Level by Astraf

Walkthrough by Dutchy.



Zip distracting Lara so she slips into a steep tunnel. Jump/roll and grab the edge to safety drop down. Turn left and hop into the dark corner for a small medipack. Hop out and climb the nearby ledge to run jump and grab the vines E. Go up and right, run  jump back to the W side. In the SW corner is an opening with some Uzi clips. Get back out to the ledge. Look N and spot the crack you can grab to get to that lever left of it. The lever opens the door below.

Hang from the edge of the niche, shimmy right and drop/grab the crack below, go right around the corner and drop into the passage with Secret #1/7, Flares, Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun itself. Slide out.

The Big Hall, Search for an Idol.

Go through the open door, and in the big hall find some Flares to the W. Go to the middle of the room to have a look around. There are several routes through this Hall, this is how I did it: 

The Jump Levers.

Down the stairs W is a gate, left of it is a pillar with a boulder on top, hop onto the wall left of the stairs and run left around the W side of the pillar and the boulder will try to crush you. Back on the wall next to the stairs you can grab up to a ledge W, turn around and jump/grab to the gap where the boulder was. Now you can run jump and grab the ledge N. A bat shows up, shoot it and grab up to the monkey climb to go over to that jump lever E. A small door opens S, go in there and up left is a lever that brings out a rope in the SW corner of the hall. Out of the door go right and hop up onto the dark rock NW, turn around and jump/grab up to a ledge on the left side of the pillar. Run jump (SW) to that dark rock and in the corner is a small medipack. Grab up right onto the short pillar and spot the jump lever on the nearby pillar, jump and grab the rope and then swing to operate the jump lever and a wall goes down in the upper W side of the Hall. Run jump NW to the ledge (you can make a little detour to get those Uzi clips from the gap in the pillar and return to the ledge) and climb up to where that wall opened.

W Canyon, a Copper Key.

A large Canyon, carefully hop right around the corner and hang from the back to safety drop down on a dark rock, shoot the wolf from there if you get the chance. Get down from the rock and go to a niche under that Cog wheel (S) and grab the Copper Key. Head over to the NW corner and use the vines on the side of the arched wall to climb up and get over to that Cog Wheel. Turn it till that gate is open and get through the gate (not too hard) and you’re back in the Hall.

For the Secret you might have spotted in the canyon, go back up to the open wall, hang from the entrance and shimmy right to a niche, pull up when you cannot go further and run jump NW onto the right hand side of that sloped rock ledge, a walkable part. Go up over the top and grab Shotgun ammo, then run jump with a bit of a left curve onto the rock ledge SW so you can grab the edge as you slide off. Shimmy right around the corner, pull up and back flip to where Secret #2/7 awaits, Revolver ammo and Grenades (I see now we could have done this before, ah well). Safety drop backwards from the E side and you are back at the Cog Wheel, use it to get back to the Hall.

E Side, Mazes.

Go grab up to the upper ledge left of the stairs E, turn around and jump into the gap in the pillar to get the Shotgun ammo, jump back and climb up to the higher ledge in front of the closed walls. Turn around to run jump SW onto the ledge behind the pillar and use the lever there to lower those walls. Run jump back and enter. To the left is a ladder shaft, for now just hang from the edge and drop into that pool way down there, get out and throw a floor lever to open a shortcut gate back to the Hall (W), but this also will alarm some wolves, shoot them. Go E into a corridor with statues and some bats appear, in the E wall are two doors and they can be opened with the Copper Key, but we only have one. In a cave S are Uzi clips behind some broken columns, nothing else we can do there.

Using the Copper Key, Right Hand Door, a Boulder.

So return to the corridor and I opened the right hand door first (in no particular order). Follow up some stairs and come to a boulder we have to push, but somehow it is blocked. Go around N and all the way to the end of that corridor, in the right hand corner is a Spike pit. Go back N and look in the NE corner behind a broken column for a reach-in switch. This will disable the spikes in the Pit.

Detour for a Secret: Go back to that Spike pit, where the Spikes are now gone, jump onto the slope E and grab to safety drop down, follow the passage down there to get Secret #3/7, climb the wall and back flip off when you reached the room. Get the Uzis, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Go up the ladder again and off to the right, drop down into the corridor.

So climb on the boulder ledge and push the boulder down to the S where it will end up on a trigger tile opening a door in that lower passage.

Push Pillar, Left Coin Piece.  

