Level by Tolle87

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.

Savegames mentioned in this walk are in this Saves Folder. They are saves from the "balanced" gameplay.

15 Secrets.

-There are three difficulty levels that you can choose between in the prologue.


“After the Adventure…”


Into the Caves.

Hop onto the table where the Monk is and grab the Tablet with a message from Shin.

Lara: I should read this right now!!

The Seraph door opens up, go out of the door, loop around right into a bedroom, left and right of the bed are two Tibetan Adventure Books.

After having examined the message from Shin (on the Tablet), make your choice of difficulty..

1- Picking up only the right hand book “hard”

2- Picking up only the left hand book “easy”

(We brought both Books for a “balanced” gameplay, where the other versions differ from ours, remarks are added in the walk).


Go back to the Monk and he will accept the Book(s). Lara will drop into a cave where the campsite is, go up the steps and shoot a Leopard. Then pull the dead guy away from the 2x Uzi clips (not there in hard mode), the Uzis and the Into the Caves (Key). Go into the cave and to the left to shoot some boxes and pick up Uzi clips. There is also another leopard here on the left (not in easy mode). Then go to the other side to open the door with the Key, follow through and come to a cave with Frozen Yetis. In the right hand wall are gates and left a door.

Ice Palace Key.

Go E into the passage, shoot the crates for 2x Uzi clips. Hop into the water and swim to a large lake. First swim to a wooden platform straight ahead and pick up a Medipack (not in hard mode) and shoot an incoming Lizard.

Secret Preparation Detour: Swim to the far left corner (SE) and down between the 2 crates against the S wall is a narrow tunnel, swim through to a large cave, above the lion statue you can get air if you need. Swim SW into another section and go up E to climb out, follow up a ladder to where you can push a snowball down a sloped passage, the ball will break a vase. You’ll have to return through the water caves (NE) to the Icy lake.

Swim up to the crates SW, jump N, from the high end, grab up to the monkey bars and go over to the far end of that ice block E with a bit of a left curve in the end, drop so you’ll slide off backwards and can grab the edge, back jump and grab the next block, shimmy left a bit to pull up. Hop straight over the top and run jump to grab the block under the bridge. Turn around and side flip left onto the higher point of the block, jump again and grab the monkey bars under the bridge. Go left to the wall and drop, turn left and jump to the crates, keep jumping the crates to the far end and then left onto the ice block, via the crates to the next ice block and left over the crates to the bridge pillar. Climb the ladder up to the bridge and head W into the opening, take a right and follow up a slope to a small sloped tunnel, take a right to the top of the bridge structures.

Secret and start of the Plaque Side Quest (collecting them all gives you a Bonus Item: If you pushed that snowball before, pick up gurung bread (small medipack), Uzi clips (No Uzi clips in hard mode) and Secret #1, Garuda Plaque 1 should be free for the taking in the trench where the snowball ended up (right).

Go to the E side; jump E and drop down through a hole to the bridge below (a part we couldn’t access from below). Run over the ledge to the other bridge and go right. Run jump and grab the ice ledge N, shimmy right and pull up at the corner, turn and jump onto the pointy block against the bridge. Now use the pointy blocks on the opposite side, to run jump with left curve around the pillar to the W end of the bridge. Go inside and left, up onto a crate NW and grab up to the ledge above. Shimmy left and pull up in the middle of the room, roll and run jump to grab the beam with the swinging trap. Pull up right of it and run jump to grab the next ledge, then onto the ledge in the right hand corner. Go right to step outside and use the ropes to get to the far E side where you’ll find the Ice Palace Key.

The Ice Palace, deeper into the Caves.

Hop into the lake and swim through the tunnel W to the cave, go into the next with the frozen Yetis and open the gate left. Go in and shoot a Leopard (No Leopard in easy mode), proceed and pick up the Deeper into the Caves (Key). When you go back, a flyby will show those Yetis must have escaped…. You will probably meet one (or both) as you go back, go into that cage they were in and climb up left into the crawlspace to get Secret #2, Garuda Plaque 2. Get out of the cage.

Go to that small door S and open it. 

Deeper into the Caves. 

Follow into a large cave and grab up to the pillar ahead to get yourself some Light Sticks.

