Game created by justin.

Independent walkthrough by G&D Productions, the walkthrough by Phil is available on trle.net

Savegames and other files mentioned in this walk, are in this Saves folder


Links to separate levels, in order


Event Horizon


Dark Estate


Secret Tunnels


Dark Estate part 2


Secret Tunnels part2


Dark Estate part 3


Event Horizon part 2




Through the Breach


Utopia Vale


Dreamscape Treetops


Utopia Vale part 2


Dreamscape Forest floor


Eternal Rest




Glimpse of Truth


Utopia Vale part 3


Desolation Terra Contour


Inexorable Tide


Utopia Vale part 4


Languid Wastes


Natures Wrath


Utopia Vale Epilogue


Flashback, Bonus Level



Tasks related to the Secrets are in dark blue font


1 - Event Horizon.

3 secrets.

Turn around and shoot the electric box and flip the switch opening the door. Go down the stairs (the switch inside closes the door) and take the first opening left (N). Then open the door on the right and loop around right and find a small medipack on the floor. Take a few steps back and use the button on the wall (S) music starts to play. Back to the corridor and into the next door. In front of the bathroom you can pick up the Closet Key, go back to the corridor and right to the stairs. Descend and go into the next opening and open the door at the end. Go to the bathroom and flip the switch, you hear a trapdoor opening.

Using the Closet Key.

Head back up the stairs to the roof and left to the opening in the fence. Run jump over to the scaffolding across the street.

Detour for a Secret: get up to the top, jump onto the white roof on the right (NW), turn around and slide off backwards grabbing the edge. Shimmy right, drop at the door and open it. Inside is Secret #1/3, the Shotgun. On the desk is a Medipack. Open the other door (SE) to get back to the scaffolding.

From the N side you can run jump across into the opening in the building E (Ctrl). A bit to the left is the door you can open with the Closet Key, but first get the Flares from the bathroom left.

Abandoned Factory. 

Behind the closet door is a hole down (that trapdoor you opened), drop down to a lower level and go straight out (N) to a fire-escape, climb the ladder on the right to the walkway above and shoot the baddy in the abandoned factory across the street. Jump over in there and go left into the opening (W), drop down onto the wooden scaffolding and go in and get some Flares at the computer (E). Go back to the scaffolding and take a right and drop down on the crates. Go down to the last, shoot the infected dog and hop into the factory again. Flip the switch left around the corner to lower the elevator and make your way back up the crates and up to the wooden scaffolding.

Go inside and loop left to the elevator shaft. Drop down into the shaft, landing on top of the elevator and jump/grab one floor up. Go right to the window and run jump/grab over to the window S (hold Ctrl to slide under the fire-escape). Inside the room go left/right into the passage and open the grey door (on the left). There’s a ladder under the opening leading to the street level of the collapsed staircaseGo down the ladder and up the small stairs (N), you can already open the two glass doors straight ahead (W) but there is also a third door, so go left and open that grey one to end up in an alley. Go to the street and take a right (N) and near the corner get a flyby.

The Streets, Timed Run for the #1 Wesker Dr. Key.

Take a right and get down in that caved in street, have a look around and shoot an infected dog and a baddy, the baddy drops a small medipack and around the corner (S) is some Shotgun ammo. That’s all you can do here, so go back to where you came down, grab up NE from the dead grass, shimmy right a bit and back flip up to the street again, turn around facing W. This street has three small yellow poles (house numbers). Just before pole #5 is an alley to the right, shoot the spider. Check inside and find a Timed switch raising a trapdoor.

That trapdoor is out on the street; right up the steep slope and after the next alley right is a doorway to the right, just after pole #3. Up the stairs you can grab up to the floor above, up the stairs again and that’s where you’ll find the trapdoor that will allow you to run jump and grab the opposite side (save.0).

Go down right and shoot a Thug, grab the small medipack he leaves behind. Head into the opening and climb into the room, on the desks are the 1 Wesker Dr. #1 Key and Flares. In the E wall near the opening in the floor is a block in the wall, get it out 2x and get behind it, get down and pull another block to find some Shotgun ammo. Open the grey door and go down into the alley, find and shoot the switch cover and flip the switch to open a trapdoor (behind you, but you cannot reach it from here).

Go back inside climbing up at the container, climb up the wall where the Ammo was (E) and drop off left. Out through the broken window and climb up at the container, hang from the far end of the ledge and drop down into the courtyard. Careful… you might meet some infected dogs. Go out SE follow to the street. Take a left (E) and just past # 5 left into the alley where the Timed switch was, that’s where the open trapdoor is, just in front of the fence.

Sewers, opening the Diner.

Drop in and go S and right up the slope (W), right around the corner a zombie wanders around, shoot him with the Shotgun (or dash past him) around the corner in the wall on the right (E) is an opening with a barrier, shoot it to get in. Shoot the cover and use the switch to open “Wesker Drive #1”, the diner.

Using the Wesker Dr #1 Key, the Survivor’s Notes.

Make your way back to the trapdoor and grab back up to the alley. Go out and straight into the alley, just up a few steps and before the container you can grab up right to an opening with blue carpet. Open the door with the #1 Wesker Dr. Key. To the right in the next room, open the wooden door on the left and go downstairs, shoot two spiders and on the desk are Survivor’s Notes. Flip the switch on the wall and get a short flyby of a door opening up.

Secret: walk out of this room, straight to the brick wall S and push the SE block in, enter and pick up Secret #2/3, an Uzi and Uzi clips. 

You could leave here through the blue door, but it’s better go back up and to the room with the red carpet. Open the blue door (W), but be careful, two nasty Gargoyles are roaming the streets now.

The Diner, the # 6 Key.

Take a right and then left around the corner at the street signs. Straight up to the gas station and open the door, check the shelves for Shotgun ammo, a Medipack, Uzi clips and a small medipack. Get into the office and find a Sketch on the desk; Lara added something to her sketchbook. Leave the station and go left a bit and cross the street into the Diner you opened. From the table right you can get the Wesker Dr. # 6 Key. Leave and loop around right into the alley, down the stairs, watch out, two dogs there if you didn’t already kill them and go through SE.

The Estate Key.

Coming out to the street again, go straight (S) and at the corner and find that open manhole, on the porch of the house (right) is a small medipack, then climb down. Go behind the ladder (W) and shoot a Zombie, go left into the dark passage and shoot the barrier. Find another Sketch on the floor and go into the opening right where that door opened and inside is a switch on the wall, raising some trapdoors. Make your way back up the ladder to the street. Turn left and go up some steps under the house, there is a door you can open with the #6 Wesker Dr. Key. Inside and in the far right corner is a Sketch. This is a Map of the Hedge Maze. Grab up to the platform left and jump/grab onto the wooden crates, down the other side and on the desk you’ll find the Estate Key. Leave through the wooden door N and get to the street. Go left to the door in the W wall and open it with the Estate Key.


2 - The Dark Estate.

2 secrets.

Go straight through the arch into the Maze, along the left side of the hedge and be ready for a Dog at the first corner. Take the first left (S) and at the lantern go right/left/right facing W (Dog, keep right of the bushes going W and come to a switch (1) on the W wall, a gate opens.

Return E and keep your eyes open for a lantern on the right (S). Go straight (E) and take right/left coming to a fence with Flares behind it. Turn right and side flip over the fence, go S and right around the corner the path will go down, through a tunnel, shoot spiders and come to that opened gate.

Detour for Secret: Before going through the gate, climb up NE (face S), and go W to the dark to find Secret #1/2, Shotgun ammo and another Shotgun behind the tree in front of the gate. Return to the hole in the floor and drop down. 

The Gate Key.

Go through the opened gate and follow the path with dark lanterns to a tree, loop around right to come to a hole in the ground, get in and crawl through, climb up and go right (E). Then after shooting a dog, open the door in the fence and shoot the box to flip the switch. It will turn on the lanterns and show a dark doorway. Get out and go left (S) and under the S side lantern is the Gate Key. Return N and crawl through the crawlspace and then straight to the tree. (Shortcut back to the gate) Go to the SE low fence and side flip over, go E and look for a lantern on the right and go in there.

Take a right again (W), around the bend and to the right again where that lantern is up left on the wall. This time go W; but along the left side of the hedge over a bridge with arches and open the Gate with the Gate Key.

The Estate Grounds.

In the Far distance (SW) you can see a burning torch, follow that direction and find a little pergola. Go SW’erly up the slopes, passing two big trees, then a bit right up the slope and at the two cypress trees is an opening in the rocks to the right, shoot the Zombie and get the Uzis and a Sketch. Return to the pergola (where the torch is burning) and go N to where you see more light. As soon as you hit the path you’ll see two lanterns at a closed gate, Turn around (W) and up the wooden staircase, take a left up the next stairs and come to the pool. In the house there are several windows we can shoot (the ones with the cracks).

Shut off the Gas supply, the Basement Key.

Shoot the small basement window at the right hand side of the house. Crawl in and shoot the spider, hop down, through the door to the corridor and look up to find a hatch in the ceiling. Jump up to open it and grab up facing S, follow the duct right around. Drop down and follow to another drop to a part with a steam vent, go to the end of that part and jump up left to get some Shotgun ammo..

Make your way back, up into the duct and climb up right in the end. Go straight at the crossing (S) and shoot two spiders around the next bend. Take the first right and open the hatch and drop down, turn the valve to shut down the first stove as you can see. Turn around (S) into the dark passage and at the end open the door to the Corridor. The wall ahead (E) has a couple of doors, for now go left and open the next one on the right. Around the corner is a light switch and on the N wall is the second valve that shuts down another stove.  

Get back into the corridor, left around to the second door, open it and go up the stairs to the front yard. Go left around onto the porch and shoot a window next to the front door to get into the kitchen. Hop onto the stove and open the hatch. Turn around (S), jump grab up and follow through, crawl and drop onto stove, to the right on the floor is the Basement Key. Open the blue door and you are back in the room with the valve, shoot the zombie and leave S to the Corridor.

The Basement.

Go left to the far end and open the blue door, go into the lounge and ignore the wooden door left, open the one straight ahead (N) with the Basement Key. To the right are stairs down. First go straight N, open the door and shoot the spiders coming out. Left around the corner is a closed door and on the far N wall is a Timed switch opening that door for a short while. So roll and get through the door (save.1). Climb the crate and hop up left (S) into the duct, drop into a room and open the drawer for a Survivor’s Note and Flares. On the N wall, behind the desk is a switch opening a bookcase*. Leave through the door (E) and you are back at the stairs.

Main Floor Key. 

Go right/left and down those stairs, down below straight ahead (N) and open the door. In the bedroom check the closet right for a small medipack and the drawer next to the bed to get another small medipack and a page for the Notebook. Out of the room go loop around right, ignore the first open door and open the next. In the closet is a page for the Notebook. Look through the window behind you to spot the Shed Key, how to get that? Go out of the room, follow the passage, take a left and loop around right to the stairs. Head S through the dark corridor and loop left through the doorway down some more stairs, into the passage N and ignore the door straight head (dog…), take the left passage and open the door there, to the right is the bookcase you opened*. Go in and get the Main Floor Key from the table drawer.

Main Floor; Igniting the Fireplaces.

Back out to the passage and up the stairs, right around up the next flight of stairs and right around to the little table NE. Left of it is an opening to another staircase, go up and use the Main Floor Key. Loop around left and open the glass door to the balcony, pick up the Flares there and get back in, up the steps W to a ballroom. Left of the table straight ahead (W) is a lamp switch to ignite the fireplace (#1).

Go through the door left of the fireplace (S) and again left through the door to the dining room. The drawer in the table on the left has Shotgun ammo and a Note. The one S another Note, this one has a hint for the fireplaces and Uzi clips. The door S leads to the Kitchen, open it but don’t go through yet. So, head back through the door NW and left a bit through the doorway W, then through the opening left into the Main Hall. A Zombie wanders around somewhere.

The Master Room Key.

Go to a door far SE corner and into the corridor, the door closes behind you and the light goes off, draw the Shotgun as two dogs are coming, one from behind. In the next room, right of the chimney N is a lamp switch; use it to kill the fire in the Main Hall ground floor. Get back to the Hall, left is the fireplace, go in and climb the wall on the right (W), go into the bedroom and the nightstand is empty, but the drawer in the closet has a Note.

Leave through the door E, straight into the TV room with a scary movie… In the nightstand is the Master Room Key. Leave W (dog warning!) and take a right into the passage (notice straight ahead the back of a bookcase** blocking the passage), open the next door to get to the Main Hall upper floor. Take a right and go to the far door N and open it with the Master Room Key.

