Level by Drakan

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

13 Secrets.

The Red needle points to the compass directions in the walk.

Not going for Secrets? You can skip the dark blue parts.

Near the Tower…

Turn to the right a bit, stand jump and grab the pole, turn to the right and go down to the fog, jump forward off the pole and grab the next, go up a bit and jump forward onto the ledge. Left into the next room and on a pillar right is a jump lever, raising a Timed block at the W wall, under an opening. Pull the lever, run jump onto the block NW and roll, a run jump onto the pillar and grab up the W wall. Two enemies show up there, shoot them to get the Shiny Key off one of them. Use the Key to open the door W, a Flyby will show you the layout of the Tower. There are 3 Obelisks we have to turn, but to be able to do that we need to free the wheels to turn them.

The Tower, Golden Key, lower the Blocks.

In the middle of the fountain is a ledge with a bowl and in the bowl is the Golden Key. Use that on the gate NE. Slide down into a room with blocks, the same two patterns are on the two tiles on the floor. Pull the flowery one back once to where you came in, go around it and pull the other block once to the W, to the S once and place it on the tile. Now place the flowery one on the tile. Go through the gate and in the next room is a lever on a block. Blocks (1) will lower in the Tower when you pull the lever, go through the gate and come to a pool room with fire pillars. First hop into the water and go left to where those air bubbles show the position of the Shotgun (SE).

The Pool with the Fire Pillars, the Dagger of Time (Crowbar).

Swim to the nearest fire pillar and on the back is an underwater lever opening two gates in the N end of the room. Swim back SE and climb out on the ledge SE, jump onto the balcony. Save at the lever S, obviously Timed… Pull, roll and run to jump to the first pillar, curve your running jumps and at the last pillar jump left to the trapdoor, then to the N balcony. Into the open gate straight to get the Dagger of Time (Crowbar). Behind that second gate that opened here (to the right) is Shotgun ammo.

For a Secret: Turn around where you pick up the Shotgun ammo and jump/grab to the Jump lever opening the underwater gate in the S end of the pool. Swim back there and get Secret #1, a Golden Crocodile. Climb out SE and repeat that Timed run to get back to the N balcony.

Back flip onto the slope in the niche and jump to grab the ladder wall. Go up and jump/grab up to the monkey bars, go fast over the cutters while spikes pop from the ceiling behind you. Go almost to the end, drop as soon as you can and run forward to the lever. The lever will raise the trapdoor in the W side of the pool room. Left around the corner is Shotgun ammo, then go to the other end and safety drop down. Go to the W end of the balcony where the trapdoor is now up, jump/grab there and up right to the opening in the wall. Throw the lever there to lower another set of Blocks (2) in the Tower.

Go through the gate and in the next room left is a basket on a block, shoot it for Shotgun ammo. Open the wooden bar door SW with the Dagger.

Hall with the Poles.

Go right and jump and grab the nearby pole, jump to the next and to the third. From that last pole onto the ledge and just around the corner of the pillar is a lever raising a trapdoor (1). Jump/grab back to the last pole, slide down and safety drop onto the slope. Go to the NW corner and find a lever next to a low block and an elevator platform, the elevator allows you to get back up. A lion will show up after using the lever, you can choose to kill or ignore it. Go up and jump/grab the nearby pole, continue to the third and then turn to the right a bit, so when you jump off onto the sloped pillar, you can grab the edge. Hang in the middle, pull up and back flip/roll to grab the pole, from the pole a bit left to the ledge where you’ll find a lever raising a trapdoor (2). Run off onto the sloped block under the pole and go up the elevator again. In the middle of the N balcony you can run jump and grab one of the trapdoors, jump to the next and then to the grey ledge a bit left, turn around and spot the jump lever up there. Another trapdoor (3) goes up

For a Secret: Turn around, stand left and stand jump grab the crack in the grey wall, go left around and ledge jump up into the opening in the ceiling, get Secret #2, a Golden Crocodile. Drop down to the crack and go right around to a trapdoor that went up, get back on the grey ledge.

Hop onto the sloped pillar E, then jump onto the trapdoor and jump to grab the crack S, go left to the niche with the green light and use the floor lever to lower the last set of Blocks (3) in the Tower. Run jump out onto the grey ledge, back flip onto the sloped pillar E and safety drop to the ground. In the SE corner is a ladder up to a staircase, follow up to the Tower. If you need health, there’s a small fountain near the big entrance doors E, use Ctrl to get the health up, you can use it several times.

Obelisk Puzzle, Quest for the 4 Golden Ziggurats.

For the doors S we need 4 Ziggurats.

Now, for the position of the Obelisks, look up on the N wall, a bit to the NW, there’s a clue as to where they should point. They all need only one turn really. This will activate the chain pulley close to the S doors and using the pulley will activate the elevator platform NW. Get on the elevator and run jump SW to get the Shotgun ammo.

