Level by Colin Benson.


Walkthrough by G&D Productions 


There’s NO compass in the level, but we’ll try and give you directions the best we can. Be careful as you start with nothing in your backpack apart from Lara’s trusted guns.




6 Secrets, 40 Gold Coins.


Go down the steps and in the start room go to the right and shoot the two benches for Gold Coin 1 and Bastet Tower 1 (of 2). Then go straight down the stairs and come to a hallway with 4 passages in the corners. For the passage straight down and the one left around the corner we need a Crowbar, so we’ll leave those for now. Take a left and some nasty Wasps attack and afterwards loop around the right and go down the stairs to the Fountain room.


Fountain room, Fountain Key.


We need the Crowbar but to get that we better have some Medipacks first.


In this room is a Fountain pool and a small pool in the other corner. First go around that fenced off garden with the Palm tree, enter from the back and after a few step you’ll find Gold Coin 2. Turn around and out of the garden.

Take a right and run into the Fountain pool and on the shallow part is Gold Coin 3, in the deep part next to the Fountain is the Fountain Key. Turn left and climb out facing the vases in the back of the Fountain room. A coffin in the far right hand corner has Shotgun ammo. Turn around and go along this wall, first vase is empty, the second has Gold Coin 4. Next vase has a small medipack the rest is empty, up in the wall a bit left you can see a Beetle, open the door in the right hand corner with the Fountain Key.


Using the Fountain key, Hall with the two Levers.


Head upstairs and shoot the far bench for a Medipack, then go right into the passage and come to the Hall with the Two Floor levers. Loop left around to the corner behind the pillar and find Gold Coin 5 in the grass. Following the room clockwise you’ll come to 3 vases in the next corner one has Flares. Passing 2 Floor levers and between the next two large columns is Gold Coin 6. DON’T shoot the vases in the next corner, only Wraiths in there and no water (back to the Fountain there’s water). In the last corner is another Medipack (left, facing the entrance). In the grass is Uzi ammo (facing the levers near the right hand wall).


Fountain Room, upper floor, a Crowbar.


Facing the two Floor levers, the left one opens a big door (also for the Torch later, Secret) and the right hand one switches two doors upstairs in the Fountain room, DON’T use it yet. Leave through the open door at the other side to the Fountain room. Loop right around there and go up the ramp to the upper floor where two Harpies will welcome you, best stand with your back in a corner to shoot them. DON’T shoot the bench in the corner straight from where you came up (Beetle), but the one in the corner right of the cat statues has Gold Coin 7. Go over the right hand bridge to the open door, open the coffin for the Crowbar. In the window is Gold Coin 8. Go out and hop down into the Fountain pool.


Dark Scarab Key.


Go back through the door opened by the Fountain key to the Hall with the Two levers and use the right hand one (the doors switch). So, back to the Fountain room, upstairs and over the left bridge through the door, crawl under the Knife trap and get the Dark Scarab Key from the coffin, shoot them doggies… Get out of the room, take a right and go through the opening, open the crowbar door to the right and step into a dark cave. Hop to the ledge with the Skeleton, to the next and pick up Gold Coin 9. Hop back and get then into the opening in the back wall.


Timed Run for the Door, a Torch.


In this dark room is a Timed tile on the right (N). This opens the door way up at the opposite side. So stand with your back to the tile, hop back onto the tile (the door still has to open), run into the next room and jump onto the block and from there jump up to the next left or right and then a running jump with grab to the ledge with the timed door. Once through, pick up Gold Coin 10 in the grass on the right. Follow through and when you go to the door into a larger hall, a side door opens and a Demi God appears. Kill him, pick up the Golden Key and use it next to the door at the end. In the corners are Uzi ammo, Flares and Arrows and last pick up a Torch. For a Secret: Throw the Torch down in the opening in the floor and turn around to leave this place to the dark cave. Jump the ledges with the skeletons to the small ledge across the room (closed door here). Look down the right hand side and just run off with Ctrl to land in the opening in the wall (or take the long route down).


Torch and Underwater Block Puzzle.


Go straight into the “small pool” and pick up Gold Coin 11 in the shallow part. Go into the deeper end and swim into the tunnel, first chance right and down a bit for Gold Coin 12. Swim up and straight over into the part with the columns the third niche right has Revolver ammo. Swim further into the back and climb out there.


