Level by BigFoot

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

Remarks/solutions for the Secrets are in darkblue

Read the notebook for the story.

The pistols are at the bottom of the pit in this cave, we’ll get those later.

Opposite are some Flares (N) and then go right (E) and safety drop down. Go into the doorway (in this chamber is a Secret, but it is under a vase, so we’ll be back for that) and follow through to some shallow water. Climb up a rock on the left in the corner (NW) and take a running jump to (grab) the next one. Then climb up even higher on the left. Follow through (N) and slide down to the bottom. Go through the gate into a large Hall.

Turn around and spot the two ladders on the wall you came out of. In no particular order:

The Guardian of Selophyre.

Fire: Go up the right hand ladder, on the ledge go right (W) and walk to the end passing a closed door and left around the corner you’ll come to a pool. For a small medipack, hop into the water, swim to the back and grab it around the corner. Go back and wade up to the edge to climb out. Grab the monkey swing and shimmy to the end avoiding the emitters, drop in the passage. In the next room lower yourself down to the ground floor, crawl through the opening (E) and push a button on the right (door opens). Go back and climb back up on the right (blocks N). Jump over to the ledge on the wall (S), face E and back flip on the slope in the corner, jump and grab the ledge (E) and hoist up.

Turn left and jump over to the now open door. Follow through and go around some corners keeping to the right and use the floor lever. Go back and again keep to the right through the open door (Secret behind that door). Follow through and when you see a floor lever on the right, keep going and jump at the end up on the left.

Push the pillar to the W once (under an unstable floor) and go back out. Use the lever and open the exit door. Without the Secret, go out and left to the ladder on the right hand wall.

But with a Secret: Don’t leave yet, but return W through the winding passage, passing that ‘open’ door and go left

To throw that floor lever again, closing the door and thus opening the passage it was hiding. We’ll have to go around now, so head back, keep left to come to the room with the ledges, safety drop down from the E side of the ledge and enter the passage to the Fire room, just hop into the water below (and if you didn’t get it yet, pick up the small medipack where you jump in. Go to the other end and climb out, and go into the passage, left into that exit door you opened and go left up the winding passage and right at the closed door, in that blocked off passage is Secret #1/5, a Golden Skull. Go back to the exit door, left and to the first ladder on the right hand wall.

Climb up the ladder and backflip onto the floor above. Go out and down a slope and loop around to the left. Push/pull the pillar to the other end (NE) and climb on top of it. Jump into the opening in the wall (N) and push the button to open a door. Get down and leave (E).

Mirrors and Water.

When you are in the room with the glass floor take the SE slope up, watch out for the opening at the ladder and climb down.

Go left and come to the first mirror room.

Jump on the first safe block (look in the mirror) and then into the water, face N and swim into the hole for Secret #2/5, a Golden Skull.

For another Bonus, swim to the back of the room (S), turn left and swim through that symbol in the mirror to the next room and go left to the N side, climb out N and go into the dark room to find Easter Egg 1/1, a pair of Broken Glasses. Swim back through that same opening in the mirror. Get back out of the water at the entrance (N).

Jump the safe tiles to the other side and head into the passage. In the back of the passage is a slope leading down into water, that’s a mirror room too, but flooded. Remember you can go back for air and make a little map of the marked path you have to follow in order to keep the door in the N wall open. Once through, swim up in the passage and climb out, follow the passage up to a small chamber with a column; push that into the alcove behind it (unstable floor above). Go W and right around the corner to use a lever that will open the exit door of this section, to the S.

Go right and left up the ladder, back flip off and leave down the slope to the room with the glass floor. Take a right (E) and run onto the unstable floor, it will go down allowing you to get into the crawlspace E. Use the button to open a door and go up the ladder on the opposite wall. Turn around and jump to the ledge in the other corner for a small medipack and jump back.  

Drop out of the open door and now we need to move the pillar. But for that we need a stable floor, so we have to get back to that pillar below the floor. Leave W, loop left around up the slope, down the ladder and into the chamber left (E), left through the ‘exit’ door, right/left to the pillar and pull it out of the niche. Back through the exit door, right and up the ladder, down to the glass floor and right (E) to the room with the Pillar, move it to the block with the floor lever, climb up and use the lever to open a second door in the Hall. Go W to the glass floor, left around up the slope and down the ladder, down one of the high ladders into the Hall. 