For a Secret: Run jump S to that corner ledge and loop around right for Secret #3, a Golden Crocodile. You can choose to run jump back to where the Shotgun ammo was and back onto the elevator, or drop down and get some health before going back up the elevator again.

Now jump N into the corner (notice the block N), use the poles (save before you jump to the first) to get to the NE corner. Shoot some amphorae and crab the crack up right, go left to the end.

For a Secret: Go one grab back, press the down key and Lara will jump to the pole, grab that, jump to the next (adjust your height) and then to a rope. Aim somewhat right of the second rope and swing jump to grab that.

Turn to the right and get to the ledges above the chain pulley, to the back and use the jump lever on the pillar to lower a block in the NW corner. Safety drop down from that ledge. Get back up the elevator and get into the opening in the NW corner (N wall), go take Secret #4, a Golden Crocodile. Follow the same route back to the end of the crack as before.

Ledge jump up and grab the edge of the passage above. Turn around facing W and stand against the left wall, turn a bit left and hop back to run jump with a right curve around that pillar and grab the ledge. Hop to the next and stand in the centre of the ledge. NW you can see a yellow target, shoot that to bring up a trapdoor and a ledge at the N wall. From the trapdoor a curved run jump to grab the crack in the pillar above the obelisk and shimmy left around. The down key to jump and grab that platform at the wall. Turn to the left and shoot target 2, turn around and run jump to the next platform and onwards into the NW corner, follow the ledges and find another Shotgun in a niche (S).

The First Golden Ziggurat. 

From near the basket, stand jump SW to the triangle ledge and a running jump to the triangle ledge in the corner. Run jump to the next ledge and make your way around the wall into the SW corner where you’ll find a lever that will bring out a platform near that basket we saw. So, make your way back there and jump to the platform left of the basket. Onwards to the terrace and to the right is a jump lever on a pillar, but it is too high up. At the S side you can jump(grab a rope, turn to the right and swing jump into the opening SE. There’s a hole in the floor with an updraft, drop down and get Shotgun ammo, in the other end is the First Golden Ziggurat.

The Second Golden Ziggurat, the Jump lever.

Go back to the corner and face N or W, just jump up and grab the floor above, go back to the rope and you’ll see a trapdoor open up over the terrace. Run jump to the new rope N, turn a bit to the right and swing to jump over the fence without the top bar back onto the terrace. Climb the ladder to the ledge above. Run jump E and grab the ledge. For some Shotgun ammo, run jump SE and back (for back you can use the trick move: hold Shift and walk, then release Shift and hit Alt, Lara will jump after two steps). Make your way to the NE corner, loop right around and jump/grab the crack. Shimmy right around to the other side and at the wall jump (down key) to grab a gap in a pillar, go right and pull up, run off onto the wide ledge. From the S tip a back flip onto the pillar S and grab the edge to drop and grab the jump lever. This will bring out a new pole, right of you. From the opening in the fence W, you can run jump and grab the pole, turn a bit to the right and go up to jump forward onto the wall right of you.

Push Block, Ball Room for a Shiny Key.

Jump to the pointy ledge W, go right and get into the SW corner, push the block in the W wall all the way in.

For a Secret: Push the block to the left (N) and go in right for Secret #5, a Golden Crocodile. Go out.

Head S into the next room, left around we’ll need a Key. Jump over the slope S, nothing in the amphorae, so hop over the slope W and open the barred door. Keep left and come to a Spike trap. Stand at the edge, hop back and take one step forward. Then time the spikes and at the second pop start the run jump to reach the safe spot in the middle. From where you landed another run jump to the passage. Go right and around the corner is a lever, that will drop a ball in the room with the barrels. Go left of the lever, a shortcut opened up and get back to the barred door and over the slope to the room with the barrels. Push the ball (hop behind it) to the barrels SW and break them, a Key is revealed, push the ball left (N) and pick up the Shiny Key. If you want Shotgun ammo, push the ball a bit more to the N and then left onto the other barrels. Hop out N, go right and use the Key to open the trapdoor over the ladder wall. Follow the passage to the very end to get Shotgun ammo from a niche up left. Back a bit and N through the opening. 

The Persian Scimitar.

To the right is a Healing fountain in case you need it. Going down; At the other end of the ledge is a lower part of floor, hang from the edge and drop/grab the cack, go left and drop/grab again, repeat and drop onto a triangle ledge, grab the crack in the pillar W and drop/grab till you are on ground floor. This is also the way back up later when we have the Scimitar.

In a spooky corner NE is a lever, it will raise a trapdoor at a push cage on the pillars. Grab back up in the SW corner, from the second crack jump to the triangle ledge and run jump with a roll onto the sloped pillar NE, grab the edge and pull up. Back flip/roll and grab that trapdoor. Now move that cage onto the trapdoor. Drop down and use the NE lever again to drop the cage to the ground floor. Push it S onto a different grate and the NE doors open up, a Hammer Creature comes out, shoot it while jumping up and down and grab the Scimitar Blade.

