Temple of Prithvi (Demo 2.0)

Level by TheEyeOfIsis

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

3 Secrets.

Forgotten Passage.

Make your way down over the rubble along the left wall, run jump over onto a branch in front of an opening in the wall and go inside. Grab Flares and go left to use a lever lowering a block down in this gorge. Just run out and then go down left through a triangular opening.

In that large room is the Stone Key on a pedestal in a window along the right hand wall. A block lowers in the E wall, go through and in the room with the chains, shoot some bats. Then climb the ladder on the N wall to one rung from the top, hang right and back flip/roll/grab the ledge upstairs. Get the small medipack S and use the Stone Key W. From the N ledge you can run down from the side and grab the ladder, get down and through the opening in the N wall.  

In the back and left in the room with the trapdoors is a grated door with a hole in it, when you get close you'll get a screen of that target you can see through the hole. Use the guns to shoot the target through the hole. Shoot two bats and enter, the first window left has the Talisman Piece 1. Retrace your steps to the room with the chains, a wall opened S. Pick up Flares in front of the Goddess Statue and take a right, right around and grab Talisman Piece 2 (down the steps is the “Silver keyhole” for later and ladder/trapdoors as a shortcut up to the upper part of the Temple as will become clear later on), combine the parts and go straight passing the statue into the door E. Kill two bats and take a right into the next room. 

Brahma Room, Push Puzzle. 

Go get Shotgun ammo from a vase in the far SE corner (down at the water is the “Golden keyhole” ). Back to the W side floor and to the 'face' on the E side of the shrine, push it from standing between table and face. A block lowers in the passage W, go in and left to read the clue. You can come back and read it as many times as you need.

-South Apple in its mouth

-North Flowers

-Setting Sun (West) Craft-fully done object.

In the other end of this passage is a lever bringing out a rope for later.

Pull the small table with the Craft-fully done object out of the passage and in front of the W side face of the shrine. Turn around and the door SW opened, inside is the Flower which goes to the North side, the NW door opens and there are the Apples which go to the South side.

A door opens and that is way back in the N wing, so leave N, left/right to the room with the chains and two Tigers will come for you. After the battle go N through the opening and into the open door N, two Rats attack. Go either left or right through to the back room and flip the lever to open trapdoors ( “Ivory keyhole” here). Return to the previous room (S) and drop down through the opened trapdoors into the water below. Swim W and wade up, go up S next to the tree and hop NW onto the branch. Then jump into the opening in the fence (W) and pick up Secret #1, the Bronze Reward. In the vase in the corner is Shotgun ammo.  Get back into the water and swim S through the central canal (here is the 'Plug' those chains are connected to). Go left and wade up, run jump over to the lever on the S wall.

Grab up to the floor W and go to a skeleton hiding the Shotgun, two Vultures attack. After the battle go use the lever on the S wall (where the skeleton is) to open an underwater door.

Get back down from the floor at the E side and throw that lever S to open a door in the passage (stairwell) E, which is a shortcut to the big room where the push puzzle is. Go N over the slopes and down to the water, just to the right is that underwater door. Swim in and use the underwater lever to open two small doors, Crocs come out. So hurry out and best spot to kill them is right around to the far corner and from the block up to the Ornate Keyhole.

When they are done, swim to the Plug and into one of the small doors W. Climb up onto a far corner of the first low pillar and hop up onto the next, turn around and grab top to the monkey climb. Time the burners to get to the opening E, drop/grab and get in. Drop down the other side to get the Ornate Key there. That one goes to that Ornate Keyhole NE. Go through the door left and in the passage and go left around to flip a lever opening a shortcut to the N wing room. Back in the passage and follow straight to a room with a Keyhole (the Bronze Keyhole). Go straight and open the double doors, watch the flyby giving you a rough outline of what you have to do.

Talisman Room, Quest for the Talisman.  

Go up the slope a bit and right, shoot a vase for Shotgun ammo. From the higher sloped floor, jump onto the balcony N and use the reach in switch in the middle of the N wall, a rope appears behind you in the Talisman room.

The Ivory Key.

