Game by MD (Matheusz Dzieciol)

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

For some parts I looked for guidance in the Doggett TV video walktrough




There are some more areas to explore and do some training, but they’re not needed for the gameplay, so I left them out.

I won’t be giving saves for all hard spots, everyone seemed to have passed those obstacles, but there are some battles that need saves (SAVES FOLDER). Those two instances are mentioned in the walkthrough.

First go up the stairs SE, into the first room and find CANNED FOOD on the shelves. The room at the end of the corridor can be opened and there is some info on the table where they all were talking before. Get back down to the main area. Head into the area NE (blue arrow) and talk to the girl, then go through the fence NE, talk to the guy for some info and check the cabinet S for PISTOL AMMO. Go back through the fence and keep right, down into the botanic garden. NW, next to the plant bed is a bottle of FRESH WATER. Go back out to the Main area and straight to the staircase, right and then left through the fence. Left again and at the end of the corridor into the bedroom right to pick up another FRESH WATER. Back to the corridor and left, open the gate W and head down into the basement, on the steel walkway down left into the lower room and find a FRESH WATER in the SE corner. Use a lever on the furnace E, the left one, to get it burning. Get back up to the corridor and on your way to the stairs, the place starts to shake…

Once up the stairs you’ll find out what happened. Run through the fire and at the stairs go left to an open door N, take a left and a door blasts open, don’t go in, but take a right just before the rubbish. Jump over a pit, and go up the ladder at the end of the passage.


“Follow Lara’s instructions…”

Head SW to that light you see in the distance and then right into the alleyway between garden fences, right through the opening where she sees some buildings. Left around the fence and at the lamp, crawl into the garage. In the back is an elevator, push the button in front and enter….


Go left up the steps and left again through the opening, open a gate to the Sewer (S) and go down. Crawl in W and when you can stand, look right and use the V key as suggested to spot the STİCK (Torch) in the water. Go back to the elevator and around the other side, watch things unfold and then enter the hall after the SOLDIER is gone, you know you have a flashlight, right? The Flare key.

Go right around into a corner passage and find CANNED FOOD. Out and loop right around into a passage for 2x PISTOL AMMO, back out and right around into the next opening. Once in grab up right, find a LETTER (1) on the ground near the suitcase, go right and get PAINKILLER. Go back to where the suitcase is and jump over to the ledge NE for PISTOL AMMO. Drop down and spot the tunnel S, go out to the Main room, grab up into to the left side of the fenced off area above the burning barrel and find PISTOL AMMO around the back.

Head down the stairs and looping left around come to a door, open it and on the shelves in that room is a FIRST AID KIT. Go back through the door and in the doorway NW is a pile of rubble, you can crawl underneath along the left side, take a right into the opening N and around the corner is a cupboard. You’ll find OIL-SOAKED COTTON there. Back out and in the water is SHOTGUN AMMO. Leave E, up the stairs and drop down into the Main area. Go a bit left and N into a passage behind the fenced off area (N wall) for SHOTGUN AMMO.

Go back to the Main area and combine the STICK with the COTTON to get a TORCH and ignite your TORCH carefully at that burning barrel. Go into the passage W, just passed that pile of rubble and to the left is a big wooden fence, the right hand side is blocked by a pile of wood, ignite that and hop back.

Leave the TORCH and crawl in, swim through the corridor down steps and left around the corner. Go E to the end and up for air. Swim back a bit and in the first niche left is FRESH WATER. Back to the air pocket and down SE to open an underwater gate. Swim through, wade up and follow to a floor lever to open a shaft, right above your head (we’ll have to get the TORCH down here to ignite the rubble in front of the door S). Go back to the water, swim through the underwater gate, take a left and swim W. Right around the corner and up the stairs. Crawl out, grab the TORCH and go to the Main area.

Head into the passage SE, wade into the tunnel and in the wider area, go up right and ignite the pile of rubbish. Stand back and wait for the opening behind it to clear up. Go up there and climb up to the higher floor with another elevator shaft. Throw the TORCH down the open grate in the fenced off shaft and grab PAINKILLER (SW), SHOTGUN AMMO next to it (collected items 50%). Now either safety drop down (takes some health, so you best just go back the way you came) or go the long way back to the floor lever. That’s back to the Main room, passage W and left under the wooden bars, swim through the underwater gate and go up. Grab the TORCH that fell down here, ignite that pile of rubbish at the door and hop out of the way. Inside the room you’ll find PISTOL AMMO on the workbench, BANDAGES on the shelves and a CONTROL VALVE in the cabinet. Now get out, right around to the water, swim through the underwater gate, take a left and swim W. Right around the corner and up the stairs. Crawl out and go right to the Main area.

Use that VALVE at the big EXIT door W, check your health and maybe top it up a bit. You’ll slide down the steps, take a left and then right into a caving-in tunnel, here you’ll have to crouch and use sprint to roll forward fast enough to avoid being crushed. You’ll drop and slide into a large area.

Go left and in the corner behind those crates is a FIRST AID KIT, you’ll have to crouch to get it. S, where the burning barrel is, you’ll find PISTOL AMMO, there’s a dead guy hanging by a rope just above where you are. Seems you brought your TORCH, take it out and ignite it. Hop onto the crates NE and get onto the walkway go to the far end and stand close to the rope so it will catch fire. Get back down and SAVE before you approach the body as a cut scene kicks in and after that a Live SOLDIER appears, run behind the crates, equip the PISTOL with the LASERSIGHT and get from behind the crates, shoot the guy a couple of times, run around the crates (out of sight) and give him a few more from the other side. May take a few tries, but when you did it right, a cut scene shows him kicking Lara down and her hitting him in the head with a final round (you may want to repeat this fight to end it with as much ammo/health saved as possible).

You now have gained a SHOTGUN, a MEDICAL PAVILION ACCESS CARD and the ELEVATOR ROOM KEY. Head into the passage SW, use the Key on the fence. To the right is SHOTGUN AMMO, to the left is the elevator. Push the button to go up.


Lara neatly closes the door behind her… From the SE corner you can jump onto a fallen bridge walk up and jump/grab up W, hop N and then go right around over the ledges to the E one from which you can run jump with a curve out of the hole in the wall. Left, under the arches are PISTOL AMMO and FRESH WATER. When you run W through the water, Lara talk into the walkie talkie. Go into the passage under the stairs (SW) and shoot the barricade left (a gate on top of the stairs needs a crowbar). Go through a little café and arrive at a square, go left to the grey crate behind the tree, get up onto the higher one and from the crate run jump E onto the top of the wall. Drop into the yard behind it and find PISTOL AMMO under the arch.

Grab up to the pipe just outside and go up. Turn around and jump forward from the pipe into that niche (if you miss, you probably end up on the air conditioner and can grab up to the niche). Now walk the horizontal pipe to a balcony, from the other end jump SW to the balcony around the corner, shoot the window and get inside. To the left is PISTOL AMMO, go left in the hallway, roll underneath the rubbish and shoot a RAT. Crawl left through the hole and in the bathroom take a right and in the next corridor left, shoot a couple of RATS. In the S end of the corridor is a LETTER (2). Go back a bit and shoot the window where the suitcase is (only way out?), stand in the middle turn left and hop out with a left curve to land on a balcony below. Safety drop down to the street, the entrance E has a closed door to be opened with a Pickaxe (later). So, go N and in the blocked alley is SHOTGUN AMMO. Turn around, go S underneath the barrier and follow through, some SHOTGUN AMMO on the ground to the left. Get on the rubble right and jump/grab the pipe, go up and jump forward to the pole, a message appears, just hit esc and Lara grabs the pole and swing to the higher ground. Use the ACCESS CARD at the pink display NE, the big doors open up and reveal a wall with a crowbar in it. Go there and pry the CROWBAR out of the wall. Go open the door N with it and get SECRET #1/5, GRENADES on the counter (step behind it), on the floor PAINKILLER and PISTOL AMMO.

Get back into that tunnel we came from, there’s a slanted block left side you can drop on, follow through and roll under the barrier. Then open a door in the house left, behind the counter is PISTOL AMMO. Go into the elevator shaft S, climb the counterweight to the top and back jump. Stand jump grab up SW, then jump up through the open doors N. Walk into the corridor ahead just a bit and aim with the Pistol and sight to shoot a fuel barrel right around the corner. A pile of rubbish is now gone, go there and follow the corridor left/right to the hall. Go left through the window to the balcony and jump to the balcony NE, walk the pipe to the niche and drop to the airco unit. Jump/grab the pipe and go down to the point where you can jump off W onto the top of the wall. Drop onto the square, go into the Greengrocer (SW), down and find a FIRST AID KIT SE. Grab back up SW and go out to the square, straight over into the café E and out E to that first square, left around up the stairs and open the gate there with the crowbar.

Go in and left, jump over to the ledge in the opposite left corner, grab the FRESH WATER and safety drop down, in the passage S is PISTOL AMMO. Head in N and crawl underneath the rubble, use Alt to jump down into the trench, then climb up N and carefully walk forward. Go in right and shoot a box there for SHOTGUN AMMO. Back out and shoot a RAT. Climb up W and open the door to the bathroom E, shoot a RAT and go get some PISTOL AMMO, on the sink is FRESH WATER. Out and to the left (S), hop onto the rubble and jump/grab up, turn around and hop over the gap, in the next room is a box to the right (shoot it) with CANNED FOOD, on the shelves next to the suitcase is FRESH WATER. Go back S into the corridor, over the gap and at the crossing of corridors go straight (left stairs) into the kitchen and a cut scene about the Tool store takes over.

