Level by AgentXP


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.

Savegames mentioned in this walk, are in this Saves Folder.


12 Secrets.


“The year 2020, somewhere in the Tibetan Mountains.”



Garden of Four Seasons, Laser Sight & Bow.

Go around the big pillar and the doors will open, step into the Garden of Four Seasons. Go straight to the river and left to shoot some crates near the campfire and get a Medipack, Light Sticks and the Laser Sight. Go over the bridge and left along the “Winter” Tower there. To the left (SE) is a pagoda, get in and grab the Bow and Arrows.

The Autumn Folly Key.

Go N over the bridge and once at the white house, go right around a red tower and look up in the tower. There’s a Bell, combine the Sight and Bow and shoot the Bell, a block will go down underneath. Drop down there and pick up Light Sticks on the left, then throw the lever in the back and see a door open in the pigeon pond. Climb out of the tower and go right to that pond, swim into the door (N). Use the underwater lever to lower the block and get the Autumn Folly Key, swim through to the river and climb out on the block at the bridge.

Go up to the white house on the right (E), Lara will look down at a Key in the River .

“I can’t reach that key yet”

Secret: Go NE of the house, up the grassy slopes and into a small tunnel to get Secret #1, the Shotgun. I thought you might want to have that already…

Using the Autumn Folly Key.

Head back to the bridge and take the path W towards the building. Head S and left around the building, following the path and to the right is the house (where we found the Sight) you can open with that Autumn Folly Key (SW). Throw the lever inside and a trapdoor opens above the ladder. Go up to a jump lever, but don’t use it as you will not survive the drop.

“I need to use that switch, but the drop is too far with that trapdoor open…”

Bypass the Trapdoor.

So climb off left, shoot the window and go out onto the roof and then onto the bridge, halfway over Lara will look right at a Bell, shoot that to open a door in the building N. Hop into the windowsill on the right (W) for some Light Sticks and safety drop down the nearby hole in the floor, the only spot where the spikes are down. Go to the other (E) side of the room and find a Yeti wanting to meet you.

Throw the lever SE; the door will open a bit later, so shoot the Yeti (or do it later). Climb the ladder in the corner where the lever is and back flip to the ground floor. Shoot a vase NE for Shotgun ammo. A Bell is now visible E, stand at the side of the block with the burning bowl (as a boulder will come down from behind the Bell) and shoot the Bell. The boulder will disable the spikes in the room below. Climb back down and on the 3 pillars are 3 levers. Use the ones left and right so the blue parts of the Big Prayer Wheels face into the room and a door opens. Back up the ladder and out S to the balcony, right and pick up the Guardian’s Palace Key from the pedestal (a small wooden door opens up and the Keyhole is shown too).

Open the Receptacle Tower.

Get back inside and down to the floor below. The small door you opened is in the S wall and is a bypass for the Jump lever/trapdoor thing in the SW tower. Go to that Tower; throw the lever again to close the trapdoor above. Back to the building we just came from, left and up the ladder. Go out SW over the bridge to the Tower and just run inside. Operate the Jump lever and see the trapdoor on ground floor open up. That’s for later, so go outside and safety drop from the low part of the bridge to the ground

Guardian’s Palace, Autumn Challenge.

Go to the building N and left, then loop right around the buildings to come to the big doors where you can use the Guardian’s Palace Key. Just in front of the big doors is a little pagoda.

Secret: Go under the pagoda and at the E side look up W and jump up to use the Jump lever and a block goes down. Climb down and get Secret #2, Arrows and Shotgun ammo. Hop back out. 

Now enter the big doors, go right and to a large hall, in the back is the Guardian. Have a chat with him…

Guardian: Lara, I’ve been expecting you…

Lara: How?

Guardian: I am the final Guardian of the Garden, I need your help… the peace of this garden is threatened by an ancient evil.

My fellow Guardians have all succumbed to the curse The garden was built over an ancient gateway to a nether region. For years we have protected the portal. But now, the evil has begun escaping.

Lara: I’m sure I can help

Guardian: I knew you would, it is your destiny! You will face 4 challenges; with each one you will progress through the seasons.

There’s also an optional extra final challenge, your choice here will affect your final destiny…

Lara: I am ready to begin the challenge..

Guardian: Be safe and choose wisely…

Left of the Monk (NE) some doors will open, go in and right, doors open in the back and an Autumn storm picks up.