Under the rope, on the carpet is a small medipack and you'll get a screen of a flower pot (On the wall is the receptacle for the Talisman, later). Go to the NW corner and run jump onto the flower pot, then jump to the one S and continue like that to get to the balcony S. To the right as shown in the flyby before is a Scroll, giving clues to the upcoming quest.

Head to the other end of the balcony, go left up the hill and left around, down at the fence is the Ivory Key. Shoot a Tiger before sliding back down and from the balcony jump and grab the rope. Turn left a bit and aim for the first available opening in the left wall. Go left/right to find and use the first orange button in the window, shoot two rats (a door opened). 

Go back to where you landed after jumping from the rope and grab the crack N, go right around and drop in the next opening, shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo. Find the second orange button in the end of this passage and see a door open up in the top of the Brahma room (with the Push puzzle). Safety drop out of the passage, go left a bit and enter the opening W, under the windowsill W is a lever opening the door left (for later) and in a vase above the lever are Flares.

Using the Ivory Key.

Back to the Talisman room and out N, passing the Bronze Keyhole, go straight and if you didn’t yet, flip the lever to open the next gate to get back to the N wing room, take a right and in the back room you can use the Ivory Key W, a door opens up above. Hop on the block above the lever (S wall) and jump/grab to the upper E floor. Follow in and shoot some Bats, a screen shows a camera hint to the 2 bowls, which Lara is supposed to ignite and the entrance door closes behind us… 

Drop down into the lower room and go up to the NE corner, shoot the E side fence around the column and go get the Torch along the N wall, go down to the campfire and ignite the Torch. Hop with the Torch onto the base of the column where you shot the fence and stand jump onto a narrow ledge, stand jump to the next and then a running jump with a right curve to the upper floor S. Ignite the two bowls and the door opens. Follow in and up to a lever left that will open door #1 for the Talisman Parts. In the other end of the passage are Flares, then safety drop down through the opened trapdoor.

The Bronze Key.

E is the Talisman Room, we go SW. A door opened here before when using one of the orange buttons. Run jump over to the floor W and in the back, behind that bush is the Bronze Key. A Vulture attacks. Drop from the E end of the floor into the water below, climb out at the Ornate keyhole NE and enter the passage N once more, take a right to where you can use the Bronze Key in the next room. The doors behind you open up. Hop over the spike traps picking up Flares and in the end go right to use a lever opening a trapdoor in the E end (red glow), drop down and slide down a steep slope. Go straight and left around the corner to a spike trap, turn around and walk slowly  backwards into the trap. There’s an opening above, you’ll have to step exactly to the right spot to jump and grab up to the ledge above. Now walk slow and grab up a couple of times to get up to a ledge near a door, turn around and hop/grab back E. Walk up to the ledge with the popping spikes, wait for the moment they go up and then jump and grab up, when the spikes are down, run jump and grab a ledge up S. Another one of those targets there, but before you shoot it... 

Turn around and jump/grab up N, then to the gate W and flip the lever to get rid of those spikes. Go jump back E and drop down to where those popping spikes used to be. Jump up and shoot that Target. Turn and run down the ledges where the stationary spikes were to the basement and go right around, hop over that pit (still some spikes left) and in the SW corner a block went down. Through the opening you’ll find an active spike trap, run into the lower part and jump out while the spikes are down. In the end of the passage go right and up a pole, back flip off and get a Medipack W, in the other end is a lever opening a trapdoor. Shoot two Bats and get down the pole, go to the traps E and stand back, hop onto the edge of the trap (you might have to jump on with a bit of an angle) and hop up to the safe ledge in the middle. Do this again and get to the trapdoor. Turn around and grab up, go right around to a lever opening door #2 for the Talisman Parts. Climb up left of the lever and you’ll get to a familiar room (side room of the Talisman Room).

The Silver Key.

Loop around left and go outside (lever for the door is on the W wall), hop  left into the water and swim to the SE corner (we’ve been here), wade up the hill and use the lever S to open the door left. Follow that passage up to the Brahma room with the Shrine and Puzzle. Jump out left or right, get onto the rope and face the Brahma Shrine. Swing up high and jump grab into the open door, follow up to the Silver Key on a table. Head back and safety drop out, head out N to the room with the statue, straight passing the statue into the passage W and left down the stairs is where you can use that Silver Key. A trapdoor opens left of you, drop in and swim through, in the second wider part use the lever left and continue till you can surface and get some air. You can climb out N and jump onto the corner of the central block there, pick up Shotgun ammo. In the E side of the block is a gap, underwater, get in and use the lever to open the door S. Get out, out of the water S and up into the door.

