Multi-level game by abbath81.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

Not going for Secrets? You can skip the dark blue parts.

Be careful, in this game you only have limited ammo for the pistols.


Level 1 – Into the Jungle.

1 Secret.

Lara dismounts the bike and slides down.

2 Small Cogs.

First go left around the tree and find Pistol clips at the rock face. Go straight W to a little tree and in the plant are Flares. Follow the valley along the right hand side and come to some pillars, grab up to the rocks W, pull up and back flip onto the short pillar, jump to the higher one and then S to grab the plateau. Go right, jump to a small corner ledge and then to the Next where you’ll find a floor lever. This will open an underwater door in the tunnels to the Cenote.

Jump back the way you came and hop down to the pillar, safety drop down. Go W a bit and right to a pedestal with a small medipack. Go right to the big face on the pillar (W) and just right of it is a hole in the ground, a Cenote. Hop in and grab Small Cog #1 from the bottom. Get air, swim into the tunnel S, left and around a corner. Left again and in the end of that tunnel is Shotgun ammo. Roll and swim back.

For a Secret, look up there for a tiny tunnel right, at the ceiling, get in there and climb out to claim Secret #1 (1), the Sun Dragon. Get out of this tunnel.

Keep swimming left and near the end of that tunnel go up to where we the trapdoor we opened, climb out. Go E and bump into the rock wall in front, grab up to that. Run jump grab NW to catch on to the monkey climb and follow straight to a tall pillar with Small Cog #2. Drop down and go E, into the next cave and up N into a small side cave, shoot the snake and get the Uzi clips from the back.

Now go to the W end of the valley, left is the pillar with the face, on top of the pillar are Uzi clips, you can jump grab up there from a slope behind it. Drop down, go to the W slopes and follow to the N and left is some Shotgun ammo under a plant. In the NW corner is a gate, shoot the snake and place the two Cogs in the machinery to open the gate.

Follow through and slide down…


Level 2 – Three Towers.

3 Secrets.

Coming out of the tunnel you’ll get a flyby of the Valley.

First a tour for some pickups and the general layout, there are some nasty Owls around, I won’t mention them. In the grass just to the right are Pistol clips. Walk to the edge and safety drop down to the valley floor (or follow the path SW down), go NE for 2x Pistol clips behind the 2 boxes.

Go W from there and at that yellow tree, go right up the slope against the rock pillar, with a right curved run jump you can get up into a niche with Uzi clips. Slide out, keep going right around into a tunnel to find more Pistol clips in a niche right.

A Shotgun.

Go to the slopes opposite the niche where you found the ammo, climb up (N) onto a path along the slopes, right a bit and grab up once more, to the right you can spot a gate. Go left and at the end hop over to the path NW, right around is a Timed lever for that gate. Pull, hop back twice and hop to the path towards the gate, you have to pull up onto the higher path a bit further, then get into the gate fast and grab the Shotgun (Yes!!). Out of the gate, drop down to the lower path again, and further down to the ground.

Tower I, a Crowbar.

Head W keeping along the right hand slopes, in the NW corner of the Valley are Pistol clips in a fern. Head further S and right into a cave with green crystals, shoot the spiders and grab the Flares. In the back is a rock you can pull aside to get the Shotgun ammo and Pistol clips from underneath. In the S wall is a crawlspace, grab up to a slope, shimmy to the right and pull up, back flip and jump back with a right curve to end up at a gate. There’s one torch that has to be ignited, so keep it in mind, we’ll be back. Hop up into the opening left of the gate, follow the tunnel to a plateau and go right into the next tunnel. In the wider part are Pistol clips in the fern left, you’ll reach another plateau, grab up right up to the higher path and enter the Tower. Go right and down one of the chains to the lower floor, shoot the pots NW and grab Shotgun ammo. Now go use the floor lever in the other end of the room, a hatch opens up. Shoot the two Natives of which one will drop a Crowbar. Go up to the higher floor again, up the chain there (7 grabs from the floor) and back flip onto a ledge. Hop to the break tile and jump to grab the ladder under the hatch you opened. Back flip off and in the corner left of the window is a contraption that proves to be a Crowbar lever. It will open a gate* near where we got the Shotgun. Shoot the pots right for Pistol clips.

Tower II. 

