Level by XianDani. 

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

Not going for Secrets? You can skip the dark blue parts.

Level 1 – THE ISLAND. 

Turn around and hop into the ocean, swim straight to the rock and get Shotgun ammo, swim SE for soaked Flares. Swim back and right of the dinghy is another rock where some Shotgun ammo can be found. On top of the rock (climb up facing W) is a small medipack.

In the arched rock NW and left on the ledge are Uzi clips. Go left around and wade up to the beach.

NW of the island is a group of rocks and that’s where Secret #1, the Shotgun can be found. Swim back and get out right of the arched rock

The Trapdoor, a Gear.

Go between the rock and the ruins and pick up the Flares. To the left is a tunnel into the rock and something will probably open there later. Out of that alley and left around into a short passage to find a reach-in switch opening a trapdoor* for later. Go out and left around to a group of pillars SW, a goon guarding the docks might open fire there, pick up Uzi clips when he’s dead. Climb the pillars and make your way up to the top of the ruins.

In the NW corner you can get onto the top of that arched rock and pick up Secret #2, an Uzi. Get back onto the ruins.

Make your way NE (there are Uzi clips on a lower floor E), safety drop down somewhere to the floor NE and find that opened trapdoor*. A goon attacks from the outside and leaves Uzi clips. Climb down and get the Gear from the pedestal in the water. Go back up the ladder, out through the opening W and left into the ruins, shoot the goon left and get his Uzi clips. Left is a vase with Flares. Back to the central floor and climb the pointy block. Jump and grab up to the floor above (N), go E into the passage and place the Gear to the right. Two trapdoors open up, one under the ship and the large one under the arched rock.

Get back out, down onto the pointy rock and run jump S over the wall to the shack at the docks. Pick up Flares, left, behind the wooden crate is Shotgun ammo. Go E and right around the rock is Revolver ammo, then loop right around the rock into a dark niche and find Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo. To the SE, in the ocean is a rock, from the rock, the SE tip of it, you can run jump and grab that platform, on the back of it is a small medipack, couldn’t find anything else to do… Get back to the dock.

Exploring the Ship. 

From the crate standing W on the dock, you can jump onto the ship, go left and enter, kick the door in the passage right, shoot the goon and get his Uzi clips, another Uzi from the low crate and in the dark corner behind the big crate a Shotgun with ammo. Back into the passage and open the door left, right is a small medipack and left Shotgun ammo. Back into the passage and kick the door in the end, shoot the goon and get his Uzi clips, another small medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Get back on deck and go to the S side of the ship, open the cabin there, nobody home, so just grab the 2x Shotgun ammo and get back out.

Trapdoor 1, the Blue Eyed Effigy.

Hop into the ocean from the front deck and find that open trapdoor there. Keep swimming down and come to a small underwater room, get out and use the reach-in switch to open a door in the room above. Swim back up and straight into the open door, follow through and climb out of the pool N. Follow through to a pool room with blocks, hop into the pool and swim into an opening SW, climb out in a small room, use the reach-in switch to open a door and swim back, climb out NE, roll and run jump onto the block. Use the monkey swing to get to the corner with the statue and jump/grab the block at the open door. Follow through to the Blue Eyed Effigy. Make your way back to the ship, wade out on the beach behind the ship (next to the crate).

Trapdoor 2, the Cavern, a ZPM and the Green Eyed Effigy.

Follow the beach to the N, right around the ruin wall and left and into the tunnel under the arched rock, climb down at the open trapdoor and jump S with Ctrl into the alcove for Shotgun ammo, jump to the ledge N and make your way down, NW are some Flares and NE is the entrance to a cave, the gate closed when I approached… I ran back a bit and it opened again.

With a Secret, from entering jump E onto the ledge, run jump SE to a ledge in front of a crawlspace, get in for Secret #3, Revolver ammo and the Revolver itself. Get out, hop W into the water.

Go right a bit and safety drop from the ledge into the water below, grab the small medipack there and swim NW to climb out on a low ledge, look around and shoot the Croc. Hop into a niche for another small medipack. Hop back to the ledge W and go up to the plant and into the tunnel, open the sarcophagus to get a ZPM (the entrance gate opens again, was already open for me?), there are also some Flares in that room.

