Multi-level game by Tombraider95.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

General Info:

The directions given in this walk are what the red needle shows on the compass.

Saves and other files mentioned in the walk are in this Saves Folder.

There are 2 modes in which you can play this game, “Normal” and the “Nightmare” Mode. For the Nightmare mode you’ll need to replace the Script files in the Main folder (keep a copy of the original Scripts). In that mode you can only save in certain places, where there are typewriters/candles.

All levels have 3 Secrets…


Level 1- The Residence.

1993…Somewhere in Northern Ireland…

(Try to avoid Zombies and Dogs as much as possible to save on ammo.)

Lara crashes the land rover against the fence. Hop behind the tree SE (red arrow) and back flip on the slope, jump with a left curve to get over that fence. Follow the road and come to an area with a farm. Straight, next to that car is Magnum ammo. Go up to the house and onto the porch, right around and find the Pliers.

Get back from the porch, loop left around to that big ol’ tree SE and pick up some Flares. Go NE, dive under the waterwheel and climb up left to get a Medipack. Back out and left up to the bank, follow the small stream a bit and look left for a rock with cracks on the hillside. Pull up on the ledge right of it and climb up N to that tree, walk left and run jump E to a flatter surface on the slopes, do that again to get to that shed in the corner. Get through the shed and find some crates on the floor above the waterwheel. Climb up SE and turn to hop onto the roof of the other shed. Run jump S onto a sloped rock and grab the edge as you slide off. Shimmy left around the corner as far as possible, pull up and just back flip onto the roof.

On the roof is Secret #1, a Cross.

The Mines, the Magnum.

Slide down S onto a ledge and get a Medipack, slide down from the rocks there and you are inside the fenced off area in front of the shed. Go in and down the pole to the old mine below. Take the Magnum from the dead guy and grab some Magnum ammo too.

Two closed tunnels, but in the S one you can shoot the barrier and go in, in the wide cave go right to find a Medipack and then head S to a deep pit. At the right hand side is a ladder down (couldn’t find anything down there). Run jump to that niche right, grab the slope and shimmy left to pull up on a flat part. Hop to the floor at the other side, enter the next tunnel and grab some Flares left. E is a lever opening one of the barred doors in the cave with the dead guy. Walk out onto the ledge, stand jump/grab the crack in the right hand wall and shimmy over to the other end, pull up and back flip to the floor. In the big cave into the tunnel W and follow to the big cave.

Waterfall Valley, a Machete.

Through the open door E, up the ladder and come to a valley with a waterfall, keep to the right and find an old crate, shoot it and pick up the Magnum ammo. Behind the cabin is a bloody trail where someone dragged a SAS soldier, pull the guy some more (by the head) and pick up the Cabin Key. Next to the waterfall after some wading through the shallow water, you can climb up some ledges and find Magnum ammo.

Now open the cabin with the key and find a Machete (crowbar?) on the table, oh boy…that doesn’t sound good! There are Flares in the window, leave the cabin and shoot a nasty dog. (secret hunters scroll down) Without Secrets, go back into the shed S, down the ladder and follow to the cave with the dead guy.

Now grab up to the roof (from the porch) and go behind the chimney, jump into an opening in the rocks (E), crawl in and get Secret #2, Holy Water. Get out and go over the roof to drop onto the porch again.

Back with a Secret, the Cave, Canned Herbs.

In the SW corner of the valley is a cave entrance, follow through shooting another dog and through a passage with a blood trail. In the next cave (left slope?), push the boulder in the passage right, shoot the dog in that cave and drag the SAS away from the Canned Herbs (small medi). S is a skeleton with Magnum ammo and in the S tunnel is a door you can open with the Machete. Safety drop down in the vertical shaft, just to the right is Secret #3, a Book of the Dead. To the SE is Magnum ammo and NE you can leave, throw the lever and step out into the cave with the dead guy…

Oh, wait, he’s gone... Go W through the tunnel, up the pole and facing the upper passage, jump off (no back flip). Outside go right around and grab up to the sloped rock, pull up and back flip over the fence. Go to the residence, up the porch and open the door with the Machete.

The Residence.

Open the door left and go in, well obviously he’s NOT all right, so shoot him and pick up the Bedroom Key from the cabinet right of the fireplace. Go out and left to open the next door in the opposite wall, the kitchen, grab the Canned Herbs from the countertop. Back to the corridor and right, upstairs and open the door straight, the bathroom with some Shotgun ammo. Out and left around to open the Bedroom with the Key, shoot the guy and next to the cabinet (SW) are Walther MPL clips. Open the doors to the balcony (N), go right and hop over the fence, right around over the roof to where you can get through the window into that closed bedroom and check that cabinet left, there’s Isolation Tape in the drawer. Get out to the roof, get down to the ground and find some Canned Herbs next to the tree SW.

The Barn, a Wheel Handle, the Waterwheel.

Go over to the Barn next to the waterwheel (NE), select the Pliers and combine them with the Tape, then use the Isolated Pliers on the lock. First look right, in front of that old wagon is the Wheel Handle. Now go inside and stay well clear of those dead bodies. Push that crate of wheat in the back left aside to get Shotgun ammo and go up the pole, jump off onto the attic and use the Wheel Handle there, the waterwheel starts up. Get down fast and those guys are now awake… Follow the stream into the cave NW.

A Torch, the Bunker Key card.

Dive down into the Cave, swim straight through and climb out, to the right, next to the tree is a fallen branch you can use as a Torch. Go to the campfire and carefully ignite it. NE are some Flares, that’s also the place where we need to get up using the slopes. After picking up the Torch again, face W, back flip and jump to get onto the higher ledge. Run jump to the ledge behind the tree (bluish light), then up S, follow the ledge to the E and grab the Bunker Key card. Go into the cave E, keep left and run jump over a deep pit (along the right hand wall) to a ledge. Follow through and throw the Torch on the wooden floor to let it burn…

Back up through the Mine. 

Hop down into the water below, swim and wade through the tunnels, shoot a Zombie and go up the ladder in the end. Immediately run left around the corner and hop onto the higher ground to avoid the dog, go down a slope S along the right or left side, get out of the way fast as a boulder will try to crush you. Go SW into the tunnel, then drop down again in that tunnel S. Go E, there might be a Zombie, lure him out and skip past him and through the door you opened before you’ll come to the cave where the dead guy turned into a Zombie, go left (W), up the pole and jump off. Outside right around, pull up on the slope and back flip over the fence

The Bunker.

Enter the House again, right into the kitchen and open the door in the back with the Bunker Key card. Open the trapdoor and go down the ladder and get into the Bunker…


Level 2- The Mines.

Seems Lara already picked up those pistols, but there’s Magnum ammo on the floor left. Head into the door and come to an elevator, step in and hit the button on that yellow control panel (NE). Down in the Mine, shoot a bat.

Pull the cart out of the tunnel S, go in and carefully pick up Secret 1 (4), a Cross from the blood stain next to the dead guy, get back out.

Into the tunnel N, shoot the barrier at the crossing and run down the track to a Big Cave. Head S into the tunnel, grab a Medipack and return.

Flooded Tunnels, a Wooden Hub.

Go to the crossing of the tracks and straight to the edge of the ground. Run off onto a slope and slide into the water below, grab the Magnum ammo there and swim into the tunnel N, wade out and crawl through the low part, you’ll come to another flooded tunnel. Dive in and take a left, follow through and wade up, a crossing with two doors and an open tunnel right. In the corner behind the body is Magnum ammo. Head in E, save and go around the corner, jump over a dead guy that will turn into a Zombie soon, so be quick. Pull the Timed lever in the next room, back flip/roll and jump over/past the Zombie waking up. Straight through the crossing cave through the door (save.0). Swim left, keep right and in the end is that Medipack you might have seen. Best go back for air, swim in again, keep left this time and you’ll get to a wooden door you can open (S). Inside and left is an underwater lever opening another door at the crossing. So, swim back and wade out, left into the open door. Run to the chest and get the Wooden Hub from it, get out before the Zombies become annoying. Go straight N into the flooded tunnel, keep right and get out of the water. Crawl and follow the tunnel back to the Big Cave.

The Wooden Cog.

