Level by constantine


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.


Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

3 Secrets.

Pick up the Tablet from the table in the left corner..

‘According to my research, Manjushri’s Sword is hidden somewhere under the Temple in the mountains.’

Prayer Wheel I and a Shotgun.

Out of the room go straight across into the left room of the N wall and push the cabinet aside to get some gurung bread (small medipack). Get out of the room and open the double doors to the street (W). A bit to the left is a market stall, on the drums in front of the vendor is Prayer Wheel I. A mercenary might show up, kill him. Turn S and more stalls there, behind the Woman’s stall are Light Sticks. Proceed S along that street to come across a mercenary which will drop a Shotgun after his demise.

The House Key, Buddha Statuette.

Turn back a bit and go right into the street (W), follow through and left is a door with a Keyhole. Through an archway and in front of the next building are Light Sticks, a Leopard jumps you. Go right and then left round to the back where you can see the Key in the pool. The water is freezing, so be quick and get the House Key. Go to the N side of the valley, jump on top of the rocks. Turn S and run jump/grab the roof, go around to the back and find a Buddha Statuette. Safety drop from the roof, or hop in the pool, go back through the archway E and right to open the door.

The House, Roof terrace, Prayer Wheel II.

Inside and one of the vases left has Light Sticks. Go up the stairs E and upstairs is a vase with Shotgun ammo (SE). Open the double doors SW and step onto the roof terrace, jump NE long the windowsills to get the gurung bread and jump back. Pull the block S from the wall and pick up Prayer Wheel II.

Secret: Move the block S into the NW corner, hop on and run jump with a left curve (or with a roll) onto the roof around the corner to grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy right and pick up Secret #1, a Seraph. Get down to the ground and enter the house again.

The House, Basements, Timed Run for the Staircase door.

On the ground floor are two lanterns (W), push the left hand one from the trapdoor and open it, climb down. Stay close to the ladder and duck, crawl under the blade trap and go up left. Careful, there’s a Bird blade trap, crawl underneath into the passage. Go have a look left, around the corner is a room with a spider and a Lion statue, the next room has empty crates and a block in the corner (that one will go down). Go back as you came and this time straight N at the Bird blades, follow the passage, through a Teeth door trap, around some corners and spot a wooden door*. Continue, shooting a spider and come to a TIMED lever. Pull, sprint where you can and jump through the Teeth doors (with a bit of luck you’ll get through) and follow the passage back to that block, crawl into the crawlspace right (savegame.0). Shoot the Spider.

Buddha Statuette 2.

Left around the corner is a jump lever opening that wooden door* we saw. Back through the crawlspace and follow the passage back through the teeth doors to that open wooden door. You are in some kind of ruined staircase, some corners have knife ball traps, watch out. Go all the way up and jump over and at the top is a small door, open it to get to the roof. Go right around and pick up some Shotgun ammo, go back a bit and run jump over to the house N. Go around to the back and pick up Buddha Statuette #2. An Eagle will come for you.

The Monastery in the Montains.

Go NW and safety drop down to the ground. Go NW and up into the cave, follow up to the Monastery while shooting an Eagle on the way. Use the two Buddha statuettes to open the doors.

In the Temple use the two Prayer wheels behind the Buddha and door open above, go up one of the stairs.

Go into a prayer room and through a small door right. In that corridor take the first left and move the cabinet onto the carpet, you’ll see a door. Do the same in the second room AND the third to open that door. Back into the corridor. The door is in the SE end of the corridor.

Timed Blocks.

Inside climb onto the block at the right hand wall, jump to the next and hop to grab the pole, swing to the next and jump to the TIMED lever. A block goes up left of you at the other wall. Get down, to the stairs and go over the other blocks and the one you raised to jump and grab a jump switch (savegame.1). This will open a trapdoor*. Leave the room to the corridor W and open a small door in the right hand wall go down the stairs.

Shoot all the stuff down there to get into a crawlspace for Secret #2, a Seraph.

