Level by Stormchaser

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

TR III, so you might have to meddle with settings to get it going. I had some kind of blue screen??

No Compass… I’ll do the best I can to guide you...

A Hammer.

Slide down a passage and pick up Flares.

Hang from the edge and shimmy left to a fence, pull up and back flip onto a balcony, get inside and find Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Go back and jump down into the water, swim to the other end and climb up onto the ledge, jump up into a store room and pick up a Hammer. Hop back out to the ledge and go up the higher ladder to get Uzi clips. Now swim into the tunnel opposite the ledge, keep left and pick up a small medipack at a grate, go left again and end up in a basement.

The Basement, Shotgun.

Use a button behind the barrels to open a gate in the opposite corner, on top of a ladder, go into that passage, quickly roll and get back to the entrance before you get squashed! Now go left at the slope and walk slow as trapdoors open up. Jump over the gap, climb down the ladder and follow the passage, run past some rats and grab the Flares, go back a bit and climb the ladder on the right hand wall, back flip a bit from the top into a niche and get the Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Go back down, shoot the rats if you want, or just run past them back to that looong ladder. Up and forward, out of the opening into the water.

The Square, a Bunch of Keys.

Swim to the Square and over to climb out at the opposite side where the orange tree is. Go down the passage left of the tree for Uzi clips and go back up to the tree. Climb the tree to the ledge and turn left to jump over to the alcove with the Uzi clips. Drop down and go up the stairs, left around onto the ledge and jump into the other alcove for Shotgun ammo. Hop back, get to the water and right, into the corner where you can open a small door with the Hammer. In front of the work bench are a Bunch of Keys.

The Basement, Pistols.

Go back into the water, into the canal we came from (where the dinghy is) and get up the ladder, jump the gap and go right/left to the basement. Jump straight over the water and open that small door. Left are Uzi clips, right are your Pistols and you’ll see a gate open up at the Square.

The Square.

So, make your way back to the Square, climb out at the opposite side and go left up the stairs, shoot the Goon (grab Uzi clips). Go further up the short stairs and under the Gazebo right are Uzi clips. Go towards the water and where the benches are is more Shotgun ammo. Go down the short stairs towards the wall where the canal is and jump to grab the roof left, shimmy left, pull up and jump to the next roof, shimmy to the end and pull up. Turn around left and jump into that alcove where the gate opened, shoot the Goon (grab Shotgun ammo).

Some Silver Keys.  

Follow inside and shoot a dog and another Goon, grab the Uzis. Hop over the balustrade and climb down the plants, grab the Silver Key from the yard and climb back up. Use the roof you shimmy to the other side and pull up to back flip/roll and grab a ledge from where you can jump into the opening. Go around the corner and use that Key. Shoot a Goon and go around the square, shimmy along the roof and pull up to back flip/roll grab the pillar with the ladder. Down on the square take the only opening and shoot two Goons, the red one drops Shotgun ammo, the grey one a Silver Key.

Garden, Supplies.

Straight across from where you entered the square is a gate, open it with the Silver Key. In the garden go left to a gate for some Uzi clips and in the far end near the big gates is Shotgun ammo. In the water under the bridge are MP5 clips and another Shotgun. Go back through the passage to the previous square. 

The Boathouse, a Boat.

Take a left to the water and hop in, find the Round Handled Key in the water near that Ormeggio sign. Get out of the water there and go to the other end where you’ll find a Keyhole (next to the wooden block). The gate to the Boathouse opens.

For a Secret: Hop into the canal there and find a narrow tunnel in the wall under the wooden block. Follow through to where you can surface and a bit to the right is an underwater lever, use that to open a trapdoor in the boat house. Go back and climb out of the water on the right hand side.

Go into the Boathouse, loop around left and push a button to open some gates in the canal.

If you used that underwater lever, a trapdoor should be open in the opposite corner, climb up there and follow through to Secret #1, a Medipack. Get back down.

Take the boat out and right go right at the corner, you’ll see a closed gate right we have to open, now keep going left around corners and come to a store room.

Store room Push Puzzle.

