Level by Die Basis

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

3 Secrets.

The plane crashed (look up behind you), luckily Lara survived. Follow the valley and hop up left to grab Light Sticks. Where you enter the cave is a deep pit, jump up left onto the ice ridge, jump NW and grab the edge, shimmy right and pull up around the corner.

At the next pit, stand left a bit and run jump straight over to the other side and go into a valley. Follow the valley with the icy head wind and in the next cave stand left of centre and run jump over to the other side to grab some Shotgun ammo. Run jump back across and grab the edge, hang from the lowest part and safety drop down. Grab up S and duck to crawl forwards into the icy tunnel. Follow to the end, turn around and back flip onto the slope, jump again to grab the ceiling and turn around. Monkey climb into the opening till Lara drops, pull the dead guy away from the Shotgun. Get that (duck) and jump out, go left into the tunnel and shoot the spiders.

When you jump up the slope W, a snowball will be triggered, roll and jump out of the way. Then go up to a cave. Check the corners for Uzi clips, a First Aid Kit and gurung bread (small First Aid Kit). When you go through the opening S, two Eagles will come in, deal with them.

Valley with the Big Door, a Snow Leopard Eye.

In the S side of the large valley is a large round door we have to open. In some crates left of the door is a First Aid Kit. Go back into the valley and to the left is an outcrop at the bottom of the slope, jump on that and jump (NE) into the opening in the slope. Follow around the corner and pick up the Snow Leopard Eye. Get out of the tunnel and at least 3 Leopards will try to take that Eye from you. Back to the Round door and place the Eye in the receptacle left.

Ice Cave, Uzis.

A block went down left of that big door, so loop around left into that opening to use the lever that will open a tunnel in the Valley. So, back out and halfway down the valley left into the tunnel, crawl through the opening right and to the left is an open door. First crawl straight ahead (N) through the gap and retrieve the Uzis. Go back and through the open door, which will close behind you.

Valley of the Temples, Sanctuary Key.

Slide down the slope, go straight through the valley (E) and jump up the slopes there to find a trapdoor you can open on the first floor of the Temple. Go to the right side (N) of the room and shoot the left vase for Shotgun ammo. Then spot the lever on the Buddha shrine, pull that. A trapdoor opens up and drops a pushable table onto the floor behind you, move that onto the left yellow carpet (the right hand one is already in place) and a gate will open up in the loft above (N*).

Go to the other end of the room, left corner onto the ‘broken’ block and jump grab a crack in the S wall, go right till you can pull up in a niche and a block will go up under the niche for further use (shortcut). Jump/grab up to the loft and shoot a small window S, jump into that niche to push the Buddha icon and a door will open to the N section of the loft. Jump back to the ledge and stand jump up straight to grab the ceiling, go to that door, drop/grab and pull up. Duck and shoot the bell where that door* opened before and see the red carpet below slide aside. 

Secret Detour: From the doorway run jump out to the right with Ctrl to get to the ledge, go to the end to pick up Secret #1, the Glorious Scepter. Hang down next to the pedestal and drop onto the block below.

Or: Turn around, stand jump forward and grab the monkey climb to get back to the ledge, drop down onto the raised block near the niche.

Go to the open carpet in front of Buddha. Hop in, climb out S and pick up the Sanctuary Key. Jump/grab N and ledge jump up to the floor, go out W to the Valley floor.

The Sanctuary, Break the Ice.

At the lake go right up the staircase and climb up left for some Light Sticks. Turn around and hop over to the other side, follow the ledge to the end and grab the Grenades there. Return and drop into the entrance way, go open the door with the Sanctuary Key. Run down with a left turn to the ground floor.

In the left corner (NW) is a Monk in Meditation, when you approach the Ancient Script left of him;

“I accidentally dropped my sacred herbs down in the water pool. Please bring it back to me, I’ll give you the prayer wheel to activate those Sword statues.”

A small door also opened, left of you, under the entrance. Go in and slide down into the pool, quickly grab the Bowl of Sacred Herbs and climb out left in the back (NE), shoot the lizards in the pool if you wish (you want to.. I know..) and pick up the gurung bread up in that same corner. Back down a bit and climb the rock wall, hang left and pull up, back flip with roll and grab a ledge. Since you cannot go back up where you came from (S), jump up N and open the trapdoor, you are back in the Valley. Go back right around and up the staircase into the Sanctuary.

Give the Bowl to the Monk and get a chest, open it to get a Hand Prayer Wheel.

For a Secret: Get onto the ledge with all the candles and jump/grab up to the right hand wall (E) with the fire bowl. Pick up 2x Uzi clips.

Hop onto the other wall, run jump SW onto the roof and crawl right into the crawlspace, go in and use a lever opening a door. Get out, drop down and find that door NE, pick up Secret #2, a Glowing Talion.

Go to the Sword statues SW, place the Prayer Wheel on them and the glass vase will break. Pick up the Gong Hammer and go to the Gong, give it a good bang and the sound will shake loose a snowball above the sanctuary, that one will break the ice on the lake. Go down the passage N to the pool cave, slide down left and jump left to get on the ledge, jump over to the N and up through the trapdoor to the Valley. The water is ice cold, so watch out while you grab the Monastery Key.

