Level by LoreRaider


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.


Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

5 Secrets.

1- The Journey Begins.

Lara: It’s freezing out here!

I have to light this campfire for the night somehow…

Head up the path straight ahead W and at a junction, keep left over the snowy trail, hop on a rock and climb up onto the next, follow through hugging the mountain and a bit further you can drop into a hole left. You’ll come to a door and a lever with a broken handle.

Take a right into the tunnel. At the deep pit jump left onto a pointy ledge and then S into the opening, follow down to where you can jump down onto the ledge with the bowl and safely slide down to the ground. There’s a dying Monk in front of a cave NW, get in there and left around the corner to come to an underground Temple entrance.  

Open the Icicle Cave.

Left is a closed off Icicle Cave. Go through the opening right of the big doors to a cave with ice pillars, shoot two leopards. Grab up into a tunnel SW, turn around and grab the ceiling. Go straight and left to a jump lever in the corner of the ceiling, be sure to line up diagonally and grab it, a small door opens up. Go back up into the same tunnel SW and around the corner through that door and run jump NE onto that ice pillar, grab the Light Sticks. Run jump E onto the next pillar and grab the ceiling, follow S and a bit right into the opening. Walk up to the top and stand right, hop back to run jump and grab the ice pillar. Crawl forward to the lower corner and turn right, pull pistols and shoot that big Bell, the Icicle cave opens up because of the Icicles breaking.

The Golden Temple Key.

Crawl backwards and safety drop from the pillar.

Secret: Turn left and go into the dark NW corner, through a crawlspace and get Secret #1, Light Sticks, gurung bread and 2 x Uzi clips. Get back to the cave.

Go into that cave SE, watch out for the icicles. In the very end of that cave is a hole in the ground, drop down a couple of times and shoot a Leopard in the next cave. 

Lara: There’s a Key under those spikes, maybe I can get rid of them! 

Pick up the First Aid Kit right and left and right of the door N, near those spike traps are two partial grey tiles, but they have to be stepped on simultaneously, so carefully pull the dead guy onto the left tile and step on the right hand one and the door will open, inside shoot the green spheres by jumping up and down and the trapdoor on the ladder opens up. Grab some gurung bread from the floor and go up. Pick up Light Sticks and push that Stone Bell off the floor (S) onto the spike trap.

Lara: I feel stronger now, maybe I can kick that door in now!

That’s the door with the broken handle we’ve seen earlier…

Stand on the higher part of the floor near the fence and grab the ceiling, monkey climb over to the tunnel and throw the lever there to open a door* inside the underground temple. Hop back and safety drop out of the tunnel, pull that Bell towards the door and get the Golden Temple Key from the spike trap. Leave S and climb back up twice, then left up the ladder to the icicle cave.

Inside the Temple, Light the Fire.

Open the big doors with the Key, shoot a bunch of spiders and go straight through the Spike traps, use the lever opening a big gate. Go back and right at the front door and look for that open gate right (there’s nothing to find but spiders at the end of this corridor). Go down the stairs to a large hall with a central column, on the column, way up is a lever we have to bring down.

Hop on the rock SW, get onto the corner ledges with the TIMED lever. Pull, turn right around, that’s the best way to see what’s coming and run jump from the end of the ledge to grab the pillar as far right as possible, shimmy right around and just keep going till you are where the block lowered. Push the Buddha icon there and poles emerge from the W wall. Drop down, go back up the SW corner blocks, run jump and grab the pole N and swing to the next, then to the corner ledge, use another Buddha icon there and poles emerge from the E wall. Now we have to repeat the Timed part, so go up to the lever SW and do the Timed run, from the lowered block stand jump and grab the first pole (N) and swing along the poles to get to the NE corner (savegame.0).  

Push the Buddha icon and see a wall go up, from where you are run jump and grab that wall, climb up to the lever in the niche E, use it and see the lever on the column come down. Go there and throw that to let the magic take over. All bowls are lit.

Getting a Torch.

Turn around, up the stairs and left/right out of the Temple, shoot some Leopards and go straight into the crawlspace W, the dying Monk vanishes. At the E side, just right of the high ledge with the bowl is a ledge where you can stand, stand jump and grab the high ledge with the bowl and shimmy left to the other end. Run jump SW onto the grassy ledge and go up into the corner, left around and jump to the pointy ledge, then a run jump into the crevice NE, go through the tunnel and end up at that door with the broken lever, you can now kick it in. Go through the Blade traps and right to a room with 2 Torches.

Secret: In the left corner is a raising block, just right around the corner as you entered the room (NE) is a jump lever behind the flags, the block goes down and reveals Secret 2, the Uzis and 2x Uzi clips.

Now pick up a Torch. 