Go straight into the next hallway and turn around to shoot that fuel barrel in the kitchen. Go back and there’s now an opening left (for the other barricaded window we need the Pickaxe). Climb out backwards and climb down the wall, go to the Tool store NW and get a cut scene (without that the Key we need won’t be there).  Climb back up the wall we came down from (E), go left to the crossing of corridors and take a right up the stairs. Go left to get the SHOTGUN AMMO there, go to the other end and right around the corner, turn around and grab up to the floor above, go left and shoot a box for PISTOL AMMO. Back to the corner and grab up right. Walk slowly onto the fragile floor and hop back. To save health I hopped over the hole and hopped in backwards, hit Ctrl once below the edge and land one floor down, keep that up and get down to the lowest level. Go E and right down a winding staircase and in the dungeon below shoot 2 RATS.

Then shoot the grate W and get in for SECRET #2/5, SHOTGUN AMMO, FRESH WATER and PISTOL AMMO. Get back out of the grate to the dungeon and up through the fence SE, down the stairs and left around to get the RED HERBS from the grass S. Open the door E (Orchard 6) and inside go left into the reception, on the counter should be the APARTMENT 417 KEY (In case it is not there, you probably didn’t trigger the cut scene in front of the Tool store). Go out to the yard, up the stairs and down to the dungeon, left up the winding staircase, to the W and grab up to the floor of the kitchen through the hole in the ceiling. We’ve been here, go right (N) through the kitchen and in the crossing of corridors right up the stairs, right (S) and look for that barred door left you can roll underneath. There are two BATS to shoot.

Grab up to a concrete slab just above the chair, turn around N and hop to the floor near the windows, to the right in the NE corner is a LETTER (3), drop down from the floor and take out the TORCH to ignite it at the fire, go around that caved in floor and ignite a pile of rubbish to uncover CANNED FOOD. Drop the Torch,  go around again, and into the fireplace. Climb up the back wall and back jump through the hole into the attic, you found SECRET #3/5.

The floor is fragile, take care. Shoot two boxes from where you are and then go to the table left to pick up CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Go around collecting the GRENADES (E) and BANDAGES N, shoot the 2 or 3 BATS while you’re at it. Run over the fragile floor SW and safety drop down from facing S. You are on that caved in floor, jump up to the opening SE and roll through into the next room.

Get out of the window and from the balcony run jump/grab to the one SE, go up the ladder and shoot the window at the end of that balcony, get inside. That’s where APARTMENT 417 is, open the door and go in, to the right in the bathroom you’ll find BANDAGES. In the kitchen is a calendar and you’ll have to write down those numbers December 28 (2812). In the living room, on the cupboard is the TOOL STORE KEY. In front of the sacrificed corpse is the CROSSBOW. To the right of that, on the cabinet is a LETTER (4). On that same cabinet is a safe, use the numbers from the calendar in the kitchen to open it “2812 and hit Enter”, you will get SECRET #4/5, 2x CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS, SHOTGUN AMMO, FIRST AID KIT, PAINKILLER.  Go back out to the balcony, get back down to the lower balcony across the yard, inside through the hole in the wall, down the collapsed floor and out W to the corridor, right and left down the stairs. Left to the kitchen and climb backwards out through the hole NW to the square.

Go to the Tool Store NW and open it, hop over the counter and go into the workshop, on the shelves in the back is the PICKAXE. Get back out to the square.

Now, there’s one door left we can open with that Pickaxe and it is quite a detour for a SECRET, so it is up to you if you want to go there, if not, skip this paragraph: A familiar route, go back up the grey crate SE, up the wall and up the pipe, over the horizontal pipe to the balcony and jump to the next, through the window and in the hall take a right into the corridor, in the back through the hole in the wall and S to the elevator shaft (floor 2). Run in to the left and hit Ctrl to land in the red niche. Hop W and grab the counterweight, go down and hop out of the shaft. Go out E to the square and straight to the opening with the closed door inside, roll underneath the barricaded entrance. Down to the left is a red door to be opened with the pickaxe, inside is SECRET #5/5, BANDAGES up W, SHOTGUN AMMO on the grated walkway and a FIRST AID KIT on the shelves. Get back out to the square, into the house opposite gain, left into the elevator shaft, climb the counterweight to the top and back jump. Stand jump grab up SW, then jump up through the open doors N. Through the hole in the wall N and left into the corridor, follow to the left and through the window to the balcony. Well, you know the routine by now, using the pipes to get to the wall and then down to the square.

Now we need to get up to that zip-line, climb the wall of the café (NE) into the kitchen, right around is that panel you can use the Pickaxe on and use the zip-line to get into the corridor of the building, go left/right through the door


Drop out of the hole in the wall and go around collecting SHOTGUN AMMO NE, FRESH WATER in the alley SW. Go right around this old garage and find RED HERBS. Now loop right around the fence till you find the opening in the first area (SE corner) and run through the alley between the fences. You’re back in that street opposite the overhead door. Right around the fence, next to the house is a box, inside is SHOTGUN AMMO. Go around the house to find PISTOL AMMO, then go left and next to that house is a box to shoot, grab CROSSBOW IRON ARROWS. As soon as you get out again, a WILD BOAR attacks, shoot it. In the corner of the S house front wall, next to the small tree are BLUE HERBS. Go to the first house on the E side of the street, it has a barbed wire barrier around the porch, jump from the garage door onto the porch, shoot the box for SHOTGUN AMMO, hop back off the porch to the garage, go right around the house and shoot a box for CANNED FOOD. Next to the corner of the next porch are RED HERBS, around that house is a red door in a fence.

Go further N around the house and in the next alley is another box with CANNED FOOD. Go back out and left around, up the stairs to the porch. Open the door with the Crowbar. Left to the kitchen and right to the living, find FRESH WATER SE and BANDAGES in front of the TV. On the dining room table is a LETTER (5). Back to the hallway and S into the bathroom, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO in front of the sink. Get out and loop left around up the stairs, on the first floor landing there’s a cabinet we can move and a door that needs a KEY, but first check out the rooms. To the N is the study, PISTOL AMMO on the desk and nothing else, get back to the landing and left into a bedroom, left on the floor is SHOTGUN AMMO. Back to the landing and left, push the cabinet into the corner, open the door to the kids room, on the shelves is a LETTER (6).

Hop through the window onto the backyard terrace, loop right around the house and down a few steps to the basement entrance, open it and find a generator, to the left is PISTOL AMMO. We need something for the generator (red garden gate Key). Back out to the garden and climb the crates, hop into the neighbour’s yard, on the porch are CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Along the S side of the house is FRESH WATER. Back to the yard and climb up the shed, drop into the next yard. In the corner of the brick house, next to the water, is SHOTGUN AMMO. Loop S around the house and roll underneath the fence next to the hose to find a box with SECRET #1/5, a FIRST AID KIT and SHOTGUN AMMO. Turn around, through the fence and in the yard go NE through the broken fence and find the demolished ammo bunkers. There are RED HERBS straight E, to the left, NE is SHOTGUN AMMO and NW are BLUE HERBS. Go back S and right into the last yard. Go up the porch, use the crates to get up to the balcony. Shoot the window to get in and go through the door left…

Now you have a BUNCH OF KEYS.


Roll underneath the barrier SW, on the shelves left are BANDAGES, open the door N and roll through, go left a bit and turn around. Look up above the door and shoot the lock from the hatch in the ceiling, climb the wall right of the hatch to get to the attic and obtain SECRET #2/5, 2X PISTOL AMMO and SHOTGUN AMMO. In a dark corner are CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Get back down and head down the stairs, to the N is the garage and on the shelves N you’ll find FUEL. In the cupboard E is FRESH WATER. Go out to the hall, into the bathroom SW for more FRESH WATER. Then go right to the kitchen and get PAINKILLER from the counter. Near the table SE is a LETTER (7). On a cabinet N are CROSSBOW IRON ARROWS. No way out of here, so we’ll have to backtrack. Up the stairs, roll through the doorway and then next to where the sick kid is and left out to the balcony. Down to the yard, climb up over the shed and go up the first porch of the white house, open the door. Hit Ctrl again, so Lara kicks the door open.

Go up the stairs a bit and roll, run jump and grab the first floor where the ribbon is an shimmy right to pull up at the opening. Go right and near the window is a LETTER (8). Back a bit to the W landing and right into the bathroom for SHOTGUN AMMO. Out and left/left into the corridor, hop over the furniture and find a cabinet blocking celling hatch. Go right into the room, jump out of the window with a left curve to end up on the roof of the porch. Get through the other window, go left into the corridor to push the cabinet and climb up into the attic. To the N is a LETTER (9), To the right is a little cabinet, open the drawer and find the STERILE SYRINGES. Turn around and find CANNED FOOD NW. The first shelves S have PAINKILLER, the others SHOTGUN AMMO.