Go down the ladder to the bottom and back flip off, out of the Tower, to the W end of the path and drop down from the side. Get back to that cave in the far NE corner of the valley. Climb up to the N paths again and go towards the gate (Shotgun), drop from the side to the path below and go along the E side and jump to the path S. Follow to some hanging plants and hop into the tunnel behind those. This is where that gate* opened. Follow through to a plateau. On the ceiling is a dark surface, grab up to that and monkey swing to the end, Lara will automatically turn around and go up the ladder. On the plateau above, a Native will attack. Go E and just before the little tree below right, drop down to the path below, jump SE to get some Shotgun ammo there. Jump back, run jump down W and hop left around the corner, grab up right. Grab Pistol clips from the grass on that ledge and grab up (W) again to the upper plateau.

Go W and drop down to a lower ledge, first hop to a fern NE to get Pistol clips, hop back and run jump over to grab the ledge on the Tower W. Go left and run jump over to the S and go right through a tunnel. Go left and at the end of the ledge hang from the edge and shimmy right to a short tunnel with Uzi clips, get back and grab up N to the crack, shimmy left around to the ledge and go N to the tunnel entrance and grab up N to the higher ledge.

For a Secret: Turn around and hop S, follow to the end and turn around facing N, stand against the rock wall and hop backwards off the ledge, slide and grab the edge of the ridge, shimmy right to the end where you can pull up and find Secret #1 (2), the Valley Dragon. Shimmy back left and at the end drop/grab the crawlspace, get through (this is where the Uzi clips were). Grab the crack N and shimmy left to the path, climb back up N at the tunnel entrance.

Tower III.  

Follow the ledge to the end. Run jump and grab the Tower N, pull up and follow through, where the camera changes, hang and shimmy to the left, pull up in the corner and hop up to the triangle ledge. Then jump up onto the protruding ledge. Shimmy left to the other corner again and grab up to a crack in the wall S (near the left corner). Left around and drop in a niche, run jump without Ctrl to the S. Grab up to the top of the cliff and go get Pistol- and Uzi clips S, drop back down from the E side. Go over the bridge to Tower III.

For a Secret: As soon as you step in, grab up to the ceiling and monkey swing to the other end where Lara will transfer to a climbable vine, go up to the top of the Tower for Secret #2 (3), the Sun Dragon. Climb back down and drop.  

Jump over a gap in the next bridge and end up on the E side slopes. Go up NE to a yellow tree and find some Flares in the grass, to the left are Skull spikes. From there go S keeping to the high path along the slopes and find more of those pikes S, a Native attacks and he will drop a Medipack. A bit further on (SW), in the grass is Shotgun ammo. 

Return to those Spikes N, go left (W) and keep right to get behind that big cliff, down a slope and keep going along the right hand wall, jump and grab the ladder block, left around and up. Then back flip/roll and grab the ledge, enter the structure and on the back of the NE pillar is a lever opening a gate** we might have seen at the start. In a vase SE are Pistol clips, shoot the Native, there are also some spiders around.

A Torch.  

Go down the steps W into the Spike pit.

On the second step, climb down SW and get Secret #3 (4), the Mountain Dragon, climb back up.

Stand right facing the far break ledge and run jump there, hop and grab into the niche in the back wall, get the Torch left. Run jump to the remaining break ledge and a running jump over to the steps. Go up, hop up to the floor and go outside.

Run jump straight over to the S, go left and up the sloped path (E ) behind that structure again. Right and follow the slopes back to that broken bridge, throw the Torch down and keep track of where it ends up (probably in the niche with the small medipack I missed). Back up the slope E and right where you can drop down onto a plateau below (where this level started), go S to the paths on the S rock wall, to the W is the Tower where you opened the gate**, we’ll go there later.

Ignite the Torch.

First go down the path and go get the Torch (and that small medipack), take the Torch to that path up the S side and go W to that gate, jump in and carefully run down onto the floor below, out the W side and out on the path run down right. Go into the tunnel W, right and follow to the outdoors again, left into the next tunnel, around a right corner and be careful at the end where you see some light. Hop out left, not to end up in the shaft with the slopes. Ignite your Torch and then burn the wall torch to open that gate, slide down…

Level 3 – The Sacred Lake.

3 secrets.

