Level by Delca.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

Saves mentioned in the walk are in this Saves Folder

Wreck of the Maria Doria.

Machine Room, Circuit Breakers.

After the flyby Lara got out of the sub (save here), swim through the tunnel, both leading to the same place. The Machine Room of the sunken Maria Doria. There are barracudas and two Baddies. Best climb out somewhere far from where the Baddies are (flamethrower) and shoot them. Where those Baddies were is a container, pull it out of the corner once and get on, you can now grab the ladder above. Shimmy right along the crack and pull up, there’s a door here. Shimmy along the next crack to the far corner and find a lever opening the door a bit back, so go back and get through. Watch out while you run through the blowers to the end of the walkway and jump over the glass onto the ledge. Do a trick move (I didn’t find another way, as the ladder down and contained seemed to be a dead end), hop back and just after Lara passed the edge of the ledge, press Ctrl to land on the container below. Push it once in the direction of the crawlspace. Now walk slowly through the glass to the other end of the room and get a Medipack, Harpoons and a Circuit Breaker (1 of 2).

Top of the Machine Room, Circuit Breaker 2.

Walk back and get on the container from the floor with no glass and jump/grab the crawlspace to get into a passage. Coming to a pool, shoot those barracudas and hop in, notice the trapdoor in the back ceiling and go left into the tunnel, keeping right and swimming fast… Wow.. That’s a big one!!

Throw the underwater lever in the back and avoid that eel when you swim back and up left through the trapdoor. Climb up into the passage that says Fire. Run onto the trapdoor and jump to grab the other side of the fire pit, do the same with the next trapdoor. You are now in the top of the Machine Room. Jump left through the gap in the fence to the ledge and follow, hop onto the slanted metal block (secret?). Hop over the gap to the next and follow with a jump to the floor at the other end. Throw the lever and jump over the pillars (not Timed), pick up the small medipack from the first and hop to the second to get Circuit Breaker 2. Turn right and drop down from that side, turn around and jump over to where you can use the Breakers.

The Machine Room will be flooded. You can now swim up along the steep slope between the Circuit Breakers and grab a small medipack there. Swim back out and left to a wide tunnel (propeller shaft) in the back and in the end go up and out of the water, throw the lever and side flip right to pick up Uzi clips. Swim back to the Machine Room, up through the right hand grate that opened and climb out. Get ready to fight a dog and a Baddy (drops Shotgun ammo).

Timed Crate Run, Galley, the Library Key.

Go up a ramp to a hallway, into the back and right into the corridor leading down to a partially flooded room with crates, go over the crates to the back and behind a couch are Harpoons. Climb the nearby stack of crates and find the Timed switch, a part of wall opens up and the clock is ticking. Run jump back to the nearest crate, run jump and grab back in the direction you came from before and turn left on the last crate to run jump and grab the opening and get in (save.0).

Go right to the sleeping quarters and shoot a Goon (drops a Shotgun). Search the bunk beds for a small medipack and Uzi clips. In the other side, behind the windows is a large bath, push a button to fill the bath and swim into a narrow gap leading to a wider tunnel, there’s another Big Eel, so stay close to the bottom and use the underwater lever, swim back to the bath. Opposite the button is the ceiling hatch that opened, climb up twice, carefully walk out and shoot that Goon with the flame thrower. Hop into the water, swim left and wade up to the shore, run jump onto the life raft and grab the Library Key.

Get back to that beach and into the tunnel there, turn left in the end and grab up, you’ll come to a room above the Galley, there are some pickups on the glass, but if you step on it (the middle row), you’re dead. So run over the corner of the first window to break it and the pickups will drop.

Backtrack for Goodies.

Go over to the opposite wall, climb up into the opening, left is to the cave with the life raft, we go straight and down 2 times to get to the Bath, go out to the Galley. Walk slowly to the pickups, a Medipack and the Uzis. Go back to the bath, up through the ceiling, to the cave where the life raft is and stand at the edge of the rock ledge, a run jump left to another ledge and follow the ledges to where that Flame thrower guy was before (save.1), get to the opening in the wall and follow to a hallway where you can use the Library Key on the opposite wall.

The Library, Alpha Puzzle.