The first two vases, left and right have Gold Coins 13 & 14. Go further into the hall and DON’T touch the other vases. The door on the left is open (left Floor lever in Hall with two levers). For a Secret: if you threw the Torch down before, it should be near the cat statue. Go outside and ignite the Torch at the lamp left and then light the four baskets along the left and right hand walls. This will lower a block underwater.

You can drop the Torch (in the water please) and go back to the other end of the corridor. Right down the stairs to a room with a pool. Left around the corner is Gold Coin 15. The coffins at the opposite wall contain from left to right- Uzi ammo and a Harpy, Gold Coin 16 and Grenades. Now jump into the water. Swim to the bottom, two openings in the floor are open, swim in for a Medipack and Gold Coin 17.

Go to the wall opposite the room’s entrance and swim into the opening where the block lowered by lighting the baskets. Follow through and grab Secret Sapphire 1.

Get out, up the stairs and straight into the room where you got the Torch and throw both levers. Return to the poolroom downstairs and now check the other two holes in the bottom for Arrows and more important, Bastet Tower 2. Get out of the water, up the stairs and left into the water at the end.


Sobek Key and Black Beetle 1.


Swim through the room with the columns and up left to the back of the tunnel, climb out left. Left is a coffin with Flares and Gold Coin 18, the next has the Sobek Key. In the far end of the passage is Black Beetle 1. Turn around and loop right into the alcove and find the Jump lever behind the plants on the wall. A door* opens up in the Dark Cave, for a Secret.

Run back to the water and swim straight through the tunnel to emerge in the small pool. Take a right into the Dark cave, run down left onto a block and get down to the floor, following the left wall you’ll find Uzi ammo in the far corner.

Secret Detour: If you used the Jump lever where you got Beetle 1, the door in the back is open, follow through, jump the gap in the grated ledge and get Secret Sapphire 2. Go back to the Dark cave.

Keep left and find a small medipack behind the column and a bit further is Gold Coin 19. Get back on the block near the opening to the Fountain room and hop out.


Black Beetle 2.


Loop right around into a passage with shallow water, keep on the ledges and find a small medipack. Go quickly around the corner and get into the next corner to deal with a Harpy, go back a bit and look in the water between the two ledges to find Gold Coin 20. Continue and in the next corner another Harpy shows up. Go to the ladder in the end of the passage and in the water left of the ladder is Shotgun ammo. Go up the ladder and take Black Beetle 2 from the wall. Make your way back to the Fountain room (another Harpy will show).


Black Beetle 3, Pillar Puzzle.


Leave the Fountain room where you entered it before (left of the garden with the palm tree) and one up the stairs, go straight and down the stairs. Pull the pillar once, then move it left and onto the circle tile at the wall. A door opens where the pillar was, go in and leave that Black Beetle there, it is a broken one, to the left is a reach-in switch opening a gate somewhere (left of the switch is a gate*). Go back to the pillar and pull/push it to the opposite side of the room onto a second tile and the next door opens, go get Black Beetle 3 and right is a reach-in switch opening a door somewhere (1). Right of that is the gate you opened with the other reach-in switch; open the coffin for Gold Coin 21 and a small medipack. Back to the pillar and move it to the entrance of the room, just left of it, under the foliage is a hidden circle tile, that gate* opens, move the pillar back onto the first tile you had it on and the left door opens, go through the open gate and get Secret Sapphire 3 from the coffin.

For a Shotgun.


Go out of the room, up the stairs and straight down to the Fountain room, left and up the ramp to the first floor, all the way to the other end and right through the Crowbar door to the Dark cave upper floor. Jump the ledges to the door (1) you opened at the Pillar Puzzle. On the balcony you will find a Shotgun. Jump back along the ledges (I just avoided the Skellies) and make you way down to ground floor, up the stairs back to the Hall with the 4 passages.

Using the Dark Scarab Key, Black Beetle 4.


Loop left around into the only passage we haven’t visited yet and pick up Shotgun ammo. Jump over a break tile to the pole and go all the way down, watch out for the steam (you can crawl underneath) and loop left around the fence to place the Dark Scarab Key, a door opens. Follow the rest of the fenced passage to where the door opened and throw the floor lever to lower a block, go back a bit and right into the side part to get Black Beetle 4. Get back to the pole and go up, back flip off to the floor.

