Level by Adriel

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

7 Secrets.

In the ice-cold pool, in front of you are 2 Revolver ammo pickups; best leave that for now… Go to the Main Hall E and left is a push block behind the arches, leave that too for now and turn to the right hand wall, under those arches. Go through the passage to a pool area.

The Pools, for the Gold Key.

An Eagle will attack, after he’s dead you can grab up to an alcove above the lantern right of where you came in (W). Another Eagle attacks; just stand back in a corner and shoot it. Grab up right and go to the horizontal pole, walk across to the platform. Now you can either walk the last part or run jump and grab the opening. Dive down straight as far as you can, swim up to the ledge N and get out, the water is ice cold too, so don’t stay in too long.

Run jump and grab to the alcove N and push the Buddha icon on the wall and this will ignite all fires throughout the level. The pool behind you will also be heated and safe. Run jump onto the right hand side of the ledge you came from (watch out for the rotating flame) and stand jump onto the corner of the block SE. Stand back into the corner because of the flame and run jump to grab the block a bit left (S), careful, that rotating blade reaches this block. So pull up in the left corner and turn left, time the blade and the flames to hop back and run jump W to the next block. Hang on the last block and pull up when the flame goes down (you can also stand safely at the right hand corner), run jump landing on the left side of a sloped block and jump hard left to get onto a balcony (savegame.0). Grab up to the crack in the pillar and go left around two corners, wait at the next corner, look up and time the rotating flame, ledge jump up and side flip left onto the path in the rocks, quickly get out of the way. Follow the path to where you can jump onto the roof (the higher part), jump along the roof to the other end and use the roofs E to get to the opening in the S wall. Hop into the pool below.

Secret: Swim under the floor straight ahead (S) and to the right, in the right hand corner is an underwater lever. A trapdoor will open in the bottom between the statues here, go in and get Secret #1, the Lasersight.

Surface and climb out SW (or SE), using the vines on the wall, climb up to the floor above. Leave through the wide passage S to the Main Hall with the Arches. Go left to where we started, hop into the now warmed up pool and get 2x Revolver ammo and the Gold Key.

Using the Gold Key, the Camp site.

Go to the other end of Hall (E) and come to a bridge, left or right of the bridge you can climb down a ladder to the level below. SW in this area is some gurung bread (small First Aid Kit) and right of it are Light Sticks. Then go to the NE corner and jump E into the gap in that ice pillar. Hang out right where the vines are and ledge jump up grabbing above the gap. Climb up a bit and back flip off to the ledge. Hop to the ledge with the Keyhole and use the Gold key. The big gate opens behind you, but only a small part of it. Stand back next to the keyhole and run jump with a left curve into the opening (OR go back to the bridge and jump from there into the opening). This water is still ice cold, so stay near the gate and hop onto the snowy bank left. Then run jump as far as you can into the far end deep water and swim left around the corner to a ledge where you can get out before you freeze.


Hop over to the block behind you and hop into the opening in the left wall (N). Shoot a couple of spiders in the pit before you go down and find the ladder going down in the SE corner. Climb down and shoot more spiders. Grab up to the boulder slope NW, run down and jump up with a right curve to the higher floor. Go up into the opening S, this is a lower part of the deep bridge canyon. Turn left and run jump along the wall to the block W, then run jump to the next and left you find 2x Shotgun ammo. Jump back, run jumps with Ctrl to where you came out, run jump to grab the corner block, turn right and jump grab the vines, go down to a ledge and jump E into the cave. Climb down and hang out of the cave, shimmy right along the crack to drop onto the snowy ledge, drop down and go to the tent to get the Shotgun. Look over the edge S to find a ledge and vines to get down to the bottom of the canyon.

Bottom of the Canyon, Swastika Key.

Go to the left side of the temple, jump up the left side of the gravel mound and then jump into the opening in the wall. Watch out for the icicles and go to a pit with a leopard, shoot it and go down to climb up N to the floor above, pull the dead guy away and grab the Swastika Key. Get back out to the canyon, loop left around to the shallow pool and in the rock wall left is a ledge (near some icicle’s), climb up and follow through, shooting a leopard and use the Swastika Key, a trapdoor* opens behind the fence.

The First Dharma Jewel.