Through the water and wade up at the track SW, follow the track up to the N, into the tunnel N and open the door with the lever left of it. Run up the slope and get out of the path of the boulder. Up the pole, turn around and jump off. Go to a balcony and on the right hand side you can run jump and grab a platform. Throw the lever to lower the platform behind you (W) and jump/grab there. Run jump straight and grab the edge of the rocks and shimmy right, on the second (flat) high part of the grass, pull up and back flip/roll grab the platform, this one will crumble, so run jump straight and grab the platform E. Shimmy left around the corner run, pull up and back flip/roll to a crumbling platform, do a running jump to grab a crack up S. Go shimmy left around the corner, pull up and back flip onto the platform in front of the balcony. Run jump SW onto the balcony, as soon as you go in, a Zombie wakes up, so lure him away and do your thing. Inside right is a box, shoot it and get the Wooden Cog, next to the gate E is a lever to open it. Shoot the box in the back right for Canned Herbs and get down the long ladder there. Go out and you are back in the Big Cave. 

The Crane, the Rope.

Go up N again and then left to that makeshift Crane. Push the cart under the crane out the other side and go into the opening N under the Crane, place the Wooden Cog Switch (combine the parts) and a platform goes up under the makeshift Crane. You can now reach that rope there, turn right and swing to that opening in the E wall, get in and throw a floor lever left, a platform goes down. Go back out, from the ledge a run jump NW to the triangle grey ledge.

Upper Region,  Bottle of Water.

Back to the rope, turn left this time and swing to jump to the ledge W, then jump over to the S and jump into the opening where that platform went down (E). Slide down backwards, grab the edge to pull up and back flip/roll, grabbing the ledge E. Loop left and spot the ladder. Jump to that and go up, go N over the track with the carts and run jump to the other broken part to get to the N tunnel. Go in, shoot the barrier and I went left first, push the cart all the way and spot a ladder right. Go back to the crossing and straight into the room, there’s a guy on the bed that needs water. Throw the lever just right around the corner and the hatch above the ladder in the other tunnel will open up. So back to where you pushed the cart and right, up the ladder. S is Magnum ammo, then exit and go down a steep slope to a cave with dead guys. Follow through, go into the left at the crossing and get Canned Herbs and a Bottle of Water (next to the dead guy). All of a sudden everyone is awake, go left to the end of the cave and push the low crate against the slope W so you can jump out of there… Turn right (S) and jump to another roof for Shotgun ammo, walk back N as far as possible and jump back on top of the roof. Run jump W to the tracks and go into left again, right into the room and give the guy his water, watch the cut scene and the other tunnel opens up.

The Ruins.

Go out and right through that opened door and follow the track, there’s a mine pit with a crane, grab the cable and slide down to the bottom. You’ll end up at the ruins the guy was talking about, hop down onto the scaffolding, go down S into the cave and get some Arrows. Get out, jump onto the scaffolding to have a look around without those guys bothering you.

Jump onto the higher scaffold, then up S onto the ledge and go left, at the big rock pillar in the corner you can run off the edge so you’ll slide down backwards, grab and safety drop close to the pillar onto a ledge, hop left around the corner to get the Canned Herbs there. Slide into the water there and climb out onto the low scaffold. Go up and jump right up to the balcony for Shotgun ammo. Back onto the scaffolds and follow them all the way and around the corner to the N end, run jump straight to the gate and grab the rock ledge.

Open the Gate.

Go left over the ledge and around the corner.

Look right just past that mushroom shaped rock ledge up in the corner and run jump onto a flatter ledge. Stand back a bit so you can grab up to the mushroom ledge and get Secret #2 (5), a Book of the Dead and Walther MPL clips. Get back down.

Follow the ledge to the S, at the next pillar jump up right (E) and jump to the ledge on the pillar, climb up and grab up to the roots, follow those to the next pillar, turn left and drop/grab the crack, go right around two corners and drop on the ledge. Jump and grab the rope, aim for the corner of the building and swing high, jump and you have to end up just right of the corner, grab the edge as you slide off and shimmy right to an opening. Safety drop out the other end onto a balcony, run jump and grab the ladder to go up into the passage, hop up W and go down onto the narrow ledge. Turn around after the last corner of the wall and spot the scaffold below.

Timed Run for the Gate. 

That one was too high, we haven’t been on that one, face NE and run down from the ledge onto the scaffold. Hop into the niche to throw the lever and that gate will open up, according to the sound it is Timed… Yep! Pull, roll and a bit forward, hop out with a right curve and do the jumps over the scaffolds (running jumps) and on the last one, going down, curve sharp right to jump and grab the next one (N), pull up as fast as you can and jump up forward, run and jump/grab the ledge at the gate, get inside (save.1).

Top of the Cave, the Power Plug.

Go up the pole and push a wooden crate to the E, next to the corner column, then get the Shotgun ammo from in front of the Zombie and climb from the crate onto the column, go up right and all the way to the end, shoot a bat and get a Medipack, go back a bit to the N wall and push the coffin further into the niche against a button. A hatch opens at the ladder behind you. Now to around the E side to the S and from the block to the ladder. Pick up some Flares and go meet some more dead folk, watch out for the pits and shoot some bats on your way, go left in the end and down to where you emerge at the Ruins again on a higher level. Run jump and grab the rope W, swing and jump to the far entrance where the light is. Follow through left and hop onto the roof, hop right around the corner to the flat rock and slide down E, jump to the next part of the roof. Go where the work lights are and drop down into the room below, open the chest E to get the Power Plug. Grab back up. Hop E onto the roof and go down a lower part for some Walther MPL clips. Look down and find a nice spot to dive down into the water. Climb out at the low scaffold again and jump to get to the bridge S. Dodging the Zombies get up onto the highest scaffold and jump up S, up the cable and jump off. Follow the track up S, outside over the right hand track to the broken part and run jump over to the track left, just behind those mine carts.

Just before you reach the S entrance, look left and spot the rock ledge SW, jump over the fence to the grey rock ledge and go over the top of the ledge to get Secret #3 (6), Holy Water. Get back to the entrance.

Go in S and use the Power Plug on the panel behind the shallow pool. Go up the cave W and get into the elevator, use the control button right and go up again. Follow the passage, shoot barriers and step out in front of a Barn. Looks like the Police arrived, but couldn’t handle the resistance. Pick up Flares right, shoot the crate N and get out to the road, left to the fence and left at the fence into a cave entrance, slide down…


Level 3 – The Foothills – Cliffside Station.

2 secrets in this part

Run through the cave to the track and get a flyby of the area. Shoot a Crow when you get onto the track.

Go right, open the gate with the Machete and drag the dead SAS away from Secret #1 (7), a Cross. At the end of the track is Magnum ammo. Get out.

Close to the station is a car under a street light, walk to the edge of the cliff and left around over a path behind the station, open a door with the Machete, go in and just around the corner is a hatch in the ceiling open it, turn around and grab up, go to the cabinet in the middle E and stand back a bit, open the doors and grab the Spare Change. Carefully make your way back along the path to the tracks.

Station Key.

Go around the station to the E side of it, shoot a crate and pick up the Flares. On the ruined bridge N are some Walther MPL clips near the barrier. Nothing more you can do around here, so jump down into the water below, swim W find a floating body, underneath is the Station Key.

Detour for a Secret: Swim to the N side, left towards the bridge and find the rock ledge (it’s an outcrop just next to the ruined bridge) where you can climb out. Hop up to the higher ledge, go left a bit and grab up to the ledge with the tree. Turn left and jump to grab the pole, swing and land on the ledge at the other side of the bridge. Here you can find Secret #2 (8), Holy Water behind the bush. Slide back down into the lake.

Swim E and left and under the railway bridge are scaffolds, swim under the one W and get Shotgun ammo, roll and swim under the other one to flip an underwater lever opening a hatch (for later) under the bridge above.

Back Up, the Station, a Cog and a Shotgun.

Swim to the waterfall S and climb right (E) onto a ledge on the outcrop, grab up straight and shimmy left to pull up on the flat part, run jump SW up to the ledge and climb up S, careful! Go up and left underneath the waterfall, find the ladder W behind a tree and go up, go left following the hazardous ledge and you are back at the railway bridge. Go right to the Station and use the Key on the lock left of the door. Go in, right and shoot the crate to get a Combat Shotgun. You can use the Spare Change you found before on the telephone… On a table is Shotgun ammo and next to the dead guy is a Cog (1). Go out, hop onto the flatbed car and get onto the grey container. Run jump to grab the roof above the front door. Right on the end of the roof are Canned Herbs. Drop back down and head back in the direction of the railway bridge. To the left is a wide cave entrance, follow through to the second part of this level… 


Level 3 part 2 – The Foothills – Castle Grounds.

