Level by Greywolf 

Walkthrough by Dutchy

Mentioned saves and pictures are in this folder.

5 Secrets.

On the pillar left of the doors (on the outer side) is a jump lever opening the doors, follow through to the Dome Hall.

Around the Hall are Emerald Dragon statues with levers you cannot use yet (“we’ll have to find the 7 silver dragons to wake up the 7 emerald dragons”), so let’s go. In no particular order, but I thought this was the best route as you need some items to use in other sections.

Painting Puzzle, Button 1, a Torch.

Go right (??that means N probably) to the far wall (wall torch in the corner), a bit left and then right into side chamber, open the double doors, down a winding staircase (dizzy yet?) and open more doors, down the stairs and more doors to come to a Hall with Paintings. The painting we have to repair is in the S wall, the blocks are in the N wall. Pull out the first two so you can see the back side. The right hand one (E) can go straight over and into place. The other one is the top part, move it into the far SW corner, go to the levers E and use the ‘green’ one (second from left). Hop into the opening where the piece has to go and get behind it. Move it into place by going around a few times, pushing it bit by bit. Once in place, go to the levers again and throw the green back up, use the gold left of it and the pink one to the right too. Now you can pull out the higher parts, move all the levers back up. Facing the parts, the right hand one goes to the right hand corner of the painting and the left part to the left corner. The gate left opens up, get some Arrows there and push Silver Dragon Button #1/7, go outside.

Hop up in the back of the niche where the parts were (N) and go right to get a Light Crystal, a Small Healing potion and a Torch. Make your way back up the staircases to the Dome Hall..

Mirror Room, Sapphire Key, Button 2.

In the Mirror room we need a burning Torch, so go left into the NE corner and ignite the Torch. Go S, at the S wall go into the left chamber and open the double doors. Don’t forget the Torch and go up the staircase and down the next to come to the Mirror room, get into the alcove E, just right of the floor and ignite the wall torch (1). Walk to the edge and look out left, in the mirror you can spot a ledge, stand jump out left and then hop into the next alcove and ignite the wall torch (2). Leave the Arrows for now and use the next ledge to jump to the last alcove at the mirror, ignite the wall torch (3). Make your way back and do the same at the W wall, a gate will open after to lit all 5 wall torches. But jump into the open gate with the Torch to ignite an extra wall torch and see a block go down in a room with many doors, we’ll get there later. Throw the Torch out and look in the mirror to spot the Sapphire Key, grab that and drop to the lower floor, go get those Arrows and the Light Crystal. Get back up the stairs to the Dome Hall.

Go to the N wall and into the left arch, right around the corner is where you can use the Sapphire Key, go in and push Silver Dragon Button #2/7.

Hall with the Jump Levers.

Go out the door, right around and open the doors there and down the stairs, before opening the next doors you are advised to Save. Inside you get the message ‘this palace is made of colours, just like the rainbow’ (Roygbiv).

-The one on the S wall seems to be the Red one, so we start there, climb the left hand pillar all the way up and Lara will climb to the ceiling, turn around and get to the lever to use it, a little sound will play.

-Go over to Orange in the far NE corner, you can just grab that one.

-Now for Yellow, grab the crack (W) left of the pillar with the Green lever and shimmy left to Yellow.

-Green is; grab the crack and ledge jump up to operate the lever.

-Go towards the Orange lever (N) and turn left to grab the crack in the pillar and follow all the way left around to the Blue lever.

-For the last, Violet at the entrance, grab the crack left of the pillar, jump up to the next and go right around to the lever (In case you wonder, we are indeed one colour short as the rainbow has 7 colours). But, the doors SE are open, inside are Silver Dragon Button #3/7, Arrows and a Small Healing potion.

Look up S where you got the pickups, grab up to the crack and jump up once more, back jump and go right to crawl in and get a Scroll, examine it. Go back up the stairs to the Dome Hall

Garden, the Sight.

Go S and into the second side chamber in the W wall (where that lever statue is in the doorway) and open the double doors, down the stairs more doors and come to a garden with trees. Next to the SW tree, hidden in the ferns (see the scroll) is the Sharp Aim Charm (sight). Go back to the entrance (we’ll be back) and up the stairs to the Dome Hall.

Trapdoor Puzzle.

In the S wall, go into the right hand side chamber (SW). Open the double doors, down the staircase and open more doors, follow down to a basement with pillars and trapdoors. To the left is a Timed jump lever (N wall), use that and the trapdoors go up for a period of time (Trapdoors Map.jpg). Save and jump to use the lever. Roll and sprint up the staircase SW, jump from trapdoor to trapdoor to do the 5 levers and the trapdoor in front of the doors S goes up, jump there and open the doors (save.0).

Four tiles on the floor, four trapdoors up above with four levers. Open the doors W (right) and go up, the trapdoors go up. Jump from one to the other throwing the four levers, again nothing to worry about, if you cannot make it in one go just go up again and throw the remaining levers. In all four corners of the room walls went down and inside are pushables. On top of them are horse heads, look at the direction the horse is facing and use the images on the trapdoors above to see which one goes where, a correct placed piece lights a Torch up on the wall. SW goes to the SE tile. SE goes to the NW tile. NW goes to the NE tile. NE to the last, SW tile. Now you can open the E doors as a bridge now spans the pool, push Silver Dragon Button #4/7 on the wall and return, down to the pillar room, go around to pick up a Small Healing potion N and a Light Crystal SE near the pool.

For a Secret: go to the pool, combine the Bow with the Sight and shoot a panel in the far wall (underwater) and swim in, to the right at the end and pick up a Large Healing potion, Arrows and a Light Crystal. Swim up in that back tunnel and at the ceiling is a gap to the N, swim through and up to climb out, get Secret #1/5, Dragon’s Eye part 1. Swim back to the pool and climb out into the pillar room.