Go back to the Canyon, left through the shallow water and crawl in E under the ice wall, go left where you can stand up and follow the passage, climb up and jump over the open trapdoor* to get the First Aid Kit.

Hop backwards into the water and swim forward and right/left, then up near the end into an opening and climb out facing straight ahead (E). Stand facing the traps, I did it from the right and do a run jump through the opening, wait in there, because there’s a second rolling blade. Get through that one too and pick up the Dharma Jewel from the Crystal on the pedestal. Get back through the traps and swim back to the trapdoor (savegame.1). Down into the passage to the ice cave and crawl to the right (W) to the canyon.

Go to the pillars NW, get on the low block against the wall and grab up to the high pillar, do a back jump and grab the vines, climb up to the tent. Grab up to a crack in the corner pillar NE, back jump and grab the one behind, from that jump to the corner ledges and make your way back along the crack to the opening in the wall. Back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the vines to go up. Jump out left to the block and grab up left to the vines, left onto the block and jump over to the W, go left inside. Hop over the boulder onto the slope and go up, left and up the ladder there to the spider pit. Go up S and out, jump over the stream to the block S. Get into the crawlspace, follow through and jump out the other end. 

Go to the far end and climb up right, grab up to the sloped block and shimmy right around the corner. Pull up and back flip onto the ledge. Shoot the leopard and go to the back of the first room, on the ledge in the back is a lever opening a door. Go back to the front of the room and hop up right onto the higher floor, shoot the spiders. The open door is to the right (S). Get through the swinging spike logs and throw the lever at the end of the passage. A door opens in this passage.

Safety drop out onto a ledge below. We need a Torch, so to the bridge we go. 

A Torch, the Hand Prayer wheel.

Run jump straight ahead (W), to the bridge and through the Hall of Arches to where the level started, grab a Torch from one of the ledges in the last arch and ignite it on the bowl (careful). Make your way back over the bridge and jump through the caves onto the grey beam E. Go either right or left and trigger one of the boulders, get back and out of the way. Now hop over the boulder using the corner block and go up the slope. Into the room there and get into the structure with the bowl, carefully ignite the bowl from the back (facing E) and a door opens behind you, go in to get the Hand Prayer wheel.

Take the Torch with you when you leave, down the boulder slope, through the caves and over the bridge. Leave the Torch near the bridge for later.

Using the Hand Prayer wheel, Dharma Jewel II.

Go back down the boulder slope, over the bridge and climb down a ladder to the level below. Jump from the NE corner to the ice pillar and climb down the vines, shimmy right around the corner and drop onto the ledge below. Jump to the bridge on the right (SW) and to the right is the door you saw when you took the Hand Prayer wheel. Place it there and the gate opens up. Inside take a left down into the next room, go around that central tower and climb in, up the pole facing E and go as high as you can without getting hurt by the blade, turn right or left a bit so that when you back flip off you land on the corner of the floor above. Watch the blade and when it is safe, go up one more grab and back flip (savegame.2).

Walk W and jump to the rope. Turn right and swing up to the S floor.

Near the left wall (W) is an Ancient Text:

The Tale of 3 birds.

3 Birds were resting near a mountain (S, through the windows). The Bird looking the mountain (N cylinder), saw a hawk coming, this bird flew to the opposite direction to safe its life.

The second bird flew to fight the hawk. The bird in the middle of all confusion saw everything. It decided to fly east to ask for help.

-So, use the wheel E (red needle) to turn the big “E” cylinder so the  part faces N.

-The second is the one W for us. Turn the handle till it faces S.

-The third “in the middle” is the one N; turn the wheel in the S side of the room till the handle faces (east), W for us.

Now you can use the chain pulley to lower a block in the tower with the pole (N). Jump in there and grab Dharma Jewel II from the crystal.

Jump back to the floor, loop right a bit and look down to spot a jump lever on the side of a ledge on the tower. Hop down onto the ledge (or use the rope to get into the tower and get there) and the lever will raise a block behind you (SE). Climb up and walk out. Turn left and walk along the wall, hop over a sloped part and get Secret #2, a Quartz Skull from the niche, get back inside.

The Bow.

Go to that ice sheet in the floor and break it, into the opening and loop around left into a niche for Arrows, then go down the hole in the floor, slide and keep running left around the corner to get out of the way of a boulder, a bit further on are some Arrows and gurung bread. Go even further and find Light Sticks.