Turn right and go to those poles near the green crystal and grab the Revolver from next to the skeleton, two Natives appear. A little dark grey box nearby will break when you shoot it, but it is empty, the ones SW however have Pistol clips. SE are more of those poles and some bats too. There’s one box you can shoot, it contains Flares and Pistol clips. Well, that’s as far as the Torch will go (in case you took it with you)…, hop into the water.

Secret: Swim to the N side and dive under the plateau where those stakes are, straight over that nice plant and swim to the back wall and up in a shaft, follow to Secret #1 (5), a Valley Dragon. Swim back out.

In the far NW corner are Pistol clips, SE are two tunnels to choose from, the left one goes around left and there are Pistol clips to be found, you’ll get back to the Main cave. Now take the tunnel SE and against the S wall.

Angel Cave, Laser Sight. 

It turns right to a large cave with a statue on an island. Wade up and pick up some Revolver ammo, then get the Laser Sight and two Crocs show up. Go to the statue and a message appears “When Evil’s Eye no longer sees, Angel’s Light shall show the way…”

Evil’s Eye. 

In the water, hidden in a plant SE are Flares. On a ledge W, are Pistol clips and some more Pistol clips on an underwater ledge near where we entered (NE). Get back up onto the island  and walk to the water’s edge W side. Turn right (N) and spot the red gem (Evil’s eye) and shoot that after saving (if you miss you can reload). The Light of the Angel shines on a Jump lever NE.

The Jump Lever.

To get there, swim down into the NW corner of the cave, follow the tunnel and in the end up through a now open trapdoor, get out. Follow out to a ledge along the water and first go left (E) to the end and right down to a lower ledge. Standing against the rock face left you can run jump down and land on that corner ledge with the Shotgun ammo. Stand in the SE corner, face N and run with a 100 degree turn left and jump back onto the ledge (or make your way back through the water). This time go W and left along the wall to the S and after a jump you’ll see a ladder. Run jump with a roll onto the slope, jump and grab the ladder, go up and near the top back flip off onto a ledge. Up the Ladder there and Lara will step off by herself when you hit the left key. Sprint down that ledge and left around the corner, follow the plateau using the flatter parts.

When you hit the E wall, there’s a plateau up right, you can grab up in the corner, go get Secret #2 (6), a Sun Dragon. Drop down.  

Proceed N, jump over to the grassy ledge and follow to that pillar with the ornamented corner. Hang from the edge of the ledge and spot the jump lever. Drop to operate that and turn right after hitting the water, find the low tunnel left where a gate opened.

The Underwater Cavern, Blade Traps.  

Surface first to get air and dive in, keep going right and find an underwater lever which will open a trapdoor*. Now swim going straight (E) and then left around the corner in the back, immediately to the left is a small medipack and up above is an air pocket allowing you to get air. Face E, swim down and left/left (at the next crossing straight ahead should be the lake entrance) take a right, keep going a bit right/left to the N and just before a Blade turn left to come to some Pistol clips on a side ledge. Swim W there, left/right and up for air

Down again and keep left and find Uzi clips in the plant in the NW corner of the Cavern. Go right around the corner and come to the only Blade you have to conquer, go straight E and right around the corner to find that open trapdoor*. Climb out, and SE and in the S part is that air pocket where we got air before.

Timed Fire Run. 

Make your way up that central rock from the SE corner of it.

From the second flatter part, turn left and hop over the steep part to the path W, walk around to Secret #3 (7), a Mountain Dragon. Walk back and hop E.

Face N and hop around the right hand side where you can grab up even higher to a ledge above. Go up to the top.

From the top of the rock, run jump N and grab a crack in the hanging rock. Go left around to a ladder, down and back flip to the ledge N. Two Timed levers there and along the E wall are ledges with spikes and a burner. The left lever shuts down a burner in the S end of the cave. Pull left, get to the other one fast and use it, roll and time the popping spikes on the first ledge to jump to it and do a running jump to the burner ledge, a hop to the grassy ledge and wait a bit to time the spikes, run jump to the ledge and sprint through the second burner at the S wall. Hop up into the SW corner and grab up to a crack, shimmy right and pull up for Revolver ammo. Drop down and run jump N, once more and you are at a Zip-line through the Angel cave. Ride the zip line and run through the dark tunnel…


Level 4 – Dino Temple.

3 Secrets.

Go left and in the corner from the high ground you can grab the monkey climb ceiling, follow to the end and then up the vines to get Secret #1 (8), a Sun Dragon. Hang from the vines and back flip onto the ledge N.