Get down to the corridor, go through the door NE and hop out of the window to the roof, hop NE onto the crates and go down the steps next to the house (NW) and open the door in case you didn’t yet, (and pick up Pistol Ammo) put the FUEL in the generator and go through the gate. Drop into the hole and follow through to get SECRET #3/5, CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS, SHOTGUN AMMO, CANNED FOOD and ALCOHOL. You can combine the RED HERBS with the ALCOHOL so you can restore Lara’s health to 100 % in an instant, see “R” (Remarks). Get back out of here to the basement and up to the yard, take a right and open the red door to get to the street.

Detour for a SECRET; Go right around the house, up the porch and inside go upstairs, to the right and open the door right (where you pushed the cabinet). Go up the stairs to the attic, to the right are shelves with SHOTGUN AMMO, at the other end a window, shoot it and drop out onto the roof of the porch, go to the S side and notice the hole in the wall of the neighbouring house. Stand about 3 sidesteps right of the wall and run jump to grab the hole, get in and in the small cabinet is SECRET #4/5, a FIRST AID KIT, on the floor are CANNED FOOD and ALCOHOL. Drop out of the hole at the right hand side (high ground below).

Go SW crossing the street and find that red garden door there, go through and right around the house to enter it from the back. Inside to the right is FRESH WATER, then go to the other end of the room and something shakes, step into the E section and hop back.

After the rubble fell, go into the bathroom in the left back and left through a hole in the wall, carefully a bit up the collapsed floor (next to the fridge). Turn around and jump grab up to the ledge, crawl along the S side to the doorway, shoot 3 BATS there and grab PISTOL AMMO. Go in right (W) and crawl through to the doorway N, left around to the S again and left through the door to the landing, open the door E. On a little table SE is PAINKILLER and in the drawer of the cabinet NW is the PENICILLIN. You’ll have to take the same way back, (you may have to top up the health a bit before and under the crumbling part you have to roll fast) crawling under those collapsed floors to the landing where you shot the Bats, safety drop down from there, get out of the windows W and go right down the steps. Shoot a WILD BOAR and go further around the corner, near the fence is PISTOL AMMO, go back a bit and open a trapdoor next to the house. Get into the basement for SECRET #5/5, FRESH WATER, BANDAGES and GRENADES. Get out of the basement and go left around the house to the street, shoot an incoming WILD BOAR.

Now we have to get to the guy with the kid, that’s NE cross the street, through the open red door to the backyard, right over the fence using the crates and over the garden shed to the S yard. Use the crates on the porch to get to the balcony of the brick house and inside left through the door…

Take the Crossbow with the Sight and go out to the balcony, shoot one looter in the yard below (remember where they dropped, they will leave goodies), one on the shed left and the third in the yard left. When you look NE and zoom in, you’ll find a fourth looter. Get down from the balcony, look for the CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS in the yard, go over the shed to the next yard, there’s another looter roaming about. There are 3 more near the ruins E, two standing near a barrel… shoot the barrel. The last one is on a crate way up E. Collect PAINKILLER, CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS, PISTOL AMMO and SHOTGUN AMMO (I may have missed something). Now get back inside to that guy with the kid, he will give you the GRENADE LAUNCHER. Get out to the yard, over the shed and jump from the porch (of the white house) NW, over the fence. Go left through the red door and SW through the other red door, shoot a looter at the back of the house and grab the CROSSBOW IRON ARROWS and SHOTGUN AMMO. Back to the street and right around the fence through the alley between the fences, right to the first area and shoot 2 looters carrying nothing. Shoot the rubble under the climb wall W and go back up to the corridor. Go left/right back to…


Drop down to the square (NE), take the familiar route SE with the pipes and balconies to get into the Medical Pavilion, through the corridor to the hall and right, through the hole in the wall (S) and straight to the elevator shaft. Run in with a left curve and Ctrl to land on the red ledge, jump/grab up S, turn W and jump/grab to the counterweight, go down and out to the square. S into the tunnel and follow to the pipes, get up to the square. Fire a grenade into the wall straight ahead and enter…


Run though the alley and Lara looks left, a bit further a cut scene takes over and you’ll be under fire, return to the alley fast and top up the health. Walk slowly back along the right hand wall (stealth mode) and look up left for the gun placement just left around the corner of the house, shoot the SOLDIER (Iron arrow will do). Now go left around the corner and into that house fast, in the first room and in front of the shelves is PAINKILLER. Go through two doors into a room with a suitcase and left is a box with 2X SHOTGUN AMMO and, go to the other end and push an improvised work bench a bit to the S so you can get up to the broken staircase above (W), from the broken stairs jump/grab to the floor E and climb up, there’s SHOTGUN AMMO right. Shoot the window and hop outside…

To the right is a box with SHOTGUN AMMO (and sometimes a second kind of ammo, it seems to be random), then go through the gate N, careful when you get out the other end, there’s a SOLDIER down in the alley. Best just fire some grenades through the gaps in the fence (left/right) whenever you see another SOLDIER down there. Then go right a bit and run jump over to that light grey crate, go up to the higher one for CANNED FOOD. Down in the alcove S is some SHOTGUN AMMO, after getting your health up, selecting the Crossbow or Shotgun, go to the NW corner and climb the N wall. Roll, hop back and safety drop down at the other side, roll again and shoot the SOLDIER. Go left and open the door left with the crowbar, there are ELECTRİC CABLES hanging in a pool (we’ll be back). In the back left corner on a cabinet is the KEY TO THE BASEMENTS. Out of the house take a right, straight to a backstreet and left into the building  there on the floor is PISTOL AMMO and when you go up the stairs a SOLDIER meets with you. He will drop SHOTGUN AMMO, go further up the stairs. There’s some rubbish we could burn in the elevator hall.

Hop up into the back wall of the elevator shaft, turn around and jump onto the second floor, shoot a RAT and there’s PISTOL AMMO SE, then shoot the barrier NW, follow in for SECRET 1/4, PISTOL AMMO and a FIRST AID KIT. Go back and shoot the left side of the window S, hop out with a left curve to get down onto that wall. Get down in the yard and pick up PISTOL AMMO (and SHOTGUN AMMO) next to the street light. Head into the alley and when you go through the gate you are behind those nasty gun turrets on the square. Shoot the fuel tanks with the PISTOL. Get PISTOL AMMO at the corner of the building and climb up the ladder onto the sentry tower to get a FIRST AID KIT up there. Back down and all the way into the SE corner or some RED HERBS. Go back and head into the Art Café NW, on the counter is PISTOL AMMO and in the NW corner is a box with BANDAGES, open the nearby door (N) and the next too, take out the Shotgun… In that corridor you’ll meet a SOLDIER, he drops a FIRST AID KIT. At the end is the BASEMENT DOOR you can now open.

Down the steps and shoot 3 RATS, flip the POWER SWITCH W, on the high crate right is SHOTGUN AMMO and as you leave, on the work bench is PAINKILLER. Now you can go back to the square. As soon as you go out of the Café, SOLDIERS show up, hop back inside and take them on one by one. I found PISTOL AMMO and SHOTGUN AMMO dropped by them. Take a right into the Herbal shop and in the entrance, left at the window (was too dangerous to take before) is SHOTGUN AMMO.

Some work for a SECRET: Go out and run across to the SE roll and look up above the Café, there are some SOLDIERS on a TOWER, shoot them (I missed them, but took out both with one steel Arrow, it behaved as an Explosive arrow?). Go into the Herbal shop again, up to first floor, from the broken stairs up to the window. Jump outside and on the wall around the terrace could be some SHOTGUN AMMO, climb the pipe S and jump onto the airco unit. From here a sharp curved run jump (from the corner of the walls) to grab the ladder of the Tower, get up for a box with SECRET 2/4, 2X SHOTGUN AMMO, 2X CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS and some PISTOL AMMO. Jump back to the airco unit, hop to the pipe and slide down. Back into the building and down the broken staircase, go out to the square.

Head through the gate NE to a yard, climb the crates and go over the wall, head W and at the fence left into the open door. You can now grab up to the floor above from standing in the water. Notice the fire extinguisher at the barred door. Turn around and jump/grab the rebar in the wall, go up and off left. Jump E over the hole, stand at the corner of the wall looking back down in the hole and shoot that fire extinguisher. Run down with Ctrl to land one floor down and go into the opening, grab SHOTGUN AMMO from the table and go through right for SECRET 3/4, ALCOHOL, GRENADES, CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS with PISTOL AMMO.

Back out to the hole in the floor and up to the E side corridor, go to the window and shoot a window a bit down across the street. Run jump into that window and go straight to grab some FRESH WATER, turn back and go right (W) into the corridor, shoot the window left at the end and jump over onto the airco unit, shoot the window up left and just hop into the left corner of it, no grab. Shoot the barrier and follow the corridor left around to find a crate, pull it once (S, opens a shortcut up here for later), then turn around and go to a door you can open. On the floor right of the flames is a LETTER (10), in the left side corners are PAINKILLER and SHOTGUN AMMO. If you want the last SECRET, take a burning Torch… Go W to the corridor, right and hop on the crate you pulled out of the opening, standing on the far side, throw the Torch and it should end up at the other end of the barrier, go get it and jump E over the hole.