The Master Room, Fox Emerald. 

The nightstand left has a small medipack, the closet too. Use the lamp switch left of the fireplace (#2) to ignite it. In the other end of the room in the drawer of the table is the Fox Emerald. Through the door E, in the bathroom, are some Flares.

Back into the room, left to the Main Hall, down to the ground floor and through the doorway where the body is (NW). Right to the corridor and left to the Ballroom, right through the door and left to the staircase to the Basement. Left (S) and through the door, use the lamp switch on the wall straight ahead to ignite the fireplace (#3) and see a bookcase** open up.

Using the Emerald.

More routes you can probably take, but I went back N, just after the staircase right around to the stairs we just came from and back up, right to the Ballroom and left into the corridor, right/left to the Main Hall and up to the first floor. Go to the turtle painting (SE) and left through the door, into a passage we’ve travelled through before (in the crossing is a trapdoor in the ceiling). Go left to where that bookcase opened to an office. Straight, on the N wall is a Timed lamp switch opening that trapdoor in the ceiling. So, pull back flip/roll and get to the opening jump/grab up forward and pull up fast (save.2). Hop up to get to the landing and go to the painting to place the Fox Emerald in the necklace. A bookcase opens below.

Back of the House.

Drop through the opening in the balustrade (SW) and get through the opening (N), climb the wooden wall and safety drop down at the end of that passage. Flip the switch on the wall behind you (E) and the room turns to horror, a nasty creature shows up, blast him with the Shotgun. Use the lamp switch between the chairs NW and a wall moves back near the exit. Get down in there and just go straight to the steam vent. In the next room get a small medipack far right and in the other small passage some Uzi clips. There is another nasty creature roaming around.

In the niche with the steam vent we have to get in on the right hand side and grab up right, follow to more Uzi clips and then go in E, open the hatch. Safety drop down (quite a drop) and open another hatch (N), drop into the freezer. Shoot the Ham and be ready for the dogs coming in (“they can break through windows”, Sketchbook). Go out of the freezer and take a left, the dogs broke the windows there. Out of the house go right and then left up the stairs, towards the niche under the lantern (S) and flip the switch to open the garage. Head E and into the Garage, straight ahead in the back is a Page for the Notebook. Turn around and at the right hand wall are stairs down. Open the blue door; it is a shortcut back to the front of the house. Go back up the stairs and keep the wall on your right. Behind the table is a switch on the wall, use that to raise a platform** (for the Shed Key as will become clear later).

The Shed Key.

Head W up the road and right around the bend to the house. Then go left to follow the garden along the house to the N. Slide down to a rock path and go right a bit, then slide down left onto a rock plateau, grab the Uzi clips and run jump to grab that platform** E, at the side of the house. Go get the Shed Key and walk back, look down and spot the area below the rock plateau (SW). Under the plateau are Uzi clips (W) and in the corner next to the house (SE) is an Uzi. Jump into the lake and you’ll be back at the front of the house…

Detour for a Secret; walk to the right into the NW corner of the grounds, close to the wall of the House, hang from the edge and shimmy right under the foundation, pull up (Ctrl/Up & duck) and get Secret 2/2, another Uzi and a Page for the Sketch book. Crawl out backwards and just drop, you’ll end up back on the higher ground where you came from, or shimmy back.

Go left towards the light of the torch E and at the small building use the Shed Key and get in. Use the light switch right around the corner and grab up to the attic to crawl in for some Flares. Drop down and open the hatch, climb down the ladder and head into the tunnel S…


3 – Secret Tunnels.

0 Secrets.

Follow through, watch out for the spike pit and go right around the bend to another hole, this one safe and has a small medipack and then you’ll come to a cave where a bat attacks, keep left and jump over to the W. Another bat and up right is a trapdoor with a boulder, the boulder will drop. In the passage is a niche with a burning torch, turn around and walk or hop back till you see the boulder coming, run back and left into the niche. Go up where the boulder came from to use the reach-in switch in the brick wall, a fence opens up. Back down and into the tunnel, over the boulder pit and up right in the next room is some scaffolding. Under the scaffolding is a small medipack, now get onto the scaffolding using the wooden crate. Enter the tunnel by timing the spikes and run around the corner at the flamethrower. Right around to the higher ridge and under the scaffold is a handle to open the trapdoor. Turn around and jump/grab up, run jump SE into the tunnel and get through the double spike trap into the Spider cave, when you killed her, her offspring will likely seek revenge.

Up NW is a Timed switch, opening the fence up on the scaffolding above the lantern. Flip, roll and run jump S underneath the scaffold, run and jump with a roll onto the rock S, jump again and you are on the scaffold, left around the corner through the fence (save.3). Follow through to a pit with spiders, shoot them from above and drop onto the rock below. Go into a dark tunnel E to get an Uzi (shoot the spider webs). Back out and grab up W, the little fence will open for you.

Torch Puzzle, the Trix Medallion.

To the right, in the back of the second pillar is a reach-in hole with Torches, get one and drop it on the floor there. Now we have to activate that fire pipe in the N wall. Go into a dark passage S and up the ladder are Uzi clips. Out of the passage left and stand facing N against the pillar, back flip on the slope and jump to get on top of the pillar. Hop to the walkway against the pillar W, loop around the corner onto the platform behind the pillar and use reach-in switch #1.

Now run over the breakable walkway to the pillar N, jump on the slope NW and jump off to land on a platform. Run jump onto the suspended platform SE and hop to the pillar NE. Get onto the platform behind it and use reach-in switch #2, killing one of the flames at the monkey climb up S.

Climb back up and grab the monkey climb, make your way to the opposite SW corner and drop on the pillar there, in the wall is reach-in switch #3, the fire pipe is now burning. So, make your way down and get the Torch to ignite it.

Here, the Page of the Notebook (pillars of fire) will come in handy as it gives the order of the torches we have to ignite. Use the slope S to get onto the pillar taking the Torch, go NW and use the slope (back flip/jump or jump/jump) to get to the higher platform. Jump along the same route to the suspended platform and a hop down to the pillar SE, ignite the torch (#1). Run down from the W side and ignite torch (#2). Make your way up as before and jump to the pillar NW to ignite the torch (#3). Use the slope NW again to get higher up and go to the last torch (#4) NE, the gate W opens up. Make your way down to the ground floor and go get the Trix Medallion from the room W, to the right of it is a small medipack. 

Take a burning Torch with you and leave E, back track to the cave where the big spider was and throw the Torch on the web in the floor, save and from the corner where you got onto the scaffold before, face NE and run down into the pool below. Wade out N and shoot the bloody bats. In the NE corner is a scaffold (watch out for the swinging blade), use the sloped ridge (N) to back flip and jump/grab the platform. Jump W to the walkway, go up left and use the valve to kill the flames in the tunnel E.

Get down and into the tunnel (E) and come to a cave where you can go up the scaffolding and come to a spike trap. Stand in the middle and run jump onto the slope behind the spikes when they are open, then jump (that will be a back flip) and the spikes should be open again when you pass (save.4). From the upper platform run jump to the S through the spikes and then jump/grab up into the tunnel and come to a cave with a Gargoyle, shoot it and follow through…

2 - The Dark Estate - part 2.

Climb down the hole and shoot two snakes, go S and around the corner is a ladder up, go into that dark passage in the corner, throw the switch there and watch what happens…

The trapdoor under the pergola opens and water drains from the pool. Go back to the ladder and the lower passage is now flooded, swim N all the way, right around corners and climb out in the pool. Go up to the small stonewall E and find an opening in the wall with a little spruce tree. Hop over the wall there and find a hole in the rocks with a Shotgun. Climb back out, turn around and hop over the hole, get onto the high rock pillar there and hang from the E side to safety drop from the rock to a ledge below. Turn around and spot the pergola nearby. Climb down into the cave below and head into the tunnel…


3 – Secret Tunnels part 2.

Using the Trix Medallion.

Follow through shooting some spiders and walk onto the bridge, as soon as you hear the boulder, hop back then run jump over to the door. Open it, hop on the crate and turn around to jump over, run against the wall, jump up and then grab. Pull up to the ledge and find a small medipack left. From that niche run jump over to the platform at the doorway and follow through.

When you reach the flooded room, a snake will show up. Follow through; take a right before the closed door and at the next door crawl in on the right. Swim through the tunnel and throw the underwater lever in the room you’ll emerge in, quickly climb out onto the ledge and shoot the snake, or just let it be. Grab up into the duct above and follow through. Drop down and shoot the zombie, grab the small medipack. Now go to to the blue door you saw before, open it and go right and through the door you opened with the underwater lever. Get a small medipack and Shotgun ammo from the desk drawer and go left around to use the Trix Medallion. Drop down the trapdoor and follow the tunnel…


2 - The Dark Estate - part 3.

The Camera, City Keys. 

Go into a room with a desk and bookcases. In the drawer are a Camera (binoculars), a Notebook Page and the City Keys. SW are Uzi clips, above the symbol in the middle of the room you can see a floating camera indicating you can take a picture of it and that will provide a clue (use the camera and focus on the tile under the camera and press F3), these screens will be saved in the Codex which is now in your inventory, for later reference. A bookcase will open up N, go through and a flyby will carry you back to the start of the Maze, go through the arch and straight through the door to reach the City…

1 - Event Horizon – part 2.

Use the City keys, flood the Canal.

Go E down Wesker Dr., left around the bend and at the crossing with Legolas Ln. take a right and down the slope, left into the alley before the bench and drop through the open trapdoor. Go S and right, follow up (W) and right around the corner through the hole in the wall (we’ve been here). Use the City Keys in the keyhole left; go through the open gate and use the switch to flood the canal as you can see. Go back through the tunnel you came from and the end is now flooded (E), so swim left around the corner. You can get air where the trapdoor is before you swim further N (for later)

For a Secret: Climb out at the open trapdoor, go right around the block, passing the Diner and the sinkhole in the street, you’ll come to the bridge and on the bridge are Flares in case you didn’t get those yet. Go back a bit and left through the opening in the barrier, get into the water and swim E through the tunnel. Straight are Uzi clips and when you turn around, you’ll see an underwater lever opening the door in the Diner, so use it. Swim back and surface under the bridge, wade up left (S) and hop up into the opening. Go through and pick up Shotgun ammo, you have my permission to shoot that zombie down there, but you don’t have to. Go back to the canal, slide down and go right to where you can jump up to grab back up to the bridge. Go left to the Diner and enter the door to get Secret #3/3, Shotgun ammo, an Uzi and a Medipack. Get out, left around down the street to pole #5 and left into the alley with the open trapdoor, hop into the water.

Swim N, in the first tunnel left (W) are Uzi clips, turn around and swim straight (E), down at the pole and in the end up into the ceiling tunnel, that’s where we go to the next level…


4 – Singularity.

A NON-Linear level, this is how we did it…

5 Secrets

Timed Burner.

Go straight into the next section and first check out left, through steam vents to a pit, shoot Croc and jump down for some Uzi clips in the far side. Climb back up, through the steam vents and go to the S opening. Push the block S and pick up Flares, pull the block E out and move it aside to the right. Light a Flare, push the button and roll, get to the entrance and run jump as far as you can to the opposite side, get in and run through the steam vents, jump and grab the rope. Go down and turn a bit right, swing and jump off into the opening in the far right corner (NE), sprint through the burner into another room with a dead guy (save.5). Get the Medipack and climb up at the other side (E).

A Crowbar.

In the sewer go left/right (Crocs can show up at any time), passing a ladder and to the right you’ll see an open door. Inside is another Sketch in front of the toilet and opposite of that is a pushblock (S). Push it till you have revealed an opening up in the ceiling.

For a Secret, push the block as far as it will go. Turn left and push that block as far as it will go too, turn left and get Secret #1/5, an Uzi. Go back to the opening in the ceiling.

Grab up (S) and go up the stairs, right around and shoot the crate to get some Uzi clips. Now go to the other side of the landing and find a switch in the left window. A door* opens in the Sewers. Go down, drop through the hole and go out to the sewers, right and in the end left through the door* you opened. Slide down the slope and shoot a Zombie, shoot some crates and pick up a Crowbar. Run jump SE onto the slope and jump again to end up on the ledge, go into the Sewers.

#6 Breakdown St. key.

Take a right and head straight (W), passing the ladder and find an old barrel (on the right), a door is ajar there. Inside and left are Flares, there are some spiders running around too and on the desk SE is the #6 Breakdown St. key. Go back out, right and around the corner and swim to a small room with a gate and 2 corpses. Climb up on the ledge right (E) and use the Crowbar lever. The gate is now open…

Timed Fire run.