Go down where the boulder went, left side and down the passage. In the next room is a pillar SE, pull it twice out of the corner and go down to the lower room where the pillar was. On the W side of the pit is a jump lever raising a block. Go back up in the SE corner and pull/push the pillar onto the central pillar in the pit, the door W opens up and the pit will flood with water from the pool we fell in before. Go use the underwater lever in the NE corner and see a trapdoor go up in the Spike pit. Climb out above the lever and go up the sloped passage up right and around the boulder slope again, all the way to the S end of the corridor with the columns. You can now drop into a pit there (the trapdoor closed) and jump up the wooden ramp to get the Left Coin Piece. The other part is visible through the fence. Use the slope E to grab up and back flip out of the pit, go N and loop around the boulder slope. Maybe kill some spiders and go left at the bottom of the stairs and out to the corridor with the statues.

Left Hand Door, Push Block, the Right Coin Piece. 

As soon as you emerge from the door, the other door opens up and a wolf comes out. Enter the Left hand door and come to a crossing. Go left and shoot some spiders, follow through to a pit and left of it is a small medipack. Drop into the pit and come to a lair of some kind, when you proceed further in there, a Warthog will attack. In the lower section is a block, move it out of the niche and into the SW corner underneath a shaft with vines. Throw the lever NE to open a trapdoor in the shaft and grab up to the vines, back flip and climb up to the trapdoor, then up left and hop up to the Right Coin Piece. You can combine both parts in the inventory into the Snowy Owl Coin. Get back down, levae the lair SE and climb up to the corridor. Follow back to the crossing.

A Torch, Timed Run, Melting the Lake.

Go down into the lower passage N, there’s a pit with a trigger tile and right of it is a push block. Go down in the pit and into the crawlspace, grab Flares right and then go in the opposite direction, climb up left and come to the block. Push it into the pit and that door on top of the sloped passage will open (in one of my run-throughs this door was already open, don’t know why, I kept a save game to prove it).

Follow the passage to a small room. There’s Revolver ammo NE of the central column, face S at the column and jump/grab up to a crack, use the crack to get to both sides ledges and throw the two levers there to lower some blocks in the floor.

Jump to a ledge N and find a Torch there. Take the Torch and get down onto the floor. Doesn’t matter which opening you take, they are connected somewhere in the passages below, but the tasks are similar. Go down a hole, you’ll find a bowl you have to ignite, go down the stairs and find a Timed lever opening one of two doors allowing access to a burning torch (remember where the lever is). Go further down two sets of stairs. Then there will be an open door (left or right, depending on which side you started) in a narrow doorway. Leave the Torch in the middle of the square there and go back to the Timed lever (from the timed doors, you have to do the E side lever first otherwise you won’t make it).

Pull, roll and sprint to where the Torch is, then up the other stairs to the second Timed lever, use it and sprint back again to the doors and grab the Torch, run over a break tile to get to the burning torch. Ignite the Torch and jump back over the spike pit, go up both sides to ignite the two Bowls and see a lake, now without Ice. You can drop the Torch now.

The Lake Canyon.  

Climb up through the shaft next to the last Bowl you ignited, SW out of the door, up to the crossing and out W to the corridor. Through the gates W (if not open, use the lever and shoot wolves), up the stairs and up the wall right or left of the stairs, grab up E again to the open wall and jump grab the E side ladders, go down and drop/grab to get into the opening halfway down, shimmy all the way to the left side of the opening before pulling up, this way avoiding some nasty Dart traps. Run forward and roll to shoot a spider, jump diagonally over the gap in the floor and go left into the Cave (we already visited the areas below).

Using the Snowy Owl Coin, taking the Long Way.

There’s a bridge and left of it are some Flares on a ledge, go get those and jump back, then into the tunnel E and go down to the Lake, follow the ledges along the W side rocks and where you go S again, run into the water and look SW for a niche with Shotgun ammo. Get back out and make your way to the entrance of the building S. Get into one of the water holes and throw the underwater lever there, get back out and find a raised wall blocking the exit to the Lake, climb that wall and turn around so you can spot the receptacle for the Coin, but no way of reaching that from here. Grab up E and hop SE around the corner, up the wall and down onto the pillar E, run jump and grab the ledge N, run jump without Ctrl onto a ledge around the corner (NE), continue following the ledges and find a crawlspace NW, go through (only way) and come to a rope. Jump to grab it, swing to the ledge and continue to the wall S, go right and hop left around the corner to where you can place the Snowy Owl Coin, a door opens underwater, N end of the Lake. Dive in and swim through the door where the current will take you further….



Secret: As soon as you get control, start swimming left to get out of the current into a niche with Secret #4/7, a Medipack and Grenades. Swim back into the current.

Drop from a waterfall. Grab up the left side ledge and take the small medipack. Jump over to the other side and drop down in the SE corner to grab some Flares.

Flood the W pool.

Grab back up and turn around, jump over to the SE corner ledge (hard to spot with all those leaves). From there a run jump to grab the opening W, pick up some Uzi clips and shoot a bat and a spider, but be careful not to run into the hole in the corner. Follow the tunnel down to a room with several levers and a closed door.