Detour for the SECRET: Throw the Torch through the window onto the street below and go back to the hole in the floor, climb down the rebar, back jump and drop down into the water with the cables, go outside and get the Torch. Go E and left into the open door and upstairs. Ignite the pile of rubbish and get SECRET #4/4, CANNED FOOD, 2X SHOTGUN AMMO and CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Go back downstairs, to the street and back W to the open door left, climb up again through the hole in the floor and drop from left from the rebar and jump E over the hole.

Go to the window, jump across the street into the window, left into the corridor and left to the second window, run jump over onto that airco unit and run down E onto the lower one, drop down to the street. Go W….


When you pass through the gap between the containers and the wall, 2 drones appear, take the Shotgun and shoot. You can also roll and run back to the previous level and run back here shooting immediately, I thought that to be quite useful. Standing at the E corner of the containers, you can just spot a SOLDIER on a stack of crates across the street, shoot him in stealth mode… Now loop left around and find 2X SHOTGUN AMMO next to the building and another box of SHOTGUN AMMO next to the blue container. On the container blockade N are two SOLDIERS, you can stealth them from near the blue container. Go to the stack of crates the first guy was on, stand between the building and the stack and look NE, on the crates next to the street signs is another SOLDIER, that one was hard to find behind that tree….

Walk a bit in that direction after you shot him and get the message. Turn W and under the scaffolding is a box with CANNED FOOD. Go to the containers E and behind them is an opening, a SOLDIER comes out, he drops SHOTGUN AMMO. Go into the post office (right) and get PISTOL AMMO from the counter, in the green grocers is SHOTGUN AMMO (and CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS) behind the counter.

Get out and climb the crates, jump/grab into the left window, go right and shoot a box for BANDAGES and CANNED FOOD. Proceed through the corridor and shoot the window right, hop out onto the blue container. A message indicates we have to perform a long jump, aim for that stack of crates W, stand back at the wall, sprint and jump to grab them. Turn left and run jump/grab the red container. Turn left and jump to the green one, shoot the box for PAINKILLER, Grab up to the balcony above, shimmy left around the corner and pull up, go inside for SECRET #1/5, PISTOL AMMO and a FIRST AID KIT. In the other corner SHOTGUN AMMO (and CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS), near the window more PISTOL AMMO, get out and back down to the green container. Back over o the red one, onto the stack of crates W and then to a scaffold in front of a window after you took out the Shotgun, there’s a SOLDIER inside.

Right between the beds is a FIRST AID KIT, in the corridor and to the right is a box with BANDAGES. Go to the other end of the corridor, step out to a balcony, hop down to a small mound under the tree below, find RED HERBS nearby, a box with SHOTGUN AMMO under the balcony and then hop through a window SW, grab PISTOL AMMO in the first room, shoot the barred doorway and jump over a pit to the W. Pass left underneath the barricade and get PISTOL AMMO, SHOTGUN AMMO and FRESH WATER. Go back to the corridor and straight to the flooded corridor. Swim left and then right through the small opening and wade up the stairs drawing the Shotgun because of a SOLDIER. There’s another one down that hole, shoot him from above in stealth mode. Jump over the hole for PISTOL AMMO and then go down. Grab SHOTGUN AMMO and go in S for the MAIN SWITCH. There is a gate in this basement and that will be a TIMED RUN in a bit. Go stand on the rubble NW, near that barrel, run jump onto the slanted concrete slab E, but not too close to the corner and hit Jump to slide jump and then grab the slab above, jump E and follow the underwater corridor, there is some CANNED FOOD in the middle section near the glow stick. Out of the water left to the pit and there is a SOLDIER waiting. Jump over and go left out to the yard (there could be a DRONE, didn’t always encounter him), straight across through the door and come to that pool where the water is now safe to cross. In the large area go left for a LETTER (11) on a chest of drawers and PISTOL AMMO (2X) left of that.

Back to the hall and look up SW and shoot the lock on the hatch, go up there, follow the grated ceiling to the end and drop. Go up the rubble SE ignite the TORCH and hop to the scaffold NE, ignite the rubbish and for a Secret, throw the Torch through the opening into the hall for later. Go into the hall, take out the Shotgun to shoot 3 SOLDIERS coming from the left. They drop 2X SHOTGUN AMMO.

Go back to where the burning barrel is, down, duck and shoot the barricade in front of the TIMED SWITCH N. SAVE there, flip the switch, loop around right up the rubble and up to the barrel, hop over to the scaffold and run into the hall, left through the pool with the cables, out to the yard and jump through the window into the house across, jump over the pit (that’s the hardest part as you don’t have time to line up), swim though the flooded corridor and run down into the pit there to get through the gate. Flip the switch to open the gate again, go climb down a grate left of the switch and with Lara’s hands on the first rung, back jump and grab a crack. Go left around the corner and drop. Find SECRET #2/5 in the next room, PAINKILLER, GRENADES and PISTOL AMMO on the shelves S, BANDAGES, a FIRST AID KIT and SHOTGUN AMMO (we now have AGILITY LEVEL 2-4, check under “R” to see what bonuses this experience level gives you). Hop down through the hole in the fence and climb up to a scaffold NW, then up the grate, though the gate and a SOLDIER is waiting there, get out of the pit, swim through the flooded corridor, over the large pit and out left to the yard and through the door to the hall where we left off.

Go to the N end and shoot a barricade W and go in to kill 3 BATS, return to get the TORCH and go back into the opening, up and at the end climb up left for PISTOL AMMO, hop over to the corridor, go right and ignite a pile of rubbish. Go in and left through the hole, pick up BANDAGES from a box left and then climb up through the opening in the ceiling. Shoot a box for SHOTGUN AMMO, then go to the S end, out from the window onto a scaffold and run jump N to the next scaffold (no Ctrl). Pull a small scaffold 2X to the S, climb up and jump/grab up S, turn around run jump/grab up N for ALCOHOL and SHOTGUN AMMO. Get down to the lower scaffold and run off to land on the container below. Turn around and shoot the box W for SHOTGUN AMMO and PISTOL AMMO. Run to the other end and make your way down to the street. There’s a huge gun there… In the alley W, next to the scaffold is PAINKILLER and CANNED FOOD.

Where the Canned food was, look up S, there are rebar rods, jump up and grab, go up to a platform and get SECRET #3/5, SHOTGUN AMMO and GRENADES (with SHOTGUN AMMO). Make your way back to the ground. Out of the alley and on a crate NE is PISTOL AMMO (X2), in the NW corner of the street are BLUE HERBS, left of that, behind the crates is a box with BANDAGES.

Now get on the crate E of the weapon, run jump and grab a wooden plank on the crates W (you can now pull up faster, NO idea how) and then jump/grab up to the balcony, get inside and shoot the BATS. To the right is a box with PISTOL AMMO (with SHOTGUN AMMO). Go to a slab of concrete in the back (W), face it standing one sidestep from the W wall and take one step back, hop onto the slab, jump again and grab the upper floor (tricky one, this). Get on a scaffold at the zip-line and go down that a bit, drop to land on the red container. Run jump from the NW corner to those crates and SAVE, some DRONES will attack and you have little room to move. One got stuck in a wall, I dealt with him later. Run jump E and grab the ladder on the Tower, go up. Jump and grab to the right hand side of the scaffold E, jump and grab a pole S, swing to jump to the next scaffold and then hop SE into the window.

For a SECRET, hang down into the room, shimmy right along the crack to the next window, pull up and roll to run jump and grab a crack in the N wall, shimmy left to the window and pull up for SECRET #4/5, GRENADES, PISTOL AMMO and SHOTGUN AMMO. Shimmy back, drop onto the crate below and shoot the box next to the crate from a distance with the GRENADE GUN to get 2X ALCOHOL.

Drop onto the  crate and get down to the floor. Shoot 4-5 BATS while going around the room.

Next to the fire and laptop is a LETTER (12), SW are BANDAGES. NE is PAINKILLER. Ignite a TORCH at the fire, get onto the scaffolding SE and run jump up onto the wall W where the rope leads to, burn that rope. The boulder will crush an underwater gate. Lose the Torch and swim in and follow through. Wade up and you are in the area behind those big doors on the square. A cut scene takes over.

Go up the crates NE, jump/grab S to the airco unit and get SECRET #5/5, CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS and PAINKILLER. Drop from the back, go to a green container NW and get PISTOL AMMO from the top. In the grassy area W, are BLUE and RED HERBS. There’s also a WILD BOAR. In case you forgot something in the other part of the square, shoot the big barricaded doors with a grenade, it will also provide you with Bonus points. Now enter the Storm Drains and climb down…


Notice the door N, follow the tunnel and a cut scene shows a lever and a generator. First take a right there into the tunnel N, climb a crate in the back left for PISTOL AMMO, next to the crate are shelves with SHOTGUN AMMO. Shoot a crate in the back of the tunnel for CANNED FOOD. Go back a bit and in left (E), inside on a crate left is PISTOL AMMO, in a crate on the floor SHOTGUN AMMO.

