Level by Marcos

Walkthrough by Dutchy 


1 Secret

A Crowbar.

A lengthy cut scene starts this game…Save as soon as that Bedouin took the ammo, you cannot move before that anyway. Hop over the guy and go right into the niche, open the manhole and turn around. Hop back grabbing the edge and drop, slide and grab the edge. Pull up and back flip/roll over the deep pit. That Bedouin doesn’t quite make that jump. Go out W and grab a Flare from the dead guy there. There are a bunch of gates and in the far SE corner is a dead guy with a Crowbar.

Explorer’s Notes.

Go get that and go over to the wooden door (we saw that in the opening movie) and pick up the Explorer’s Annotations from under the torch.

3 Secret Door Skulls.

From the Notes we learn about the Secret Door Skulls, only when the plants are dead (burnt) you can get the Skulls. There are two you can already pick, the ones SE, pry them loose with the Crowbar, so that’s Secret Door Skull 1&2. Now we need something to burn the third plant.

Fountain Access Key, a Torch.

Head NW to a big gate with a padlock. Stand somewhat right of the lock and hit Ctrl. Take a right through the small gate and come to a storage. To the right are two crates, the first (NE) has a Flare hidden behind the wooden boards, the other crate has two Flares. Go S and right is a niche with wooden boards, reach through them to get the Fountain Access Key. Proceed S to the area where the woman was shot and grab her Torch.

Area 1 Access Key.

Head back inside and leave the Torch there for a bit. Go through the opening W to a large courtyard, NW corner and first into the opening straight behind the dead guy, grab a Flare from the table and go back out, right around to open the small door. A rat, scared of a cat. Go to the back and on the bed is the Area 1 Access Key, a chopper shows up. The small door left is just a shithole.. Take the Flares from the shelves on your way out. The chopper will shoot you, so stay far away from it and sprint back, into the storage SE, take the Torch and go out right (N) to the courtyard with the Crowbar gate.

Fountain of Health.

Leave the Torch near the Crowbar gate E and go open a small gate N and go to the fountain to get a bit of that healthy water, if you are hurt bad, you might need two washings (you can go back here any time when you think you need it).

For a Secret: Back out to the courtyard and from the high part of the sand you can run jump and grab a window W, crawl through into a prison cell, open the gate with the crowbar and get Secret #1/5, an Ancient Coin from the Skeleton. Climb back through the window.  

Area 1, Area 2 Access Key.

Take the Torch with you and go NE, back to where you came from before, as you approach the big dark cage N, a Goliath wakes up and a lever is shown. Go to the entrance just left of this cage and drop the Torch where you can find it again. Open the gate with the Key and enter. Go to the crossing and right, then climb up left into a window to get into the Dog’s cage, you have to quickly grab the Area 2 Access Key from the table and get back through the window. Leave S to the outdoors where the chopper now arrived too.

Area 2, Goliath.

Loop left around, passing the big cage and into the next opening, use the Area 2 Key and go in to use the lever, the cage is open, go back outside and Goliath destroys the chopper, luckily he ends up in the quicksand.

Secret Door Skull #3, Area 3 Access Key.  

Check the pilot of the chopper and find the Placing Skulls Map. Go get the Torch from where you left it and ignite it at the burning body of the Co-pilot. Go S and burn that carnivorous plant so you can get the Third Skull. Leave the Torch where you can find it again and run through that door the Goliath broke (S). Behind the fences is the quicksand, so just take a right and at the end is a dead guy with the Area 3 Access Key. Go over to the other end if you want a Flare from a skeleton.

Underground Area Access Gems.

Go back and get the Torch. Return to that entrance to Area I, left of Goliath’s cage. Just before the crossing right into a dark opening and open the small door, drop the Torch and use the Area 3 Access Key, go up the stairs with the Torch, hop over the spike traps and go right left to a rope. Burn the rope to drop the cage and free the bird? Go back over the pits and the bird tries to follow, but it hasn’t flown in a while… so…. Go into the pit where it perished and grab Underground Area Access Gem #1. Go down the stairs, side flip left over the low fence and ignite the bowl to open the wall at the bottom of the stairs, go down and come to another room with pits. You can drop the Torch now. We need someone to trigger the trap, so we can get that Gems safely. Go to a chain SW and pull it, stay there, don’t move… Afterwards go get the Underground Area Access Gem #2.

