after hopping up a slope you’ll find Secret #1, a Stack of Goodies. Go back and at the shaft grab up to the beam, ledge jump up to a slope and then pull up and back flip into a horizontal duct with Salvage. Walk back, run jump and grab the beam and jump up, follow the duct back up to the hull. Grab up left and make your way back to that duct with the lever (S end).


Engineering #3/4/5.  


Get down the air lock that opened and follow the duct down to where you can drop into Engineering #3 (See F2 Map).

There’s a projector showing planetary systems, make a note of the names and symbols behind them, we need one later (there’s also a page in the Diary about the symbols).

Check the shelves for Coins, a cabinet for Bullets. Shoot a crate NE for Bullets. Then shoot the green light on that entrance door N to open it (although it gives you an “Error”). In the back of the room (S), between the elevated walkways is a voice recording. There are two buttons on those walkways, but they are Timed and we need to prepare the green doors to the Engine Hub first.


Near the cabinet (E) is another duct in the ceiling, grab up into that while facing N and drop into Engineering #4 around the corner. Shoot the green light on the entrance door W to open it, shoot the crate NW for Salvage. Turn around and get Coins from the shelves E. Now go up the nearby ladder where all those crates are, run over the walkway on the hull, right over the top to the other side and right again to get back inside and down into Engineering #5. There are Coins on the shelves NW, shoot the green light on the door and a crate right of it for more Coins. Notice the doors SE, there’s a lever behind them, same thing we saw in Engineering #4. Go out the green door to the Engine Hub.


Through the green door S into Engineering #3 and up on the elevated walkway S. Push the right hand button, roll and sprint out N to the Engine Hub, left through the green door into Engineering #5, left into the open doors and use the floor lever (#1 for Flaps under the ship). For the other button, you best side flip left over the fence, roll and start sprinting to the green door, right to Engineering #4 and right into the room with the lever, the first Flap under the ship goes up.


B Level, Underneath the Ship.


Go out to the Engine Hub, right to the Lift N and down to Level B. Careful, strong Jet stream again!! Roll and run jump over to the walkway and jump with a roll onto the Flap, grab and pull up to get a Medipack there. Run down and line up for a jump along the left side of the Flap to the next walkway (you can stand relatively safe behind the struts, running up against them), when you see the next Flap (center row) comes down, run jump to that walkway. The Secret Indicator reveals a Secret there.


For a Secret:

Jump up against that second central Flap, jump/roll and grab the ledge to get into a duct, follow through and grab Secret #2, a Stack of Goodies. Get back, drop down onto the Flap and jump to the W side walkway. You may have to wait for the Flaps on that side to come down (run against a strut). Proceed like this to the farthest left Flap (NW), there’s a platform above it.


Floor-Level 2, Front Cargo Hold.


So, jump on it with a roll and jump/grab the platform. Use the button and a Lift starts moving nearby. Wait for the Flap to go down, drop down and hop onto the Lift taking you up to the Front Cargo Hold.

We need to destroy a turret in the SW corner. In the Cargo Hold is a barrel of fuel (E and if you need you can always get a full one up by pushing the button on the E wall). Push/pull the barrel N and to the crate and then push it W along a high container to a trench. Go into that container to pick up a Page for the Demonology Booklet (Hellcore Generator), go out of the container and a door opened left. In the room with a familiar campfire (teleport disc) is a floor lever W, use that to move a turret to where you moved that barrel. In a cabinet are a Map (F2) and Coins, on the shelves E Salvage, go back into the previous room, left behind that wooden crate, jump up and shoot the barrel to destroy the turret (and get some Salvage).


Mid Cargo Hold.


The doors SW to the Mid Cargo Hold are now open, in Shooter mode there will be two Sentry guns you have to deal with. On a container left are Bullets, go to the S end and in the central structure is a crate you can climb up on. Don’t jump out, but climb out backwards and grab the edge, go left around the corner and pull up inside, grab Coins and follow the passage down for some Salvage. Go back and hang out, shimmy right around the corner and back jump across the gap, go inside to get to another Page for the Demonology Booklet (Hellguard), get out the way you came.


In the cargo hold go to the yellow doors E and turn right, that’s where that last door opened. You are now in the corridor of the Lower Storage and left around is a “Healing station”. Head W and left, then right into a small room, check the voice recording if you wish and in an opened crate are Bullets, in the cabinet are Coins. The next room, right/right, has two emptied out cabinets, but the shelves behind the crates still have Salvage. On the floor, in the pool of blood is the Yellow Access Card.


Code for the Conference room.


