BtB 2020-16-Beyond the Sky.

Level by IvanTRFan

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.

 Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

4 Secrets.

The year 2019, somewhere in Tibet:

Go forwards and cross a wooden bridge, to the right (careful!) is a First Aid Kit, then get through the crawlspace and get down at the end. Jump over a pit (boulder opens trapdoor, later) and pick up some gurung bread (small First Aid Kit) from in between the flowers in the grassy cave.

Slide down the slope behind the open door W and get to a room. Loop around left for some 2x Uzi clips in the chest, at the opposite side get the 2x Shotgun ammo, also from a chest. Go behind the NW pillar and jump up and grab the crack, ledge jump up. Push the cabinet down and then pull/push it to the other side (E).

Climb up and grab the crack on the left (S) and back jump to grab the ledge. Grab the crack in the other wall and shimmy to the right and at the end back jump (hold Ctrl) grabbing the edge. FIRST SHIMMY around the corner and then pull up. Walk the horizontal pole and follow through. Jump through the first Blade trap.

Secret Detour: then climb into a crawlspace on the right. Go through and get Secret # 1, Light Sticks. Strike a Light Stick and look up S and get into that dark crawlspace into another room and grab the First Aid Kit, turn left and use the lever on the wall to open a door* for later. Get back through the crawlspaces to the passage with the Blade traps.

Get through the next Blade trap (E).

In the intersection with the 3 doors, use the lever** and the door left opens up (the open door* right is the one opened in the Secret room). Go out into the grassy cave again and right to the gate that also opened and up the ladder.

It’s Cold Out, Shotgun.

Once outside two leopards attack, go up S over a frozen river and find a camp site, a tent and behind it a dead soldier, move him and pick up Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun. There’s some more Shotgun ammo near the rocks. Now go over the river to the N and find a building. There are 4x gurung breads at the two Buddha statues left and right of the door.

NE under a tree is a First Aid Kit, and at the other side (NW) is a snowball. Jump to the snowball from the right hand side to get behind it and push it down. Follow the path of the snowball and do a couple of safety drops down into the pit we jumped right at the start. Follow through to where the trapdoor was opened by the snowball and jump over a spike pit. Grab the Shotgun ammo. Shoot the window with the Shotgun and in the room pick up some Shotgun ammo in 3 corners of room.

Push Puzzle, Eyes Key.

Push the 4 little tables on their tiles but the sticks in the bowls on top of the table should point to the Buddha’s head. If you do it right the bowl gets heated and emits some steam.

The door opens (W), go in and grab the Eyes Key.

In the far right corner (SW) is a small opening in the floor, crawl through for Secret #2, a First Aid Kit. Throw the lever on the back wall opening a second door in the passage with the 3 doors. Crawl back and get out.

Leave this place through the sloped passage on the left (S), over the spike pit. At the end climb up a few times where you dropped down before (nasty camera). You’ll get back in the grassy cave.

Secret: Enter the passage NE, go straight through the two doors we opened and be careful there, the place is trapped. Crawl to Secret #3, the Garuda Plaque and pick it up, the lower part of the floor have goodies, but spikes too, trigger the spikes by jumping over them and then collect 2x Uzi clips, Light Sticks and a First Aid Kit. Get back to the grassy cave.

Go in E and climb up the ladder, then turn around and go to the building and use the Eyes Key next to the door. Go down the long stairs. In the room down the stairs are two Buddha icon switches opening two doors left and right. The vases are empty.

W Buddha Icon for W door, Prayer Wheel 1.

Two lizards are waiting and after they are dead, dive into the water, down all the way to the bottom and swim into the opening W. Be carful as there are traps underwater, circular knifes and spikes that are not working yet.

Get the Prayer Wheel at the end and swim up for air.

Swim back again, but this time the spikes are working, so be extra careful. Get out (savegame.0) and into the opposite door.

E Buddha Icon for E door, Prayer Wheel 2.

The Prayer Wheel is on top of the central structure as you can see, first go around to the other side and get some Revolver ammo. The water is deadly…

Go to the S side and run jump to grab the central structure where the crack is lower. Pull up when the Blade passed and run left after the blade, in the NE corner is a hole up, grab up to the level above, shimmy left to the corner where you cannot go further. Look left and spot the ledge above the entrance, wait for the largest opening between the blades and pull up, run after the blade and turning left jump to that ledge (savegame.1). Run jump and grab N, hop to the ledge left and then a run jump to the pole, swing and jump to the next pole, to the corner ledge and jump left to grab the crack in the E wall. Go left and ledge jump up, left and pull up in the niche. Turn around and run jump to the central structure. You can see the ladder W, that’s where we’re headed. Go along the right hand side and watch out for the small cutters on the big blade, hop over the one coming at you and run jump to the ledge with the ladder.  Go up to the niche, roll and run jump to grab the top of the structure, go get Prayer wheel 2. Jump back to the ladder ledge and safety drops down from the ledges to the entrance, go back to the main room.