Go through and go around to the back, face E and side flip to the right onto the sloped block, jump again grabbing the ledge above. To the right is a Timed button opening a gate behind the fire blowers. Push the button and back flip roll, depending on which Flame just went down, hop over to the back of the room and right to go through the gate (save.6). Jump SW, follow the ledge and open the door W with the #6 Key.

#6 Breakdown St.

Shoot a Zombie and go up the stairs and where you see that dead guy, climb up on the right for a small medipack around the corner. Back up the stairs to get out to the street, straight across, in the alley is some Shotgun ammo.

Roaming the Streets.

Head E and a short cut scene shows the “Singularity”.

Left is a fenced off area, inside to the left and under a crate you can shoot is a Secret Cell Key to access a Secret later on.

At the broken Stop sign Lara looks at something… It’s that manhole in the road. That’s probably meant as a shortcut back in case you missed the first Secret, as you can open it and find that ladder we’ve seen down there.

From the manhole, go left (N) into the dead-end street and pick up a small medipack and Uzi clips. To get some kind of direction, go back to the manhole and left (E), through the tunnel you can see a Church up front, to the right is where we came from. Still at the manhole go right (W) a bit and left (S) at the crossing, keep left (Geckokid Rd.) and go left into the alley at the gargoyle. Pick up a small medipack and follow through, go left through a tunnel to a fenced off area. Go through the fence in the back and grab the Medipack from next to the burn barrel. Back out through the hole in the fence and left to Geckokid Rd. Left around the outside of the fence and in the parking lot are some tables (S), on one of them is a Notebook Page. For some Flares go into the alley E and return to the street.

Go left (S) to the manhole and open it (face N), down the ladder and find a door and Uzi clips NW, there’s Shotgun ammo in the deeper part NE. The door won’t open, so go back up the ladder.

For a Secret: After climbing up, light a Flare, look W and spot some arrows, following the arrows you’ll end up in a hole in the ground (E of the street), with Secret #2/5, a small medipack and Uzi clips.

#7 Geckokid Rd, a Valve Wheel. 

Follow the street S, then around the bend left to the E, while wander along the road, lights will fail and you might wake up some dead guys. End of the road at the intersection with Atlas Rd. open the manhole and get down, get the Uzi clips from the water, climb back up to the street. Take a left (S) and find a dead guy sitting in his car, grab the #7 Geckokid Rd Key. Go back left along Geckokid Rd and right onto the driveway of #7, through the open gate right around is a Sketch. At the back of the house are a Medipack and Uzi clips next to the tree. Back to the front and open the front door, inside go through to the kitchen and left down the stairs and follow around to where you have to shoot a Zombie to pry the Valve Wheel from the wall.

Go out of the house and once on the road go left to the crossing and go left (N) on Atlas. At some point you’ll see a light coming for you, it’s a Fire Imp, start shooting as soon as you can and do some back flips.

The Lantern Puzzle, 2 Atlas Rd key, Basement Key. 

Proceed N on Atlas Rd and at the parked grey car, on the porch of the house left is Shotgun ammo. Down from the porch, left and into the second alley left is some more Shotgun ammo. Go back to the road and straight E and at the yellow car (at #2) go right up the path. Lara makes a comment about a fuel tank. That one is left of the front door, pull push the tank to the W side of the generator and use the Valve wheel on the E end. The Power is restored…

Turn E and spot some poles with a cable, push the cable connector (standing E of the cables) to the S once, so you’ll have a diagonal connection. The lantern SE lights up, look below the lantern and spot the arrow now visible, there’s another one in the niche E, go get the #2 Atlas Rd Key there.

Go back to the cables, pull the cable connector back N once and push W it into the opening, connecting the wire going under the underpass (right). Follow the cable going down right under the underpass and find another cable connector, move it into the part of the cable that’s missing (pull S twice and push W once). Go up N (following the cable) up to street level. Follow the cable left (W) to the lantern, follow the arrows (W and then left) and grab the Basement Key from the dirt. 

#2 Atlas Rd Basement, a Sword.

Go back through the underpass (or over the road) and up to the porch of #2 Atlas Rd. Get in and go down to the Basement, shoot some spiders and then the crates to pick up a small medipack. In the end of the passage W you can see a red light of a gun turret, it will shoot you when you get close. On the wall, next to the desk is a picture; push it and get a message. Let’s have some fun with that turret, push the block on the right of the button in twice and go to the end of the passage, push the block on the right once so it will be blocking the view of the turret. Go back, loop around left into the passage where you can now safely open the Basement door.

Go in and run out right around the corner because there’s another Turret there, hop into the canal and swim W along the right hand side (out of view you won’t be noticed) and halfway down are Uzi clips and Flares, swim back along the same wall and climb back out SE. Now sprint to the W, go left into the passage and light will turn off as you pass. After the last light a Zombie will be in front of you, shoot him quick.

In the next room go down into the trench, to the other end and left through the hole in the wall, pick up the Shotgun just before you hop down, a Fire Imp will wake up. Shoot him and he will leave a Sword behind. There’s also some Shotgun ammo on the lower floor near where you entered. Doors opened W, go in and shoot a Croc. Looks like a Chapel…

To the Church.

Up the stairs W is a keyhole where you can use the City Keys, go further up the stairs, through the door you’ll end up under the manhole, we’ve collected some pickups here before, climb up to the street. Go N passing under the bridge and at the crossing with Breakdown St go right, straight passing the manhole and through the arch in the wall of #2, and come to the Church (Ripley Av.), go left at the church doors to pick up Shotgun ammo near the corner, then open the Church doors with the City Keys. Two dogs inside, so watch out. Go to the Altar straight ahead (E) and pick up a Sketch.

In the far NE corner is a crate (with a trapdoor behind it), climb the crate, grab up S to the floor above. Get onto the nearby crate and look left of the rope to just spot the shiny handle of a jump lever under the windows (or use the camera). Get on the crate and run jump from the left corner and grab the rope, turn left and swing to jump to the higher window in the middle of that wall. Slide and grab the windowsill and line up to drop/grab the lever. A pole appears on the upper floor, S side of the Church. Back up the crate, up to the rope and this time swing and jump across to the crate S. Shoot the old crates against the wall to get a Medipack and go left to shoot another crate for Flares and Uzi clips.


Now go to the other end and run jump to grab the pole. Go up and back flip into the attic to use the crowbar lever there, that trapdoor next to the crate will open up. Grab the pole, just slide down and head NE again, down into the open trapdoor (Zombie alert!). Go S and to the last room.

To the left is a gate and in case you found the Secret Cell Key, you can open that gate and go in to collect Secret #3/5, a Shotgun with ammo under the crates.

The Study Room Key.

Go out and W, through the first door right (opens for you) and on the wall behind the gargoyle is a Timed button. Push, get out of the room, in the corridor right/left through the Timed door and on the small table is the Study Room Key. Go out to the corridor and straight to open the Study Room.  

Getting Help to get out.

Head through the opening in the back and left is a crowbar lever; use it now as it opens a gate (for later). First prepare some things, go through the opening on the left (W) to a dark pit, keep right passing a contraption with a crate on top and reach a closed gate N we’ll have to open. Hop onto the slanted beam left of the gate and turn right, grab up E and shimmy left around the corner, pull up. Go left, hop and grab the sloped block, hang one grab from the left and pull up over, jump to land on another block, jump again to grab the jump lever. That gate will now be open. Look W and spot the ramp with the contraption under a trapdoor. Now, you need some help; go back through the gate and to the Study to the corridor and right through the gate you opened with the crowbar lever.

Prison Cell Key.

Up the stairs and follow through, down the left opening (watch out for the swinging fire basket) and left onto the ledge. Run jump over to the other side and grab the Prison Cell Key. Jump back and up the steps at the swinging fire pot, follow through and through the gate. Take a left and keep going straight (N) so you can open the Prison Cell. Inside are two very poisonous guys dragging their axes (Bruiser Zombies as portrayed in the Sketchbook).

Lure those back to the dark pit left (W), right through the open gate (this will take a while, where’s the Red Bull?) and left up the ramp to let them break that contraption. This will certainly cost you a Medipack or two… Now grab up to where the trapdoor opened and use the switch to bring out another pole in the Church. Get down…

For a Secret: just S of the ramp, in the NW corner of the dark pit, you can safety drop down and find Secret #4/5, an Uzi and a Medipack. Grab back up N.

Travel back S and left, Study, Corridor, left (E) to the Secret Cell and left to the trapdoor and up to the Church.

N Side Attic, a Shield, the Coat of Arms.

Up onto the crate next to the trapdoor and up to the floor above, to the other end (W) and to the pole, up and back flip into the attic. Go pry the Shield off the wall and a hasty flyby kicks in. Combine the Shield and Sword into the Coat of Arms.

Backyard, Wraith and a Torch.

Back down the pole, just slide down and turn E, just left of the Altar the doors opened. Go through and you are in the backyard of the Church, crates everywhere. Over the crates and NW are Uzi clips, from the highest crate into the nearest window more Uzi clips. SE are more crates and the smaller ones you can shoot for Uzi clips, through the doorway S is a small room, left on the Floor is a Torch, but when you enter the room, a Wraith will come for you. Leave the Torch for now and go up the wall ladder behind it fast and run straight over the wall into the water below. Swim N, into a room with a dead guy and left, then right and right around the corner you can go up and climb out. Go through either of the gates in the W wall, back to the yard. Go left to the room with the Torch, but first go up the wall again, left around to grab a Medipack (NE).

Getting out.

Get the Torch and ignite it on the burning oil SW.

For a Secret: ignite the candle in this room; drop the Torch. Climb the wall and hop into the water, swim N again and in the room with the body left into the passage, now keep left and through the door opened by lighting the candle, go left and climb out. On the wall is a Timed button; it will open a door inside the Church. Push, get into the water, swim through the door, then left and straight, right around the corner and climb out. Out of the gate NW and go over the high crates into the Church, at the benches right and go along the wall to the Timed door just before the bookcases, inside is Secret #5/5, the Pulse Rifle.

Get back to where the Torch is (E wall and left of the Altar over the boxes and go tight (S) into the door with the small steps) and take it. Go out to the yard and ignite the two wall torches on the E wall. Head into the SW corner and through the now open gate (you don’t need to take the Torch as it disappears when you go through the door), follow the alley W to some closed doors. Turn around to shoot the Gargoyle.

Go through the now open doors, you are back at the front of the Church. Straight to the streetlight and right a bit, left through the alley and at the street left again to the intersection with Geckokid Rd. Go left following the right hand sidewalk and at the fire hydrant before the bridge are some stairs up right. Go up and hop over the barrier, go to the right (W) and at the end of the road, near the building with the singularity on top, drop down into the sinkhole.

Enter the opening in the S wall; go left up the stairs, left again and at the end up to the right is a jump lever raising a platform. Go around to the other side and climb up to the higher walkway. Grab up to the platform and then turn around and jump over to the walkway to get a Notebook Page. To the left are Uzi clips. Jump back to the platform and go right over the walkway, grab Uzi clips and then drop down left for some Flares. Make your way back down the stairs and that’s where you can use the Coat of Arms (Shield & Sword) on the door S, better get your health up before you go down…

5 – Through the Breach.

No Secrets.

As soon as you get control back, a Hellknight will come through the portal and starts to shoot, select the Pulse Rifle if you have it and blast him. In the corner next to the dead guy (NE) is a backpack full of Ammo and Medipacks.

“Time to find out where this thing leads us…”

Now jump into the portal….


6 – Utopia Vale.

3 Secrets.

Shoot the Lizard and go up the stairs (W), on a ledge you can see the camera symbol, take a picture there (F3) and get the Unknown (Alien Numerical System?). The doors open NW, you’ll come to Utopia Vale. To the right is an Alien creature, but it’s just a statue. Take a left into the corner and grab the Rail Gun Ammo. Head N along the terrace and jump left over the fence to a flat grassy part.

Preparation for a Secret; turn around and look under the terrace you came from to spot a bell, shoot that (Shotgun and ‘look’ to aim) and a door will open where we’ll go later. 

Now go N till you reach the bare rock before the rainbow waterfall. Hang from the edge next to the waterfall and drop down onto a slope, slide and slide down again till you are in the lake. Swim left a bit to where the waterfall is and use the underwater lever opening a trapdoor under a pergola. Roll and swim left around to the pergola (S), wade up near that beautiful tree and drop through the trapdoor. 

Timed Platform.