For a Secret; Run jumps against the wind through the doors, stay left and behind that rock you have some cover, turn around facing the doors and side flip left onto the sloped rock, jump again to grab the jump lever. Back in the room a small door opened SE, jump in there and get Secret #3, Arrows and some Shotgun ammo after shooting the vase.

Run jump against the storm to the lever left of the open doors and close them, that’s better... Get on the low crate in the middle and stand right facing E, run jump and grab the pole of the weather vane. Swing and jump up to the ledge. Run or jump onto the ledge right (N) and go towards that raising block. From where the ceiling is high, run jump over the weather vane and grab the S ledge and throw the lever there. Get back to the N side and now get to the far SW corner to use the lever there. The entrance doors E open back up and a small wooden door is shown. Go back out to the Monk and the door left of him opened up, go in for the Autumn Challenge Artefact. A screen shows where to go with that.

Using the Autumn Challenge Artefact.

So, leave (E) and go left around the building and to the Tower SW. If you did the trapdoor thing already (see above “Using the Autumn Folly Key“ paragraph), you can now climb down into the room below and place the Artefact opposite the ladder. A Ice wraith will show up and freeze the river. Go back up the ladder, back flip off and run a bit right into the opening where the block lowered. Follow to a shallow pool and stand in the water to lure the Wraith to its death. Shoot the vase near the entrance and get some gurung bread (small medipack). Leave and go outside where you’ll find everything covered in snow. On the top of the Tower is a red light to show this part is finished.


The Winter Folly Key.

Secret: Go left to the river and run over the ice to the frozen waterfall S, jump up and climb in for Secret #4, Arrows and Light Sticks.

Go to the far end of the river (NE) and from the ice you can now reach the Winter Folly Key stuck in the ornament head.

Avalanche, Using the Winter Key.

Go to that big rock formation in the middle of the garden and S of it is a block with a TIMED lever on it. Use it and blocks go up right of you, jump the blocks to get on top of that rock formation (savegame.0). Get onto the Buddha tile on top and watch the flyby. Turn S and shoot that Bell in the Winter tower. The sound will cause an avalanche, piling up snow at the S side of the Tower. Find a place to slide down from the rock, go to the snow mound (a part where you can stand), S side of the Winter Tower. From facing NE you can now run jump with a right curve and grab the roof. Shoot the window and get inside. Open the trapdoor with the Winter Folly Key and run in facing S and using Ctrl to land in a windowsill, get down to the floor. The front door opens, N (shortcut back in and spot the Holy Script). Go outside and to the pagoda in the SE corner of the Garden, someone left some Arrows on the floor there. Go back into the Winter Tower.

Winter Challenge.

Step into the Yellow teleport and you are in an Icy Canyon, follow through (E) and stay on the right. From the ledge at the pit jump to the platform, to the crack on the right (N), go right to a wide crack and back jump there to grab a crack across, go left a bit and drop/grab to the one below and go left to the corner, ledge jump up and left to the corner. Back jump and go right around the corner, back jump and grab the crack.

Detour for a Secret: go right, back jump and grab an alcove where you can pull up and jump NW into the cave with Secret #5, Arrows and a Medipack.

Get back to the crack in the N wall and go left all the way to the corner, back jump and grab an opening. Crawl through and walk out. Jump and grab across.

Detour for a Secret: drop/grab to the crack below, left to the end and ledge jump up, back jump to a niche with Secret #6, Shotgun ammo. Back to the crack, left in the corner drop to the lower one and right, then up at the end.

Go right to the corner ledge where you can pull up. Hang from the side where the platform is and back jump and grab the platform. Run jump and grab the pole, swing to the next and then jump off landing on a slope. Grab the edge and shimmy left around the corner. Drop/grab the crack below and back jump to a pillar. From the highest point jump and grab the crack left (N) and ledge jump up to get to the opening. Go around the wall and step into a Huge Cave. 

Melt the Ice, the Gong Stick. 

There’s a Leopard running around below, you can shoot him from here probably. You can always get back up here to the entrance if needed, there’s a crack you can use in the wall below.

Random order:

Lever I: Jump N over the pillars to the far left (NE) corner, then right to the cracked one and get on top of the beam. Turn around and jump up E, left over the beams to where Lara looks up left, go there and jump to the rocks then go left along the icy ledge (take the lower path, the higher one we’ll take later). Walk along the ledge and jump to the white brick pillar where

Lara says: “I have to find something to weigh that pulley down”.