Run jump SE onto the broken pillar and get Secret #3, Garuda Plaque 3 (in the deep part). Hop down.

In the SW corner you can go right op the sloped block, climb up (E) to a floor lever that will open the gates below. Go into the gates and follow through to a cave with a Yak.  

Yacky Yak, bring the Torch up.

Go through to the cave straight ahead (S) (jump over the base of the pillar) and find a cave with some Torches on a Tree Stump. In the lower part are a Medipack and Uzi Clips (no pickups in hard mode), then go grab a Torch and carefully ignite it on a bowl. Take the Torch to the NE corner hop up to the wooden ledge where a lever is located. Jump up with the Torch to the right onto the block with the Eyes, drop the Torch on it, hop down and throw the lever between the wooden blocks to bring the Torch up. Go down to the ground.

In the SW corner is a gate, turn left (N), grab up, back jump and grab a crack. Shimmy right to pull up on a ledge. Shoot the crates on the block NE and jump there, walk up and grab up right to the bridge above. Pull up and hop to the block where your Torch is (N wall), jump back and a Yeti appears (doesn’t appear at all if played on easy mode). Shoot it and take the Torch through N, hop onto the higher block and slide down along the left side to a rope, the rope burns and something drops into the Yak’s trough. He/she will eat the thing that dropped.

For a Laxative.

Taking the Torch, hop NW and up into the niche straight ahead (W), turn around and jump onto the top of the block on the right (NE). Jump to the ledge along the N wall and shoot the crates (maybe already broken) for 2x Uzi clips. Pick up the Torch again and hop onto the nearby block (SE), run jump into the niche a bit on the right, onto the next block and then to the corner ledge with the bowl you can ignite, a gate opens below (W). Throw the Torch to the ground where you can spot it, hop down SW, landing on a sloped wall and safety drop to the floor. Take the Torch through the gate W, around the corner is another bowl in the back you can ignite.

The nearby door opens, shoot a Yeti and go in, no need to take the Torch. Shoot the crates and open the trapdoor in the back, run in E landing on the higher ledge, shoot the crates and get the Uzi clips (not in hard mode). Climb up in the back left and jump up to grab/open the trapdoor above. Grab up and go through the opening on the right (S) to a bridge over a deep pit. Cross the bridge and to the right is a table with a Laxative.

Secret: Go back onto the bridge a bit and hang from the side where the fire bowl is, shimmy left along the crack to a crawlspace and go in to use a lever opening a door near the table. Go back onto the bridge and left through the door (S) to find gurung bread under the crates and Secret #4, Garuda Plaque 4 near the fire bowl. Go back out of the door.

Go into the wide crawlspace W of the fire bowl, follow through a crawlspace and another bridge to a TIMED lever. That lever opens the gate at the bridge E. Pull, turn left as soon as you can, run to the corner of the pit and the steep hill and with a sharp right curve jump as far as you can, slide off and grab the edge. Shimmy left, pull up and go left to the bridge (run jump), another jump through the door (savegame.0). You are back in the cave with the Torches.

Go N to the Yak, give him/her the Laxative, shoot the spider and go behind the animal to see what was eaten and find a very Yakey Key.

Lara: I guess it’s karma for locking Winston in the freezer

Use that Key on the small door E and go through.

Yetis on a Rampage.

Take a left to a steep slope and shoot the crates for 2x Uzi clips. Slide down, on a ledge left is a Medipack, in some vases right are Uzi clips (not in hard mode). Get on a wooden ledge SW, jump and grab the pillar N and then run jump and grab the crack in the big pillar on the left (E), go left around and ledge jump up to grab the jump lever (best go left to the corner, then one grab back to be lined up for the lever). A door opens and 2 Yetis will be released, go deal with them. Find that door left of the cage at the E wall and go inside, another Yeti (no third Yeti if played on easy mode) comes out to play. Back in and throw the floor lever to open cage 2, at the opposite (W) wall. Get in there and throw the floor lever after killing the Yeti. A door opens SW, go in there.

The Trapdoors, Pushblock puzzle.

In the lower part of the next room is an open door left, go in and push the block as far as it will go.

Open the doors, Pushblocks.