Follow through to a Timed lever on the right, look in the passage left to get the layout, but leave some of the breakable parts of the floor intact, easier for the run. Pull the lever, roll and run over the ledge, left and run jump to grab the ladder, go up and near the top back flip roll onto the Timed platform. Side flip left or run onto the balcony (save.7). Time the flamethrower and then run jump over the fire tile, in the next room a boulder will try to crush you… Lara looks at a column in the far corner, first shoot the vase to get the Medipack, then go to that column, jump up and shoot the upper part, the floor gives way. Stand in the corner behind the column facing E, jump up and down shooting the lizard.

Then grab up to the floor above, up on the ledge is a pole, climb up avoiding the blade as much as you can. Back flip onto the floor, shoot some vases for 2x Pulse ammo.

The Secret: Only if you shot that bell before, the door SE is open and inside is Secret #1/3, a Medipack, a box of Plasma Grenades and some Rail Gun Ammo. Get out of the room.

Go to the front balcony and in the NW corner is a lever, use the lever, turn right and hop back grabbing the edge, drop down on the slope and get through the gate. Under a vase are Flares, go up the ladder into the room above the Monster.

For a Secret, run over break tiles to the N side of the room and in front of the closed door turn around. Look up S and use the Shotgun or Pulse rifle (Use ‘look’ to aim) and shoot another bell, opening a door near that monster below. Run around the room to break all the loose floor parts and safety drop down N. Quickly take care of that guy.

The open door E has vases with Secret #2/3, a small medipack and Rail Gun ammo.

Next to the Secret door is a lever opening trapdoors S and a door in the room above. Use the blocks in the corner to get back up and jump over the hole to the open door N. As you go up the stairs, a boulder will come through the doors, so get out of the way and proceed.

A Treasure Map, Across the Bridge.

Out on the terrace, go right and pick up a Pulse Rifle near the dead Alien. Go down the stairs and at the end of the first stairs, in the grass under the balcony, you can find a Treasure Map. Look down W and you can spot the entrance to a tunnel (the one on the Map. Proceed down the stairs, cross the bridge finding another Pulse Rifle.

Quite a long detour for a Secret: Where the bridge ends, go left onto the grass and walk to the edge (S), safety drop down, slide down and to the W is that entrance to a tunnel system. Follow through to the end, left and come to what the Treasure Map indicates as the “Earth” symbol (3), the Timed “Secret” door is behind it. Roll and run back, into the tunnel right (S), roll onto the tile (1) and run a bit left into the tunnel N, roll onto the tile (2) so you just hit the tile and you’ll hear the door open, quickly out of the tunnel, right and then left around the corners to sprint back to where the Timed door should still be open and grab Secret #3/3, the Liquid Rail Gun. To get back to the bridge we’ll have to do quite a back track… Hop into the water, to the pergola SE, down and do the Timed trapdoor again, the fire passage, up through the ceiling where you shot the column. Up the pole, W to the balcony and at the lever drop down to the terrace, into the open gate E and up the ladder, through the door N and left up the boulder stairs, out to the terrace and N to the stairs leading down to the bridge, go across to where we left off. So, at least we don’t have to worry about Secrets anymore in this area.

Follow the stairs up, through the passage to another valley and go right, up the ladder and follow into another passage. Come to a really deep shaft with elevator platforms, jump to the one left, then to the next one up and hop up SW into the opening, there is another portal, jump in…


7 – Emerald Dreamscape-Treetops.

5 Secrets.

“Another World, such fun”.

To the left is a tile where you can use the camera (Forest?). Walk onto the bridge and turn right on the first flat part, spot the jump lever on the pillar N (there’s a block behind the pillar base, we’ll return for that later). Run jump and operate it, a block goes up. Shoot some bats, but be careful there are spikes under the bridge.

Up the Tree.

Go up the ladder SE and run jump from the flat part of the bridge over a trapdoor to the other end. Shoot a tiny raptor and go right to where that block went up. Jump on the block and grab up to climb the ladder into a huge tree as we’ll understand later and find what looks like a used receptacle there, but it is actually a Timed button. It will raise a platform up the ramps. Push, hop back with a bit of a left turn and jump with a roll onto the floor above the button, bit on the left side, jump onto the Timed platform and back flip to a safe one (save.8). Jump up some more and then go up the ladder, pull up and start jumping back and fro, steering right to end up in a steep tunnel (branch of the tree). Hah, no boulder… 

The Tree Huts.

Grab up either side into a tree hut and go out to the terrace, over to the next hut and shoot a Lizard. In the chest are Pulse ammo and Flares, out again and to the bridge N, run jump over the part where the dead Lizard is (Knife trap) and on the large terrace run jump and grab the vine on the left (E), swing to the next and then to the hut. In the hut is a chest with a small medipack and on the wall is a painting of a native with a flute over a trapdoor (sign of a Secret as we’ll discover later).

The Scope.

Outside stand jump over to the moving branch S when it is down, run jump onto the suspended platform. Stand on the table and grab up E, drop down into the hollow tree and stand facing S on the S side of the grate in the floor, there’s an updraft, jump up and keep Ctrl pressed to end up grabbing the platform (or maybe you’ll even end up on it). A closed gate, turn around and jump to the jump lever after checking your health. Jump back up to that platform and get the Scope. You can attach it to the Pulse Rifle (I did that) or the Rail gun. Safety drop onto the wind grate and then run jump W over the thing to grab the exit (or run down directly from the platform into the exit).

The Gold Key.

Drop onto the table and run jump to the plants SW. Walk onto the broken bridge part and grab the Pulse ammo. Aim W for that crystal the Lizard is holding and see a trapdoor open up. Get back to the hut N.

Secret: Enter and stand on that trapdoor in the back, look up over the entrance and shoot the crystal there, the trapdoor opens, go into the branch and pick up Secret #1/5, a backpack full of goodies, a Medipack, Pulse- and Rail Gun ammo. Climb out and go outside.

Go right (W) and use the two vines to swing to the large terrace. Go back left over the bridge with the Knife trap and enter the hut there to find that open trapdoor. Through the tunnel up to the next hut and outside left around to where you can jump over to a broken bridge. Grab up to the monkey bars and go left around to where you can drop on a branch with the Gold Key.

Using the Gold Key, lower the Bridge.

Go back using the monkey bars, jump to the hut S and go around to enter, through the trapdoor passage, up into the hut N. Right around and over that nasty bridge to the large terrace, over the bridge to the building (there’s a silver keyhole) to open the stone house. Several enemies inside, in the two chests, left and right is 2x Pulse ammo and some Flares too, go to the back and in the right hand corner is a plant. Stand in the plant facing the House and back flip onto the slope behind, jump again to grab the jump lever lowering the bridge at the large terrace as you can see.

Over the Bridge, Pulley Puzzle.

Go back N to that large terrace and right onto the bridge, jump/grab the hut W. Inside are 4 pulleys with crystals on the central wall and receptacles on the wooden poles, use the pulleys to turn the poles, so the receptacles face the crystals, like the red one W. But pulling one pulley will also turn two others. One of the possible solutions is: use E 2 times, then S 3 times and last N one time. Go out N, watch out, breakable bridge and jump over to that tunnel. Follow around the corner and mind the darts. To the right you’ll see a group of pillars.

Pillar Puzzle, Serpents Stones.

Push the first (front row), into the building as far as it will go.

You probably noticed already, that Treasure Map left, go right around that pillar outside and hop into the corner to get a Secret Hint (Treasure Map, of that native playing the flute).

The Green Serpent Stone.

Go on to the second group of pillars (W), pull the first front one to the right (E), Move the one in front of the opening to the W side. Inside you’ll see a Timed button (we’ll do that later). First take a right, push that first pillar you pushed inside straight onto a tile and the door opens left. In a niche, left around the corner is some Rail Gun ammo. Next to the push pillar is a Timed button raising a trapdoor… Push, roll and run fast to the end of the passage. Run jump out over the left side of that sloped block, immediately jump again with a left curve to that ledge and curving left run to the trapdoor to jump and grab the vine. Swing and jump off when the flame is down (save.9) to get the Green Serpent Stone.

Preparing for a Secret: From that ledge look E and a bit to the left of the vine to spot that Native with the flute under a hut, below that, in NE corner you can just make out a Crystal, shoot that and that hut up there opens up, we’ll get there in a bit.

Skulls, the Blue Serpent Stone.

Now run jump/grab the opening S, go up and you are back at the push pillars, just left of the passage you come out of is another Timed button, for later. Along the W wall is a bit of raised floor, grab up W from there, follow the passage up some blocks and along a ledge with a rope fence. From where the rope is fallen, jump over to the branch N, pick up something for the Notebook, “watch your step”.

Run jump NE into the hut (if you shot the crystal before) to get Secret #2/5, Plasma Scatter Grenades from the chest. Jump back to the branch.

Then jump over to the ledge S, go left and follow to the valley shooting a tiny raptor. Grab some Pulse ammo near the edge and go right over the bridge, halfway over hop onto the waterfall W and shoot the crystal you can see W to open a wall* (you cannot shoot it through the waterfall, use the part on the right where there is no water flow).

Hop back onto the bridge and at the other end right around the corner and shoot a tiny raptor. To the right is the open wall*. Run into the passage to the other end, through a dark passage and this is where that last Notebook page comes in handy. The Skulls on the Map indicate which Spike tiles should be avoided. Go left a bit so you face the Blue Stone, now go forward 3 tiles and then right two tiles to pick up the Pulse ammo, hop back once, turn left and go pick up the Blue Serpent Stone. All spikes de-activate, so go get that Medipack along the S wall after shooting a Lizard. Make your way back along the same route to the bridge. Safety drop from the bridge into the valley.

Timed Trapdoor, the Red Serpent Stone.

First have a look, go NW and go to the entrance of the building again. Turn around and straight S behind that massive rock-pillar you can see a trapdoor, it’s open but we need it closed to get into the tunnel above it. Go N into the building to the Timed button straight ahead, push, back flip/roll and sprint to the trapdoor, roll and back flip onto the sloped rock S of the trapdoor, jump and grab the edge of the trapdoor and pull up, stand jump forward to safety (save.10). Follow the tunnel, just before the passage with the inactive blade trap left into the corner and grab up into a hidden passage, push the boulder down and that will de-activate the Spikes under the Red Serpent Stone, go after the boulder to pick it up. Go left around through the passage, side flip through the Blade trap and go down to that Timed trapdoor, drop down.

Using the Gems, the Silver Key.

Go W and just left around the corner of the rocks, you can hop up to a flatter part, then hop up S(W) to the ledge. Grab up under the bridge and monkey swing across to the receptacles, stand a bit back and use all 3 of the Stones. The Big Doors open S. Drop down and go through… Follow the cave, shoot the bats and come to some more Big Doors left. Follow through to where you see a hut, use the vine to get there, shoot the Lizard and grab the Silver Key it drops. Run jump E to the branch and hop to the next, then run jump straight E from the highest point to the branch ahead.

Secret: Hop a bit right to the hut. Go along the right hand side to the back (S) and get Secret #3/5, Scatter Plasma Grenades. Back to the N side. Walk onto the short branch on the same level as the floor and run jump up NE to the branch we came from.

Use the Silver Key, the Orb Puzzle.

Hop NE onto the bridge, go right into the hut with the pulleys. Then left out the door and jump over to the large terrace E, go left over the bridge and under the tree is the Keyhole for the Silver Key. The floor gives way under your feet, just let go and end up in a pool of water. Wade up E and go right to the S to come to an opening in the floor. Safety drop down and climb down one of the ladders close to the wall to get to the lower section.

The Maze, a Silver Orb.

S and W, are ladders on wall pillars and the NE pillar of the central structure is a pushable, push it 2 times S till under the lever. Big Doors* open up when you use the lever, shoot a Hag and go to the W wall pillar, up the ladder and find a Silver Orb receptacle there. Hang from the right hand side where you’ll find a jump lever. After you used it, a platform starts to move near the S wall pillar, another hag shows up after you slid down. Up the S pillar and spot the open wall in the central structure (N), nothing can be done there yet. Jump to the moving platform from the left side and run jump from that to the platform E. Grab the monkey bars and get to the pillar with the Gold Orb receptacle. Jump into the open doors* W and shoot a Hag. You can see a Maze through the floor, the S side has an opening as you can see.

