Level by Lady_Wise

Walkthrough by G&D Productions. 

5 secrets

*The Freezer button is deliberately higher until a certain point in the game*

There are multiple “music sets” throughout the level, each playing a different tune, but they are not involved in the gameplay.


The Kitchen.

Use the toaster NE and get a screen of a wooden wall (1). The door on the left leads to the garden and an assault course for a Secret we deal with later.

The Pool.

Go straight to the pool area and behind the pillar on the right (SE) is a Jump lever, use it and see a bookcase open up (for later*).

The Gym, Fuse 1.

Go into the gym (N) and take the first opening on the left with the Danger warning signs. Pass the first row of spikes, turn right and backflip, jump and grab the ladder and up you go, walk to the end. Jump and grab the jump lever to lower part of a wall. Get down and run N after the spikes, push the button, hop up right to get out and loop around right. Climb the ladders and your goal is to get to the SE corner where that wall went down.

You can choose between slopes and ladders to get there. Once in the corner look up and open the trapdoor. Turn around and get in the duct. Go right and left around the corner climb up a grate, left of the big Fan and once up go down another grate on the right, you are behind the big fan. Use the button there and go back up the ladder.

Go right and the gate around the corner opened. Use the button near the fan and back you go and down the ladder straight ahead. Go back (E) and follow through and see the gate there is open now. Get down on the balcony and jump the over the corner of the fences to the other side as in the SW corner is Fuse 1/4 you came here for. Find a good place to jump over the balustrade into the pool below.

Fish tanks, lower the wall. 

Once in the pool, swim into the opening SE and climb out in a room with fish tanks. In the back, climb the ladder on the left at the waterfall and at the top traverse left and backflip. Go right into the fish tank and find an underwater lever straight ahead (W) and together with having used the toaster (1), a wooden wall will now go down. Get back out and down the waterfall, into the water and swim to the pool. Go back to the kitchen (W) and go left into the corridor to the Main Hall.

Winston’s Room Key.

Go up the Grand Stairs. Go right around the walkway and jump over the balustrade to the right and push the button there. Jump back and go to the other side of the hall, a door opened there. Go through the red curtain and pick up Winston’s Room Key. Back out and again to the other side and use Winston’s room Key there. Behind the bed you can pick up a book Tales of Blam, that is it for now. Go back downstairs and loop around right, next to the Big clock is a “sword” button. A painting opens for later.

Crate Push, Fuse 2.

Go into the corridor N and to the left is the open wall (toaster and underwater lever). Pull the crate out and aside. Inside climb up right over the crate and start moving the upper crates E to the N till you get to a button (second one you move). Push that and go down S into the entrance and right to the last crate right. You can now push it N. Crawl backwards into the hole and pick up Fuse 2/4. Get out and out to the corridor; take a left to the dining room.

Library, Cupid Statue 1, Storage Room Key.

In the dining room go left to the next room, the Library. The bookcase you already opened (Jump lever in Pool area) is on the right. Go in and pick up a Cupid Statue 1/3. In the far wall is that painting you opened with the “sword” button, get in and pick up the Lara’s Room Key. In the SE corner is a bookcase (right hand one), use the book you got from Winston’s room there. The trapdoor in the fireplace opens. Go there and climb up, on the table in the NW corner is the Storage Room Key. Get down the ladder and go to the opposite wall (N). Push the small showcase to the left (W) and push the button on the wall (camera shot of a door*).

Go back out to the dining room and loop around to the right and use the lamp switch behind that statue to open a painting (S wall) for Secret #1, the Secret Ankh.

To the Attic.

Go back out and through the corridor to the main hall, to the right, in the W wall is the door you can open with the Storage Room Key. Hop behind the chair left and use the button (camera shot of a door*, this time opening up). That door is in the E side of the main hall and it is TIMED.. You’ll have to hurry.

The Attic, Cupid Statue 2, a Crowbar.

Pull the crate out of the far right corner (NE) and push the button behind it to open the door to the attic, TIMED as well, so push, get out and go up the Grand Stairs. Right and left through the first door. Move the crates out of the SW corner so you can pull a crate out of the wall and get access to Cupid Statue 2/3. Now get onto the crates S. Push the brown crate towards the chandelier, climb up and jump to grab the chandelier. Hop right over the balustrade and on a table E is the Crowbar.

Fuse 3.

Go to the SW corner, pull a crate out of the corner and push the button to get a screen of a door* on the first floor. Hop down on the chandelier; get down to the floor and leave E to the Main Hall.

Lara’s Room, open the door, Pistols.