Climb up; get down into the passage and right into the room.

Push that little table onto the platform outside and just go down with it. Push it once more onto the second platform and go down a bit more. Turn around and now you can run jump and grab the niche S and use the lever there to bring out a beam with a flame at the big bowl. Drop out, go the crates NE and shoot some to get another Shotgun.

Lever II: Get back up to the entrance (SE) and follow the route to the NE corner again, up to the ledge W and turn around, over the E side beams to that corner where Lara looked up, this time climb up S at the white wall. Climb up left and from the triangle ledge run jump NW onto the icy ledge. Follow through carefully and jump over to the wooden roof covered in snow. Go left onto the ledge, run jump to the suspended platform

“I need to be quick to get to that second platform or I won’t make the ledge”

Run jump and grab the next platform and immediately run jump and grab the beam N (savegame.1), a trapdoor opened at the end of it, but we jump over to the right into a passage straight ahead to a lever which will bring out the second fire beam.

Lever III: (Multiple routes to get to lever 3). Go back and hop onto the beam, climb down the ladder where that trapdoor opened (right). Walk left around the corner and jump onto the block where the fire beam came from. Then follow the walk able slope (left) and stand jump to a triangle snow slope near the wall (SW), face S and just run down with Ctrl landing on a block below. Get inside and throw the third lever for another fire beam and that big Prayer Wheel also went up, revealing a chain pulley.

The Gong Stick.

Get down to the ground floor, go back up at the entrance SE and get up to the beam NE again, run jump over the wide gap to the beam with the fire bowl and go left into that opening. Now you can climb up the ladder through the open trapdoor, make your way to the Prayer Wheel on the upper ledge on the left (W) and use the Pulley. The bowl will tip over and melt the ice. Get back down to the beam with the fire bowl and run jump down into the ice-cold water. Get the Gong Stick and get out fast. Up the stairs W to the Gong and give it a good bang. The icicles in front of the tunnel SW will break.

“I can use this Gong stick on the Gong in the Garden too”

Go up the snow in the SW corner onto the block sticking out and hop up to the tunnel. Follow into a cave.

“The wind is really strong, I have to be careful crossing the bridge”

Do run jumps (or not), steering against the wind and in the house at the other side is a vase left with some gurung bread. Then move that cabinet to the wall on the right (E) and climb into the opening, follow through to the teleport back into the Winter Tower.

Garden, the Gong, the Winter Challenge Key.

Go outside and straight to the Gong left of the little pagoda, a block goes down and reveals the Winter Challenge Key (SW of the Gong), when you pick it up you’ll get a screen of where to use it, and that is where the Guardian is. 

Winter Challenge Artefact.

Go N to the big rock and cross the bridge. Follow the path and go right to the building with the open doors (NW) and into the Hall where the Guardian is. It’s winter here too and a pile of snow makes it possible to grab up to the first floor (NW). Use the Winter Challenge Key on right hand side of the W wall and the gate to the right opens up; grab the Winter Challenge Artefact, a screen of where to use it.

Go to the far right (NE) corner of the floor and a trapdoor opens at a ladder (so you can get back up later, when the snow is gone), climb down and go outside. Go to the far left (SE) corner of the Garden and use the Artefact on the statue, the Winter Tower is now Active too (blue Sphere). A Wraith shows up, roll and run straight back into the Winter Tower (W) and left around the corner is a Holy Scripture, duck there to let the Wraith kill itself.



Open the Tower.

Go back out. Go straight…

Secret Detour: Go to the Pagoda SE, at the entrance steps left and around the back to the SE corner where you can hop onto a rock ledge, just next to the pink tree, face N and back flip onto a sloped rock, jump back and grab the corner of the roof, go up for Secret #7, Shotgun ammo and Arrows. Get back down from the roof. Drop down, go to the Gong and left…

To where you used the Artefact and take a right, go behind the Tower and straight up a small hill where you’ll find a bounce tile in the ground. Face E and run onto the left side, steer left to land on a block with a Jump lever. Lowering a block next to the Tower you just passed. Get in there and throw the lever to open the Tower. The entrance is in the front of the Tower and on the table left are Arrows and Light Sticks. Climb down the hole in the floor and spot the receptacle in the small pond, step into the teleport.

Spring Challenge.