Underground Area.

Go out of the gate and you could go get your health up if you like (loop right around). Head for that entrance W on the big courtyard, use the 2 Gems on the back of the block with the 2 Scorpions. The big door at the bottom of the W stairs opens up, go down there. Here we arrived at the Skull Puzzle where we need that Map from the chopper Pilot. So, standing in the middle of the room facing N, place two Skulls on the pedestal left and the one in the middle, turn around facing S and place the last Skull on the  right hand pedestal….


4 Secrets.

The floor opens up, you’ll end up underground with a severe loss of health, pick up the Flares and a Medical mushroom is shown.

First some Health.

Go NW to that big star on the floor, climb up on the block left of the fresco and facing N, jump/grab up to open the hatch. Turn left and grab up, follow through and down left at the end you’ll come to a cave with 3 Medical mushrooms, pick them up and take one. That’s all we can do here for now, so leave NE up the stairs. At the wooden bridge, face N and safety drop down.

Disabling the Presses, the Swords Room Key.

Head N for the wide opening with a slope down, there are presses that will kill you and some Flames too. Stand on the right hand side of the long slope and time the right hand flame, slide down and jump to the right just before you hit the flat part and slide down to the lower floor. Climb on the block behind the skeleton and jump/grab up to the wooden ledge E. Go left around and throw the lever there to put the brakes on the presses. Go back to the wooden ledge, drop down and hop up the ledges under the presses to get to the top one and grab the Swords Room Key and a Message (Look very well!). Go back down the slope and onto the block with the skeleton. Jump grab back up to the wooden ledge, take a right (N) into the room with cages.

Detour for a Secret: Go straight into back and left, push the cage next to the hole in the floor once to the E, climb up from facing S and jump/grab up to open the hatch. Turn left and jump/grab up into the room above to get Secret #2/5, an Ancient Coin from the Skeleton after you pulled it off the Coin. Drop back down to the room below and go S to the entrance.

The Right Hand Map.

Pull the cage SW twice away from the window in the wall (leaving it under that hatch in the ceiling) and climb through the window, drop on a block with a skeleton. Go grab 3 Flares from the dead woman and find the Right Hand Map NW from there. Stay a bit left while going for the wide passage N, avoid that big Scorpion and sprint into the cave in the back, in the NW corner are 3 Egg Healings (spider eggs?, but they serve as medipacks). Sprint back through the tunnel avoiding the Scorpions and turn left as soon as you emerge in the wider area, grab up to the left side of the shack W, jump SE onto the pillar with the skeleton and then a run jump N(E) to grab the window there

Upper Region, David Star.

In the room you’ll get to is nothing more than a big bowl, when you approach it, a baddy will also have found his way down here… Kick the “release” under the bowl (face S) and the pillar goes up, on the back is a ladder. Go up and jump left to the dead guy to grab 2 Flares (duck). Head for the big Chandelier in the NW corner and pry off the David Star with the crowbar. NE corner of the terrace and jump E onto the balcony. Run  jump over the E fence with a right curve to the next balcony and that baddy is now below you, shooting Scorpions.

Detour for 2 Secrets: Proceed E, run jump SE to the terrace. There are some human remains with a Flare and S is a hatch in the floor, you can open it to have a shortcut back to the room with the cages in case you need it (the one you pulled is below). Run jump over the low fence to grab the edge of the wooden roof, shimmy to the far end and pull up. Then hop up to the top and go SE to run jump and grab to a ledge on the wall left of the hatch you opened. From there jump into the window SW and get inside for Secret #3/5, an Ancient Coin. Back into the window, jump out left to grab the ledge and go down onto the terrace. Go to the N side of the house and look over the fence to spot the pillar with the skeleton on it. Stand jump a bit diagonally over the fence onto the pillar and hop with Ctrl into the window of the house, in a chest SE is Secret #4/5, an Ancient Coin. Get back in the window, safety drop down.

Get back up the shack NW, to the pillar with the skeleton and into the window W again, up the ladder on the big pillar and in the upper region to the balcony NE, jump to the next where we left off before.

Skull Key #1.