Get back out to the Cavern, swim SE and get out on a low rock, jump into the passage to use the reach-in switch and then jump over the rocks (N) to the entrance where the door opened and get the Green Eyed Effigy. Get back to the water, swim N into the tunnel and climb out, to the right is Shotgun ammo. Then go up the blocks S, jump over to the N and then right to where you will end up in the Cavern again. Hop up right onto the path to the entrance gate and run jump to grab a thin ledge up S, right through the open gate, shoot a goon on your way up to the ladder and the big trapdoor under the arched rock.

Get to the docks, enter the ruins from there and on the W wall is a receptacle, combine both Effigies and place the Gatekeeper. Go into the opened door E, follow down (either side) to a room with a lever that will open the doors in that wall. Get into the large circle and you’ll be taken elsewhere…


Leave N, reach in switch left opens door. In the big cave, a vase right around has a small medipack, vase on the other side has Flares. Go to the shack where a goon is waiting (Uzi clips), enter the shack for Flares and a Medipack, go out and loop around right to meet another goon that will drop his Uzi. On the workbench NW is Shotgun ammo. Go down the tunnel SW and get to the underground part of the Island…

Level 1 – PART 2.

Open the Shortcut. 

Seems like a huge elevator, on a workbench behind it is a Medipack. Go into the control room and push the red button** to open a hatch up over a ladder in the elevator shaft, that’s a shortcut back here for later. Instead of doing a useless backtrack up to the island, turn back into the tunnel to Level 2…



For the Port Shed’s Key.

Now you’ll see a goon in a niche and a block lowers, when you come into the cave he’s up left. Get up into that niche and into the opening where the block lowered. Jump/grab over a spike pit, use the jump lever and jump back to get back to the cave where a door opened in the N wall, go in and open the sarcophagus for Revolver ammo. The vase has Flares, then go into the passage left of the vase (you shot). Use the reach-in switch E (opposite the gate), drop into the spike pit, run across and climb up the other side to come to a large cave.

Step down and run jump onto the big block, then get onto the block NW, turn left and jump into the structure, a closed gate… That can be solved by going SW over to a passage and to a reach-in switch. Now you can enter the gate, up the ladder to the floor above. Jump and grab the ladder NE, go up. 

Drop down the other side and follow the blocks and ledges to the far SW corner, get into the crawlspace, over a spike pit and shoot the vase for Secret #4, a Revolver. Make your way back, you cannot grab up to the top of the ladder, so you have to go through the structure again to get on top of the ladder block.

From the block jump/grab E and get Uzi clips, grab up left for the Flares there. Run down onto the ladder block and jump W to the floor, shoot a goon (Shotgun ammo), get Shotgun- and Revolver ammo from the sarcophagus and a Medipack from the vase (second time that one didn’t appear?). Grab up there and shoot the two goons, pick up the Port Shed’s Key and a Shotgun. In a niche is Shotgun ammo, then climb up W to get to a ladder…


Level 1 – PART 3. 

The Crowbar.

Climb up, use the reach-in switch around the corner and go up the next ladder, shoot a goon (Uzi clips) and find yourself in the hall before the ring portal. Head up E and you are back in the ruins. Go out left to the docks where you can now open that shed and pick up the Crowbar inside. Go out and right, to the SE beach and shoot a goon (Uzi clips). Get onto the rock and then run jump and grab that platform. I case you haven’t been here, there’s a small medipack on the back of the platform. If you used the red button** in the Control room, a trapdoor will be open in the closed elevator shaft. Jump and grab the ladder and go down. Run SE to the cave… 

Level 2 – PART 2.

In the S wall of the cave is a fence you can now open, a goon drops Shotgun ammo. On a workbench behind the elevator is more Shotgun ammo, in a niche NW another box of Shotgun ammo. Then enter the Control room, pick up Flares and use another Red button, the elevator goes down and opens a way down. Drop/grab down on the E side, follow the tunnel to come to a lower level. You can safety drop down onto the elevator from here.

But… With a Secret: This requires a curved run jump/grab to the opening across the shaft, go in and get Secret #5, drop down and pick up an Uzi and Revolver ammo. Drop down into the lower cave.

Shoot the goons (Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo).

On the E wall we need two artefacts. In no particular order….

N Side, Eridanus 1 Constellation.

