Level by BlackwolfTR

Walkthrough by Dutchy

6 Easter Egg Secrets.

For the only Save I did for this level.

Non-linear level, this is how I got through:

Head N onto the village square, straight ahead is the Church. Go immediately left as you come onto the square and in the SW corner is a market stall, starting from where the baskets on the blue stools are, you can run jump on top of it.

Pick up Secret #1, an Easter Egg.

Drop down into the garden behind the wall, next to the crates, on the wall of the house is a jump lever, it will open a house where we have to ignite the fireplace later (X). Go S through the fence and right of the gate in the wall left is a button, opening that gate as a shortcut…

Go W along the pool and in the far end near the grey rock wall is a tree with a Timed button on the back. Push and run/sprint NE into the street, jumping over the pool (river, because there’s a current and you can only get out at this S end). Inside the church left around the corner is the open trapdoor, jump up and grab and back flip as soon as you can to get Secret #2, an Easter Egg. Back down and out to the square.

The Barn, a Torch.

Go through the street W to the river.

For a Secret later: Take a right into the garden (N), look behind the big tree N and find the Bougainville, hidden in the flowers is another jump lever, opening the graveyard*. Go out of the garden to the river. Go NW and loop right around over the fence into the Barn. Up over the entrance is a platform we need to get up to the rafter in the top of the Barn. When you hop into the corner behind that milk cart SE, a block goes up at the N wall, jump on it and use the wall lever, a block goes up W, jump there and throw the lever, a block goes up E, get up and throw lever #3. Now all 3 blocks are up, jump back to the one W and throw the lever back up, quickly jump onto the platform before the block goes down. Run jump to the platform S and stand jump grab up N to the rafter, get a Torch E (there are two more). Throw it down to the ground, but keep an eye on where it ends up… From where the Torches are you can stand jump back onto that last platform, then safety drop down and grab the Torch. Go back to the Village square.

Drop the Torch for a bit and go into the graveyard (opened with the jump lever, see*) and pick up Secret #3, an Easter Egg. Back to the square.

The House, a Revolver.

Take the Torch into the Church and ignite the Torch on one of the candles. Back out and straight S into the street and right into the house we opened with the jump lever on the back of the house, see (X). Ignite the Fireplace and a door opens upstairs, go up in the SE corner after dropping the Torch in a safe place and behind the open door is the Revolver. Get down, take the Torch to the square and leave it there for a bit.

The Garden Key.

To the right (E) is a house with the door open, go in and pull/push the crate left of the entrance to the other end (NE), climb up and side flip over the bookcase to find a jump lever up E, another house opens up. Use the higher floor behind you to side flip back over and leave the house, take the Torch.

The Small Waterskin and the Garden Key. 

Go W into the street and the house to the right is the one you opened, leave the Torch on the street. Inside go up the ladder right of the Mona Lisa, go out to the balcony and right to the chair. From facing NW, hop over the fence onto the roof above the window, so you’ll land with your feet on the roof. Now grab the edge as you fall off and shimmy left around the corner, over the porch below and come to a flat part in the roof, pull up for the Small Waterskin. Shimmy back a bit to safety drop onto the porch and go around to enter the same house again. Back up and to the balcony, run jump over to the balcony S and go straight to the kitchen cabinets, just right and a bit up from the microwave is a Key, grab that Garden Key (in case Lara refuses to grab it, save and reload, or even quit the game, open it again at that save and try again). Go down to the ground floor and push a button E, left of the window to open the front door. Go out and right to the Village square.

The Garden, the Mill Key.

Open the gate NE and in the Garden, in the far NE corner you can just make out a red key between the plants, walk all the way into the corner and pick up that Mill Key. On the corner of the Church, where the sunflowers are is a big button, use that to open another house**.

The Mill part 1, a Bag of Sand.

Go to the square, W to the river and across the bridge to the Mill, open the door and left around the corner is a Jump lever. Notice the Element Bowls in this Mill. After using the Jump lever a gate opens in the river. Go outside and jump in the river, go with the current to the S end and maybe get air before going into the tunnel to get the Bag of Sand. Swim back out to the river.

Secret: climb out left, get into the low underwater gap W and retrieve Secret #4, an Easter Egg. Swimming back out can be a bit tricky, just swim out with some speed.

Get out on the E side where you can stand in shallow water and fill the small waterskin while you’re there.

The House**, Roman Number Puzzle, Jerrycan of Oil.

