Level by BlackwolfTR


Walkthrough by Dutchy.


1 Secret.


Lever One, Crystal 1.


Lara drops into a large cave with The Lost Pyramid. Run jump NW to the ledge (with the closed door), jump till you are at the palm tree and then stand jump and grab the ledge with the lever, shimmy left into the corner and pull up, this is the only spot from where you can operate that lever, a door opened.


Secret: Look NE and jump to that slanted ledge, crawl through a dark opening and get the Secret, a Medipack and the Grenade gun. Get back outside.


Slide down to the ground and shoot the 2 Coyotes. Go S along the base of the Pyramid and get a small medipack on the right. Go S and left around the corner to the door you opened (SE), go in and right, shoot the mummy and follow through, standing close to that big vase you can grab the monkey climb, follow that while timing the flames and drop at the end, grab the Shotgun at your feet. Pull that block right once and climb up and grab up left (W), shoot the box and get the Crystal. Get down and hang from the block to shimmy left and get on the monkey climb again. Get back to the entrance room and place the Crystal there.

Go in and either slide down the pole past the cutter or safety drop down when the thing is on the other side. Use the lever in the dark pit and get back up the pole, the door N is now open. Get through and notice the Scarab tile, meaning we need the Scarab Beetle here. Go out to the Cave and shoot a Ninja which will drop Shotgun ammo.


Lever Two, Open a Door.


Climb up the rock ledges left to the SE corner and run jump NE to get to those Flares. Run jump to the palm tree N (careful, short ledge!). Go along the rock wall to run jump to Lever 2. A door opens and Ninjas emerge. Safety drop from the back side of the pillar and notice the door. Hop out of the corner and shoot the spider. Head SW to the corner where we started and up the ladder to the ledge above. Take care of the two Ninjas and enter the passage, go right and right around the corner is a lever opening the next door (W), shoot the Mummy and left around the corner is a lever for the next door (N), go in and use the lever in the back. Go back a bit and grab up left into a crawlspace with Flares, drop out the other end, N is a closed door and S is where we’ve been, go there and use the lever left. Back into the same N passage where the door in the end is now open. Use the lever and see that door in the corner of the Cave open up. So get out and down to the Cave floor, to the NE and use the reach-in switch where the door opened. The door opens on the SW ledge. Get back there, up the ladder, jump NW to the open door.


Torch Puzzle, Crystal 2 and the Scarab Beetle.


Shoot the Coyote and grab a Torch from the high pedestal N and ignite it on the burning wall torch. Now, there’s a simple trick to get the Torch up to the ledge N, but you are supposed to ignite the wall torch S, the block goes down and reveals Crystal 2. Now hop onto the block NE, the one next to the high N ledge and drop the Torch on it (hit the #1 key and Lara drops the Torch). Take the Crystal out, jump over to the ledge S and enter the room there, place the Crystal and the door left opens up. Go in and use the lever left to raise the block with the Torch. Shoot the box for some Shotgun ammo, notice the Scarab tile and return to the room where the Torch is. Go up the ladder to the high ledge, pick up a small medipack and then your Torch, ignite the wall torch and two blocks go down, revealing the Beetle and the Winding Key. Get those and return to the room where you used the Crystal, left through the door and combine the Beetle and the Key to place the Beetle on the Scarab tile.


Pyramid Key I.


Go in, shoot the Harpy and grab the Scarab Beetle again (we need it later). In the sarcophagus is a Medipack, go into the passage with the traps, run past the chain, stand close to the blade (dead centre) and roll through when the blade is open. The next one is nasty, I did a side flip diagonally through the Blade. Climb up and pick up the Pyramid Key I. Now you have to get back through those traps.


Pyramid Key II.


Go outside shooting a Ninja on the way (Shotgun ammo) and make your way to the door in the SE corner of the Cave, at the Crustal left through the big door and use the Beetle the second time. Door opens left, follow through and come to a room with a large Blade, the scarab tiles have traps… You have to get into the passage in the back/left (a run jump over the blade and scarab tile to the back wall and a side flip over the scarab tile in the passage). There’s a Harpy in there, stand with your back in corner and shoot it. Grab Pyramid Key II and shoot the box for some Shotgun ammo.


Using the Pyramid Keys, Nasty Traps below the Pyramid.


Get back, run around the room after the Blade and go out to the Pyramid, shoot the Ninja and place the two keys on the S side. The doors open up revealing a big hole under those blocks. Safety drop down into the water below. Swim W and right/left, time the traps (spikes were the most important I think) and use the underwater lever (#1), get back, to the shaft for some air (you cannot really surface) and go do the other side for underwater lever (#2), the door in that back tunnel is now open.


The Golden Vraeus.


Go through and open the underwater door, go up the long shaft and climb out in the top of the Pyramid. Pick up a small medipack and from the Sarcophagus you will get what we came for… the Golden Vraeus. Back flip over one of the sides and slide down, shoot two Coyotes while looking for the Big Guy and shoot him to get the Pillar of Demigod. Go use that N of the Pyramid to open the big doors, go through and follow up to the surface…


Dutchy Apr 21-’21.