The Monastery, the Buddha Statuette.

Out of the lake W and left onto an icy ridge, turn left and jump to the ledge where the keyhole is, the platform will go up when you use the Monastery Key. Climb on and up to the stairs, halfway up are crates with Shotgun ammo, then go to the fire bowl and crawl left through the gap under the wall. Go right into the building and find a receptacle for a Buddha statuette and a hole in the floor, that’s a shortcut later. Go back out, hang from the edge and shimmy left to the next spot you can climb up. Go in and left around in the back to reach another fire bowl and a reach-in switch next to a zip-line. Hang from the edge of the floor and shimmy left and drop onto an icy ledge below. Turn left and jump around the corner onto another icy ledge. Go up and hop up right to grab the ledge around the corner of the wall (W) and use the lever. Climb up on the left and run with a left curve onto the roof, grab the edge and drop, you are back at the reach-in switch.

Hop up into the niche E, use the reach-in hole to open a trapdoor under the Sanctuary and a block goes up behind you so you can grab the zip-line and get to that trapdoor fast. As soon as Lara drops from the zip-line, start turning left before you land and run left as fast as you can before you drop into a spike trap (savegame.0).

Throw the lever opening another door in the Sanctuary. Go through the tunnel, jump up and find yourself in the entranceway. Take a right and run down right out of the entrance. The open door is on the right. Follow through left and hop down, notice the trap where you came down. Push the Buddha icon and see a Buddha shrine slide aside in the Sanctuary. Hop over the trap into the passage and go out and take a right. Pick up the Buddha Statuette (S).

Using the Statuette.

Well, you know the route by now, the passage N to the pool cave, slide down left and jump left to get on the ledge, jump over to the N and up through the trapdoor to the Valley. Climbing out at the trapdoor you’ll see a block under the Sanctuary. It’s a bit left across the lake, get up to that block and it is turned into a bounce pad, hold the forward key down and if you didn’t make the ledge straight ahead (N), just slide down and do it again till you are up on the icy ledge.

From the icy ledge hop W to the ledge under the zip-line and grab up left to the crack, pull up at the fire bowl and hop over the block, go inside and right around in the back till you can go down in an open shortcut trapdoor. Shoot the vases down there to get the Grenades and back flip onto a slope to jump up to the floor where the receptacle is, place the Buddha statuette and the door to the Monastery opens up.

Inside go right, shoot the vase in the niche and get up to grab the Buddha Key. Another niche in the back of the passage has a vase with gurung bread.

Secret: Turn around and jump to grab the crack in the wall, ledge jump up to the top and make your way to the other side (crawl over the top) run jump into the niche with Secret #3, the Bumper Triangle. Safety drop down into the passage below.

A vase NE has Uzi clips, the one in the other corner (SE) is empty. Go open the big doors N with the Buddha Key.

Go to the Monk on the Throne (N).

“Please help us and bring back the seraph the Talion monsters have taken away from us.

Light the two burners at the rolling door and you can enter their place.

Take the Torch and set off!” 

Pick up a Torch from the pedestal left and get out of the room, straight out to the front of the Monastery, run down left onto the stairs and go up to the fire bowl, ignite the Torch. Stand where the opening in the fence is (where the flags touch the floor), facing N; run jump with a sharp right curve over the red fence onto the ledge W in the slope. Follow the ledges around the corner to the last (near the cave entrance). There’s a bulge in the slope, the opening you are looking for is just right and below the bulge, stand right and run jump with a bit of a left curve into that opening (savegame.1).

Ignite the little bowl in the niche right to open the door and you’re back in the Windy Valley. Go right to the round door and ignite the two oil burners.

Talion Monsters Realm, the Garuba Dagger.

Go in and hop on the block to ignite that stove. Wait around a bit and a Yeti will come to investigate what’s going on, shoot him and pick up the Garuba Dagger he will drop.

Leave the Torch and hop onto the block with the extra Torches (NE) and hop to grab the crawlspace E, go in for the Grenade Gun. Get out and use that Garuba Dagger at the door SW.

Fire Pool, a Gold Key.

Hop right around the corner onto the slope. Slide a bit and hop right into the opening, climb up right. Use the monkey climb to cross another slope: follow the passage, a vase right has Grenades, the other one is empty. The next two vases, the right hand one has gurung bread and the left has Shotgun ammo.

Use the chain to trigger a spike trap at the bottom of the monkey climb slope. Go back to the monkey climb, you can grab up to it from the left side of the opening, halfway down turn facing down the slope and drop, once on the spike ledge make a roll and grab the back side of that block to let a boulder go overhead. Pull up and turn around, to the left and in the corner you might see a Key. Stand jump/grab the climb wall and go up a bit, then left around and up to the monkey climb, turn around and follow left into a niche. Turn around and run jump to grab the red block. Start walking the horizontal pole when the flame is just down and when the burner starts again, stop and keep your balance, proceed when you can and end up on the other red block (savegame.2). Jump into the alcove to get the Gold Key around the back. Don’t linger as rats will show up, run back out and jump to the re block.

