Level by HaniHeger

Walkthrough by Dutchy

3 Secrets.

Hanna’s Deadly Rooms.

Pick up the Pistols, in the pool to the right is a soaked Medipack, there’s Shotgun ammo on the ledge left of the slope N. Slide down and end op at the bottom of a deep shaft, swim through and climb out. Left of the gate a hint to Save your game I think.

For Starters.

To the right a button opening the gate. Shoot some of Phil’s favourites, Ninja’s, from standing in the doorway. Go down and through the doorway N to the…

Purple Rooms.

Up the ladder and follow up the stairs, at the narrow passage left, time the spikes to run through, bit by bit. Next are a series of jumps along the left wall to get past the hack blades. Around the next corner a warning about scorpions… well I haven’t seen them. Stand a step back from the edge and hop back. Now stand jump onto the ledge with the burner and a running jump to the ledge beyond. Hop around the corner and go up a sloped surface, stand right against the wall and run jump over the steep part to the next part where you can stand, hop to the next and go left into the passage, at the drop off to the Blade room below, a straight run jump to grab the opposite side.

Red Rooms.

Drop down into a red corridor, up the corridor a bit and both left and right are cracks where you can pull up to avoid being crushed by the boulders, or just run back and grab up left of right where you came in. Go up where the boulders came from. Turn right at the top and hop into the passage after you saved, sprint keeping ahead of the spikes, through the gate and come to a huge Red Room. Jump along the pillars to the terrace right, notice the grey blocked wall with the spikes in front and push the 3 pillars back into place, a pillar goes up higher so you can reach the opening SW.

When you go in there you’ll notice the builder must have been all out of textures ;). Follow the passage, shoot a Ninja for a small medipack and in the end is a hint for that grey blocked wall with the spikes in front. Get back to that terrace, spikes are gone, so hop up into the opening behind the light grey tile, go use the Lava/Water lever. back through the wall and off the W side of the terrace into the water. Swim NW, straight and climb out N.

Secret: Swim back a bit, right and then left (W) and in the end left is a low gap with Secret #1, a Crossbow. Get back and climb out at that ledge again.

Back flip onto the slope and jump/grab the pillar, grab up straight and grab the crack right, go right around and drop on a pillar, turn around and run jump/grab the ladder, go up and right around the corner to the far side and up high. Back flip onto a slope and jump back to the slope at the ladder, (slide)jump again and grab the pillar W. Jump to the end of the room and go left around the corner to some crooked steps, go down…

Blue Rooms.

Swim through and coming into the wider room, climb onto the ledge in front, go up and Save, run jump S, stand jump onto the slope SW, jump to the long slope and slide far to jump and grab the thin ledge. Run jump NW onto the floor, up NW is a small medipack. Hop into the water E, swim down and head N, just follow the tunnel to where it goes up in a high shaft and climb out S. Hop straight into the pool there and in the dark place is an opening left, leading to an underwater lever opening the gate you saw in the flyby. Roll and swim out, right and climb out again. Jump to the ledge SW, grab the crack and go left to the ledge and go straight to the wider part

To the right is a bright block in the wall, push it in and turn around to grab up to the floor above, run over the glass. To the right and stand at the left side of the opening, run in with a bit of a right curve to slide and jump to grab the ladder, go left around and up to the ledge. Run off S landing on a ledge below and get into the water S.

Secret: just below that ledge you just left and in the W wall near the bottom is a low gap, get in for Secret #2, the Shotgun. Swim out. 

Right around the corner and in the end left is the open gate. Follow through and come to that first room again, this time at the other end. Grab the monkey bars and go over to drop onto that wide ledge and then jump the ledges to the SW corner. Grab the crack left and follow that to the Rainbow room.

Rainbow room.

Skeletons wake up… You can run around the outer wall a bit, spreading them out…

Secret: run NE along the outer wall, and seen diagonally from the corner column, the second hole in the floor has Secret #3, Explosive Arrows.

Go up the tower and grab up to a ladder (face S), slide down and drop into water with a strong current, just follow through and go up at the end.

Dark Rooms.

Save and pull up over the edge, jump roll and grab the edge. Hang left or right and check the health, drop and slide to the end of the slope, jump with a curve out of the way of the boulders and grab the grey ledge. Pull up and back flip/roll onto the boulder slope, this time just slide down and just after you passed the edge of the slope, hit Ctrl so you’ll end up on the slope below. Save at the red passage and run jump over the red floor part, grab a small medipack and some more jumps to the back passage where you’ll come to a deep pit. Run jump over and ahh….  Follow the colourful tunnels and climb out E at the end.

Halfway down the room, go down left from the grey ledge and swim through a round tunnel, up against the current and finally find those scorpions. Run to the end of the room and hit the Shut Down button. Kill the remaining enemies, or just run back and after the swim back on the grey ledge go left, but careful… At the doorway in the end is a dark pit and you might also have run out of Flares as I did… You can use the binoculars or fire pistols to spot it, jump over and go up the ladder to end the adventure.