Go back up the stairs left and jump up right of the lion statues to the N side of the room. Follow to the back (W) and climb onto a wooden crate standing on the right, big statues there. Jump and grab the wall between the statues. Run jump SW onto the top of that brick slope and throw the floor lever (opens another door* in the lower part of the Main room).

Slide down S and get on the crate there, follow the wooden path to the E where you’ll find a lever on a pillar that will open the third door** in the lower part of the Main room. Drop down and go N to the lion statue, right down the stairs to the open doors left the open doors (*/**) left. Enter both (left and right of the one you already did) and push the blocks as far as they go.

Trapdoor I.

Make your way back up to the upper N side of the room, this time straight W to the back and find the pit where you can drop down (next to the low wooden crate) onto one of the 3 pushblocks. Run jumps E over the blocks and from the last one hop to the safe spot behind the spikes. Get through those swinging traps and find the lever for Trapdoor I

Secret; Hop onto the mound NE from standing against the E wall to get Secret #5, Garuda Plaque 5.

Climb up the wall SE, same as the other side, through the pit into the main room and go right up to the upper S side.

Trapdoor II.

Follow that side of the room almost all the way to the back (W) where you can find a pit left, safety drop down onto the block below and drop to the ground. In the room E are two levers and some spiders too. The levers will start two circular Blade traps in the room above; each of the traps has a blade missing, so there’s a gap. You’ll have to start the first (right hand lever) and then the second at the right time, lining up the gaps so you can run from one gap to the other to get through. You can use the levers as many times as you want till you have the ideal setup.

Go back to the entrance, turn around and grab up to the opening above. Wait for the gap, walk into the room along the left wall and look for the gap in the second Blade trap and get through without harm (savegame.1). Throw the lever at the door and see a Trapdoor (#2) go up. Leave through the now opened door, grab up at the end, jump forward into a pit and climb back up to the main room. Go left and up to the N side, to the right and in the middle of the room you can now jump and grab over to the other side using those two trapdoors. Throw the floor lever and the gates open up W. Safety drop down from the trapdoor and go through the gates, go in the back left through a crawlspace and come to a room.

Secrets Reward: Here and to the left you can use the Garuda Plaques you gathered and only if you have all 5, the gate on the other side (W) will open up and that’s where you can get the Glowing Talion (not a secret, but a reward). Back into the room. 

Go through the door N and loop right or left as a boulder comes for you. Follow through a cobweb into the Temple courtyard. Go around to the back and shoot the right hand vase for some gurung bread. On the porch, right is Shin the monk with a message:

Lara: I should read this right now!

A block lowered at the other end, go pull the chain.

In the Hub room, go left and use the lever on the first red carpet (there are 7), the trapdoor opens up..

Dungeon I, Luck.

Dropping you into a dungeon (dungeon #1 from the message).

Six levers and a gate. Throw 2 of the levers and if you’re “lucky” you’ll survive, go pull the chain where the gate opened and are back up in the Hub room, go left and throw the lever on the second red carpet (the first is now orange) opening the trapdoor again, you’ll drop into a dungeon with a gate and 2 vases.  

Dungeon II, Aiming.

On the pedestals next to the gate are a Laser Sight, Revolver ammo and a Revolver. Put the Sight on the Revolver and go stand in the opposite side of the dungeon. Look up to the wall with the gate and spot two vases of different colour, shooting the left one with the red flower (you could do this with pistols to save ammo for the real thing) will open a useless trapdoor in the floor. The right hand one however (bright pink flower) opens the gate, so that one’s “good”. Save in front of the open gate, Revolver drawn and slide down. There are 5 “good” vases down there you’ll have to shoot before the trapdoor drops. Shooting the vases will turn the water safe (savegame.2). Swim through the opening N, pull out and pull the chain there to get back to the Hub. Two carpets turned orange.

Dungeon III, Memory.

Throw the lever on #3 and you’ll end up in the third dungeon. Walk up to the pit with the ledges and here you have to memorize the position of the ledges so you will be able to jump across ‘in the blind’. Stand straight, hop forward, one more hop forward and then side flip left. Hop 3x forward and 2x side flip right, walk forward and jump up grabbing the jump lever (if it doesn’t get pulled, the working tactic is to sidestep all the way to one of the sides, and then two sidesteps on the opposide side towards the middle. That should put Lara exactly under the switch) (savegame.3). You end up in front of an opened gate, pull the chain and you are back up in the hub.