Get back inside, up the slope and climb up to the room with the tower. Leave N, go right to the lower bridge and hop NW onto the roof, walk along the flat parts to a vine. For a First Aid Kit, hop around the corner, go all the way to the end, grab the First Aid Kit and get back.

Now climb the vines to the floor above and go get some Shotgun ammo S between the two blocks left. Get to the N side and hop between the first blocks back flip onto the sloped block and jump onto the next, jump with Ctrl onto the lower one and a run jump left to the next around the corner. In an opening N is gurung bread, get it and jump back. Run jump and grab the pole S, swing the poles and grab the floor at the other side.

Go through, turn around and climb down the vines to get Secret #3, a Buddha Footprint. Climb back up.

Turn around and hop over the gap, then jump up onto the dark ledge, go left and run through that diagonal passage to come to a room with traps. Get to the N side through the Sword traps and in the passage is a Bird Blade trap, watch out. Just crawl underneath and then jump up right at the slope, down and come to a moving circular blade trap.

Stand on the red carpet and side jump through when it comes close, keep side jumping till the end of the passage (at least, that’s how I got though). Up and down into the next room and find a jump lever on the far wall. Go back through the circular blade (savegame.3), underneath the bird blade and through the first Sword trap to find the opened doors. Shoot the spiders and grab up to the pillar inside and back jump to get onto the floor above. Right of the central structure, up in a ledge is gurung bread, behind the structure and in front of the Buddha is a First Aid Kit.

Inside the structure that you can access from the E side, are the receptacles for the Cintinami stones. Looks like one is missing, go back out straight and throw the lever (E) to open the “shortcut” door then pick up Dharma Jewel #3 and go through. Go to the canyon E and climb one of the ladders to the bridge level.

The Canyons, the Cintinami Stone.

Go W to the Hall of Arches and along the right hand wall to come to a push block. Place the 3 Dharma Jewells in their receptacles and push the block along the wall (E) as far as it goes and jump from the block into an opening in the left wall. Crawl in and go into the second crawlspace left (SW), you’ll come to an area with spikes and some spiders to shoot. Walk slowly through the gap between the traps SW (behind that big sloped pillar). Loop around right and get the Light Sticks. Go into the W section, find the highest part of the snow against the W wall and backflip on it, jump again and grab the ledge. Jump and grab the pole E and swing to jump to the floor there. Two leopards appear out of the blue, deal with them. To the right of the structure is a vase with Shotgun ammo, At the back get the Light Sticks.

Go along the S wall and turn right to climb up between the central pillars, then turn left and climb up again, run jump onto the pillar and run jump into the opening in the E wall. Climb down the ladder there and go through a passage to slide down towards a wide staircase with Dart traps.

Make your way down the stairs avoiding the darts and look up in the right hand side of the room to spot a jump lever. Hang from the pointed block, back jump and grab the lever to lower a block next to the Buddha. So, turn around and go right of the Buddha, grab up into the new opening, drop down and follow through shooting a soldier. There are some nasty moving blocks there, run or hop through the first, step back as far as you can and hop diagonally onto the left corner of the higher ledge, immediately running forward a bit…but not too far, because of the block above. Run (with the block falling behind you) to the end and jump right or left, depending on where you are, to clear the slope of the spike pit. Two soldiers here, best run under the cover of the left or right roofs, because there is another one upstairs and we better take care of them one by one…

In the right hand corner of where you came in is a passage (NE), hop up in there and grab the Uzi clips, there are 3 more Uzi clips in the back. In the other corner (left of where you came in) is another passage (NW), go in and crawl to the back to get the First Aid Kit. Back out and in the middle of the floor are some ledges from which you can run jump and grab one of the ladders E or W to go up to the first floor. Shoot the soldier if you didn’t yet (check for Uzi clips where he died) and pull a cabinet from the S wall, get into the crawlspace for the Uzis.

Outside, Rusty Key.

Shoot one of the windows E and get outside, shoot a mercenary. When you go N along the building, more of them show up, just try to stay as far away as possible so they won’t open up fire at you, but you can kill them (saves health). Some of them leave Revolver ammo and Uzi clips.