A flowery corridor with traps, to the left is a TİMED lever opening the door at the very end. You can go to check the trap gallore out first if you like, there are spike pits, side winds and roller Blades to get through (savegame.2).

The Stables, 3 Bells/3 Prayer Wheels.

Once through the door, just slide forward, on the second slope grab the end and safety drop down on a slope, sliding into the dark stables. Turn left (E) and go into the crawlspace next to the Yak, throw the lever and go through the door you opened W to the next stable box. Left is a vase with a spider, so don’t shoot it.

Bell I.

To the right (S) is the main stable and further S big doors with 3 Prayer Wheels next to them. I guess we have to turn those…

In the box with the vase is also a bounce pad in the floor, stand behind it (facing S) and run on the tile to grab a ladder, go up into the window and turn around to shoot Bell I. Get back down to the ground floor.

Bell II.

Open the door W with the lever, go in and shoot a Yeti, pull a corpse from a Medipack (SE) and take it, there is also a Shotgun nearby. Grab the crack in the pillar W and ledge jump up twice, back jump and grab the wooden floor (there are spiders up here, shoot them when you encounter them (up N are trapdoors for later). Nearby is a bounce pad, run on facing E and grab the ladder Look up S and shoot Bell II (in case you don’t have the Bow, back flip on the slope and jump to shoot with pistols). Get back down to the first floor and go straight (E) along the left ledge of the main stable and shoot a vase for Shotgun ammo. Go back and left around along the other side to the E. Jump around the fire bowl to get the Arrows. Jump back around the bowl to the ledge.

Climb up left into the opening to the room where we came in before. Jump out left to the ledge; shoot a spider and a vase to get Secret #8, Shotgun ammo. Jump back into the opening and out the other side.

Bell III.

Get down to the ground floor and in that main stable, SW is a lever to open the stable with another Yeti, shoot him and go in. Pull a corpse out of the NW corner to get some Light Sticks. From the wooden box side flip onto the slope and jump off shooting Bell III.

Spring Challenge Key.

Go out and left to where the Prayer Wheels opened the doors. Hop up the slope using the bounce pads and go straight through the cave into the building. Stand behind the bounce pad and run on (N), grab the ladder and go up to the roof. Go down right onto the grassy ledge, jump the ledges in the cave to the roof N (you can walk up the ledge left of the roof, where the bright light is and jump from there), go up and shoot the vase left for gurung bread (duck to get it) and then grab the Spring Challenge Key, those trapdoors open up in the stables.

Safety drop down from the left side of the roof onto the block and down the slope to the stables, a Yeti will welcome you. Straight through the main stable, right at the bounce pad. In the NW stable up the cracks in the W pillar and back jump to grab the floor. Another yeti here, just be quick and run jump to the ledge on the right (NW), shoot the spiders and grab up at the lower part of the crack, back jump and grab the ladder, go up.

The Spring Challenge Artefact.

More traps here (not that hard), the doors in the back open up and you are back where the teleport is, left of you. Step in and you’re back in the basement of the Tower, climb up through the hole in the ceiling, a block will close the entrance. Hop into the windowsill on the right (E), turn around and jump grab the ladder, shimmy right and up.

“Uhh! What’s that? It must have been one of the guardians, now infected by the evil that’s escaping”

Take care of him with the Shotgun (or an explosive arrow) and the entrance is open again, so get down and leave the Tower. Go back to the Monk again, you know, the building far left (NW, over the bridge and to the right). Ground floor right hand back corner and use that Spring Key there. As you go in…

“Oh no! The Guardian has been infected by the evil! Maybe I can find a way to cure him somehow….”

Go inside and get the Spring Challenge Artefact, leave the building and go back to the Spring Tower, down to the basement and place the Artefact on the receptacle in the shallow pool.


“SUMMER (night)”

The Oven House, a Torch.

Now go back up, out of the Tower and right to the SE pagoda where the Oven House Key appeared on a small table. With that key go to the wooden door in the SE corner of the Garden (behind the bridge near that small pond) and open it. Turn right and go straight to that tree stump near the Buddha statue and as you are about to grab a Torch, a Wraith shows up and this sucker doesn’t care about Holy Scripts, we need water. So, run SW to the pond with the pigeons. Hop in to get rid of the Wraith and climb out S, go get a Torch from that tree stump, go S to the Oven House and ignite it on the stove.