The Pickaxe.

A new way of getting back opened up, the door of the passageway S opened, jump in there via the red block and find some blade traps. Crawl through to the end (or run after them if you dare) and stand against the back wall, turn around and stand against the trap, now time the blade and run out left to jump and grab the clımb wall. Go up a bit and when Lara gets her feet up, hang left and time the burner, go left around and immediately back flip into the passage (savegame.3). Go up the slope and hop onto the central block to get the Pickaxe, immediately back flip off the block. Climb up E to the opened gate.

Prayer Roll Puzzle, use the Gold Key, the Prayer Wheels.

The next room has Prayer Rolls on the ceiling; on the middle of the floor is a gold block. NE of the block is a Buddha icon you can push and 3 elevator platforms* will start going up and down.

Hop up to the big doors left (E wall) and open them with the Gold Key. When you enter, the doors close behind you and others open up in the other end of the room, get ready to battle a Bird Monster. When he’s gone, climb into the niche W and pick up Prayer Wheel #1. On the floor in that corner are a First Aid Kit and Uzi clips.

A block went up E, climb up into the opening in the wall, drop down into the next battle room and the same thing happens again. Shoot the Bird Monster and in the section he came from (E) are a First Aid Kit and Shotgun ammo. Climb the pole W, back flip onto the ledge with Prayer Wheel #2. Run off to the pole, grabbing it and slide down.

Go through the door NW into the third room NW and kill the Monster. Go into the N section and take a right, pick up a First Aid Kit. Grab up right (S) and hop out left grabbing the block, stand almost right facing S and stand jump/grab the pole, swing to the other side and grab the ledge. Turn right and stand jump to grab the pole, swing along the poles to the ledge with Prayer Wheel #3.

Using the Prayer Wheels, the Seraph.

The door back to the Main room opens up (W), safety drop down and go through to the Main room. In random order;

E: Run onto the moving elevator platform (see*). Turn around and run to the receptacle for the Prayer Wheel. One of the Big prayer Wheels is brought down. Get down to the floor. 

N: From the slope along the W wall run jump and grab the pole, start swinging and jump off just before the elevator reaches its lowest point. Hop onto the ledge and place the Prayer Wheel, get down.

S: Jump from the block at the wall onto the elevator and hop onto the ledge to place the Prayer Wheel, get down.

Now turn the Big wheels so the blue parts (and handles) face the middle of the room. Pull the now unlocked chain pulley next to the gold block and see a Garuda Plaque appear on the Gold block. Place it on the N side of the block and a crowbar lever appears on top, climb the block again from facing W and use the lever. From the block grab up to the platform and again climb up to get the Seraph.

Go down into the passage behind the pedestal and have fun with the circular blade traps, around the corner are some lower floor parts, the one with the grates are spike traps! Watch out, the end of the passage has a Bird blade trap. To the right is a floor lever, use that to open the Seraph door to the Sanctuary and go through. Down the passage N to the Lake cave and slide down, jump left onto the ledge, across to the other side and up to the Valley.

The Monastery, bring back the Seraph.

Go up either the bounce pad left on the Golden block (and the shortcut route) or the stairs right to get back into the Monastery (N) and to the Monk on the throne. Give him the Seraph. 

“Thank you very much. You saved our Monastery, please take the Seraph now and bring it back to its original place.”

Take the Seraph back and a trapdoor opens up left of you, go down and follow up to a great hall and in the middle of it is a pedestal with a glass cover. Behind the NE and SW Gongs are two levers. After using them, the glass cover moves aside, go get the Book of Angels. Use that Book SW on the hands, the gate up right opens up, go in and see the transparent column move aside, again blocking the stand where the Seraph needs to be placed. Grab up in the back, go left and grab a First Aid Kit from the block, the other end of the passage also has a First Aid Kit and there are 2 receptacles.  

The Dragon, the 2 Dragon Eyes.

 Opposite the Seraph door is a cabinet, go behind it to find a lever. When you use that, a Dragon will come alive in the big room and the Seraph door will open. Run jump out to the right, landing on the upper ledge hop to the next part and run to the crowbar lever, use it and roll, jump with Ctrl into a niche in the left hand wall to reach into the hole and get the Eye of Dragon #1. A block goes up behind you, making it possible to run jump and grab the ledge. Go left and run onto the short ledge where you came in, jump over to the E, get to the crowbar lever and roll, jump right into the niche in the E wall to grab the Eye of Dragon #2 (you may have to wait with jumping into that niche till right after the Dragon spit fire). You can now choose to go back over the ledges or use the route over the ground floor and up where you placed the Book. In the upper passage, go right to the receptacles (savegame.4) and use the two Eye of Dragons to get rid of the Beast and it may spill a last cloud of Locust. Jump over the ledges to the central ledge and face N to place the Seraph where it belongs....


The End.