Go to the W side of the open area and watch out, there’s a snowball trying to kill you. Grab some gurung bread W and spot a head with a green gem up NW on the high building.

Go into the building N, shoot another mercenary. Go up the snow NE, crawl through and get the Revolver. Go back outside go right around up a snow pile and grab up to the first floor, go right and shoot a mercenary that will drop the Rusty Key. There are more baddies up here you may have to deal with, pick up Shotgun ammo… There’s a Gong up there and to the W is a Crowbar door (later).

Use the Rusty Key, to the Roof for the Cabin Key.

Drop back down where you climbed up to this floor and go straight over to the S, right of the house we came from is a small yellow house and on right of it is a door we can open with that Rusty Key. Go in and grab the Shotgun ammo, shoot some empty crates and notice the trapdoor. Go to the back of the room and left. Up a block and down into an alley, there’s 2x Shotgun ammo a bit further. The door will open, ignore that for now and grab up on the right (W), hang right and back jump grabbing the slope behind you. Do that one more time and you are in an opening in the wall.

Detour for a Secret; turn around and look in the building (E), you can just spot a head with a green Gem, shoot that, takes some precise aiming and that trapdoor opens in the room you opened with the Rusty Key. Let’s go back now, use the slopes to get back down, go through the door N and left through the wooden door and in the room down into the trapdoor for Secret #4, a Seraph (#1). Get back into the alley and up to the opening in the wall where you left off.

Jump over to the roof of the temple (W) and go a bit left where you can use the snow to almost get to the top, hop over the top and spot the crates. Go right a bit and run jump grab to the cave entrance, hop up and left to shoot a mercenary that will drop the Cabin Key. From the N end you can go left and jump back to the roof, now you can use the zip-line from the crates to get down.

The Cabin, the Mercenary’s Tablet and a Pickaxe.

Go S, left of the temple and left to find the cabin, up at the door and open it, do down and right and something pulls a dead Mercenary into a hole. Grab the Mercenary’s Tablet and a Pickaxe. Get out of the cabin and head N.

A Gong Stick.

At the frozen lake go all the way left and over a collapsed roof to the edge of the canyon (E) and a camera will show Lara on the edge of the canyon (walk slow). Get the First Aid Kit and the Bow.

You can see a crack below, drop and grab that and go right around to drop in a niche, jump SE onto the roof and go into a crawlspace at the other side (S), follow down and grab a First Aid Kit from the trench. Then climb up to the floor (N).

Detour for a Secret: There’s a hole in the floor with a closed trapdoor. Maybe there’s another way to do this, but this is how I did it…

Go to the N side at the left pillar and turn around, stand one step away from the edge and hop back over the edge of the floor, when you passed the edge, hit Ctrl and you’ll end up on a wooden platform below. Turn left and hop to the platform SW, then down onto the red carpet in the corner. Go right around to get Secret #5, the Shankha SE. Go back around to the red carpet, which was actually a raising block, climb on and hop to the platform, grab up to the next (E) turn around and jump to grab the ladder up to the floor. 

Go to the SE corner and run jump to grab that ice block on the wall of the canyon, shimmy right around to the other side and back jump onto a ledge. Go up the vines and run jump up into the opening in the wall. Run jump to the pole and swing across. Left around the corner onto the block and grab the monkey bars left to go over to the passage at the other end. Turn around and grab up to the floor above, go into the room and grab a First Aid Kit. Shoot the left window E and run jump to grab the rock left. Pull up and turn around to jump and grab up to the roof, go over the ice bridge N and left into the icy passage. Go to the end and left, jump via a block to the little temple S and get the Gong Stick.

The flyby shows a shortcut back, jump back to the icy passage N, follow to the ice bridge and once on the roof go left to the far left corner (SW). From the high tip you can stand jump down SW into that alcove the flyby showed you. Now run jump NW preferably landing on the steep higher part of the roof. Go to the far NW corner and down onto the lower part so you can grab up to the crack, go left a bit and ledge jump up to the niche, grab up left and shimmy left to the end and jump up to the top.

Upper Floor, Crowbar door.

Go forward and left at the lion pillars to that building and grab up to the upper floor again. Go right (W), more guys may show up. Go all the way to the end and open the crowbar door. Move the first body on the left to get Uzi clips (another soldier might show up) and gather all the other 6 Uzi clips scattered about the room. Another soldier (W) lies on top of Revolver ammo.