Turn right coming out of the small room, through then Yellow door and you’re back in the Rear Cargo Hold we’ve visited before. Go left/left to the Lift, you now have to use the button right to summon it up. Take it up to level 3. Go out S into the Lounge (the place has already been raided by us before) and right through the yellow door to living quarters #1. On the bed W, are Coins and on the one left of it you can get a clue (3 - -). On the top bunk bed SE are some more Coins. Go out E and through the Lounge into living quarters #2, shelves S and bed E 2x Coins, a clue on the left bed (3 8 -). There’s a voice recording at the N wall and you can watch TV from the chair NW. Go through N to living quarters #3, check the beds for 2x Coins and the last part of the code on the bed E (3 8 4).


Secret in the Captain’s Quarters, a Code.


(You can go here at any time, I just put it here because we are at the door).


N are the Captain’s Quarters, guarded by a Code door. Go back to the TV living quarters #2 and hit Ctrl at the remote on the chair, enter a channel number from 1-9 and note the position on the code bar whenever it appears. The outcome should be 1985. Go to the far N door, enter the code and go inside, to the right is a Secret #3, a Stack of Goodies. On the shelves are Batteries, on the bed Bullets.


Look on the Map (F2-Level4) and get to the Arboretum.




There are some pushable here (4), the round ones with the ferns inside, use your PLS to spot the arrows pointing to the grates on which those 4 should be placed and when done, a hatch opens up SW, get up to the walkway and get Coins from the shelves. Use a pipe NE swing to that short duct and jump to the N walkway, Coins and Card Fragment 1 on the shelves.

Drop down, go out E for a cabinet in that corridor with Coins, Bullets and Salvage.


Conference Room.


Back into the Arboretum and out N, over to the door N and use that code (384). Check the room for 5x Coins and Card Fragment 2 (SE) and a voice recording. Get out to the corridor, left and after a yellow door, near the window, go left into the Sick Bay.


Sick Bay.


To the right on shelves and in the cabinet 3x Coins, more Coins on the bunk bed. In the W end of the room is a closed cabinet and if you press Ctrl you’ll be asked for the 6th World. That’s one of the planets we saw in Engineering #3 on Level 2. You could always visit back if you need. You need the symbols in the Notebook to find out which one is 6.

Type Magna and you’ll get Card Fragment 3. Go out S to the corridor and left, left again into a room with a campsite, get the teleport disc (needed to get Secret 5) near the camp fire. Check all shelves for 2x Pulse ammo, Salvage, Bullets and Coins.


Guest Room Secret.


Looking at the Map (F2) you can spot we still have a closed room we could visit, near Living Quarters #1.

Go into the Lift from the Lounge and if you need, call it up to this 3rd Level (use the button right of the Lift doors). Open your Resources Menu in the inventory and teleport to Holodeck B (Merchants camp). Look at the Map of Level 2 and make your way to the Engine Hub, go E into the corridor and left into the small storage (close to Engineering #4 on the Map). Grab/climb up into the duct SW, go left and run over the top of the Lift. Keep left and drop into the Guest Room.

Grab Batteries from the bunk bed and Secret #4, the M41A Pulse Rifle from the table. Shoot the red light on the door to get out.


Detour for a last Secret:


Teleport to the Merchants in Holodeck B (you can only go to different Ship levels by teleport with the Torch), pick up a Torch from the N wall and ignite it, ignite the wall torch on the other wall (#1). Teleport to Front Cargo and go out S (we have to get to Rear Cargo and there might be some turrets on the way (depending on your play mode), best be quick and ignore them) Once in Rear Cargo, ignite a wall torch there (#2). It is located back left of that diagonal container S on a wooden crate.

Teleport to Bridge Balcony again and get to the Arboretum to ignite the wall torch in the NE corner (#3). Teleport back to Holodeck B and ignite the wall torches on the N wall (4) and a wall opens in the back, go pick up Secret #5, a Stack of Goodies. Teleport back to the Bridge Balcony campfire.

Combine the 3 Card Fragments into the Bridge Balcony Keycard.

You can trade some stuff at the campfire if you wish.

Use the Keycard N and check if you are in “shooter mode” for the next part.


Level 7 - Uninvited.


On the Bridge Balcony is a “Hellcore Generator”, that fiery thing and above it is a bell you can shoot, first you have to demolish that Generator and after that you can hurt the Hellguard. Shoot the Bell above the Generator to open up the shell so you can do some damage. That “Hellguard” also doesn’t like the frequency of the Bell and will freeze for a while. After the battle both of you are thrown off the Balcony and Lara narrowly escapes the blast….


July-27-2022 To be continued.