Get out of the boat (End key and left or right), shoot the Rats and notice the button high up on the wall above the crates. We need to create a path for that top crate in the corner to go under that button. So use the two crates on the floor (left of the stack) to move that crate closest to the water on top of the crates along the wall (next to the high one). Now you can move the high crate two places up to the button. Move one of the ground crates in front of the one inside the wall and pull it out once. The high crate can now go under the button. Climb up and use the button. The gate we saw from the boat opens up.

Secret: Move the other ground crate so you can pull the wall crate out one more time and get behind it for Secret #2, a Medipack.

Hop in the boat go out and right/left through that gate, some rubble will fall and in the yard are 3 dogs waiting. Get out and shoot them quickly. Get onto the forklift and jump to the wooden block at the wall, Jump to the one right and get Shotgun ammo. Jump all the way to the opposite corner and get some more Shotgun ammo. Jump back twice to the corner where there’s a window with a grate and shoot it. Shoot a Goon inside and push the button to open the door, follow through and end up on another square.

The Square, Round Handled Key, the MP5.

Run straight over to a ladder in the corner, go up quick and shoot the Goon up there, another one on the roof of the building in the middle of the square. Up there, in the corner close to the ladder are MP5 clips. In the middle of this wall/roof is a small roof you can jump behind and go up a ladder, face the side where you entered the square and jump/grab the edge of the roof, shimmy left to a pillar and jump into the arcade. Run to the end and left, shoot a Baddy and grab the Uzi clips and the Round Handled Key. Run jump out right around the corner (after checking your health).

Turn around and run jump into the alcove under the arcade to get Secret #3, a Medipack. Jump back and go along this ledge to the other end. Jump over to the terrace with the bridge and grab Shotgun ammo there. Over the bridge to the middle structure and get the MP5 from the Goon. Get down to the ground and look for the door you can open under the Clock tower.

Go in and left and a couple of Goons come out. Follow through to a small workshop with a button on the wall, a gate opens up on the square and 2 dogs come out. Back outside go into the gate under the bridge and emerge into a deserted village square.

Another Boat, open the Gate.  

Two Goons show up as soon as you shoot the grate right around the corner from where you came. Check inside and find Flares, Uzi clips. Back out, over the bridge and left into the building, and push a block into the wall (back right corner). Go outside and loop left around to get to an opening where the block is, pull it once and hop over the block. Once more loop left around the house and pull the block outside.

Climb on and jump/grab the nearby wall, go left and push a block through the wall and put it onto a tile in the middle of the terrace. A gate opens up to Secret #4, MP5- and Uzi clips. Get  back to the block.

Move the block to the bridge and climb up to the roof from the block. Go to the end and run jump over to the other (wider) roof, there’s a button in a gap in the roof, the gate opens for the boat. Hop into the water and in the corner where the house with the button is, is a tunnel leading to Shotgun ammo.

Get into the boat, go straight into then canal and follow through (there’s a closed off left canal) straight to yet another square.

Bunch of Keys.

Get out fast and shoot the Goon, run into the passage he was guarding and roll, run out and to the side quick, then go up again and halfway up, right into a crawlspace, down a ladder and find a Bunch of Keys. Get back out of the crawlspace and up the slope to a room. Open the door left with the Keys. Follow through to a terrace, shoot a Goon and get the Shotgun ammo, then use a button on the far wall to open a gate near the boat. Hop over the balustrade and take the boat through and go with some speed as rubble will fall from the ceiling.

Church Square.

Stop at the jetty left and quickly get out to shoot the Goon. Grab up to the wall opposite the opening you came from and shoot the dogs if you wish. Run jump onto the flatter roof ahead and jump over the next steep part too. At the end climb up left and hop over the balustrade to the terrace, pick up some Flares and go through the opening to another terrace to get the Shotgun ammo there. Hop over the balustrade onto the lower roof, sliding down onto the flatter part. Turn to the same corner where you climbed up to the terrace before and now go straight up between the walls and follow to the Uzi clips at the end. Go back to the roof.

All the way left to the end and run jump to a pillar in the corner, go up left and around the right hand corner is Secret #5, MP5 clips. Get down to the ground floor.  

Return to the wall where we climbed up to the roofs, this time turn around and jump to grab the roof above the tunnel we came from with the boat. Shimmy left till you can pull up on the flatter part, run to the end, hop over the steep part and from the corner a run jump with a right curve to the ledge at the church. Hop over the pointy block and shoot two grates to get inside the Church. Safety drop down and turn left, go to the end and hop around the corner. Next to the sloped block is a ladder to get down to the ground floor (and up later).