Back out and left/right to the structure with the Gong, on the side of the pigeon pond is a Bowl (1), ignite it from a safe distance. To the N is another Bowl (2), N again for the next Bowl (3) up the hill and at the house NE is another Bowl (4). The next Bowl (5) is next to the Autumn Tower (SW, left of the waterfall). A block goes down nearby. Leave the Torch…

Detour for a Secret: On the E side of the Autumn Tower is a campfire, ignite that carefully (stand well clear of the whole floor square) and a block goes down, for the next secret, drop the Torch where you can find it again! Head W to where we entered at first and left in the rocks is where that first block went down, jump in there and find Secret #9, a Bow and a Medipack. Get back out.

Summer Folly Key.

Facing the entrance go right behind the trees and that is where the block lowered after igniting all the Bowls (S). Go in and down in the room; climb up left into the passage to get the Summer Folly Key. Hop down from the passage.

For a Secret: turn right and go into the right hand corner, look up left and use the jump lever there to open a stable. Go out to the Garden and pick up the Torch again. Go to the building N, follow left and right around the corner is where the stable opened, inside is a Yak that has to come out. Go around the back of the beast and hop into the corner next to the slope with the boulder, the rope will burn and the boulder will drop, driving the Yak outside. Grab Secret #10, 2x Shotgun ammo where the beast was.

Leave the stable and head all the way to the wooden door in the house NE in the Garden. Go in and left on the cabinet are Light Sticks, to the right of it is a receptacle. The vase left E has gurung bread and then climb the ladder on the red pillar to back flip onto the first floor. Step into the teleport.

Summer Challenge.

Arriving in some kind of reservoir, a big gate will close in the opposite wall. Hop into the water (right hand side) and climb onto the low ledge, run jump to the one E and then to the ledge E where you’ll find a TIMED chain pulley opening that gate again. I took this route: Pull, break the view with the look key and walk to the edge of the floor, hop to the first block in the water, run jump to the next and a running jump left of that spouting statue. In the corner grab up to a crack in the left corner, ledge jump up and go left around corners into the opening where the gate lowered (savegame.3). Look down in the next part and shoot a vase on the bottom, left in the back. Hop down and grab the Shotgun ammo. Turn around and swim into a gap under the S wall, throw the underwater lever raising a platform. Get up on that platform and shoot the Gem in the lion’s mouth N (I used pistols), the water level goes up, swim all the way up.

Abandoned Village, the Summer Palace Key.

Get out of the water S at the low part and turn left, ledge jump up the white pillar W, stand jump and grab the fire pole as soon as the flames stop and immediately swing to the next and onwards to the ledge. Loop right around and jump to the roof NE, go behind the “chimney” and jump grab the ladder on it. Go down into the house and shoot some vases for gurung bread. Back up the chimney and to the top, run jump and grab that suspended platform. Run jump and grab the next and it will lower a bit while the next goes up, so jump onto that third one (no Ctrl). Push that big stone Bell onto the platform and it will go down to the ground. Safety drop down and move the Bell onto the fire tile under the nearby Pagoda. The flames are gone, pull the Bell back and go take the Summer Palace Key from the chain (find the right spot, for me it was facing the Bell).

The Pickaxe. 

Shoot the window in the house on the right (W) and get in, shoot the crates for Arrows. Back out and to the other side (E), open the door to the Summer Palace with the Summer Palace Key. Go in straight and grab up to the pillar left, hop and grab the flame pole and swing across to the other side, shoot the crates… for a Pickaxe.

“An axe! I can use this to open the final Guardian Artefact door.”

A shot of the teleport being activated again… Get out of the Palace; go back to that pool we came from (NW) and down to the deep end. Swim to the S over the Timed gate and into the Teleport. Back in the Summer Tower, down the hole in the floor and out to the Garden. Go left around the river to the W and into the Hall where the Guardian is, left after entering and up the “shortcut” ladder we opened before to the first floor. Go open the crowbar door in the far left corner (NW) and pick up the Summer Challenge Artefact. This goes back to the Tower we just came from. Place it on the stand at the left wall and watch what happens, a big portal sphere becomes active…

“The portal is active! I can try and jump in there to reach the nether…”

When you leave the Tower you’ll get a message about the choice you have to make

“A final challenge has opened…Do I go there, or straight to the portal? My choice may affect the outcome of this situation…”

For Choice 2, skipping the Final challenge, scroll down…

Perhaps make a save here so you can try both endings, but you can also just play them one after the other like we did.


