Level by Mr Sean Croft.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

We have to get to other side of the wall Lara is looking at.

But first turn right and go to the back, shoot the thin wall of the crawlspace and get in. In the back of this room is a chain, pull it and get out again. Loop around to the left and jump up the slope and from there into the opening of the wall left. Follow through and pick up a Rosetta Stone 1. Place it on the other pedestal and you hear some info about the quest. Go back and take a running jump to the slope and slide down.

Go to the opposite slope and behind the pillar; jump up on the left. Turn around and jump towards the ladder on the right and climb up. Transfer to the left, keep feet on the bottom and jump/roll to grab the next ladder, go up and shimmy right around the corner and get down.

To the right is a wall lever opening a gate (*), get back to the ground floor.

Go back a bit and climb the pillar left of the barred window. Take a running jump into the opening on the right and jump down on the floor. Shoot the Hydra and go forwards. To the right is an opening up in the wall, shoot the thin wall and get down. Shoot a vase and grab the Glow sticks. Back out and straight across is an opening where a critter will emerge; shoot the thin wall and a vase. A Torch there, pick it up later. Shoot some more panels in the back and crawl to pick up a Light. Go through the gate (*) shoot more critters. The skeleton is holding Rosetta Stone 2.

Up in a niche in one of the corners (first shoot the golden screen) is Secret #1, the Semi-Automatic Pistols and Pistol clips. Another Hydra shows up and after it’s dead return to the passage and pick up the Torch.

Go light it at the wall torch right. Return and go through the two doorways to a big closed door. To the left is a kind of split in the wall, stick the Torch in there. The big door opens up. You can leave the Torch here.

Jump from side to side (corner to corner (no Ctrl), each time shooting a critter before you jump over), to get across that deep pit and mind the flames while you’re at it. I started by jumping to the right. You’ll come to a chamber with a pool, there’s a receptacle for a Rosetta Stone immediately as you enter (cannot understand what is said at none of the receptacles…).

In the pool below, under that Rosetta Stone receptacle are Pistol clips. On top of the block between all the pots is a Jar. Climb out of the pool, at the receptacle opposite the Rosetta Stone you can select the Light, combine it with the Jar into the Jar of Light and place it, a gate opens up under water.

Swim into the tunnel under the receptacle, there is air up straight ahead. Go left to where the gate opened and in the connecting room turn left into a small gap, right around the corner of that chamber are some Glow sticks (better NOT pick them up as you loose your previous 16 Glow sticks). Get out and into the second left for Rosetta Stone 3. Don’t explore any further there or you’ll be trapped… By this time you’ll need air.

So, just roll and swim straight back and up at the crossing for air (big closed door there), swim back to where we just came from and go to that tunnel with the spike poles (enter left side of it). Navigate through the traps (along ceiling and/or bottom) and take a right. Same MO and in the next chamber is air up. Straight ahead at the end of the tunnel is Rosetta Stone 4.

A Scope.

Swim back to the chamber for air and left down a sloped tunnel, through a gap in the spike poles to get to an underwater lever opening those big doors. Swim back up to the chamber and left through the tunnel with the traps, at the end of it go straight and get the Scope at the end, roll and back to the last crossing, right and through the traps, straight at the chamber and up at the crossing where the big doors are. Climb out and go into the big Chamber.

The Skull of Amonthep II.

Pick up a Medipack, go up onto that pedestal with the Skull of Amonthep II and the doors slam shut, Hounds, some Hydra’s and a Demigod show up, go fight them. You’ll have to be smart here. If needed go back later to collect the Skull and at the back of the pedestal is a receptacle for a Rosetta Stone. Now follow the outer perimeter of the Chamber to get up to a lever opening a gate and those big doors. To the right of the lever are Pistol clips. Get out through the big doors, into the water and swim left, up and out. Through the open gate you can pick up a new Torch from the skeleton, go ignite it at the bowl in the front room and go back in (You don’t really need the Torch but for some extra light it might be useful).

 Use the lever opposite the gate, shoot the critter and take the Torch inside. Drop the Torch, shoot the vase right for Shotgun ammo and throw the Torch through the Dart traps, you following behind on your knees. You can ignite the two bowls (scenery) and push the doors open, go through and ignite two more bowls (scenery). Leave the lever ahead alone, it is a trap!!