There are some spooky books flying around, shoot them. Climb the bookshelves left of the entrance and jump into a niche in the wall to pull a chain and thus raising a chandelier. Do the same at the other side, lowering the high chandelier. From a low bookshelf get onto the lower chandelier, jump/grab up to the higher one and get to the Timed switch on the wall above the entrance. Flip it, roll and run jump onto the chandelier, run off onto the lower one and then run jump onto the high bookshelf and onwards to the opposite floor where the door opened (save.2).

Look in the mirror left to spot a book switch in the right hand bookshelves and open the next door with it.

Light a Flare and look for the circles with an “A” (Alpha, becomes visible when using a Flare), only trigger those by stepping on them, the Omega’s are deadly (the carpet is safe), there are 5, pick up the Flares too and leave through the door that will open (save.3).

Passage of Horror, the Deck Key.

Lots of breakable floors here, run around the corner, slide down and run jump over the Blade trap, jump over a gap behind it to a safe floor, get through 3 swinging crates and come to the last two with a breakable floor underneath. If you time it right you can just run through along the side of the floor. Slide down, hop over a break tile and after falling down from the end of the slide, immediately jump over to a safe floor (save.4).

For a Secret: Turn around and run jump with a curve around the slanted block to land in a passage with a treasure chest, hop over the glass trap and open it for Secret #1, a Jade Dragon. Hop back up, grab up to the block and jump to the safe floor.

Jump over the two Blades and a closed trapdoor. In the next room you’ll be rewarded, on a pedestal is the Deck Key.

To the Deck, Harpoon Gun.

That trapdoor in the Blade passage is now open, hop in. Swim quickly to the next cave and a bit left to grab the Harpoon Gun from a crate. Shoot the two Frogmen and return for some air if you like. Follow the cave left and climb out at the hole in the ceiling, walk slow and grab up to the crate (watch your health). Down the other side and wade left to the Stairs, head for the other end of the Hall where you can use the Deck Key.

The Deck and Upper Deck.

Shoot a dog and two Baddies, one drops Uzi clips. Go to the right hand side of the deck, safety drop down and enter the passage there. Stand jump with a left curve onto a sloped surface, grab and shimmy right to the end, pull up and back flip. Sprint through the blower while steering right and in the wheelhouse is a switch between the wheels. A trapdoor drops at the upper deck, sprint back through the blower, run jump straight over the lower and the slanted part into the passage and go left around. Stand about a sidestep away from the right hand wall and slide, then jump with a right curve to end up in the entrance (save.5).

Go out and left, run jump to that crate hanging there and then up to the deck. At the opposite side and a bit left is that trapdoor allowing you to jump over to the ledge at the side of the cave, follow to the right and on the second, just before jumping over to the third, safety drop down to a ledge below for Shotgun ammo. Grab back up and jump to the corner ledge and at the end of that you can run jump and grab a monkey climb, drop onto the next ledge. Run jump with a left curve onto the ridge under the hanging crates and grab the edge, go right and pull up to back flip to the ledge with the ladder. On top run jump to the crate, jump to the next and jump to grab the high ledge, go left over the crates and wait on the last one to shoot the Flame thrower guy before jumping to the Upper Deck. Pick up a small medipack. 

Relay Box – Elevator.

Facing the fence you can get another small medipack by jumping onto the flatter part in the slanted roof right and jump back. Push that “Fragile” container over the edge and it will break. Safety drop down and take the Relay Box. Go back left into the Hall, down the stairs at the other end and loop left around into the dark corner, climb over some crates and drop to pick up a small medipack there. Wade along this passage (floor will crumble) and a door opens up right. Get in there, walk slowly through glass and go down to a passage with the elevator to the right. Place the Relay Box and you’ll go up.

Outer Hull, the Seraph Guardian.

Behind you is a closed door with Shotgun ammo in front of it, then go up that stepped shaft, run into an alcove to avoid the ball and shoot a Baddy up there (drops Uzi clips). Go left for a lever opening a door at the other end. Stay on the beams to get across and go down into the passage and come to a zip-line. Equip with the Shotgun or Uzis and slide down, Lara will drop by herself. The battle field is freezing cold, but if you manage to jump over those heat vents during the battle, you’ll warm up a bit. As soon as he’s dead, go down from the lower end (save.6) and come to a path.

Room with the Seraph.