-Go down one of the slopes, throw the lever E and the door upstairs opens up.

-Back up the slope and jump into the open door W, grab Flares and go up one of the sides, doesn’t matter which. Upstairs are a spider and a block, move the block into the hole in the floor (I bet you can figure that one out).

-Drop down onto the block and push it W into the floor opening.

–Go down one of the slopes again and push the block under the lever W so you can use it (this will open door, flooding a pool for later*).

The Pools.

Leave the room, into the tunnel.

With some pickups: Remember that hole in the corner of the tunnel I warned you about? Face N and hang into the hole, drop/grab to a crawlspace and get in for Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Hang out and right, safety drop down.

Go down the river and shoot bats. Just go down into a pool. The water level here lowered after the lever above the block*. That water went through the door to the W side pool and we need it there. So if you forgot (missed) that lever, you’ll have to travel back up the river to the “Flood the W pool” paragraph.  

Swim through the door to the W pool, there might be a Croc like creature lurking around. Climb out on a ledge SW, W wall and shoot the animal. Climb up left and make your way around the N side to the Flares on the wooden ledge, then go SE into the dark tunnel and grab the Uzis. Hop back into the W pool and swim to an opening N (you could not reach that before the flooding). Follow through, shoot a spider and grab the Flares between the two pools. Shoot the Croc thing in the pools and dive in, save before you use the Timed underwater lever S. A trapdoor goes up above the ledge where you got the Flares. Quickly surface and climb out SE, on the right hand corner of the corner block. Turn right and side flip on the slanted block to jump to grab the ledge above, run straight to the corner, right around and jump over to the trapdoor, run onto the ledge. Go up to the lever and open a door in the W pool with that.

Go back out NW, shoot the Croc things in the pool and swim straight over to the open door.

Swim right as soon as you can to fight the current and pick up Secret #5/7, the Revolver.

Continue through the tunnel and come sliding down to the Cave Temple. Climb out right and pick up Flares, in the cave SE are Uzi clips hidden in the plants. Go shoot that Croc thing and get more Flares (soaked ones) from the bottom (W). Climb out S there

S Entrance, Pushblock, Guardian Coin 1.

SW, just left of that brick ramp are Uzi clips, go up to the big gate and onto the ledge along the E wall, to the end where the column is and hop left onto a rock ledge, in that cave is Shotgun ammo hidden in the plants. Hop back down to the ledge with the column and then go to the W side ledge with the column for more Shotgun ammo. Go up the stairs opposite the entrance gate and throw the “Timed“ lever, back flip/roll and run through the gate (easy). Once inside, look up and spot the hole in the ceiling we have to get up to (notice the two wall scones we have to ignite later for a Secret).

Dive into both side flooded staircases and throw the two underwater levers (one each side) to open a door upstairs. Get out of the water, run into the back (S) and right around theorugh the door, throw the lever there to open another door*. Go back and when around two corners, straight up the other side (W), to come to a pushblock, push it out of the passage to the ground floor. Return there and move the block under the left side of the opening in the ceiling near the Entrance gate. Grab up to the thin ledge and make your way up to the terrace shooting bats. Go get the Guardian Coin and some Wasps show up.

Go to the E side (NE corner) and take a step back from the edge, run jump to the flat part of a rock ledge N, walk to the Uzi clips on the tip of the ledge. Hop down into the water and climb out at the N side.

N Entrance, Raising Blocks, Guardian Coin 2.

As you approach the Entrance, a Skeleton wakes up and you’ll get a hint of where you can find a Shotgun in case you didn’t find one yet. It is in the middle of the field between the two ramps and next to that broken column. Shoot the Skeleton into the water. In the dark area NE are Flares, under the terrace and on the ledge along the E wall is a small medipack. Now go to the Timed lever on the pillar opposite the Entrance gate and get inside. Run up both side stairs, over both trigger tiles and a block goes up in the N end of the hall. Get up there, roll and jump/grab up to the floor above (spot the burning wall torch NE). Go up S to the terrace, shoot bats and grab the Guardian Coin, Wasps attack. To the E in a side cave is Revolver ammo. SW into a small side cave and on a ledge is a Medipack. Not going for Secrets, get down into the water there and climb out at the round door W.

Quest for a Secret:

Go to the E side of the terrace and through the side cave to get to a ledge where the Torch is (don’t loose it, there’s only one). Back to the terrace and inside (N), run jump up left into the alcove where the wall torch is and ignite the Torch there. To the W you can see the one we need to ignite.