Without the Secret; jump over to the ledge N…

Hang from the edge and shimmy right past the pillar to get the Shotgun ammo there. Go along this ledge to the W, or slide down somewhere and run up the sloped cave, shoot 2 bats. When you emerge from the building, look up left in the SE corner, there’s an opening we’ll need to go to later. Follow the valley and some tiny raptors attack. In the grass SW are Pistol clips. Go around the corner into a foggy cave and shoot some more raptors. In the fern in the den where they came from are Pistol clips.

Jump lever for the Temple Door. 

Head down N, near the bottom of the sloped path and right around at the tree are Flares, two more tiny raptors attack, in the cavern they came from (N), are Uzi clips. Another tiny raptors will show up. Go back up the slope SE a bit and left around up a path, through a hole in the rock. At the end, near the small tree, run jump up left around the corner onto a small ledge. Stand jump/grab the ledge N, turn right and run jump up onto the ledge E (right a bit) and at the end of that are Pistol clips.

Without a Secret: Walk down S and run jump/grab the plateau, shimmy right a bit and pull up. 

With a Secret: From the Pistol clips go back a bit and hop up right onto a corner ledge (NW), turn right and hop up NE, walk right to the tree and stand jump SE to the fern, grab Secret #2 (9), the Valley Dragon. Run jump as far as you can to the S turning a bit left, so you can grab the edge of the slope, shimmy right and at the end pull up and back flip/roll steering left to land on the plateau (you may have to grab the edge, shimmy right and pull up).

From the SE corner of the plateau, jump/grab up to the ridge E and shimmy right to a jump lever* hidden in a plant, the Temple door opens up (for later).

The Cave, Elephant Key, open the gate to the Uzis.

Once more follow the path N, go up as before to grab up to that ledge up N, step left a bit and grab up the rock face N. Go left, hop up right to the dark ground against the rock face and proceed, seeking out the spots where you can stand, to get to that yellow tree where Lara looks left to where that Temple door opened. If you want a small medi, slide down backwards just after the yellow tree and get down onto a ledge with the small medipack, there are also Pistol clips there. Make your way back up by jumping to the ledge NE with a left curve and climb up N again, go to the yellow tree. Follow the slopes carefully, there are more Pistol clips in a fern right. At the W end, hop down onto the ledge with the tree and grass. Walk down W and look right around to spot a cave entrance, run jump down there and get in.

Keep left and come to a red crystal and a stack of crates, go left behind those and crawl through for Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Crawl out, keep left into a part with light coming in from above. Grab up N from the mound and hop up right into the corner where you can just stand, grab up to a crack N and go left to the far end. Drop and slide a bit, then back flip roll onto a ledge. From the ledge run jump E and get up into the niche for the Elephant Key. Back down onto the ledge and jump N onto the flat part where you came up, drop down. Go E to another red crystal, but just before you get there, you’ll find a crawlspace left. Inside go left, pick up Uzi clips and shoot the tiny raptors. Now go to the other end, walk slowly through the spikes and around the spike trap in the floor to use a floor lever opening a gate (underneath the Gold door). Go back and crawl out.

For a Secret, go straight to that grass S, crawl underneath the rock and get Secret #2 (10), the Mountain Dragon.

Head straight S and right/left to the cave entrance. Slide down backwards and go SW to that skeleton, get the Uzi clips, hold Ctrl so Lara picks up the Shogun ammo after the cut-scene, shoot the Raptors. Then go into that Raptor lair (SW), climb up the ridge and grab up left (W), shimmy left and pull up at the corner to get Revolver ammo. Drop out, roll and run out.

The Uzis.

Go E to the Temple wall, SE near the tree are Pistol clips, go to the left corner (NE) and go down onto a lower ledge. Hop to the corner of the rock and then to the grassy ledge E, follow right around to a tree and hop up W through the gap between tree and wall. In the grass on top of the rock are Uzi clips. Go down N and safety drop from the ledge. Go under the Temple where that gate opened, go in and get the Uzis.

Into the Temple.