Follow the path to the steel pillars and grab up to the opening. Run jump/grab over the pit and when you approach the steel door, it will open up and you’ll come to the room with the Seraph. Two levers, right and left we cannot reach because of the electrified water. Go up the ladder in the back and face the room, climb onto a flatter part of the slanted corners and jump/grab the ledge above the ladder. Facing the burners, run left when the front one is off and then run down onto that container there. Push the container off the ledge, drop down and run jump into the niche with the lever. Stand next to the lever and run jump back onto the container. Go back up to the burner ledge and this time get around to the other side, run off the right or left side onto a blue slope and grab the edge, shimmy to the doorway to get in.

Timed Runs, Container 2.

Go left to a lever, pull and roll, run down onto a slanted floor and hop onto a trapdoor, a running jump will get you across, climb up straight to the next lever, pull and hop back turning right, run off the edge and run jump as far as you can onto the trapdoor, a hop will get you to safety (save.7).

Up at the lever is another container we need, use the lever to open the door behind the container and push it through the door and off the ledge, drop down and run jump to the second lever which will lift the cover from the Seraph. Jump back and go pick it up… Ah well, that’s what you thought…

2-The Ghost World.

Run to the Seraph and end up in a world with ledges.

Facing the Seraph you can spot two Bells, the only one we can get close to for now is the left one, jump and grab the sloped ledge left, slide off onto a lower ledge and slide/jump to end up on the walkway. Walk to the end, hop onto the block left and turn right, at the far corner. Get out the pistols and jump onto the sloped block and keep jumping, start shooting when you are close to the Bell and you will end up back at the start. Walk to the end again and now go up the right hand sloped ledge, slide off onto a lower ledge and slide/jump to end up on the walkway. To the left is a puzzle field, get Winston to step on the “W” tile and Lara on the “L”. The second Bell will go down, go to the end of the walkway and shoot the Bell. Blocks appear at the Seraph and you end up back at the start.

This time go straight following the ledges with stand jumps and then over the blocks to the Seraph. You will end up in a new area. From the end of the walkway run jump left onto the sloped ledge and start jumping to and fro to get to the far side, then jump off right to the walkway. Turn left at the end and jump to grab the higher block, run jump diagonally to the left onto the block next to the walkway we came from. Run jump to the other one and go left to run jump/grab to the one at the double slopes. Run jump straight down to the puzzle field with the “W” and Winston again. Here we have to trick Winston to be on the tile long enough to enable us to jump and grab the sloped ledge left of the spike trap at the other end of the long walkway. Jump as soon as you can, shimmy to the left corner, pull up and back flip, jump again to end up on a walkway (save.8).

Walk to the end, jump to a sloped ledge, jump and grab the pole, swing to the next and to the walkway leading to the Seraph. 

For a Secret, first go right and up over the blocks to a chest with Secret #2, a Silver Dragon. Get back and jump to the Seraph.

Back in the Wreck, Theatre and Fantome, Trapdoor Key.

A bit further in the corridor is a passage left, in the entrance is of the Theatre a Medipack. As soon as you go over to the stage, Fantome will appear (here’s a trick you can try, shoot him while turning around your axle, pistols will do, till he goes ‘underground’). Run left into the dressing room, go left and shoot a window to get to the switch opening a gate. Run to the opposite wall, pick up a small medipack and go out to the stage, turn around as soon as you get on stage, jump/grab up to the room above. Go left and get through the Axes, left out to the balcony and look up left. Jump/grab up to the one above and use chain 1 for the curtain. Drop and go to the back of the theatre, use a pole to swing to the other side. Pick up a Medipack and grab up to the balcony above for chain 1 for the curtain. Safety drops down to the ground floor and to the stage, or go back the way you came, through the Axes to get back up to the room above the dressing room.


In the opening turn around and grab the monkey climb over the stage. Drop/grab the opening and quickly run left and get on the crate, pick up a Medipack and shoot the Spider. From the crate where the painting is you can jump/grab up to a passage above, pick up another Medipack there and drop down the other end. Shoot another Spider and grab the Trapdoor Key. There are Flares on another crate. Behind a pair of crates is a ladder down into a side passage of the theatre, go back to the dressing room entrance and use the Key in the lock.  

Switch Floor.

You’ll end up at a small statue (Ghost catcher) that will take care of Fantome. To the left is a Medipack, at the switch floor, draw a map, there are some tiles that never change, use those.

