Level by Raspicroft

Walkthrough by Dutchy. (version downloaded Jan.20-2022) 

There were Monkeys in the version I played and they can cause the bug of not being able to reload saves after you quit the game and want to open it the next day. You can solve this by opening “New Game”, create a savegame at the start and then reload the save you made where you left off. Hopefully this bug will be fixed by the author.


Campsite, Torch. 

In front of the tent is a Medipack, left near the campfire are Arrows and behind the boxes is the Bow. NE are Flares, more Arrows W and near the palm tree SW are Healing Mushrooms (small medi). Shoot the barrel S (do not hit the Monkey) and pick up a Torch. Ignite it at the campfire and ignite the statue next to the gate, go through taking the Torch.

Hub Room, Gold Key, 4 Golden Buddhas. 

You saw this room in the opening flyby. Go up the steps, ignite the pot on the pedestal and that cage goes down, drop the Torch and go get the Gold Key. Pick up the Stone Tablet from the pedestal NE in the lower part and examine it. In the SE corner is a grate in the wall, shoot it, crawl in and get Secret #1, MP5 clips. Go back up to the higher floor and next to the burning pot are Mushrooms, SW are Arrows on the floor. On the N wall are 5 levers, the sequences are on the Stone Tablet.

But when I followed the order written on the Tablet, I was stuck at 1-2-4, because the gate wouldn’t open… So let’s try the order the video walk suggests… 

Gate SW (1-4-5); Pull levers 1-4-5 to open the gate, take the Torch in and inside ,ignite the wall torch (1) on the S wall, drop the Torch, pick up the Golden Buddha (E) and fight the Guardian (pistols and a bit of back flipping/jumping about). Look W and find the Old Jungle Sword (to be used as crowbar) on the floor. Go back to the Hub room taking the Torch.

Gate NE (2-4-5); Lever 1 back up and lever 2 down, the gate NE opens, take the Torch inside and coming out of the passage into the swamp area, to the left is a wall torch (2) you can ignite. Walk W and at the edge of the swamp is an opening between the fences, the left side has a pattern (sandy spot) you can also see in the swamp. Those are the safe spots where you can stand. Now, getting across can be done by using the monkey climb along the right hand wall (S), or by jumping the sandy spots. Pick up the Golden Buddha (2) and a spike wall will be coming at you, so make your way back by jumping the sandy spots, get the Torch and get to the Hub room.  

Gate NW (3-5); throw levers 2 and 4 back up, use lever 3 and the gate NW should open, take the Torch again and enter, drop it to open a crowbar door and pick it up to go further in. Jump past that swinging spike block and go left, leave the Torch near the door in the back and pick up some Mushrooms. Enter the passage NE, hop straight over a pit and go left near the end (dark spot). Then right where you see a cutter left and pick up Explosive and Normal Arrows. Back out and right, over a spike pit. Throw a Crowbar lever (using the Sword) and also use a Chain in the other corner to stop the cutters again (use it again in case the cutters block the exit). You will also hear a boulder fall at some point in time. It could be the Torch also shows up here (for me it happened when I pulled the chain), be sure to take it with you. Go back to the passage E, watch out for a spike trap and hop right over the boulder into the sloped passage. Drop the Torch to pick up the MP5. Return to that swinging spike block and enter the open door W, ignite the wall torch (3) and pick up MP5 clips, a Golden Buddha (3) and Flares before leaving. Hop back past the swinging spike block and get to the Hub room.

Gate SE (1-2-4); throw levers 3 and 5 back up and use levers 1-2-4, the gate SE opens (should open). Take the Torch in and drop it in the entrance, there are a couple of tigers in there, take them out. Go ignite a wall torch (4) in the SE corner. There’s a Medipack on a pedestal. Leave the Torch at the entrance and have a look at the lion head and skull tile at the gate with the Buddha, tops of the heads are at the S side (clue?).

Go find the two pushable items E, when you pull them from their place, you can see a tile below. Now… for the Stone pushable I found the tile facing the same direction as the one above the gate. Move the pushable straight W, then once S and one more time W.

But for the Cage pushable I couldn’t find one with the top of the skull on the S side. Pull the cage out once and move it all the way N onto that skull tile there (although you didn’t need it to kill the flame, because as soon as the gate is open you can just run in through the corner at the open door). Go pick up the Golden Buddha (4). Return to the Hub room, you can leave the Torch behind.

The Chalice of Wisdom.

Throw levers 1 and 2 back up, use lever 3 (3-4 are down) and that trapdoor opens up near the burning bowl. Dive in, swim up at the end and in the next room to the right is a gate that will open for you on approach, inside is Secret #2, Revolver ammo. Back out and right, in the shallow water (NE) are Arrows, in the water NW are Mushrooms. Now go place the Buddhas. Through the opened gate N and to the right is a Sight, left a Medipack. On the pedestal is the Chalice of Wisdom. The gate N opens up, arm yourself and step out into the jungle.

The Ancient Shaft Key.

After the flyby some enemies will show up, try not to hit any Monkeys while shooting them, the Sight fits the Bow. Left around after coming through the door are Explosive Arrows. Go pick up MP5 clips and Mushrooms after those guys dropped. Near the statue N are more MP5 clips, shoot the crate next to the statue to reveal some Torches. Take the Bow with Sight and shoot the Ruby on the statue, the gate W opens up. To the right, on the shelves is the Ancient Shaft Key. Behind the shelves are Mushrooms. Get out and straight up the hill to get the Medipack.