Go out and right around, go up the dark slope (SE) to the foggy cave, left around the structure and at the E end where you have the cave left, look up right to spot a crawlspace in the corner. Grab up there and crawl in to find a ladder, climb up and right. Pick up a Medipack and run jump with a left curve down to the grassy ledge left, go along that ledge, I thought a shimmy was the easiest because of all the steep parts. You’ll reach the W side hills. In the first fern are Pistol clips. Head S into a cave and shoot two tiny raptors, there’s a spike trap in there, so keep hugging the right hand wall and in the back are Uzi clips.

Go back out minding those spikes and loop left up the rocky path SW and then right passing through the gap N, keep left along the upper slopes and through a tunnel where you’ll find more Pistol clips. Out the other end and down the slope a bit, to the left and run jump over a steep part to the N to find Grenades and Revolver ammo there. That’s it for this side, turn back, jump back over the steep part (or grab the edge in case you miss the jump and shimmy left to a niche below and pull up there). Go S along the left side of that big rock (with the tunnel) to the rock SE and keep going E along the high part of the cliff that connects to the Temple. At the trees do a hop down left (NE) to the stone path underneath the trees, walk forward and hop over the steep part to the Temple wall. Follow the ledge N and in the second niche are Pistol clips. Go back and use the slope S to back flip/jump and grab the vegetation under the ledge above. Go to the end and around the corner you can drop. E and around the corner are some Flares, then enter a Puzzle room in the Temple (the Gold door was opened by the jump lever* earlier). A flyby will show you symbols on wall and ceiling.

Colour Symbol Puzzle.

Make a note of the symbols (the 3) on the wall next to the two gates S and the one on the ceiling (the 4). There’s a block in the W wall, pull it out and aside to get a clue. Use the block to get up to the ledge above and vases NW have Pistol clips, the ones NE a small medipack.

Get back down and find the two spots where the symbol clue on the ceiling connects with the symbol clue on the wall (there are two instances, one for the left wall clue and one for the right wall clue), get it right and the bottom gate S opens up. Before you leave, pull that block out of the wall for a Timed run later (in case you pushed it back in).

Go through the gate, nothing in the vases, but 3 tiny raptors come greet you. Out E and down to the right is the cave where we passed through before, but run over the ledge SE and shoot vases for Flares. Go back and out N, over the ledge left (shoot a raptor) to get Uzi clips from the fern left. Back inside and open the gate E with the Elephant Key. Vases left have Uzi clips and on the pedestal in the back is a nice little bonus, the Grenade Gun. Walk back out and from the steps you can do a run jump and grab a thin ledge up W. Go to a spike trap. Time the popping spikes and run on when they go down, immediately walk slow through the static spikes and go to the Timed lever. Pull, roll and walk through the spikes, run to the end of the ledge, roll and grab the edge to drop down, sprint W and right through the gate to the Puzzle room, jump on the block, onto the ledge and get through the Timed gate S. Run over the rock bridge, into the dark tunnel and slide down…

Level 5 – King’s Lair.

2 Secrets

Turn around at the end of the tunnel and do a safety drop down to the valley floor. Turn left  (N) and go to the corner, left around into a narrow gorge, step down into the lower part and shoot a couple of tiny raptors, notice the gate W and go back, climb up the ridge and turn right to grab up to the steep block. Pull up and back flip to a ledge, walk up E a bit and turn right at the point where you can run jump and grab the rock S. Walk left a bit and turn left, run jump and grab the plateau E. Walk up to the E wall and turn left.

Opening the Gates.

You can see a crack in the rock wall N, covered by leaves. Run jump and grab that crack, go left around till you can pull up in a cavern, shoot a tiny raptor and go get the Revolver ammo and Pistol clips, 2 more raptors show up. Run jump out, landing back onto the plateau and run jump to a ledge S, then jump into that opening S. Inside behind the crates are Flares (you may have to duck), then get through the blade trap W, run jump over to the W ledge and go to the right end (pick up Uzi clips from the grass). Run jump N landing on the far side of that corner block, so you can jump off right and land on a rocky plateau, climb up left and use the floor lever to open a gate*. Down to the plateau and run jump SW with a right curve and Ctrl to land on the path in the rock face and find another floor lever left, this one will open an underwater gate**.

Safety drop from the side and you are in front of a cave, first go right (E) to the pool and to the right are Pistol clips in the grass. When you dive into the tunnel under the waterfall, a Croc will emerge, go back to shoot it. Enter again and swim left to the S wall, and down left into a tunnel where that gate** opened, get the 2 boxes of Grenades. Back out and go get air.