Loop right around the pillar and benches to get to a row of bookshelves. Push the first under the one up in the wall, then get one from a bit further down the row and place it against the first, you can now get the one in the wall out, move the second shelf around the stack so you can push the “wall one” to the side and go behind it for Secret #6, MP5 clips, Shotgun ammo, Uzi clips and a small medipack.

Timed Tomb Trapdoor, Bunch of Keys.

Climb back up that ladder, go back to the ledge where you entered the church and facing the chandeliers, jump over the left hand row to the second and turn left, stand jump to grab the alcove, down the other side and walk a bit left to grab a monkey climb, follow around to a Timed button and a big trapdoor opens up, so save before you use it. Safety drop from the ledge and roll as soon as you hit the floor, get to the opposite corner of the Church fast and run into the open trapdoor, grabbing the ladder.

Push the block a couple of times and hop into one of the Tombs to shoot the rats. Check the Tombs for a Bunch of Keys, a small medipack. Move the block to the other side and into the corner at the small door, climb up to a ledge and use the button (two times) to re-open the Timed trapdoor and climb back up to the church. 

Use the Keys.  

Climb that ladder again to the ledges above and again use the left row of chandeliers to get to the opposite side and grab the balcony, to the left is the keyhole. Go in and follow to a Timed button, push and go back, follow the row of balconies to the gate at the other side. Push the button there to open the gates on Church Square. Get out, jump a row of chandeliers to the other side and get out of the window you shot. Leave the square through the opened gates.

The Heist.

Follow the tunnel and keep left into a storage, left again and find Uzi clips and Flares in a small room. Get back out and at the fuel barrels straight across and right around for Shotgun ammo. Return and keep right and run through the barriers, jumping over a deep pit, immediately start shooting two dog and at the end of the passage you’ll come to s square, shoot two goons and go left to the corner, climb up to the ledge and shoot another Goon which will drop a Round Handled Key. On the other roof is another Goon and on a block in the back (where the trees are) is a keyhole opening a trapdoor in the roof where the Goon was. Climb down there. Check the Tomb and find Uzi clips in a window and Shotgun ammo in a corner niche. Now follow this corridor to get to the Museum.

The Museum, opening Doors.  

Take a right, passing the staircase (left) and find a locked door. Go left and shoot two Goons there, one (in the back) drops Flares. Go back a bit and climb the low crate near the closed door. Run jump and grab the chandelier. Turn right and jump to grab the ledge in the wall, pick up Uzi clips and jump down to the chandelier. Now run jump and grab the upper floor in the back, hop over the balustrade and go left down the staircase to get the MP5 clips. Back up and lots of closed doors here, but to the left are two openings, take the first, opposite the staircase and grab a Medipack there, in the other back corner is a closed gate to the vault.

A Bunch of Keys.

Go back out and right, through the doorway to a hall with benches, Shoot two Goons and go right around the corner to the TR III section, up on the crate in the corner is a button to open a gate, in the middle of the hall, between the benches are Flares and a small medipack. Go back out to the landing and hop right over the balustrade, run jump and grab the chandelier and jump into the open gate in the wall to get a Bunch of Keys.

A Silver Key.

Get back to the landing and go right to the end to open the door there, shoot two dogs and enter. On the bookshelf near the entrance are Uzi clips, the ones in the middle of the room have Shotgun ammo. Jump and grab to the high bookshelves on the left wall, use the monkey climb to get to the back ones and pick up the Silver Key from the pile of books.

The Vault, the Burlington Crystal.

Leave the room to the landing, right around to the next door and open it. Go into the back and pull a bookshelf out and aside so you can open the Vault with the button. The Alarm will sound and Baddies will emerge from everywhere, so keep an eye on your health and go back to the landing. Loop right around into the opening and go into the left back where the open Vault is, grab the Burlington Crystal. Even more Baddies on their way…

One of the last blue Goons carries the Round Handled Key, you’ll have to check them (for me it was the first that came into the vault room). When you have the Key you can make your way down to the ground floor and to that door near the low wooden block, open it. Follow through to end the adventure…

Dec 01-‘21