Level by Symo96  

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

3 Secrets.

Level 1-Prison.

This prison has several Zones we have to get Key Cards for.

Red Zone.

Lara in a prison cell, the door opens by itself? Go out and right to a control room where you will find out what caused the door to open, that dead guy under the button for cell 2. To the right is a valve wheel on a door…

For a Secret: Push the other 3 buttons opening the cells. Go out to the corridor and right into cell 1, to the right, behind the blocks is Shotgun ammo. In the other corner is a grey pushblock, push it against the back wall and then pull/push it against the blocks (the blocks in cell 2 are the clue to how they should end up).

Go to cell 3 and move the grey block in between the two others so they resemble the setup in cell 4. A trapdoor opens up in cell 2, go back there and left in the corner down the trapdoor to get Secret #1, the Pink Dragon (no sound). Get back to the control room. 

Raise the Platform and a Security Key.

Turn the valve on the door right and follow the passage, at the end turn around and climb down the ladder, turn around and go out to a walkway, look right and spot a double platform in the corner. To the left is a button for later. In the opposite side of the hall are 3 grey walls.

(Let’s do this the intended way, as you could get the Security Key without shutting down the Propeller and that changes the gameplay.)

Look down into the pool below standing with your back to the button and spot an underwater lever. To the right of the lever is a big propeller we need to stay clear of. Hop down and swim left along the wall to get to the underwater lever opening a door in the opposite corner*, roll and swim back straight to the opposite wall, left to where that door is and then left again to the grey wall above the water, keep along the left side of that grey wall in the right hand corner and climb out right at the low part in the back. Push the button there to raise that double trapdoor** up in the hall. Back into the water and swim to the opposite wall again, into the door* you opened with the underwater lever, swim up in the shaft. Climb out and run to get that Medipack. Push the button and hop up out of the tunnel. This is the only way to get back upstairs out of the water, so remember that.

Timed Swim.  

Head back into the control room and right through the door, down the ladder an on the walkway right, run jump and grab the double trapdoor**. Go inside and flip the switch turning off one of the Propellers. Use the button right to get back to the passage, go right to the walkway and left to the Timed button.

Push the Timed button and get into the water fast, up in the hole under the grey wall in front of the Propeller, climb out and up the ladder fast before the hatch closes. Run jump straight out into the other wall and use the switch there to stop the second Propeller.

Task for a Secret later: Walk to the edge of the passage and look left a bit, you can see there’s a passage behind that central block, run jump in there and push button [1].

Drop into the water and swim up where the underwater lever is, climb out on the low ledge and pick up 2x Automatic Pistol clips there, back into the water and swim behind the now motionless Propeller, into a dark tunnel and grab 4x Flares. Swim out and straight across to get behind the Propeller under the walkway and pick up the Security Key.

Use the Security Key, Red Key Card.  

Swim out, right around into the open door and get back up to the control room. Through the door, down the ladder to the walkway. Go left and use the Key on the lock, inside and up the ladder, to the left is the Red Key Card. Approach the doors in the corner to open them and go right to the Control room. Use the Red Key Card on the wall with the buttons. Turn around, leave the control room and go straight through the corridor to the Main Hall, check the corners to get a small medipack and Flares. There are signs everywhere, it looks like we need weapons for Yellow? so let’s go green, maybe we’ll find some…

Green Zone.

The Ducts, to the control room.

The door to the control room is closed, but cell G-02 is open, push that block left into the corner so we can reach that opening in the ceiling.

But first make a note of those “arrows” on the wall, in this cell we have L>R-Down and Up, go out to Cell-04 and through the door and window you can see L>R-Down and Up. Go back into G-02.

Grab up into the duct and take the Flares. Left is a door* and in front is a trapdoor that will open when you run over, so run jump over that thing, the second one is where we need to go down, so just walk onto it. Pick up more Flares there and go into the duct opposite the fan. Walk to the end and hop up forward to a thin ledge in front of a door. Turn around and stand jump back up to the higher duct, turn around and a stand jump/grab up, turn around and a stand jump/grab over to the upper duct, down the hole and flip the switch that will open a door*. Jump/grab back up, run off the end with Ctrl, towards that fan so you’ll end up on the thin ledge again. Turn around, back up to the door and take a step forward. Now stand jump with Ctrl to get over the slope to the fan. Up in the ceiling is where we came from. Go left at the next fan and find a pit with glass shards.

- Task for a Secret later: stand jump grab over the pit and right around is a switch opening the door at the thin ledge. Stand jump/grab back over the pit, go left/right and stand jump up to the thin ledge to use button [2]. Run off the thin ledge with Ctrl as before and go to the glass shards.

Stand jump up left into the duct, up left is a way back to cell G-02 in case you forgot to make a note of the hints in the Cells. Straight and down is where we need those hints. A room with 8 levers.

Lever Puzzle, Control room.

Following the clues in the Cells, the right hand wall should be L>R- D,U,D,U. Turn right and right in the passage is where the door opened. Open the remaining Cells 01,03,04, go into the opposite passage and use the button to open the control room door. Go left into G-04 and on the blocks are Automatic Pistol clips. Go into G-03, roll and spot the clues. R>L-Down-Up.

