Level by Matie

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.


The savegames mentioned in the walk, are in this Saves Folder.


1 – Mountains of Tibet.


Some Bread to trade…

Lara just got out of bed, open the door SW and go into the corridor and down the stairs to the living room. On a cabinet on the right (W) are gurung bread (small medipack) and Light Sticks. On the table is more gurung bread and you can move two objects E aside (pull one to the chair and push the second to the N) to get to the Medipack from the shelf. Go out through the double doors N and go right into the Street.

Lara: Maybe I can convince the locals to let me through the gate… I could use some bread to trade.

When you approach the man at the market stand and hit Ctrl twice, he will refuse. The woman too

Lara : I need to find more bread to trade.

Go S and left around the house, shoot the crates in the far corner and find gurung bread. Turn around (E) and loop left around the brick house and shoot more crates for gurung bread. Go back and the nearby house with the red fences has a table left with more gurung bread.

Some Herbs.

Go left (W) and go right after the first columns and into the stables, up the ladder to the loft and shoot a spider, shoot the crates for gurung bread.

Pull the block S and push it right into the niche shoot the crates, a spider and find Herbs in the back. Get down, go W (native and pedestal) and left around the corner through a small alley. Go straight across into the monastery and pick up more gurung bread from the cabinet (Left in the meditation room we need a prayer wheel). Get out to the Street, right and right again.

A Bowl.

Go to the market stalls and go to the man or the lady…

Would you like to trade 5 gurung bread?

In return you’ll get the Restaurant Key.

Hmm, just what I needed..

You can open the door behind the guy (W) between the market stalls now, go inside and on the table right is the Bowl. On the lable left of the entrance is gurung bread, behind it, in the corner is a Medipack. One of the other tables next to the stove also has some gurung bread. Get out from behind the table, open the double doors S and step out. Loop left around into the Street and right into the stables again. Into the back and right there’s a big Yak, combine the Bowl and the Herbs and give the Yak’s Food to the animal. On the pedestal next to the native is the Hotel Room Key.

Using the Hotel Room Key, moving Buddha statue.

Get out of the stables, straight into the alley E and straight into the next, left through the double doors and up the stairs, open the door in the corridor and pick up Light Sticks (left around behind the carpet) and a Medipack from the table. Close to the door, NW is a Buddha icon you can push and see Buddha move on the town square.

For the Prayer Wheel.

Get out of the house, right and right again to Buddha, hop into the tunnel, swim and in the end up left.

Secret: in the tunnel and when you swim up a bit, turn around (E) and pick up Secret #1, a Buddha statuette and a Medipack. Gathering these Buddha’s are a little side quest..

Follow the tunnel around some corners and climb out. Pull the chain next to the platform and hop on, face W and grab up to the floor above. Push the Buddha icon and notice the seraphs on the wall. Get down; go into the passage S, open the double doors and get out. Take a right and go to the now open Seraph door behind the Buddha. Make your way through the trap and get the Prayer Wheel. When you leave the room, a flyby shows a couple of baddies come in by blowing up a wall.

Using the Prayer Wheel, the Round Door.

Go NW into the Street where the stables are and to the N end, you’ll probably encounter more baddies, one might leave Uzi clips. If you wait a bit the two that made the explosion might show up and one leaves also Uzi clips.

At the end go left into the monastery and left to the meditation room to place the Wheel and a trapdoor opens above. Climb on the block to grab up and go use one of the reach-in holes there (only the left one, kind of hidden, the one in the middle has a spider and the right hand one is broken) and that big Round Door on main Street opens up. Go back down and out to the Street and right around to Main Street.

For a Secret: Go to the far SE corner of town, around the house to where those baddies blew up the house, jump up left and in a crawlspace are Secret #2, a Buddha statuette and the Uzis. Get back to Main Street.

Go through the open round door N.

For a Secret, don’t touch the lever yet, but hang into the pit on the left side and drop down, side step left a bit and pull up into the crawlspace for Secret #3, a Buddha statuette and Shotgun ammo. Jump back out forwards and grab up to the floor above from the high corner.