Down in the maze you need to open some doors to get to the Silver Orb. On the block are levers; I used the one in front (face W), then right around the corner for (face S) and around the corner again for the third (face E). Now we cleared the path to the Orb. Go through the doors E, jump to the terrace with the receptacle, go down the ladder on the side and up the one on the S pillar. Go over the bridge to enter the central structure and keep going right to come to a chest with Flares and a small medipack. Turn around and go SE to get the Silver Orb. Follow the maze back, keeping left to the bridge and S pillar…

Detour for another pickup; Go use the platforms and monkey bars again to get to the room above the maze. Use the W side lever and the W side door below is open. …Back out to the E where the Gold receptacle is and down the ladder, over to the W and up to the top and the receptacle.

For the pickup: Cross the bridge into the maze and go right to open a chest with Pulse ammo and a Medipack. Back over the bridge and use the Silver Orb and hop up into the open door, follow through shooting a Lizard and get through a blade trap. Get down and left at the fence (SE) is a Notebook Page with a hint how to defeat the Xergoth.

The sound of the block you’ll hear is a block behind the fence going down, it is next to the pillar with the jump lever at the start of this level, a Secret we’ll get later. Go to the Portal and dive through…

6 – Utopia Vale- part 2.

Follow to a pole and a lever, the lever opens Big doors*. Go down the pole, go through the doors that opened and follow the terraces

Lara: “More statues… or are these something else?”

Stop at the entrance to a wide passage… 

Detour for the 4th Secret in Emerald Dreamscape: Go into the wide passage, take a left, through the Big Doors* you opened to connect to the earlier part of Utopia Vale. Go right and follow the path over the high bridge, use the elevator platforms again, hop into the opening in the wall. Go through the Portal to Dreamscape…

-Back in Dreamscape for the Secret.

Go down the ladder left of the bridge and next to the pillar with the jump lever a room can be accessed now (E), get Secret #4/5, the Horus Reward, a Pulse Rifle and 3x Ammo for it. There’s a message on the left wall. Back out, left and up the ladder, through the Portal, down the elevators and into the passage E, follow back over the bridge and into the tunnel, left up the slope through the big doors to the wide passage. Go back right to the terraces where we left off..

Several ways to go from here on, this is how we did it.

Getting some clues.

Go down the stairs N, follow down and up, up some ladders and come to meet the Alien Commander, General Maro. Pick up the two Notebook Pages in that room. Go down the stairs S, through the passage and open the doors, out on the terrace is another Alien, asking for the Horizon Beacon. Over the crumbling bridge W is a second, he wants the Elements of Trinity. Now you know the layout, you can return to where the General is.

Torch Puzzle.

Open the doors N, take a right and down the ladder. Use the Timed lever, sprint back to the ladder and up high enough to back flip/roll and run over the Timed platform to jump and grab the block above the lever (save.11). Jump to the ledge in the back and go right, shoot the vase near the lever N for some Flares. The lever will permanently raise the platform E.

At the other end of the ledge (S) is a Timed lever igniting a wall torch below for 8 sec. Look at the ledge above the lever block in the room below and spot a jump lever, jump and grab it to topple the bowl and a Torch will drop out. It‘s re-usable and in your inventory… Go back up the ladder E, back flip to the floor and jump to the lever block again, to the ledge and go left around to the Timed lever for the wall torch. Use the lever, turn right and hop back grabbing the edge, drop and select the Torch, ignite it on the wall torch. Go to the gate NE and ignite the two wall torches to open the gate (save.12). The Torch will be gone around the corner. Right of the Portal is some Pulse ammo on a pedestal. Go to the Portal and dive in…

7 – Emerald Dreamscape – part 2: Forest Floor.


After landing in the water, swim through the tunnel W, to the far end and left around, on the back of the SW pillar is an underwater lever raising a block. Climb right of the lever and find that block a bit left, shoot some bats and now you can climb up to the floor E. Go through to the cave above the water and portal, jump to the slope right (S), in the corner, jump again to get to the block ledge. Follow through towards the Portal and jump over to the N. From there run jump and grab the flat part of the bridge. Head W along either side and come to the area below those huge trees we’ve climbed through before. Some trees will bend over to form an arch over a cave entrance. A pack of wolves then will come for you.

For the Secret and the Weapon Part: To the far SW is a weird plant that will try and eat you, shoot it and head into the tunnel behind it. Climb up into one of the big trees, up the ladder and hang left as high as you can go, back flip onto a Blade trap, immediately side flip right. Up the next ladder and from 4 grabs from the top back flip/roll grab the wooden floor. Climb up E into a hut and get Secret #5/5, a load of Plasma ammo in the chest. In the window near the dead Lizard is Weapon Part 1. Get out, down to the wooden floor and run jump with Ctrl to grab the ladder. Down and turn SE, run towards the next ladder and grab it. Make your way out to the forest floor.

Cave Labyrinth, Bronze Orb.

Loop right around where those trees bent over and into a Cave Labyrinth, at the intersection is a chest with a Notebook Page, “Fire Bad!” Taking other directions in this Labyrinth will take you right back to the entrance… So…

Go E: At the next intersection a wolf attacks, in the chest are Flares.

Go S: another chest at the intersection and 3 tiny raptors. In the chest is Pulse ammo.

Go E: at the next intersection a deadly plant protecting some Pulse ammo. 

Go S: Next intersection another deadly plant and to the right near a plant with big leaves, a small medipack.

Go E: Next intersection another deadly plant, a chest with a Bronze Orb.

Go N: Next intersection another deadly plant, Pulse ammo left.

Go N: Come to a campfire, first go right (E), shoot the two wolves and return to the campfire. Ignite your Torch there (it’s in the inventory, remember?). Go E again and ignite the sticks in the campfire under the tree, the tree will move aside as if it is scared (Fire Bad!). Go in (drop the Torch so you can find it again) and use that Orb, a block will rise behind you. Pull/push the pillar on the right of the receptacle to the W and next to the block. Climb up onto the pillar; grab the ladder wall above and go up. Go through to a deep pit.

The Timed Platform Challenge, Golden Orb.

Hop down onto the platform, face S and at the highest point to can see our goal, the Big Doors. Just below the doors is a Timed lever, facing N you can see a second Timed lever. Get to the S lever and save standing sideways so you can keep an eye on the platform. When it is at the farthest point, pull the lever and roll, run jump to the platform which should just have arrived, then run jump onto the N ledge and quickly use the lever, 21 seconds to go, be patient… run jump to the platform when you get the chance and then run jump/grab (or maybe you can just get on the ledge in one go) to the ladder under the Big Doors. Run through the doors (save.13) and open the chest to get the Golden Orb from the chest, a short cut scene shows some trees bending over. Jump to the platform, face N and there are ladders too at the top of the room, jump and grab those to get a small medipack from a chest (was hoping for a Secret, but no:).

Dry Sticks, Using the Golden Orb.

Back to the platform and out W. Down the ladder, grab the Torch and jump over the blocks to the campfire you can ignite the Torch again if needed. Go into the cave W, at the fire there go straight W, hop up the slope an shoot the 3 tiny raptors in that area. In the structure SW are two old fireplaces; the one in the back has some Dry Sticks you can pick up. Go to the big tree SE, there is a fire place without wood, place the sticks from facing S. Get your Torch to ignite the fire at the tree before the wood gets too wet. The root of the tree pulls back (scared of fire) and reveals a hidden tunnel. You can leave the Torch as you have one in your backpack.

Coming into a cave, hop left to the ledge for Plasma ammo. You are above the Maze now… I jumped back and then hopped down S onto the block with the levers. Get to the floor and out the doors E, jump to the pillar to place the Orb and the doors open, go through and Dreamscape is done so far…


8 – Eternal Rest.

0 Secrets

Xergoth, the Exiled, the Great Acorn.

Have the Torch ready, hop through the opened door on the right (S) to a battlefield, you have to ignite 3 fire baskets in the room to stun Xergoth enough so you can easily hurt him with a weapon of choice. You might have to use the Torch a second time, as Xergoth is only vulnerable when the blue lightning is going on. (save.14). A door opened NE, follow up to an intersection, pick up the Pulse ammo and (straight ahead (W) is back to the entrance) go further up the stairs (S). Once outside, shoot the Great Acorn (Element of Trinity) out of the tree on the right and pick it up, a big round door opens up revealing another Portal. Head back inside, left and right to that Portal.


9 – Desolation.

3 Secrets.

After taking a screen of that symbol you can have a look in the Codex and deduct what number it must represent… (2+(1+X)=(3+X)). So, X must be 7…

Head to that closed gate and on the sides are a Medipack and Pulse ammo. A bit back and in the E wall is a low crevice, crawl through and stand up as soon as possible to shoot the tiny spiders. Take a right and come to a pit with swinging fire baskets, drop down and grab the Pulse ammo. Backflip onto the E side rock and jump to grab the pillar, get the small medipack, run jump SE onto the sandy ledge and go to the lever, obviously #1 for that gate. Drop into the pit, climb out at the other end and go straight N through the cave. Around two corners you’ll come to a bridge. Shoot a Wasp and jump the gap in the bridge, grab Flares and use the lever, #2 for that gate.

For a Secret: Back onto the bridge a bit and run jump from the end of the bridge and grab the tunnel E to get Secret #1/3, shoot another Wasp and go left for a Medipack, Plasma- and Rail gun ammo. In the other end of the cave are Grenades. (Up in the wall there is a steep opening). Go back to where the bridge is.

The gap in the bridge might be too wide now, so just drop into the lower part and climb the ladder blocks S, shoot another Wasp. Follow the cave back to where the gate is (right around and crawl), go up to the ledges SW and follow right up to the tunnel NW. Keep left and pick up Pulse ammo, the heat is unbearable out in the open, sprint W to the #3 lever to open the gate and sprint back as soon as you cooled off. Down the tunnel and slide down straight.

The Rolling Lock Puzzle. 

Through the gate left and inside pick up Flares right and a Page for the Codex (Rolling Lock Code) far left (NW). Head into the tunnel there and shoot a Scorpion. Left is a Medipack. In the window S is a Treasure Map. On the wall is a lever, raising a platform in the main room. Go back there, up the stairs S picking up Pulse ammo and jump/grab the platform. Into the passage left and watch out in the next opening, a boulder passes to the right and is caught in a cartwheel with numbers, the “Rolling Lock” with #4 now showing, we need the #2. Left, underneath the stairs is Rail gun ammo. Go up the stairs and find a button under a blue light. Push it and a boulder drops; push it down the slope and it turns the Lock to #1. Push the button and boulder again to get the #2 in showing and you’ll hear the familiar music; the next door (W) is open. 

The Abandoned Mines. 

Slide down the boulder slope and left through that door and right is another Page for the Codex (Rolling Lock Code). To the left of it a Pulse Rifle on a high pedestal. Over the pit, to the W, you can see that Secret sign, but no way to get there (yet)… Turn around and climb down the fallen rail track into the tunnel below and shoot the incoming glow-worm. Pick up the two small medipacks. Now, there are several ways to go about this, main goal is an underwater ceiling lever you have to find. The rest is pickups, just swim around and find them, you’ll always come back to familiar places.

Lever for the Door:

Go N into the right hand tunnel, pick up a small medipack, get into the water and grab the Grenade, another worm is now on to you, so swim back and shoot the worm. Back into the water, follow the tunnel left/right around corners and come to that underwater ceiling lever* just before a green crystal, pick up the Pulse ammo under that lever….

Route with a Secret: Swim back as you came and after the first left corner, look right for the dead plants and there’s a hidden tunnel behind them, climb out on a ledge, up the ladder and get Secret #2/3, to the E is the door where we entered the mine. Go straight to that pit, on the ledge right of the track are Weapon Part 3 and Plasma Grenades. Turn back, hop over the hole and get a Medipack, Pulse- and Rail gun ammo. Go further N and shoot the window right to get more Plasma Grenades. To the N you can see the place where the door opened, we can reach it from here. Climb down the track into the pit and pick up the goodies in that pit before climbing up N.

Without the Secret: Swim straight W, left around the corners and wade up a steep slope, pick up the Pulse ammo at the crossing and 2 small medipacks in the next corner, go on E and come to a pit, pick up Pulse-, Rail gun ammo and a small medipack. Climb the track N.

Second Boulder Puzzle.

The open door is right (underwater lever*), watch out, a boulder drops as you enter. To the left is a whole series of those spinning wheels, two times #2 and a #1 showing. Here we can use more info from the Codex, Lara said in Utopia Vale that Earth was world 3 (circle with 3 lines inside) and one of the new worlds was #1, (circle with 1 line inside). We know now that the circle with 2 lines is 2. By using the process of elimination we can conclude (we already know the symbols for 1-2-3 and on the wheel the only number we don’t have a symbol for is #4) that the crooked S inside the circle can only be 4 then. So the code would be 4-1-2.