Igniting the Torch. 

Go back out through the Blade traps, left through the tunnel and run jump to the pointy ledge left, into the opening S and go down to the grassy ledge, run jump onto the ledge with the bowl to ignite the Torch. Travel back along the same familiar route to the cave with the broken handle and go into the tunnel NE, hop up twice and then face S, stand face against the S wall. Back flip out of the hole, walk up to the edge and hop up S.

Lara: The wind is getting stronger!

Meaning we have to be quick before the wind blows out the Torch. Follow the rocky path, and follow it down right to the camp site to ignite the campfire (you’ll have to run jump cutting corners to get down there in time-savegame.1- hold Ctrl while the save loads).


2- Path to the Village.

After a cold night on a mountain top…

Head back up the same mountain and snow drifts made it possible to follow the right hand path, careful, there’s a snowball coming down around the corner…

Run jumps from walkable ledge to walkable ledge minding snowballs, then down a bit to a rocky path and after the last snowball a run jump into an opening in the mountain. Safety drops down into a cave and push the right hand snowball, the others go down too. Follow them down the steep slope minding the icicles (slide down just right of the center, then jump left after the first icicles. Jump again with a roll and grab the edge, back jump to grab a pillar. Run jump to the next one a bit right, then left up to the higher one and onwards to the one SW, jump S to the tunnel entrance, follow through to an ice sheet.

Lara: This ice looks really thin, I have to be careful…

Walk slow over the ice sheet and around the corner in the back you’ll approach an opening, be sure to save there. Walk slowly through the icicles into the next opening, guns blazing and take out the two Leopards in the next cave. Grab up to a crack W, go left around pillars to where you cannot proceed, back jump and grab another crack, left around a corner and back jump to grab the hanging block. Right around the corner and hang on the right hand side, down at the bottom. Back flip/roll and grab an opening, walk through and jump out right grabbing the crack, go left around to the end and back jump over to the other side, go right to the end, back jump across and go left to the corner, ledge jump up and go left into an opening where you can stand. You are back in the cave, near the ceiling, Lara looks at the icicles, grab the ceiling and go to that opening she’s looking at. Inside is a lever opening the door in the cave below, crawl out and safety drop down, enter the open door.  

Secret: Grab up right into a crawlspace for Secret #3, 2x Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo. Get out.

Make your way through the Sword traps, Moving blocks and no less than 3 Circular Blade traps.

After the second trap go right into the opening and use the crack in that room to get up to the top W side and push the Buddha icon to open a trapdoor** and get a ladder out. Hop back, grab the edge and safety drop down, now go through the last Blade trap and find that trapdoor**. Turn around and climb down the ladder, drop to the start of a slope, slide and also down another slope. Two Yetis attack in the next cave, take care of them.

Lara: There’s something stuck up there, I better check it out!

And that would be the Pickaxe, go to the dead bloke S and just right of him is a crack in the wall, hang right and ledge jump up, go left till you are on that ice wall we saw, down a bit and just above the pickaxe release Ctrl and hit it again (just as you would do for a jump lever) and you’ll pry the axe off the wall. Pick up the Pickaxe and go to the SE cage (or the other one), use the crowbar lever and go up one floor, follow through to an opening E you can just see through the gates.

Shoot the Bells for a Torch.

A TIMED lever on the back wall will open the gates above the sloped blocks on 3 sides of the room, the dark carpets on the floor and bounce pads which will let you get high enough to shoot the Bell behind each gate. Let’s try the first, pull, hop back while pulling pistols and back flip, now run onto the bounce pad and start shooting. You’ll land back on the pad, just put away the guns and grab the edge of the sloped block as you slide off and safety drop. That was the easier one, up to you do figure out the others (savegame.2). A block went down up W, use one of the bounce pads to get up there and grab a Torch (you can throw the second one down too), just be sure they don’t end up ON the bounce pads or you’ll be stuck…

Using the Torch.

Taking a Torch out of the room and straight through the gate that opened (look in the next pillar left to spot a crack) and run all the way to the next gate, drop the Torch there. Go back to that pillar with the crack and grab it, ledge jump up and go right, up to the ledge with a TIMED lever for the gate W where you left the Torch. Use the lever, hop back grabbing the edge, hop forward once and sprint to the gate W, just before reaching it, roll to get through (savegame.3). Use the lever next to the gate to open it up and get the Torch, carefully ignite it and stand against the rope. Watch things unfold... 

3- Into the Unknown. 

Cook some Yetis.