1 secret in this part

Follow through to the hanging man on the Castle grounds and hop through the hole in the wall, on the next courtyard and right, up in the NE corner is Shotgun ammo. Go to the Castle Moat and find gates left and right. The pulled up bridge needs 4 Cogs (2 left and 2 right), so we need 3 more.

Block I, the Dual Walther MPL’s.

I went E first, that seems to be the order, but doesn’t make much of a difference. The big ornament button on the wall will open the gate.

Go right and pick up Magnum ammo at the trees, now jump into the lake and swim to the far S end, wade up and find two troops (friendly) shooting a dog, so just wait…Climb up and shoot the crate E (if it isn’t broken yet) and collect the Dual Walther MPL’s. Run jump up to a ledge NE and get the Canned Herbs. Turn SE and run jump up into the niche to push the ornament button, a gate (*) opens up. Get down.

In the S wall is a huge I on a big block, push the block in and see one of 3 wall torches light up at a gate.

Detour for a Secret: Go to the NW corner, behind the tree. Hop up into the opening W, turn left and jump grab the crack in the wall left, follow around to a ledge and get on the scaffold, run jump to the one E and hop into the alcove to get Secret #3 (9), a Book of the Dead.

Hop into the water and at the scaffolds is a high block in the water, climb up and jump/grab E to the ground. Go N and run jump past the waterfall to the N side (or climb over the top).

Caves, the Carriage Key.

Go left around up into the cave NE, follow through, down to a skeleton and shoot two spiders. A bit to the left and right around the pillar (SE) are Flares. Go down E, keep left through a narrow tunnel and come out to a valley, shoot the Crow. Go straight into the cave S, right around are Flares. Then continue S and come to a chapel and a graveyard, a cut scene kicks in…

Go right a bit and in the hole in front of the small cross are Canned herbs. Go around to the other side and shoot that guy with the laptop (SW), grab the Carriage Key. Behind the Chapel is a trapdoor and up in the Tower is a bell we have to shoot.

Fight for the Laser sight.

When you leave N, you’ll see that chopper has crashed. Something dragged that SAS into the cave N, go in there and be ready to shoot a big Spider, there are some more around and it is pitch black, so go back to the tunnel where you can see the burning chopper to get your bearing. Keep to the NE, through a tunnel and up left in a tunnel is Magnum ammo (save some of that). Out the other end and keep following the left wall to find that dead SAS and another Spider that was feeding on him. Drag him away and pick up the Laser sight. Back E and left in the back, through the tunnel S to the crash site and through S. At the Chapel to the SE corner and Lara looks up, combine the Sight and Magnum and shoot the Bell. Drop down the open trapdoor behind the Chapel to get into the basement and left around the corner is a Medipack, then open the chest N and take the Cog (2). We’re done here, so leave N to the crash site, N to the Spider cave. Keep right and head NW, then W up the brighter cave and you are back at the bridge area…

Using the First Two Cogs.  

Jump into the water and swim S again, climb out in the end (where the troops are). Go left and in the NW corner behind the tree is a passage up in the wall, the gate (*) there opened before just after you got the Walther MPL’s.

Follow through and be careful after the slope up and the right turn, save and don’t slide, but just stand jump to grab the pole, jump into the opening and drop out the other end to place the two Cogs, in the courtyard you can see troops that have killed a couple of spiders for you.

Block II.

Hop into the moat and swim right around into an opening under the Tower, hit Ctrl to let Lara break the wall and follow the tunnel up to where you can climb out and push the big II block, shoot the bat if you like. Swim back to the moat and climb out N near the bridge.

We can now choose what to do, one of the Cogs we need is found in the Cliffside Station part. If you want to go there first, scroll down to the “Back track to the Train” paragraph. I finished my business here first. Go right to the W gate and open it with the ornament button.

Mirror Puzzle, the Horseman’s Gem (Block III), Cog 3.

Shoot a dog, come to another area, face the moat S and from the right hand outcrop you can run jump and grab the scaffold in front of the entrance Hop right into the niche for a Medipack, E you can see a crawlspace (for later). Hop back to the scaffold, go inside and shoot another dog. To the left is a block, from the block run jump and grab the crawlspace N, go through and left, jump over the entrance passage below and get Shotgun- and Magnum ammo. Drop down and go back to the room with the block and jump S onto the slope. Go through the opening to the Castle gardens. Near where you enter is a sundial on a pedestal, close to it is a mirror on a raised platform (already in position). Go S and find another mirror that needs to be pushed around to that tile SW of it and it will also go up. Do the same with the SW mirror and the one NW too and a lever is shown. It is the lever on the Angel statue E, the light will hit the Horseman and he will come after you, shoot him while hopping backwards and try to hit him from the side where he holds the axe. When he drops from the horse keep shooting (save.2) and after he died pick up the Horseman’s Gem. Use that on the gate W, pull the chain and a block will rise at the number III block. That’s to the E, run jump to the block and to the balcony, push that big III block and see the third wall torch light up.

Timed Jumps.

Go back N, from the scaffold in the Moat run jump a bit right onto the pointy grassy outcrop (you can climb out of the Moat near the gate NE if needed). Go right to the gate with the wall torches and use the floor lever in there, that block goes down. Go out, jump back S to the scaffold again and left in the next room, pull the column SW to where the block was and push it under the wall lever. Now we need the block again, so return to the gate with the torches and throw the lever back. Return once more, and first go right around the corner, because there’s another column (NE) we need to position first, pull that 3 times. Go climb the block W, then up to the column and use the Timed lever, a gate opens behind you, E side of the room. Roll and turning left a bit run jump down onto the mound S, run jump onto the other column and a running jump to the balcony at the open gate (save.3). Shoot a bat and grab the Cog (3). Go down and out N, over the Moat and left to the Main courtyard, 2 Spiders might attack, let those troops deal with those.

Back track to the Train, Cog 4.

Go N to the area with the dead man burning, N into the cave and follow through…


Level 3 – The Foothills – Cliffside Station.

At the tracks left and get onto the last flatbed before the bridge, jump over the grey containers and hop to the box car to open it with the Carriage Key. Inside we have to move some shelf blocks to get to a button, pull the second left once and push it into the “window” E. Pull the one next to the entrance out and move it to the other side. Grab the Canned Herbs and pull the dark one SE out, go behind it to push the button and push the block back. The door N opens up. Pull/push the block NW back to the S side. From the doorway (N) run jump and grab the rope, turn about 180 degrees and swing high to jump and grab the roof of the car, go up and take Arrows and Magnum ammo.

Drop down from the E side and go S to grab a Medipack, go back, jump on the flatbed car blocking the tunnel E and get the Shotgun ammo from behind the red containers. Run back to the Box car and crawl underneath, you will get to that hatch you opened before with the underwater lever under the scaffold in the lake below. Climb down as far as possible and safety drop onto the scaffold. Use the Timed lever on the bridge pillar (E), back flip/roll and run jump W, go in and L/R through the gate. Pick up some Flares, go through W and through a crawlspace in the back. Push the boulder to the end and go in right, shoot a dog. Go right around to grab the Shotgun ammo and pull the dead body in the water away from the Cog (4). Make your way back to the lake, swim a bit S and climb right (E) onto a ledge, grab up straight and shimmy left to pull up on the flat part, run jump SW up to the ledge and climb up S, careful! Go up and left underneath the waterfall, find the ladder W and go up, go left and you are back at the railway bridge. Loop around right into the wide cave again and follow through to…

Level 3 part 2 – The Foothills – Castle Grounds.

Using the last Two Cogs, Lower the Bridge.

Go left through the W gate, right over to the scaffold in the moat and hop to the niche SE, then out left to the crawlspace in the E wall, follow through and stand in a very tight spot. There’s not much room for this jump, so face the S wall, stand left as far as you can and run with a sharp right curve, hit Ctrl in the end to end up in the passage behind the red plant. Drop out the other end and use two of the Cogs there. The Bridge lowers and the Castle opens up. Jump onto the bridge and enter the Castle.

Level 4 – The Castle – Upper Floors.

1 secret in this part

Go into the Hall, right into the corridor and climb the bookcases left. With your hands on the floor level, back flip/roll and grab the balcony, flip the lever. Back down and to the Hall, into the other corridor. Pull out a block in the back left and move it under the balcony to use the second lever and the doors in the Hall open up. Those Troops are friendly so you don’t have to kill them, on the crate near the entrance is the Automatic Crossbow. Another crate has Arrows. On the E wall we need 4 objects to open the doors.

