Level by Bigfoot.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Mentioned saves and other files can be downloaded here


1: The Lonely Apple Tree.

Isle of Skye, Scotland (Secrets: 3 Golden Keys).

Follow the gorge, a Diary page is provided, you can check that in the inventory. At the next turn, to the right is a barrier and behind it is a closed door we’ll need two keys for. So proceed in the opposite direction (N) and come to a muddy lake, run over the island to the house and push open the first doors. Go through the opening in the N wall and right around the corner is a Timed lever showing a wooden door we cannot reach yet, first we have to prepare the route by opening the door E.

Secret: From the lever go N and stay close to the wall while you wade into the muck, right around the corner and up to the bowl with Secret #1, a Golden Key #1. Get back to the lever.

Go to the E wall and stay close to the wall wading N and left around the corner, walk up the ground and go left, Lara looks up to a crack. Take a right into the opening, pull the wood logs out as far as they will go. Grab up and ledge jump up to a crack, shimmy right a bit and back jump to grab a niche, stand on the low end and turn right (SE), stand jump and grab the grated ceiling. Monkey swing around the corner and drop/grab a crack. Shimmy right around the corner to drop onto the solid floor and go right/left following the passage to a floor lever opening that wooden door for the Timed run. Go back to the monkey climb and safety drop from the edge of the solid floor. Go to the wood block and push it all the way back in, turn right and spot the Timed door we have to get to in the run.


Go out W, through the passage and through the door you just opened with the floor lever and save at the Timed lever. Pull/roll and sprint into the passage E, through to the wood logs and right through the Timed door.

Detour for a Secret: Open the doors right* (W), go right around, back to those wood logs and pull them once so they are ‘in the crossing’, go back W to the Timed lever and use it again, do the run again, but this time go a bit right through the open doors, left through the Timed door (savegame.0) and push the logs once. Turn right and crawl through to a room with a bowl with Secret #2, a Golden Key #2. Left around, on the landing is a Medipack. Go to the NW corner and hop up into the opening, sliding back into the room with the Timed door, turn left.  

Go to the back of the room (N) and follow through, wading through the passage ending up in a corner room. At the end left is a ladder, but first go right to the wooden doors and open them in case you need a shortcut back up from the ground floor. Go back and climb the ladder, when you follow through, a cut scene will kick in. Afterwards open the doors left (S) to step out onto the balcony, face the doors and side flip onto the roof right, grab the edge. Shimmy right to just right of the window and back jump to grab the rock pillar. Go over the top and run jump SW onto that rock island, run jump from rock to rock and then cross the bridge. Follow the tunnel and get a flyby of the apples, one in the tree and one in a tunnel near the castle.

Go forwards and pick the Juicy Apple (1) from the tree.

With a Secret: Walk up SE to the edge of the hill, turn around and do drop/grabs down to an entrance, crawl through to get Secret #3, a Golden Key #3. Get back through the crawlspace and turn around. Grab back up once and turn left, hop up the slope and turn right to climb up. Go straight down the hill and left into the cave.

Without the Secret: From the tree head into the tunnel (N), a Diary entry provides a clue. Open the small door left, walk slowly over the moulded floor and around corners to a room with a lever (left), turn right and open the double doors, go out (N) to the yard and into the stables left (NE), right around the corner in the window is a small medipack. There’s also a trapdoor in the floor. Go back inside the house and right into the passage, open double doors right (which will be a shortcut back to the guy that wants the Apples). No need to go there yet, so go left and up the ladder. Loop left around into a passage to pick up a small medipack, out again and straight into the passage to open the door

From the balcony run jump left (N) over the fence onto the rock pillar in the yard; jump to the next and then into the house on the right (W). Go straight into the passage and slide down while the door closes behind you, in the big hall the floor will partially give way. Run jump left onto that sloped block, jump onto a break tile and run with a right curve over next two, jump early so you may grab the one in the next corner, or simply do a running jump straight to grab the ledge in the corner ahead.  Climb up right and follow the obvıous path with some jumps to get to a pillar S, jump/grab the sloped block and hop to the break tile, hop to the next and a running jump onto the balcony (savegame.1) to find a floor lever at the other end. The lower part of the hall will flood, jump into the water and swim down the tunnel SE. Up into a room and push the ancient elevator button to go up. Hop up and throw the floor lever in the window left opening that trapdoor in the stables.