Go N over the ledge to that skeleton and walk up next to him, then run jump down onto that house below, insects show up, quickly slide down the side of the roof and go S to that smoke pot, just run around it till the bugs are dead. Pry the Skull Key off the wall and a door opens nearby, a watchman comes out.

Bell Access Key, Watchman Key.

Check your health, stand against the house and wait for him to walk away a bit, then quickly run left around the house and into the open door NE, immediately right around the corner is a lever closing the door and locking him out. On a table N is the Bell Access Key. There are 4 Flares on the shelves and through the opening E you can take a piss in the shithole.

Go left to the next room, and in the NE corner are 3 Egg Healings. To the W are some poles and the left hand one has the Watchman Key you can grab (face SW) 

The Ancient Parchment.

SE is a well and left of it a small shack, go in and on the shelves are a Flare and the Crank, use the Crank on the well (face S) and the gate opens up, go in and reach into the hole to get the Ancient Parchment. Now we have to get out… Go back to the front door and open it, best is to run back into the place, let the watchman come looking for you and get out of the house quick, left to the gate (N) and open it with the Watchman Key. Get out a Flare and run up the steps to the terrace, jump to the one SE and get down through the hatch S, that Watchman is close by.

The Swords of the Love Guardians.

Leave S, drop down left from the wooden ledge and go W into the wide corridor, touch the butt of the skeleton and the doors will open. At the next gate you can use the Swords Room Key (found on top of the slope with the flames and Presses before). İnside are a bunch of Scorpions, the Message says; Look very well. There are only Two Swords not “held” by Scorpions, the middle one (front row) S and the middle one (back row) N. Go get those and go back through the wide corridor to the slope with the Presses. Jump up to the upper floor and while you do that, that Watchman tries to jump up too and gets killed….

Using the Bell Access Key, Skull Key #2.

Go left and at the Star of David on the floor, up through the hatch over the bowl in the corner. Follow the passage, down the steps to the room where you got the mushrooms. Into the SW corner and use the Bell Access Key at the gate, inside pull the chain right to toll the Bell, just wait here and see a tiny creature appear. If you wait a bit more, you’ll see him disable that nasty gas vent. If not, you’ll have to lure him into that room. Now you can pry the Skull Key from the wall.

For a Secret: Look up right and spot the hole in the wall, jump/grab there and go through, grab up to a crawlspace N and get into the cell behind it. Pull a skeleton away from the Flare and Secret #5/5, an Ancient Coin. Get back through the crawlspace and grab up W through the opening in the wall to where you got the Skull Key.

Leave NE up the steps, go to the bridge and safety drop down.

Using the Skulls and Swords, Goliath’s Tomb.  

Head SW to all those skeletons and place the 2 Skull Keys on the pedestals, that’s one… now give the two skeletons a Sword each, that’s two... Now the Tomb opened, go in and use the crowbar to pry the stone of David out of the Skull of Goliath.

Time to go Home…

Facing the doors, climb on the base of the column left and jump/grab the crawlspace in the wall left of the door.

The Exit Key.

Follow the passage till you bump into the S wall and grab up to the crawlspace. Follow through to a wider corridor and go right to a deep pit. No way you can jump across, but if you jump along the right hand side and hold Ctrl you’ll end up in the lower opening.  Get your health up and safety drop down once more onto that hot grate and immediately roll to get onto the cold floor. Now get across to the W side and hop through the gap in the gate into the cell, under the left skeleton is the Exit Key. Hop back out, sprint to the E side. Go up the steps and open the hatch above, grab up left and turn around, look up to spot where you have to get up to. Stand exactly on the corner of the left or right step facing either NW or SW and stand jump grab up to the higher floor. Go into the passage SW and follow through keeping left. At the end is another hatch, open it and grab up right.

The Exit, the Hands.

Into the nearby passage N, through the crawlspace N and in the Exit passage go W, follow through to a gate. Peeking into the room and to the right is a Guardian blocking a passage, around the corner left you can see 3 hands, examine that “Right Hand Map” and see it has to be the one in the middle. Place the Star of David in there and watch the show. While the Guardian is mesmerized by that Star, sprint through the passage E and jump/grab up to the jump lever. Then climb the ladder and get out of there….


March 01-’21.