Go left and push a block all the way, turn left/right and use the lever lowering another block (exit of this passage), leave NW and get back into the opening S, left and pull the block twice. Make your way around again through the opening E and find a lever where the block just was, a block lowers in the W wall of the yard. In the hole next to the lever is a crawlspace and inside that is a Medipack. Climb back up, get out to the yard and into the new opening W, left and push the block to the end. Climb up right, a big empty vase there and drop down at the other end. Pick up Flares there and go to the NW corner to shoot a Target, a trapdoor opens NE, climb up right. Shoot the two Tigers that will attack. Next to the skeleton is Shotgun ammo, behind a rock at the S wall is a small medipack.

Make your way E and left to a lever, a door opens in the yard with the block. Drop down next to the lever and leave NW. Jump up through the vegetation into the passage N and come to a spike pit. Run jump around the corner to a safe spot between the spikes and walk further, grab up left to end up in a square room. In the W wall is a reach-in switch to lower a block N, follow up to a lever that will open door #3 for the Talisman Parts. Go up W to the Talisman Room.

The Gold Key.

Use those flowerpots along the E wall once more to get to the balcony S and jump to the rope, this time swing straight (long jump) to the balcony N. Shoot the vase for a Medipack and stand on the outer part looking E, shoot the fence there. Jump/grab over and in the end right is a vase with a small medipack, left is orange button #3, shoot the Rat and go back to safety drop to ground floor. Go SW into that opening you came from after the Bronze Key, through a door SW to the outer Temple area and straight into the door you opened with the button to get the Gold Key. The place where you should use that is shown, that’s in the Brahma Room.

Using the Gold Key.

(More routes to get there) Go out, left and hop down into the water, swim NE and get out at the block, go through the passage and left to the room with the trapdoors, left there to the room with the chains and S to the “Brahma room”. Left\right to the room with the Push Puzzle and get down into the lower part E, use the Key there and a door opens up S. Get into that door, straight in the next room is a vase with Flares, SE is a small medipack and Shotgun ammo SW.

Go up to that Golden Goddess and scratch her belly, a block will go down W. Inside is a courtyard and it looks like nothing to do, but there are very narrow ledges you can jump on. Shoot the vases as you make your way up to the highest one along the N side and grab up into the opening. hop up a grassy slope’ then onto a pointy block left and a hop up into the SE corner. Shoot a snake and another one while you head SE, down some slopes and through a crawlspace, you’ll get to a staircase. Go N into the small passage, follow to some Shotgun ammo and a lever to open door #4 for the Talisman Parts. Back to the staircase and go up, shoot the Tigers and follow the staircase into the Talisman Room, upper S side, hop down the flowerpots and enter the room E.

Get the Flares and combine the Talisman Piece with the Lapis Lazuli Gemstones, then get into the doors from left to right, pick up the arm and combine it, after all 4 arms are connected, place the Talisman S. Back up the flowerpots, to the S balcony where that wall opened and enter.

Temple Outer Walls, the Stone Key.

Follow through to a room with some drapes on the W wall, shoot the two  square things holding the white drape up and the wall opens up. Best save before you step out, because a flyby will give you general directions and by reloading the save you could watch it again.

Go left a bit and facing W, grab up to the branch above. Hop into the SE corner and stand back facing S, a left curved run jump up to the roof E, where you can just stand under the leave cover. Walk N and run jump/grab a branch W. Follow the branches in a SW direction and hang from the W side of the branch with the vines, drop onto a branch below to pick up the Stone Key. Drop from the W side and run W to an opening in a fence, first run over N to the central structure and pick up Shotgun ammo from the window. Back to the S, go inside and use a lever to open two trapdoors at the ladder in the back, one up and one down (Down is back to that Silver Keyhole and can provide a way back up here in case you missed a jump and fell into the water below). So grab the ladder and go up, turn around and shoot the snake, go out NW and stand jump/grab the branch above. Walk into the left corner and run jump N and a bit left, from that next branch jump and grab the edge of the roof W.