Beyond the Sky, Revolver.

Place the 2 Prayer Wheels at the Ice wall N and a Portal opens up. Step through… Lara has a shine to her now…

Run jump straight onto the block, run jump right to grab the long block and shimmy left to pull up. To the N again and drop/grab to the crack, go left around and ledge jump up to pull up. Turn around and jump E and be ready to shoot an Eagle. Jump and grab the ladder E, go right around the corner and up to the 5th rung from the top. Back flip/roll and grab the slanted block, pull up over and jump to the next and jump again to get to the ledge. Jump W and grab the lower left side of it, pull up and immediately run jump into the Tower as another Eagle will show up. Pick up the Revolver (a Bell is shown, we probably have to shoot that, but no Sight yet) and a First Aid Kit. A trapdoor goes up N, we’ll get to that later…

NE Plateau, Hammer God, the Dharma Jewel.

Jump back to the ledge E, travel N along the ledges and over a bridge. Jump onto the left side slanted beam and slide/jump to the ledge under the plateau. Grab the monkey bars under the plateau and follow through, timing the flames. Drop on the ledge and turn around to grab up to the plateau, a Hammer God will show up. Just stay close to him and in front while shooting and jumping up and down (savegame.2). When he dies he will leave behind a Dharma Jewel. One corner has Revolver ammo, the opposite corner a First Aid Kit.

Using the Jewel, NW Plateau, Laser Sight.

Go to the S end of the plateau, run jump and grab the left side slanted beam, slide and jump onto the bridge plateau. Follow the route back into the Tower. Run jump to the trapdoor N, get on the block and run jump to grab the crack in the wall. Go left and back jump onto the block where you can use the Jewel. Jump to the trapdoor that went up NW, grab up into the opening and get out into a room with a cabinet you can push.

Push it to the N wall, climb up into the crawlspace and drop out the other end. Slide and grab the edge, back jump onto a block. Run jump to the large slanted plateau and go down right, run jump and grab the block W, look with a Light Stick to spot a transparent ledge, jump those ledges to the plateau W. Grab the Laser Sight and shoot the Hammer God. Take the Revolver ammo and go back over the ledges to the big slanted plateau, walk up and combine the Revolver with the Sight and shoot that sphere up E to bring out a rope. Use that to get to that NE Plateau and go over the slanted beam S to get back to the bridge. From the ledge across the bridge you can shoot that Bell up in the Tower (zoom in). Jump SW and get back into the Tower where a gate opened up.

Preparing for a Timed Run.

To the right is a niche with a TIMED lever, for later as we have to open the door N first. Go N over the deadly trenches and left of the stairs to pick up some gurung bread, go to the other side of the stairs and open the trapdoor. Go down and at the corner grab up to the monkey climb, go over a deadly pool and drop onto the floor. In that room is a cabinet, take that with you through the passage SW into the next room.  Move it twice left so it is lined up straight with the gate W.

Secret: On the N side of the wooden floor, edge of the deadly water is a crawlspace just below the floor, drop/grab in there and follow to where you can make use of that Garuda Plaque, claim Secret #4, Uzis, 2x Uzi clips and a First Aid Kit. Get back out of the crawlspace, hang and ledge jump up to the floor.

From the cabinet you can now jump over to the W side and throw both levers there, the right hand one opens the doors for the Timed run.

The left lever operates a raising block NE of the stairs E. Jump back onto the lower part of the floor E and go up the stairs into the connection room (we’ve been here) move the cabinet through the door W and left onto the raising block.

Go back to the W side and use the left lever again to lower the cabinet, back over again and move it ONTO the cabinet you already placed there. That’s it… Go up the stairs E into the connecting room, left through the door and over the deadly trenches to the TIMED lever in the Niche S. Pull and back flip/roll out. Do running jumps over the trenches steering a bit left and sprint up the sloped left side of the stairs so you can sprint with a wide right hand curve through the connecting room and then also over the sloped left side of the stairs and curve to jump onto the cabinet, a running jump at the last moment will let you get through the gate just in time (savegame.3).

The Dragon, the Seraph.

Slide down into an icy cave and go through a crawlspace in the back, drop out. Turn around and run jump to grab the pole, swing to the next and then onto another slope. Best make a save here.. Jump to the large pillar and run over the red tile turning right keep running and jumping pillars and running over the coloured tiles. Balls will drop (behind you and the screen shakes) go on and try to save during jumps. When all balls are on the pillars, the camera view goes wide and you can see Lara in the distance, several Wraiths showed up so watch your health (savegame.3-take a medipack!). The floor has an ice layer now, so you can just run around and shoot that Hammer God. In the middle of the cave where the Dragon was is now a Seraph, go pick it up and a door opens S. Go in and in the familiar room we’ve been in before, go up the stairs again and the level will end….