Up the stairs to the room with the 4 passages and straight up the stairs to the “start room”, take a left and up the short stairs, follow through to a small pool. (If you want you already can shoot the bench underwater with the Shotgun and get the Secret gem this way). Dive into the pool and get Gold Coin 22 near the wall.


On the right of the pool is a reddish passage, go in and come to the Secret Reward Room. You can see through the gates what’s inside, so take your pick.

Mine included the Revolver and Sight and Grenade Gun. Go back up the stairs to that pool room and look into the pool, shoot the bench in the other side of the pool and dive down to get Secret Sapphire 4. Go collect your reward and return to the small pool.

Left is a passage down to where we need a Beetle to disable spikes, so go in the opposite direction and head up the Wide stairs…


Great Outdoors.


And arrive in a passage with pillars; watch out as wasps rule this area. In between the pillars left is a small medipack and Uzi ammo. Between the pillars on the opposite side is Gold Coin 23. Go outside and meet a giant Scorpion that will run away (in my case it did). Left, behind the plant is Gold Coin 24. Go right and kill two Harpies. On the windowsill in the far right corner is a small medipack. 


The Beetle Pyramid, the Mechanical Scarab.


Go into the room and in the water surrounding the Beetle pyramid and on the right hand side is a small medipack. On the island in the far left corner is Gold Coin 25. Insert the 4 Black Beetles and grab the Mechanical Scarab.

Go outside and take a right, near a small poll of grass you can find Uzi ammo and right around the corner is Gold Coin 26. Go to the door where you can use your Sobek Key. Go in and just left of the path next to the first plant is Shotgun ammo. Follow through to a small pool area.


Using the Bastet Towers, the Gleaming Key.


To the left, behind the plant is Gold Coin 27.

Go to the opposite side of the room and next to the vase, under the vegetation are holes, get down to grab Secret Sapphire 5. Climb back up to the poolroom.

Head through the opening in the back and behind the wooden pillar climb up the pole all the way and backflip onto the pillar. Safety drop down the other side and you are above the room with the small pool. Place left and right the Bastet Towers and be ready for a fight as a Demi God and two skeletons make an entrance. After they are slain go in and open the coffin for the Gleaming Key. Leave and jump into the water from the central opening in the floor. Get out and go back to the outside. Loop around right into an area with a bunch of banana trees, right around the corner is Gold Coin 28. Right around the corner in the window are Grenades and on the opposite side in the window is Gold Coin 29. Keep going right around the corners and come to some vases up right. Shoot only the third vase right for Shotgun ammo.


Dark Catacombs, open the Mud Room.


Then enter the building and go down a flight of stairs. You get into a very dark catacomb area. First go right and follow the wall for some pick-ups, stay alert, as there is a giant scorpion down here. You’ll come across Gold Coin 30; around the corner is an area on the left with a floor lever. You see a door opening when you flip it. Go back to the outer wall and left following the wall and pick up another Gold Coin 31 and in the next corner a Medipack. The exit is on the right, so up the stairs and once outside go to the opposite side and into the now open door left of the one where you used the Sobek Key. Turn around and climb down the ladder.


Mud Room, the Winding Key.


This is a room with Mud, first go left and around some corner get another Gold Coin 32 and Flares. Retrace your steps go into the opposite side passage and hop up and now draw the map of the ledges you have to jump to cross the mud pit. Map of the ledges.

Go back out and start jumping the ledges; at the end first go to the opening on the right and use the floor lever (door opening). Now jump to the other opening and climb the ladder to the door you just opened. Better save first as 4 Jackals and a Harpy will attack, best is to start shooting, doesn’t matter which animal but let the Harpy come into the small room then run outside and kill all the hounds then go back to the room and then kill the Harpy, which in my case got stuck every time behind a pillar. Go into the other area and get the Winding Key from the small drum. Now you have to make your way back, down the ladder, jumping the ledges over the mud and up the wooden pillar to the outdoors. Go left and then right, entering the building and go down the Wide stairs back to the small pool and secret room area. Go collect your reward for the 5th Sapphire and return to the small pool.


Using the Scarab.


Go left and down the stairs and combine the Scarab with the key and use it. Go after it and pick it up. In the coffin on the right get the 2x Uzi ammo and Gold Coin 33. Skeletons wake up, go deal with them. There is a Medipack behind the pillar on the left; on the wall there is a Jump lever. Go into the now open door.

