Game by ankhofmishra.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Many new features in this Upcoming Saga, more info on that whenever you find F7 discs and look under the F7 key. Maps are under the F2 Key and the Notebook under F4.

There are many doors in the ship that will remain closed in this Demo

Cargo Bay-1, Gathering Supplies.  

Lara wakes up at the elevator in the spaceship “Horizon”, turn right (S) and go into the Cargo Bay, right again (W) and against the far wall you’ll find a box you can open (blue light), inside you’ll find an F7 disc, press F7 and scrolling these pages with left right you’ll get some info. A bit back to the entrance are shelves and on them are Coins. Along the S wall, near the shelves with a small medipack, is another box you can open. Inside is F2, a Floor plan of Horizon’s Level 1 where we are right now. Turn left and hop up into the open container for another box with an additional F7 disc . Get on top of this container from a crate behind it and get Coins. On a lower container near the E wall is another box with Pulse Rifle ammo. Inside the container below are Coins.

On the high container NE are Coins, a bit to the W inside a low container are Coins and Salvage and more Coins on the two high containers in the SW corner of the Cargo Bay

Along the N wall, left and right of the entrance are two cabinets you can open for a small medipack and the Binoculars and an F7 disc. Before you go back to the elevator, there are buttons on each side of the elevator, those are for later use. Not much more we can do here for now, so let’s head up to Level 2.

Level 2.

Select the 2 on the elevator control and go up. To the S seems to be a control room, there are Coins on the floor, 2x Coins on the shelves. Head NE into the corridor and left into a storage, on the shelves are Salvage and on the other one are Bullets. Go back out to the corridor and right to the control room, through the elevator to the N corridor and about straight into a small storage, on the shelves are 2x Coins. Now take a right (W) and left through a large opening and left on the shelves are Coins. In the opposite corner (SW) is a box you can open and inside is another F7 disc about weaponry.

Back to the elevator and up to level 3.

Level 3, Armoury Keycard.

To the S is a recreation room, check out the room for 2x Coins (on tables), a cabinet (SE) with the Armoury Keycard and  Bullets. There’s 3x Salvage on shelves. Have another look around if you like and get back to the elevator. First go into the corridor NE and collect 2x Coins from behind those boxes. Return and go back to Level 1 using the Elevator.  

Level 1, the Armoury.

Turn around and head NE into the corridor and open the Armoury with the card. Open the cabinet and grab the Pistols, she can now shoot those boxes with red lights too. On the shelves left is Pulse Rifle ammo. The cabinet SW has Mauler ammo.

Stand at the shooting range stalls and draw Pistols, Lara will aim at the boxes, shoot the lights, gather Bullets/F7 disc  and Plasma.

Mess Hall.

Get out of the Armoury, shoot a crate there and pick up Bullets. Then head into the corridor S and left is a door, shoot the red light and enter the Mess Hall. There are Coins on a table left, 2x Coins on the shelves W and another F7 disc in the cabinet. At the kitchen is another cabinet with Coins. In the Kitchen are Coins on the counter right and then go all the way around behind the counters to find shelves and a cabinet, gather 2x Salvage. Get out to the corridor, left to the elevator. And straight into the Cargo Bay. 

Cargo Bay part 2, Holodeck Code.

Go straight into that large container standing diagonally, shoot the “red” box and get Salvage. A wooden crate SE has Bullets, another one along the S wall also Bullets. The large container SW a crate with Salvage and Coins behind it. Now to the container along the W wall and shoot the box for Coins. Depending on what order you did the shooting and collecting items, you get a Holodeck Code once you collected everything (251/768 or 904).

Level 2, Holodeck.

Head back to the elevator and go up to level 2, NE into the corridor and left at the end is the big door with the Code pad, type in the code you found.


Level 2- The Wardrobe.

Lara will change her outfit (you can also change into another available outfit anytime you like). Head NW and open a chest to get the Gate Key. Go back and when you reach that lamppost, Lara has a comment. Follow the direction the lamppost is pointing and find a “ladder” in a niche, left are some Coins under a vase. Do ledge jumps up the ladder, back jump and go up to the top, shimmy left and pull up. At the Market stall you can buy goodies with the Coins you have (hit Ctrl and then the number 2 for a Medipack, etc). For a Secret we need the Yankee Swap Gift, your choice...

The House.

Go W along the ledge.

To the right is a Christmas tree with presents, put the Yankee Swap Gift on top of the others and the dice is rolled, you’ll get Secret #1, a Mechanical Cat? Select it, hit Ctrl and get info about the Secrets in the upcoming Saga.

Go to the fence around the house and unlock the door with the Key, then open it, Go up the ladder and get into the crawlspace, jump out into the room and shoot two vases for Coins and Batteries. Go upstairs and push open the doors W. Turn around, back flip onto the hill and jump to grab the roof, from the roof jump onto the hill to get the Coins. Get back down and go for the small pond N, get into the water and up the ladder, just keep following that (Lara does all the moves for you) and drop at the end where Lara won’t go further. Walk down a bit towards the house and then left to a scaffold, safety drop down and turn around to walk across the beam to the other side.

Open the doors to the house and find Batteries in a chest. Go back out the front door and just left can see a Bell in an arch, shoot it to loosen the icicles. Walk to the wall where the icicles fell and grab up to the wooden beam, shimmy left a bit and climb up over the gate. Walk up to the ridge at a swing pole. Use that to get to a ledge, go up a pole and down a Zip-line. Open a chest to get a PLS (personal light source, needs batteries to operate).

Go through the door in the rock wall W and the lampposts in that cave point you in the direction, go about straight to a chest with Batteries. Across the bridge you can try out a new feature, place a Battery in the light there. Then go back over the bridge, loop right around and follow the lamppost into another opening.

The Tower, Basement Key, Lever 1.  

After checking out what happens at the campfire, go straight down to the Tower and open the doors.

Use a Timed lever SW to raise a trapdoor up behind you, get to the opposite wall, ledge jump up twice and back jump to the trapdoor, you may have to wait a bit for the moving pole and jump grab that, turn around and swing while it moves up, then jump off onto the dark ledge, hop and grab a wooden beam and run jump to grab the beams on the S wall, go jump up and shimmy right to the window, then back jump/grab to the ledge, Walk up to where the Basement Key is swinging on a chain and wait till it is close before you try grab it. Hop down NW to the nearest dark ledge, run off NE to the lower one and safety drop down. Go down the stairs to the Basement and open the door.

To the right, shoot a vase for Coins and open a chest for some more Coins. The other side a vase with Salvage and on a pedestal is a Page for the Demonology Booklet. A door opens NE, go up to lever #1 for a Door. Leave the Basement, get out of the Tower E an up to the campsite. 

Lever 2.  

Head into the cave E, use a Battery on the lamp NE and head S into the tunnel, follow through to lever #2 for a Door. Head back to the campsite.

Lever 3.

When you come out of the cave, loop around left and ledge jump up the beams, shimmy left and drop on the ledge, follow the ladder/monkey bars to a wooden ledge and drop, drop down at the red fences and find lever #3 for a Door. Grab back up to the wooden ledge and safety drop down where the campsite is, go through the door N. This is where the Demo ends…

Dec ‘21