For a Secret: Shimmy left around the corner and drop, turn left (W) and hop up through the bushes, in the building and to the right are Flares. In there is a deeper part, hop down and get Shotgun ammo. Then go down NE and follow all the way down to nice rooms with 3x Shotgun ammo and Secret #2, the Golden Reward, on the wall is a little Easter Egg. In the other section you can also find a small and large Medipack. Make your way back up and shoot a Tiger, go out S and slide down. Run jump grab that branch E, at the left tip. We’ll have to get to the branch above again, so go S and run jump up SE to the upper part of the roof slope. Turn around and jump grab up to the branch N, run jump N with a curve around the tree and walk to the NW tip of the branch.

Jump grab the corner of the roof again. Shimmy right around a corner and drop onto a grassy ledge, go down N and find Shotgun ammo, then go get a small medipack from the ledge on the central structure. Go back up the roots at the grassy ledge SW and jump/grab up NW onto the wall. Walk N and stand jump/grab the corner roof NE, go just around the corner and pull up to back flip roll and grab a short branch. Two Vultures will show up, take them on from here or run down the E side onto lower branch with Shotgun ammo first.

Jump to the branch NW, then N and into the opening N, turn around after climbing on a block and shoot a Target. Go through the new opening and hop over to a branch SE, walk to the E tip. Turn left and jump/grab a crack in the wall. Shimmy right to where you can drop in front of a broken fence. Turn around and go get Shotgun ammo in the window of the central structure and return to climb inside. To the right are Flares, around the next corner Shotgun ammo, to the W, passing a Keyhole get some more Shotgun ammo. You can use the Stone Key in the Keyhole, a block lowers at the crack. 2 Vultures also show up.(Another block went up and that is in the room below this balcony, providing another way up, this one through the N wing.

Top of the Temple.

Head back out and run right, right around the corner and grab up N, turn around and jump to the branch S. Go left and jump to grab the crack in the wall, you can now go all the way right to where that block lowered. Side flip onto a sloped surface so you’ll slide off forward and jump onto the branch. Turn around and jump back to that corner block behind the big tree. Pull up right onto the leaves and go right around, at the first small palm tree hop E upon the slope and turn around. Jump and grab the branch W, get into the leave cover and shoot two snakes. Stand against the right hand side at the slope and just slide down. Hop SW to the branch, jump and grab the next one W and take the Shotgun ammo. Make your way back to that tiny triangle ledge NE and go up the ledges N to a small part of roof. Look up S and spot an opening in the leave cover, stand lined up with the left side of it and stand jump/grab up to the branch. Side step right and walk forward a bit, hop over to the triangle ledge and walk up the branch, get the Shotgun out as a Vulture will appear (try to get yourself pinned under the low ceiling).

Pulling the Plug.

Run jump straight and grab the right hand edge of the Temple roof, shimmy right around the corner to where you can’t go further. Pull up and back flip to a branch, go get the small medipack NW, but don’t get yourself stuck (stay under the high ceiling and crawl). Go back and run jump/grab the highest part of the Temple roof, pull up after shimmying left a bit. Go around to the left, shimmy along the edge and pull up at the NE corner, go find a lever and watch how the Plug is raised.

Go to the E side of the NE corner and hop backwards off the edge, landing on another slope, grab the edge and shimmy right before you drop. Slide/grab again, shimmy right one more time and drop, you should land on a flat ledge with a skeleton and Shotgun ammo.

For a Secret: Run jump down SW into that window with the Medipack, run jump and grab the edge of the roof SE and shimmy left a bit. You should be able to spot and opening below, through the vegetation. Pull up, Let Lara slide and after she passed the edge, hit Ctrl to land inside that opening. Follow in and grab a small medipack, 2x Shotgun ammo and Secret #3, the Silver Reward. A Vulture will be waiting when you exit this passage, run jump across into the sloped window and grab the edge, pull up and do that trick move (pull up, slide out and hit Ctrl) to get into the lower window, grab the edge and safety drop down. Go left to where the water went down and hop into the pit, follow the tunnel….


G&D - June ’22