Go down the broken floor NW and open the doors, go left and safety drop into the yard, turn around and head into the stables (right around the corner is a small medipack in case you didn’t get it yet) and down into the opened trapdoor. Follow through to the Juicy Apple (2).

Return to the trapdoor, up to the stables and out to the yard. Right (S) into the house and immediately right into the passage, around the corner through the double doors E and left/left, up the ladder and go straight to the man. Follow the guy and go into the room he opened, find the first Ornate Castle Key in the chest. Back out, right and W to the ladder and down, right around (N) through the double doors right and keep left to get back to the yard, right and then go W and into the cave…


2: The Church near the Mines.

(Secrets: 3 Golden Keys).

At the church you’ll get a clue in the diary, a bit further left are the church doors we need a key for.

The Church Key.

Go S along the church and left is a large pool, dive into the hole in the bottom and turn S, swim all the way to the end and climb out. Go up the tracks right and follow them up to a room with a chain. On a crate in the corner is a Medipack. Pull the chain to start the trapdoor mechanism. Head back down along the track and swim back N, up at the large pool and head to the pillars at the S wall. Face N and grab up to a lower slope. Hang right and pull up, back flip onto a higher slope and jump again with a right curve, grabbing the grey pillar. Turn right and hop to the next, right again and a run jump to grab the opening in the S wall.

Inside hang from the edge and drop to grab a crack, shimmy left and back jump to a crack behind you. Shimmy right and then ledge jump up twice to get to those trapdoors. Stand on the crate in the left corner; you have to get to an opening above the crate. Hop onto the trapdoor, turning right a run jump to the next, turn right and jump to the third one from which you can do a run jump into that opening S (savegame.2).

On the crate in the corner is a small medipack. Without the Secret: just follow the track S and left around to where the tracks end into a room.

With a Secret: Go into the opposite corner and grab the wall to climb up though the broken grate in the ceiling, back flip off, take a right at the crossing and head straight (S) to the fence, right into the passage and follow down to that fenced off area and up the wooden ramp, follow through to Secret #1 (4), a Golden Key (behind the fence you can see another Key, later). Go back down, go through the passage under the ramp (NW) and open the bars with the lever to get to the track, go right to where the tracks end into a room.

Go down onto the ledge and throw the lever next to the ladder to open the shortcut trapdoor. Jump to the N and throw the floor lever to open the bars in the room below. Go down the ladder and into the opening SW, climb the ladder a bit and back flip off into the passage above where you’ll find the Ornate Church Key.

The Church.

Get down, go to the right (N) and swim all the way straight ahead, up to the large pool and wade out left (E), go right and open the Church. In that hall is a pool and that pool is connected to a small pool outside, NW of the church and down there are closed bars.

For now go head straight into the hall (W); to another mechanism. Then sort of straight-ahead (W) is a gate that needs two Crosses.

The Platforms Puzzle, no particular order: Golden Cross #1.

From the gate with the two receptacles, go right and come to 3 floor levers. From left to right use #1 and #2 raising platforms in the room behind the fence. Go left (W) through to the next room and straight ahead (W) into the passage, just follow through going all the way down to the lower level. Keep going straight (E) and in the room with the 3 floor levers look through the fence on the left and spot the “Wind God” tile just in front of the gate. You can spot 3 trapdoors too if you look up a bit. Don’t touch the lever in the middle, but throw the other 2. So, the trapdoor in behind the Wind God is open. Make your way back up the passage and in the room before the “upper levers”, take a right into the passage and follow through to some gates where you can see the room with the trapdoors. On the N wall is a big button, push that and you can run to the gate to follow the boulder on its way down to the Wind God tile. A gate opens up (If you want to go for a Secret, first go back to the upper levers and throw the first one back (facing the gates the left one) opening a trapdoor with a ladder on the side).

Make your way back down to the lower level and in the room before the lever room (benches there), go left through the gate into the platform room. Take a right to the E end and start climbing blocks, then up to the wall (S). To the left (W) over that ledge and jump over the two sloped parts, climb up right into the niche with the candles and the Golden Cross.