Use the floor lever to close the trapdoors and cross the pit. Shoot the crates at the tent for 2x Uzi clips and proceed up the steps (W), shoot a leopard and grab up to a block in the right hand corner of the cave, facing E. Hang right and back jump to grab a pole. Start swinging and while swinging, hold down the left key too, jump off and grab the crack. Go left a bit and drop/grab the crack below, go left to the wall and back jump onto a ledge. Follow through and hop into the elevator, pull the chain 2 times and step out.

Snowmobile Ride.

Left is a snowmobile, take it out and follow the cave, running over two baddies. Stop and dismount to shoot the crates and get Uzi clips, then mount again and maybe back up a bit before you proceed through the next cave and jump over the gap in the ice bridge (savegame.0). Dismount to shoot the crates right and get Shotgun ammo, proceed in the opposite direction, up some stairs, run over a crate and go left at the campfire. Run over some baddies and dismount. Go back to where you broke the crates and get the Light Sticks, go back to the Yeti cages. Grab up to the right hand wall and go down into the NW cage and shoot the crates for Shotgun ammo.

Climb back up and shoot that Yeti in the other cage to drop and grab the jump lever just under the edge, the gates N open up.

Get back out and you can leave the snowmobile here because you cannot take it further anyway. Go through N and right and follow the cave, shoot a leopard and push the snowball down the slope.

Ice Lake Crossing, Pickaxe.

The water is freezing cold, walk W as far as you can, hop back and run jump W on the far end of the sloped surface on the left where you can stand. Sidestep right and hop to the ice sheet, run onto the next and run jump W. From the last one hop right onto the corner ledge (or jump straight and then jump there -savegame.1) and run jump S and a bit left to the next ledge. Turn left and jump grab the top of the ice pillar and run jump over to the ledge E (bit left because of the icicles...).

Follow through to where you crawl out into the Icy cave again and jump S to the corner pillar, then into the opening in the Wall. Shoot a crystal sphere on the right (NE) and a Yeti comes out, shoot him. Go into the opening he protected and find a dead baddy, pull him from the Pickaxe and take it back with you to the previous room. Use the Crowbar lever where you shot the Crystal to open the door behind you. Go in…

2 – Entrance to Another World.


Open the Front doors.

Slide all the way down, down to the square, there will be a chance to shoot a leopard, head to the right (E) to find an Ancient Text…

The tired soul took a stroll any direction, but the three paths to follow he headed North to face his demons, turned to the South to seek light, found peace in the West in nature let go of his earthly possessions to embrace what comes after death.

Head SW, up the stairs and shoot the vases for Uzi clips. Head N along the house, right around and hop up into the open window. Inside grab the Bow with Sight (Sight comes with the Bow), Arrows, gurung bread and Light Sticks from a vase. Throw the floor lever and see the Front doors open up. Get out and stand back in a corner to shoot the Eagle.

For a Secret: go S, straight up the rocks and onto the block right, run jump (no Ctrl) N onto the corner of the roof, hop up and follow around the corner N. Hop right onto the Wall and then run jump up NE onto the rooftop (or jump first to the corner and then to the top).

Crawl through and get Grenades, then go fetch Secret #4, a Buddha statuette. Just do safety slides down the roofs to the ground.

Lara’s Tasks in Random order:

Lantern Push, open Gate I.

Go into the alley between the two houses W, the door left is open. The Bird blade will activate once you are inside, the vases are empty, bummer… Climb the ladder in the corner to the first floor. In a far corner is a table with Arrows, then go up the steps and side flip over the burners (when down). To the left are more Arrows and to the right a lever that will rotate the position of the Bird blades, use it and push the lantern S. Use the lever again and go around the back to pull the lantern to the back, around again to push it as far as it will go. Crawl left under the blade and push the lantern into the Buddha niche S. A pillar goes down behind you and reveals a crystal in a head. Take the Bow and sight to shoot it and see a gate open up. Get out of the house and shoot a Leopard.

Traps Galore, Gate II.

Go left around to enter the next wooden house, get through the Sword traps and hop over the pit in the passage left, in the last opening a ball will drop and knives come out, you can crawl underneath. When you step into the room right, rats will come for you. Quickly get back to that pit and jump over so the rats fall in. Back you go and in the room with the devil heads up left, then down to a large room with a circular blade trap. Go pick up Arrows from the alcove in the back, then go down in a hole in the floor next to the entrance and throw a lever to lower the trap. Get to the ground floor and time your run jump to the pole of the trap, climb up and back flip off. Grab Arrows from a corner; shoot some vases for Light Sticks in another corner. In the NE corner is up a crystal you can shoot; another gate opens up. Down the pole and find the right time to back flip off with a roll, get into the entrance (E-savegame.2) and go back outside.