Library, Emblem Key I.

A small door back SW can be opened, inside go to the back and right of the tapestry is a bookcase with a book switch (1), then go into the Library and go to the left side and pull out a block 3x then push it against the bookcase E, climb up and use the book switch (2), on the high bookcase in the middle of the Library is another book switch (3).

Before you go up, hop on the low bookcase behind you (E) and pick up that fat Candle as part of Secret 1.  

Now climb that high bookcase and pull up on the sloped top, back flip/roll and grab the one behind you. Go up to the floor above. Straight in front (E) are bookcases and on the left one is book switch (4), SW bookcase and left is book switch (5), a panel opens up right of you. Get in, shoot the chest and get the Emblem Key.

Bell 1, lowering Platform 1.

Go N and push the button next to the big doors and go out to the landing. Take a left first, at the end of the landing are Arrows. Go to the other end of that table there, look up into the Hall from there and spot a Bell up on the ceiling, shoot that (if you’re out of Magnum ammo, you should now have the Crossbow), a hatch opens up somewhere on this landing. Go W and just past the Library entrance you’ll find that hatch above the ladder on the wall left. Go up and shoot the spiders, shoot a chest for Flares and pull a chain (E) to lower one of the platforms up in the Hall. Get back down to the landing.

Mirror Push, Emblem Key II.

Go all the way W, at the end left to a room with a chandelier. Look in the mirror wall W to spot where the pedestal with the vase should go (NW corner, cracked floor tile you can see in the mirror). A Gate opens up in the passage N and left (or S and right), you’ll end up in the top of the Main Hall, left, on the pedestal is Emblem Key II. You can see we need to lower another platform. 

Upstairs, Emblem Key III, Bell 2, Platform 2.

Go back and left through the passage, loop left around those barrels and into the passage E, there are more SAS around, I won’t mention them. Take a right and head up a staircase, in the back of the next room is a sarcophagus with Emblem Key III. Turn around and walk just down those short stairs and look up W over the entrance and you can just make out a Bell on the ceiling, shoot that. A gate opens in the right hand wall, go in there and right to pull the chain lowering the second platform in the Hall. Now go back into the passage W and back downstairs to the landing.

Over the Platforms, the Castle Keys.

Go right to the landing and find a box left, shoot it to get a Medipack.

For a Secret: Go E a bit and right into a room with a large table and in the far left corner is another fat Candle on the floor, combine the two Candles and use them on the candelabra E and a wall opens up behind you. Go in there and pick up Secret #1 (10), a Cross and Arrows. Go out and left to the landing.

Go left (W) all the way, loop right around the barrels into the open gate to the balcony where you got the first Emblem. Run jump and grab the platform, run jump and grab the pole and swing jump onto the next platform. Run jump/grab the balcony and get the Castle Keys. If you wait a bit, those Troops will take care of the two Knights for you, so on less thing to worry about. Safety drop onto the side of the stairs below, with the Keys we have, we can now open two small doors, SE and NW.

Using the Castle Keys. (In no particular order)

SE doors. 

Use the Keys on the door, sleeping quarters, between the beds are Canned Herbs. There’s also a burning fireplace. Get back out.

NW doors, Dungeons, Emblem Key IV:

Climb down into the dungeons, follow down and open a small door. Run through the water shooting two spiders and pick up Flares at the fence W hop into the opening there, open the door, have a look before going in and spot Magnum ammo right and a button left of the old power board. Keep moving in the next part… The Zombie will soon awake so go through the gate, right and pick up a Medipack. Go left (E), dodge a Zombie (some of them are indestructible) around the corner and go up to a small door, shoot the spiders. Shoot the box in the right hand corner to get Emblem Key IV, we now have all 4. Pull out a crate from the opposite corner and go behind it. Left into the crawlspace and get Shotgun ammo. Go down into the passage there, straight N and you are back at the entrance gate. Shoot the Zombie if needed to get out of the door N, follow back to the ladder up to the Hall. 

Use the Emblem Keys, the Knight Statue Puzzle.  

Use the Keys E and go through the opened doors. A bunch of Statues left and right. First go to the back (E) and pick up the Clue.

-SE, push out the one with the Axe and move it E a bit. Go get the one with the Shield (SW) and move it to the empty position SE (you’ll hear a sound). Move the one with the Axe to the empty spot SW (you’ll hear a sound).

-Go NE, push out the one with the shield and push the one with the Axe in its place (you’ll hear a sound), then push the Shield where the Axe was and a hole opens up in the floor because the wall moved. The other two, (NW) are facing the correct statues in the opposite of the room.

 Slide down the pole, drop on the slope…


Level 4 part 2 – The Castle – Lower Floors.

2 secrets in this part

Quest for the 4 Keys.

You’ll end up in a pool, get out S, grab the Shotgun ammo next to the big bird statue and shoot the Skeleton into the pool. The opposite side has 5 levers. To the E and W, are side rooms with gates and looking through those gates you can see (binoculars) the position of the levers up in the back of those rooms. No particular order:

The Water Section.

W Left Gate- Levers from left to right: D-U-U-D-D. Through the gate and the first pool room, in the water of the second room you can shoot that vase (empty) and go right up the stairs, the vase left contains Magnum ammo. Right, next to the Neptune statue are Flares, then head through N…

Detour for a Secret, you cannot get it when the pit is flooded, because you have to open a gate with the wall lever: first go left around the wall and right to a deep pit we need to fill, there’s a ladder down in the corner where you are (SE), shoot a Croc and get the Walther clips N. Use a lever in the middle of the E wall and go through the gate you opened S to pick up Secret #1 (11), Holy Water. Back up the ladder and loop left around the S wall.  

… keep right (W) up short stairs right and a Knight will attack, go up the stairs NW, loop around right down stairs and grab the Shotgun ammo. Back up and W to that pole, go up and jump off onto the upper floor. Shoot the vases for Walther clips and Canned Herbs, then open the sarcophagus for a Trident. Back down the pole and use the Trident on the statue W, the first water will flow. 

Timed Trapdoor.

Go NE, down the stairs to the big pit and keep right up short stairs into a room N, go to the gate in the back, roll and look up to spot a Bell. Shoot that to open the gate, go down a ditch and find an underwater lever… Up in the ceiling is a hatch, open that. Grab up and find a Timed lever on the N wall. Have a look up in the shaft above so you’ll have an idea of what to do. In the top of the shaft is a trapdoor opened by that Timed lever. Pull the lever, back flip roll and stand jump grab up to the ladder, climb up almost to the sloped block and back flip/roll to grab another ladder. Go up to a ledge (the passage there is the exit later), roll and run jump to the next ladder and go up fast before the trapdoor closes (save.4).

Go S, and left in the room with the Neptune statue, you may have to shoot a skeleton into the deeper part. Going left you’ll come to a deep pit, use the poles (step back and a hop back, then a run jump) to get to the pillar. From the pillar a sharp curved run jump so you won’t jump from the edge to the next pole and on the other sides ledge is the Trident, on the flower pot. A Wraith appears… (I just fired pistols while turning on my axle till it went away, but in case it doesn’t you just have to be fast in getting back). Use the same tricks to get back across and use the Trident on the statue, the water will flow, back flip from the statue into the water to get rid of the Wraith if needed (save.5). Go through E to shoot the two Crocs in the pool. Hop into the pool to use the underwater lever on the E side. Swim back and climb the ladder (against the ladder, hit only Ctrl, then climb up). A block went up there so you can grab the monkey bars and get to the E side. Drop and pick up Explosive Arrows right and the Gate Key from the Bowl.

Grab back up to the Monkey bars (I turned a bit sideways to grab it) and get back W, go through W to the room with Neptune and left, straight to where you can open that gate with that key. Safety drop down and find the ladder shaft filled with water. Swim down through the hatch in the floor, open an underwater gate W and grab a Medipack, the opposite gate has Arrows behind it. Then use the underwater lever N, swim out S and go out the gate you re-opened (S).

Gate Key.

Keep right up short stairs and come to another large room. Shoot the Crocs down there, you may have to use the rope to swing across to get them both. When on the E side (bridge) ledge, drop down behind it on a block, hop N over the fence and go to a lever in the corner. That will open a gate above, go SW and use a crate to get back up to the ledges. Make your way over to the NE corner where the gate opened and shoot the skeleton (down into the lower room, or use an explosive arrow). Look at the fence right and discover a hole under the fence, crawl through along the wall and climb up to the higher floor. Time the spikes to run around the Neptune statue and pick up the Gate Key from the floor. Get back, out of the gate and left to use that Key just after the waterfall, get into the gate NW and find a crate as we found two more of in this place.