Back with a Secret: down from the niche and run jump SE onto the slope, back flip and jump again to grab that ladder next to the trapdoor, go up and follow the ledge to the opening in the wall straight ahead (E). Follow that tunnel; get a small medipack and Secret #2 (5) , a Golden Key. Safety drop down from the beam.

The Platforms Puzzle, Golden Cross #2.

Get back to the gate where the Crosses have to be used (W) and this time take a left (N), 3 pushables are in that room. Go either left or right and then to the N side where you’ll find ladders next to the gate with the Cross. Go up and back flip off. Go through to a room with a lever on a block providing the clue for the pushable puzzle below (for a short while, so make a note). Get back down and push the left one (N) all the way to the end (last bowl). Then push the middle one onto the second bowl and #3 onto the third bowl, the gate to the Golden Cross opens in the N room, go get the Golden Cross. Head back and S to the gate and open it with the two Crosses. Pull the chain to start that mechanism.

The Lion Head, Ornate Castle Key 2.

Go back E and right to that thing. Run jump onto the platform from the rock in the corner and hop up to the upper floor. Hop over the beams to the floor lever in the window and the bars in that small pool open up. Hop back to the second beam and safety drop down into the pool, swim SW into the tunnel, wade underneath the grated floor and swim through the next part to get to a room with the Lion Head on a pedestal. Wade up left (NW) and jump up to open the hatch above. Climb up left and go use the Lion head on the S wall to open the gates left of you. Stroll down and get Ornate Castle Key 2 down there. Go back up and take a right (N), then left out of the Church.

Unfinished Business, a Secret: The rain is now pouring down, remember Lara saying something about flooding rooms during rain? Go left and dive down into the large pool, swim S through the tunnel and climb out in the Mine. Go up the shortcut ladder and drop on the ledge left, go left and run through the opening S. Swim through the narrow gap straight ahead (S), wade up and climb up S and then right, run jump and grab a block N, turn around and hop up to the ledge S. Go in right to where you’ll find Secret #3 (6) , a Golden Key (the one we saw when we picked up Secret 1). Hop down left (N) onto the block and run off W into the water, swim back. Get down the ladder in the tracks room and swim through the tunnel N to the large pool, wade up left and go right to the front of the Church.

Using the Keys.

Go through the cave N.


1: The Lonely Apple Tree - Revisited.

Go left where the houses are and up the slope to the apple tree, straight into the cave S. Go over the bridge and jump to the second rock in the bog, run jump just left (behind the sloped part) of the high pillar (NE) and wade up to the canyon SE. Go up and left; then straight into the cave behind the wooden barrier. Use the two Ornate Keys and end this part of the game. When you hit the Esc key from the stats screen, you will be taken to the next level.


3: Gods and Beasts.

(Secrets: 3 Golden Keys).

Wade into the water, keep right and at a passage in the right hand wall you can stand on a sandy hill and jump up to grab the ceiling, monkey swing into the passage and right to drop into a higher passage. Use the lever there to open the bars where we go next. Swim back, right and through the open bars. Up to the right is an opening in the ceiling, climb out there and follow through picking up a small medipack, hop down into the next room and wade out on the right (W), right up the sloped passage to a room with stairs.

The Catacombs, Torch Puzzle.

Go up and jump from the stairs to the ledge on top of the column to get one of the Torches. Go through the opening W and get a flyby of the area, starting at a bowl we have to ignite. You’ll get a clue in the Diary too.

Leave the Torch up on the balcony and climb down the wooden ladder to ground floor, just left of the ladder is a column you can move, pull/push it all the way to the other end of the trench (S end, hint on the floor). Do the same with the column W, move it along the trench to the N (hint on the floor). Look in the room N and make a note of the positions of the white crosses on the blocks (clue for the room above).

Secret: Behind the white cross against the W wall is a hole in the floor, drop in, follow through, climbing up to the room with Secret #1 (7), a Golden Key. Make your way back to the room with the crosses and out S.