Push the cage twice to the N onto the other grate and the NW doors open. Fight the second Hammer Creature and get the Scimitar Grip, combine both parts into the Persian Scimitar. Check the NE den, there’s Shotgun ammo up in a niche. Push the cage to the triangle wall SE and hop onto the wall for more Shotgun ammo. Go up the crack SW, right around and up to that ledge high up. Go get health at the fountain and then place the Persian Scimitar, a Magic Blue ray appears in the room, you can now run jump over that ray to the other side (If the trapdoor in the room below is up, meaning you used the lever again after the block dropped, you might not be able to make this jump).

For a Secret: Go right, down onto a block and use the cracks to go down and right to a niche with Secret #6, a Golden Crocodile you have probably spotted already. Use the same cracks to get back up. 

Second Golden Ziggurat.

Go left to the NE corner and hop around the wall to a platform. Run through two Thumpers and shoot a Bedouin coming to greet you in the next room. To the left is a push block, pull it once towards the entrance and go around to open the hatch in the floor, now push the block down and go after it. Up in the NW corner is Shotgun ammo, now pull the block twice to the middle of the room and push it (E) over the edge. From the block you can now run jump and grab the opening E (If you want you can push the block once N first, but you don’t have to). You are back in the Tower, right around the pillar is the Second Golden Ziggurat. The gate opens up, go up that staircase and run jump out to the block left (SW). Hop down onto the slope in the same direction and slide jump to the pillar of the balcony. Run jump E and grab the crack in the hanging pillar, shimmy left around to a fragile ledge.

For a Secret, continue the shimmy left around corners and pull up in a low gap in the back of the wall to get Secret #7, a Golden Crocodile. Go back to that fragile ledge S.

The Reversed Mirror Room, open a new route.

Walk the pole to the S side, follow the ledges left and in the SW corner take a right and after a winding passage you’ll come to the Reversed Mirror Room. To the right is a gate we have to open and in the room is a big basket we can push. In the SW corner, next to the mirror is a tile, push the basket down S, pull once (W) to the middle of the room.

For a Secret: Move the basket into the NW corner, run jump up into the niche there and shoot the amphorae to get to Secret #8, a Golden Crocodile. Get back to the basket, there is all kinds of stuff you can shoot, but I found nothing inside.

Move the basket SE and push it down S to the mirror. Then onto the tile W and that gate opens up.

But that’s not the only thing that happened, run back through the passage to the Tower and turn around at the hole in the floor, hang and drop onto a block that went up when you placed the basket on the tile. Now you can get into that illusive crawlspace you were probably wondering about too. Get Secret #9, a Golden Crocodile and use the block to grab back up and get back to the Mirror room.

Level Up.

Take a right through the newly opened gate N, follow through to the SE corner of the Tower. Hop onto the higher block left and run jump N with a left curve. Hop down N again and then up left onto a block with a lever, a hatch will open over a ladder and that’s NW from here. Hop to the wooden platform, to the triangle pillar, run jump NW onto the pillar and run jump/grab the sloped one W, hang right and pull up over, slide far and jump to grab the next pillar. Run jump and grab the balcony with the opened hatch*. Up the ladder (to the right is the passage we came from when we arrived on this level) and almost at the top back flip/roll and grab another ladder, up and right around to the right hand side of that wall, back flip/roll and grab another ladder, left around the corner and back flip/roll onto a ledge.

Third Golden Ziggurat.

Immediately draw the Shotgun and shoot that Creature. On the outside faces of the two pillars are two jump levers and after using them, a trapdoor goes up S. Run jump and grab that trapdoor and go left, follow through to the SW corner, through the crawlspace, drop and fight two Fire Dragons in the next room. After they’re dead, go left in the back and find the Third Golden Ziggurat, a high block lowers SE.

Top of the Tower, the Fourth Golden Ziggurat.

Get back into the crawlspace, follow the route along the S wall to the trapdoor and then run jump left a bit to where that block lowered. A run jump NE with a left curve to reach that balcony and left around the corner is a Hammer Creature (stay close to him jumping up and down, and his hammer will never hit the ground).

Left around the corner is a jump lever opening a gate. Follow the left wall to the balcony, use the crack in the pillar to go around and jump to the ledge where the gate opened up. At the end of the passage grab up to the sloped niche left, hang left and pull up, back flip and jump back with a left curve to grab a niche, jump over to the one NW and to the one SW. Grab up to the crack W, shimmy to the opening and run jump out to the right, grabbing the crack in the pillar. Go around to the other side and drop, hop back and drop down another bit. In that corner is a Fountain of Health, use it if needed.