Seems you lost the guns, top the health up and follow the cave to a crowbar door, at least we still have the Pickaxe… Go straight through the corridor and in the next room with the grated floor is a jump lever above the wooden door. The cages open up. A lever appeared on the S wall, maybe you are able to use it before the Yetis bother you, otherwise you’ll have to lure them far away and sprint back to use the lever. That will bring out a lever on the opposite wall (N), same MO. Now we have to get to the platform that lowered in the upper section, a crack in a pillar just right of where you enter this room and a back jump to grab the ledge, go around to the side to jump onto the platform and use the lever, the grated floor will cook the Yetis (savegame.4). Jump to the ledges and safety drop to the ground. 


Go to the cages, first right and use the jump lever, second left is another jump lever and the door opens. Go through the now open door and watch some ghostly Monks roam about… Take a left in that corridor and follow the path the Monks took, in the end right through a portal and left through the opening, on those steps are some Pistols, probably dropped by the dead bloke, there’s a First Aid Kit too, sidestep if you have trouble grabbing the pickups. Now you can shoot the Gem in the lion’s head above the door. Go through.

Catacombs, Uzis, Gong Stick.

In the left wall is a crevice, grab up in there to shoot a Leopard and get Light Sticks and gurung bread. Drop out and just do safety drops down into the cave, deal with a Yeti and go down to a fire bowl, next to it are the Uzis, look above the fenced window and use that jump lever there to open a door*.

A Gong Stick.

Go back up the steps, stand right and turn around, run jump and grab the ridge, shimmy right and pull up. Turn right and go up the climb wall. Hop SW onto the rock bridge, immediately open fire on a Leopard (notice opening SE, which provides a bypass later). Just go along the side of the stairs to avoid the icicles and right into the back (SW) where that door* opened. Run jump/grab the rope in that cave and swing to get to the S floor, throw the Floor lever and a door** opens W of the rope. Just drop down and go to the small door NE, open it with the lever and thus create a bypass back up. Go through and climb back up to the cave with the stairs.

Go right around back to the cave with the rope, keep left on the ledge to get to the door** you opened. Ho0p over a pit into an icy cave and run around the corner to avoid the boulder. Stand clear of those boulders up W and shoot them to release the boulder which will break the barrier E, get in there and throw the Floor lever, blocks go up and reveal a lever. Hop out of there.

Secret: Hop up into a hole in the SW corner to claim Secret #4, Shotgun ammo, gurung bread and Uzi clips. Hop out of there

Go back to the cave with the rope, swing to the floor S and throw the lever on the block, the big bowl will tip over and the ice will break. Hop down into that pool and grab the Gong Stick. Go through that bypass NE again and up to the cave with the stairs, right to the cave with the rope and swing S again to get to the Gong, give it a good bang…

That portal down in the water is now passable, hop into the water, swim S and pass through…


4- The Village.

Swim straight and up, run through the cave and in the end right… Woops… Well, that is blocked, crawl left of the boulders and follow the winding tunnel to the cave behind the boulders, shoot the Leopards. Head E and in the back is a shaft, climb up left and up a couple of times more to get to the Village.

Tour of Town, a Buddha Statuette. 

Go in W, up the stairs we need a Key, so go left to the back NW and through to the village streets. Go up right into the temple and find the Ancient Text: An old legend says…

To purify your karma and spirit, run the way the clock ticks and you’ll be rewarded for your effort.

Go into the outer part of the room and run around clockwise till 3 yellow spheres appeared at the door and it will open up. Go in and get the Buddha Statuette.

Hotel, a Bowl.

Go out to the street, straight through the alley and on the next square is a villager with his Yak, approach the man and hit Ctrl. 

Villager: Good evening stranger! I have a problem, my Yak is sick and I need some medical herbs and a bowl for him, could you help me please? I’ll reward you with something in return.

Go back through the alley and back on Main street go left, left into an alley just before that tut-tut and on a small square Lara looks at some double doors, go to the sign on the wall and hit Ctrl. Open the doors and loop left around to find a Bowl on a table, leave the Hotel, we didn’t come here to relax. Go into the alley left and open the gate in the back as a shortcut to the guy with the Yak.

The House Key, Medical Herbs.

Go back to the Hotel and left into the alley W, and through to a square, approach the lady NW and hit Ctrl.

Hey stranger, could you help me please? Some pigeons took my house key I left here before, I’m sure they’re not far away from here.

Go to a cabinet NW and pull it from under the roof, climb on and hop onto the roof to get the House key from the pigeons. Get down and give the key to the Lady.

Thank you so much, please let me invite you to my house

Go right op the stairs and suddenly you can use the pistols again. Get into the window and shoot the opposite window, run jump over into that opening and go downstairs, on the table are Medical Herbs. Combine that with the Bowl to get Yak’s Medical Herbs. Throw the lever to open the front door and get out, go left through the alley to the square and give the Medicine to the Yak.