Dungeon IV, Combat Skills.

Use the lever on carpet 4, grab a Medipack and a Shotgun with 4x Shotgun ammo. Slide down and take care of two Eagles. Push the table with the bowl onto the tile behind it (N) and the gate opens, go through and slide down, shoot two Lizards. Again push the table and go through to the next challenge, shooting two Leopards. Push the table and then slide down to a huge Bird Monster, shoot him. Go through the open gate to use the chain and you are back in the Hub (you’ll lose the use of the shotgun at this point, although it might still be on Lara’s back), save first before you use lever 5. 

Dungeon V, Brain Test.

Look up N and spot the slope with four boulders, two on each side, below the slopes are 3 trapdoors.

We numbered the levers in the side passages 1-2-3-4 from left to right.

Solution: When levers 3&4 are down (Do not save after this point; if you cannot solve it… go back to the earlier save in the hub and try again), use the floor lever to release the first two boulders. Then pull lever 2 and use the floor lever again to release the last two boulders. All 4 niches below the trapdoors are now filled; the gate next to lever 4 opens up, go in and pull the chain.

Dungeon VI, Willpower.

In the Hub go right and use lever 6, down in the dungeon, pick up the left Rusty Key and use it in one of the Keyholes. Some 7-8 seconds after using the first Key…

Lara says: I must concentrate… and summon that Key.

And she gets the key some 10 seconds after, wherever she is.

Use the second key and go through the gate, coming to a deep pit, just hop down and get spiked, wait… “I must escape” then use the Escape key when you are in the Load screen.

The spikes will lower and our Heroin Lara survives once again… Get into the passage and drop down into a room with a Zombie Monk.

Lara: he can’t hurt me… he can’t hurt me…”

Move that small table with the bowl to the tile NE behind a pillar, the gate opens W, slide down into a chamber that was obviously built by a Troll (well, you said so yourself…), Lara keeps jumping (you might want to consider waiting a bit, because some 35 seconds into this room, the jumping gets much reduced). But you’ll get moments to move, so make your way up to the top and to the chain … Back in the Hub we have one lever left.

(After coming back from "Willpower dungeon", you have to select the weapons manually from the inventory (or by using keyboard shortcut) for the first time, before the "draw weapons" button starts working again).

Dungeon VII, Agility.

Slide down backwards (or forward if you wish) grab the edge and back jump to the pole, swing along the poles to jump over the top of a slope in the other end of the room. When you get the chance, jump with roll and grab the edge (or jump to grab the pole, turn and swing back), drop/grab to the crack and pull up in. Hang out into a spike pit and back jump to grab the other side, go through again and safety drop down from the right side. If you do it on the left, you land in the rolling blade zone. 3 rolling blades, go close to the right hand one and when the left blade goes behind you, run left, then forward and when the next left blade comes close, run or jump through with a right curve (savegame.4).

Side flip through one of the circular blades and go along the left wall into the next section, just walk slowly forward till you see a clear path to the right (SE). Run through when the knives go up and get onto the block in the SE corner. Turn left and run jump W when the knives are down. Then go left and to a hole in the floor, hang in, shimmy to the ladder and go down to the last rung. Back flip with roll and grab a rope. Here you have to swing really high and hold Ctrl as you jump off to grab the edge of a slope. Slide down to the next challenge (savegame.5). 

Crawl under the first trap and stand up at the next, run when the blade goes into the wall and jump over it when it appears again, another run jump and you’re through. Go onwards to a pole and time the burners while waiting on the pole and keeping Lara will keep her balance by herself (savegame.6). Go pull the chain.

The Gong, Access to the Temple.

Back in the Hub, pull the chain and you’ll end up on a terrace in the Temple courtyard. Open the chest to get the Gong Stick, run jump N over the fence, landing in a pool. Climb out N, turn around and climb the wall S and go through the tunnel under the Gong, grab up to the top at the other side and give the Gong a good bang. The doors of the Temple open up. Jump into that pool again and go up N through the doors (Shin is still waiting there). Proceed through the hallway and after going through the next doors, pick up the Medipack left (no Medipack if played in hard mode. Go down the steps and on a pedestal inside the middle structure of this main room is Shotgun ammo.