Third row from the right, third tile is the first, then look for the second against the right hand wall at the pillar, next is diagonally left third row and forward two rows. Now you are in the middle of the floor, one hop towards the Seraph, a hop left to the one at the pillar and now you can spot an almost solid row of tiles leading to the Seraph (save.9). 

3-Escape from the Maria Doria.

Cable Room.

Back in the room where we got that Seraph in the first place, climb the ladder ahead and go through the steel door to the room with the cables in the water. Run jump and grab the block with the cables, go around to the back and back flip to the floor with the lever, use the lever to lift the cover from a switch above. From one of the sides you can use the low floor corner to do a curved run jump back into that entrance we came from and jump to grab the cable block again. This time go around and up to the beam above, go straight to that container and pull it once to fill the room with the life rafts. Jump to one of the rafts and then over to use the switch opening a door in the flooded room. Go back to the container and push it back to block the flow of water. Hang from the cable block and back flip to the floor lever. Turn around and go through the newly opened door.

The Henchmen, using Stealth.

So we need to stay out of sight and go slow. Turn left in the cargo hold and go along that wall to the far side, around the corner and crawl at the low crate. Around the corner and left into the next cargo hold. Keep close to the left wall going around the corner and climb a crate in the back corner. Turn right and climb up again and jump to the third crate, turn right and jump over to the opening in the wall, climb up and pick up a small medipack from the right. Turn around and go to the steel door opposite the opening you came from (jump over the steep parts). You’ll end up in a place full of Generators, trapdoors and ledges.

Generator Puzzle,the Robot Card.

Jump to the ledges, go to the far side and right, when you see some windows left, shoot one and get in there (control room). Go left into a passage, walk onto a trapdoor and it will open up, back up and run jump to grab the opposite floor, to the left is the Robot Card. Run jump back, hang out of the window of the control room, drop and slide/back flip onto the ledge, turn left and jump/grab into the passage in the wall, go left and run jump out right to land on the ledge behind the Robot with the Generator. Use the Card and the Robot moves, when it reaches the circuit board on the pillar, a trapdoor goes up behind the pillar for only 9 seconds so you can use the button (1) there. So run after the Robot, jump left of it, turn a bit right and curve a hop around the pillar to the trapdoor, use the button and hop back turning right. Run jump to the ledge at the ‘6 sec’ pillar.

A Secret: A hatch opened in the ceiling above a ladder on the side of the ‘9 sec’ pillar, get up the ladder and use a switch (door opens in control room). There’s another ladder above the control panel, go down that one and safety drop onto the ledge. Go into the control room, right through the opened door and jump over a trap to get to a chest with Secret #3, a Gold Dragon. Go back to where the Robot is cruising the ledges.

Stand on the ledge behind the ‘6 sec’ pillar, facing the trapdoor/button and stand back. Wait for the Generator to activate the trapdoor and hop to the button (2). After using it hop backwards turning left onto the ledge and run to the back, the Robot can now reach the back section too. There’s a ‘6 sec’ pillar with a trapdoor near a balcony, run after the Robot while it goes to the far end of the room and hop to the trapdoor when the Robot is at the pillar, a curved running jump gets you to the balcony (save.10). Roll and run jump back to the now permanently raised trapdoor and jump to the ledges…

The Robot will now follow a path that leads to its destruction and also opening a way out of here. A Timer starts, sprint through a door, left in the cargo hold and through a crawlspace, down a zip-line (save.11) and sprint straight again through another door to get to the dock with the Sub.

During the stats screen, hit Esc. and you’ll get a bonus level.

Bonus Level, Lara’s Home.

In the bedroom is a door with a keyhole, go to the other end and out to the landing, right and right again into the upstairs room to get Lara’s Closet Key, return to the bedroom and open the closet if you want to view all Lara’s outfits.

Now go downstairs, into a niche under the upstairs room and push a button to open the door straight across the Hall, a Trophy room. A button will open the door again.

Find the kitchen and look in the freezer, yup, Winston…

Go out of the kitchen and left to the Gym, right and hop on the last block to climb a ladder, grab up to a fireplace and pull up in a corner, side step facing the wall and thus passing the fire, you are in a Library, a button will open the door to the upstairs landing. Go to the ground floor and to the Gym again, now right and push a button next to the stereo to open a door to the Pool, roll and in the right hand wall. Back to the Gym and that’s all I could find here, no end trigger to finish the level? If you know, please enlighten me…

Dec 10-’21.