Move the Crates, block the flow.

Pull/push the crate out of that room and down from the edge. There are 3 floor grates in the shallow water. One is close by, NE, but you’ll have to move the crate around the green area. Now go to the crate against the pillar S, climb up to the ledge and find the third crate. Jump into the alcove in the middle of the S wall, throw the floor lever switching the trapdoors between the ledges. Jump back (side flip) and move the crate to the S end, throw the lever again and move the crate to the N and down from the ledge into a fenced off area. Get down onto the crate and push it N one more time. Climb up on the crate and hop over the fence to get to the last crate, move that around the pillar to the last grate (W). The water will rise establishing the last flow to fill the big pit. Leave W, keep right and down the stairs to come to the main room, hop down into the water, throw the underwater lever W and go into one of the gates next to you, to the back and up to climb out and get the Water Key. Back out and to the ladder, let Lara grab it (hold Ctrl and release Up for a bit) and climb out. Go S, follow back to the room with the levers.

The Nature Section.

W Right Gate- Levers from left to right: U-U-D-D-U. Through the gate, hop on the block and grab the Staff. Next room right Canned Herbs, up the stairs and left is Shotgun ammo. Left into the Garden room and shoot a Crow, go down the stairs and shoot a dog. SE is Magnum ammo, another dog.

Gate 1.

There’s a movable column NW, pull it S 3 times, go to the pond SW and up the ladder, use the ornament button (1). Get back down and side flip up onto the elevation where the tree stands and pick up Walther clips, grab up W to the ledge above and run jump onto that column you moved and jump/grab to the niche up left to use the second ornament button (2). One of 3 gates opens up, get down on the column, hop left onto the balcony and find that open gate. We need to open two more. Get down to the ground and use two levers, one N and one S to open the gates up above them. Go up the stairs E and over the ledge to the Tree. 

N – Colour Puzzle, Gate 2.  (in random order)

Go left through the gate N, left are 5 levers on a block, seems harder than it is, once you wrote down which blocks are operated by what lever, you can easily figure out we need to use the blue, the red and the N side green to get out all 4 blocks E.

Now you can climb up to the ornament button up E and Gate 2 opens up. Now, to get out of here, use the slopes W to back flip and jump up to the balcony W. Hop onto the pillar S, hop up to the ledge along the S wall, turn left and jump grab the ledge with the 2 Balls, shimmy to the middle and push both of them down from the ledge to the W and the E. When they reached the holes near the levers, a block goes down below, get down there and pull the chain in that room to open the exit to the Tree again, get down and leave S.

S – The Staff, Gate 3.

Around the Tree and through the gate S to come to a huge Hall, climb down the ladder under the ledge. In the NW corner, close to that fountain is Shotgun ammo hidden in the grass. Go up one of the ledges along the S wall and use the column to get to the balcony with the chain, a gate opens, ground floor W, get in there shooting a Knight and a dog, throw the floor lever to open a door E. Go over, shoot another Knight and inside to the right is a Gem, you can combine that with the Staff you found earlier. Go up the ladder and stand jump/grab to the jump lever N, back up the ladder and run jump over to the gate you opened

Preparing for a Timed Run.

Push that ball W down from the pedestal, safety drop down SW and push the ball one more time till it hits the green symbol in the ditch. The columns S go up, pull them both twice onto the ledge. Back E, up the ladder and over to the balcony with the Cog switch. If you want another Medipack, do a test run over the columns and ledge to the W balcony and grab the Medipack from the pedestal left of the Timed gate. Go back to the E balcony. Pull the wheel about 7 times and back flip/roll run and curve left to jump onto the column, a running jump to the balcony, to the next column and a running jump to the balcony W. Get to the gate and roll underneath (save.6). Inside are Arrows (careful with that trapdoor in the floor), a stand with a missing Staff. Place the staff and push the ornament button and Gate 3 opens up. Now you can run onto the trapdoor (in my save that trapdoor is already open) and slide back to the ground floor. Get back to the ground floor and up the ladder N, out to the Hall with the Tree. Run jump/grab over to the W and go up the sloped passage, watch out, boulder alert! Roll, sprint down and jump over to the Tree ledge. Jump back when the danger is gone and follow up and take the Nature Key. We’re done here, so leave to the E, right and follow back to the room with the Levers.

The Fire Section.

E side – Left, levers from left to right: U-D-U-D-U

Go E and through the left gate, follow down to a Hall of Fire. On the central ledge is the key we’re after we’ll have to shut down the 3 Flame pipes. You can jump along the outer ledges to the 3 sections we have to visit.

W: Timed Jumps.

Go in and to the W is a Timed lever, to the right is a pit with blocks we have to cross. Pull, back flip/roll and run left onto the first block, curved running jumps to get to the third and then grab the pole after you tried to curve the last jump a bit left, so you will be facing the last block, immediately jump off forward and hop to safety (save.7). Use Valve 1. Make your way back over the blocks and go left around to the next quest.

S: Torches.

When you slide down into a ditch, two flames are on their way to set the oily water ablaze. So either make your way across fast and climb out left or right as soon as you can, or slide down along the left or right side and jump out to one of the sloped sides, keep jumping to the other side till you hit a flat surface. NW are Canned Herbs if you want.

As soon as you enter the room S, a Fire Wraith will appear, we have to get a Torch from the room left W, ignite it on the fire in the hall and then go around igniting 5 wall torches. The water sprouts at the S wall can extinguish flames in case you need it. If you’re lucky as I was (I first did the E side left of the door, but no guarantee), the Wraith will go into the water in the E room and won’t bother you again…(save.8). In the room E is Valve 2. Back to the exit N and along the right hand side, the slope turned into steps, so make your way back up to the Hall of Fire.

Keep left and enter the next challenge…. 

E: Dragons.

In the room with the dragons are 4 pedestals, here you have to make a wise choice, you got enough MP? Best take the Shotgun ammo N, the other pickup will burn. On the S side the same MO. Now go through the gate E, under the skeleton are 2x Walther clips. Turn the Valve 3 to turn off the last flame at the Key, go out to the Dragons. Well, that was easy… But… when you are about to leave through the gate W, the gate drops shot and the Dragons get going. You can only hurt them when they have fire in the mouth and tilt the head up to spit it at you. Use the “look” key to switch targets (didn’t work for me though) (save.9). Leave W, run jump onto the island with the pedestal and grab the Fire Key. Get out N, make your way back up to the levers.

The Air Section.

E side – Right, levers from left to right: D-U-U-U-D

Preparations for a Timed Quest.

Enter the gate and follow through, left around the corner and shoot a vase left at the bottom of the stairs for Walther clips, then head up the stairs to the Wind Room. A flyby will show you around. To the left (S) is a Timed lever to open the gate at the far end, but first we need to prepare for the run by raising those grated platforms hanging on the chains… Climb down the ladder into the lower part, that brown ledge is a jump-pad. Stand on the ledge near the fence N and look up SW or SE, there are two balconies to get to. Hop onto the pad, landing on the far corner and jump onto the balcony. If you must, shoot the Knight and go use the lever in the window N. Safety drop down and do the other side as well; platform 1 up.

Now face N and a run jump onto the pad to get onto that platform, jump NW (for NE look below) onto the balcony and go through to a room with a wider jump-pad. Run jump onto that pad and jump to grab the sloped wall and shimmy to the flat part (or jump directly onto the flat part). Another jump-pad will get you to a balcony with a chain, pull that. Jump back across and then hop down onto the lower (wide) pad, a jump with Ctrl and you’re back at the passage to the balconies. I went right, did a hop with a curve down to the pad below and another hop to jump right to the balcony on the opposite side. E side: Grab Shotgun ammo on the balcony and go through to a passage with moving blocks. Get through those and use the chain right to raise platform 2. Go back, keep left at the balconies and run jump to that platform. 

Run jump NW, shoot a Knight and grab Arrows. Shoot the Bell up the slope W. Run jump back to the platform and over to the balcony NE and do the same there to raise platform 3. We now have all the platforms we need for the Timed Quest. Jump back to the SW platform, SW to the balcony, around to the other balcony and to the first platform. Hop down onto the jump-pad below (S) and get up the ladder S to Save at the lever. Pull, back flip/roll and run jump straight down onto the jump-pad, jump to land on the platform and a running jump down to the next pad, go on till the third platform and do a running jump to grab the pole, swing and jump to the open gate, get in (save.10).