Head into the E side door you opened, pick up the Hathor Effigy, leave and go straight W into the door you opened in the Fire section, hop to the central block to get the Ornate Handle, combine both to create the Guardian of Selophyre. Find a good spot to drop down into the lower part of the room and go around into the back for a small medipack. Go out to the pit in the Hall and up the slope NW to the door W where you can use that Guardian.

3 Vases.

Jump over the pit in the first chamber and follow through to where a flyby will show you around and 3 vases are shown too, a bit further on, Lara will look up right, proceed to the end and turn around. Up in the ceiling is a hole you can climb up to after grabbing up to the climb wall. Crawl through and push a button to get a block out of the wall. Go back down and find that block where Lara looked up. Grab up left (N) and jump to the sandy ledge SE, climb a bit higher and then run jump SW and grab the edge of that rock ledge. Shimmy left a bit and pull up, back flip/roll and grab a crack. Shimmy right and pull up on the ledge.

Follow the ledge around into the passage on the other side (W), in the end of that passage, left of the pedestal is the Gate Key. Go back and this time a skeleton will wake up in the passage. Run out and follow the ledge, run jump right around the corner to the sandy ledge and get to the ground. Open the door W, follow through and pick up Flares there and go down into a pit, crawl in SW and come to a Medipack. A bit further you’ll see some skeletons wake up and the path to a climb wall. Just be quick and avoid contact, Lara’s feet must be on the climb wall before you can climb it. To the right are more Flares, then go left and follow through to the area with the Pistols after waking up a Mummy (Read the Notebook page about the Pistols after selecting them first from inventory). Go up to shoot that Mummy, follow back to the climb wall, down and shoot the 2 skeletons. Follow all the way S and then left through the passage/crawlspace, out of the pit and out to the door with the keyhole.

Shooting the Vases.

Back up the block E, up to the sandy ledge NW, run jump SW and grab the edge of that rock ledge. Shimmy left a bit and pull up, back flip/roll and grab that crack. Shimmy right and pull up on the ledge. Shoot the skeleton (you can jump over to the other side if needed) and look NW, that’s where you can shoot vase 1/3.

Go back over the ledge to the end and run jump right around the corner to the sandy ledge, go up N on the old road climb up on the right (E) a few times, then left to the doors N. Go left of those and from the plateau jump SW onto the dune and shoot vase 2/3 through the crack W, take a step back and face S where you can shoot vase 3/3 too from here. The doors N have opened up, get there and enter.

A Torch run for a Trident.

Follow in to a pool (empty) room where two Mummies are wandering about, shoot them and head into the passage left (W) and come to a pit with a pole and fire emitters, just run down one of the side ledges into the water below and climb out S to find 4 floor levers and a button W, the button opens a door back in the pool room. The levers turn off the Flames, throw the first near the button, skip the next and throw the next two to get rid of all flames, climb the pole and back flip onto a ledge above.

Follow back to the poolroom, enter the open door on the right (SW), walk around that tile on the floor and grab a Torch. Once you run over the tile, a Timer starts and shows that burner in the valley.

Run out, loop around right to the valley, run jump SW to where you shot the vase and jump S over the dune and follow to where you can jump onto the platform with the flame to ignite the Torch. Make your way back into the open doors N, into the poolroom and into the passage straight ahead (N), take a left where you can see Neptune to the right. Go up the ramp and ignite the burner on top. The water will flow below. You don’t need the Torch anymore.

Make your way back to the valley, down to the sandy ledge and to the door you opened with the Key, go in again and the pit in the back there now has water. Swim through the crawlspace (S) and follow the now flooded crawlspace and cave to the end where that climb wall is, look back and up in the ceiling is an opening. Climb out there and get the Trident after shooting two Mummies. Get back into the water.

For a Secret; from that big old column, look E and spot the triangular hole in the wall, swim through and to the end for Secret #3/5, a Golden Skull. Swim out and get some air.