Go up the staircases to the Dome Hall.

The Sword, Target Shoot for a Button.

Go to the E wall and into the first side chamber (just left of the palace doors) and through the doors. Open the doors and head down the staircase, open the next doors, down more stairs and through the next doors you’ll come to that room with the many doors. In the floor there is the block you lowered if you lit the 6th wall torch in the Mirror room. Drop in and get the Sword. Stand at the slide E, arm with the Bow and Sight, Save and slide down. Shoot two targets, one up right, the other left (save.1) and the Garden is shown, because a gate opened there. Turn around and dive into the gap under the trapdoor to get the Rainbow Crystal. Get out and left N into the opening, climb out and up the stairs, open the doors and loop right around into newly opened doors (one of the targets) to find Silver Dragon Button #5/7.

In the left wall is a panel that looks different, shoot it with Wound Charms and go in for Secret #2, a Scroll. When you run out, the contents is shown, we’ll need that later for another Secret.

Out of the passage and right to the stairs up to the Dome Hall.

Garden part 2, Tree Climbing.

From the middle of the Hall straight W Go to the second side chamber in the W wall (where that lever statue is inside the doorway) and left through the double doors, down the stairs to the Garden. Looking into the garden go to the tree straight in front, not the one right of the entrance. Facing the tree S, you can jump and grab up to the leaves, jump straight up again to grab the leaves above, go left around two corners and here you can back jump to grab the next tree, (a tricky jump, you might have to roll yourself as the back jump didn’t always work for me in this spot). Go right around the corner and jump up, left around two corners (you can hardly see Thalien here), now another back jump/roll to grab the next tree, go left around two corners and another opening where that gate opened (save.2).

Pick up a Light Crystal left and push Silver Dragon Button #6/7. Safety drop out and return to the Dome Hall.

Palace Tower, Crowbar lever.

Go straight to the E wall and a bit left, into the side chamber and open the doors, down the stairs more doors and come out on the Battlements, go all the way around, come to some doors. To the right of the doors is a ladder, go up and on top of the tower is a crowbar lever you can operate with the Sword. Go back down the same ladder. Now, this is a bit weird, the doors aren’t open yet, so go around the next corner (left of the doors) and climb the ladder there, for me this is the same Tower/lever…? Use the Crowbar lever again from facing N and those doors should now be open. Not going for Secrets, get down the ladder.

For a Secret: Go to the SE corner, climb up and look down S, we have to get to the top of that outer wall, a straight run jump should do it with some health loss. Go W and jump up at the W end, on that terrace is Secret #3, the Gold Key (hard to see).

Preparation #1 for a Secret later: Go to the corner of the tower from where the Key was, face E and climb up the ornaments on the corner pillar, use the crowbar lever again. Go back down from the same corner and make your way down from the terrace to the wall and to the ground.

Go to the doors in the E wall of the Tower, pick up a Light Crystal and go up to Silver Dragon Button #7/7. Back down and out to the Battlements, run back around the tower to the exit doors.


Preparation #2 for a Secret later: At the last corner of the Tower (NW) you can jump up (face S) and grab the ornaments, go up to the top and come back to that crowbar lever, use it from facing N and a block goes down somewhere, revealing Dragon’s Eye part 2, get back down.

The Statue Levers.

Make your way back up to the Dome Hall where all those Jade Dragon levers should be un-locked by using those Silver Dragon Buttons. Go left or right around throwing all 7 levers.

Secret: When you get to the left S side chamber (entrance of the Mirror room), go in and find that lowered block, drop in for Secret #4, Dragon’s Eye part 2, you can combine that with the other part. Climb up the wall N.

After you did all 7 Jade Dragon levers, a hole will appear in the middle of the Hall, get down there and pick up Rainbow Crystal #2, the big doors NW are open. Go through those doors, follow through and come to another part of the palace gardens. You can open the door with the 2 Crystals.

But for the last Secret Mission, go right and to the NE corner of the garden, under the trees you’ll find a fern (there are more to the left). Read the scroll, Save and stand on the fern under the tree, hop to the one W, then NW, W and a bit left, turn left to hop to the one close to the tower and turn right to hop to the one in the direction of the tree NW, the ground will shake as a sinkhole appears NW, near the tree (save.3). Make your way down that hole, climbing backwards of some drops and at a crossing keep right to the big door where the Dragon’s Eye can be used.

Go through and over a pit with a trapdoor, just through the doorway look left and shoot the target (trapdoor is now open). Go to the other end of the passage where the Gold Key will open the door. Go up the staircase and push a Button to raise a pushable in the Puzzle Chamber. Back down and loop around left to come to the opening with the ladder, climb down and drop into the Secret Puzzle Chamber. In the NE corner is a tile and when you step on it, the scroll will be readable.

- One is correct, but in the wrong place:

- Two are correct, but in the wrong place:

- One is correct, but in the wrong place:

- One is correct and in the right place:

- All these are wrong (so, we should avoid these?)”

Crossing out wrong ones and looking at all possibilities there can be only this solution (Secretsolution.jpg) and in this order:


2-Phoenix (fire bird)

3-Seriphina (blue dragon). 

SW is a pushable, move it onto those tiles in the given order and the gate opens up NE, go through and upstairs is Secret #5, a Rainbow Crystal. Go down to the Puzzle room and up the ladder through the trapdoor, straight to where the light is and follow the tunnel left and follow back up to the garden. Get to the front of the Tower.

Enter the Tower, upstairs and open doors, go left or right around and pick up the Sun Jewel….