Villager: Thank you for the Herbs! Take this necklace in return…

Hotel, Passe-Partout Key.

Go to the guy and hit Ctrl to take the Tibetan Rosary. We’ll have to go back to the hotel with that as you can see, go into the alley S and left through the shortcut gate (hopefully you opened it on my instructions) and come to the hotel, go right to the reception desk and give the Rosary, in return you’ll get the Hotel Passe-Partout Key. Well, that’s a silent one…

Raiding the Hotel, Goodies and a SecondBuddha Statuette. 

Go out, up the stairs and open the first door W, Light Sticks and Arrows on the cabinets. Next door N, Light Sticks, gurung bread and Arrows.

Go up one level and E door, upstairs are gurung bread, Light Sticks and Arrows. Back outside to the S door, open it and Lara states the obvious I don’t need this key anymore.

Inside go upstairs and find a Second Buddha Statuette on a table and Arrows on the bed.

Using the Buddha Statuettes, Sunken City.

Get out, down the stairs to the ground floor and into the alley W, on the square with the lady straight up the big stairs to a small red building. Open it by placing the two Buddha Statuettes. Go in and stand on the tip of the pointed block, face W and jump/grab up to the floor above, shoot the spiders, grab up once more through a hole in the ceiling to the loft and throw the Floor lever there to open a trapdoor on ground floor. Get back down there and dive in, swim into a large cave and in the middle go up for air. Get out on a ledge E and look W, grab up to the ceiling and monkey climb to the platform where you’ll find a Bow, a Laser Sight and more Arrows. The Targets are also shown. Crawl off backwards. Get back on the ledge E. Stand back and at the edge of the water, zoom in and aim at the bottom of the targets on top of the Temples and the doors open up.

S: Statue Puzzle.

Swim in, all the way to the back and left around into a passage, in the end is an underwater lever opening a door behind you, roll and swim along the bottom straight into that door, left and up between the 4 columns is air. N is an underwater ceiling lever opening doors S. Get air and swim through left and right are Gold Lama statues, turned the wrong way, they have to face inward. So use the underwater levers in front of them to get then facing you, up in the middle of the room is air when you need it.

After the job is done, the Buddha will move forward and you can use the underwater lever, #1 for the trapdoor above that platform. Get out N, out the door in the left corner and left/right to the sunken city.

N: Traps.

Swim in and straight in the back left and stay close to the ceiling of that passage, up between the columns is air, swim into the opening S, left around the corner along the floor and use the underwater lever, #1 for the big doors. Swim back, get air and swim into the passage NW, Teeth doors here, but these are the friendly kind, they move up for you use the underwater lever, #2 for the big doors.

Swim back and after some air go in NE, the forgot the traps?, Use the underwater lever, #3 for the big doors. Oh no, there they are, get through the Blade traps back to the air pocket (savegame.5). Go use the underwater lever N and the trapdoor above the platform opens up. Swim out SW along the ceiling and up to the air in the big cave.

Secret: Swim down to the only temple we haven’t visited (W) and along the left side between the two roofs, in the back of the white wall is an opening right, get in for Secret #5, Shotgun, 2x Shotgun ammo and 2x Uzi clips. Swim back out and up for air.

Go up to the E ledge, grab the ceiling to get to the platform and grab up N, Stay close to the hole, save and shoot that Wraith in the Crystal. The trapdoor to the Village opens again, a Timer starts and we’ll have to get out of the cave in time… Hop back into the hole and duck while turning left, use the jump out of a crawlspace move Alt&Forward to jump into the water and swim left, along the right hand side of the S temple, through the winding tunnel and up to the trapdoor (savegame.6-hold Alt and forward).


5- The Final Battle.

The Closet Key, Hand Prayer Wheel.

Go straight down the stairs, over the square and into the passage S, keep left and open the gate and left into the house when in the street, Go through to the back where Monks are meditating, left of the Buddha is a hole in the floor to the basement, shoot the spiders (you can use weapons when you’re down there) and get some gurung bread SW, open the chest there for the Closet Key. Go back up, out to the street and all the way E to where we started, left around up the stairs and use the Key to the left there, pick up the Hand Prayer Wheel from the stove right.

Use the Hand Prayer Wheel.

Get back down to the street, go W and left into the first alley and on the small square left into the passage, and arrive in an area with a Buddha in the middle of a pool. Hop into the pool,  use the Hand Prayer Wheel on the little receptacle under the gate E and swim in. Climb out and use the chain pulley, the Seraph door opens up. Swim out and just swim up under the bridge that is on top of the water. You’ll end up on top of it, go to the upper level, slide down and shoot 3 Lizards, two yetis and a Hammer Guy which will leave a Prayer Wheel, pick that up….

End of the level…