Go up the stairs to the place where you can drop boulders, release one by hitting the button. When pushing a boulder sideways, make sure it came to a complete stop before you push again…Drop and push boulders till the wheels show 4-1-2 and the door will open E.

The Desert.

Through the door left is a small medipack behind a window, then shoot the incoming Scorpion and Worm.

Right around is a dead end, but there is some Rail gun ammo.

To the left you’ll come to a crossing, left is a Plasma Grenade in a dead end. Head the other way (E) and come to a Desert. The heat there is unbearable, so do save before you go explore. Safe spots are where shadow is cast by for instance palm trees. Head SE to the palm tree and wait till you cooled off, run to the next in the same direction and spot the Temple entrance left (TC 13). Go pick up a Medipack, Rail gun ammo and 2 Plasma Grenades in there. At the doors you can see 3 little lights that obviously need to be activated…

3 Lights for the Doors.

First run back to the tree W and spot a valley straight ahead (W), go in there and shoot two nasty creatures (Mini Plasma Grenades work wonders). Proceed and to the wider valley.

In case you missed that earlier #2/3 Secret, you can go left here and down the slope to the #3 lever, go to the left and you are back in the caves.

From the valley go N to the marketplace, to the right in the corner (NE) are Flares. On the opposite wall you can see a lever. Push the barrel beneath it to the S, grab the Pulse ammo and move the nearby crate under the lever, a platform goes up.

Go N and find 3 valves right. Use the right hand one once, the one on the platform once too and the left valve twice to make the connection and the valve door on the left (N) opens up 

Inside are 4 rooms, the first to the right (push the double doors) has a niche immediately right around the corner and up in the wall. In the niche is switch #1 for the little lights. Under the barrel (pull) is Pulse ammo. The opposite room has Pulse ammo too. Check the two rooms in the back of the corridor as well; right has Pulse ammo up in a niche in the wall, the other room Pulse ammo on a pedestal. Go back to the market place, left into the valley and E to the first tree in the desert.

Get to the tree straight S and then right into a shaded valley SW, there’s an enormous shoe there with a jump lever on the front of the ankle.

Go up the tip of the shoe and up to the jump lever. A platform goes up behind the shoe, go there and climb up, grab up to the ankle joint and crawl in to get the Pulse ammo. Back out and jump up higher to grab up to the stairs this time, go up. There’s heat up there, so here’s what to do, turn at the dark slope and back flip over, grab the edge and shimmy right around the corner to the jump lever, drop and grab it and see stairs appear…

Go climb the ladder N into the building, pick up 2x Pulse ammo and go down the newly revealed stairs. Pick up some Flares and come to a bedroom. Look up and jump up to grab the hatch in the ceiling. Turn towards the bed and grab up left and then hop up SE. Use the wooden block to back flip and jump/grab the floor above (E) and shimmy left or right before you pull up. Walk over the beam to the other side.

Go out and a bit right to get some shade. Run N and find another beam. Walk over the beam to the other side; luckily the beam is in the shade. Up the ladder and open the door with the crowbar, besides Pulse ammo and a small medipack, you’ll find switch #2 for the lights. Back out to the terrace and look left and down. In the opening in the corner is a ladder wall, climb down. Pick up a small medipack and safety drop from the end of the path into the valley. Go E and run to the nearest tree. To the E you can see the entrance of the TC 13 Temple, that’s where those little lights are. We need one more to do. Go S from tree to tree and keep a bit left till towards that bent-over tree and you’ll come to a road sign, two nasty creatures show up. 

Detour for a Secret: Sprint E and aim for that bright spot a bit to the left as soon as you see it, a nice pool of water (look what happens if you use Ctrl when standing in that pool). Go into the “residence” (N) and get Secret 3/3, Plasma Grenades, a Medipack, Rail- and Plasma ammo. Back to the pool and sprint back W to the road sign.

The Oasis.

No go W following the shade of the trees, a bit left/right to come to an oasis. There’s a valve in the bottom and on the pipe at the W corner of the pool is a valve to open it. Go into the open valve; swim up into a chamber that was obviously robbed before. Go to the only open door (N) and shoot the two creatures emerging from the next room. Throw the switch there to ignite the last light at the Temple. Make your way back to the road sign (E), and then go N from tree to tree till you see the Temple right. Go through the doors…


10 - Glimpse of Truth.

0 Secrets.

Part of the Horizon Beacon?

As you enter the next area, Lara will pick up a something from the Alien, a Part of the Horizon Beacon? Then “Anaura the Reclaimer” will appear. Shoot her... Those white spikey things are quite deadly by the way. Grab a Medipack and a Grenade S and Pulse ammo N. Climb the ladder E, jump to the ridge S, shimmy right and pull up. From the pillar jump W onto the corner left of the beam ledge and walk the beam across to the N, run jump (no ctrl) to the next pillar and walk another beam to get near the Portal. Hop down there with a curve and get through.

6 – Utopia Vale – part 3.

No further Secrets in Utopia, we’ve got them all.

Back to the General.

To the left you can take a picture. Hop behind the pole to shoot the vase for a small medipack and then slide down the pole. Watch out, there are two blades, just go fast down… The door opens and you are back in the valley near the bridge, hop around left and get over the bridge, into the passage and right through the big doors onto the slope. Loop around right to the terraces, left down the stairs and up the next, up the ladders to come to the room with the General.

Timed Run for Another Portal.

Back in the room with the General: Open the double doors straight ahead (W), drop down into the trench and jump over the fire tile, up the other end and find two Timed levers raising two platforms, first use the one straight (W), then the one left (S), run and jump over the trench using the Timed platform, back in the room right and from the platform over the stairs jump and grab the block with the lever S (save.15). A door will open in the room with the two levers we just came from (W), so go back there and enter to find another Portal, dive in…


9 – Desolation, Terra Contour: Mines.

2 Secrets.

Those little pools (right of where you land, but you’ll find more) with the tree in it, are healing, hit Ctrl while standing in the water. They also render you invulnerable for about 30 seconds, so use them to your advantage.

Tunnel W: follow through and a green blob releases a tiny spider, shoot it quick before it bites you. A bit further on is a small medipack, you’ll come back to the main cave, climb the tracks and go straight to a desk, the desk of TC 14. In the far right hand corner pool (NW) is a Medipack, side flip back out. The pool NE has a Plasma grenade hidden in the tall grass.

2 Buttons for a Door.

1: Through the automatic door N, left in the back is a Page for the Notebook; a Map of the Terra Contour 14 Desert (we’ll need that later). Pulse ammo to the right and that’s also where you’ll find button 1/2 on the back wall. A little light 1/2 comes on near a large glass door. Go back to the main room.

2: Through the automatic door S (straight ahead you can see another glass door, it will open later and you can come back from Utopia Vale to get the Secret there), climb down into a tunnel That closed gate is E (will never open), so head W and keep going right to encounter a Worm and find a Pulse Rifle. In the S wall is a niche, hop up and grab up left, follow down some stairs and avoid the flame on the wheel to get to button 2/2 for the large door. Get back to the cave, leave SW.

Secret: Keep right again and come to the tunnel where that “cat drawing” indicates a Secret location, but we’ll need some water in there first.

Water Wheel Puzzle.

So continue S through the caves keeping right and come to a dead end with a Plasma Grenade. Continue going right and you’re back in the tunnel with the close gate. Climb on the ledge opposite the ladder and jump to the ladder to go up. Back to the Main office and left, through the door behind the desk and pick up Flares right. Up the stairs through the large open door.

In the hallway go right/left through the door and pick up a Page for the Codex (Water Wheel Code). Out to the hallway and right around into the next door for some Pulse ammo. Out and into the opposite door, left around is a Page for the Notebook (about Enidan). Out to the hallway and left through the large door to come to the Water Wheels. Up on the terrace left we have Rail gun ammo and yet another Page for the Notebook (info on the Healing Springs).

The Water Wheels show the numbers 1-4-6. When you look at the Water Wheel Code in the Codex, the left side is a V turned a bit, that would be a #5, the right hand one is one we used before and that’s the #2. The one in the middle is the 5 and the Earth symbol, which is the 3 (lines in a circle). 5+3=8. Bringing us to the code 582. You have to throw the lever to turn the wheel and throw the lever again a bit before the 5 comes up because it takes a while before the wheel comes to a complete stop (about 1.5 # before). The numbers should be well within the frame and you’ll hear that familiar tune again as the gate S opens up.

Backtrack for that Secret: We’ve now turned the water on, so run back into the hallway, go right down the stairs into the main office. Go right again and climb down into the tunnels and W, in the big cave a bit SW into the W tunnel where you can now swim through and wade up the other side, get Secret 1/2, 3 boxes of Plasma Grenades. Swim back, get into the NE tunnel and up the ladder again to the main office, left up the stairs to the hallway and left to the Water Wheels.

Activating the Platforms.

Go through the gate S and up the stairs, a big open cave with a healing pool. We have to get those platforms out of the wall in order to scale up this cave. In no particular order:

1-W: Fire Wheels; go in W and up to a fire wheel, pass that and go up to a second one. Sprint to the opposite corner along the wall and you’re safe there, grab up S. At the crossing you can spot a fireball up right and a sloped tube left. Sprint down, at the end turning left or right and climb out left or right above that tube, shoot the Worm. In the S side of the pool, left of the tube is an underwater lever opening the gate E, wade up and go through.

Flip the switch right and see a platform (#1) move in and out of a wall. Back to the pool and through the now open door N, in the passage go left and right at the closed door. Follow through to the large pit where that platform is moving just above the entrance. This drop looks too deep, but there’s a “healing pool”. Just run jump straight down to that pool, hit Ctrl to get the health back up.

2-E: More Fire Wheels; follow the tubes and look down into that machine room, go down when the flame passed and keep going left around, in the corner of the wall at the second wheel is a niche with Rail gun ammo. When the flame passed run back N a bit and wait at the corner of the walls where you are safe, face W, run right around the corner, wait in the corner facing W and spot the opening you have to get into (save.16). Go down the tube into a cave, follow up NW and come to a cave with a big Spider, after shooting her, her offspring will pester you and only then a platform will go up. Quickly hop onto the block E, turn around and jump to get onto the platform and then to the block W with the switch (#2) for another platform. Go up the ladder, hang left and pull up, back flip to a slope and jump again to get to a scaffold. Go up the blocks SE to come to the exit. Take a left in the passage and follow through to that large pit where the platforms are moving. Just run jump straight down to that pool again, hit Ctrl to get the health back up.

3-S: Fire Baskets; follow the tube through the pool we’ve been in before and come to a room with Fire baskets, stand jump/grab to the pillar and go left around to climb up. Hop to the next pillar and then a run jump to the ledge E. Follow down into a cave, shoot a Wasp and then nasty flies appear, just run to the back and up to the switch (#3) for the third platform. By now the flies must have gone. Go back to the entrance slope S, turn left and run jump onto the sandy corner ledge next to that scaffold, jump/grab the ladder and go up. Take the Rail gun ammo and walk the beam across to the opening, it’s that familiar passage again, follow right to come to the Pit with the platforms. Just run jump straight down to that pool again, hit Ctrl to get the health back up.

Up the Platforms.

Go up on the block NE, jump/grab up to the scaffold. Run jump to the platform when you think it will be out and a running jump (no Ctrl) onto the next scaffold (or hop to the ledge left of it and climb up). Turn right and hop onto the next platform and a running jump straight onto the white ledge. Grab up W, stand jump to the last platform and a running jump onwards to the sandy corner ledge. Get up to the ledge N and turn towards the vine S. Jump and grab that, swing straight S and jump to the ground.

Exploring the Desert, the Water Skin Puzzle.

We are now in the Desert (we have a Map, in the Notebook).

That pit with the palm tree we just came out of is in the middle of the map… Straight to the S is a Healing Spring.

E - Small Water skin: From the hole with the vine, run to the E to those cactuses, you know, take cover in the shade when you need it and come to a very white spot in the sand (someone has been digging here), drop through the hole into a pool and get the Small Water skin. Use the lever on the E wall to open the exit. Shoot the incoming creature and leave through the open door, left around is a small medipack. Follow up a ramp back into the open and get under a tree fast.  

NW - Large Water skin: Go back W to the pit and travel along the left hand side to the rock and from there to the NW, from shade to shade and come to a small building, pick up the small medipack and go down behind the pedestals.

In the room below you’ll find a Puzzle, an Octagram with Flame pipes, some are burning. There’s a Notebook Page right. We have to get them all to burn (Octagram.jpg). Push the buttons on these pipes (face E, face S, face SW, face W) and the floor opens up, go get the Large Water skin.