Go up to the opened doors in the N of the Garden, just slide down and find a Buddha tile that will open a door at the end of a gauntlet corridor.

Straight, along the right hand wall at the first burner trap, jump over the moving burner trap and right around the corner at the rotating burner, through a trench with a rolling blade, a set of teeth doors.

For a Secret: After the first doors push the block left once and step back to grab Secret #11, Uzis. Hop back turning right.

Run through the next doors, another trench with a rolling blade, around the corner more burner traps and teeth doors,

around the corner where some statues spit fire and then through the first set of teeth doors take a right through the door (savegame.4), to a beautiful courtyard.

The Courtyard.

When you hop onto the next tile in the water, a door in the gauntlet corridor is shown. Jump only onto the tiles where the Buddha faces the same way as the entrance tile (so, not the dark ones) and that door will open

Move that cabinet standing under the pagoda three times to the E, climb on and run jump S to grab a pole and swing to grab a blue pillar, ledge jump up to the roof. Go right around and shoot the second window (NE), jump into that room and get the Uzi clips from under a vase. Back out and go right, shoot the next window (SE), get in and get Uzi clips from behind a chair (NE) and some more Uzi clips from a cabinet.

Go to the opening at the other end (S), turn around and slide down, grab the edge and drop onto the slope (Final challenge entrance). This time don’t step on the Buddha tile, but just go into the corridor. To the left is the door you opened and you’ll enter a vegetable garden. Get the Medicinal Herbs near the baskets. The sick Guardian is shown and a “shortcut” block went down in the corridor. Go out and left, then up on the right through the opening where the block lowered and you’re back in the courtyard, from the cabinet to the pole, swing back up to the roof, through the SE window and this time use the ceiling to go over the slopes to get to the Garden. Go straight down the steps and left to the Hall where the Guardian is, and give him the Medicinal Herbs and get Secret #12, a Secret Bonus Crystal.

“I hope these herbs will help heal the Guardian, now I should get to the Portal”

Get back to the Garden, go to the big rock in the middle of the Garden, use the TIMED lever again (S of the rock) to raise the blocks and get on top of the rock once more. From the Buddha tile run jump into the sphere and end up in the Nether… (scroll down)



After placing the Summer Challenge Artefact and this message:

“A final challenge has opened…Do I go there, or straight to the portal? My choice may affect the outcome of this situation…”

Go straight to the Portal, skipping the Final challenge: Go to the big rock in the middle of the Garden, use the TIMED lever again (S of the rock) to raise the blocks and get on top of the rock formation once more. From the Buddha tile run jump into the sphere and end up in the Nether.

“I’ve entered the Nether! I must defeat the Evil that the Guardian spoke of…”

Shoot two Leopards on your way to the entrance W, look up and spot the snowballs ready to crush you. Ah no… maybe later. Right around the corner you can safety drop down to the ground floor. First have a look around and shoot the vases in the far left corner (NW) for gurung bread. Then go back to where you came from and hit the Gong to summon Evil after you armed yourself with something heavy. The Hammer God isn’t much of a problem, but the two Lizards are intervening and explosives will quickly take care of them. When the Hammer God dies a Dragon shows, two blocks went down, SW and NW (opposite each other), you can grab up the white wall, shimmy aside and pull up on the ledge, a rope is tied up in a crowbar lever, use the lever and free the rope. Repeat that at the other side of the room (savegame.5) and the Bowl will tip over and kill the Dragon.

“Now I must hurry back to the Portal… I’m injured!”

Safety drop down, run back to the Gong and grab up to the crack left, up to the ledge above and run up the slope a bit, roll and get back down, right around the corner to wait out the snowballs… what did I tell you? You can take a gurung bread to get the dizzy screen back to normal, but that doesn’t mean you’re healed… Back up the slope again and to the snow pillar right of the Portal sphere, get on top and run jump into the Portal…

When back in the Garden… At least the Guardian was healed…

“Our Heroine perished for a noble cause…She defeated the Evil and Safety and Harmony is restored to the Garden and the rest of the world.”

After a bit..


Lara: I’m alive?..

Guardian: I found you just in time. I was able to heal you with the herbs you found. You have done a great deed today, you have our thanks!

Lara: You’re welcome!

Thanks for Playing…