Level by Gabriel Oliveira

Walkthrough by Dutchy

3 Secrets.

The Backstreet Key.

Go left around and find a trapdoor in the corner, when you step on it, it will open up. Go into the tunnel SE, shoot some bats and come to the sewers, on the opposite side and left is a small medipack. Hop into the water and swim into the tunnel E, against the current and all the way to the end, ignoring the first opening up. Climb out and come to a small yard, head up the steps in the far right corner, climb up the hedge when you can and from the N end grab up to the ledge, walk left and jump to the nearest window on the roof, pick up the Backstreet Key and a baddy appears, deal with him as you see fit and get back down into the sewer, follow back to the door of the Opera.

The Warehouse Key.

Climb up the NE corner of the fountain and stand jump/grab up to the roof N, go up to the higher ledge and pick up some Flares. Grab up to the roof E and shimmy along the edge to the first balcony, then run jumps over the balconies to the S, right and over the fence to the ledge along the Opera, left around the corner over the roof and onto the next balcony. Shoot the window N and hop down for the Warehouse Key. Get back to the roof in front of the Opera and safety drop down.

The Warehouse, Crowbar.

Now head into the street SW, left and move the crates out of the way so you can access the door behind them, open it with the Warehouse Key. In the passage is a crate, push it twice and then pull it once to the left (W). The alarm sounds, two baddies will come for you. Once they are dead, return to the crates and find Secret #1, Shotgun ammo in the NE corner. Now push the dark crate in the back once and throw the lever in the window left, a trapdoor opens up. Go back into the passage and left into the Warehouse, climb that metal crate right around the corner and jump to the wooden ones N, jump back onto the ledge with the barrels and use the lever to raise a block under the upper floor N. Hop onto the barrels and run to the other end to find Secret #2, a Medipack.

Drop to the floor and use the block N and crates to get up to that floor. Jump onto the metal crate NE for Flares, jump back to the floor and go into the other area (NW), right and at the end safety drop down. Shoot a Baddy and go up the crates in the far left corner (SE), safety drop down into the room below and move the wooden crate under the trapdoor for later. Shoot a grate NE to get some Shotgun ammo and get back out, shoot the grate W, take a right and follow to the end, where you can climb up into a room with levers.

Gates/Lever Puzzle.

The doors left are open, use the lever in the left hand opening. Now throw the 2 floor levers and in the E wall only use the right hand lever. All gates in the passage N should now be open. Go through, hop on the block and get the Crowbar. Return to the Warehouse through the tunnel S, if you didn’t yet, pull the crate under the trapdoor and climb out. From a wooden crate hop onto the yellow ones and jump along the NW corner and over to the E floor. Out SE and to the ground floor, leave SW and loop around right to the Opera courtyard.

Back Street, the Jewel Holder.

Open the wooden doors W of the fountain, follow the passages up (shooting a Baddy) and come to a balcony. Hop over the fence to the small roof and safety drop to the street, in the far end are Flares (NW). Go S and find a gate you can open with the Back Street Key.

!!If you take the route though the Back Street, be sure to first create a shortcut we need for later, go SW and left to open some double doors there!! Go back to the gate and into the alley.

Follow through and the first opening right is for later, we need to raise a block there. So proceed and go into the alley right and come to a square with a Baddy, after dealing with him, go into the SW corner and use the lever to raise the block. So head back to the Back street and loop left around to the yard where the block went up. Jump from the block onto the wall N and then NE to another wall to get the small medipack. Jump back and hop into the room W where you can open the door with the Crowbar. Right around the corner are Uzi clips. Go W and walk the pole across the room and a Baddy attacks, this one drops the Jewel Holder. Hop into the water below and find a Timed underwater lever on the middle pillar E, pull swim to the S wall and climb up on the ledge, quickly run through the open gate and start shooting a Baddy, this one will drop a small medipack. Left of the Timed gate is a lever, use it twice to permanently open the gate.

Timed Block, for a Torch.

In the far end of the square is a floor lever opening a gate in the pool we just came from, go back and hop in, left wall just next to the middle pillar. Go left and get Shotgun ammo. Go back for air by swimming right. Now enter again and keep going right where possible (lot of empty niches). Climb out in a big Hall, notice the burning candle E. Head out W and find another pool with blocks in it (in the SW corner of the pool is some wet Shotgun ammo. In the SE corner of the room is a Timed lever (notice the wooden crate in wall S), pull and run to the pool, hop onto the nearest block then to the next and turn to run jump onto the Timed block, jump forward to grab that red-white awning. Hang right and pull up, back flip with a roll and steer left to end up on a ledge. Hop to the balcony N and then jump into the room E, there’s a crate in the S wall. Hop onto the “table” with the Torches and first shoot the window SW, then grab a Torch.

Shortcut up/down, Ignite the Torch.

Hop into the window you just shot, follow down and drop the Torch in a corner, allowing you to pull the crate out of the doorway. Take the Torch through and go into the NE room with the pool, ignite the Torch on the candle in the back and return upstairs through the shortcut, hopping up the crates.

Head through the passage N, timing the popping Spikes. On the walkway around that square is a Medipack W and on a pedestal along the N side is the Shotgun, it is worth dropping the Torch for that, no?

Along the E side you can Throw the Torch through the opening in the balustrade and climb down a ladder, shoot the 2 Baddies and take your Torch to the wall torch NE and ignite it. You can leave it here.

The Broken Jewel.