Waterworks, Gate III.

Go straight across the courtyard and enter the house on the left (SE), grab a Medipack on the left, then walk slowly into the passage along the right hand side. Walk as far as you can and then run jump straight over the blade as it comes towards you, another jump when it appears again. Go left into the passage and come to the Monk garden. Go straight to the back and up the ladder, back flip off to the upper floor and step out. We have to go to both side balconies to throw the two levers there, use the alcoves on the sides to get there. Then jump to the Teeth doors N, go in and shoot the crystal, another Gate to opens up. There’s a vase with Arrows too. Get out, safety-drop down and get out of the house the same way you came in.

Go left around into the area between the two E houses and to the right is the entrance to the NE house. Follow to the room where you’ll find those 3 Gates you opened.

Go into each gate to turn the handles (and thus the blue parts on the rolls) facing the chain in the central room, pull the chain and a door opens in the building on the left (N) outside.

N, Dharma Key.

Inside pick up 2x gurung bread, left and right, shoot the vases on Buddha’s chair and hop on, jump up to open the trapdoor above and turn around to climb up. Shoot the spiders and open the chest to get the Dharma Key. Pull that red cabinet out of the corner and pull it once so it is under the hole in the ceiling. Climb on and jump grab the ladder in the ceiling, go up all the way and shoot a vase for Shotgun ammo. Climb down a bit and back flip off to the roof terrace. Go right around to an opening in the fence. Run jump and grab the opening in the red Wall with the column. Go in and open the door on the right with the lever.

Detour for a Shotgun.

Search the room for Shotgun ammo and gurung bread, then open a trapdoor and go down to find the Keyhole for the Dharma Key. Go down and be fast, there’s Shotgun ammo on the floor, under the corpse is the Shotgun. Lure the Zombie Monk away every time you move for a pickup. Get back up and through the door SE to where we left off.


The Gong Hammer.

Head into the passage straight ahead (SE), and carefully walk around the spike traps to the far SW corner, look up and spot the monkey climb on the cave ceiling and go over to that platform, drop/grab and pull up.

“The Axe could come in handy here!”

Face N and use the Pickaxe to unlock the pulley. Walk over the horizontal pole to unlock the second pulley, the bowls will flip and release their hot content into the frozen pool below.

Shortest route: walk back over the pole, run jump to the new platform and run jump with Ctrl into the opening of the red Wall, go get the Gong Hammer.

The Gong.

Make your way down to the square whichever way you want.

Detour for a Secret: Now that we have the Shotgun, we can blast windows… Go SW up the stairs once more and up to the rock S, this time hop E (with Ctrl) and follow the floor to the other side, jump over to the ledge at the white Wall. Go around N and hop through the opening left and get Shotgun ammo from under a vase and Secret #5, a Buddha statuette. Hop out, go right (S) and safety drop down into the courtyard.

Hop into the pool, swim into the tunnel SW and follow left or right to climb out in the room with the Gong, go give it a good Bang…


3 – Bardo – the In-Between.

The Hand Prayer Wheel.

Turn around and step out into the opening, a whole different World. Hop to the big island with the tree stump, then left to the next and SW to the little block. Hop to the island S and shoot the vase, duck or run around and those fire flies will eventually go away. Grab the Grenades and jump back to the tree close to the Gong entrance. Go around the tree (face S) and grab up (only Ctrl and up) to the top. Run jump and grab the crack in the rock S, ledge jump up and pull up on top. Some fireflies will appear, just run around a bit and they will fly off. Look right (SE) and spot a red rock ledge in front of the building, run jump down onto the ledge and from the ledge down onto the roof of that pagoda W. On the W side of the roof is Secret #6, a Buddha statuette.

The Wraith.