Take a right and in the coffin is a Medipack. In the right corner is Gold Coin 34. Go out to the room and right around into the next opening, shoot the vase for Gold Coin 35. Go out and left, back to the entrance and then look right you spot Grenades. Walk to it because beneath the grass is a pit, jump over the pit to get them. Hop backwards from the ledge, grab the edge and climb down a ladder.


Dark maze, Dark Scarab Keys.


Word of warning, there are skeletons down here and if you have no weapons to blow them to smithereens you have to lure them to a pit where you can blast them in with the Shotgun.

Go behind the ladder pillar and go right around the first corner to use the Gleaming Key on the door there and grab the Dark Scarab Key 1 (Best save here).

The first skeleton probably snuck up on you already. From exiting the door where you got the this Key, just keep going right along the wall and come to (in this order) Dark Scarab Key 2, Gold Coin 36, Dark Scarab Key 3 and then the last Dark Scarab Key 4. Follow through and behind the yellow pillars find last but not least another Gold Coin 37, keep going till you reach the ladder again and climb up.

Jump straight ahead and go into the opening there. Here are three reach-in switches; you have to use them in the following order. First the one straight ahead then the one left (S) from where you entered and as last the one on the other side.

Lots of doors open.


Using the Scarab Keys.


Back out and to the opening on the left through the door you opened. Use the Scarab again (pick it up) and in the next room shoot the 4 Jackals. Loop around to the left (SE) and get Gold Coin 38. In the small pool you can get Shotgun ammo.

Get out of the pool and go through the opening in the back of the room, take a right up a staircase and on the balcony, where the Harpies roam, use two of the Dark Scarab Keys in the far left corner. Back down the stairs and straight up the next stairs, shoot the Harpies. Here you can use the other two Dark Scarab Keys. As you leave, left, behind the left hand door is Gold Coin 39.

Down the stairs and left into the newly opened door. Take another left (only if you used the reach-in switches in the correct order) and jump down for Secret Sapphire 6. To claim your reward, you’ll have to travel back to the Secret room (it’s not that far) and come back here after that.


Atem’s Pyramid Keys.


Get out and left to the passage where you have to use the Scarab again to get through. In the next area a couple of hounds attack, one leaves the Atem’s Pyramid Key. There are two slots in the W wall for the key so it doesn’t matter which one you use. I used the left one first.

Prepare yourself for a fight as two hounds and a Demi God attack, leaving another Atem’s Pyramid Key. Go in and find a jump lever on the far right wall, roll and pick up the Flares on the right.  Go out to the other receptacle and again you will be attacked. Pick up yet another Atem’s Pyramid Key and inside use the jump lever. In the corner is Gold Coin 40.

Go out and go into the open door on the right and behind the pillar use the Key, turn around and safety drop into the next level.





6 Secret Sapphires, 30 Gold Coins (for fun) and 12 Ruby Buttons (a must).

The purpose of the Ruby wall buttons will be revealed later They can be pushed more than once, but only work once. So no worries about pushing a button twice

Open the crowbar door and two hounds attack. In the far left corner is Gold Coin 41.


Lever Puzzle.


In the next area are three side rooms. Don’t use the lever in the first room right, but only the other two (the handle of the levers have to be on the left). Some Uzi ammo you can pick up in between two vases on the left. Go into the newly opened door in the back and to the left, before you go up the steps is a small red dot, Ruby wall button 1, push that and then go up the steps. Take a right and shoot a Wasp. Go down some steps and get the Umbral Key at the window. Retrace your steps and at the crossing of stairs go straight up some more shooting a Wasp. In the next room are three skeletons and a Ruby wall button 2 on the far right pillar. Next to it, to the right is Gold Coin 42.


Using the Umbral Key.


Go left and jump over and only shoot the vases on the left (on the right some wasps are hiding) and pick up Gold Coin 43 and Shotgun ammo. Use the Umbral Key next to the door in the back. In the next small hall is a Ruby wall button 3 on the left and be aware of harpies in the next garden.

On the left wall is Ruby wall button 4 and on the other side jump up on the block for a small medipack. In the opposite side of the garden, left corner is Gold Coin 44. Leave through the opening in the back. Push Ruby wall button 5 on the wall straight ahead and a bit to the right. Continue right and go around the corner and in the middle of that wall to the right, is Ruby wall button 6.


Timed Jumps over the Tar Pit, Left.