Through the gate and shoot the barriers, hop up and down in the next room left around corners into the SW corner, grab up left (E) to a crack, shimmy left to the corner and pull up over, slide a bit and jump with a roll to land on a slope, jump again to grab the ladder. Go right around the corner and up a bit to backflip/roll and grab a slope. Shimmy left and pull up on the flat corner, get through the opening S. Go left around and shoot the grate to get into the crawlspace, follow right, shoot more grates and come to the balcony with the Broken Jewel, combine that with the other part to get the Jewel. Back through the crawlspace, on the other balcony right onto the slope and safety drop down. Get out to the square, there are Flares NW.

Using the Jewel.

Now we need to get back to the Back Street, back up the ladder SE, right around to the spike passage leading to the room with the Torches, the spikes are now de-activated. Hop down into the pool and climb out in the lower room, go into the pool room NE, into the water and through the tunnel to the pool with the timed lever. Climb out onto the ledge and go left through the wooden shortcut doors (hopefully opened before you used the Back Street Key). Go right and right again through the Back Street gate, left and to the end, then right into the alley to the square with the fountain. From standing on the fountain, jump and grab the red-white canopy, run jump E onto the ledge and go right from the end right to the small roof and onwards to the ledge with the round contraption. Use the Jewel and the gate below opens up.

Secret Entrance to the Cathedral.

Enter and go down either one of the stairs and a bunch of Bats will meet you at a bright pool, in the far right corner are some Uzi clips and on the E wall is a jump lever opening up the trapdoors in the pool. Swim down the tunnel and come to an underwater lever left, opening up more trapdoors. Get up through those and take out a Baddy, behind the pipes is some Shotgun ammo, jump back out from behind the pipes. In the ceiling is a hatch, you can open it from facing S. Grab up into the duct and shoot the grate at the other end to drop into the Cathedral. Left, in the corner (SW) is Shotgun ammo, SE are Uzi clips and behind the altar are the Uzis (where else would you hide that?). Now there are two ways to go about the next part, this is how I did it

Burners; Emerald Piece 1.

Go to the SW corner and the doors you can open, hop into the water and grab some Uzi clips in the NW corner, then climb out onto the low burner ledge in the same corner (you are safe in corners of the ledges), face S and when you get the chance, run jump to the side of the one at the S wall. Turn left and run jump to grab the one E, pull up along the wall and run into the corner of walls. When the burner dies down, jump and grab the window, immediately pull up and back flip on a slope, jump and land on the ledge. Run jump and grab the crack left of the burner at the end and shimmy left to where you can pull up, shoot the grates and go in, follow down to doors leading to the first floor landing, go left open other doors and get Emerald Piece 1. Out of the room, go S and shoot the warrior. On the S wall is a lever to open the gate. On that balcony is the receptacle for the Emerald Symbol.

Boulder & Spikes; Emerald Piece 2.

Drop from the floor and go to the wooden doors NE, go right and up the slope, roll as soon as you hit the bright spot and go either left or right out of the path of the boulder. Go up the sloped passage again.

The Catacombs.

At the bright spot left, hop over a spike pit, climb down the back (ladder) behind the block, into the water and time the spikes to swim through the tunnel. Climb out and shoot the windows, go in and hop down into the hole in the ground, follow through to the end and somehow the right hand wall of the shaft is climbable, go up into the Catacombs. Go S along through right hand tunnel and shoot some bats, to the right is a deep pit and looking right you can see a gate. Back to the crossing and right (S) and follow to a pedestal with the Cathedral Key. A Spirit shows up (while shooting pistols, turn around your axle and with a bit of luck the Spirit wanders off), run back E and left, left and from the ledge in the pit run jump right to the gate to grab the Catacomb Key. Run jump back SE to that ledge and go to the crossing, left to where we entered the Catacombs and then take the other side (SE) tunnel, in the end is another deep pit. Run jump and grab the pillar S, then jump left and climb up right to get to a gate you can open with the Catacomb Key, there’s a Spirit Killer inside, but mine was nowhere to be seen.

So pick up the Medipack and head back to the N, left and find that shaft we came up from before (NW). Down the wall and up to where you shot the windows, swim through the spike tunnel, climb the ladder and hop to the boulder slope. Go up a bit and up to the hole in the ceiling where that boulder came from, look up and spot the jump lever. Use it to open a gate* and run down the passage, at the end climb down the ladder where the boulder went down and then grab up to one of the side ledges. Go through the open gate* and get Secret #3, Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo. Go back up the boulder slope, all the way and up right is where you can use the Cathedral Key. Go right to the far end of the landing and open the doors to get Emerald Piece 2. Go out and shoot the warrior on your way over to the lever S, go through the gate and place the Emerald Symbol S. Ropes appeared in the Cathedral, use those ropes you get behind the fence behind the altar and you’ll land in water. Climb out the other end, shoot some bats and climb the left side bookcase, then back flip/roll and grab the other side, go up to the top and go to a library room with a chequered floor, look left in the mirror to see only the ones at the mirror are safe. Get across the room and up the ledge, take one of the sides and turn around in the back. Grab up to the passage above and there you can slide down after saving our game…

The Goliath.

NE is a small medipack, SW Uzi clips. Take him on by side flipping away when he fires a bolt and keep shooting. He will drop a Pentagram. I used it NE (although there are two receptacles), the trapdoor in the grated floor opens up. Drop down, hop through the opening in the wall and grab the “Rose of Reflection”. Go through the opened gate and end the adventure…