Detour for a Secret: Run jump onto the wooden platform W, run jump onto the next and on the last jump right to grab that double side sloped block, shimmy left around and back jump/grab the ledge in the SW corner. There’s some Shotgun ammo around the corner, then run jump to the next wooden platform and continue to the last, jump right to get the Secret #10, a Golden Crocodile. Run jump N onto the sloped wall and grab the edge as you slide off backwards. Go left against the wall and two grabs back. Pull up and back flip/roll onto a slope, slide a bit and jump with a right curve onto the next long slope, so you can grab the edge of that. Shimmy left till you see the pillar with the ladder. As before; back flip/roll and grab the ladder, up and right around to the right hand side of that wall, back flip/roll and grab the ladder, left around the corner and back flip/roll onto the central ledge. Jump to the trapdoor S and go right to get to the balcony and to the gate, grab up left to the slope and pull up, back flip and jump back with a left curve to grab a niche, jump over to the one NW and to the one SW. Grab up to the crack W, shimmy to the opening and run jump out to the right, grabbing the crack in the pillar. If you don’t need health, just shimmy around two corners, jump from the cack to a pole and swing/jump onto the ladder pillar.

Climb the ladder SE, turn around and run jump to the ledge W, left to the upper floor. Mind all the holes in the floor and get to that jump lever on the pillar NW, two Guardians show up, kill them both and a high block goes up NE. You might want to return to the Fountain of Health first, then return and get onto the low block next to the burners, jump onto the high block.

For the last Secrets: Jump onto the ledge E, left of the wall and turn left, time the burners and run jump/grab to the wall S, quickly pull up (or go around the corner first) to get Secret #11, a Golden Crocodile. Safety drop to the central floor and go to the high block again and walk to the edge of the floor (E) next to the low block, run jump down straight onto that slope, sliding forward, jump onto a bounce pad to jump onto the ledge with Secret #12, a Golden Crocodile.

“I have 12 Secrets. I ‘need to’ (should) be able to access the Secret Room.”

Go inside and left (the gate there is an exit for later), make your way back to the Fountain of Health, up the ladder and get to the central floor.

Get onto the low block NE, jump onto the high block and jump/grab the ledge up N and go right. Run over the slopes and at the end is the Fourth Golden Ziggurat, a flyby will show a way down and a gate opens on ground floor.

The Secret Room:

From where you pick up the Ziggurat, look down NW over the edge. There’s a slope just below against the pillar, take a step back, turn around and hop backwards down from the corner, landing on the slope and grab the edge. Pull up and back flip/roll with Ctrl so you’ll end up in a hidden opening. Pick up Shotgun ammo and go left/right into Xerxes’s Secret Room. NW is a lever, the other 3 corners have levers too, but you have to shoot the amphorae with the Shotgun (only) and use the levers, a block goes down and reveals a bounce pad, jump on it facing W, jump again to grab the upper floor and get through the broken part of the fence. Climb up to the angel S and run jump to grab the crack in the central pillar. Go around to the other side and ledge jump up twice, turn around and grab up to the grate above, go N and grab Secret #13, the Xerxes Scimitar. Safety drop through one of the holes there to the floor below and leave through the now open gate E. Follow through and you are back in a familiar passage. Get to the crack in the pillar, you don’t really need health, so you can skip visiting the Fountain, shimmy around the pillar, back jump to the pole and swing to the corner pillar, jump to the ledge W and to the central floor…

Going Down.

Find the opening directly above the fountain pool on ground floor (triangle hole W of the big opening near the high raising block and in the NW corner of it) and safety drop down into the water.

Spiked Mirror Room, a Golden Key for the Torch.

Enter the gate SW, walk slow and look left in the mirror to spot the Spike traps in the floor and a bit further, around the corner right is a Golden Key. This is a confusing part as you now have mirrors on both sides, but the idea is to continue to a keyhole behind the spike wall W, stand back at the left spikes, turn a bit right to hop on the wall and run jump off, landing close to the mirror. Go use the Key and a gate opens around the corner, pick up the Torch there. The Spikes on the wall are gone at least… Make your way back to the Tower (save often).

Go through the big doors E and ignite the Torch left or right, back in the Tower, go around igniting the 4 bowls the angles are holding up. Blocks go up under a couple of the receptacles for the Ziggurats, so finally you can place them and the doors open.

Finale, the Palace Key.

When you go through, two Bedouin will come for you, Jump onto a block in the middle of the W wall, turn right and stand jump grab the ledge next to that vase, Run jump/grab over to the ledge N and go left to run jump onto a platform NE, hop into that tiny corner balcony and grab the crack W and shimmy right around to the balcony where you will find the Palace Key at the other end. Run jump down into the pool and get out N. Go to the doors of the Palace (S) and use the Key…

Dutchy June 22-‘21