Pick up a Torch and ignite it at the campfire. Head SE and then to the lake along the S rock face, jump across to the other side, drop the Torch for a bit to take out two Crocs. There are also two Tigers roaming about…

The Lake, Symbols Part I.

Stand at the lake, facing W and spot the passage blocked by rubble, shoot the rubble with an explosive arrow. Hop in and find Flares at the E side, get out fast to shoot a Croc. Back into the water and into an opening NE, pull the chain to see an underwater door opening up. Swim up E and climb out there to get Secret #3, Arrows. Get out of this cave to the Lake, get some air and swim into that opening NW, follow through and climb out into the Shiva room. Use the Gold Key left of the statue N, the door opens W.

Go through and from the ramp jump SE into the niche and find the Elephant Key in the grass. Jump back to the ramp, jump to the niche NE and use the Timed lever there to stop the flames on the pillars for a while (the lever doesn’t reset, so you have to use it twice if you need to try again). Jump to the ramp, run to the end and jump curving right to that block, a running jump a bit left to grab the slanted one and one more run jump onto the block with the pulley. Using that will lower a block under the ramp, swim down there and pull the chain to open a door in the Shiva room.

Go out E, straight E and in the room with the Guardians you’ll find the Symbols Part I. One of the Guardians comes alive, shoot him.

The Elder Box of Chaos.

Use the Elephant Key on the W wall and see a gate open up underwater. Climb the ladder wall left of the keyhole and drop left onto the ledge. Shoot the Bell N and look behind you, a cage went up, climb on, face N and grab the ceiling (near the wall). Move sideways towards the grate in the ceiling and then go N and right around the grate to the other side of the room, drop onto the ledge. Jump N and push the cage there straight off the ledge. Cross the bridge and push the other cage off too. Drop down and pull the W cage twice N onto the face. The E side cage goes left to the corner and then W against the pillar and the gate opens (No idea what the clue was here).

Go into the passage E and use a pulley, make your way back through the sword guys and the trapdoor opened in the high part of the floor where the cages are. First look down facing W and shoot a grate, get into the opening where you shot that grate and get Secret #4, a Medipack. Now get air, dive down and follow the tunnel. Get out and shoot a bate, pick up a Medipack and Flares in that room, then go up the ladder NE and on the dark terrace is the Elder Box of Chaos. Face the slope, shoot the rubble in front of the exit down at the bottom.

hop back against the pedestal and sprint down the middle, jump over a pit and run down the ramp and before reaching the opening, jump and grab the dark surface above the opening, Lara needs to have her feet up before the boulder arrives underneath. Climb up and take Secret #5, the Magnum, Magnum ammo and a Medipack. You can also get out first and go back in after the boulder dropped into the pit.

Symbols Part II, Timed Run.

Go down and back outside shoot two enemies. To the left is a pool, hop in and swim S, right into a niche and grab Symbols Part II. Go S and climb out right, go to the gate left and combine the Symbol Parts to place the Symbol Puzzle and open the gate. Go get that Torch that has been waiting for you and take it to the pagoda SE, ignite the oil in the pedestal and you’ll hear a cage go down. Drop the Torch, go into the Symbols gate and find the lowered cage left, a Timed pulley became available. Save and use it, run through the cutters through the passage and in the next room shoot two enemies.

Walk straight from the entrance and turn around on the sloped down part, hop back and grab what seems to be a climb wall, go down to a pit and back flip from the wall so you won’t get spiked. Use the Ancient Shaft Key and the gate E opens up.


The Ancient Key, a Green Orb.

Run through the passage with rubble falling down, next room has a small pool to the right. Use the two floor levers left, opening the bars N. Sprint into the right hand passage (this way you’ll be a bit faster through the muck) and come to a crossing. Don’t wander about, but immediately jump up into the passage NW, go to the end (spiked drills will come down slowly), right around the corner through some more mud and in the next room is a lever W, opening a gate for later. Left of it are MP5 clips and on the ledge E is the Ancient Key. Leave through the wooden door S and pick up Flares there. Then go through SW, back to the room with the 2 floor levers. Loop right around into the next passage and at the end the gate opened by using that lever in the room where the Key was.

In that dark place shoot a Tiger and collect a Dusty Scroll and a Green Orb. Get back through the door SE and run to the S side of the room with the 2 floor levers, wait in the small pool for the Wraith to kill itself. Place the Green Orb at the gate E and go through and try to get through the passage before the burners even start up.

A Globe Puzzle, the Lantern of Air.

Examine the Dusty Scroll for a hint, the Earth (NW) goes to the centre, the yellow ringed sun (SW) goes to the spot W (second ring). The yellow ringed sun (SE) goes to the nearby spot SE. The grey ringed sun NE goes out straight to the spot it will hit. 4 flames now appeared N and the gate E opens up. Go in and take the Lantern of Air, the whole place starts to shake. Leave, go through the former burner passage SW, through the gate.


Take a right through the passage with the cutters (they were in-active for me). Go to the keyhole behind the big statue E and head into the passage…