Go get the Air Key and get back out, go left into the room and around to shoot a box and get Magnum ammo, the opposite side has Shotgun ammo. Down the stairs in the lower part you can find some Flares left around. Back up and run jump to the pole, swing to the platform.

Detour for a Secret: Turn left (W) and stand jump down into the niche with the 2 columns, get into the crawlspace and up the ladder, off to the left and get Secret #2 (12), a Book of the Dead and Explosive Arrows. Drop down there and get back NE to the balcony, to the pole and to the platform.

Hop down S with a curve to the pad landing on the right or left far corner and with another curve you can reach the next balcony. From the balcony to the next platform (SE or SW, depending on which side you took). From the platform to one of the next balconies, around to the other side and to the platform. Down onto the pad and jump to the ladder. Go left and follow back to the entrance gate. Take a right (E) and use the 4 Keys there to open the Burial Chamber. Go through and pick up Explosive Arrows from the second niche left, proceed down the passage and in the next chamber, push the 4 Symbols on the walls to let the light beams in. That will open the floor, drop in…


Level 5 – The Ruins.

Hop over the balustrade left, use the lever to open the gate. Go through, shoot two spiders and come to some engravings in the wall. Lara makes some observations, but that’s the last we’ll see of them. Go down the left hand stairs to a room with a Round door and a bowl for offerings.

In no particular order:

E Side Blue for the Dagger (for the W side scroll down to “W Side, the Heart”).

Several spiders after entering and in the next crossing are dark pits on both sides. Left (red) is closed, so jump right over the pit. Shoot the skeleton into the pit or waste an explosive arrow on it. In the niche N is a receptacle. Go left down the stairs and left again to a huge Chamber. Do a run jump starting when the third row of spikes on the bridge goes up, run forward and slow down a bit on that third row, then run again and jump from the end to the balcony with the floor lever to open big doors. Grab the Flares.

Stand SE and run jump to a flatter part of the side slopes, turn around and run jump/grab the ladder, go down and get Magnum ammo SW, a Medipack NE.

In the N end of the shallow pool is Secret #1 (13), a Cross.

Back up the ladder and somewhat above the bridge level, hang left and back flip/roll steering right to get back to the ledge, run jump back to the balcony and go over the bridge to the crossing N, straight down the stairs where those doors opened.  

On the balcony go left (right is a closed off section), shoot the spiders and go down a ladder. A skeleton wakes up… I spent one of the explosive arrows. Next section to the W has a receptacle, the last section a pushable cage, move it under the opening in the ceiling and get up to the floor above. Use the poles from the NW corner to get across to the N side, go left and jump over the gap under the arched wall. To the right are open doors, go up to a Crossing.

E Side: Statue Puzzle, Blue Crystal I.

Take a left up the stairs and come to a Puzzle Hall, on the pedestal is an Ancient Book, check it out. So we’ll have to get those two statues facing each other. Push both of them onto the central tile of the ledge (raising block), go up the ladders SE and NW, back flip off to a balcony and use the levers in each corner. The statues go down, push them over the ice to the circle tile in their section and use the lever on the block on the opposite side to turn them so they will be facing each other and move them back to that symbol tile where they came from (E and W), when you did it right, a blue haze will appear and after you placed both, electric rays will hit that crystal. Blocks go up N, giving access to that passage up above, climb up there, follow through and pick up the Blue Crystal. Back to the puzzle hall and S down the stairs to the Crossing.

W Side: Blue Crystal II.

Upstairs to the left are some nice Cutters, to the right is a Timed jump lever, use that and sprint to the other side (a broken lever there). Go left, follow to the last room and go left to a room with shallow water (gate & keyhole) and a Knight dragging his sword, run past him into the room left and pick up Canned Herbs. Go back and left the Knight follow you to a pile of rubble in the doorway N, he has to break it with his sword. Through the doorway is a Huge Cave, broken bridges spanning the Cave. You will meet several skeletons, I won’t mention them, you know what to do…

The Azure Key.

Go right to the end and left/right into the open gate (SW), a room with a coffin, grab the Arrows and look up into the sloped opening W, aim for the left or right blue gem on the cross and the Coffin will slide aside and reveals a trapdoor. Open the trapdoor, go through a crawlspace into another burial chamber and throw the floor lever at the gate to open a gate in the NE corner of the Cave. Back through the crawlspace, out to the Cave and right over the bridge, left around the corner and to the right (N) is another blocked doorway (with a Blue Crystal behind it). Jump E and from that ledge you can do a curved run jump to grab a niche in the central pillar and pick up a Medipack. Stand jump back and walk to the E end from where you can hop NE onto a grey rock ledge and up into the niche for Shotgun ammo. Run jump out right to end up on the bridge at the gate you opened before.

Some rubble will fall as you enter, go up the ladder in the back. Run through the opening with the Axe and jump/grab the ledge ahead (or curve left directly into the opening), turn left and jump into the doorway N, open the chest and get the Azure Key.

A Second Knight.

Go stand back in the opening you came from and look up N, shoot that cross up in the ceiling opening a trapdoor. Go through the axe E of the chest room and drop down into the open trapdoor, you’ll end up with another Knight. Throw the floor lever in that room to open the gate and run out luring the Knight with you, left to the cave, turn right and hop to the grey rock ledge from which you can jump to the bridge going S, go left around the corner to the yellow pillar and jump left onto a sandy ledge, throw the lever there to switch positions of the pillars on the bridges. Go back to the NE corner you just came from and using that lever to switch the pillars on the bridge, you have to lure the Knight all the way around the S side to the doorway with the rubble. Use the inside bridge ledges or the outside rock ledges to get around pillars and using the lever again to block his return. Let him break the rubble and go inside for Blue Crystal II.

Using the Azure Key and the Crystals.

Go back over to the S side ledges, right and through the doorway the first Knight opened for you and straight to the room with the shallow water. Open the gate S with the Azure Key. Hop into the water and follow the cave up to the familiar room where the receptacles for the Crystals are. Go right around and place a Crystal. Go to the E and pull the cage towards the hole in the ceiling, it won’t go far, so you will have to make do, stand jump grab with a curve and climb up, make your way W and use the poles again to get to the S side, down the hole and E to the next section where you can place the second Crystal. 

The Laser Skull, the Skull. 

Ledges appear, prepare yourself by arming with a weapon of choice, because when you jump onto the first ledge through the opened gate, two skeletons come for you and a Laser Head will appear in the middle of the Hall, you know, you’ll have to shoot the Eyes (on the SW ledge is Magnum ammo). That’s where I saved, then did running jumps back to the far E side, jump to that last ledge with a roll so you are immediately lined up to take aim. When you see the Skull charge (bright eyes), side flip to the ledge left or right, quickly aim, zoom in and shoot both of the eyes (save.11). Get to that central pillar and take the Skull.

Use the Skull, the Dagger. 

The entrance gate opened back up. Jump grab the opening and get up, up the ladder right and right around to the exit, up the stairs and keep left, up the next stairs and to the left is that receptacle where you can place the Skull, the gate opens at the other end of the corridor, jump over the pits to get there. Inside are a bunch of Zombies around a dead guy, pull the Dagger out of the corpse, in the right hand back corner is some Magnum ammo. Get out, jump over the pit and go right through the doorway to come to the Crossing with the bowl.

W Side, the Heart.

This time head though the doorway W.

Timed Fire Run.

Take a right, jump over the fire pit and straight through the doorway, left is a Medipack. Take note or check out the route (W) from here, burning floor/axe/fire pit with horizontal  pole/gate.. Jump back over the pit as the way W is closed for now. Jump (N) over the pit, straight through the doorway and left around the corner are Flares. On the N wall is a Timed lever opening that gate we have seen.

Pull, back flip roll, run jump over the pit along the right hand side, next pit along the left side, go left around the corner and jump over the burning floor, jump through the Axe fast (you have to decide along which side as you approach) and jump to grab the pole, swing and jump into the gate (save.12).

The Inferno, the Gold Key.

Walk out into a Lava Cave, run jump NW to the block in the lava, follow the blocks right around to the one where you can hop up onto the balcony SW, turn around to welcome the incoming Harpy and grab Shotgun ammo. Hop to the other balcony and use the floor lever to bring out a platform on a pillar E. Another Harpy.