Continue following the wall and come to a small side room with a raised tile. This is a double TIMED tile. And if you want the Secret,  which is also behind a TIMED door, you’ll get only one chance. So keep a save at this point.

Better have a look at the run too before you trigger it. Go out, left and then right to a Tar Pit. The doors are at the other end, the grey tiles are safe, all the green stuff will ignite Lara.

We are aiming for the left door, so go back stand behind the tile and run over it, left to the Tar Pit and start jumping. Once inside take a left quickly, the double door will open on approach, another left and grab the pole and slide down. When you are down sprint down the staircase, DO NOT pick up the Coin nor the Key, but continue your run into the opening on the right as that door is also timed and opens only once, as far as I figured out.

Open the coffin for a Secret Sapphire 1, and now you can go back through the door to pick up the Keku Star right around the corner, turn around and pick up Gold Coin 45 at the bottom of the stairs. Go back into the room with the coffin and left out at the other end, loop around left for Keku Star 2.  Continue through the passage, up the stairs and up the pole to the top and backflip. The doors will open, go out and left, through the door and once at the Tar Pit, left around grab the Flares from the block.

Now you can either jump the tiles (or a banana jump around the block) to the first door or go down the pole again and make your way up the other pole to get into the other small garden. Get Shotgun ammo there (near the fence) and push the Ruby wall button 7 at the wall left, behind the tree. Now it is time to leave this place, so jump the tiles again and the last pick up in this place is Gold Coin 46, straight ahead on a tile against the fence.


Using the Keku Stars.


Once back out of the pit, go right and around some corners again going right. On a crossroads (where another Wasp attacks), go left around the corner. Straight ahead and a bit right is the Secret Reward room. Go to the left and just before the gate and on the right hand wall is Ruby wall button 8.  Go to the door, place the two Keku Stars and enter. Go down the stairs and straight ahead are more stairs. At the intersections take the stairs on the right and end up in a big room with columns. 




Left around the corner is Ruby wall button 9. Go to the far left corner of the room and jump in next to the grated floor, crawl through and go left for Gold Coin 47. Under the bench a bit further away is Uzi ammo. Turn right and go into the next opening on the right, going under the wall and a bit further crawl onto the slope on the right. Climb up and get the Medipack at the window there. Back into the crawlspace and go right around corners to get to Gold Coin 48. Back and straight to a higher room and climb up left into the window for the Crypt Key.

Back into the crawlspace and take a right and take the left side straight (grated floor), then go left (to the right there is nothing to find). Again go left and climb out. This time go to the opposite corner (facing the entrance, left).

First go right and then straight, left is a Gold Coin 49. Turn around then crawl into the opening left (going under the wall). Keep crawling and ignore the slope on the left and go to the end. Take the right opening and up a slope and grab the Apep Carving. Back we go and once down the slope go straight ahead. Open the coffin for Gold Coin 50 and also some Arrows.

Look up and shoot the blue ball there, a bit further is another blue ball you need to soot. Go into the crawlspace and go right, again go right up that slope we ignored before, as the gate to Secret Sapphire 2 is now open. Crawl down the slope and go right and then left and left again and climb out.


Go right over to the far right corner and down the hole. Go left, shoot the bench and get Grenades, the other bench is empty. Get out and use the Crypt Key on the door in the end of the room.

Read the message about the Ruby buttons and now you know what they were about.

That is all for now, you can leave the place… so, up the stairs we go, at the crossing take a left up more stairs (straight is for later) and go to the outside.


Spike Pits, Cave, Apep Carving 2.


Go right to over the spike pits while shooting the skeletons into the pits. Before entering this cave like area find a Ruby wall button 10 on the right hand wall. Then take a running jump over (E) to pick up some Uzi ammo. Careful get down to the ground floor and in the corner under the entrance, shoot a vase for a Gold Coin 51.

Go deeper into the area and keep going right along the wall. Stay alert, as there are enemies down here. Somewhere in a dark corner is a small alcove and in it a Gold Coin 52. Keep the wall on your right until you come to a garden area. Jump over and on the right in front of the bench is Gold Coin 53. In the bench is a Wraith, so don’t touch it, but right of it in the water is Gold Coin 54.

If you happened to trigger the Wraith, at the entrance side the water is deep enough to drown out the Wraith. Get back on the central island and grab the Apep Carving 2 from the pedestal. In the far right corner of this area are Flares and right behind those is another Ruby wall button 11, on the pillar.