3 Scales for a Door.

Random order:

Get out, go left (E) and come to a Tomb entrance next to some ancient arches. Go down and find a scale. On the scale is that symbol for the #2.

- Fill the Large skin, the small should be empty and combine the two leaving 2 litres in the Large skin. Put that in the bowl. Shoot the creature and go into the back room, behind the desk is the button for a first light at the Doors. Get back up to the Desert.

Head SW to another Tomb entrance behind that big skeleton, follow down to a Scale and spot that symbol for the #4. Pick up the Flares right.

-With the Small skin empty, fill the Large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the Small skin and refill the Large, combine again so one litre goes into the Small and leaves the 4 litres in the Large skin. Use it in the Scale

Go through the door S, follow to a fire pit, climb down and grab Pulse ammo, then go back up again. Take a step back from the edge and stand left against the wall, hop back and when the flame is about to go up at the far side, run jump to the platform and run a step forward, then stand jump (and grab) to the floor ahead. Go in left and push the button on the W wall to ignite the second light at the Doors. Face the next pit N, climb down and grab a Plasma grenade, then go back up again. Hop to the platform N when the flame is going up at the far side and take a few steps forward to stand jump (and grab) to the far floor (save.17). Follow back through the scale room up to the surface. Go E to find the healing pool (a bit left) and go E again to a windmill, there’s a Tomb entrance. The Scale down there has the #1 symbol.

- Fill the Small skin (may be already full). Combine it with the empty Large, fill the Small skin again and combine again with the Large, you’ll now have 1 litre in the Small skin. The door E opens up, run after the flame and come to a room with a Plasma grenade and a button for the 3rd light at the Doors. Get back through the firetrap (you are safe in corners) and out of the Tomb. Straight W to the healing pool, remember you are save from the heat for 30 sec. after leaving the pool. 

Those big Doors are W, to the W of the black terrace. Pick up a Medipack, a Plasma grenade and 2x Pulse ammo. Go in, follow through and slide down a tunnel….

11 - Inexorable Tide, Fighting Enidan.

No Secrets.

The Sprout of Terra.

Go left (S) towards those Crystals and Enidan, the Outland Queen will appear, we will have to “remove the soldiers in her way” (shoot the smaller ones coming from her mouth first and foremost), then you can hurt her till she spits out another one. I managed to get up in the NW corner of the valley a bit where she couldn’t reach me and had some fun from there. But as soon as a new soldier arrives, you’ll be taken back to the battlegrounds (save.18).

Go through the now open doors S, go through to a pool and in the right hand end is the Sprout of Terra. Leave through the doors S and come to a Portal, jump through…

6 - Utopia Vale – part 4.

To the right is a Page for the Codex (Lift Access Code); on the floor are symbols. Above the gate NE is a symbol (3+5=8), pull/push the two lanterns onto the #7 (SE) and #1 (NW) symbols and the gate opens SW. The vase SE has Pulse ammo. Go through the gate and a comment by the Alien: Bring us back the Horizon Beacon

Go into the tunnel NW and follow the corridor to the far end shooting a creature, to the right is a Portal… Left of the Portal is a Notebook Page (info about the Elements of Trinity, we could have taken that earlier… Ah, well) Jump through the Portal…


12 - Languid Wastes.

4 Secrets.

The 4 Ingredients.

Take a screen of the symbol, it’s a (1+5) 6, and proceed; there are dangerous but beautiful snakes here. Go W and at the little lantern is a cave entrance left, we’ll go there later and to the right is a Bridge. More ways to go through this level, this is how we did it:

Over the Bridge, Nasty Ladders. 

Head up the Bridge and shoot the two Fire harpies before they burn you. At the other end of the Bridge a Fire wolf will come for you. In a Tomb entrance NE are some nice mushrooms, we’ll get there later. Go up the stairs (E) and shoot a barrel for a small medipack, head left up the staircase, then jump onto the roof of the pagoda to get the Plasma grenade from the E side. Get back to the stairs and go up, use a swing pole to get across a gap and come to a wide ladder trap. You won’t make it by climbing on hands and feet; you’ll have to hang by the hands to be fast enough. Best is to go up to the top, hang near that trap, but not too close and as soon as the ladder starts to move back, drop/grab and shimmy right. Up again and close to the next, drop/grab and shimmy right... and so on, drop onto the ledge (save.19). 

The Temple Key, the Mushroom Caves.

Hop onto the sliding platform E and run jump with a left curve onto the next stairs and another Fire Harpy appears. Once on the terrace, walk into the SW corner and from there run jump with a bit of a right curve onto the grey block, go to the other end and jump up right onto the stairs, go up to the Pagoda to get the Temple Key. Slide down E.

Head into the mushroom cave (N), lit by nice mushrooms, shoot a snake and come to a pit with a small Temple below. Drop onto the walkway, hop from the walkway onto the platform on the E wall, then to the ladder on the right and climb down all the way. The entrance to that Temple is at the W side, but a statue will come alive, shoot it. On top of the stairs on the N wall is a keyhole, use the Temple Key there and inside find a Page for the Notebook (The… Eternal Toad?), Pulse ammo, a Plasma Grenade and a Medipack. Go out and head S, further into the cave and to the right, just before the bright mushroom, is a small tunnel.

Without the Secrets: We only need one Small Mushroom for the Ingredient, the others are extra’s for Secrets. So you could just follow the cave and run over a sliding floor to where you find that one Small Mushroom and a hole in the floor will open up (scroll past the blue part).

With the Secrets: Go into this small tunnel, jump over the fire mushrooms and follow up to a ledge in the cave, run jump and grab over to the one N (a bit along the left side) and pick up the Extra Small Mushroom #1.

Hop down SW onto the sloped wall and slide down, careful, there are some loose rocks up on the ceiling somewhere nearby. Go E and loop left around into a niche, grab up N and throw a Flare into the dark ahead, drop down in that pit, face E standing in the middle and run forward a bit, quickly jump and grab up to open the hatch that has to stop the Snake Ball. Grab up right and go over a crumbling bridge to get Extra Small Mushroom #2. Drop down from the bridge and go through the red wall and inside are not only a spike wall, but also a sliding floor (dark part), run with the floor to the left (N) and right into the opening, grab up and get the Pulse ammo. Hop up to the higher floor when the Flame is away and go left, duck near the wall and crawl (under the flame) around right to get to the cave with another Extra Small Mushroom #3, right around the corner.

Slide down S into the cave and get the Small Mushroom (Needed for the Ingredient), a hole opens up in the floor, first pick up the small medipack and then drop down (SE). Shoot a bag of bones to get some Pulse ammo and get out of the cave to get back to the Bridge (W). Cross the Bridge and go straight into the cave behind the Lantern.

Other side of the Mountain, the Ingredients.

Follow through to a path along the mountainside and come to a little pergola. There is a Page for the Notebook (about the Mushrooms), notice the Mixing Bowl on the table (to mix Ingredients later) and then continue the dangerous path along the cliffs to come to a Tomb entrance. Follow through and come to a wider corridor with a tiled floor, watch out, you can only stand on those moving darker parts. So run left on it when it is moving left, onto the next and maybe a jump into the next opening.

The Bone Key.

Drop into the trench and pick up Flares. Shoot a Bag of bones (empty) and jump up high to grab back out at the E side, left around the corner is a second empty Bag. Drop into the next trench, jump/grab up W and get a small medipack around the corner. Back you go and safety drop down, go into the lower part W and shoot the Bag there to get a Bone Key. Go back, into the lower passage N and grab the Medipack, up N you go and on the left is a Plasma Grenade. Go in the other direction and right around for Rail gun ammo, then to the N and over another pit, in the S end you can climb up left. Get some Pulse ammo in the end of the passage and go into the chamber N

A genuine Puzzle, there are 4 pieces to construct the image of the Eternal Toad (a mushroom) on the N wall. There are two elevators left and right of the ledges N, operated by the lever. The piece left of the lever is the right hand lower part, move it in position against the wall (N). Push the piece standing on the ledge NW, onto the elevator (W) and bring it down and put it in place, now put the last two pieces onto the elevators and bring them up to complete the picture. The bars open up (W); go through.

Poisonous Roots.

Go left and jump over the black mushroom on the ground to pick up a small medipack, just behind that, near the roots is a Poisonous Root. Jump back over the black mushroom and if you’re not going for Secrets, you only need one Root, but we need some blocks for later... So, go up the ramp S and use the Bone Key 

Go through and use the Crowbar lever left of the ramp to raise blocks for later, not going for Secrets (Secret hunters, scroll down), you can now go down the ramp again and to the N cave.

For the Secrets; go up the ramp at the crowbar lever and get Poisonous Root Extra#1 (small sticks) at the gate. Go down the wooden ramps.

Head N to the Cave where those blocks went up. Get up the higher ones.

For another Extra Root: Stand a step back from the W end, hop back and run jump grab the pole, use the pole to get to the next ledge (moves explained in the bottom of the screen). Jump over to the next ledge to get Poisonous Root Extra#3 there. Drop to the ground; go up the blocks NE.

Jump into the E doorway and pick up the Poisonous Root (the Roots and Mushrooms combine into the Ingredients, Secret Hunters should have 4). Climb up E.

The Mountain Pass Key.

Inside that cave is a huge black poisonous mushroom in the ground. Just hop onto the mushroom and you’ll end up on the roots above. Hop up S to the platform. Run jump left (E) into the window and slide down to the path below; follow towards the Bridge we crossed before. Look at that Bridge and spot the Gong under the Pagoda on the Bridge, shoot that thing and a pole appears in the Pagoda. Go climb that pole and back flip into the dark attic, find a Treasure Map and the Mountain Pass Key in the other corner. Climb down and go S to the Lantern.

The Toxic Remedy.

Head into the cave S, behind the Lantern and follow through to that Pergola. Put the Ingredients in the bowl and watch Lara prepare a Toxic Remedy. For the Secrets you’ll have to do that 3 times more to have 3 extra remedies (in total 4 times).

Head back E along the path and back through the cave to the Bridge area.

Detour for a Secret: First go to the rocks NE and to the edge of the ravine, looking over the edge you can spot a big black mushroom. Take a step back and hop onto that thing to be launched up to a platform above. Go inside and up the ladder, find Rail gun ammo on a pedestal on the right and a small medipack in the barrel (shoot it). Carefully approach that Toxic Flower E and use one of the extra Toxic Remedies to kill that thing, now climb into the opening and get Secret 1/4, Weapon Part 2 and Plasma Grenades. Go down W and climb down the hole between the Lanterns. You are back at the Portal, go W to the area at the Bridge.

The Mountain Pass, to the Palace.

On the shiny gate W is a Toxic Flower, approach carefully and that’s where we have to use a Toxic Remedy. Now the lock is available, use the Mountain Pass Key. Go in and go up left (S) into the cave with bright mushrooms. Go straight to the one S and look left of it for a ladder up in a shaft. Back flip off to the higher floor and go to the Palace wall, look left and shoot that old Bell, the gate will open up. Left around the corner is a wheel, turn it and the Palace opens up. Back out and drop down on the right (S), enter the Palace and shoot the Skeleton Guardian (the mini plasma grenades in the pulse rifle work wonders). Just through the doors and to the right is a crumbled wall, look inside and down right to spot a Medipack, hop down to get it and jump back. Go through the next opening (W).

Scary Catacombs, the Code Room Key.

Keep left and come to a Hall with 2 Lion statues on a terrace. Left of them (SW) is a deep part in the flooded trench; swim through to a small cave and head down the stairs in the back corner. Shoot another skeleton and climb down a ladder, look N to spot a pole. Left you can see a Key on a ledge; we’ll have to get there. Face N and run jump to the pole, swing around while keeping an eye on the Flame, when the first is about to go down, jump off and grab the second pole. Don’t swing on this one, but immediately jump again onto the corner slope, slide and jump over the top of the next slope, another pole, slope and more poles and a Flame to get to the corner ledge (save.20), pick up the Code Room Key. Drop down the side and go back up the ladders to the cave, the place seems to be falling part... swim back to the Hall.

Code Room, Old World Code.

Go N and into the cave (N), keep right and drop down to a walkway, hop over to the short stairs (closed door there hides a secret we have to come back for later) and drop down into the cave, head up S. Shoot a snake, around the corner is a gate we saw from the other side. Pick up the Page for the Codex (Old World code room-1323) and climb back up to the short stairs, hop to the walkway and grab up to the cave, go straight into the passage W to come to the Code Room. Use that Key on the right to open the bars. Pull out the Code blocks so you can see what code is on the backside. Because you have to move them into the 4 square niche at the other side (S), forming the 1323 code.