Two Secrets; here the side Quest for the Buddha Statuettes starts: Turn facing the stairs and go left of them to get in to a niche with a carpet (behind a column), climb up and side flip over the carpet, duck and grab the Gold Key, side flip back out and use the key SE, go into the door and get Secret #6, a Buddha Statuette (1), a Medipack and Light Sticks. Get out and straight over to the N side, from the base of a column on the left you can run jump over the red fence in the corner and use the jump lever on the S wall to lower a block. Hop back over the fence, go a bit W and left to the Secret room, grab Secret #7, a Buddha Statuette (2) and a Medipack near the window. Get out. 

As you might have already noticed, most of your weapons are gone and we need a Shotgun. Go into the SW corner (left of that Buddha in the red window) and grab up to an opening W, drop down the other side and find a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo behind those vases. Shoot the vases with the Shotgun and go out, straight to the other side and shoot the vase right of the stairs. Run jump and grab the jump lever on the W wall and see a wall go down.

Now you can choose where to go first, and it is random. The Left Wing or the Right Wing. We went to the Right Wing first

Right Temple Wing, Seraph #1.

That lowered wall is in the SE corner; go through to the next section. Straight ahead as you can see there are 6 receptacles for Buddha Statuettes, later... Go down the stairs on the left (S) to the Right Temple Wing as it is called.

Secret: Go to the far end and after passing the trapdoor in the middle of the room, go left to the base of the column, climb up and grab up to an opening behind the column, safety drop down and go to a lever lowering two blocks. Go straight up the slope and get Secret #8, a Buddha Statuette (3) and a Medipack (in the niche left). Go back down the slope, and right at the double doors. You’re back in the large room.

Trapdoors SE, Push the Red Block.

Go to the far left (SE) corner; throw the floor lever to open the trapdoors, safety drop down. From a high broken block under the W side of the trapdoors you can grab up to some monkey bars, go to the wall, drop/grab the “green” crack and go to the right hand side of the crack to go through and drop out the other end. Go to the red section (N) and find a push block. Push it N through the glass wall and return through that crack to the room under the big trapdoor. Open a trapdoor in the floor (NW), go through that tunnel and up to a pit under an open trapdoor, hop up to the corner block and grab up to the ground floor.

Head back to the same (SE) corner; throw the floor lever again to close the trapdoor for later use.

Central Trapdoors, open the Trapdoor to the Top Floor.

Throw the lever next to the trapdoors in the middle of the room, drop down onto the green wall and go to that block you pushed before and get on top of it, grab the monkey bars to get to the corner block with the floor lever, a trapdoor opens to the upper level.

Preparing for a Timed Run.

Go back up to the ground floor, to a ladder left of the big staircase (NE) and up to the first floor. Shoot the window on the left (S) and go through, climb over the wall S or jump over the two fences. Hop down and find a lever there (for later). Go S a bit and left over the bridge to the W side and left, all the way to the end where you’ll find a small door right, go through and down the big stairs to some double doors. Open those and you’re back on ground floor in the corridor where the Secret was. Go into the hall.

Timed Run for the Pick axe. (You must have the opened the shortcut to the upper level, well we just came from that…).  

In the NW corner of the hall, right of the big stairs on the base of a column is a TIMED lever. Pull and turn right sprint over the trapdoor and just after the red pillar left into the double door shortcut. Follow the stairs up and out of the small door, left and straight through where that block lowered (savegame.7). Go to the back and use the space between the two flowerbeds to run jump over the fence onto the platform, jump and grab the higher one, go right around the corner and ledge jump up to pull up on top. Stand on the NE corner and run jump with a bit of a curve around that blue low ceiling to get onto the balcony with the double doors. Open them to create a shortcut. Go left and shoot the window to get through, go around the Lama statue to find a broken lever. Shoot the vase there to get the Pickaxe.

Water Spout I.

Go back around and through the double doors N, N and just after the bridge left use the lever left to activate the first Water Spout.

Hand Prayer Wheel I.

Turn left, go to the edge of the floor and run down left into the pool below, swim through the green tunnel S, up in the pit with the monkey bars (the big trapdoor should be closed) and from the block grab up to the bars, go to the “blue” crack E and get through, in the left corner is Hand Prayer Wheel I. Get back through the crack, through the tunnel and up to the flooded pit, climb out N at the low floor near the pillar.