For a SECRET: Jump up and shoot the grate S, follow that crawlspace (shoot a RAT) to SECRET 1/3, ALCOHOL and SHOTGUN AMMO. Get back out of this crawlspace, W to the tunnel and turn left. In the Main tunnel and next to a window S is a fuel barrel, shoot that from a safe distance to blow the window. Hop inside and on a crate E is CANNED FOOD in a box.. Flip a switch W to get the pistons going, go there and SAVE, push the button right of the pistons and push it again when the piston is on the marked spot, then the next and also the third. Doors open up.

Hop out of the room, go E up the stairs and one of the doors is left. As soon as you enter, turn left and jump onto the mound. Hop and grab the walkway up E, open the door and go in, a cut scene takes over and you’ll find a mutilated body. Next to the backpack is a LETTER (13) and next to that the VENT CONTROL ROOM KEY. Roll back underneath the rubble (W) and drop from the walkway. Back out to the tunnel, W down the stairs and right into the side tunnel with the shelters. In the end left through the also open door and come to a small room, in the cupboard is ALCOHOL, then pull/push the low rack to the E, climb it and jump/grab up N. Go left, kick the door in and pick up PISTOL AMMO behind the barrels. Climb down one of the ladders to the floor below and the water seems to be too low to get across. Shoot a box for SHOTGUN AMMO, open the gate NW (FANS CONTROL ROOM) and inside shoot 2 BATS, throw the floor lever to stop the Fans. Get out of the room, shoot 2 more BATS.

Go back to the tunnel with the shelters, shoot two RATS. You know the route to the Main Tunnel. Go left up the stairs and left into the door, up to the walkway, shoot a grate N and get in. Follow up to where a FAN stopped (shoot a box for PAINKILLER) and the broken blade allows you to roll underneath. At the end of the pipe, turn around and hang on a crack, go left to the corner and drop on a slope. Head into the pipe N to a large chamber, to the N is SHOTGUN AMMO, left is a PICKAXE DOOR, open that. Dive down in the deep part inside and throw an underwater lever opening a Heavy door (PUMP VALVE), in the NE corner is a niche with CANNED FOOD. Swim up and get out of this room, straight E into the tunnel and keeping right you’ll find more SHOTGUN AMMO. Right again into a large chamber with a waterfall. Up left of that waterfall on the walkway, is the door you opened, underneath the broken ladder to the walkway is an infected guy, you can help him out of his misery. Left of him, on the dry corner, is SHOTGUN AMMO.

Go through N, shoot 3 RATS and on a crate is PISTOL AMMO, in the cabinet is a LETTER (14). NW is a grated crawlspace, shoot the grate and get in, a PISTON on the wall left, push the button and then again to stop the PISTON on the correct spot. A door opens..

Get out and shoot the lock from the hatch in the ceiling. Grab up from facing E, jump down into a storage, on the shelves is FRESH WATER. Go into the narrow tunnel S and find a rack you can push out of that chamber and down to where the waterfall is. To the right is some FRESH WATER, then drop down to where the rack ended up. Move it in front of the left of the two switches S.

Now we need another rack for the second switch, go out W and keep right and you’ll end up at the MAIN VALVE, shut off the water (only this way you can reach the second rack). Return to the big chamber, that’s keeping left and when you are there (under the pipe above) take a right into the tunnel S. To the right, in the dry corner is SHOTGUN AMMO, then stand E of the pointy rock and jump on it, jump again to grab the grate in the S wall, get onto the ceiling and over to the other side. Drop and grab the crack, go left a bit and drop/grab the crack below, go left to pull up into the opening. Roll under the rubble and come to that pipe, walk across and push the rack from the ledge. Get down and move it under that second switch at the gate NE. The switches are TIMED, use left first, then right and get inside fast through both gates. The switch left (NE) will open both gates again. Shoot a grate up S and get in, hang into a deep shaft and go left along the crack to a grate…

For a SECRET: Go down to the level of that pipe right and back jump to a walkway. Drop down E and launch a Grenade into the barricade W. Follow through, crawl under a fallen locker and get SECRET #2/3, SHOTGUN AMMO, PISTOL AMMO (& ARROWS) and PAINKILLER from the floor, GRENADES and ALCOHOL from the locker. Shoot the barricaded door to the showers and pick up SHOTGUN AMMO, CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS and a LETTER (15). Pull out the Shotgun before you go back as a SOLDIER is waiting at the walkway. Climb back up onto the walkway and jump to get that grate again.

Climb all the way down and go through a hole E, find a LETTER (16) and CANNED FOOD. Back out and now through the opening N, to the left is a huge PIN, push it in to start a series of Pıstons. As you go out, pick up some PISTOL AMMO. Get up the grate in the shaft, all the way and right along the crack to the opening, follow into the room with the 2 Timed gates (if not open, use the switch). Out to the big chamber and pull the left rack (W one), straight N 2 times, get on it and jump/grab up to the broken ladder. Inside a cut scene takes over, get the FIRST AID KIT SW, best SAVE here and not during the puzzle. Now go to the pistons, all lights above them should be green, so push the button, select the piston you want to stop (it flashes) with the right or left keys and stop it. Proceed till all lights are green. In case Lara is frozen or you can’t see the pistons, hit the Shift Key to release and start again. Somehow at one point I had all lights red again and after positioning the first piston I got the cut scene of the valve, so, no need to do them all? After a while you’ll see the water flow to the valve, turn the valve, a waterfall floods a big chamber.

Get out of the room, down the ladder and head back W and keeping left you’ll get to the entrance chamber, there go S through the big pipe. Coming out of the pipe, stop and right is a ladder, but above it is a SOLDIER, shoot him from down here in stealth mode. Up the ladder and grab the CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Turn right and shoot a fuel barrel in the next room, go there and stand in the flames, ignite a TORCH take it out and right into the next passage to burn the pile of rubbish. You are back at that mutilated guy, go through straight, down from the walkway and out to the Main tunnel, right down the steps and straight W.

To the left is an opened door to the SECRET #3/3, area, in the cupboard is SHOTGUN AMMO, then climb a grate SE, go up to the ceiling grate and over to the other end, drop and get PISTOL AMMO (2X) and CANNED FOOD. Look SW and shoot a grate. Grab back up and get to the wall grate again, down a bit and back jump to grab the opening where you shot the grate and follow though climbing up a few times. Jump out onto a grated floor, shoot a RAT and get a FIRST AID KIT, IRON and STEEL ARROWS. Go back the way you came, safety down into the room and go out to the tunnel.

Left a bit and then right into the side tunnel with the shelters, at the end left through the tunnel and up a rack to get to the walkway up N, through the door W to the now flooded pit. Along the W side, on the bottom is CANNED FOOD, now swim across and climb out S, shoot a RAT and enter the generator room. On the shelves are CROSSBOW IRON ARROWS, on the two work benches are two cans of FUEL. Put the Fuel in the generator to start the thing up.

Now we go back to the Main tunnel, cross the pit, up the ladder and right, down from the walkway and out to the tunnel with the shelters. Hop through the window S (room where the green cable goes), start up the generator after putting FUEL in. Hop out of the room, go left and use the big lever at the EXIT door. Head up the stairs and at the end right up the ladder….


In this valley with the old train station are several RED and BLUE HERBS (3-3) along the outer edge, some AMMO pickups too, I won’t mention them all. Climb the rock pillar just SW of the station house, jump N to the next and then use the branch to swing to that big rock N and get SECRET #1/8, PISTOL AMMO and BLUE HERBS. Drop down W, hop into the cave there and find CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS, in the back is a pile of rubbish, but we need fire first. So, back out and shoot a WILD BOAR. Go back up that same rock pillar and instead of jumping to the branch, jump onto the station house, to the platform NE. Grab up and shimmy right to pull up on the one above, shoot the box for SHOTGUN AMMO. SAVE, grab the zip-line and drop on that rock halfway down, jump to the platform in the tree SE, RED HERBS here. Then jump right to the rock for PISTOL AMMO and jump back to the platform. Jump SE into the building. Shoot a SNAKE, go to a large PIN and push it in, the light blue cable has power. Look over the container for some SHOTGUN AMMO in a box, then drop down N where you shot the snake, shoot a box for SHOTGUN AMMO.


Go N and find a trench where the purple cable goes down. Shoot a barrier and get SHOTGUN AMMO and PISTOL AMMO in front of a barricade. Out and left, shoot the barrier and SAVE, slide, jump over a pit and slide again. Right around the corner, on the second table is a LETTER (17), SW are CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Notice the ramps E, then go into the tunnel W, jump across the pit, shoot a box right for CANNED FOOD and push PIN 2, jump back across the pit. Coming into the shelter, 3 LOOTERS appear, shoot them and collect 2X SHOTGUN AMMO. Head into the room they opened S. Jump onto a ramp just left around the corner and jump to grab the grate, go up and left onto the walkway for a box with SECRET #2/8, SHOTGUN AMMO and PAINKILLER. Get back down (run onto the ramp) and go to the piston. This is TIMED, stop the piston in the correct spot, get out of the room, up the ramp ahead right and jump onto the higher one, slide and jump to grab the platform as far left as you can, pull up and curving sharp right a run jump to grab a pole. Now just swing (timed part is over) and line up for the jump/grab (curving a bit right) to the broken ladder. Go up into the pipe and take a right/right, roll underneath the blockage and shoot a SNAKE, then use the lever. Platforms appear in the pit above, use the steel bars and platforms to get back up to the surface.