Back up the ladder and left onto the ledge with the broken column and run jump onto the column you pushed (S one). Turn right and run jump to grab the pillar with the grass on top (it is raining through the open ceiling, see Diary). We have to get the burning Torch to that bowl in the distance (S). For now turn right and jump to the floor with the floor lever, open the “shortcut” bars with that. Go through and go to straight (N) the stairs and right onto the ledge with the column there, from the left corner you can stand jump onto the column (N one) you pushed, then jump grab up to the floor left.                                                                                                   

Here’s where you need that Crosses clue (clue1.jpg), climb up onto the block right in front of the entrance, turn NW and run jump to the second block against the wall on the right (W), turn NE, hop to the next and run jump from this block onto the last one (last row, second block from E wall) and the torch on the wall should ignite. Go left (E) through the opening and left, open the bars with the floor lever and go get the Torch to ignite it. Go back to the balcony and leave the Torch there for now. Climb down to the ground floor.

Pull the N column back to the corner and twice to the W (see the hint on the floor). Push the S column to the corner and twice to the E (hint). Climb back up and get the Torch jump over the columns from the ledge where the broken column is to the opposite side of the room (stand jump/run jump/run jump up NW). In that room is a Timed trigger pad, closing the doors (you’ll have to wait out the view of them closing) in the ceiling to stop the rain from coming in, run out, hop down onto the first column, hop to the next and a running jump up to the ledge SE, left through the opening and left to jump onto the grassy pillar, turning right a running jump to the next, the one after that and hop up into the section where the bowl is (savegame.3). The Torch is safe there; don’t run too close to the bowl before you ignite it. Leave the Torch or throw it down so you won’t have a ghost flame.

Bars open up in the room where the Torches are. Jump back over the pillars, left to the shortcut opening and left to that room, the opening on the opposite side (E) is where we go. Up the hall and left into the passage, over the debris into a hall with multiple doors. On the S wall are two weapon shields, one is pulled down, pull the left one down too and doors opens left and right. Go through one of those into the Chapel.

Chapel Key, Timed gate.

Straight ahead (S) is a door that needs a Key. Just in front of the ‘Altar’ is a broken floor, get down there and into the crawlspace (you have the crawlspace roll, Lara on her knees and the sprint key). In the room with the God image into the next crawlspace SW, up a sloped passage and climb over the top to slide to the castle grounds, you’ll hear a Beast. Go left and then right, passing a gate we have to get in to. Behind the columns E take a left into the left corner and left of the closed door you can grab up to a crack and ledge jump up to get to the room above. You’ll get a clue about that Timed gate. Pick up a small medipack W and use it to get your health up. Spot the broken grate in the window N. Pull the wheel about 6-7 times, turn right and hop back till you can grab the edge of the floor where the broken grate is, safety drop down and side flip left three times then run (or crawl) through the gate (savegame.4).

The Chapel Key, a Heart Sacrifice.

When you proceed through the passage, a flyby takes over and shows you the God Cernunnos appearing. Go to him and watch the text and a door* opening up near the chapel.


Head back N, at the now closed Timed gate open the small door right and inside use the lever left of the stairs to open the door to the yard. Go upstairs and find the Chapel Key near the window straight ahead (E). Get back down and right out to the yard. Open the door in the front of the Chapel, go in and through one of the doors on the other side (N). Left in the hall and through the door* you opened. Use the floor lever to open some bars behind the fence. Go back through the Chapel to the yard, loop around right and go into the passage NE. Down to a lower tunnel and up the other side to a broken floor above, follow through and hear the Bear.

The Sacrificial Dagger.

Pick up the Medipack and go to the opening on the right (E), follow the valley and go right (N) into a Tumulus, here’s where you’ll meet a Bear, a real bully (meaning he behaves like a bull and can break things for you). Go straight (N) and to the end of the Tumulus and find a God image left, on the E wall is a broken button. It doesn’t work, but maybe the Bear can help. Lure him away and run back, stand with your back against the button and when he almost crushes you, side flip away. A sound will give to a hint. Run back to the cave crossing with the grey floor, take a right and go to the end, another button there and this is harder to get the Bear lined up… You could use that slope in the SE corner to back flip and jump over the Bear. After a few tries he will crush the button and you’ll hear a boulder drop. That grey floor in the cave crossing is now open and the Bear is killed (savegame.5). Go down that hole and into the cave to the E, left of the gate near some white flowers; is the Sacrificial Dagger, floating in the air. The God Viridios appears (Hint for a Secret: in the N wall are 3 closed gates with a symbol above).

Go to the God and have a talk… some doors are opened. Get back out of the cave to the valley.