Swim back N, through the crawlspace and get out of the door to the valley, make your way back up to those doors to the pool room as before and enter the passage N, this time keep right to where the Neptune statue is and place the Trident. Watch things unfolding and the flyby ends at a climb wall in the pit of the Big Hall.

Up in the Big Hall.

Get back to the poolroom, hop into the water to retrieve a small medipack at the grated window S and climb at that side too (SE). Go up to the valley and make your way down to the doors that re-opened SE. Straight ahead (E) is the Big Hall with the pit flooded

Detour for a Secret: Now we have the pistols we can shoot vases, remember the one at the start? Go to the bridge and leave S, jump up the flat parts in the slope, get down in the cave with the shallow pool and go SW through the doorway, shoot that big brown vase left and grab Secret #4/5, a Golden Skull. Make your way back to the Big Hall.

The Sacred Knot.

Hop into the water and climb out at the floor E, shoot two skeletons. On the E wall is a Star we need, but no Crowbar… So swim to that stone pillar and go up the climb wall, up the next and slide down left (E). Run jump and grab the floor E, go in and shoot two Mummies, then grab the Sacred Knot. A Wraith shows up, run back and down into the water, turning a bit to the right. Swim a bit right and climb up onto the low part of the block next to the bridge (N), jump onto the bridge and get to the two Wraith catchers at the N end of the bridge, duck if needed. Well, that was the easy one.

Preparing the run for the Sacred Pillar.

Hop back into the water there (NE) and swim into a tunnel, to the end and climb out, turn around and jump up, go through to a button close to a gate with a pillar behind it. A block goes up at that pillar. Swim back to the Big Hall; loop right around the bridge and into a similar tunnel NW of the bridge, at the end climb up to a button to raise another block at a second pillar.

Run jump N and pick up a small medipack. Get back in the water and back to the Big Hall. Get out of the water NE of the bridge and in the N wall are several openings. Take the right opening (NE), go in and pull the pillar out to the ledge near the bridge and in line with the two columns under the roof above.

NW, do the same as you did on the other side. Climb one of the pillars an jump over into an opening in the W wall, follow through to a ledge in the back room, it starts a Timer and a door opens up in a room in the E wall. You need to jump to the closest pillar, onto the roof, the next pillar and then up into the opening E and get through that Timed door (plenty of time). Grab the Sacred Pillar and get back to the front room, there you can hop down onto the pillar, drop onto the ledge and enter the passage NE, place the two Sacred Items.

Upper Level, the Crowbar.

Go into the open elevator and push the button to go up. Once up face S and to the left is a shortcut back up here in case you need it, starting in the E room where you jumped to in the Timed run.

Look W at that small open door and spot a high part in the ceiling, the wall under that high bit is climbable, get up into the niche for Secret #5/5, a Golden Skull, drop down.

Head S and when you come to the Big Hall, turn right, stand on the mound and grab the monkey climb, follow the winding path to the other side and get into the cave there, left and drop slide/down.

Carefully get to the opening S, right hand side and run jump up right onto the beam (aim for the corner) above the Effigy doors. To the end and right into a cave with some bones hiding the Crowbar. Stand on a low part where you entered and shoot the bones to grab the Crowbar. A Wraith shows up, run out, hop down into the water below, swim to the NE corner and climb back up at that block next to the bridge to get to the Wraith catchers.

The Golden Star, The Stone of Tears.

Hop into the water, swim SE and climb out E. Inside on the back wall is the Golden Star you can now pry off the wall. Get back to the N end of the bridge, you know how by now, and enter the opening N. Follow to where you can use the Star, go into the next Hall and get the Stone of Tears (and a Notebook Page). Leave N, go into the opening left. Use the Floor lever to open a door behind you.

All Secrets Bonus; if you got all 5 Skulls, place them in this room and you can go to the W end of the place to pick up the Ankh.

Go back and straight passing the floor lever into the open door. Push a button to start the elevator and once up go E to use the floor lever, when done, go straight and pick up the Old Scroll, examine it. Go forward a bit and then right up the sloped passage to end the adventure. [/size]

G&D, Oct ‘21