Up at the N wall is a big bell; back flip on the sloped block and jump again to shoot the bell. A pillar goes down in the middle of the room and reveals a bowl. Seems we need the Torch…?

Let’s go get the Torch…

Out of the room and straight, go to that Gong between the blocks and hit it with the Gong Stick, the sound will cause all the snow to fall from the roof and end up in front of the building, making it easier to access. Go down where the opening in the fence is. Turn right (E) and go to the canyon again, stay close to the building if possible.

Find an opening where you can go down to a platform above the deep canyon.. Open the “shortcut” door with the lever and you are back at the bridge. Go and find the Torch you dropped at the bridge OR get another burning one at where you started this adventure. Return through the “shortcut” door and go up to the area you came from. Go to the far end, at the pillar with the lion statue left up the snow hill and hop onto the upper floor with the Torch. Take it into the room W and ignite 3 bowls, the big one in the middle and the two smaller ones in the back corners. A door opens. Leave the Torch, no need for it anymore.

Go out, to the E and right up a slope to where the door opened, you’ll arrive on a ledge way up in the Main Hall with the Arches. At the end of this bridge is a door but we need an artefact to open it. Some blocks went up down and right of the ledge. Spot the cages hanging to the E, jump along those to the ledge at the other side and pick up that Buddha statuette (secret hunters scroll down).

-Without the Secret, safety drop down twice at the back side to the ground floor, take a left and near the NE pillar is a sloped wall. Grab up and back jump to an opening for some gurung bread. Get down, head W and climb one of the ladders near the Torch ledges (W) and then blocks to get back up to the bridge, go N and use the statue.

-But with the Secret; from picking up Buddha, run jump E and grab the opening, shimmy right and pull up to get another Seraph (# 2) as Secret #6.

Shimmy back and take a running jump back to where you got the statuette. Safety drop down twice, take a left and near the NE pillar is a sloped wall. Grab up and back jump to an opening for some gurung bread. Get down and for the last secret; remember the Gem in the lion’s mouth? Go through the shortcut door (S), to the left up the passage and run W along the building to the end of the valley where the zip-line is and look up left (NW). Equip the Revolver with the Sight and shoot that green Gem in the head. A block goes down under the building N. Go back over the lake and go right under the building (there’s one spot where you can go in), right again to where a block lowered. Inside left and open the small door, go right into the room where you can use the 2 Seraph’s to open the door. Collect 7x Grenades and a First Aid Kit. Climb over the bales of hay to the other end of the room to get Secret #7, the Grenade gun and another First Aid Kit plus 3 more Grenades. Get out; go up to the upper floor of the building and through the door S to the bridge in the Main Hall. Go to the N end of the ledge and use the Buddha statuette.

Two routes join again.

Go in and to the right (stay away from the left wall and the trapdoors for now) Shoot the Crystal on the hand and grab the Cintamani Stone from the pedestal and shoot the yeti. Then go to the trapdoors, hop over them if they aren’t open yet.

Use the ladder or carefully safety drop down on a slope and drop further down, go to the gate that will open for you and shoot 5 more Yetis.

Placing the Stone.  

Go to the bridge (E) and down one of the ladders, into the shortcut door W you opened a while back and straight to place the Cintamani Stone. The trapdoor opens up; just drop in and swim up W to climb out. Wraiths show up, most of them will die under water, but some survive. Get to a green wall SE, grab up to the crack, ledge jump up and back jump to a floor. 

Bardo Thödol Books. 

Two Hammer Guys running around there; avoid them and loop left around onto a protruding ledge to run jump into the building E, to the left and on a small table is a Holy Scripture and the Wraiths will be drawn into that. When you survived all that, jump back to the battle floor, deal with the Hammer Guys and get the Bardo Thödol Books they dropped. Drop into the pool below, get out W and place them behind the structure W. Go into the structure and where the block lowered is a Prayer Wheel. Take that up the green wall SE, hop onto the higher floor E and use the Prayer Wheel on the left (S) receptacle.

The Soul Gem.

Buddha moves back and a hole in the floor is now open, safety drop down and go SW, follow the passage down to a sanctuary and pick up the Soul Gem, the door opens up, run into the light….