Swim back in, right/right and in the far NE corner in a plant is Secret #1 (11), a Valley Dragon. NW are Uzi clips. Go back for air.

Get out of the pool and right around to that cave we’ve been in before (from the other end) and in the W wall is that open black gate*. Go through to the Valley with the Round Door. Left around, at the yellow crystal is a box with Shotgun ammo. Left of the Round Door is a Medipack and right (NW) are Grenades. Ready yourself and throw that lever to open the Door, a Big T-Rex (the King) comes out, stay close under his belly and shoot it. It will leave behind a Guardian Stone.  

Go into the King’s Lair and all the way in the back, in the grass is Secret #2 (12), a Mountain Dragon.

Back out and to the crates SE, just right of those is a hidden passage in the wall (vines), go through and hop on a block right for Pistol clips. Then go use the Guardian Stone right of the gate, go through…


Level 6 – The Skull Temple.

2 Secrets.

Hang out of the tunnel, drop/grab the crack and shimmy left around into a cavern. In the passage NE is a Snake and in the cave behind that is a crate (right hand one) with Pistol clips. Back to the cavern, run jump SW onto a ledge, standing on the higher ground, grab up to the vegetation and go forwards to the edge and up a ladder to the cavern above. Shoot a Snake and not the empty crate. Go through the tunnel S and at the edge of the ravine, safety drop down onto a sloped rock, grab the edge. Pull up, back flip roll and grab the top of the very tall pillar. Run jump E with a bit of a right turn to jump off and grab that crevice right. Get in and hang from the right hand side, shimmy right around to drop onto a ledge. First go W to get the Pistol clips from the grass, turn back and go through the crawlspace. 

For a Secret: When you exit the tunnel, turn around and grab up to the vines, climb up onto the ledge. In a fern is Shotgun ammo and up on the ledge SW is Secret #1 (13), a Valley Dragon. Get back down and climb down the vines E.

Run down to a lower ledge at the end of the path and stand jump down onto the pillar N. Run jump onto the sloped pillar NW, just let Lara slide onto the next one and then jump to get to the third, a last moments jump to grab a ladder ahead. Go up to the ledge, left is a Timed Lever opening a gate.

Pull, back flip/roll and run into the passage NE, at the end grab up right and hop over a spike trap, grab up left to a crack, go right around the corner and pull up right to where that gate is, get in quick. Be careful once through the gate… Run jump to the far end of the dark ledge sliding off backwards and grab the edge, find the crack below and drop/grab down, right around the corner to drop at a long tunnel. Go up and you arrived at the Skull Temple. To the right you can do a run jump up into a niche with Grenades. Back to the ledge and over the bridge.

Open the Big Door.

In the Skull’s mouth is a Big door we’ll have to open… Go left (N) to the rock wall, hang from the edge of the cliff (NW), drop and grab the edge of the slope.

Detour for a Secret: Drop and slide/grab once more, hanging from the edge you’ll see an opening below, pull up and let go, just after Lara passed the edge, use Ctrl to land inside that opening. Climb up the roots in the back and shoot the two spiders when going into the next room. Run over the corner of the break tile left (near the ladder) to get to the pedestal. Grab Secret #2 (14), a Mountain Dragon. Hop back into the pit where you broke the tile and get the Uzi clips. Go up the ladder, back flip/roll onto a slope, jump twice to get on a ledge with vases, there are Pistol clips inside. Climb into the tunnel W, safety drop out the other end. Hang from the edge of the cliff (NW), drop and grab the edge of the slope.

Pull up and back flip/roll to grab a block, jump over the gap and go up a ladder, from the top a back flip roll and a stand jump grab up to the next block. Grab up to the vines, turn right near the outer edge and go forward to transfer to a ladder. On top of the ledge go E and run jump over to the E ledge, through a crawlspace and grab up left on the dark bricks, pull up, back flip and jump again to grab the passage above. Slide down and you are in the Eye of the Skull. Slide down to the Nose and turn around to find a lever. That big door in the Mouth opens up. Slide forward down (N) and grab the edge of the slope you’ll land on to safety drop down. Go through the Big Door and run into the darkness (into the throat)…


7 – Temple’s Secret.