Open the trapdoors NW, Water Spout II.

Go W to the trapdoors and open them with the Pick axe. Turn right /left into the shortcut up to the first floor, left and on the pillar at the corner of the bridge is another lever, shoot the vases and throw the lever to activate the second Water Spout.

Without the Secrets, just run down into the flooded pit.

With the Secrets however: Go back to the bridge (S and left) and from one of the elevated floor parts on the bridge with the spouts you can do a run jump into the garden between the spouts and find Secret #9, a Buddha Statuette (4).

Go to the W side and left (N) and hop into the fenced off area just left of the last pillar, from here you can run jump (NE) up to the grey floor part right on the red arch (N wall), go up for Secret #10, a Buddha Statuette (5). Slide backwards down; just next to that grey floor part you jumped to before and safety drop down, this balcony has Secret #11, a Buddha Statuette (6). Run jump over the fence onto the stairs. Hop into that flooded pit W.

Hand Prayer Wheel II.

Swim through the opening left (S) and right around to pick up Hand Prayer Wheel #2. Get back, climb out next to the pillar NW and use the Prayer Wheels at the door S. Go in and pick up Seraph #1 up in the left corner. Travel back N and up the big stairs.

You now have 6 Buddha Statuettes, time to claim your reward. Go left to place the statuettes, the gate opens and you can claim the Master Orb.

Go through sort of left (NW) to the Entrance Hall of the Temple.  

Left Temple Wing, Seraph #2.

Go NW to those stairs where you shot the big vase before, go up and right/left into the dark corridor. The gates will close behind you. Go left and shoot 3 Leopards (only 1 leopard in easy mode), you are back at those Seraph doors where it all started… The lever on the block is now fixed, use the lever and all nearby doors open up (don’t use the lever again until we say so).  

Side Chamber Key.

Turn left and go into the bedroom on the left (S) and find gurung bread (no gurung bread if played in hard mode). To the left our friend is waiting…

Go out and loop left around the block and into the re-decorated start room where you’ll find the Side Chamber Key on top of the cabinet.

Using the Side Chamber Key, Dharma Jewel.

Go out of the room, take a right back through the corridor to the crossing and take a left, proceed down the corridor into a Courtyard.

Phurba Dagger #1 (of 3). 

Just right around the corner are ladders (S), go up, loop around right and jump over to the central terrace. Go to the left (E) side and shoot a window in the middle one of the 3 little houses, jump in and go left to find Phurba Dagger #1.

A Dharma Jewel and using it.

Make your way back to the ledge above the ladders and go left (W) into the alley, open the small door at the end, follow through and push the cabinet (N) out into the alley below, drop down onto it.

Go S, over some blocks to use you Side Chamber Key. In the Side Chamber you will find the Dharma Jewel and go back out the door, into the passage and at the cabinet you pushed down, go left (E) and at the receptacles are double doors on the left, open them as a shortcut for later. Hop back, turn right and go the far end of the alley and open the double doors left to get to the blue hallway. Go straight and behind the wall of blocks, use the Dharma Jewel to raise a block in front of you. Climb the block, open the trapdoor above and grab up S to the loft.

Pushable Puzzle, Phurba Dagger #2.

Go straight (S) towards a hole in the floor; left is a push block, pull it once. Go into the corner where the green lamp is and push the second block to where the first was. Through the hole in the wall you can shoot a bell and the sound will make the ice sheet crumble. Turn around and when you walk straight to the E, you can run down from the triangle ledge onto a pillar below. To the W is a pole, but the draft through the open doors is too strong to keep balance. So, drop down and hop over a slope through the blue wall, pull up the lever on the block again to close all the doors, keeping the wind out. Head W and left to the Courtyard, then left through the opening with the red light to the hallway and left to climb up to the loft again. Down the hole onto the pillar and this time you will make it across the pole. Throw the lever to raise some blocks below to get back up to this wall if you need and go back a bit to jump grab up to the room above, where that ice sheet was. Open the double doors (N) and step out onto the roof terrace, go to that little white house where we got the Dagger.