Last cell G-01, (ah…there is no G-01..) the “other” G-04 and make a note of the clues, R>L-Up-Down. In the corner behind the blocks are Harpoons. Back into the control room and right to the lever room. On the left hand wall from L>R pull down 1,3 and 4 and the door opens, pick up the Green Key Card. Go to the control room and use it. Go back out and straight to the Main Hall, take a left to the Blue Zone.

Blue Zone.

Clues and Supplies. 

Through the cell block to the control room and use all 4 buttons to open the cell doors, back to the corridor and right into B-01, hop over the blocks and find Harpoons. Back out and into B-02, between all the blocks is a message:

 “Looks like a Map of the area, it says trapdoor 0 and both 3 (could be bad translation?)”.

Back outside and into B-03, check all spaces between the blocks for a small medipack, Uzi clips (in the window), Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.

Back outside and into B-04, left into the back corner for a small medipack and then go to the entrance where you’ll find a grey block in the other side, push it once, turn left and pull the one there once, hop over that block to get the message that was underneath:

 “…After arrived on 5 to go 6 activate both then go back…”

Trapdoor Puzzle, the Blue Key Card.

Back outside and into the control room, right into the passage and pick up a third message:

 “Red light:nothing Green light:trapdoor Yellow light: fire”.

Go left to #0 (nothing is Timed, so don’t worry about that). Save there, turn left and use the lever, run jump and grab across the pool to the #2 tile.

-Go in right and jump over to the fire tile at #3. Through the opened door and use the switch left, roll and use the lever there too (“trapdoor 0 and both 3” ).

-Jump/grab back to #2, go left and jump/grab back to #0 to use the switch left and pull the wall lever we used there before back up (the trapdoors at #2 switch).

-Go back to #2, left and jump to the fire tile at #1, go in left and use the lever, jump back to #2.

-Hop up left, down onto the trapdoor and time the swinging hook to jump to #5, turn right and time the swinging hook to jump to #6, use the lever and the switch (“After arrived on 5 to go 6 activate both then go back” ).

-Jump back to #5, left through the room with the swinging hook, down onto #2 and jump right to #1 and now use the switch right.

-Make your way back to #0 and flip the switch left back up.

-Get via #2 back to #3 and use both switch and lever again.

-Back to #2 and left, back to #0 where the switch left should go back down.

-Go to #2, up and through the crane room to #5, left to #4 and use only the lever on the left there, there’s now a trapdoor to reach #7.

-Back to #5, left over the ledge onto the trapdoor and time the cranes (stand in the middle and run jump when they go apart) to jump to #7, use the switch to kill the flames and get the Blue Key Card.

-Get back to #5.

- Task for a Secret later: Turn left and jump over to a new trapdoor in front of #6, from the trapdoor look up left, the fire in the niche should be off, so jump in there and push button [3], a door opens up somewhere. Get back to #5.

Make your way back to #0 and out to the control room where you can place the Blue Key Card. Leave to the Main Hall.

Yellow Zone.

Go straight into the Yellow Zone, still no weapons found, so we’ll have to do without…

From the control room go through right and find a panel with a Timed button, first look at the panel and the symbol just right and up above the button. Looking into the room left you can see the Timed door across the room and those symbols are the light fixtures in the ceiling. The tiles below them won’t trigger all the other doors to open, releasing a bunch of Thugs. So, push, run through the doorway and jump a bit to the right onto the grey tile under the fixture, a stand jump a bit left and another hop to the safe side, Go get the Yellow Key Card and get out, jump back without triggering Thugs and go use the card in the control room. The Trapdoors to the Upper Level open up.

Upper Level.

Run against the pillar coming from the yellow Zone and climb up, back flip off and turn around. You are standing at the door you opened with the [3 buttons] if you found them all. Go in and collect Secret #2, a Rainbow Dragon and 2x M16 clips. Get back out.

When you go up the stairs in the wide passage, the alarm will go off and Thugs will come out of a door in the hall with the trapdoors.

Wait till they are on the stairs, skip back past them and into that open door, keep left into the back and find Secret #3, a Red Dragon and a load of Ammo and medipacks. Turn around and go left through the automatic door, back to the Hall.

Up the wide stairs and right into the passage, the floor will give way, just slide and end up in water. Keep going left and down where possible (there are some Frogmen) to where you can climb out left. Step through the door and hop back as a Thug will push some barrels down the slope, when he comes in, run out left down the slope and roll at the pit, hop back grabbing the edge and drop/grab the ledge below. Pull up and go right, hang into the pit and shimmy right along the crack to the opening in the back, hop up into the duct, run jump and grab over the dark pit and drop down into a passage. Turn left and to the end, push the button to open a gate in the other end, behind you. Go there and hop up to a switch, the gate closes behind you and the level ends… When the stats screen is showing, hit Enter and the next level will load.


Level 2 – Prison - Lockdown.

