First Level by Kosmo Hankson.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.

5 Secrets.

The Stone of Ma’at.

Turn right and in the crawlspace are Uzi clips, grab up onto the block NW and grab the ceiling to go over to the niche E and get Secret #1, the Uzis. Drop down and shoot the vases to get a small medipack. Through the opening S you’ll come to a pool, swim through the tunnel SW and climb out in a Tomb, shoot the scorpions and find the Stone of Ma’at behind the sarcophagus. Swim back through the tunnel and climb out of the pool in the left corner, grab some Flares next to the high block and then get on top of that block, light a Flare, run jump and grab the ladder and go up into the dark, climb left and drop into the passage for Secret #2, a Stone Dragon. Drop through the hole behind that Secret, get out of the pool and go through the doorway to the first room, place the Stone to open the door.

Pillar/Spike Hall.

Save and look down to spot the slope, a pillar in a dark pit. Run down, slide and jump onto the pillar, a cut scene will show you a bright set of Spikes and a door. Stand back and hop down SE for a small medipack, run jump N and turn left, look for the ladder on the high pillar and jump to grab it. Go up and get some Flares, run down from the S side to the lower block. Stand jump down W to get Secret #3, a Jade Dragon. Turn right, jump to grab the ladder and go up. Run down from the N side and find a button opening that door. Turn right and hop onto the corner pillar, then right again and run jump to the ladder, go up and jump to the open door. Slide down backwards and grab the edge, safety drop and shoot the Ninjas. Go around collecting a Medipack, the Shotgun, Uzi clips and in a vase SE some Shotgun ammo.

The Eye of Horus.

Two ways to go (in no particular order):

S - Eye Piece 1; open the door, look at the ceiling to find the clear path through the spikes chamber and in the next chamber, the pool looks deadly, but is only hot, there are a small medipack and Uzi clips to be found in the water. Back flip onto one of the slopes, jump and grab the ledge. Go up the ledges, through a crawlspace with steam vents and then continue up the ledges to the chamber with the Eye Piece. Some bats attack and in the NE corner are Flares. Go back using the ledges, this time you don’t have to use the crawlspace because from this side you can make the jump to the other corner. Go back through the spike chamber and in the main chamber open the next door.

N - Eye Piece 2; Blades and spikes. As soon as you come in, back flip onto one of the side slopes and jump to grab the ledge, get the Uzi clips and drop back down. Make it through the first Bird Blades, turn around and spot a ladder up. Jump up and grab the ladder, go up and if Lara refuses to go further, climb left of right till she hangs by the hands, Go up a few grabs and then move over to the middle of the ladder again to get her feet up. Now climb to the top and in the niche is Secret #4, a Medipack, a small medipack, 2x Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips. Back down the ladder, turn around and get through the last blade.

Underwater Labyrinth. 

Hop in and for some pickups go left first, keep going left and come to an air pocket and a Medipack. Get air, swim back and keep left, down and left/right for 2x Shotgun ammo. Get back, up and swimming left where possible come to that crossing where you entered, go straight E. Down and right, follow to an air pocket, turn left and swim N and left into the opening, up to some Uzi clips. Down and out, go left to the end and get air. Turn around swim back S a bit and right into the opening, down to use the underwater lever opening a gate. Go back up, right/left to that open gate and climb out in the chamber with Eye Piece 2. Scorpions appear, shoot them from standing on a ledge. On the high block N are Uzi clips and on the one S a small medipack. Swim back W, up the slope and left. Through the Blades and combine the Eye Parts to use the Eye on the door E, shoot the Ninja inside and pick up his Rifle. Hop over to the floor with a whole load of Goodies and just slide down the slope. Two bitches appear, shoot them and the doors open E. First look over the edge at the SE corner of the battle floor and find a ledge with Secret #5, the Gold Dragon. Climb back up and go to the open doors…

Timed Escape.

Stand a bit away from the left wall so when you slide down you can jump and grab the right hand corner of the cracked wall, go right around to the ledge, quickly pull up and turn around, jump across to the crack and go left to a ledge in the end, pull up and run left onto the ledge, run to the higher part and curve left to jump and grab to the slope. Shimmy right with boulders dropping everywhere and drop to the ledge. Run jump to the stairs and get through the doors fast…

D, 15/03/’21