-     So the second from the right can be placed straight across (around the chain) on the left square in the niche (you’ll hear the sound of a door, meaning it is correct).

-     Move the one next to the keyhole onto that round different looking tile near the chain and pull the chain 3X to get the #3 code in front, place this one on the second square.

-     The third piece can go straight over and immediately in line, because the #2 is already in the right place.

-     Piece 4 needs to be turned 3x and can be placed on the last square, the bar door opens up W.

Go through and be careful, there’s a Fire harpy about. 

For a Secret: Go into the SW corner and find a Toxic Flower in a niche, use one of the Toxic Remedies and turn the wheel. Follow the path beneath the slope into the passage next to the cave (N) and come to Secret 2/4, a Medipack and Plasma Grenades. Go back out to the valley.

Hop onto the higher ground behind the tree stump W and run jump to get to the corner pillar (NW). Stand jump/grab the pole and swing to the platform, Turn around and go up W from platform to platform. Follow the ledge around to where the steel ball is and jump E around the rock, get down onto the ledge with the statue and run jump to that lower wall N, in front of a cave entrance. Inside and left is a door, to the right is that Hall we passed through before.

The Palace Key.

Head straight into the passage with the roots (E) and come to the first floor of the palace entrance, we’ll have to bring out two poles to swing to those wheels you can see at the other side. Take a right and follow through around a wooden fence to a lever, return and use the poles to swing across. First go get the Palace Key from the pedestal. Those wheels turn the pictures above them, we’ll have to “construct” the image of the Eternal Toad again (see Notebook)

For the Old World Key.

From left to right turn wheel 1 twice, wheel 2 3 times and wheel 3 only once. Now for the upper part… Swing back along the poles, go straight and left over the wooden balcony, climb the ladder at the end and follow the passage to where you can use the Palace Key. Run over the top of the roof into the other tower and pick up a Codex Page on the right (about the Protector).

Go through the opening NE, around the back of that pillar is some Pulse ammo on the rock ledge, go back around the pillar and grab up to the monkey bars to monkey swing over to the wheels at the other side (E). The left wheel seems to be correct, so turn the one in the middle 3 times and the right hand one also 3 times, the Doors above open up. Monkey swing back and go left, up the stairs in that room and behind the wooden screen in the barrel is a Plasma grenade, head S up the stairs and run jump/grab over to the attic, run towards those open doors and turn around to shoot the Fire harpy.

Go get the Old World Key and go back over the roof to the tower W, inside jump down right onto the stairs. Go down the next stairs and straight, through the gate and around right. Climb down the ladder and to the N where you can use that Old World Key at the Old grey door. Follow the Battlements to the right and come to a collapsed part at the next Tower. Make your way down the blocks and go down E (there’s a closed door NW, later), end up at a Lava pool. Some platforms start to move, you have to jump over those to get to that opening far left, just don’t be too hasty and jump too soon (save.21). Jump over the pool and go get some Flares NW.

Run up the stairs NE when the Flame is away and come to a jump to another Flame trap.

Detour for a Secret: look left around the corner of the wall to spot a jump lever, run jump over to the next trap and run into the safe corner, roll and when you get the change run jump and grab that jump lever opening that door we saw back over the Lava. Get up the block at the pool ledges and jump back over the ledges (you can jump to the ide ledge and do a right curved run jump to the NW shore of the lava pool).

Go up the blocks W. Into the opened door NW, jump straight W from the stairs and go up to the Toxic Flower to use your last Remedy. Turn the wheel, go through the bars to get Secret 3/4, Plasma Grenades and a Pulse Rifle. Go SE through the opening at the Fire and run jump to grab that pole, swing and jump to grab the wall. Shimmy left along a crack and pull up on the ledge near the stairs. Go through, to the Lava pool and over the ledges again. Go up the stairs behind the Flame trap.

Run jump over to the next trap and run into the safe corner. Jump to another trap and then grab up to a mushroom cave. Left up the stairs is some Rail gun ammo. Then follow the cave and come to a steep tunnel down. Slide down aimed for that ledge in the lava…

13 - Nature’s Wrath.

0 Secrets.

Plagmus, Protector of the Goddess of Death.

TThe Eternal Toad.

Hop from ledge to ledge, don’t stay on them too long and get to safe ground. Right around the corner is a ladder, go up and Plagmus will appear in the Lava pool. Ignore him for now, stand jump grab the pole left and swing onto the corner ledge, then run jump onto the slope left (W) and jump again to get to the rock ledge (if you look up the page in the Notebook, you’ll see “His mouth is what you’re aiming for”. It’s the eye thing in his mouth). Jump over to the next one and get to the lever behind the block, the trapdoor opens, but also one above the Protector, hitting him with a Ton of Brick. He will be immobilized for a bit. Keep an eye on the health and aim with your favourite weapon (you can use explosives) for that shiny thing in the mouth (I used the Plasma Launcher, combining the 3 parts found in the Secrets). Get up closer a bit and give him hell, repeat that as often as you have to… (save.22, just wait there…). Wait till he drowned and running jumps over the unstable ledges in the lava to pry that Eternal Toad (Element of Trinity) off the wall next to the mushroom. An ancient Portal becomes active, get in there….

6 - Utopia Vale - Epilogue.

Pick up Plasma ammo right and watch out when you go outside, Darts! This is a new area, walk NE onto the ledge, turn right and hop with a bit of a right curve to the green covered rock so you can grab the edge of the rock when you slide off. Shimmy left to a grey rock and pull up, jump E and slide down to where that Alien is.

Using the Elements of Trinity, the Horizon Star Ship.

Go into the familiar passage N and to the first crossing.

Detour for a remaining Secret in Languid Wastes. Go straight and right around to the Portal and hop through.

- Languid Wastes, return for the Trix Secret.

Go straight to that gate W, the Mountain Pass, up into the cave S and left at the mushrooms, follow the path to the Palace doors and at the blue carpet right into the cave, right down onto the walkway and jump over to the short stairs and the now open door where you’ll get Secret 4/4, a Pulse Rifle and 3x Pulse ammo. Lara has a nice comment about the famous Trix. Look around the cave for all the info about Trix. Go back to the Hall and left to the outdoors, to the end and left into the cave, follow back to the Portal E and get through. Go left to the crossing.

Head into the passage E to the terraces, as soon as you’re outside go left down the stairs and up the other stairs and ladders to the room with the General.

- Desolation Terra Contour, return for the Titak Secret.

Detour for the remaining Secret in Desolation Terra Contour. Go straight into the passage W, down and jump over the fire tile, up the ladder and right through the door to the Portal and jump through. Get down and climb up the track onto the bridge, straight to the big desk and left (S) through the door, jump over to the passage S where the door is now open. Go in and left through a crawlspace behind the plants and get Secret 2/2, a Pulse Rifle and 3x Pulse ammo. There’s some info about Titak around…

Get back out, over to the passage N and right to the bridge, get through the Portal. Use the lever on the S wall to raise the Timed platform over the fire tile pit and get back to the room with the General.

Down the stairs S there and into the passage left (E) open the doors, go over the crumbling bridge to the right (W). Go to the big Cooking Pot (face N) and put in the Acorn, Eternal Toad and Sprout of Terra, the Doors open up.

The Elevator Code.

When you go through…

“Wow, this must be the Horizon Star Ship…”

Follow in till you find a post with a code pad, here we need the “Lift Access Code” (in the Codex) we found the last time we were in Utopia Vale, you’ll recognize the sketch when you look it up. Decipher the symbols, 3 - (5+4=) 9 - 2 - 5. The Elevator takes you up into the ship… Hit Esc and after the credits and the final stats screen, Esc again and the Bonus starts.


Flashback - All Secrets Bonus Level.

Guatemalan Cenote, May 11th 2018. 

In the inventory you can choose between some outfits for Lara. Swim back down to the bottom, because Lara missed the Medipack there. Through the tunnel and pick up a small medipack between the plants. Hop into the next lake and open an underwater door S, between the statues, swim through a spike trap and emerge in another area, there’s a memorial for Mugs and to the right of it, on the high pedestal is a Rebreather (you don’t have to worry about drowning anymore). On the E wall is a lever, raising a platform in the area we came from. Walk back into the water and pick up some soaked Flares

Back through the spikes and wade up NW, from close to the wall you can grab up to the pillar. Turn around and run jump/grab the platform, run jump and grab the middle of the pole S (otherwise the contraption doesn’t work) and swing while waiting till it goes up (it only goes up when you face S), then while going up, quickly turn around (down key while holding the up key too) and jump to the next pole (this one goes up too, but only when you face N), so swing while it goes up and quickly turn to jump off to the bridge ledge (save.23).

The Cogs.

Take a right and side flip over or crawl underneath the darts to get Flares right and a Yet another Cog from the pedestal, hop backwards before the knives hurt you too much. Over some more darts you’ll come to a huge room, looks like there’s water, but there isn’t, only a little layer at the bottom. So run jump straight over and grab the floor.

Go right to the opening (N), hop over the knife trap and grab Yet another Cog #2. Back over the trap and straight over to the entrance S, jump over the spikes onto the wooden beam in that room. Another run jump into the back passage and then find what looks like a classic boulder trap, go up the slope and what did I tell you… run back quick and then go up again. The next room has Yet another Cog #3, side flip away. In the back is a Medipack on a pedestal, then slide down on the right and go left to the huge room.

Turn left as you enter and find the poles you can use to get into the opening SW.  Sprint through the passage to dodge the Blade or crawl underneath and come to the room where you can use the three Cogs on the N wall. A sluice door is opened and that big room is now flooded. Go back and dive in, under the central floor is a small medipack between the pillars, climb out on the central floor. Go to the now turning waterwheel and hit Ctrl so Lara will climb up on it and end up above. Straight ahead (W) are Big Doors and left of them is a lever opening a door (N, for the Mask later) in the pool.

Opening More Doors.

Get back to the pool and swim under the wheel, open the underwater door W, inside go right and pick up a small medipack (NW), then go left to the other end and use a lever there to open another door in the pool (bottom of NE corner). So swim back, left to the far corner and the door is near the bottom, go into the back and find soaked Flares in a niche, opposite the lever N. The lever will lower the water level in the pool again and open a door (bottom N side). Go back outside and loop right around into that door (N). There’s a shallow trench with an underwater lever, use that to open a door way up NW, in a niche at the top of a ladder.

Timed Jumps for the S Door, Water Level Halfway Up.

Back out to the Main room, go up the blocks at the central pillar and save at the lever. Look S and spot the door, 3 sloped pillars left of it, a pole SE and the blocks E.

Pull, roll and run jump onto the lower block E, hop up to the grey ledge and run with a right curve to jump and grab the pole, immediately swing and jump off onto the sloped pillar, 3 more slide/jumps to get to the ledge at the Timed door and get in (save.24).

The Mask.

Jump over the two knife traps and use the lever there to raise the water level halfway, notice the underwater lever right (we’ll be back). Get back and swim right to the now open door E, get into the back and use a lever to open a door (way up in the SE corner, E wall). Now swim over to the door N, run left behind the first swinging block and grab a Medipack, then continue to the back room, get the Flares right and pull the cage once to get to the Mask from the niche behind it.

The Idol.

Go out and swim just right around the corner, pull up on the ledge there. Hop and grab the pole and swing/jump to the corner pillar, then jump over to the one with the ladder and climb up. Go through the open door, to the right is a small medipack and on the wall is a lever, that will raise the water level once more.

Down Again.

Hop into the pool and swim diagonally into that open door SE (near the surface), left is a small medipack and right leads to a larger room, swim over the spikes to the back and use the lever to lower the water level. Get back and now through the spikes and hop into the pool, get out at the central pillar (if you didn’t yet, grab the small medipack from the pedestal)

Use the monkey climb to get to the lever N and use that to open the upper door NE, N wall. We cannot get in there yet, so swim back into that Timed door S, over the knife traps and use the underwater lever to lower the water. Back over the knife traps and swim over to the N opening, onto the ledge left of it and use the pole to get to the ladder again. Up and pull the lever up in that room again to raise the water level.

Back into the pool, swim over to the upper NE door, left over the skull screen is a small medipack in case you think you’ll still need that. Climb out at the ladder and go get the Idol from the pedestal. Swim back to the pool, climb out on the central floor and go up the water wheel. To the Big Doors and use the two artefacts. When you approach the pool in that tunnel, a flying Skull come to burn you, shoot it before it gets you. Go through the next doors and enjoy the view while you take the Zip-line down to the Incan Temple….