3 Secrets.  

Drop down, there’s a keyhole in that corner, go along the slope and pick up Automatic Pistol clips. Take a left in the next corridor and then a right, right again and on a bed are Flares. Back out and through to the end of the corridor where you’ll find a button to open one of the sleeping quarters where we came from, wait for the baddy to get close and run past him, at the end go right into 01-04 and on the left top bed are the Automatic Pistols with 2x clips. Shoot that guy and pick up 3 Ordinary Keys. Return where we came from before and open the Restroom right, left around to the back and through to the showers where you’ll find a small medipack. Through to the toilet area and find Uzi clips, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Out to the corridor and right to the Dining Area, open with the Keys. The cook and his buddy aren’t too friendly, shoot them. Pick up Automatic Pistol clips and the Iron Key.  

Using the Iron key, the Armoury Key card.  

Return to the ramp where the level started and use the remaining Ordinary Key on the lock, go up the ramp to the higher corridor, go left to the Prison and up the ladder in the back corner, back flip off and in that passage is the lock for the Iron Key. Follow through and slide down, quickly run forward and climb up right into the passage, pick up Automatic Pistol clips, the rest of the passage is laden with traps, breakable floors, Darts and Blades. Not too hard, most of them are just stand jumps over, Run through another spike wall room into the dark passage with a water hole. Stay close to a wall and climb out at the other end. Jump over the Blade and run down, jump over to the ledge. Jump back and climb down the ladder, follow the passage. In the end is a lever, not sure what it’s for yet, but could be an escape for later or just a trap, pull the lever and immediately back flip. Now go to the windows and shoot them, the door straight ahead will open, shoot the bloke and get his Armoury Key card. You are actually back in the Dining Area.

To the Armoury.

We could take the short way there, but then we will miss out on a bunch of pickups. Best go back through the windows, left to the ladder, up and the traps aren’t working anymore… Though the water and in the room with the spike wall, up in a duct and follow through to another room with chairs, into the passage right and follow through. Drop down into the Infirmary and pick up 3 Medipacks and 3 small medipacks. In the back, where the beds are is a storage, but we don’t have the key yet, so remember to come back.

Go out the door and open the Armoury right. Grab Shotgun ammo, Uzi clips, Harpoons, M16 clips and Automatic Pistol clips, go through to the next section to get the Shotgun, Pistols and the M16 rifle.

The Security Key, an Iron Key.  

Now that we have some serious weaponry, we can go get another Key… Go out to the corridor and down to the Main Hall, up that ladder in the back corner to the Prison and upstairs is a big bloke, shoot him and get a small medipack and the Security Key. Get back down the ladder and head to the Accommodations through the long corridor, left/right into the Cabins and straight through to where we used the button before, now go to the right hand wall and use the Key. Back out to the cabins and left is a newly opened door 13-16, on the right hand top bunk is another Iron Key. (Using the Security Key also opened a double door up in the Prison corridor)

Go back to the corridor, left to the next corridor and left/right through the corridor to the Main Hall. Up the ladder once more and to the end of that corridor through the doors you opened. Shoot the resistance and at the end up the switch to get the elevator down, pull the switch again and get into the elevator going up. Get out and go left shooting whatever resistance you may encounter. You’ll come to a room with a ladder on a pillar, more baddies are about to arrive, so watch out. The one with the Flame thrower drops 3 Ordinary Keys.

For Secrets: Go into the passage in the back and follow through right to a switch opening a hatch in the elevator shaft.  

Go back through the room with the ladder pillar and through the next opening and left is a door you can open with an Ordinary Key, go to a guy leaning against the wall and the door closes behind you. After a while two other doors open up.

If you use the button behind one of the doors, the level will end…. We have to get back here later to end the level!

But there are some Secrets to be had, so don’t touch the button and leave through the other door to the corridor, go left, down the steps and find a small opening right, leading to the top of the elevator. Climb up into the hatch you opened and pick up the Secret Cell Circuit. Drop down in the back, throw the switch and hop into the elevator going down. Go through the passage with the corpses and open the first door right with an Ordinary Key. Push the button on the left wall and see a bridge go down. Get out, right and all the way to the ladder, down to the Main hall and left up the stairs to the Infirmary, left to the back where the beds are and open the storage with an Ordinary Key. Shoot the baddy inside and grab Secret #1/4, a Light Blue Dragon. Get out of the Infirmary, down the stairs and left through the corridor to the Dining Area. Left into the VIP area and open the door right with that Iron Key, go down and shoot the windows. Jump over to the right, shoot more windows and push the button to open a door in the shaft behind you. Jump back and then to that bridge you lowered. Jump to the ledge at the other side and walk to the end, Jump down with a left curve and grab the edge. Shimmy right to the open door, drop/grab and follow in, left around is where you use the Secret Cell Circuit, the door left opens and inside are Secret #2/5, and Secret #3/6, the Orange- and another Light Blue Dragon with 3x Uzi clips. Go up the ladder in the opposite wall, jump to the bridge and right to the VIP area, go up and left to the Dining area, right to the corridor, then left to the Main hall, up the ladder yet again and through the corridors to the elevator (where’s the Sprint button). Up and left follow through and just before the room with the ladder pillar right into that room with the half dead guy.


Now push the button to finally end this adventure.


Dutchy Apr 23-’21-Revised May 04.