3 Wall Scones, N: Boulder traps.  

Hop out right to get to the terrace, and just left of the pedestal walk up to the edge, drop the Torch over the edge by hitting a weapons key and be sure it lands safely down there. Hop into the water, get out and grab the Torch, go under the terrace and right up the ledge at the W wall. Hop left around the corner to a ledge with a crawlspace, stand a bit back and save, throw the Torch through the crawlspace. Ignore the Torch for now and stand up as soon as you can, look up to spot the boulder. Run and jump over a pit in the water, then go back and get the Torch, you might have to throw it a bit further before you can pick it up standing, just save and aim at a wall.. Now take the Torch over the pit and up the passage. In the next small cave, drop the Torch and grab Uzi clips from the lowest part. Pick up the Torch and stand on the NE corner of the flat tile in the middle of the cave, face E and turn a bit left. Back flip with the Torch onto a sloped block, jump forward onto the floor and wait for the boulder to get close, back flip onto the slope and jump again to get back onto the floor while the boulder pass underneath. Go up the passage and ignite the wall scone, screen of the door.

S: Pushblock.

Go stand at the slope E, slide and jump left onto the upper floor and up to the terrace. Drop the Torch over the S end and get down there too. Take the Torch around the W side of the water to the S Entrance. Drop the Torch between the two sets of stairs and use the lever to open that gate, get the Torch and run inside. Push the block to each of the two scones and ignite them. Then use the block to get back up to the terrace and jump to the water, get out to shoot a real Shark this time and swim into the open door under the waterfall E for Secret #6/7, Grenade gun and Grenades. Go W to the round door.

Getting Out with the Golden Idol.

Use the two Guardian Coins to open that Big Door. Inside, first pick up 2 small medipacks and then the Golden Idol. A nasty Skull spirit appears when you pick that up… You can shoot it a couple of times with the pistols or Uzis while turning around your axle and most of the times it won’t bother you much anymore.

Go through the opened door W and follow the winding passage up to a ledge way up in a high room. The bottom of this room has a hole that leads you back to the room where you got the Idol… On the opposite side (E) is a door, jump to the left and right pillars to use the levers there and get into that door. Up the slope to a cave, in the pool are soaked Flares. Climb the block NE of the pool, up to a higher block and go left, run jump/grab the ledge in the corner, follow around to the W side and go into the opening W, immediately right around the corner over a sloped rock into the side cave and follow through to a Medipack. Return and go N along the left side of the grey pillar, to the right on that rock ledge is a small medipack. Without the Secret, jump to the ledge with the Cog wheel.

But for a Secret: From where you got the small medi, run jump (no Ctrl) to the ledge in the W (left) corner and walk up left to find the Chamber Key, hidden in the plants. You cannot jump back to the ledge, so safety drop down and go up a ramp in the NE corner, from the flat part in front of the gate a curved run jump to grab the ledge with the Cog wheel. In case you cannot make that jump, go back up the blocks E and follow the ledges to where you can jump over to that Cog wheel on the ledge N.

Use the wheel and run jump into the gate (or to the flat floor in front and climb in).

Use the Chamber Key (in case you have it) to open the door left and get Secret 7/7, 2 small medipacks and 2 big Medipacks. Get out.  

Follow the passage and shoot a skeleton. Go to the hill N along the left side of the pool and go up the lope NE, right before the high rock and then hop up left so you can climb onto that high rock and run jump S onto the ledge along the wall. A run jump up into the opening left (SW) and follow through to the cave again, shoot the Wasp (Grenade gun works wonders). Run jump out right with Ctrl to get into the opening in the wall right. Go up to where you go into the wall again and to the right is a pit (classic boulder trap). So run into the passage a bit, roll and get back out to let the boulder pass. Go up and emerge near the top of the rock hill. Take care, a Wasp is on it’s way over! Run jump over the stream to the flat rock, go E and jump up right to the top of the hill, go back W and run jump and grab the right hand edge of the rock pillar W, shimmy right and pull up, go into the tunnel and follow up to water. There’s a strong current down there, I took a step back and did a swan dive into the water, immediately start swimming E to the wall to get out of the current. Then right through the triangular opening and climb up left at the end. Follow through….



Climb out of the tunnel, shoot some bats in that cave and go carefully up right along the N wall round a spike pit, then up to the S and come to that W canyon with the Cog wheel. More wolves arrived, shoot them from up here and get to the Cog wheel again by climbing the vines on the arch W. Get through the gate after opening it with the Cog and use the Golden Icon in the NW corner. A big Skull with fiery eyes appears in the Hall. Quickly get into the room behind the round door that opened and pick up another Revolver and a Sight. Get out of sight and combine them. Go stand somewhere where he doesn’t see you, but where you can shoot out the eyes. After he exploded, go down in the Hall to pick up the Golden Skull Key. Use that in the room where you found the Sight and walk into the canyon….


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