Jump back over the blocks and run jump/grab the entrance ledge at the lowest left tip. At the doorway turn right and run jump over the balustrade to the flat brick ledge, stand right at the edge and run jump with a left curve over the dark rock E. From the balcony a curved run jump to get to that platform on the pillar and grab up N to the crack, go left around, drop and shoot a Harpy. Hop down onto the block NE, turn around and run jump up to a triangle ledge on the pillar for Canned Herbs. Hop back onto the block and run jump NE onto the balcony ( the entrance there is for later, leading back to the room with the Timed lever).

From the balcony run jump NW onto the ledge, then down W to the block in the lava and up to the bridge there (leave the breakable intact). Turn right and run jump over the first breakable ledge (leave it intact) to grab the one on the ruined bridge, pull up and run onto the bridge. Pull the skeleton and pick up the Gold Key. Run jump back and grab the breakable ledge (in case you broke both breakable ledges, you’ll have to go the long way around again, over the ledges in the lava to the S). Close to the N doorway, run jump W and grab the crack in the corner wall, shimmy right and get into the opening. Open the gate with the Gold Key.

2 Yellow Crystals.

Run down the stairs and jump over the pit, Run jump/grab along the left side over the next pit and go left to a closed gate, but the wall right of it gave way, so just sneak through the opening. Save before going in further… A Lava Monster will emerge from the Lava and he is fast as hell… Shoot him while back flipping and shatter him.

Up to you which side you take first:

Upstairs (N) and Left (E) Side, Yellow Crystal I:

Timed Jumps.

Go to the end of the balcony, shoot some spiders and find a lever, use that and go back a bit, left into the open gate. In the left section of the room is a Timed lever bringing out a platform up above, back flip/roll and go up the right hand stairs, from a little mound of sand you can run jump and grab the chain above the turning flame (you might have to time that before you pull the lever, so the flame is E when you jump to the chain), go up and turn towards the ledge, jump off forward grabbing the ledge and run straight to jump onto the platform (no Ctrl), hop forward onto the balcony (save.13). Use the lever (not Timed as far as I can see) opening two gates and raising a block, go through either of the gates, jump past the flame and get onto the block. Jump/grab up N and save at the next Timed lever after shooting a Harpy. This run involves a pole, a chain with a flame and a gate S. Pull when the Flame is facing you, back flip/roll and run to jump with a bit of a left curve well before the end of the ledge to grab the pole so you are lined up with the left corner of the ledge ahead, immediately jump from the pole and grab the ledge, pull up quick and stand jump forward around the Flame chain, into the gate fast (save.14). Get the Yellow Crystal. Out of the gate, hang from the ledge and shimmy (stop when the Flame goes overhead) to the far end, pull up on the corner and turn N to hop down onto the ledge with the block, run down onto one of the stairs below and leave W.

Upstairs (N) and Right (W) Side, Yellow Crystal II:

Cage Push.

In the small room at the end of the balcony are Canned Herbs. Go back a bit and up the stairs W, pull/push that cage into the corner at the lever in the window (NW), and at the edge of the lava pit. Hop into the window and pull the Timed lever, get down and push the cage over the platforms to the next ledge, hop up to grab up to the cage and pull/push the cage over to the other side. Hop into the window left of the coffin and find another Timed lever. Use it and run jump NE to the floor, get to the cage and pull it onto the floor. Then move it into the niche N under the lever, use the lever and go through the gate armed as another Lava Monster will rise from the Lava. Jump the ledges to the far S doorway and go get Yellow Crystal II. Make your way back to the gate, jump the fire pits and go down the stairs to the Hall, right and place the 2 Crystals N, at the top of the stairs.

Go downstairs, straight up the broken stairs S and grab some Shotgun ammo around the corner. Back down to the large room and around the Lava pool left through the gate E, right and down a slope, walk out onto the outcropping ledge and run jump to the left pillar, slide and jump to grab the next on which you can stand.

For a Secret: Run jump and grab the pillar NW, shimmy right before you pull up and take Secret #2 (14), Holy Water. Run jump NE onto the next pillar (exactly corner-corner).

Jump to the rocks N and then up right through an opening to climb up to a sandy block, behind it are a Medipack and Magnum ammo. Climb out of the cave and left around are Canned Herbs and Walther clips. Further on Explosive Arrows, Shotgun ammo and Walther clips. Oh boy, another hole down…

Dance for the Devil.

Hop in and slide/jump to a battle floor with a Devil waiting for you across the room. Run there and the Devil wakes up, take him on while side flipping left right and after a flash two Lava Monsters will show up behind you when he’s almost down. Run to the NE corner and jump over to a sandy ledge from where you can take on those Lava Monsters (don’t shoot when they are pounding their chest, that’s when you cannot harm them). Jump back to the battle floor and proceed shooting the Devil and after a flash two Harpies join in, quickly load the Crossbow with Explosives. Continue with the Devil and after a flash two more Lava Monsters appear. You know the drill by now. That’s it… finish off the Devil (saves2-save.0). Jump to the corpse and take the Devils Heart. Jump back and jump over to that platform in the far left corner (SE), throw the lever opening the gate and follow through up the stairs and left, grab Explosive Arrows, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Use the lever and grab up W where the gate opened, slide and jump grab to the crack, go right and pull up on the floor, travel S, over the pit, over the pit in the stairs and come back to the big Lava Cave, we’ll have to get to the opening straight E, but that means we have to travel around along the S side again…

Hop around left to the ledge, down to the SE block and to the S end of the bridge. At the doorway turn right and run jump over the balustrade to the flat brick ledge, stand right at the edge and run jump with a left curve over the dark rock E. From the balcony with the candles a curved run jump to get to that platform on the pillar and grab up N to the crack, go left around. Hop down onto the block NE and run jump NE onto the balcony, this time go inside there and up the left side of the rocks, pick up Canned Herbs and slide down into the room with the Timed lever we used at the start. Go left, jump over the pit and take the doorway right, straight through to the room with the bowl on the pedestal. Combine the Heart and the Dagger to get the Blood Sacrifice and put that in the bowl.

The Sacred Box.

Watch things unfold and go up the great staircase. A cut scene takes over, when you get control back, you have the Sacred Box. Run right (W) and pick up the Miners Note, examine it. The E side has a locked gate, so go right (N).

In the first room, behind a couple of boxes right, is Secret #3 (15), a Book of the Dead.

The Iron Key.

Go N again and a whole lot of Zombies there, there are crates to shoot and one of them has Magnum ammo, lure those guys away from the left E doorway and get the Iron key there, just in front of the door. Go back to the Large Hall and right to open that closed gate…

Watch the cut scene….


Level 6 – The Chase.

(We probably missed describing some pits and corners, just save often and give it a couple of tries, you cannot really make it in time anyway, Save often).


West jumps into the Range Rover, first run left and recover a Medipack. Then hop on the Quad bike and go after him, but watch out for the Grenades launched at you. A right turn, a left, then go straight and keep along the left side of the tunnel over the ledge next to a pit. Left around the corner, a shallow pool you can just go sharp left around the corner, next you’ll come to a pool and a waterfall. You can jump over the pool, but for a Secret look below.

For a Secret: Don’t jump over the pool, but ride over the path along the far wall, under the waterfall. Dismount after the waterfall and climb up to the waterfall at the W side of it, go get Secret #1 (16), the Cross in front of the spring in the rock wall. Get back to the Quad and proceed the chase… 

Some baddies along the way and then left through a doorway, right and come to a wide room with some pits.

For a Secret: Ride the Quad with speed up the steep slope left, jumping over a gap and running over the baddy, immediately hit the brakes before you go off the end. Dismount and run over to the boxes in the corner (NE) and pick up Secret #2 (17), a Book of the Dead. Get back on the Quad and ride it around the W side, then E and left onto the slope, down to the floor.

Ride W, jumping over the slopes, right again, over a long jump, a baddy a narrow bridge. You’ll probably won’t make it to get through the gate with him. But just run over the bad guys, step off the Quad and pick up the Walther clips they dropped. Run back down the stairs and on that narrow bridge, jump right to grab the opening in the wall, slide down far and jump over a deep pit to grab a ladder, go up, grab up over a wall and run through the passage to pull a chain, slide down E and you’re back at the Quad, get on and through the gate, right up the stairs, left and watch out for pits in that tunnel, first keep left, then right.