Stand on the NE corner of the roof, look N and spot the climb wall on the rock, run jump and you can just grab the lower right hand corner of it, climb up to the top. From the W side run jump onto the left lower ledge of the rock W (where the vines are). Walk up a bit and grab up right to the top. Run jump SW onto the red ledge and hop to the next. A run jump up onto the blue ledge with the door S. Jump W into the building. On the table in the corner is some gurung bread. Shoot the Crystal just right around the corner to release the Wraith. Run jump back to the blue ledge, go right and hop to the red ledge, hop to the next and hand from the low end, safety drop down to a ledge below and check the health. Walk to the E side (savegame.3) and see the Wraith kill itself and leave behind the Hand Prayer Wheel. Follow the lower level ledges around to the S side and side flip over the fence into the Pagoda. Grab the Hand Prayer Wheel.

Using the Prayer Wheel.

Hop over the fence onto the ledge S, or run jump over the fence to the ledge on the left (E), make your way back to the island with the tree (N), climb up again, jump to the crack in the rock and get to the top. Run jump onto the red ledge SE, this time go inside and left to place the Prayer Wheel at the door. Run jump to the blue ledge and go left onto a bridge.

At the gap run jump with a right curve into the structure on the right (S).

Here we can also go for the Secret Rewards:

Depending on how many statuettes you gathered you will be rewarded.

2 receptacles (W&E) in front passage, pickups on 2 pedestals SW. Light Sticks & gurung bread and Uzi clips.

In the back passage 2 receptacles (W&E), a Medipack and a Shotgun with Shotgun ammo.

In the back passage 2 receptacles in the niches facing N, NW provides Explosive Arrows and the one right (NE) provides the Grenade Gun on the pedestals between the two passages.

Destroy the Two Crystals.

On the pillar N is a lever opening some bars and a door. Jump back onto the left end of the bridge, jump back into the door N and step out onto the red ledge. Jump to the island left and then NE to that single small island in front of the building where the bars opened up (E). Hop inside and go shoot a Hammer guy till he dies. A Crystal #1 will break in the back. Go back and hop down onto the island, run off SW to the ledge below and jump to the island with the tree. Get up to the island S again and this time run jump W to that rock again and land a bit to the left on the lower ledge. Walk up a bit and turn right to grab up to the top. Run jump SW onto the flat part of the red ledge, get inside the building to shoot the second Hammer Guy and break Crystal #2. That trapdoor opens up in the building S.

The Trapdoor, The Dragon.

Go out where you got in, through the left opening and run down left (SE) onto the lower corner of the ledge. Run jump S onto the blue ledge, right and while avoiding that Nasty Ghost Monk, jump over the gap in the bridge to the other side and then immediately turn around to jump with a curve into the building S, go down the open trapdoor in the back.

The Phurba Dagger.

You’ll come to a room where a Dragon will wake up as you go in, in the shallow water (the Dragon won’t set you on fire, but can seriously hurt you) are 3 lizards, later 2 more will appear after using the TIMED lever. Stand on the greenish tile behind the Dragon (relatively safe) and shoot them. In the E and W alcoves are 4 vases (not needed for the gameplay), shoot those too from standing there (use the lasersight) and if you are out of supplies you can go get some when you get a chance (2x Medipack, Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips), be sure the Dragon looks the other way if you go for them. After a while the gate in the back (S) opens up. Jump in there and run up against the back wall to grab up to a crack. Ledge jump up fast and back jump grab to pull up into the opening. Grab the Phurba Dagger and safety drop down (savegame.4). Right in front of you is a TIMED lever on a column in the doorway. When you pull that, spikes pop up in front of the Dragon, hurting it, but also freeing a crowbar lever. The Dragon will move back a bit,  away from the Spikes and a blue light will show its weak spot, above the red carpet,where the blue light sphere is-(savegame.5) (Note by the builder- it'll rise three times until it goes back to its normal position, it spits locusts in the last 'wave'). You can use the lever again and again if you want when you can’t kill the Dragon the first time around. But it is important to notice the head goes up 3 times and spits Locust during the last time.

So, pull the Timed lever, quickly get to that crowbar lever in front of the Dragon (go left around the central floor) hop onto the front so you’ll face W and use the crowbar lever when the head is down, just before it rises for the third time to freeze the beast in an upright position so you can access the weak spot (above the red carpet, where the blue light sphere is) and drive in the Dagger. Watch out, the locust will eat you alive, so take medipacks. Lara walks to pick up the Cintamani Stone and you can watch the nice ending….