Jump back to the middle and go to the corner near the entrance and grab up to the pillar. Now turn around to the back of the room and jump the next two pillars, turn right and take a running jump to the opposite side, then jump to the high one in the direction of the entrance for a Secret Sapphire 3.

Jump down in the water and get out.

Back to the cave area still keep to the wall on your right, when you meet a giant scorpion pay attention, as on the wall (E) is Ruby wall button 12, just before the corner. Camera shot of a door opening. Loop around right, find Gold Coin 55 and shoot another scorpion, enter the small room and open the coffin for small medipack, Shotgun ammo and Gold Coin 56.

Now go back, just keep the wall to your right and climb out of the cave (low block/ higher block/ entrance). Jump the Spike pits and shoot more skeletons, two will sneak up from behind.

To claim the Secret rewards: Go right left and into a courtyard with Secret Gates, take your pick. Coming out of the courtyard go straight into the passage. From the spike pits, loop around to the right and around the corner left; go straight (Tar Pit is to your left) into the open door (opened by the 12 Ruby wall buttons).


Hall with the Ledges.


This hall is invested by Harpies and Skeletons; so watch your back. Jump over the ledges to the right into the alcove in the wall (right around the corner from where you entered) for Gold Coin 57. Jump back and after shooting the skeletons there are two pickups of Uzi ammo, one a ledge left and another on the last ledge before the grated floor in the back. Once on the grated floor, use the pole to get one floor down, back flip then jump to the right hand ledge for Gold Coin 58. Now jump the ledges towards the other side of the Hall (where the entrance is) and right around the corner into a room with 2 Wasps. Throw the lever to switch some doors.

Jump out to the ledge and then straight to the far side of the room, run jump down straight, landing in deep water to soften the fall. Pick up Gold Coin 59 from the bottom. Go back a bit to the other side and shoot one of the benches to get Gold Coin 60. In the back wall (S) is an opening, go through to a garden area. Straight ahead, behind the palm tree is Gold Coin 61.


Break Ledges, Shiny Key.


Go to the closed door on the left (SE) and it will open. Get ready to jump breakable ledges…

All the way in the end you can see something white; that is also a ledge but a solid one. Now jump the white ledges and on the third pick up the Shiny Key. Jump to the end and also the breakable ledges around the corner (If you want the Secret later, leave the one in front of that gate (left wall) intact, you can do that by doing a run jump over that tile, grabbing the last at the door, pull up and jump to the door).

Leave (N) and in the Hall with the ledges go left to use the Shiny Key. Left and right are some pick ups, a Medipack and Grenade ammo, use the jump lever* on the wall, you hear a harpy flying so…


Place the Carvings.


Get out and go left and open both coffins near the pole for a small medipack, Gold Coin 62 and Revolver ammo. To the right of the two coffins, in the dark NE corner is Gold Coin 63. Go back up the pole N, one level up and hop to the ledge SE, then into the open door (jump lever*) and place the first of the Apep Carvings.

Secret detour: Go left of it through the hidden opening and use the lever to open the gate to the Sapphire. Get out, jump the ledges to the last one S and safety drop down, through the door S and to the door SW. Run jump grab the tile you left intact and pull up, run right into the gate to get Secret Sapphire 4, go right up the stairs and slide down into the garden. Go left to the Hall with the ledges.

Go to the top floor using the pole N and over the ledges to the W end of the Hall, right of the entrance. Jump/grab into the open door and place the second Carving, a door opens on ground floor. Make your way down (I risked a bit of health and jumped left into the opening of the room with the floor lever (N) and a safety drop down. Or go back over the ledges and use the pole to be safe.


Pool Hall with the Hanging Garden.


Loop around left to the far left corner to get Gold Coin 64. Hop into the pool and NW, along the W wall is a small medipack. Climb up onto the beam in the middle and (jump up once to break the pull of the water so you can) run jump and grab back to the entrance side. Left and right in the Hall are two ropes, use them to get to the other side (it is a bit hard to aim though) and after opening the coffin I jumped in the water and used the middle beam to get back. In the coffins you get from Left to right 4x Uzi ammo, Gold Coin 65, the Twilight Key and Flares.

Be careful as a wraith might show up. Go to the rope on the N side and grab it, turn right so you face the wall and swing as high as you can get onto the ledge with the column on it. Jump to the left ledge and behind the column you’ll find Secret Sapphire 5.