More and more obstacles on your way, baddies, waterfalls, rolling barrels, pits… but finally you’ll come to a Pit that’s too much. The gap is too wide, the bridge broke when that Range Rover crossed it. Park the Quad on the baddy and go pull a boulder from the opening E (If the Quad is too close, you cannot pull the rock).

For a Secret: Climb down the vines into the pit (SE corner of the ledge). Pick up Secret #3 (18), Holy Water. Climb back up.

Get the Walther clips from the dead guy and get back on the Quad. Go with speed through that opening, because left around the corner is a wide gap we have to jump…. Keep going and you are at the other side of that suspension bridge. Go straight up the slope and follow through to the tracks, go left and the train is just leaving… Ride up to the back of the train…


Level 7 – The Locomotion.

Watch the cut scene..

Pick up a Medipack left, Flares right and go through the door, to the left on a chest of drawers are Walther clips, in the front of the car opposite the bar counter is an old record player, grab the Vinyl Record, behind the bar are Canned Herbs and on the end of the bar counter is the Dining Car key. In the restroom is a grate in front of a crawlspace, we’ll be back for that.

Go out the door E and open the Dining Car. Pull the small table in the far left corner (SE) and grab the Magnum ammo from underneath. The kitchen is closed, so go through into the next car, the Sleeping Car and open the first door right and get Magnum ammo next to the bed. In the second bedroom, is an old gramophone, use the Vinyl Record and see a bookcase open up in the third room and get the Sleeping Car key from that hidden room. Go out and right to open the restroom and grab Walther clips. Use the key in the lock opposite the restroom. Go out onto the balcony and turn right, there’s a small gap in the railing. Hang from the balcony, shimmy left and go to the ladder to get on top of the car, Run to the end of the car, jump over to the next car and open the hatch in the roof. Drop into the kitchen and grab the Crowbar from the counter, left (W) are some Canned Herbs. Push the button to open the door and get out, go back towards the front of the train, hop over the railing onto the left corner of the flatbed car where you can stand and jump onto the tarp, slide off the left side and grab the edge, shimmy left to where you can pull up at the other end. Hop up and slide down to the door of the next car, open that with the Crowbar.

Finally, a Supply car, go to the back and left to pick up Pistols, in the opposite corner, left of the entrance is a small box under the shelves, it contains a Medipack. Go back over the flatbed car, over the top of the tarp to the balcony of the Sleeping Car.

Blue Key card.

Again go up the ladder to the roof. Go all the way to the last car and shoot the Baddy there, grab his Blue Key card. Return.

With a Secret: Go to the open hatch and drop into the kitchen, go out and right to the last car of the train, into the restroom and shoot the grate up in the wall behind the bowl, get in and retrieve Secret #1 (19), a Book of the Dead. Return to Sleeping Car.   

At the front of the sleeping car, hop onto the left corner of the flatbed car, hop onto the tarp and shimmy along the left side to get back into the Supply car. Use the Key card E and left. Crawl through to the next section and shoot a baddy. To the right is a box you can shoot and inside is the Combat Shotgun. Climb up into the NW corner, drop behind the crates, shoot a box and push the button to open the front of the car. Pull a crate out of the SE corner, hop over and open the crate right, inside is your Magnum.

In the left back corner is Secret #2 (20), a Cross.  

Go through to the next flatbed car with the containers and shoot the resistance, there are also some on top of the cars in front and behind you. Look around and gather Shotgun ammo, a Medipack and when you grab the Walther clips from the dead guy NW, a vehicle drives up to the flatbed and a baddy jumps out. The other side too. Soon the flatbed is littered with dead guys, so best just go through the door of the Lab car. Shoot the resistance and grab Canned Herbs. To the right, on the counter are the Walther MPL’s left and Walther clips right.

Lab Car, Security Key Card.

Jump E over the lasers, shoot another baddy leaving Walther clips and pick up Shotgun ammo from the work bench. Open the cabinet in the back left (stand a step back) and grab the Security Key Card. On the work bench N are Flares. Jump back over the Lasers and use that card right to turn off the lasers.

Pull the dark grey container out of the SW corner to find a button (later). Push the container through the opening to the E and right around the glass cage against the instrument panel N and leave it there for now (there’s a button above the container).

Back to the button SW, push it and a rack on the side of the car will now have a platform to stand on. Go out to the flatbed car, hop SE to the rack on the left side of the Lab car and stand back, wait for the rack E to go up and run jump/grab there arriving when it is just up. Quickly use the button, hop back with a curve to run jump and grab back to the rack W. Hop back to the flatbed and go to the NE corner, hop to the rack that now has a platform and look E. Another rack there, just under a window, shoot the window. You can just spot the Green Card inside.

Timed Run into the Cage, Green Key Card.

Hop back and go back into the car, to the container you pushed under the instrument panel next to the cage. Push the button and get out to the flatbed, left to the corner, hop to the rack and run jump/grab E to the Timed rack, get inside fast. Shoot the Zombies (Shotgun or Magnum) and pull a skeleton from the Green Key Card. Use a jump lever up W to permanently raise the rack outside and get on it (saves2-save.1). Jump to grab the ladder next to the window and go up to the roof where you’ll find a Medipack, Shotgun ammo and Walther clips. Jump down from the back of the car and enter again, go to the front and use the Green Card to open the door. Careful, no balcony this time!  

Battle for the Sacred Box.

Stand jump/grab to the ladder, release and hit Ctrl again to get into the opening (locomotive), pick up Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Hop back with Ctrl and this time jump and grab the ladder, go up to the Locomotive and run to the front where West is waiting… Shoot him with all you have and watch the health because he can poison you when he’s mutated. After you defeated him, someone will drop a Rocket Launcher onto the Locomotive, go get that and finish off “West” or whatever he turned into…(saves2-save.2). Then go get the Sacred Box back. A door opens to get into the Engine, from the front of the Coal depot.

For a Secret: First make your way to the front of the Locomotive, around the smokestack and pick up Secret #3 (21), Holy Water. Get back to the Coal depot.

Hang from the N side and go down the ladder, left around into the opening and go to the Fire room. Throw the lever left of the fire to put on the brakes…. Watch the cut scene…


Level 8 – The Invasion.

Oh Boy…

Open the cabinet left of the fireplace (S) and get the Closet Key. NE left of the bed is the Closet, open the door and go in to collect (best grab the Shotgun and some ammo first) 2x Flares, a Shotgun, 3 Medipacks and 5x Shotgun ammo (4x Shotgun ammo will respawn here, so you can always come back to get that when you’re out). Meanwhile an invader broke a window and storms into the closet. Deal with him and go out to the room, go right into the sauna area and get Flares from the shower. Go out and loop right through the broken window to the balcony and pick up Shotgun ammo from behind the flowers. Back inside and to the hallway NW, another invader comes in. Out on the landing 2 invaders and a dog attack, they leave a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Go to the N side landing and open the first door, a music room. Go left through the door E. 

SE, in front of a bookcase is Secret #1 (22), a Book of the Dead.

Go back and out to the hall, down the stairs and when you get to the front door, a dog is guarding the front door, shoot it. Through E and right hand side to a Ball room.

Open door N to the Pool room. Hop into the pool, use the underwater lever under the diving board and go down the opened trapdoor for Secret #2 (23), a Cross. Get back to the Ball room.

Open the door S to the Dining room, go through the door S into the Kitchen, left around in the back is the freezer and you’ll find Winston locked inside.. 

Cleaning Up Outside.

Go to the front door, outside and shoot an invader (Shotgun ammo), check out what they dropped every time. In the fountain N are some soaked Flares. Head SE through to the training course. 2 invaders, one Medipack. On your way E you’ll encounter two more invaders, one drops (In case you are almost out of ammo, best empty the gun and go back to the closet to get that ammo there).

Climb up the Zip line tower (from the water) and get Secret #3 (24), the Holy Water.

Continue E and at the corner of the course two dogs attack, go onwards to the N taking out intruders (Medipack and Shotgun ammo), dogs and finally head into the alley behind the Pool house. Shoot a couple more and a dog (2x Shotgun ammo) and when all his foot soldiers are gone, West shows up again as his good old mutated self. Run to the end of the alley and if you still have time, pick up a Medipack and 2x Shotgun ammo before taking on West. He’s somewhere in the front yard. Keep an eye on the health, that gas is really harmful… And remember there’s ammo in the closet upstairs.

When the stats show, hit Ctrl to watch the final cut-scene and then again for the Credits. 

End of the Adventure…

G&D, 23/05/2021