Beneath the Monastery, Phurba Dagger.

Go through the opening N and in the dining room to the far right corner, pull the chain to open the door and go through to the cold storage. On one of the icy blocks in the back is some gurung bread, then drop through the open trapdoor* into an icy cave (Secret hunters, scroll down). Go to the opening SE and slide down forward.

If you want a Secret, stand right and strike a light stick, hop with a right curve onto the slope, hop right again and then jump up into an opening in the ceiling, grabbing the climb wall, go up and find Shotgun ammo and left around the corner Secret #3, a Seraph. Go back, hang down in the opening (left corner) and drop, hop left and continue.

Save and running jumps over the ice sheets above a spike pit and quickly grab up into the opening. When you go forward and up a mound, look left and crawl through the opening under the ice wall. To the left is the Phurba Dagger. Get back out. Follow through to a wide cave where, during a flyby, a Bird monster will come for you, shoot it quick.

Go towards that round door S and left in the corner of the cave is an ice mound, next to it an ice covered wall, grab up to the crack in the wall, back jump and grab the ice ledge. Ledge jump up and pull up, roll and run jump back grabbing the top of the wall, go up and climb up left and go left. Run jump and grab the corner ledge (mind the low ceiling) and right around the corner you can run jump and grab the right hand tip of the pole. Swing along all the poles to a ledge where you can use that Phurba Dagger, a small wooden door** opens up.

The Gong Stick.

Hang from the NE corner of the ledge and safety drop, sliding down a slope. Close to where you’ll end up is a cave in the E wall, hop up and when going right to the next cave, a snowball comes down, so keep right. Go NE into the low cave and shoot two Leopards. Follow through but watch out for icicles. In the big hall a beam starts turning, that door** you opened is to the right. Stand a step back, hop back and run jump onto the ledge the beam is rotating on…. Without the Secret reward, scroll down.

With a Secret reward (and only if you collected all 3 Seraphs), time that thing and run jump to the left ledge and another run jump to the opening left, place the 3 Seraphs in that room and a door opens in the rotating block room. Go out, run jump to the ledge and then jump left and into the open door. Collect Medipacks, Uzis and Uzi clips, another Shotgun with a bunch of ammo. Jump back out, run jump left to the open door (opened by using the Dagger). 

Without the Secret: Hang from the edge and shimmy right till you are at the door, hang right and try to time the rotating block, back jump to grab the ledge and go inside. Quickly to the right and grab up to the crack, ledge jump up and run left at the end curve left and jump to grab the pole, swing to the other side and run left to pull up in the crawlspace right. You will have noticed the Wraith by now, there’s a Holy book in the other end of the room and that will take care of the Wraith. Go to the right hand (E) wall and pull away the Stone Bell. Then push the block into the next room, pick up some Shotgun ammo and pull out the other block in the wall. Underneath you’ll find the Gong Stick.

Using the Gong. 

Get out through the crawlspace, drop down and jump back to grab the ledge of the rotating beam, go left and get back to the cave. Follow through and once out of the low cave into the wider one, go left to a bounce pad in the floor (SW), face S and side flip onto the S side of the pad to jump and grab a ridge way up. Shimmy right and pull up, follow around and slide jump/grab the pole to swing to the other corner. Grab up to the monkey bars and monkey climb to the far end. Grab up through a small opening and come to a cave with the Gong and the round door below. Slide down and jump to grab and pull up onto the ledge with the Gong and give it a good bang. The door will open up. Jump back on the slope and slide down, grab the edge and drop again next to the wall.  

A Hand Prayer Wheel. 

Go through the open door and a big Hammer God shows up, just stay close to him (in front of him) and keep jumping up and down, his hammer might not even hit the floor once. He will leave the Hand Prayer Wheel. Behind his big throne is a receptacle for that Prayer Wheel and a door opens in the W wall. Step through the door and a big cocoon opens up revealing the artefact we were after, the level ends…