Leave the Hall E, get to the pole and climb up all the way and jump the ledges to get out in the open (S). Take a left and left around the corner use the Twilight Key to enter a Huge Dark Labyrinth.


The Huge Dark Labyrinth, 2 Keku Stars.


There are enemies so be on guard. Keep going along the right hand wall as much as possible, sometimes you’ll have to jump over to the other side because of pillars blocking the path, but you get my drift. After a few corners (to the left is a Sapphire you can’t get yet), just around the next corner you’ll find a floor lever that opens a door*. Go back, through this corridor still keeping the wall to the right. In the next corner and up right, is a walkthrough wall, so climb in and get some Arrows.


Turn around and look up to pull the jump lever, get out and go back left as the fire is out now, so grab Secret Sapphire 6.


Now proceed in the same routine, keeping the wall to your right (jumping back and fro on the ledges because of the pillars), you’ll find Flares, a small medipack, and a small room (opened by the floor lever*) with a coffin with a Keku Star in it. Still keeping the wall to your right you’ll come across Gold Coin 66 and a bit further Gold Coin 67. Just keep going and get 2x Uzi ammo plus Gold Coin 68. 

Then you will come upon a closed door** with two small fire baskets, still keeping the wall to your right you’ll come to another floor lever**, that will open the door you just saw. So now keep the wall to your left and run/jump back to the door. In the coffin is Keku Star 2. Just continue going right to find the way out this Labyrinth. Follow the path back to the Tar Pit. Go left, left around the corner, then right and right.


Now is a Good time to collect the Rewards for the Secrets you found: The entrance to the Secret room is straight in front and a bit to the right, collect as much explosive stuff as you can get… Get out of the courtyard.


Go through the door you opened (right) with the first two Keku Stars and down the stairs. At the intersection go left this time and when you enter the room, loop around right for some Shotgun ammo. Place the two Keku Stars left and right to open the door.


The Bastet’s Eyes.


Enter and loop around to the right and use the lever in the small room, this opens some doors but also brings out not one, but two Demi Gods. One leaves a Bastet’s Eye. Next to the small room with the lever is another one, same story, use the lever, two Demigods and another Bastet’s Eye.

Now go into the room in the far left corner and down the stairs. Open the door with the Crowbar and into a great hall with blue gem like ledges. Go left and jump the ledges to the third one and from there jump and grab to the opening in the left wall. Use the Floor lever in there


A Torch and igniting it.


Jump back and turning right, keep jumping two more and then to the stone ledge right. Inside just climb one of the ladders to get a Torch, throw it down and go down after it. Pick it up go out, better wait a bit as a Harpy will try to kill you. I went back inside the Torch room and waited for the Harpy there.

Once it is dead, jump to the ledge right with the Torch, then left and up onto the ledge with the doors opposite the entrance. Hop over the block with the column to the open double doors. Now you can jump the ledges to the other side (where the entrance is). Go right and leave the Torch on the third blue ledge. Then jump and grab into the opening in the wall and flip the lever there. Then jump the ledges with the Torch to the far wall and enter.

Kill the 4 hounds and then ignite the Torch on the fire. Gold Coin 69 is somewhere near the E wall.

Go out and start jumping again (first to the right and then you can cross over to the ledge with the open doors on the left. Jump over the block with the pillar and enter. Ignite the two baskets near the door and shoot the Demi God for his Bastet’s Eye 3.

Pick up the Torch and go outside again jumping the ledges so you can reach the door on the left end of this ledge (out straight, down left and up straight, right towards the entrance and along those ledges to where you got the Torch and there using the corner ledges to get up to the ledge with the doors, hop over the block with the column). In this room there is Gold Coin 70 on the right side (SE) and then ignite the two baskets. Shoot the Demi God and get his Bastet’s Eye 4. You can leave the Torch.

Sorry to say but you have to go jumping back the long way to finally get to the opening in the middle of the wall with the doors.

Jump straight to the first ledge, up right, then straight, a bit to the left and onto the entrance ledge, to the other end and almost diagonally across to the high one left of the ledge with the doors. Jump to the ledge, over the block with the column and onto the blue ledge in front of the doors. From that one you can jump and grab a block with a column and shimmy right around to the central opening.

 Up the stairs and place the 4 Bastet’s Eyes, enter and go around the corner (If you got the binoculars stop at the corner and have a look first :D ) where the level ends…