2 Secrets. 

The level is pretty linear once you know the route, this is how we did it… 

Hop through the opening in the wall into the Main Hall, look left and right for vases with Shotgun ammo and Pistol clips. NW is a closed gate and when you go to the opening NE, a Horseman will come out. Upon entering again a second one will appear (or they may attack together). For now go straight through the chains (there’s a room right I chose to go to later and first go for items we need and the general layout), to the far end and left around the corner is a gate to a Lava room, above the gate is the number 3. Proceed through this passage and around the corner another Horseman shows up. In the S end you’ll come to that closed gate we saw, you can open it with the chain (shortcut leading back to the Main Hall you can use later). A Skeleton appeared, you should have the Grenade gun… Otherwise you will have to take him along with you to the next part where you can shoot him into a lava pit, or shoot him in the head with the Revolver.  

Horseman’s Gem 1.  

Go through the opening W in this passage, keep right to that purple light from a crystal and pick up more Grenades. A Skeleton awakes. Going back, go right around the “wall with the claws” to the S and another Skeleton wakes up, you could take care of that one by shooting him down into the deep lava room S. Go there, follow the ledge left around (mind the gap) to the back and get a Medipack and Uzi clips from a higher ledge. Return to the N and up N to the wall with the claws.

Go left into a passage down into the wall, go left down the slope, left is an empty vase. Go into the back and find a burner with Grenades underneath, time it right and you can both grab them and get through. A Horseman appears and he leaves a Horseman’s Gem (1). Go left and in the far left corner you’ll find the gate with number 6.

The Block Puzzle, Horseman’s Gems 2&3.

Go out W and right around the corner, at the end of the slope is a pool room right, the pool is empty… We’ll do something about that later. Go straight and come to a hall with a push block. There are some vases, only the one SW contains Shotgun ammo.

Secret Detour: In the W wall are stone carvings of Lions, go the left one of the 3 and grab up into a hidden passage, crawl out onto the ledges above the Pool, to the right, hidden behind that Phoenix statue is Secret #1 (15), a Mountain Dragon. Go back to the Hall with the Pushblock the way you came.


On the floor are Fire tiles, they are deadly and the block has to go onto the skull. Push E once, pull S once, push W once, pull W once, push S and move it onto the Skull. A gate opens and two Horsemen show up, one leaves a Horseman’s Gem (2). Go down S into the next hall and a skeleton wakes up.

Sword Walk.

In the room down W, where that gate opened are Swords on the ceiling waiting to kill you. Find the path to that pedestal in the far left corner and grab the Horseman’s Gem (3). Behind the short column N are Uzi clips, you can take them after the Sword fell by crouching (sometimes not). Leave the room, back to the hall with the Pushblock and up a ladder in the far right corner (NE). Back flip off.

Follow the ledge to the S, shimmy around the column, run jump/grab over the gap and get the Revolver ammo. Go back to the ladder.

The Math Puzzle, opening the Gates.

Up the slope and in the N wall is an opening, get in and grab up right. You are in a room with numbered levers, in the left vase at the doorway are Pistol clips, all other vases are empty. In the central “green” room is an equation on the wall, stepping on the “clue tiles” underneath will show gate 3 and gate 6.

Gate 6, Lava Dungeon I.

Each combination has the 4 as a constant, so the 4 (lever) can be pulled down and stays down. To get the 6 (easiest to go there first) result we need 3/4/6. You can step on the right hand “clue tile” under the equation to see if it worked… Go out of the room and left to the Main Hall, loop right around into the shortcut gate and then go left, we’ve been here, go straight down into the sloped passage, right/right and right around the corner is gate 6.

Just through the gate climb up right into a crawlspace and down into the passage for Secret #3 (16), a Sun Dragon. Get back out. 

From gate 6 follow the passage and come to a ledge overlooking the Pool Hall. Run jump right into that opening in the wall. A huge Lava Pit with break ledges, hop to the right hand corner of the first, a running jump curving left/right to the next so you’ll have enough space on that one to do a running jump to the next, another curved running jump onto #4 near that skull on the wall, side flip right into the gap in the pillar.

Hang from the far side and shimmy left around to drop onto the bridge. Go to the W and run with a left curve from the left side onto the break tile and run jump/grab the tile S. Pull up and quickly run a bit forward, side flip left and stand jump forward to a lower tile, run onto the next with a left curve to jump to the solid ledge on the S wall. Here comes the hard part… When above the Lava, Lara will heat up, so be quick in your moves.