Get through the passage with the chains to the other side. Push the doors open and use a lever on the right  to open a hidden passage. Back through the doors and left. Go straight first and pick up a small medipack, shoot a Hound. Back into the last passage, go left underneath the wooden barrier, run over the break tiles and jump over the missing one to a door, push it open. You’ll end up in the Main Chamber.

Now, there are two Optional Tombs you can visit (not needed for the gameplay, but one has a nice weapon)…

The Optional Tomb 1, the Handgun. 

From the entrance go left over the ledge and run with a left curve into that opening at the end of the break tiles, up a slope and up a block, down to the room. There’s a lower part in the wall with the columns, step in there and have a look.

Run straight forward and stop on the second tile in that dark row, turn right and step on the brighter tile. A run jump onto the corner of the higher ledge with the columns, just right of the ledge with the lever (at least, that’s what worked best for me). Throw lever 1 for the gate in the back. Climb left onto the higher ledge and hop down onto the brighter tile in the direction of the gate. Turn right facing the flames and run onto the path of the Blade when it goes away, turn left run along the outer wall onto the brighter tile. From there you can just run to the ledge with lever 2 for the gate when the Blade is away. Now you can just watch the Blades and run along the wall to where the gate opened, pick up a small medipack and the Handgun, blocks will rise along the central path. Wait for a safe moment and climb up the block, run across to the exit and get back to the Main Room. Run jump out right to the ledge and go to the room’s entrance.

Rosetta Stones and opening doors.

From with your back to the entrance go straight, jump over the break tiles to a tall rock pillar, jump straight to the next and one more time to the dark one. Climb over the top, slide and jump to a pillar with a ladder. Hop back and grab the edge, safety drop down. Turn left, slide down and shoot a critter. Hidden in the flowers are Glow sticks. Look over the side and hop into the water below, climb out in the nearby corner where the levers are. Shoot a critter and throw two levers, one opens a door (A). The other lever raises a block (B) to get us back up to the upper level. There’s also a Rosetta Stone receptacle. Go to the edge of the water and swim straight across (passing a big door) to the other side where there are several sloped ridges, from the right hand side corner you can back flip on a slope, jump and grab the ridge, shoot a Hydra and another jump over a gap and then follow up to a Rosetta Stone receptacle and that raised block next to it (B).

A Torch.

Get onto the block, turn left and jump to a ledge with a ladder. At the end of the ledge you can stand jump into an opening in the wall and get Rosetta Stone 5 after shooting a critter. Jump back out left to the ledge and go up the ladder, drop onto the ledge right. Go up to the entrance, again follow the path over the tall pillars and pull up over the top of the dark one, slide/jump to the ladder. Go up to the top and take a right, follow the ledge and jump from a break tile onto the corner part, grab up to the opening where that door (A) opened before and follow passing another door (C) to a Torch and Pistol clips. Take the Torch back a bit and leave it close to the exit. Drop out, turn around and make your way straight over to the opening you see in the opposite wall.

Jump/grab the ladder on the wall and go up into an opening. Around the corner walk slow through the spikes and pick up a small medipack at the skeleton. Shoot the monkey if you have to, but I let it be. Go right around the corner timing the popping spikes and follow through. Shoot a bird and a panel to get to Rosetta Stone 6. Return to the popping spikes and go straight through, save while you start to slide down a sloped tunnel and just after the music started and the camera turns away, you can jump up and grab a climb wall in a shaft with vines hanging down. Go all the way up and throw a lever opening a door somewhere (C). That will close off the passage where the Torch was, so in case you didn’t move the Torch yet… go use this lever later. Climb back down and drop on the slope into the water, swim straight to that grassy underwater slope and grab Rosetta Stone 7 from the fern. Climb up to the shore, take the same route back up to the top of the room, jump over the tall pillars to the opposite side and climb up onto the ladder pillar.

Corridor Key One.