Go to the river S and right, following the blue cable and where the river goes left into the building is some PISTOL AMMO next to the fur tree right. Proceed W over the hill, roll under a pipe and left at the building near the glow stick is CANNED FOOD. Climb the grate NW, back jump and grab the walkway, take the PISTOL AMMO and jump/grab E, to the opening left of the one with the pipe, shoot a SNAKE around the corner.

For a SECRET: Climb the crate there, jump/grab to a grate between the pillars W, jump/grab to the airco unit and hop to the next for SECRET #3/8, CROSSBOW IRON ARROWS, PISTOL AMMO and 2X SHOTGUN AMMO. Hop back and hop back to the grate E, jump down to the crate and down to the walkway.


Run jump (sprint &jump) NE from the walkway to grab a crack in the E wall, go left and pull up through the opening. Up left on a crate in the window is PISTOL AMMO. In the next area, second opening left is FRESH WATER, hop back and SW on this ledge is PISTOL AMMO. When you drop down onto the green container below, a bunch of LOOTERS show up, some drop GOODIES. Walk S along the container and right around the corner of the container is a box with SHOTGUN AMMO. Walk S to a pit (Lara talks about the Ruins) and where you see that big PIN right, run jump into the corner behind that brick pillar, get on the crate for BANDAGES. Jump back to the floor from the crate and go left to where the blue cable goes to the big PIN, push it, 3 lights active and the pistons NE will be activated.

Well, this must be the one I had most problems with, took me a long time to get it done, but get out as many times as you want (Shift) and start again and if you’re lucky only one light is red and you only have to do one piston…

Climb onto the green container and onto the ledge above, shoot a LOOTER and go left to run jump grab to the pole that appeared there, have Lara swing (just hold Ctrl and Up) to a far ledge S, go left and run jump grab E, pick up PAINKILLER right and use the lever in the destroyed Control room. The boulder will be lifted.

Look N and spot a SECRET, run jump NE into the window, then a tricky run jump/grab NW to get to the N window and pick up SECRET #4/8, PAINKILLER, CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS and GRENADES. Go down into the pool and underneath the boulder into the tunnels…


Again pickups scattered all over the place, I might have missed some.

Go left and up the slope with the blue flowers and right around the fallen tree to find a building with a high Tower. In front of the building, near the blue flowers are PISTOL AMMO (and SHOTGUN AMMO). Careful, just to the S, there’s a swamp, so go E and then to the right is a box with GRENADES. Head into the fenced off area E, to the right, in the SE corner is a deep shaft (careful!).

Face N and hop back grabbing the ladder, halfway down traverse to the left and go down the rest of the way. Wade up into the pipe E and shoot a barrier and follow into a place of worship. Shoot a crate for SHOTGUN AMMO, ignite a TORCH at the bowl and then go into the passage N, through a fence and burn a pile of rubbish. Use the lever to close grates in a ceiling, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO (NE) and go back to the place of worship. Grab up to the grate W, go over to the ceiling and go straight to a crawlspace, drop/grab and go through. Hop down into a storage and pick up SHOTGUN AMMO (and PISTOL AMMO). Open the locker for ALCOHOL and CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Pry the CONTROL VALVE from the pipe with the Crowbar. Use the lever to open the gate and get out and go up W.

Climb the grate W again, along the left wall and not too high, back jump and grab the pipe to swing and jump grabbing a grate. Crawl in and get to SECRET #1/5, CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS and ALCOHOL. Get back to the place of worship, safety drop from the grate and go into the pipe SW. Follow through to the ladder, go up and traverse right to the rebar rods. As you climb out of the shaft, draw the Shotgun, get your health up and get ready to rumble and a whole pack of WILD DOGS attack and you’ll have to find the next one to shoot within a certain time frame (what worked for me was to run forward and left a bit, standing in that clearing turn around your axle and shoot when Lara aims. Here the RED EXTRACT comes in handy, it heals Lara faster). A cut scene will kick in where something saves Lara from the last DOG.

Go N along the bunker with the tank and right around the fur tree are HERBS. Head further N and NE, behind that fallen electricity post is a hole in the ground, swim in and right to get SECRET #2/5, 2X SHOTGUN AMMO and 2X CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Get back out to the surface and shoot a WILD BOAR. Go NW, then W and up right to a big tree with a platform. In the bunker W is a passage, shoot the WILD BOAR and go in further. Inside are a pile of rubbish (TORCH needed) and some SHOTGUN AMMO. Go out and right around the bunker to the W, shoot a box for SHOTGUN AMMO. Keep going W and near the NW corner you’ll trigger another WILD BOAR. In front of the big bunker W is a tall tree with a broken ladder. First go into the SW corner of the valley and find a box with 2X SHOTGUN AMMO, go back to the tree with the broken ladder. Climb up the bunker E of the tree, shoot a SNAKE and pick up PISTOL AMMO (2X). Jump and grab a ladder on a rock E, run jump Se onto the rock with the crack. Now NE to grab the pole and swing/jump to the platform (raft) hanging from the ropes (let go of Ctrl after jumping from the pole). Keep going N using a platform, a branch and end up on a walkway alongside the bunker. Run jump to the platform in the tree and shoot the obstruction on the wall of the bunker, so you can grab that ladder and go up to the top. Push that rack off the E end (shortcut back up into the tree later?), shoot a SNAKE and a box S for SHOTGUN AMMO (and PISTOL AMMO). At the N side you can jump up and shoot a boulder with the Grenade Gun. It will open the broken ground below.

Get down that ladder again, find SHOTGUN AMMO NW and go around the bunker to where the ground opened up NW. Hop down into the water below and open an underwater gate SW, swim into the next chamber (there’s air up). Get onto a half sunken crate SE and shoot a grate W, jump there to get in, follow through and hop out. Here you can use that Control Valve we found earlier on the panel NW (In case you don’t have it, throw the lever SE to get back up to the surface and go get it). The Fan will turn a bit and opens the way to the duct behind, crawl underneath the branches and another fence. Go right and get FRESH WATER (and SHOTGUN AMMO) from the shelves. Go up to the higher floor N and left, up some stairs to the surface and 2 LOOTERS show up. Get them and collect CROSSBOW IRON ARROWS and PAINKILLER. There’s also FRESH WATER and a LETTER (18) near the campfire. Another LOOTER shows up and he drops SHOTGUN AMMO.

Go to the N side of the stairs you came up from, look E and spot the slanted rock on the ground and another one up on the hill E. Run up the slanted rock (left of the middle) and jump to grab that rock on the hill, go up to a box with SECRET #3/5, a FIRST AID KIT. Next to it are some RED and BLUE HERBS. Go back down W.

Ignite a TORCH at the fire, get on top of the containers and run jump into the opening in the bunker E, drop the Torch, check out the shelves for PISTOL AMMO and BANDAGES and in a niche N is FRESH WATER. Go to the left hand opening E and drop the Torch outside so it slide down the wall. Be sure to remember where is ended up.

Now hop back a few times and sprint to the opening, jump and grab that ladder in the tree, go up to the platform. Jump down SE to the rock with the flowers, another sprint jump to the platform SE. Then some standard jumps and finally a jump to grab a ladder. Go up and stand left of the tree, back up and do a sprint jump to grab the next platform (we are now above the Swamp) which will break. Grab the CANNED FOOD and jump down SE onto a rock way below. Over to the platform SW and from the SW tip jump to the corner of the building to some gravel ground. Just around the corner you can climb up the damaged wall to the roof and find a rack, push it N and left, use that to climb up higher. First go N and find a box with SECRET #4/5,  a lot of SHOTGUN AMMO and PAINKILLER. Now we can go up that tall Tower.

So, go back up S and around the Tower, just S of it is a roof access structure use that to jump onto the chimney SE of the Tower. From the chimney to the platform N. “Avoid risky jumps during gusts of wind” To a pipe, up and to the next pipe, turn around and to a platform. Walk around the corner and curved run jump to grab the horizontal pipe, swing to the vertical one and turn to jump to a platform, landing on the left side, this one will only carry your weight for a short amount of time … So, a curved jump right around and grab a solid platform, around the corner to a slanted one, a stand jump to another pipe and jump to the last platform, go up the ladder and a cut scene takes over. Use the zip line till and Lara will drop into that underground chamber. Go through that gate SW, left around up the crate and into the crawlspace W to the chamber where you placed the Valve. Go left and use the lever SE (if you didn’t yet) to open a hatch to the surface.

Detour for a SECRET: next to the  bunker NW should be the Torch you dropped, take it E and left around the bunker next to the rock with the platform, left into an opening (where the cage is you pushed down). Inside burn a pile of rubbish to reveal a crawlspace with SECRET #5/5, GRENADES, BANDAGES and CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS.