For the Secret: Make your way up in the right (SE) corner of the valley, follow the wall to the left (W) and left around to a small birch tree (after the corner), run jump onto that symbol tile (1). Slide down and go left (N) a bit, climb up on the right for the next symbol (2), go back S through the valley and just around the corner climb onto the rock with the tree and from the highest tip run jump onto the last symbol (3). Go back into the cave you came from (with the dead bear) and down the hole, through the 3 now open gates and collect Secret #2 (8), a Golden Key. Go back up to the valley.

The Wounded Boar, a Torch.

Follow back to where you came in before (left) and hop up into the opening, left and down the other side, up at the other end and right around the corner to the Castle yard. Go left around the Chapel and through the shortcut door left of the Timed gate (S). Once in take a right through the small door and then left to get back to the yard with Cernunnos. The opened doors are left (W), pick one, they both lead to the same hallway. At the back and left is a closed door, so go right and find a boulder in a net. Follow that passage down and come to the wounded Boar. Go down where the animal is and use the lever on the right wall to open a door. Go back up to the boulder and left, straight through the door you just opened. Drop down to the room below, use the lever in the NE corner to lower a shield switch and go to the opposite (SW) corner. Grab a crack in the W wall, ledge jump up to the next crack; shimmy left to the shield and ledge jump up to grab it. The bars to another chapel open up.

Climb up SW again and back jump to grab the upper floor, go to the far left corner (NE) and through those open bars into another chapel. Head through and up straight ahead (N), looking down there you’ll see that place where you carried the Torch earlier. (In the distance you can see an opening where the next Secret is located, remember).

Go down the sloped corridor to the right (W) and open the bars with the lever so you can enter the room with that Trigger pad we used before. We need a Torch later so for a Torch, go left and cross the room by jumping over the pushable columns and go into the upper room E to get a new Torch (or pick up the one you may have left earlier). Go ignite it in the room N and get it back across to the room with the Trigger pad. Go right into the sloped corridor.

For a Secret: Leave the Torch there for a bit and go to the trigger pad. Face the corridor S and close the big trapdoor by standing on the pad, sprint up the corridor and right to the opening in the wall, down onto and over the trapdoors, grab up right onto the ground near the opening in the Tower. Hop inside and stand on the rubble in the back facing S, grab up and go for Secret #3 (9), a Golden Key. Go back where you climbed up and hop over the hole. Follow that passage, sliding down slopes and end back up at the Trigger pad, grab the Torch.

Go up the sloped corridor, left through that chapel and left again. Then go right through the room with the shield lever and straight through to the netted boulder. Burn the rope by jumping up against it; follow the boulder down to where the Boar was. Go to the Boar and hit Ctrl to cut out the Heart. Back up the boulder passage, to the passage and left/right/left to the yard where Cernunnos is waiting. Combine the Dagger and the Heart and place the Heart Sacrifice in the bowl. Walk through the blue light circle…


4 – Wonders of Tir Na nOg.

1 Secret; only accessible if you found all previous secrets.

In the opening flyby a gate opens up, that’s where we’re headed. Walk straight up and get a Diary page. The Gold Rivers are deadly. Stay on this side and go left down the cave. When on the grated floor down at the falls, you can see that gate on the right (W) closed again. So, take a left into the part with the arches and go to the back. Go left and use the lever behind the Crystal there to open that gate W to the place with the Cup. If you don’t have all 9 Gold Keys, you can skip the Blue part below and continue.

Detour for the Secrets Bonus: Entering the back you’ll get another Diary page, this one about the Secrets Bonus. After opening that gate, turn around and go straight to place the 9 Keys (N) and also on the left and right wall, each opening a set of gates. Go through where 3 sets of gates opened up. Go in and left, up and through a room with pillars and all the way in the back opposite the fence is a kind of symbol on the wall, push it and a gate opens up on top of the golden fall.

The Clues.

Go back S and left to the Gold River and left to the fall. Jump from ledge to ledge and enter the Bonus area. Follow through and climb the ladder (E) almost to the top, back flip onto a gold ledge and then jump up to the opening, another ledge (with the tree) and then into the opening straight ahead (W). Step into the Gold teleport beam. Hop up right and come to the ‘temple’ with a pool with magic water. You see the colours yellow and blue (water) and the top of the slope in the water has a green shade. There are two tunnels underwater, yellow and blue: Swim into the tunnel far right (SE - yellow). Follow through and climb out. Loop right around into the opening N to find another beam. Stand in the beam and this one provides a clue:

“I think here are the colours of the temple that should serve me as clues”  (yellow and blue in the water and green above the water).