On top go down right over the ledge to the end. Grab up into the open door and pick up your Torch. Take the Torch into the passage left where that door opened (C), follow the passage and a door opens, go down and drop the Torch to shoot a couple of Hounds. Ignite your Torch at the bowl. Take the Torch left up the steps and ignite 3 bowls and you’ll hear the Secret #2 sound, a gate opened opposite door C, we’ll get to that later

Now head down the steps to a room with levers. Shoot a Hound and throw the 3 levers on the opposite wall of where you came in and you’ll hear a block go down. Also use the left lever on the wall where the steps are, another block down. Go upstairs and to the other end of the place to find a lowered blocks with Shotgun ammo, Rosetta Stone 8 and an open gate with a small medipack in one of the corners.

Back to the levers and put them all back up. To the levers again, throw all back up and use the right hand one on the wall where the steps are and then the two on the wall right of you. Back to that room and now you will encounter a Demigod. After taking care of him go to the open gate in the far right corner and pick up Corridor Key One. When you use one of the Rosetta Stones, a shortcut door to the pillar with the ladder opens up, but we take the other route…

Head back up to the entrance passage and follow to that door in the corner. The gate is now open (after igniting the bowls). Safety drop down and swim along the surface to the ledge with the Pistol clips. Stay well clear of that lower part with the grate… Swim along the wall to the other end and up to climb out, shoot two Hounds and get another Secret #3 sound. Use two levers in the room to open the gate and you can also find and use a Rosetta Stone 9.

Get to the open gate, safety drop down onto the waterfall, Shotgun ammo in the waterfall, and shoot a Bird. From facing the opening you came from, go left and safety drop from the ledge into the corner below to grab the Shotgun there. Go around to the other side and pick up Pistol clips there.

Where the ammo is, is also a closed door, look right of it to spot an opening in the wall, run jump in there with Ctrl. A door opens left (for the actual route) and straight ahead is probably opened by a found Secret, or by using one of the Rosetta Stones?.

Detour to an Optional Tomb 2 (not needed for the gameplay).

Go straight through a seemingly endless passage and safety drop down, turn right and run jump to a ledge, hop back and slide down to the ground from there. You will encounter some Hydra’s here that are easily slain. From facing the fire and pit, go right and use a lever on a block. Make your way around to the other side for another lever on a bock and the pit will flood. You can now pick up an additional Rosetta Stone (11, spare one) from where the fire used to be. Hop into the pool, swim left to the bottom and grab the Shotgun ammo. Go up and out of the water to get back to the last lever, climb onto the block and grab up left, down onto a hidden ledge and grab some Automatic Pistols there. Side flip left over the ridge, go forward and right up into the corner where you can stand jump and grab up to a slanted ledge. Turn left and hop up onto the slanted block, run jump and grab the climbable pillar ahead. On top, turn around and grab up to the ceiling. Go forward and left to a small medipack. At the end of that ledge hop over the pointy tip and slide down, then shoot the last Hydra and run jump and grab the ledge under the entrance. Through the long passage and now right through that open door.

Corridor Key Two.

In the back look behind you for a jump lever and the door there will open, climb up. You are back on the waterfall rock. You can use another Rosetta Stone (10) if you go around through the waterfall and jump/grab up to the higher ground straight ahead, shoot a critter and place the Stone. Hop back down to the waterfall and go to the other side. Look over the edge to spotHop a Jump lever, use that and the statue in the water below will move aside revealing Corridor Key Two. Turn around, swim down and grab it. Turn right and swim to those trees, the Binoculars are on the bottom there.

Get down into the water somewhere and go to those blocks with the keyholes, use the Corridor keys and a Shark comes out. Shoot it and enter the underwater passage, through the first two rooms and where you see the three openings, go up left into the opening, in that chamber, up above the entrance is an underwater lever, use it and swim out, left through one of the openings and up for air. Look in the wall straight ahead to find another underwater lever available to you, use it and get the “end tune”, a door opens above the air pocket. Back to the air pocket, turn left, dive and swim into the far end and through an opening, to the far wall and up right on the back of the arch is an underwater lever, use it to open a gate in the opposite corner of this chamber. Get in there to pick up Secret #4, the Tablet of Amonthep II. Swim back to the air pocket (right around) and climb out straight ahead, go up into the opening and place the “Optional” Rosetta Stone. Left are some curtains, the left one is open, step through…

The End of this Episode...