Leave and head SE to the pond with Sewer Entrance where we came from before…


You can jump up to the floor in the NW corner, go into the half open heavy door the cables come in (NE), use the lever there to open a trapdoor up to the valley, a hatch opens in that strange tower, be ready as LOOTERS are on their way over. After the fight, you can go to that strange Tower and climb up, you’ll get some more info. Get back down and go left towards the station building and then to the cave entrance W (another LOOTER shows up). Ignite a TORCH at the barrel and burn the rubbish in the back, get through the tunnel and out into another part of the Outskirts, shoot 3 LOOTERS. On the rail cart is a box with SHOTGUN AMMO. To the N of the cart are BLUE HERBS at the corner of the moat. In the moat is a crate, shoot it from up here, run jump to it and get SHOTGUN AMMO, climb back out where you got the Herbs.

SECRET: Go around that first building (SE) to the back and down steps, shoot the LOOTER, climb down a ladder to the ledge below. Fire a grenade into the pit to break the barricade W (the box NW might also shatter). Collect the CANNED FOOD from the box, drop into the water and wade in W, shoot a LOOTER and pick up SECRET #5/8, GRENADES, PAINKILLER and CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS and a LETTER (19). Go back, up the ladders, shoot a LOOTER at the top of the second ladder and get out of the building.

To the right, just behind the big tree are RED HERBS  and in the far SW corner are more RED HERBS, go right and in the W wall of the second (W) building is a barricade you can shoot. Get in and right around the corner is SHOTGUN AMMO, on the table SE CROSSBOW IRON ARROWS. There are 3 levers on the S wall, activating poles somewhere, use the one in the middle and the right hand one. Out of the overhead door go NW to the corner and hop onto the low concrete wall. NE are those poles, stand jump/grab the first and swing jump till you are on a walkway. Jump S onto the roof, hop down SW to a platform and shoot a box for CANNED FOOD.

For a SECRET: Run jump from this platform onto the rock pillar NW, then run jump onto the red container. In the box is PISTOL AMMO, then safety drop down and shoot a box for SECRET #6/8, PAINKILLER and SHOTGUN AMMO (and CROSSBOW IRON ARROWS). Jump from the pallet S onto the ramp N and slide jump to grab up to the container. Shoot the LOOTER on the roof, run jump to the rock, SE to the platform and back up to the roof.

Jump the platforms, SE, E, to the roof of building 1, run jump grab the contraption N and pull up over, jump to the ladder under the walkway and go up. Turn left and shoot the LOOTER. Jump up to where he was, then run jump into that big sewage pipe. Inside drop down a shaft into the water below, swim through S and right, behind that crate is CANNED FOOD, go up and climb out S. Turn around and shoot a box on the bottom of the pool, right against the fence, dive in and get GRENADES. Climb back out S and turn around. Use those poles to swing to the far end of this place, you’ll land in front of a gate, use the underwater lever below to open it, left of the lever are PISTOL AMMO and CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Now swim through the gate. Wade up and left around is a box with CANNED FOOD, on the other side of the stairs is a LETTER (20).

Head E into the “Village”, on a crate in the NW corner is SHOTGUN AMMO, there are some CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS on a table, PISTOL AMMO on the ground (N) and E under that scaffold are BLUE HERBS. Go up that scaffold, jump and grab to the suspended crate and jump to the duct W, go over the crates to the N side, shoot a box for SHOTGUN AMMO. Back onto the crates and jump/grab up to the duct E, on the S side is PISTOL AMMO. From the middle turn W and grab that vertical pole, go up a bit and jump/grab the horizontal one, swing and jump/grab to the floor. A Place of Sacrifice, go to the altar and from the left side you can grab 2 CROSSBOW EXPLOSİVE ARROWS (be careful with those, saviour them) and on the other end are CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Go into to the back, throw a lever to open a huge trapdoor and go back, shoot a LOOTER.

Now, there’s no easy way down here, from standing at the altar, face NE and run down with Ctrl to land on a walkway N. Jump into the niche S, then down NE to a ledge above the gate, shoot the box there for SECRET #7/8, PISTOL AMMO, 2X SHOTGUN AMMO (and CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS). Safety drop down and you are in the VAULT. There’s a SAFE to the N, we’ll have to find the code. Use the lever to open the gates, go out right around and look back inside through the fence at the screen there; NSWE-1211. Go back inside and left of the Safe is another screen; N2-4,E-1, S-3. That’s the order we have to place the numbers in we got outside. Result would be 1121. Type it in and hit ENTER and get the CHIPSET. Be sure NOT to have the Explosive Arrows selected (you might have checked those). Go out, shoot the incoming LOOTERS, some drop SHOTGUN AMMO and quickly go through the gate SE. I just ran in like a coward, ignoring some more LOOTERS up on the scaffolds… But one of those had GRENADES and SHOTGUN AMMO in case you want to get those.

Inside stand E, face W and hop over the railing onto the sloped floor, jump again to end up in water. Swim down under the wall SW to get SECRET #8/8, PAINKILLER and several types of CROSSBOW ARROWS. Get out and into the pipe W, get some PISTOL AMMO straight ahead and then go left. Where the scaffolds are right into a niche for RED HERBS. Stand on some wood NE, hop onto the slanted rock E and jump again to grab the scaffold. Jump up S onto the rock ledge and shoot a SNAKE, go up left and follow the path, SAVE after jumping over the low branch and hop backwards up the slope, as soon as you hear the danger, run jump back over the branch, jump over the next one too along the left side and then curve right when you come to the canyon. Shoot the LOOTER that pushed the boulder and go back up the path. Open the door and slide down, shoot 3 LOOTERS and go up the ladder into the Tower, on the left side of the Mainframe you can use the Chipset and repair it. On the screen you can now see dials.

Those dials are on the Panel E, use each button till the dial is in the same position as on the screen (Ctrl turns the dial and Shift releases the grip). Now the big doors open up., get down from the Tower and NE to the doors. At the doors you’ll get the warning that this is a point of no return…


Climb over the containers and go through the opening in the doors, a cut scene shows the horror and puts Lara in hiding. Walk a bit more S for CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS, stay hidden and you can take out 4 SOLDIERS in watchtowers  from here (2 nearby and 2 somewhat further away), then Lara talks about the Dig site. Go S from behind the containers and find more CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS SW. Behind that old container S is a hole in the ground, get down, follow through around and over a few spike pits and get to SECRET #1/7, SHOTGUN AMMO, a LETTER (21), a CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE ARROW and some PISTOL AMMO.

Get back out and now you can walk the square, because those two guns seem out of order. Climb the watchtower near where we entered to get SHOTGUN AMMO, get down and go to the NE corner for a box with SHOTGUN AMMO, down some stairs SE for a box with PAINKILLER. Climb the nearby tower (the SE one) and get PAINKILLER, jump SW to the plateau with the gun. Line up for a run jump (no sprint needed if you do it right) onto the corner of the roof SE (no Ctrl). Drop from the roof into the back yard and find 2X RED HERBS and PISTOL AMMO. You can climb back up from a crate NE. Go up the makeshift ramp and jump straight to that chimney, landing in the yard behind the concrete wall. Shoot a box for CANNED FOOD. Go to that pipe where the fire is and left of it is a box with SHOTGUN AMMO. Now search the rest of the yard, near some generators is FRESH WATER, NE a box with a FIRST AID KIT and  under a silo S is PISTOL AMMO. There is also CANNED FOOD and a box with SHOTGUN AMMO. Back up a bit and down the stairs to the lower lever, shoot a box for SHOTGUN AMMO, check the Locker W for 2X ALCOHOL. Enter carefully as there’s a SOLDIER inside… (In case you have 3/4 Experience, you could use Blue Herbs to gain 10 sec. resistance from enemy bullets).

On the walkway go right to a Locker and get CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Drop down into the lower room, fetch the 2X SHOTGUN AMMO, E and some more left behind by that SOLDIER. Go through E, take a right and drop down from the E side of the walkway into the lower room, pick up the BANDAGES there and jump N to that VALVE, first check out the shelves for GRENADES and then get on the walkway at the pipe. Turn the Valve to shot off the deadly gas and the pipe springs a leak, run jump from this walkway to grab the one up S (above the shelves). Run out and loop right around the corner, go up the grate into a crawlspace, crawl right around onto the walkway and jump/grab up to a ladder in the roof access there. Left around the corner is PAINKILLER, turn around there, stand back against the wall and sprint jump straight over to the grey steel duct on the building S. Quickly run right to get out of sight near the wall as a SOLDIER is shooting from the yard below. Go right to the end and left around the corner of a low wall is a SWITCH (#1, view of a door). Run back along the wall and grab CANNED FOOD next to a box. Run onto the white duct and shoot the SOLDIER with the Shotgun. Walk back W along the fence and just left of the pipe (when facing N), you can see a pole.


Stand facing the pole take a step back from the edge and hop back, then run jump and grab the pole. Swing across and go up left at that receptacle, there’s a SOLDIER patrolling there. Grab all the SHOTGUN AMMO he left and drop down onto the red container, go around the yard collecting PISTOL AMMO, a FIRST AID KIT, in a pit NE a box with BANDAGES and SHOTGUN AMMO. Climb out, go to the watchtower W, go up and through the tower run down right around onto the green container. Jump up to the platform NE, SAVE at the TIMED SWITCH, use it and hop back to safety drop down to the yard, sprint to the generator SE and throw a SWITCH on the back of the thing. The doors to the Main Pavilion open up.