Push the symbol on the N wall and you’ll see the colours of the crystals (take a screenshot if you have to, or write them down (clue2.jpg). (Yellow first left and blue back middle, green right in the back).

Go down into the room with the crystals and walk over the yellow pad (first one, left side), around the other pads to the back and step on “blue”, then facing E wall step on “green” left tile.

DO NOT touch other pads and go back up N, the gate left should be open, push the symbol (1) inside on the wall straight ahead.

Back out to the crystals room and left around into the water. Swim back to the temple and into the NW tunnel (blue) and climb out. Step on the pad with the vertical beam and get a hint.  

“I think there’s a link between the Temple and the geometric forms on the walls”  (you’ll also get a view of the temple where you can make out two geometrical shapes, also clue2.jpg).

Straight ahead (E) in that part of that room you’ll see a triangle (left), a circle (on the right) and a square straight ahead with pads in front. The circle was nowhere to be seen in the temple, only the triangle and the square, step only on those and the gate opens NW. Go in and push the symbol (2), watch the flyby showing what happens. Swim back to the temple.

The Tir Na nOg Scepter.

Wade up to the triangle and hop over the gold block in the water and then into the opening W, step into the teleport beam. Take a right and go through the opening far left (SW), jump over the blocks (the room below is where the Cup is) to the other side and into the building. Go straight and grab the Golden Key from the pedestal, Go back a bit and right into the opening (N), follow up and use the Key, go up and in the next room is Secret #10, the beautiful Tir Na nOg Scepter. A gate opens, go through S, and loop right around through that gate to get to a teleport. Throw a lever and go through, loop around left or right and find another lever. Then make your way back to where the keyholes are (straight ahead).

The Cupan Druid Riogh.

Go back right (W) and straight over to the grated floor into the open gate there, down into the frozen pool and get the Cupan Druid Riogh. Go into the back and go straight through to a Vortex, step onto the gold tile and be taken back to Scotland.

5 – A Breath of Snow and Ice.

No Secrets.

Head into one of the open doors on the right (E), leading to the same cave. Hop down into the cold water and quickly get out onto a ledge, jump to the next and grab the ceiling to monkey climb to the end where you’ll drop on a slope, slide/jump and grab the crawlspace. Jump out at the other end, pick up the small medipack and find yourself back in the Mine. Follow the track to the right and up to a large room (S) and find a jump lever on the back of that central pillar, go to the N wall and up the ladder and at the top, backflip.

On the block are 4 levers, and there are 4 grated gates with clues above them (indicating the number of lever to be used) we need to open in a certain order to get the items we need. We have to use each lever only once.

Crowbar, W gate - N side lever down, rest up. Go in and find out that by opening the entrance you closed off the passage to the Crowbar on the left, so we’ll have to find another way up here with the entrance closed. Go straight into the back, find a pushable cage left and push it over the edge of the floor down to the floor below.

Go back to the levers and pull the S lever down too. The gate S opens (W gate closes), but first we need the Crowbar, so go down the ladder and to the W end, up on the cage and grab up to the floor, go left into the passage and right into the now open passage and get the Crowbar. Back down onto the cage, up the ladder and to the levers.

The Wires, As you have now used N and S levers, the S gate should be open, enter that room and pry the Wires from the wall.

Place the Wires, Back to the levers and pull the E side lever down, go along the left side into the E gate, place the Wires left of the machine block and then use the valve wheel to let a flame open up an Ice wall.

Exit, the Rusty Key.  

To get there go to the levers and use the W side lever, so they are now all down and go along the right hand side to the E. Follow through over the tracks and climb up left on some ice blocks, hop over to the right (W) and be careful running through the next passage, deep pit coming up. Turn around and climb down, drop, turn around and hop over left to get a Rusty Key. Climb back up, turn around and run jump over to grab the frozen waterfall. Follow up and right to come to the keyhole. Use the Key to end the level…


Go straight to the Gods and after the conversation to the opening in the fence straight ahead…

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