Throw the lever left to open the Seraph door and see a block go down. Enter the loft and find a pushable cabinet left around the corner, move it into the room N. Shoot the windows to get into that room and move the cabinet under the TIMED lever on the left wall (E), the trapdoor left opens when you use it. Quickly push the cabinet down through the trapdoor (savegame.8) and go S through the loft, down the open trapdoor from before and move the cabinet (NE) into the gap in the row of blocks so you can push the cabinet on top of the block under the reach-in hole and get Phurba Dagger #2. Crawl down from the cabinet and go S to the blue doors and left, up one of the so called “shortcut” blocks to the wall and go through that duct W.

Drop the Cabinet, Phurba Dagger #3.

You are back in the Side Chamber (upper level), run jump and grab the pillar, the next pillar and then left around the corner to a wall with a pole, climb up and back flip off. Follow left to a roof terrace. Push that cabinet down to the Courtyard.

Secrets and the Prayer Wheel Side Quest: Turn around and go to the far right corner (SW), climb up right of the opening and grab Secret #12, Prayer Wheel 1. Drop down and walk to the opening in the red fence NW. On the pillar with the lion statue is a Jump lever, run jump and grab the left corner of the pillar go right and drop grab the lever to raise some blocks*. Go into the dark entrance corridor S and onto one of the two blocks you raised, grab up to the top of the duct and go up into the room left (W) for Secret #13, Prayer Wheel 2.

Go to where the cabinet ended up (next to the ladders S) and push it from its place to find Phurba Dagger #3. 

Push that cabinet to the nearest pillar of the central structure (N) on the Courtyard and jump up, use the Jump lever on the pillar and see a block lower in the pool below the central structure, hop in and swim down for Secret #14, Prayer Wheel 3. Climb out W.

Using the Daggers, the Cintamani Stone.

Go through the shortcut doors N, behind the Lion statue. Place the three Daggers in the receptacles, in front of the door and one right around the corner (W) and one left. Three blocks go up; go to the cabinet W, climb up and grab up left, hop to the ledge with the columns and run behind them to the E end of the ledge from where you can jump to the first block you raised (watch out for the low ceiling).

Secret Detour: Turn left, jump and grab the crawlspace and get through, get through the Sword traps and follow the flowerbed to an entrance left. Go into the back and hang into the opening, there’s a Jump lever, use that to lower a block (and soften the fall), Grab Secret #15, Prayer Wheel 4. Leave through the opening E, go left and up the cabinet, the ledge and to the first block where we left off.

Hop to the second block and then a run-jump a bit left into the niche on the other side. Run-jump to the next block and then to a ledge on a column, next to a ledge and right to a crack in the wall. Shimmy left and at the corner back jump onto a ledge. Go over the top of the arch and left into the back room (after shooting the window) of the loft. Left around the corner is the Cintamani Stone. Go back and safety drop down into the alley, go through the shortcut doors at the Daggers to the Courtyard.

Placing the 4 Prayer Wheels in the NW corner of the Courtyard will open the door to the Reward, the Bumper Triangle.

Hop onto the white ledge under the central structure and place the Cintamani Stone in front of the statue to lower the block revealing Seraph #2. Go S through the corridor, where the gates opened again, right/left at the lion statue, down the stairs and in the Temple entrance go left to place the two Seraphs at the door W.

Slay the Dragon, a Sacred Box. 

Slide down; run jump left at the dragon arena and grab the corner floor (bowl and block), turn right and run jump to the “bridge”, from the bridge jump straight (W) to grab a ledge on the next corner floor of the arena. Grab a Torch and jump on the block at the end (S), a running jump to the bridge. Turn right and run back to where you came sliding down (E), run jump left onto the tiny ledge along the wall and go W over the block to the SW corner floor where you can ignite the Torch at the bowl, go back the same way. Run to the N side bridge and run jump left to the corner floor with the bowl (#1), ignite it. Hop onto the raised block and up the pillars from the highest one you can jump up to the wall around the Dragon, go left around to the far SE corner and jump to the ledge with the bowl (#2) to ignite it  (savegame.9). A boulder will crush the Dragon. Get down to the Dragon pit and pick up the Sacred Box. The doors open W, slide down. 

You are back in the room with the Monk; everybody happy! The door in the back opens up and shows the Rewards for collecting all Secrets, including the Sacred Box.

The End…