Go right (W) and open the door to Lara’s room with the key. At the window go left into the corridor and use the lamp switch (camera shot of a door on first floor opening up*). Go back into the room and straight (next to the window) are double doors, leading to a bathroom where I couldn’t find anything. You can even get to the balcony outside to get a breath of fresh air if you want. Open the crowbar panel just right of those double doors; inside are the Pistols.

On the ceiling in the opposite corner is a grey tile grab up E and get Secret #2, a Secret Scion. Drop down.

Go back into the bedroom. In the NE corner is a small table, push it into the niche NE and a trapdoor opens in the fireplace, climb up to the loft.

Shoot the crates to find Secret #3, a Secret Dagger. Get down to the room.

Leave the room, go straight to the other end (E) where that door* opened up. Inside and in the left back corner is a wardrobe, crawl into the lower part and get Fuse 3/4.

The Attic 2, supplies.  

Back out and go right into the door to the Attic again, shoot the crate N for a small medipack. Get back up to the floor above (chandelier, remember?). Shoot a crate W for Flares. Get back down and down the stairs and to the Main Hall.

The Basement, Fuse 4, open the Freezer.

Go into the corridor NE, to the right is a panel you can open with the crowbar. Go down to the Basement. Go down and shoot a crate left for Fuse 4. Shoot the boxes in front of the door E and go inside, place the fuses and the door to the Freezer is shown.

The Freezer, Winston’s Watch.

Go back up to the corridor and right/left to the freezer, inside is Winston’s Watch. Take the Watch upstairs into Winston’s room and loop around to the left and place it in its box. Go out and go to the main stairs and notice the now open door on the right. 

A Shovel Part.

Go down the stairs to the kitchen on the left. Open the door N. To the right is a crate you can shoot, pick up the Shovel Piece 1.

To the W is the assault course and if you complete it in TIME, you can swing with a rope into the open gate with Secret #4, a Secret Iris.

Go back to the kitchen, into the corridor S and to the Main Hall. Open the front doors and step into the yard. Go left to the small pool there and use the underwater lever (NW). Back out of the water and go to the now open gate left of the front door (W). Go through a small arch to another yard where workers are busy, climb the crates in front of the forklift and pick up the Shovel Piece 2.

For a Secret later, go to the girl fixing the ladder and hop over the rubble to the piece of stone with the symbols on it, just right (and at the foot of) the pile of sand and pick up the Tree Piece.

Go to the mound N and stand on the part where you can see the ground is disturbed, face N and use the Shovel to dig a hole. Look down and pick up Cupid Statue 3.

Use the Cupid Statues, the Maze.

Leave this area and go to the front garden. In between the hedges are hidden are 4 receptacles for the statues, one is already placed. Place the 3 you have and the gate opens SE. Through the gate and left is a small medipack.

To the right of the entrance and at the end of that path is where you can use the Tree Piece you found to open the trapdoor, go down to get Secret #5, the Secret Meteorite. Climb back out and go back to the maze entrance.

Look E and spot the red symbol tile, in the back (E) is a Dwarf statue, move that onto the red symbol (you have to walk up to it slowly or you’ll run through it). Now go into the path NE, take a right and when you come to the brick wall go left (spot the green symbol left). Pull/push the Dwarf and place it on the green symbol. Go N to the wall where the Dwarf was and left, follow the brick wall to the third Dwarf and move that onto the blue symbol S.

Flooded Crypt, Crypt Key.

A trapdoor opened and that’s near the green symbol, so go back to the brick wall, right and then keep going with the brick wall at your left shoulder. Pass the green symbol and take the first right, right again and then left around to a hole in the ground where that trapdoor opened. Drop down into the water, swim into the NE corner. Go straight and pull the “green” lever. Roll and swim right, second opening left for another “green” lever. The third “green” lever is in the back right. Roll and swim up through the opened trapdoor, climb out and shoot a Bat from where you are standing. Look at the ceiling to spot the safe tiles and hop to the pedestal with the Key, shoot another Bat and the glass cover to grab the Crypt Key.

To the Crypt.

Jump back along the safe tiles to the water and swim back to the crypt. Get out on the low ledge, jump E, then right and from there to a ladder on the hanging block, left around and back flip roll to grab the next ladder. Go up and jump into the niche, turn around and jump/grab the ladder to climb up to the Maze. Go right around and when at the red symbol, go out of the Maze to the front Yard. Go back into the Manor, up the Grand Stairs and into the opening there where the Crypt key can be used. Go down to the Tomb and push the button S to open a gate at the Front Yard. Nothing else to do here, so Go back up, down and out of the Manor to the Jeep and the level ends….