Go into the tunnel N, left and the gate drops shut behind you. Run jump and grab the pole, turn left and go up, back flip onto the balcony N. Jump onto the sloped block SE, jump again to grab onto the ledge, from there jump and grab that jump lever. Go up as before and now use the ledges at the other side to get into the gate. When you enter the small room, turn around and use the jump lever first to disable the spike trap, then get the Eridanus 1 Constellation.

Leave through the door ahead. You’ll be back in the elevator cave with a fresh goon (Shotgun ammo).

S Side, Orion Constellation.

Into the tunnel S and right, gate closes, step down and run jump/grab to the bridge with the spike wall, turn left and jump over to the balcony, go up the ladder. Run to the end of the balcony and hang from the edge to drop/grab the jump lever, gate opens.

Jump to the bridge, up the ladder and slide down.

Halfway down the slide jump and grab the ladder in the shaft, open the sarcophagus for Secret #6, Revolver- and Shotgun ammo. Climb down and drop.

Shoot a vase for Flares and go up the next ladder, shoot a vase for Shotgun ammo, go up the next ladder and turn around to disable the spikes with the jump lever… Grab the Orion Constellation. Leave through the door and in the cave shoot another goon, place the two artefacts E and go through to a hall with “Gate” and 4 Alien statues. Jump onto the arm and safety drop to the ground. Go to the middle of the hall.

In no particular order:

The Two Grey Diamonds.

W Side, Grey Diamond 1.                                                                                                                                               

Enter the opening W and follow down to a flooded basement. Into the water and right around up a sloped passage, to the left is a gate which will close after entering. Slide down and grab the pole, go down to an island in the lava. Run jump and grab to the reach-in switch N, a block goes up, jump back and to that block. Jump to the ground, use a monkey climb to go around the wall and climb the pole, in the next room is a vase with Uzi clips, on the wall is a lever, go through to the Globe puzzle room.

Globe puzzle room.

On the wall NE is a jump lever opening the gate S, get the Globe out and onto the circle, a gate opens W, go in but watch the Scissor trap and get the Grey Diamond. Back to the puzzle room

Go into the gate S, left and in the back grab up left into a crawlspace for Secret #7, Uzi clips and a Medipack. Get back out.

Push the green Globe over to the “green” circle and the gate to the blue Globe opens up, but there’s little to do with it? So.., leave through the gate NW, jump over the spike pit and climb the ladders, shoot a vase for Revolver ammo and drop down E to the passage we came from, shoot the goon. Back into the water and a bit left to the ladders on the N wall, follow the passage and slide down after another gate closed behind you.

Monkey swings and Platforms, Grey Diamond 2.

Get onto the block N, run jump onto the ledge E and use the monkey swing to get to a ledge, hop to the reach-in switch and platforms go up in the other side of the room. Safety drop down and get back up onto the block N, this time jump W and do the same as on the other side to reach the reach-in switch. The block N will grow higher, go back using the monkey climb and from the platform in the corner jump and grab the high block, get up into the wall and follow around to a balcony. Use the block S to jump to the balcony W and use the lever to raise more platforms. Climb the ladder right of the lever and shoot a vase for Shotgun ammo. Jump NE to the ledge, go up the ladder (W) to get to a reach-in switch even higher up and a platform goes up at an opening in the E wall. Safety drop down and jump to that platform (SE). Around the corner is a lever switching the upper platforms in the room. Make your way back down to the lever on the lower balcony W and throw it back up so both upper platforms are extended. Make your way up there and jump over to the S side to get Grey Diamond 2. Leave through the gate behind the pedestal, over a spike pit and drop down to shoot another goon, go to the flooded basement and into the passage SW, up the ladder and get back to the Hall with the Gate.

Activating the Star Gate. 

Head straight over into the passage E and follow up to the arm level of the statues, jump onto the arm, turn right and jump into the small opening (N), place one of the Diamonds on the statue, jump back to the arm and jump over to the arm of the W statue, into the small opening in the N wall and place the second Diamond, gates open in the S side of the hall, jump over the arms to the S side and enter one of the openings, in the next room is a hole where you can place that ZPM you’ve been carrying around and the Star Gate activates. Go to the control panel in the N side of the Hall and watch things unfold, then approach the Star gate and watch what Lara does…

To be continued…

July 2021