Right around the corner is FRESH WATER, then walk to the edge, run jump to the pole and swing to the walkway, climb up at the other end to the higher walkway. Up in the windowsill NW is another SWITCH (#2, view of a door). Back onto the container and run jump (no Ctrl) into the windowsill SW, get CANNED FOOD.

Hop back down and get on the container, in the window E is a box with SHOTGUN AMMO. Hop down to the container and jump into the second windowsill E, turn around and jump/grab up to the walkway above, go right to the end and pick up 2X PISTOL AMMO. Go to the S end, for a FIRST AID KIT hop down left into the windowsill and get it, run jump back to the walkway N, to the second window and up to the higher walkway, run jump/grab S, get to the BUTTON on the pillar left (E). I was afraid it was a trapdoor…, but it’s a nice and comfortable elevator to a walkway below.

From the S end of the walkway run jump over the fence to end up on a lower walkway W. Go left and down a ladder at the S wall, jump right, over onto the green container. Drop behind it and pick up PISTOL AMMO and a FIRST AID KIT from a box. Head N and check 2 shelves for PISTOL AMMO and ALCOHOL. To the S in front of a Fan are CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS and SHOTGUN AMMO. Up on a entrance SW is more SHOTGUN AMMO. N and right of that yellow Tube is FRESH WATER, then go to the front of the tube and it seems you can use that Pavilion Access Card there, let’s check it out…

You’ll go through some kind of decontamination, then you can proceed, use the Card again and a cut scene takes over. After the cut scene, go back E and find a LETTER (22) SE in the room with the yellow cables. Go out the Tube S, shoot a LOOTER when coming out of the Tube. Go up the ladder SE and left onto the container, run jump and grab the walkway W, go left and up the ladder, up the grate on the W wall and along the ceiling to a duct, crawl around the corner and then look NW through the next opening to shoot a patrolling SOLDIER. Drop out of the duct and go N, run jump (no Ctrl) over to the walkway and shoot a box NW for 3X SHOTGUN AMMO (one pack might have been dropped by the SOLDIER).

In the NE corner jump/grab up N to a niche in the wall, run jump out with a left curve to grab the niche E. Turn around and jump/grab to the pole, swing to the walkway, crawl out left and stand up to jump/grab up to the higher walkway N. Get on the green container, jump into the second windowsill E and jump/grab up to the walkway above, go left and jump/grab over to the S side. Go to the far end and hop over the fence onto the container, left into the windowsill and get SECRET #2/7, PISTOL AMMO, SHOTGUN AMMO, PAINKILLER and a CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE ARROW. From the container you can drop down close to the entrance and go outside.


Here we’ll have a little battle, a HEAVILY ARMED SOLDIER will come through those doors E, what I did was top up the health, run to the doors and turn right, run to the red container SW and get on top, wait till he passed that yellow cable and Lara aims at him (GRENADE GUN) and fire away. I even had 7 left. I got the UZIS and ROCKET GRENADES and Experience level 4/4 here. Where he died is another ROCKET GRENADE (savegame.0).

Go through the doors E and right is a pole you can use to swing over the concrete fence into a small yard, go around collecting SECRET #3/7, BLUE and 2X RED HERBS, get onto the container W. Sprint/run jump onto the dark building N (left one) and NW behind the chimney are GRENADES, run jump E to the other building. One crate needs to be shot with a Grenade and contains SECRET #4/7, SHOTGUN AMMO, an EXPLOSIVE ARROW and GRENADES. The other has a FIRST AID KIT. Go N and drop down where the pole is, go through N, go left at the big chimney (Tower) and drop in a trench behind it to pick up CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS. Go up N and shoot a box for SHOTGUN AMMO, right around the building on the square with the gun is PISTOL AMMO, in the NE corner are BLUE HERBS. NW is a box with BANDAGES, go back where you came in and climb the tall chimney SW and back jump onto the roof. Run/sprint jump to the roof S, roll and shoot the SOLDIER hiding behind the chimney, he drops a FIRST AID KIT. There’s another one on his way from the yard down S, maybe he’s already through the gate. Shoot him from up here and run/sprint jump back N and onwards to the next building N, where the fire is. Down to the left behind the chimney is a SOLDIER, shoot him. Drop down and get PISTOL AMMO, run into the alley and behind the next chimney right is a guy hiding, shoot him quick. Run back and find a SWITCH in the NE corner (#3, that door opens). Head W to the end of the yard to find RED HERBS, back a bit and look for the hole in the ground where that door opened. In that basement is SECRET #5/7, ALCOHOL and 3X EXPLOSIVE ARROW on the shelves, NW in a box is a LETTER (23), through the passage S PISTOL AMMO and CROSSBOW IRON ARROWS, around the crate 3X SHOTGUN AMMO.

Get back out, onto the red container and onto the one in the next yard, be careful, you are noticed… 2 SOLDIERS. Along the fence N are RED HERBS, from there you can take out a SOLDIER on the containers SW and up onto the one on the other side of the fence. Best is to run off left, between the container and the wall to take out 2, maybe 3 SOLDIERS from hiding ( the third might be waiting around the corner), shoot a box for SHOTGUN AMMO. S, just before the fire and left are CROSSBOW STEEL ARROWS, on the loading dock right are 2X PISTOL AMMO and a box with BANDAGES on a crate. Go NE towards the container and left around the big rock, look SW and spot the SOLDIER, take him out. NW are RED HERBS. SW are some more RED HERBS. Climb up onto the loading dock there, onto the stack of crates and use the container to get onto the roof. Jump S to the green container, take a right and go to the W end to shoot a box (I shot it before) and pick up SECRET #6/7, a FIRST AID KIT, PISTOL AMMO and GRENADES. Get back to the second green container E and onto the roof of the loading dock, spot a ladder on a chimney E. Sprint/jump to it, grab and climb up, grab up to the roof. Go to the N end of the roof and drop down onto a balcony below for SECRET #7/7, 2X PAINKILLER and a CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE ARROW. Climb back up and go to the zip-line E. Go up the hill…



Well, after the starting cut scene a spider like alien attacks, SAVE immediately.

Here you need to have combined the RED HERBS with the ALCOHOL, so you’ll have an Extract that will immediately heal you without Lara bending the knee (the canned food does the same, no pause). The SPIDER BOT can be shot with the Shotgun and when he goes up into the sky, he will return with a protective shield, activated by a DRONE above (arrow like thing, you can see the blue rays coming from it). Take out the Crossbow while running around the battle field (and maybe hide behind one of the concrete blocks) and shoot that DRONE, afterwards the shield will be gone and the SPIDER BOT can be shot again with the Shotgun. Repeat this and keep an eye on your health. As I couldn’t get through this fight on my own I have to rely on other info, there seems to be a second DRONE (like a doughnut) you have to destroy.

This save (thanks SteeleRaider) is for the last part of the fight, you still have to shoot the SPIDER BOT, but he’s on his last legs. Run forward immediately and roll, just blast him with the Uzis while avoiding his fire.. (savegame.1). In this save a LETTER is missing though.

And this save is just as he dies and when the cut scene kicks in (savegame.2).



Go down the steep passage and to the left will be a climbable tube, go down and step right of the tube, a beam activates (1- no idea if you have to) and you’ll get some info about symbols. Back up and back jump to the floor, head E and go over to that plateau with the big triangle. Walk left and run down from one of the corners of the hole to land onto a sloped beam, slide and jump from the end to grab a ledge up N. On that ledge N are 4 more of those beams between the pillars, activate them (2-5). Face S and step down onto a ledge left of the one you pulled up from and run jump S down to a triangle ledge. Hop back and grab the edge, safety drop down.

Run jump with a curve to a slanted beam E, go up to the ledge and through the left one of the two triangle tunnels in the middle of the E wall. On the plateau at the other end, walk to the edge of the floor, a cut scene shows some DRONES. You’ll see two tall pillars E, the left one has a plateau you can sprint/jump down to. Walk to the NW tip and sprint/jump down to the large plateau N. W is another one of those beams (6), then go E and sprint/jump with grab E to a ledge. Run jump S to a ledge between the pillars. Jump S down to a triangle ledge, hop onwards to the next and jump/grab up E. Again up E (this one requires a perfect line up and turn Lara slightly right) and then hop to the floor SE, a beam there is already active. Drop down from the S end and use some ledges to get down to the wider floor. Go W and just a run jump straight W through the gap between the pillars, you’ll slide from one slope onto another one and end up in an updraft softening the landing. Go W and a door will open, go straight down to the pyramid on the plateau…

Up N is another beam you can activate (7), then go up the steps SW onto hill W there’s a kind of ledge in the hill, use that to run jump and grab a ledge up N, grab up to one above. There’s a tiny pyramid on this one, use that by standing against it, facing S and run, then sprint and Lara will go from behind the tiny pyramid, near the edge hit jump and grab to grab the ledge S. Then run jump with a curve to the ledge SE, go in S, hop up and follow through to a crossing. Take a the left (after exploring the right hand dead end) and come to a deep shaft. Stand jump in straight and a cut scene takes over.

Follow the bridge, sprint jump over a gap and sprint jump/grab over the next gap… Looks like things went horribly wrong, but just wait…

The End…