Run jump to the tile N, a running jump left to the tile series going N, near the end a sharp curve right to jump to the tile E, curving right to the next, then a quick hop to the last and another fast one into the opening in the wall

Boulder Alley, Filling the Pool.

Go right and a skeleton in the corner gives you fair warning… Up the slope some boulders are released, sprint back and around the corner. Back up and right around is the next trap, keep ahead of then while jumping over a pit and run left around the corner and come to something similar, only upslope. If you’re fast enough, you can jump/grab over the pit and wait it out. You’ll come to a room with a gate and a lever right next to it. Pull the lever, it is #1 to fill the pool, the gate also opens up. Go through the gate to the pool room and loop right around the pool to another gate you can open with a Horseman’s Gem. A Horseman comes out, shoot him. Inside the room is lever #2 for the Pool. In the W end of the Pool room in a vase NW are Pistol clips.

The Laser Skull, the Crystal’s Base.

Hop into the pool, you can now reach that opening E, go past that gate* and up left. The chain pulley in the back is to open that gate* you just saw, that gate is for later. Left is a room with a Laser Skull. Keeping close to the wall, walk right (the entrance will close) and first grab the Revolver ammo and have that gun ready with the sight. Approach the Skull and it wakes up, maybe if you’re fast, zoom in, you can shoot both eyes while he’s charging up. Otherwise side flip and aim again. Go get the Crystal’s Base, push the block SW to the block in the niche, so you can pull that one out once. Go behind it and use the chain pulley to open up the entrance gate again. Go out and right, over the block and left through the gate. You’ll arrive back in the hall with the Push block puzzle. Go right around and to the NE corner, up that ladder to the floor above, up the slope NW and into the opening N, grab up right into the Math Room.

For Gate 3, Lava Dungeon II.

Using levers 2/4/5 will give an outcome of 3, so 3 back up, 2 down, leave 4 as it is, pull 6 up and 5 down. Check the left skull tile to see if gate 3 opened. Go out W, right into the chain alley and left in the back to get to the now open gate 3. Stand against the left wall at the edge, wait for the blade to pass and do a stand jump onto the nearest block, run forward a bit and hop to the block near the axle the blade is turning on, forward a bit and wait for the moment to hop over the blade to the next and another hıp to the one S, landing on the right hand side, so you can turn left and run jump (when the moment is there) to the block E and stop at the far edge. Turn right and jump to get to the ledge S. Up the ladder left and into a dark tunnel, grab up right and you’ll end up in the upper region of the Main Hall. Hop over the gap to the beam and keep left to come to a gate you can open with the 2 remaining Horseman’s Gems (In case you came here with NO or not enough Horseman’s Gems, in the NE corner is a slope below the beam, so you can drop own and go look for the items you missed. This would be the case if you came through gate 3 before finding the Gems).

Globe Push Puzzle, the Orange Crystal.

There are 3 Push able Globes, in the S wall is a gate and there’s a clue/riddle. The 5 letter word GLOBE of which 3 have coordinates behind them.

After you figured it out, push the 3 Globes into place (Seen from the SW corner, Green; 2 to the N and 4 to the E. Blue; 6 to the N and 7 to the E. Orange; 3 to the N and 9 to the E).

The gate S opens, get in and grab the Orange Crystal, combine it with the Crystal’s Base and obtain the Power Crystal. Go out W, right/left onto the beam, hop up W, jump W and then right to the terrace. Loop around left to jump to the other beam and get to the far S end (shimmy past columns). Jump/grabs up the blocks E and jump grab to the high beam. Turn around and go up the ladder to place the Power Crystal (face N).

Final Battle for the Purple Moon Diamond.

The gate opens N, back down the ladder to the beam and to the N end, safety drop down and jump over to the terrace N, go through that gate. Pick up Grenades, Revolver ammo, a small medipack and Uzi clips from the 4 corners before laying your hand on the Purple Moon Diamond. A Giant Guardian “storms” into the room, he throws deadly gas at you…Shoot him a couple of times and run away, look if he dropped and if not repeat till he’s dead, when he freezes and doesn’t aim at you anymore, he’s about to drop…

When you approach the gate E after the battle, it will open. Go in and slide down to end the adventure….

June, 2021