Go E and if you didn’t yet, open that gate in the wall with the button right, left into the street and right into the house** (big button in the church garden). Go up the ladder right (SW), upstairs push the painting (switch) on the E wall, a trapdoor opens on ground floor, get back down and drop in. Follow through to another trapdoor in a crossing, go right to find a gate left. Above the gate is the Roman number 5, on the S wall are 4 levers, 1 through 4. Use either 2-3 or 1-4 and the gate opens. Inside is lever #1 for the trapdoor. Go to the N end and the gate has the number 9. Use levers 2-3-4, there are Flares under lever 4. The gate opened, use lever #2 for the trapdoor. Now go down that open trapdoor and get the Jerrycan of Oil.

Go back W and up to the house and out to the street.

The Mill part 2, Element Puzzle for the Sight.

Go right to the square and left into the street to the river, grab your Torch and take it with you, over the bridge to the Mill and enter. Use the water in the left bowl, the Sand in the right hand side and the Oil in the middle, then ignite the Oil with the Torch, a hatch opens in the ceiling. Climb up and get the Sight.

The Catacombs, Caves Key.

Take the Torch with you, go out of the Mill to the Village square drop the Torch and go into the S street a bit, turn around and shoot the Church bell. Take the Torch and throw it through the opened trapdoor (NW). Hop over the opening and climb down the ladder. The Torch can help you save some Flares for now. You’ll come to a chamber with Flares left and a pushable column right. In the back corner is a gate. That column goes into the SE corner (no indication? I just tried all corners). Go into that dark passage W, but be careful. Nasty cutters around the corner, get through 3 sets of them (stand close in the middle and roll when the trap opens). Next is a burial chamber, the tomb left has a small medipack, on the ledge in the back is the Caves Key. 

Secret: Turn around and the first Tomb left is cracked in the right hand corner, from standing close to the wall torch you can look into the crack with Revolver and Sight and spot a Lions head with Gem, shoot the Gem. Go into the open gate S and get Secret #5, an Easter Egg.

Grab your Torch again and head back through the Cutters and climb back up to the Church (N). Out of the Church straight into the street S and at the lady left, all the way to the end and open the gate to the Caves.

The Caves.

Go in and follow through around some corners and grabbing some Flares left near the Pool.  

Secret: Let’s check out that pool first, swim to the far SE corner, behind that pillar and go into the low gap near the bottom to get Secret #6, an Easter Egg there. Swim back to the NW corner and climb out.

Near Impossible Timed Sequence.

At the pool is a Timed lever left, raising the platform SE (I had to use the pull up faster trick here, as soon as Lara grabs an edge, release Ctrl and immediately press again, she will pull up a bit faster). Save at the lever, pull and while curving left, run to the edge S and jump along the wall onto the ledge at the W wall, a left curved running jump onto the right hand side of the sloped block, jump to the next and then onto the platform. Run jump with a left curve to jump onto the thin ledge N and another running jump (over a gap) to the wider ledge with another Timed lever for the platform behind the pillar. Pull, back flip/roll, hop onto the thin ledge. Hop back and run jump to the platform and get back to the last platform fast, hop forward grabbing the crack in the pillar as far right as possible, go right around the corner to the next platform, pull up as soon as you can and roll. Run W and jump with a left curve (or you will go too far) to the low ledge in the water. Jump W to the next Timed lever, opening the door left, in the SW corner of the Cave.

Pull, roll run to the edge, hop and grab the ledge and pull up quick, run jump a bit to the right, grabbing the ladder, go right before Lara gets her feet up and just before the dark block go up, then right and onto the block. Turn right and run jump SW onto the ledge, quickly get over the high block and run off the other side, turn left a bit and hop into the doorway, go forward before the door closes (save.0).

Torch Quest, a Crate.

On the S wall are 4 levers, go through the opening E and find a pool where we need 4 platforms to get the Torch across and ignite it. To the left is a Medipack. Back into the main cave and the lever left (in the dark) raises two platforms, the second lever another platform, don’t use the third (under the blue crystal) as it will drop a platform. Use the most right hand lever and 4 platforms should be up. Go into the dark tunnel W and get a Torch in the end, head to the pool and jump from platforms to pillars to get to the burning wall torch in the back to ignite your Torch. Jump back and in the main cave ignite the wall torch next to the door.

Go in, pick up Flares and move a crate out of that cave into the main cave and under the ladder up N.

The Golden Egg.

Go up the ladder and above that slope right, drop and grab again to get Lara hanging by the hands so you can shimmy right along the slope. At the end pull up and back flip roll onto a ledge. Run jump and grab the low part of the green ledge where the Egg is and go get the Golden Egg. Go through the opened gate and up to end the adventure.